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What is freya • surge timer app? Meet Freya, your virtual birth partner from The Positive Birth Company! Freya will coach you through every single surge with a simple breathing technique and visualisation. She will help you relax between surges with a mix of guided relaxations, positive affirmations, gentle music and calming visualisations. Freya makes it easy for you to keep track of your surges and you can visit the log at any point to see how frequently your surges are coming and how long they are lasting. Freya will also let you know when your labour is established and when it might be a good time to contact your midwife. You will never birth alone with Freya by your side.


In hypnobirthing we refer to contractions as surges, as a ‘surge’ more accurately describes the sensation you’ll experience when in labour. Freya is the ONLY hypnobirthing-friendly contraction timer on the app store, designed specifically with hypnobirthing mums in mind, but can be used by anyone.


You can also use Freya in pregnancy to help you relax and prepare for your birth. In fact the more you listen to the guided relaxations and positive affirmations, the more familiar they will become and the more effective they will be at helping you relax when it comes to birth. Positive affirmations have been proven to change the way your mind works and listening regularly will help you feel less anxious and more confident in the lead up to birth.


We know the more relaxed you are during birth, the more oxytocin you will produce. Oxytocin helps your uterus to work efficiently, making labour faster and more comfortable.


You can also use Freya post-birth any time you feel you could benefit from taking some deep breaths or need some help finding your zen. Everything you learn through using Freya - mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques, the benefits of taking time out - are skills for life.

If you have any questions or spot any pesky bugs lurking about the place (!) please do let us know at


iPhone and Apple Watch app
A timer to record your surges (also known as a contraction timer)
Coaching audio to keep your mind focused on breathing through each surge
A gentle expanding visualisation which you can use to sync your breathing
A detailed log of your surges over time, so you can track your progress through labour
Ability to easily share the log with your birth partner, midwife or doula
Guided relaxations, positive affirmations and soothing visuals to help keep you calm and relaxed, making birth easier, quicker and more straightforward (can also be used in pregnancy and postnatally)
Coaching created by renowned hypnobirthing expert Siobhan Miller, founder of The Positive Birth Company

Download the ONLY hypnobirthing-friendly contraction timer on the App Store and prepare to meet your baby in the best possible way, feeling calm and confident, relaxed and happy!

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Freya • Surge Timer Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Freya • Surge Timer Version 6.0.022 November 2022

Introducing a *major* new feature for Freya with our latest release. You can now personalise Freya’s tracklist with your very own audio, whether it’s personalised affirmations or words of encouragement from loved-ones. Record your audio within Freya or import clips from your device, including from WhatsApp and iMessage. We’ve also made it even easier to download and share your *entire* surge history!.

Freya • Surge Timer Comments & Reviews 2022

- BEST labor/contraction timer! I’m so excited to use this during labor!

I have been counting down the days until my due period for our second baby. When I saw this app was possibly going to be released before our delivery I was overjoyed. I’ve been checking the App Store several times a day for its release and squealed with joy when I saw it was available this morning. I purchased the positive birth company’s online birth class and it has been wonderful, so I had very high hopes for this app. And it meets ALL my expectations. It is a very clean and calming format. I absolutely love the slow bubble movement on the screen as the guided mediation plays. I also love that there are no distracting words or pop ups. If you have never used anything like this before it’s kinda like the headspace app, but for labor. Having the up breathing counting play once pushing the contraction button is awesome! (It’s also super handy that you can mute it at anytime without messing with phone volume) And the best part is that it tracks everything, so I will be able to stay positive and focused. I’ve been testing out other labor/contraction timers and this one is by far the BEST! Thank you so much positive birth company!!

- Integral part of my labor

Loved using this app during labor. Found out about it after using the digital pack from the positive birth company and am so glad I did. I initially used it on mute to time my surges (contractions) so I wouldn’t have to keep track. I was so relaxed using other tools from the positive birth company, that I was shocked and a little scared that I waited too long to go to the hospital when Freya told me I was in active established labor and my surges were 2 minutes apart. For the car ride to the hospital, I turned the volume on and listened to the guided relaxation in between surges which was helpful to keep my mind off having to sit still during the ride. The counting for my breaths was a lifesaver during labor as I didn’t have to think about it or have my partner count for me. VERY, VERY HELPFUL to me and would definitely recommend it.

