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RPN-34 CE is the first photo-realistic simulation of Hewlett-Packard's popular mid-range scientific calculator HP-34C for the iPhone. Produced from 1979 through 1983, it was the "Basil" member of the third-generation HP calculators known as the "Spice" series.

It was the first pocket-calculator ever capable of doing integration and root finding.

While the simulator works like the original calculator, a number of carefully designed extensions, along with the tremendously improved speed, make it joy to use even today.

RPN-34 CE comes with the programs of HP's "Applications", "Mathematics", "Surveying", "Student Engineering", and "Statistics" application books built-in! Handbooks may be downloaded from CuVee Software's website.


• Photo-realistic look-and-feel
• Programmable (999 steps), subroutines, 12 labels, 10 flags
• 100 registers, "continuous", with full store/recall arithmetic
• "Live" register view
• Program listing view with intelligent navigation
• Program library, easily backed-up via iTunes
• Store and retrieve any number of programs
• Sharing: e-mail, AirDrop, Dropbox, copy, paste, print
• 57 programs pre-installed (53 original HP)

Calculator functions:

• Integration, root solving
• Statistics (mean, standard deviation, linear regression, normal distribution)
• Factorial of any number (normal and logarithmic)
• Trigonometric and hyperbolic functions (degrees, radians, grads)
• Polar/rectangular conversions
• Inverse, square root, logarithm, exponential, pi
• Storage arithmetic (both store and recall)
• Statistics (average, standard deviation, y-estimate, linear regression)
• Unit and hours conversions
• 31 additional functions not found on the HP-34C, like time and sound

Details: cuveesoft.ch/rpn34

RPN-34 CE App Description & Overview

The applications RPN-34 CE was published in the category Productivity on 2019-01-10 and was developed by CuVee Software. The file size is 16.55 MB. The current version is 1.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

• Register I is now formatted in Register View for easy interpreting in ISG/DSE commands

• New program added: "Locating the Moon"

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Terrific !  Iowa_Florence  5 star

The HP-34C was the Cadillac of the Spice series. It’s built in functions were even more powerful than the HP-67, but with one glaring drawback. The original had no way to save programs. RPN-34 CE fixes that with an easy way to save & retrieve programs to several different media, even email. What’s more programs can be up to 999 steps long, with no loss of storage registers. Lots of wonderful extras!

AI Architect

Another win for Cuvée Software  AI Architect  5 star

This simulator is just too great! I have an HP-34C from my undergrad days in the early 80s. I've used fairly regularly until the last 10 years or so. The switches have become noisy so I've archived it just so that it stays fully functional going forward. I couldn't be more thrilled to now have it in my iPhone !!!! RPN-34C is well done indeed. Cuvée Software has created fantastic simulators of some of HP's best calculators with TONS of enhancements. I absolutely love the work. It's fun to take trips down memory lane but it didn't take long to get addicted to enhanced features and speed of RPN-34CE :) I use the RPN-67/97 simulators to solve very real problems. I'm now including the RPN-34C for that purpose too. I don't normally sing praises like this but I'd be dishonest if I didn't in this case! Cuvée products are truly a cut above the norm (maybe even >2sigma ;)

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