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Drag n Merge is a brand new puzzle game!
Just drag the block onto another one with the same number!
Merge them into a bigger number!

Enjoy this relaxing puzzle game!

Drag n Merge App Description & Overview

The applications Drag n Merge was published in the category Games on 2019-03-02 and was developed by Metajoy. The file size is 109.69 MB. The current version is 2.09 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

1. Fix some minor bugs
2. Optimize the gameplay
Enjoy the game!

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Drag n Merge Reviews


Uhhhhhh  l0v3333  2 star

This game is a lot of fun. But there’s way too many ads. I understand ads but the amount of time I spend watching ads might be more than I spend actually able to play the game


Great concept. Poor execution  rferrell  1 star

UPDATE - WARNING : this app spawns website with pornographic images to open. Do not allow children to use this app. I am calling Apple and the developer. Really cool game BUT. The colors of the blocks is too similar. You do not have any instructions on what the little icon I. Top right corner is. I have learned that it adds time. That should be explained in the small tutorial you have. WAY TOO MANY ADS. And the are too long. please change the colors and choose a different font for the numbers. The numbers are hard to differentiate I.e. the 3 and 5 look similar.

pam the bam bam

WOST GAME EVEr  pam the bam bam  5 star



Addssss  helwn970  1 star

There is nothing but adds, as soon as you hit 15 there’s another add. It’s too much !


Almost perfect  theprettynerdie  4 star

Love this game! I just wish it went farther than 20, and that there was more variety. Maybe some challenges or a campaign mode.


Stuck number blocks  kittykey2  2 star

I do enjoy the game, however the number blocks seem stuck while the bar countdown continues. I really like the game and hope this problem is fixed so I can continue to play ☺️ also some adds force me to close the app in order to play.


Find another game.  Bloxic  2 star

Fun game but the ads are out of control. You can’t even play a full round without an “Ad Break” popping up. Enjoyable but deleting due to the ridiculous volume of interruptions.


Update to 2.09  MissGenevieve  2 star

This game is the best, BUT the latest release has made it so much more difficult. The value of this game is the mindless dragging and merging, and connecting the pieces the way it does defeats this. Remove the connectors between pieces, I can’t do much with a stacked square that can’t be moved. :(


Porn. No thanks.  Theladyking  1 star

Loved the game!!! Until it either glitched or had a bug/virus and took me to a porn site! Very unprofessional and I do not need that junk in my life.

Honey flavored

Too fast  Honey flavored  3 star

Looked like it might have been a fun game but moved way too fast before I really had a chance to learn how to play it.


Love it but reward required  Lisalou1011  5 star

I love this game! I love the challenge and the quick thinking but imagine my disappointment when I finally achieved the magical 20 Block and there was no reward!! At least remove 2 or 3 lines from the bottom so there is a point to achieving the 20 block!!

Rainbowsare forever

good  Rainbowsare forever  5 star

this is a great game but, it wastes my battery.


Yep!  Jessii-moon  4 star

Okay, so yeah I agree with everyone about the ads being too long and too frequent... but that seems to be most games now. I do disagree with the people saying that it’s too fast. I feel it actually makes the game challenging and makes you think quickly as the layers build up! I feel of it were slower I would grow tired of the game for the lack of challenge. I have managed a game that lasted over an hour with a score of above 30,000 points accumulated... so to say that it is too fast I think is just a warning for those looking for a game to quieten the mind... because it’s not for that. Great game and because of this I paid for the ad free... because honestly I want to keep smashing my high scores and the ads are too distracting


Bunch of crooks  DropDeadDaveyOz  1 star

Great game but if you shell out money to unlock the game without adds it falls under the little known clause of an In App Purchase and is NOT unlocked on any other device. So pay $5.99 per device. What a shame, a bitter taste in the mouth! Won’t buy anything else from this developer


Advertising gone haywire  Bleeblyboopbop  1 star

Way way way too many ads. There are at least 3 ad breaks in a full game and an ad before you start, and an ad after you finish. I feel like the game has been sped up and at times just becomes intentionally overwhelming just so it can push another ad on the player. On the plus side I’m so used to the over the top ads in this game that ads in other games don’t seem so bad anymore.


