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What is followers track for instagramº app? Get deep insights and complete report about your Instagram profiles.
You will find the information about:
Followings not follow you back.
Lost Followers & New Followers.
Non-active followers.
Not following but like or comment you.
Post's best engagement time.
Best post and story.
Most likes and comments given.

Discover more in the app yourself.
We never upload any user specific information and all data is kept local safely.

Information about the auto-renewable nature of the Subscription

- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase

- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period

- Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of renewal.

- Subscriptions start after a 3 days of trial period and will automatically renewed each year.

- Full price of subscription for VIP service is $4.99 for a month, $23.99 for a year.

- You can cancel your subscription via this url:

- By continuing, you accept our private policy and terms of service.

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Followers Track for Instagramº Version 2.415 May 2020

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Followers Track for Instagramº Comments & Reviews 2022

- Won’t let me purchase Pro

The app is great for the basics with a few weird things happening with deleted me users as the only drawback so far. I wanted to upgrade to pro but it won’t let me - I’ve tried reinstalling the app, closing…. Nothing works. So wondering if this is no longer a working business as it hasn’t been updated in about two years?


Please save your money and DO NOT purchase this app. Before I got the subscription, everything was working fine, then I subscribed and it told me the 10 nonfollower visitors I had on my page. Since acquiring the yearly subscription those 10 nonfollower visitors have not changed, have not updated, and have not been removed. I even made fake profiles to go on my page as a nonfollower, liked various of my pictures and videos, and even then the app had no changes and did not inform me. I have been emailing with Stephen which is who the app sends you to when you contact them through email, and he asked for a video screenshot of the problem which I happily sent over. He has repeatedly told me he could receive the file as it was too large and I was sending as a link. I kept sending the videos over and over even adjusted them in size to fit in the email and he has not responded in days nor has the feature changed. This all happened the moment I paid for the subscription. My advice would be to STAY AWAY and save your money or spend it elsewhere. The only thing that updates on this app are the new and lost followers and you can find that on other apps FOR FREE.

- Not even deservingly one star!

I started using this app earlier this year for my business page on Instagram, I enjoyed that it was user friendly, and it worked well. I purchased the yearly subscription in July and it hasn’t worked properly since then. It’s a total waste of money, and time. I’ve reached out to the developer about the problems several times, and have never received a reply once, not even an automatic one. It takes forever to load, then if it actually loads only certain parts of the app will work properly and consistently, it’s extremely annoying. I have tried everything under the sun, deleting then reloading the app, turning my phone off then on, resetting my network settings, using WiFi, even using just phone, literally everything, and NOTHING HELPS! My phone is always updated in a timely manner, and I’m using an iPhone XS MAX. This app is awful, the developer could care less, DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS APP. There are several other apps in the App Store that work a million times better and have a much friendly price point, so you won’t feel robbed!

- Might get your account deleted

Instagram is really cracking down on having apps like this (unfortunately). I downloaded this app yesterday and tried to use it to unfollow some people who’d unfollowed my business page. I’m not sure if the feature just didn’t work, or if instagram maybe blocked it somehow? Instagram gave me a message afterwards, stating that I “violated community standards” by allowing this app to access my account. They made me change my password or I’d lose my account. They also blocked me from liking anything for a bit. And said that they would “remove” any “un-authentic followers” that I gained while using said app. Even tho it’s not a follower gaining app. If you have a BUSINESS PAGE. Be super weary, bc they are sacking people’s small business accounts left and right. I wouldn’t risk it 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hopefully they’ll calm tf down and we’ll be able to use these apps in the future.

- Hacked Account

Please do not download this app! When I was about to sign in to the app I thought to myself should I really be giving this app my account info. I did it anyway and now I completely regret it. After I signed in and tried it out first of all the app itself is completely garbage. Like others say it just comes up with random info which is not even right. I wound up logging out of the app and deleting it. Right after I did that I myself reset my Instagram password just so this app wouldn’t have my login info. Somehow even after resetting my login I wake up to two different logins in Ukraine when I live in the US. I immediately logged out all devices changed my password again and added 2FA to my account. Please do not download this app, they will steal your information and try to take over your account. It’s not worth the fake information that they pretend to give you behind the stupid subscription pay wall.

