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Answer interesting quizzes and test your knowledge!

Quiztime is a fun quiz app involving logos, animals, music, sports, movies and more. It combines thousands of interesting pictures and questions.

If you are a logo enthusiast, we have thousands of interesting logo quizzes for you to answer;

If you are a music and movie enthusiast, we have thousands of music lyrics and movie lines to test your memory;

If you study animals or flowers, our topics of animals and plants can test your ability.

Come to Quiz Time, check what you know, learn what you don't know!

*Quiz type offered*

1. Logo Quiz
2. Proverbs Quiz
3. Movie Quiz
4. Animal Quiz
5. Music Quiz
6. Flower Quiz
7. Sports Quiz
8. World Cup
9. Art Quiz
10. Generally Knowledge
11. Science Quiz

QuizTime - Trivia App Description & Overview

The applications QuizTime - Trivia was published in the category Entertainment on 2019-02-05 and was developed by Colorfulnight. The file size is 254.84 MB. The current version is 1.5.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

*New Updated*
1. Music Quiz fixed
2. Tutorial for new users

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QuizTime - Trivia Reviews

Awesome peasant

Oigle  Awesome peasant  1 star

All the music answers are wrong. The real answers aren’t even an option. I have a few screen shots. For instance Brandon Urie is the lead singer of which band. The answer on your game said nickelback. Brandon Urie is actually the lead singer of panic at the disco. And all the other questions have been like this. I am not very happy at all


Noice  debbydoosle  2 star


Pyper Ash

Puzzle time  Pyper Ash  5 star

It’s awesome

Crystal chris jules

The ok game  Crystal chris jules  3 star

Its fun i like but if your an inside person and barly know any stores this game is not for you but it does have other optoins like music movies and others like that i would give it three stars


Best game ever  nicknamegamer❤️  5 star

This game is amazing. You choose the game u want to play. And if you finish a game you might win a gift card and MANY other things. The more you play the more money gets added on your gift card if u win it.I LOVE THIS GAME. I won a amazon gift card and I’m trying to get a lot of money on. I really recommend this game. If you see this review please get this game it’s amazing.


Scam  f''-''u  1 star

It’s like a scam. After you reach certain amount of rewards, app starts malfunctioning and den never opens again.


Wrong Answers for questions  ThatOneKid_425  2 star

Started with the Music Category and all the answers to the questions were wrong Brenden Urie is the lead singer of Panic At the Disco not the Killers, Kelly Clarkson sang Because of you not Mariah Carey, and Sean Kingston sang Beautiful Girls in 2007 not JayZ... A little disappointed with the lack of knowledge for music this app has


Enjoy but stuck  JaaaaaaaX  4 star

I enjoy the game, but I got a ‘net request failed’ message, I deleted the game and downloaded it again, so I lost all my progress, got further along, and now a few days later and am again getting the same message, it won’t open the game and allow me to play. Also many of the movie section questions have 2 of 4 answers that are the same, and it’s the correct answer, but only one works as the correct answer, so you get a life taken away for choosing the correct answer.


Confused how to get cash  pfitz31  3 star

Confused how the app works , I know you get gift with the slots but what do I with the $ total there no where to redeem it ?


Not good for earning rewards  west0n7  1 star

The system they have in place seems to be that you start out making seemingly fast progress towards the $10 you need to cash out. Then it gets slower, you get less and less chests and you get money added to your balance less and less. Essentially it is a waste of time as far as that goes, but I’d give it a try if you like trivia

qyiz guy

Questionable  qyiz guy  5 star

Won’t open and keeps saying “net request failed” even after the updates :/ not certain what to do about it. Game is entertaining but there are quite a few ads!


I would give zero stars if I could.  roxalyn09  1 star

Fun concept but, every category except logos and World Cup/sports, I know for a fact are riddled with wrong answers: 1.) “Which river is the longest in the world?” 2.) “Who sang ‘Since U Been Gone’ in 2006?” 3.) “Which is Earth’s largest mammal?” 4.) “This movie starred Cate Blanchett as the titular monarch and spawned a sequel” 5.) “Which flower’s seeds are a common snack in the U.S.?” 6.) “Once a Church, then a mosque, now a museum: this building, whose name is Greek for ‘Holy Wisdom,’ stands in modern day Constantinople” 7.) “The painting known as ‘The Scream’ was painted by which artist?” Not a single one of these even had the correct answers available. 1.) Correct answer: The River Nile Accepted incorrect answer: Amazon River 2.) Correct answer: Kelly Clarkson Accepted incorrect answer: Pink 3.) Correct answer: blue whale Accepted incorrect answer: elephant 4.) Correct answer: Elizabeth Accepted incorrect answer: The Queen 5.) Correct answer: Sunflower Accepted incorrect answer: Sesame 6.) Correct answer: Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Accepted incorrect answer: St. Mark’s in Venice...it’s the completely wrong continent and was never a mosque 7.) Correct answer: Edvard Munch Accepted incorrect answer: Vincent van Gogh I finally gave up, deleted the app, and came to leave this review. A waste of time and good programming with a lazy and poor execution. Disappointed.


Don’t waste your time  jamesbish131  1 star

It makes you watch ads on ads. In the beginning it gives you hope of cashing out with a gift card. But then you go like 10 minutes without winning anything. Its a scam and forces you to watch advertisements after advertisements. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!

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