The ads are ridiculous.  Norty-nadz  1 star

3 ads before I could even play a game. No thanks Have removed


Too fast  Sammyp19  1 star

The game moves too quickly. And it’s really annoying me. I can’t keep up which is resulting in the game ending which has barely started. And there’s too many ads. Remove some ads. I want too be able to play the game with out being interrupted by ads all the time.


Can’t play anymore... please fix bug.  RJ83-9  4 star

Love the game, but after only a day, the app wouldn’t open. After deleting it (and losing my high score), it was fine, but again a day later it now won’t open. Please fix this!

Stacey Stacey Stacey

Too $ to remove ads  Stacey Stacey Stacey  4 star

I like this game but the ads are too long and too frequent. I am tempted to pay to remove them but $5.99 is insane for this privilege. I feel like you’re too greedy asking that much $ so I refuse to reward you with that. Sorry. I’m out.


Too many ads / too fast  Jwigsxx  2 star

So you want a game that people engage with and enjoy right? The game has potential to be really fun! It could be slowed down a little because it fills too quick and the adding of the blocks takes a bit of time in itself. I ended up deleting the app because of all the ads - I get having one when the game is over, but an add whenever you pause it or reach a milestone number like 15 is a bit much and ruins the engagement of the game! I could easily go to the 2048 app for the same concept pretty much without this many ads


Level  Hopemoore19  2 star

Disappointed you can not advance beyond level 20.


difficulty curve  Bombermens  3 star

i feel like this game could really benefit from a slower game mode. i find myself panicking a lot after reaching a certain point in the game and just waiting for the screen to rise up so i can use up a life and get some of the junk on the bottom to clear. alternatively, a mode with no fused pieces, or the ability to use up gems to clear rows on the bottom without using up lives or seeing ads would be nice. as many people have said, the ads are very annoying, but i do like the game. i just wish it were a little bit better.


Not happy  Yonni3  2 star

It’s a fun game to play but the ads made uninstall it there’s a ad after every game it’s annoying!!!!


Glitches galore  Sitsyofucoyuvpuxtos  2 star

Fun game but there are too many ads. They tried to fix it in the new update by awarding gems after they force us to watch a video but the gems don’t do anything (except allow you to start with higher blocks, but that was free before the update). There are also TONS of glitches. They just updated the game and claimed to fix it, but they didn’t. The glitches are progressively getting worse and I can never win the game because of it

Kaylie Stone

Not So Relaxing  Kaylie Stone  2 star

Every time you get congratulated on reaching 15, the time thing keeps going. I have to watch an ad to continue my game. Once the ad is over with, all of a sudden I reach the top. This needs to be fixed and I am already annoyed that you get congratulated every round you get to 15. In my opinion, ads ruin the flow of gameplay. Once your actually really into the game an ad has to come crashing in. I sometimes also dislike when the blocks get connected, but that’s not as bad as the fact that ads interrupt the flow of the game.


What the hell!  lionnezz62  2 star

Like the game, but I don’t understand why you would stick an ad in the middle of a game when you reach the 15th block. So messes up your momentum! Now, one of your ads is stuck and won’t move forward making it impossible to get back to the game. So, for all of that I can only rate you as a 2! And now another ad is f’n stuck!!! OMG...so frustratingly ridiculous!!!


Too many ads  Pj🙂  3 star

It’s good . But it’s an ad every time you hit 15 , 20 or when you pause .

Kenia Garcia Leon

To many Ads😤  Kenia Garcia Leon  3 star

I honestly love the game it’s addicting. Although there is to many ads and it annoys me😔.if the game had less ads I would play more often but the ads really annoy me and they frustrate me!Along with this sometimes when I get an add and don’t have many blocks , after the ad My screen is full of blocks! Please Remove some ads!


Way way too many ads  Hal65  1 star

You play one round for maybe a minute since the instructions are awful and don’t cover all the ways to move parts and linked squares, then you’re stuck with a 30 second ad. Then you play another round for a minute, then another 30 second ad. The ads run on startp before you’ve even played. You spend more time watching ads than playing. Too Greedy! Not worth figuring out how to play


Freezing & lagging make game impossible  Styrojake  2 star

I love this game, but it lags so badly that it moves the wrong tiles and it freezes but the timer keeps running so you end up losing. It makes it extremely frustrating and almost impossible to play. They keep making updates to “fix minor bugs” but the bugs that prevent you from playing constantly remain. Please fix it.










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