- It’s an okay app

If you don’t mind dial-up speeds. It moves extremely slow. Also- it really doesn’t work all the time. Lately it has been giving me many close friends as ”lost followers”. A straight list of my closest people. Of course they didn’t unfollow me but this app told me they did. So you have to do what you would do if you didn’t download this app- go to each and everyone’s follow list to see if they dropped you. Another thing that bothers me which I don’t like and understand is that this app will copy/ steal anything that’s currently in your saved clip cache. If you select and paste anything- sensitive or otherwise- it copies it when you open the app. Not sure what they are doing with that info. Update: it stopped working completely. Does nothing but waste time.

- tried to take my insta acc

y’all i’m telling u rn don’t get this. I have used this before and it was working for a while but I changed my Instagram password recently and so when I went to go check on this app it asked me to log back in again so I did. then I got notifications from Instagram three times saying that devices had signed into my account so I immediately went to a Instagram to go check and there was a device signed in in California and I live across the United States from California. all of a sudden I was logged out of my account so I immediately tried getting back in and had to use my back up security to get back into my account and then I changed my password immediately. i repeat lol, don’t download this app unless ur looking to get hacked

- Great App!

Honestly I just downloaded this app, so far the app has worked very well for me. They’re are a few bugs but nothing very noticeable. If you are a picky person when it comes to apps you may find a few more bugs than I did because I’m not much of a picky person. The app is very easy and simple to use. If you’re like me and like simple and easy to use apps then you’re in luck! This is as simple as you can get. The only problem o have with the app is the delay on button pressing but that may be my WiFi. 😬 -Caleb 🔥😊


I never write reviews, but in this case I felt like it was very needed! I had this app for less than a month, everything was fine with it until I one day went on my Instagram page and my screen was flashing white. I logged out of this app, as well as Instagram and reset my password. I wasn’t sure if the problems I was having were related to this app or not, so a few days later I used this app again and re logged on with my new password. The next day my Instagram page was doing the same thing and someone from New York hacked into my page and Instagram disabled my account and I am no longer able to get it back!


Not only did all my passwords get mysteriously leaked according to my Apple ID. But something about the new insta update renders this app not only useless but destructive. I’ve been using this app almost a year but recently I used it to fix my ratio. But it didn’t fix. It unfollowed the people but my ratio never went down. Even after I refollowed and then unfollowed the same people on the real app and followed new people. My ratio stayed the same. It switched for a second and then bam back to the same. Now I’m stuck with a 10 follower difference and even after deleting the app it’s stuck permanently. No matter who I follow or unfollow it will now always be the same.

- Good app for free features

I mean, I do like this app. It works. The English may not be the best but it is understandable. The free features are pretty good in my opinion, I just don’t know about the ones you have to pay for because I don’t use it. I’m glad it shows the stats for posts because I think it is pretty helpful and stuff and especially tracking which people you followed have unfollowed you is good

- Great but confusing

I started this app not so long ago and it worked well when I first got it but once I unfollowed 5 people the app didn’t let me unfollow more people and it said “feedback required” so I looked around the app and it didn’t say anything about feedback so I waited 3 days later and tried removing more people but it said the same thing but besides that it’s a useful app I wouldn’t recommend it so much.

- Slow app

I would have given this app 5 stars... If it wasn’t so slow to upload!! It’s accurate on Non followers and not on ghost/ inactive accounts. All the other apps give you 7 days free while this app only gives you 3. Also after paying for full access you are still not able to unfollow a mass amount of people without submitting a review!! Which I had to send an email to receive the review pop up. This app also does not allow you to whitelist followers as to not unfollow them!!

- It could be better

I’ve had other apps that track followers and they where easier to identify other people who follow and unfollow you. Their profile picture would show up and a quick link to go to their profile on the Instagram app was also available. I didn’t realize how much I liked that aspect till this app didn’t offer it. Although this app has interesting statics, I would not recommend it.

- False Information

This app was great, initially. I had paid for it and all was well until they updated the app. Now it’s all over the place with false information. Stating that a friend had unfollowed me, when in fact, she was still following me. It shows I have non followers that look at my page but they are actually my real followers. And so much more false information. I have reached out to their tech support and they just give me the run around; making me take screen shots and screen recordings, all to NOT do anything about it.