- It helps!

I used used Freya first to practice listening to a calming voice to practice hypobirthing. It helped a lot. I became relaxed and began to drift off to sleep. Later, I used it to count my real surges to screenshot and send to my midwife as a record. I was also able to send those to family to give a heads up if what’s happening or to show how fast my labor was going after I delivered. I was able to delete most of the accidental taps but one or two wouldn’t delete, showing a 3 second surge that confused people. For some reason though, I could delete the newer surges at least. I’ll be recommending this app to anyone I run into who needs a counter. One thing I’d love is for the developers to add stories along with the affirmations. I noticed several programs and ladies practicing hypnobirthing also love being told a first person story or a guided story to help get their minds off the pressure and discomfort and have a lesser painful delivery. I did this using a podcast with guided stories and had to keep switching the podcast and Freya to keep going. A little annoying but at least I had both. I think with a few various 2 minute guided stories would help.

- Natural birth, first child

This, hands down, is the most AMAZING app and is the ultimate reason I was able to have a natural child birth with my first baby. I found it about two days before I went into labor and was SO glad I did. When you open the app, it plays relaxing music and speaks positive birth affirmations. When you start having a contraction, you press the button and it counts in for 4 and out for 8 so you have a pattern to follow with your breathing. Then when you’re done you push the button again and it goes back to the positive affirmations. Every contraction is tracked and it’s easy to go in and look at the time between contractions, the intensity of the contraction, and averages. This app saved me and is the ultimate reason we were able to stick with our birth plan. Thank you Freya!!!

- Couldn’t have done it without Freya!

I had my second baby in early April 2020, during COVID-19. I could not have done it without Freya!! I wanted a peaceful and healing birth, unmedicated and natural, and this app (as well as Siobhan’s book and digital course - highly recommend those also!) made it possible! I used it during my last few pregnancy weeks every night to play the meditations and affirmations. During labor, I used Freya to time my surges and had the affirmations and ‘presence is perfection’ meditation on loop for HOURS. I actually gave birth to them playing in the background! It was invaluable to help me stay in the zone, stay calm and present, and trust my body! HIGHLY recommend this app to anyone pregnant and going into labor. 100% worth it and so so so helpful. Thank you Siobhan!!

- Invaluable app!

Hi! I used this app when I was in labor two weeks ago for my daughters birth. I used it in the weeks before too just to listen to the affirmations. It was invaluable for me and my husband. Whenever I would have a surge I would tap the surge button and my husband loved how it would go “in 2,3,4...” he said it helped him know I was having a surge and he could focus on what I needed or to just know why I stopped talking or randomly stand. Now that it has been a couple weeks I actually opened up the app again just to see how my surges were, it was cool to see how close they were and how long. I’ve recommended this app to everyone I know who is pregnant. If we have more kids I will definitely be using this again. So thankful to the positive birth co.!

- Such a helpful app!

After doing the Hypnobirthing pack I was so happy to find this app! It takes all of the things we’ve learned and puts it all in one spot and is such a great way to practice leading up to birth. I’m 34 weeks and it has been great to practice up breathing with Siobhan counting before listening to my relaxation mp3s without having to download each individual file. The music is relaxing but I’m also excited that I can play my own music while I listen to the mp3s as well. Definitely helping me get more and more excited to meet our baby. And the app is also just aesthetically pleasing and well done!

