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Drag n Merge is a brand new puzzle game!
Just drag the block onto another one with the same number!
Merge them into a bigger number!

Enjoy this relaxing puzzle game!

Drag n Merge App Description & Overview

The applications Drag n Merge was published in the category Games on 2019-03-02 and was developed by Metajoy. The file size is 109.42 MB. The current version is 2.02 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

1. Fix Freezing bug, etc.
2. Optimize the gameplay
Enjoy the game!

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Drag n Merge Reviews


Not relaxing  Yoshi.Ko  1 star

The timer goes down way to fast, tiles linked together makes the game impossible for you to relax and enjoy the game. Deleting the game 👎🏻


It’s impossible to beat  MarkStephabieHubbard  3 star

I love the game’s concept but the running clock makes it impossible to win. It gets a bit frustrating.


Laggy  Vserrano  4 star

I like playing this game but lately been very slow and glitchy. Can’t move the tile and very slow when u tried to drag it.


Dumb  -686322688  1 star

This game is fun but gets very irritating once you get passed 15. It’s almost impossible to get past 20. And then it gives lots of ads. I got kicked out of level 20 because of the ad break then it kicked me out. Had to uninstall because it was very irritating. PLEASE FIX!!!!!!


Freezing all the time  Ccatle  1 star

Even after the update claiming to ‘fix’ the freezing problem, the game still freezes almost every other minute. It freezes after every ad, of which there are a lot, and it freezes if you pause the game and then go back to it. Could be fun if there were a ‘Zen’ or ‘Practice’ option but as it is it’s almost impossible to do well and (if you can get through a game without it freezing) after a few minutes it’s just stressful and not fun. Every time I open this app, writhing five minutes my phone gets super hot, and the battery goes down very fast.

bug a boooooooooo

Bugs  bug a boooooooooo  3 star

I don’t like having to be timed but it’s really fun other than that


The ads are ridiculous  celenia12  1 star

It’s a great game but you could be in the middle of a game and it will jump to an ad break and if you have it on pause for two long it would play a double ad

Lack of subtitles

Can’t use extra lives  Lack of subtitles  2 star

A week or so ago, the ability to use the two extra lives (hearts) disappeared. When my screen gets to the top I get the pop up that says “want to continue?” I click yes and then watch the ad. When the ad finishes, it comes back to my game but all the bricks turn grey and my game is over. This happens every time no matter what level I am on at the time. Please bring back extra lives.


Too much  Fhgfhjgdfbmjgvbb  2 star

There’s so much glitching and everything just gets really slow. I love this game but jesus, can I play for more than 2 minutes without getting a freaking ad?? I’m about to just uninstall the game


Lag  xXRunningStarXx  2 star

Good game but it keeps lagging out whenever you’re moving blocks

Ch7 fan who LOVES lagging ads

Terrible  Ch7 fan who LOVES lagging ads  1 star

Game keeps on freezing but graphics are still moving. Ads every 3 minutes. Overall very dissatisfied.


So much potential  KookieBelle  3 star

Too many ads and the game is too fast. Slow it down just a little so that we can get some decent playing time! With some shorter ads and the game slowed down, I can see massive potential in this being a long term enjoyable game, instead of one that I play for 2 weeks and then delete


Don’t Purchase No Ad’s  Fhuhssysydydyyyd  1 star

Purchased and paid for no Ads. Funnily enough I still have Ad’s. I have reset the game and rebooted my phone.


ads & glitches  peachypeachu  1 star

i get that mobile games have ads, but every minute from the moment i start my game i get an ad, then we get these in between ads but it doubles and i’m on the app for 8 minutes only playing 3 minutes worth of the game. I get the ads are way to gain people’s attention but it’s gotten to the point where i’m raging over a PHONE game. i constantly get glitches where i cant see the boxes and then i have to watch another ad so i don’t lose my place then get another ad after because i hit another mark.


Needs upgrades.  Meg9713  1 star

I loved this game but as I’m playing it’ll cut me off and make me watch adds. There’s SO MANY Adds! I had to delete the game sadly because I was tired of getting cut off. It doesn’t have rewards to stats. Etc. It needs some major upgrades.

zoe esposito

About the game  zoe esposito  5 star

I love the game so that is why I gave u a 5 star review


*DON’T* get this game!  HappyTown626  1 star

For years now, there has been a game called Twenty, which I love playing. But, THIS game is just a rip-off of Twenty! This kind of obvious plagiarism disgusts me. The only difference between the two games is how they look. They even know that they’re copying, too. The first ad I saw of this stupid game said “I bet you can’t get to 20” using the logo for Twenty instead of the number! PLEASE don’t get this BLATANT copy and support the original creators instead!


Can there be a timer optional  C0l3.bug  2 star

Would like it better if there was an option without the timer. It says it’s “the most relaxing puzzle game” but I can’t really relax when I’m being timed. If anything I get more tense when there is a timer. Other than that it’s a wonderful game.

bfjdowuebcnsb. its me

DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS GANE  bfjdowuebcnsb. its me  1 star

I liked this game for about 2 minutes. The clickbait is crazy. I got 20 after 3 rounds of trying and it glitches out like crazy. I have it two stars because it was a good concept but this game sucked. I wouldn’t download the r recommend it to friends.


FREEZES UP  wilkes1118  3 star

Like the game but it freezes up in Middle of game


Just to many ads  Trvpqveengloup  4 star

Cool game but the timer to fast and to many ads .


Neat little puzzle game  M3gu5t4  3 star

Really like the concept. Great game to play during a commute. Progression difficulty could be tweaked a bit as after reaching a 15 block square, 3 block links start appearing and if you get bad rng, the game is loss. A few other improvements: -Block merge glitches. Sometimes the blocks don’t merge even though you drag them together. This wastes time as you need to redo the action again -Way too many ads per round. Given that a game could take only a few minutes and there’s an ad every time the game finishes/game starts, players get overwhelmed with ads. I get that you guys need ads to make some profit but consider decreasing the frequency to maybe one ad every 2-3 rounds. (Hint to other players: a simple workaround is to simply turn on airplane mode to get no ads during gameplay). -Not really a relaxing game. Uses just as much, if not more, brain power than other puzzle games. For all of you out there, it is definitely possible to get a 20 block. Play smart and keep trying.


The most “relaxing” game  🌚👌Tiddy🌚👌  3 star

It’s incredibly frustrating and frantic

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