- Don’t even waste your time

This app is so buggy. It takes forever to load all of your analytics. Then when you want to do a mass unfollow it doesn’t even let you do that. I don’t understand if that’s one of your functions. How does one of your functions not work on your app. And the latest update was 4 months ago. There are a lot of crappy Instagram tracking apps out there, and this just just got added to the pile. Plus it doesn’t even help you with your analytics, it just tells you info on your latest post, which other apps do as well. You should just keep searching

- Not worth it

I’ve been having issues with this app since the beginning in that the data is not accurate. The “lost followers” were not lost and they remain to be my followers. Not sure why this app would pull their information . I have reached out for help, but the messages weren’t helpful. I uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted, I have tried everything but the information is still incorrect. Most importantly, instagram keeps locking my account after using this app. Wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.


You limited the tool after I paid for the tool. You lied and I need my money back or I’m gonna take legal action. You didn’t sell the tool as a limited amount thing, you advertised the tool/app untruthfully and that’s illegal. I expect my money back immediately, also, ZERO STARS! Do not download this trash people. The tool they advertise only give you 5 minutes worth of use, and then a message pops up saying “we limit the amount you’re aloud to use the tool to protect our community” FROM WHAT? Honest paying people who just want a product to do what they were lead to believe it does?! You are a liar. Give me my money back NOW! I CANT BELIEVE APPLE WOULD LET A SKETCHY $ APP ON ITS STORE! Woooooooow! SHAME on apple and anyone who supports this kind of trash products bkuz illegally sold on the app stores. Grosssssssss 🤢 Just advertise EXACTLY what the app does!! DONT LIE! How about that?! 0/100 literally

- Great with some exceptions

takes at least 5 minutes at start for the app to open, to completely load from 0 to 100%.. I feel like if i’m connected to wifi or I have good service that shouldn’t be a problem but beyond that the words disappear every so often and these blank boxes appear on my screen when I’m trying to unfollow people.

- Glitches

The system analytics is off. It removes followers who are following you instead of the ones who aren’t following you. The program also doesn’t organize followers by dates added, which will be helpful. The program also need to identify the professional accounts so you won’t have to deselect most of them when removing people you that don’t follow you back. Partial refund is needed.

- Takes a while to load but seems good

I wish it would at least show you basic stuff you could navigate through while the rest of it loads. My screen seems to load forever and then gets stuck at 85% and tells me some things may not be available. Have had it for a couple days. Can’t seem to unfollow my unfollowers yet which was the purpose of getting it. Hoping the bug gets fixed.


I downloaded this app and within 20 minutes of using it I could no longer log into my Instagram account. First, it said I had no internet connection so I logged out. Then it wouldn’t let me log back in. I even tried to log in through safari and on other devices and it wouldn’t work!! Finally, after about 30 minutes of repeatedly clicking the log in button, it let me in. After an hour I’m still experiencing some issues. I cannot emphasize this enough: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!! YOU WILL GET HACKED!

- Locked out

First of all I don’t review apps but this one is a joke. I paid for the subscription and after a few days of running this app I began to realize it was trash. The loading speed is about 10 plus minutes to manage unfollowers. Then when you select to unfollow your unfollowers you have to wait another 10 minutes for it to run it just to find out it didn’t unfollow anyone!! Lastly it locked my account and I had to do a reset on my account to recover it! Absolute trash of an app!

- Painfully slow

The layout and design of the app are very nice. It would be a great app but everything loads sooooo slow. Opening the app takes almost 2 full minutes to load. Then if you unfollow, it takes about 15 seconds to load for each, so if you’re trying to unfollow a bunch of people it takes foreeeevvvveerr. Eventually it was just to painful and I had to delete and move on. Almost there, it could be good, however right now it’s borderline useless

- Good app

It Gives a lot of information that can be helpful in future post (most liked post, date and time you posted you most liked post, who follows/ unfollows you) but it doesn’t give me the option to unfollow people directly from the app so it is annoying having to switch back and fourth to do so. Other than that great app

- It Would be Great...

IF IT WORKED! I paid for the full subscription to unlock all of the features and I’ve left the Feedback which it FORCES you to do or features quit working...And then won’t start working again even after Feedback is left AND paying for the app subscription! It’s also SLOOOOOW! It acts like it’s loading all of this data, when in reality the information is transferred in milliseconds. Why they have this feature is beyond me! Making people wait so that this useless, halfass working app can seem more relevant and important is STUPID!