- The perfect app for birth and relaxation

I found out about the Freya app through the positive birth company digital pack and both were absolutely worth every dollar. After reading so many positive birth stories of people who used the freya app throughout their birth experience I figured I’d give it a try. Even my doula uses it and loves it for breathing exercises! The positive affirmations are so wonderful as well. It’s not too much or too little, it’s the perfect blend. I’m glad I have something to track surges too so I know when I need to call my doctor. Thank you for making this app. I really do love it and recommend to everyone- even if you’re not pregnant

- App have 6 language “amazing”, easy to use

My first language is Portuguese and I didn’t know that It have six language options and I get so surprised and excited when I saw the options I do you speak English but for sure when meditating your first language has more powerful. I just downloaded the app yesterday I am 35 weeks pregnant and I am in love everything in the app is well though and easy to use Minha primeira língua é português e fiquei muito surpresa de saber que eu poderia utilizar o app na minha língua isso é muito bom para que possamos meditar relaxar profundamente super recomendo o aplicativo! 👏🏼😍

- Couldn’t have done it without Freya!

This app was beyond amazing. I don’t know what words to use to describe how Freya centered and grounded me for a 48+ hour labor with no pain medication. All of the nurses and midwives were asking my partner what I was listening to and they were amazed. Freya gave me the mental focus to embrace my surges and power through a pitocin induced labor. I had a doula and my partner there and the combination of all three made for a positive and calm labor. Thank you Freya, I’ll always be eternally grateful for this app showing me that I CAN labor without pain medication!

- Amazing app to help keep calm during labor

I had a med-free birth two years ago but had no idea how to breathe and was not prepared. It made me scared and feel out of control the whole time. I found this app right before having my second baby. My labor was only an hour and I was completely calm with the guided breathing. It helped so much and the contractions were much more manageable. I had such a quick and easy birth and I owe it to this app helping me have a more positive birth! I have never spent money on an app. I always use free ones. But this was beyond WORTH IT!!

- Definitely Helped Me Through Labor

I bought the Freya app as a “just in case” thing going into my first experience with labor. I made a birthing playlist and figured I would use that more. I was wrong! I barely listened to the playlist at all. The freya app really helped me to breathe through the contractions and fully relax in between. Even with an epidural, I used this right before the pushing stage because there was so much pressure that I needed help breathing through. I cannot recommend this app enough!

- Others asked if I had done “hypno birthing”

This app is amazing - it guided me through while laboring at home during the pandemic and monitored contractions for me while I was in “the zone.” I labored at home as long as possible with the app’s (and my doula’s) guidance and when I got to the hospital I was fully dilated (10 cm!) - no epidural or other pain medicine was required! While at the hospital I used the deep breathing techniques through labor and delivery - both my nurse and doula asked if I had studied hypno birthing! Everyone said they had never seen a birth quite like mine.

- Invaluable!!

Just delivered my 3rd child but this is the first I used this app or hypnobirthing and I am now their biggest fan! I delivered without intervention but this app would be valuable no matter what path you choose. The peace the recordings provided was exactly what I needed while trying to turn my baby from sunny side up during labor. The focus, motivation and positive encouragement was so impactful. Thank you so much!!!

- A very small price to pay for a more peaceful birth!

I purchased the Freya app after completing the PBC online course on hypnobirthing. The knowledge from the course was crucial, and when I went into labor it was much easier to time my contractions using the app, while listening to the lovely birth affirmations in between while I rested. This entire company is built on the empowerment and education of women, and is recommend it to anyone hoping to have a more comfortable labor.🙏💞

- Really helped me!

I got this app after my husband and I took the online Positive Birth Co hypnobirthing class. I listened to it on the hour plus drive to the hospital after my water broke and contractions picked up big time. Her voice is so soothing and it really helped me stay relaxed. I didn’t use the timer but just listened. I was able to give birth without any drugs and we think the course and this app were a huge part of that! Thank you!!!

- You NEED this app!

I had my fourth baby this past October and used the Freya app throughout the entirety of my labor and delivery! It’s easy to use and guides you through your surges. Her voice is relaxing and calm and the music is too! This app is amazing and so are the Hypnobirthing classes and videos! Everything I learned from The Positive Birth Company helped me to have the most amazing, positive birth! Highly, highly recommend! You won’t be disappointed!

