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Bee 2019 - Classic Edition,Memories of childhood feeling.

Bee 2019 - Classic Childhood Edition, let you experience the feeling of childhood, the design uses high-definition and simple design, let you authentic experience.

This is an adaptation of the Tetris based classic game, remember when you were holding a black and white pixel video game player constantly changing graphics situation? This game vividly restored the original game effect, giving the player a very classic game experience.

If you miss the childhood game handheld, then you should not miss this APP! If your childhood is missing a game console, then let this game give you the fun of childhood! Like pixels, arcade, casual, fun mobile games friends Come and experience it!

Tetris 2018 classic childhood version of the game features
- neat and simple graphic design strong sense of vintage
- Simple, easy to use;
- Small difficulty, rich experience service, playability;

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Bee - Classic Edition App Description & Overview

The applications Bee - Classic Edition was published in the category Weather on 2019-01-11 and was developed by luo xiao. The file size is 19.33 MB. The current version is 1.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

1. Optimize node acceleration
2. Optimize other details

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Waste of Money  amkijfhfh  1 star

Guys it is Fake


Great game only works on data though.  DJNotRapper  5 star

This game is exactly what it promises but the inly drawback is it does not work on Wi-Fi, and you must be on cellular data for it to load. Nearly perfect besides that.


Great game  JJ-minotor  5 star

Great game! Do make me feel like playing on old Tetris machine. The only annoying bug is the resetting after every auto rotation of the device. Also maybe have a top10 ranking system.


Team-America World App Police  Newspaperino  2 star

—- Requires cellular data for game options to function properly; level selection & height selection are not available after disabling cellular data. In addition, some very minor visual properties cease to function with cellular data disabled. [Fancy computer lingo for, ‘My dancing dinosaur disappears when my data is off’] —- All-in-all this is an okay Tetris app. I wouldn’t recommend it after seeing the User Agreement is only in Chinese, the loose translations for most English words in the app/app-summary & the bugs that only come about when cell data is turned off. I’m not saying anyone should “just learn English”, but there’s a lack of professionalism when a dev is going to release software without checking for errors.

Dmitriy USA

Super game %100  Dmitriy USA  5 star

My favorite


Great  Thinker556  5 star



it’s actually amazing  JettIsCool  5 star

Yeah, it’s amazing

jay the bee

Does not always remember scores, accept parameters or function at all  jay the bee  3 star

Title says all. A good game when it works.


Buyer Beware  Haloguy33  2 star

This is probably the best version of Tetris on the iPhone, but when you go offline, the sound is turned off and some of the graphics don’t display. I don’t know why this is and until they fix it I can’t recommend you buy it. Also, there are two other Tetris apps with the same look and buttons that are free for some reason. I’m not sure why the offline mode doesn’t work for a game that was made to work offline and I’m not sure why there are clones, but until then I would caution people not to buy it. I will update my review if this changes.


Warning ⚠️ 😂🙈  **Hossein**  4 star

it’s so dream But Why do not I have any sound or counter? please fix it... 🙏🏻😘

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