- Not smart enough

Each time I go to followers not following me back it takes a long time for the app to download the data. I am using another similar app and I see a big difference here. The other issue is the profiles that were not following me back and I already unfollowed them are still in the list, it’s a big mess that I need to go through every single time. They should be removed from the list.

- Good but bugged.

It’s all fine and dandy totally useful and a breeze to use. However, constantly having to wait for it to reload and load my stats every single time I open the app no matter how soon I reopen it is a terrible feature. Lots and lots of “some features unable to load”. Great idea, great design. Not so great execution. Worked fine until I subscribed then it went straight to sh!$. Again great work, but buggy.

- Decent app; sometimes glitches

This app works great for me but refuses to work on my husbands phone (same exact phone) with his account; nevertheless I still use it to see who has unfollowed me for free since most of these apps require payment for the simplest of tasks. I don’t pay the sub, and it works for my purposes.

- Great app

This is an awesome app which gives you control on your followers and managing your Instagram account. I wish it had an option to have more control on the comments section and cleaning up your profile such as ghost followers.

- Don’t waste your time or money

I downloaded this app to track data for my Instagram business pages and it turned out to be a total waste of time, money and space. In addition, if you have any issues with the app there is no support center to contact. I have a paid subscription for a year. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a tracker for business or personal use. This app is garbage and should not exist. You have been warned.

- Great app

Hi, I don’t know how long this should be or anything but your app has helped me keep track of how many insta followers I have while maintaining the current amount of ppl I’m following and no other apps do that, I use your app a lot and hope I can keep using for years to come keep up the great work👍🏼

- It’s So Amazing

This App Is So Amazing With Detailing It’s Very analytically. Detailed And In Order It Shows You Specific Stats for your instagram account or accounts each time you login to a different one. It’s very specific and it’s so amazing. I really recommend it being downloaded.

- Such a waste of money

I am so frustrated with this App. It takes EONS for it to upload my non-followers (which is the only reason I downloaded it and bought the year subscription in the first place) and then when it does I can’t even unfollow them in the app. I have to go back to IG and manually unfollow them. It takes waaaaaaaay to much time. I wish I’d downloaded a different app. 😔paid for something I can’t even use. Just don’t do it.

- Upgraded version of App won’t completely load

I opted for the + upgraded version. I have a brand new iPhone 11max pro, with fiber 1 GB internet service at my home. I’ve been trying for two days to load the app, but it continually fails between 70%-90% load. I reached out to support over 24 hours ago, but never heard back from anyone. Guessing it might work better for someone with few followers.

- Don’t Download!!!

I downloaded this app to unfollow some people who unfollowed me, bc i’m petty. At first I noticed that the app is SUPER slow, which is really annoying, but I was willing to deal with it, but after a few days of it being downloaded, my instagram account started buggin. My feed won’t refresh, i can’t like/ see new posts or my own feed/ followers. I am now locked out of my instagram and I have no idea how to get it back. This is really upsetting:(

- Very slow app.

I will probably delete this app soon because it is way to slow! And it has showed a missing follower in the count but it did not show who unfollowed me...then the next day the follower count was back up by one. Not reliable.


I downloaded this app, it took a long time to pull up my stats so I ended up deleting it, the reason I gave it one star is because when I went to move the app around my screen it left another image of the app that I can not delete. I have not found out how to get rid of it, but it’s still on my phone even after I deleted the original app. It’s literally just a copy of the original app accept I can not access it, just a picture that won’t go away. Do not recommend.

- Amazing App and Super Easy!

Tracker+ is an app that I would consider, very user friendly! It’s simplicity, combined with outstanding proficiency, makes this App worth a download if you are a serious Instagram user, such as myself. Keep up the amazing work!

- Needs improvement

This app updates so slow and when it does finally update the information wasn’t even accurate it had said my buddy at work had unfollowed me so I asked him why at work and he pulled his phone out and sure enough he was following me. I also found the layout of the app a bit confusing to navigate.

- This app isn’t fully functional

I paid for the subscription for a year. It renews in may of this year 2022 and I don’t even have access to all the features. When I select for instance non follower visitor there is lock symbol and then a prompt that invites me to subscribe when I’m already subscribed what’s up with this app?