- Confirmation and Confidence

Am I really in labor? This app helps you answer that question once and for all. I loved the simple tap to record a contraction and soothing sounds and positive words immediately start playing -I didn’t even have to search for the mp3s in my digital pack during labor because everything was accessible right in the app! This app helped me get to 6cm at home before going to the hospital!

- Helped me labor at home!

I owe my ability to labor at home like I wanted to this app! I gave birth in a hospital but wanted to be home and comfortable as long as possible. This app helped me stay so calm that I wasn’t even sure I was in active labor until I suddenly felt the signs of transition! I made it to the hospital and baby was born less than an hour later. Recommend this app to anyone!

- Super helpful. Get it!

I used the app during pregnancy for relaxation and on the early stages of labor. I was a bit skeptical at first… but all the breathing and relaxation techniques were super helpful. I had a positive ( and quick ) home birth experience. I know this product played a big part on my happy day - hope it helps you too! Good luck! 💚💙

- Great app for natural labor!

I downloaded the Freya app after taking the Positive Birth Company’s hypnobirthing class and found it SO helpful for timing contractions during labor. Using the app, I was able to stay home for most of my labor before heading into the hospital. Between the class and the app, both were the best money I spent while pregnant and helped me achieve the birth experience I wanted to have.

- My amazing hypnobirthing guide!

This app was instrumental in the unmediated birth of my third child! I had used hypnobirthing techniques with my second birth, but I was much more productive this time around with the guided breathing and birth affirmations seamlessly blended together with the surge timer. It was like having another birth companion, and I found myself using it for most of my labor until the pushing stage. Cannot recommend enough.


This app was literally a lifesaver during my labor. I used it the whole time until I got to down breathing and had my baby. I don’t think I’ll ever labor without using it again. I seriously have never written a review on anything ever, but this was too incredible to not. Totally worth it! This was hands down my best birth (a few days ago) and this was baby number 5.

- So helpful

After 5 days of labour (unusual) this app helped me so much! Although the timer had me in established labour multiple times when sadly I wasn’t there but as I said I had an extended labor. This app however helped me breathe and stay calm during contractions and in the middle of the night when it’s just you there, it’s nice to hear a calming voice!

- The. Best.

This is an amazing app! Helped me keep track of my contractions with ease. So simple. Easy to use. Easy to read! The app also has positive affirmations and guided meditation to help you relax and feel empowered about birth. Highly recommend this app to any mama!

- Amazing app and company!

I love this company and think this app is the perfect addition to any hypnobirthing toolkit. The only downfall is that when the background music is on, it completely drowns out her guided voice to wear you can’t hear it. Such an unfortunate situation because I would really like to have the music accompany her voice. Please fix this with an update!

- Love!

This app has helped me so much in preparation for labor. I really enjoy the affirmations and soothing sounds and voice. I also completed the corresponding hypnobirthing course through The Positive Birth Company and found it to be so educational, thoughtful, and just what I needed to guide me towards a positive birth experience.

- So good!! Best app purchase ever

Well worth the price and beyond. I love the affirmations and music and the breath counter! I’m sure the surge timer will really come in handy too. So far I’m using it for birth prep so I’ll have to update my review after baby arrives but I love how it’s all in one.

- Virtual birth partner

Love this app (and the Positive Birth Company Hypnobirthing online course). I completely contributed these things to me being able to go natural even while being induced. I recommend this to anyone and everyone looking to have an empowered birth experience!

- DOULA Recommened

I am a doula in the states and I recommend this app to all my clients. I absolutely love it. It is simple, relaxing, encouraging, and so effective. Majority of people birth in hospitals here with MDs and still benefit from this app, especially when early laboring at home! Worth the money for sure.

- To the iOS developers

On the Surge counter view please work out the ux of the table views swipe to delete I would suggest leveraging using a classic table view cells to get that visual swipe to delete action. Instead of what’s on there now. Perhaps add a delete all date button as well to clear the stores surges to avoid having to delete each one by one

- Audio Settings

I wish there was a way to fast forward or pick which audio track I want to listen to. As it is, it just goes through them all without any fast forward or selection option.

