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sPoNgEcAse iS tHe EaSiEsT wAy iN hIsToRy tO tYpE lIkE tHis.

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The applications sPoNGeCaSe was published in the category Utilities on 2019-01-15 and was developed by Kale Salad Inc. The file size is 14.43 MB. The current version is 1.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- bUgS

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CoOL aPp  JMK0822  3 star

i LoVe uSiNg tHiS NoW WhEnEvEr i CoMe aCrOsS SoMe iDioTiC CoMmEnT On sOciAL mEdia, iM NOt sUrE WhY BuT SoMeTiMeS it dOeSnT AuToMaTiCaLLY CaPiTaLiZe LEtTeRs wHeN ThEy sHOuLd bE CaPiTaLiZeD


AuTo cOrReCt  Millie_Ross  1 star

i NeEd aUtOcOrReCt bAd cAuSe iT WoULD Be mUcH NeEdEd tO HeLp mE TyPe iTs tErRiBLE LiKe rEaLLY BaD BuT it dEaFeAtS ThE PuRpOsE Of a kEyBoArD


Skipping this update.  WoodenPlanks  1 star

I like the random, more chaotic version of up and low case. Not interested in all cap L’s.


GrEaT  YiKeSiTSbRoOkIe  5 star

HoNeStLy DoNt KnOw WhY i BoUgHt It BuT iTs GrEaT sKsKsKsK

20 YeAr OlD aMeRiCaN fEmAlE

I'vE NeVeR sPeNd A DoLlA qUiCkEr iN mY eNtIrE lIfE  20 YeAr OlD aMeRiCaN fEmAlE  5 star

iM 20 YeArS oLd AnD i JuSt BoUgHt An aPp In WiCh OnLy HaS 1 FuNcTiOn : ThIs Am I sAtIsIfIeD wItH My PuRcAsE? : JeSuS eVeRlOvInG cHrIst YeS aM I sAtIsIfIeD wItH mY liFe, As a 20 YeAr OlD aMeRiCaN fEmAlE? : ....no FoLlOw mE iM iN dEsPeRaTe NeEd oF hUmAn FrIeNdShIp InsTa @cheyewhitney


LoLlLlLl  kaitlynb928  5 star

My mOmS mAd CaUsE i SpEnT a DoLlAr On ThIs ApP bUt I tHiNk iT wAs wOrTh It AnD reAdInG WoRdS bAcK wHeN tHeY aRe TyPeD LiKe ThIs ArE oNe hUnDrEd TiMeS mOrE fUnNiEr JuSt SAyInG bUt yEaH gEt tHIs APp If You hAvE aN eXtRa DoLlAr To SpEnD


KeYbOaRd AuToCoRrEcT iSsUeS  IzzyE513  4 star

i cANr BeLiEvE i AcTuAlLy BoUGhT tHiS aNd I lOvE iT bUt CoUlD yOu AdD aUtOcOrReCt AnD mAkE tHe KeYbOaRd EasIeR tO uSe PLeAsE tHaNkS

Jake Loves Mip

GoOd  Jake Loves Mip  4 star

ThIs ApP nEeDs thE kEyBoArD tO bE a BiT moRe aCcUrAtE aNd ThE bAcKsPaCE bUtToN dOeSnT wOrK if YOu HoLd IT


Bad  Monkey_Selfie_  1 star

this is bad follow @trigomemetry on instagram

KiD wItH dA cUrLy HaIr

WeLl I mEaN. It WoOoRkS  KiD wItH dA cUrLy HaIr  4 star

If YoU hAvE 99 CeNtS tO bUrN ThIs Is A gOoD cHoICe. ThIs MeMe Is A lItTlE oLd BuT hEy It MaY MaKe A cOmEbAcK 20 yEaRs FrOm NoW aNd We WiLl LeAd ThE cOmMuNiTy WiTh ThIs PoWeRfUl ToOl. iF tHe PeOpLe WhO MaDe ThIs ApP aRe ReAdInG tHiS, GiVe Us SoMe MuFuQiN aUtOcOrReCT😤


VeRy GoOd ApP, WoRtH tHe MoNey  eLLa297  5 star

I cOUlD hAvE eAsILy InVeStEd My 1.49 On SoMeThInG eLse yEt I cHOsE tO BuY tHiS KeYbOaRD. It Is BY fAr ThE bEsT ThiNg I hAvE pUrChAsEd AnD rEaLLy LiVeS uP tO iTs NaMe. My OnLY sUgGeStIoN FoR iMpRovEmEnT wOuLd Be ThAt ThE kEyBoArD iS LaGgY, hOweVeR tHe ApP iS sTiLl GreAt AnD i WiSh I cOuLd uSe It AlL tHE tImE. UnFoRtUnAtElY i MuSt TuRN oFf ThE sPoNgEcAsE kEyBoaRd As My FrIeNdS HaVe gOtTeN HeAdAcHeS aNd Id LiKe To kEeP tHe FeW fRiEnDs ThAt I hAvE, BuT i MUsT sAy WeLl DoNe To ThE crEaTor Of ThIs App, i SeE yOu GoInG pLaCeS, HoPEfUlLy AhEaD oF BiLL GaTeS OnE dAY :')

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