- I just would not do it too much of a risk

I got the app having hope it would help but after it is not loading the first time I was reading reviews that a bunch of people got hacked and they got locked out of there profiles now this did not happen to me thankful but I would not do it because it does not work and it is too much of a risk. I am sad I had hope it would Ps most of the 5 stars are bots I am pretty sure.

- Waste of time

I downloaded this about a year ago, agreed to the free subscription.. realized it was trash so I unsubscribed and deleted. A year later, I redownloaded it thinking it was a different app, and it charged my account $25. Not only was this a scam, but it literally NEVER changes/updates the info. Same as the day I downloaded it a year ago. HOW is it possible that those same 20 “visitors” to my page haven’t changed? It’s not. Many other issues on top of that, Do not download.

- Got rid of the coin feature?

Recently they implemented the coin feature, where you could watch ads and get coins to subscribe for a day. However, I've been watching the ads everyday and was going to watch more today when I saw that all my coins disappeared!

- Very good app!

I’ve only used it a week or so but so far it’s been reliable. Downside- It does take quite awhile to update info when you open it and I can’t directly connect back to Instagram through the accounts unfollowed, which another app offers in its free version

- Love it!

I love this app. It’s simple and efficient. It tells you things like the best time to make a post, who you’re following that isn’t following you, and who unfollowed you. I feel like it helps take the guess work out of building a following on Instagram.

- Account Getting Hacked potentially.

I downloaded it for not even 10 minutes and it started to crash and glitch when I went on Instagram. It had this pop up saying “Try Again Later” with a description underneath it. I hope my account will get back to normal. I turned on two tone factor authentication and changed my password. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be fixed and I emailed Instagram.

- Constantly showing inaccurate number of followers

The app is cool but it’s a glitch that’s very annoying that dosent show the right number of followers as shown on my Instagram profile. I think it goes away after a while but it’s very annoying to have to deal with.


This app is a total scam! Don’t get it. I have had two popular active accounts deleted because of this app. I paid $40 for the subscription just for my Instagram accounts to get hacked and deleted. I am SOOOOO mad, and my accounts are both gone. I want to be able to retrieve the accounts somehow but they just delete. This is a complete joke and scam app. Don’t get. I have no clue how they have good ratings

- Messed my whole Instagram page up

I just got this app after I made a new Instagram page. It doesn’t update automatically and it take a very long time to load the people who don’t follow you back. When it did finally load one time, I was going down and u following people and Instagram notified me that there was unusually activity on my account and completely signed me out.

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- Tracker

It is to be recommend for everyone but has to be awar be tracker

- A newbie in the instagram world

As someone who really has no clue what I’m doing when it comes to insta, I really did struggle at first. I’ve only just learned how to use the hash tag system to help boost my business instagram account. The live tracker of you’re followers and counts gives you a real insight to how you are doing and helps you recognise bots and other such accounts. Hope my input helps! Also check out major vapour for all you’re vaping needs!.

- Absolutely hopeless

I have just signed up and the app won’t load my followers on. It won’t let me unfollow. It just locks up as soon as try to unfollow. I just hope I can cancel before they take my money.

- Awesome

Been waiting for something like this.

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- How is it ?

The best

- Garbage

Once logged in continually sends no internet error.

- Good


- um

this is my review

- Awesome!

Great app

- It’s pretty good

The only thing I don’t like is that if u unfollow too many ppl on the app, u have to write a feed back which is why I’m here I’m not even sure if it’s gonna work tbh

- Extremely slow

It’s extremely slow and takes forever to get anywhere unlike other apps. I hope it gets fixed.

- Review

In order to unfollow more ppl I have to write a review so here I am

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Followers Track for Instagramº iphone images
Followers Track for Instagramº iphone images
Followers Track for Instagramº iphone images
Followers Track for Instagramº iphone images
Followers Track for Instagramº iphone images
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The applications Followers Track for Instagramº was published in the category Reference on 2019-02-28 and was developed by Wuhan Teluoyi Info&Tech Co., Ltd [Developer ID: 1447926815]. This application file size is 37.06 MB. Followers Track for Instagramº - Reference app posted on 2020-05-15 current version is 2.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ttt.ios.tracker