- In labor right now and I LOVE this app

It’s so relaxing! I took a hypnobirthing class and this is the perfect companion. I do wish it had an Apple Watch app so i could time the surges that way. Love the voice and the music. Would 100% buy again. Worth it.

- Thee best. All I used 36 hours of labor !

The relaxation tracks were so calming. It was so nice to be able to track surges /contractions. I listened to this constantly when I was in the hospital during labor. I was really in a trance and did a natural birth!

- Super useful during labor

I used this app to track my contractions and to help me keep calm during active labor. It was incredibly useful. And this is coming from someone who took Lamaze and Bradley Method birthing classes!

- Essential for labor

I can’t say enough about how this app helped me during the birth of my son. I had it in my ears the entire time and it helped me to stay calm and focused. Siobhan’s voice is soooo calming. I’m forever greatful for the Positive Birth Company’s course and this app. 🤍

- Must have for anyone giving birth.

Very clean and user friendly design. The positive Birth Company also has an amazing online course to help prepare for birth and this app is the perfect compliment. I can’t wait to use it when I give birth in April!

- Great for early labor

I used this app for the first half of my home-birth labor, it really helped me focus on breathing and resting during contractions before they got to the transition stage. Definitely recommend as a tool for natural births or before getting an epidural.

- Amazing app for a positive labor experience

I attended the positive birth company digital course which really helped me prepare mentally for labor and this app is just as good! It calmed me down and helped me stay focused during labor. I have recommended it to all my friends!

- Used it before and during labor!

It was absolutely instrumental in preparing for labor and I used it all through the first part until I started to push. ❤️❤️❤️

- Highly recommend

This was such an amazing tool for my second birth. Would highly recommend it to anyone using hypnobirthing.

- BEST contraction timer!

So soothing, feels like you have a virtual doula with you, guiding you through each contraction. It helped me feel so at peace during my surges.

- Helpful

Extremely helpful meditations for any part of pregnancy and beyond.

- Everything woke turns to…

Great app until the positive birthing company started going woke. *edited my review from 5 to 1 star after having my second child.* The app works fine but the verbiage used has changed. Kept needing to skip through some things that were very “new agey”.

- Could be so much better

User interface could be so much better. It’s quite confusing to use. They could also put relaxation script for different practical tools that’s in the pb course and more mp3s that people could use as relaxation music.

- Great relaxation aid

Works great for aiding relaxation and the updates that enable you to change the playlist is a big improvement. Love Freya

- Amazing

This app got me through labor, don't know what I would've done without it!

- Game changer!

This app was instrumental in helping me have a natural, calm birth. I recommend it to everyone wishing for the same.

- 1st birth

Wow I am so happy I found this app!! It will just be my husband and I at the hospital so this will be my “doula”. Wonderful app!!

- Freya App deletes surges

I just downloaded the app snd enjoyed the guided meditation. But it didn’t track my second or third surge. When I clicked on “get help”, the Freya app reset and deleted all of my surges!

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- Great calming experience

We had a playlist planned, but when I put this app on during my wife's labour, she loved it & didn't budge from it. With me timing when she called out, it helped focus her attention on the breathing, helped us figure out when the right time to go into the hospital was, and even keep track there for knowing when to expect the next one. The Apple Watch companion app was perfect as well as I didn't have to keep the phone close, I could just tap go & stop on the watch as I supported my wife through the experience.

- OMG! Perfect!

I’m not a fan of relaxation apps at all. Was looking for something to track my contractions. Ended up using this app, including music/affirmations/ counting breathing. Had a beautiful hospital birth without interventions. Had my earphones on a high volume with this app on through all three stages of labour and just couldn’t get enough! Highly recommend this app! Need to mention this was my fourth labour and I honestly do not understand how I did previous three without this calming voice of reassurance. Thank you, impressed

- This technique works so well

I found The Positive Birthing Company online course after a friend of ours told us about how much hypnobirthing helped her during her labour. After finding the techniques taught by Siobhan so affirming, powerful and helpful, I purchased the Freya app. I find that it completely assists me to find peace, calm and relaxation within my body and my partner is benefiting from the breathing techniques too. I’ll definitely be using the Freya app with headphones when I go into labour in a few weeks to assist in supporting my body to naturally give birth to our first child.

- Amazing app-got me calmly to 10cm

The FREYA app is a must have for your pregnancy and labour. This was my 4th baby and I had never used it before. It absolutely changed my experience of labour for the better. I got calmly to 10cm using the app and only switched it off for the pushing stage. I loved the meditations, particularly the positive affirmations and used it in the lead up to my labour when anxious. Also, the counting function was awesome in labour and I loved that you could change it to 3 and 6. Would 100% recommend!!

- Great App!

I’m using this app as I get closer to my birth (38 weeks today), using the breathing techniques and affirmations daily. My 10 year old loves doing them with me and I find Siobhan’s voice very soothing! Looking forward to using the surge timer when labour begins and as a side note I recommend taking a look at her Positive Birthing Company Course. It was so informative and having had previous birth trauma, I now feel confident in my mind and body to move through labour with ease. Thank you so much!

- Best birth app

Just had bubs number two in another challenging birth. This app kept me focused more than anything else. Noise canceling headphones and I was able to stay in my bubble for as long as possible. Both births the midwives where fascinated ad to what I was listening to. The marathon story gets me everytime. Thankyou for making such an empowering app, it made the world of difference

- Would be better if you could easily pause the talking and leave the music playing

Would be better if you could easily pause the talking and leave the music playing.

- Awesome but could be better!

I loved the app for my first birth and have come back to it for my second. I enjoy the affirmations and the golden light story but I’d love the option to adjust the volume of the music and voice separately as sometimes the music over powers the words being spoken. I’d also love a sleep timer so that I can listen for a chosen amount of time and fall asleep without worrying about turning it off again.

- Just be careful how you use it

This is a great app for what it does. I just want to warn other mothers to be that I found I because too fixated on the app and it came at the expense of my concentration and mental state. I felt like I HAD to time every surge to measure my progress so was picking my phone up constantly when, with hindsight, it would have been better if I put my phone away and tried to rest! I completely wore myself out and then couldn’t have the natural labour I wanted.

- Perfect App

After my first birth didn’t go to plan I was determined to have as natural a delivery as possible for my second. This app was perfect and I gave birth to my posterior baby naturally after 10 hours. The marathon story gets slightly repetitive but the surge timer and positive affirmations are amazing! Definitely worth investing in.

- Such a great app!

I used this app during labour and found it so simple and easy to use! I love how you can customise it, I found having the positive affirmations on very helpful early in labour and then the breathing counter was incredibly helpful too! Such a great app

- So helpful

Will use for every labour and recommend to all friends. Easy to use. Tells you when you’ve reached established labour. Counts your breathing through each surge and gives relaxation sound track throughout. Didn’t use once I arrived at hospital but was perfect at home.

- Ground breaking!!

This app and the online courses were amazing! The hospital staff actually asked me what I had been doing to know my body so well and how to manage things during labour. Thank you so much Siobhan!!

- Great app!

Great way to keep track of surges at a time when you may not be able to concentrate enough to count or time. Midwives found the information very helpful in assessing me.

- Awesome! Just the tool I was looking for!

Love this, so simple, no subscriptions, does exactly what you want in labour to keep you grounded & using your breathing 🎉

- A wonderful app

Absolutely fantastic! This app and the hypnobirthing course helped me get through a three day labour. I recommend it to everyone!

- Love it!

Love the app so far, particularly how easy it is to use! Can’t wait to use it with baby 2 due in just a few weeks.

- So relaxing

The app is well set up and is great at helping you achieve your desired birth. Siobhan’s voice is so soothing. Highly recommend

- Not very helpful

I didn’t find this timer helped me at all unfortunately. I found it a pain to start and stop when you’re trying to focus on breathing. It also has very few features for something you have to pay for.

- Ajo11Cam

Brilliant app for timing contractions. I only knew I was in active labor because the app told me. The breathing exercises were pleasant and calm.

- Lifesaver!

Could not recommend app highly enough.

- Brilliant!!!

This app was the perfect birth partner. I can not speak highly enough for the positive impact this app had for giving me the birth I wanted. So empowering!!!

- Perfect

So easy and intuitive to use. Perfect set of features for a positive birth experience! Lifesaver

- Perfect ❤️

Just I time for my labour, thank you so much ❤️

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- Everyone should use this app, it changed my life!

I used the PBC digital pack and Freya app for my second pregnancy. It was absolutely life changing. We were able to have the home birth of our dreams thanks to the programs help in building our confidence through knowledge and meditation. We used the app through our entire labour and it was completely responsible for guiding me through my surges and pain. I can’t express enough how essential this program was in our positive birthing experience.

- Amazing

Downloaded this app as I started labour and I’m so glad I did. Honestly helped me have the birth I wanted and kept me focused. I listened to the mp3s a lot before labour so when I started using the app, it was like immediate relaxation! The midwives were so impressed with how well things progressed and how calm it was. I listened to it on Bluetooth headphones with volume turned up so I couldn’t hear anyone else around me. TREAT YOURSELF!!

- Helped me birth my baby at home, Unmedicated

During my 1st pregnancy I took the hypobirthing course but didn’t practice the tools and skills and after 27 hours transferred to hospital. During my second pregnancy I download this app and planned for homebirth. My labour came quick and intense and I’m SO grateful I had this app the coaching of the breathing through each surge. It truly kept my mind focussed and helped me release any tension and breath through each surge. I am so happy I had this app and was able to birth my baby at home!! Truly a wonderful experience I will remember forever. I recommended this app to several pregnant momma’s looking for an unmedicated birth or simply to help with Labour. ❤️❤️

- So convenient and intuitive!

This app is amazing. Pair it with the digital pack from the Positive Birth Company and you’ll feel empowered to handle any birth experience. This was so easy to use - which is what you want when you’re in labour. It was also incredibly helpful to have it count out my breathing for me and then hop right back to some positive affirmations or relaxation tracks in between surges. On top of that, it made it so easy to share my progress with my midwife... I just handed her my phone and she had all my info. Thank you so much for this!

- Fantastic

Unused the app to practice before hand and from the second the first contractions started... it kept me going through 27 hours of labour without any pain meds other than gas and air for the last hour. Can not recommend more highly! Simple to use and effective :-) awesome app

- Helped me lots!

Great app, super easy to use. I love watching Shobans YouTube videos and her mp3 and this app helped me lots during labour.

- Highly suggest

My first labour and delivery was very difficult and I was afraid before the birth of our second. I read a little bit on hypbobirthing and decided to buy this app. It not only gave me a lot of reassurance but using the app while in labour dramatically improved my pain tolerance and I actually enjoyed labour this time! I was in active labour for two hours with contractions coming every 2 minutes for 1:20 seconds before going to the hospital. This app kept me calm and relaxed and my Doctor was surprised I was in active labour at 5cm already because I was so chilled out during and between them. I was freaking out the first time I gave birth so it was completely night and day. 10/10 worth the 5$

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Freya • Surge Timer 6.0.0 Screenshots & Images

Freya • Surge Timer iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Freya • Surge Timer iphone images
Freya • Surge Timer iphone images
Freya • Surge Timer iphone images
Freya • Surge Timer Medical application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Freya • Surge Timer (Version 6.0.0) Install & Download

The applications Freya • Surge Timer was published in the category Medical on 2019-02-09 and was developed by The Positive Birth Company Ltd. [Developer ID: 1137760588]. This application file size is 116.82 MB. Freya • Surge Timer - Medical app posted on 2022-11-22 current version is 6.0.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.thepositivebirthcompany.surgetracker