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WristBook allows you to read your Facebook feed on your Apple Watch!

With WristBook installed on your Apple Watch you can currently:

Check your feed to
- see posts (even with images!)
- see linked content
- see the count of unread notifications

Open entries in the feed to
- see the full post (text, images, and linked content)
- like/unlike the post
- see comments
- add a comment

Compose and submit posts
- using Emoji, Scribble and Dictation

Check your activity notifications to
- see who has liked or commented on your posts
- see who accepted your friend requests
- check group approvals
- see event invites
- be able to open, like and comment many of those entries
- ...

All you have to do is linking your Facebook account through the official Facebook website and your feed will appear on your Watch!

What about your personal data?
WristBook does NOT breach your privacy in any way. All data is being handled safely: Because all operations are being handled by your iPhone there is no need of a potentially insecure third-party server.


WristBook for Facebook App Description & Overview

The applications WristBook for Facebook was published in the category Social Networking on 2018-12-23 and was developed by XAN Applications GmbH & Co. KG. The file size is 23.83 MB. The current version is 1.23 and works well on 11.4 and high ios versions.

- improvements on the home feed

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5 stars ALL THE WAY!  MrsMcNibbnles  5 star

This app brings you just the right Facebook experience for your watch! I have had mixed feelings about FB on my watch; on one hand it’s nice to have a FB-free zone, on the other hand, thought it would be neat to scroll through a bit here and there when I’m waiting or just for fun. This is perfect, a simple feed with liking, commenting, and notifications, but no FB bloat. You can also create simple posts, too. I’ve read the reviews of this app and then purchased it and used it myself, and I can absolutely say that every bad review I saw was just the result of either user error/unawareness, or something that would have been easily fixed if they asked. It’s very simple (in a good way) and setup was super easy, and had contact info for the developer right there, if anything did come up. I am running the latest (beta, actually, 12.1.3) iOS on my iPhone 6s+ and WatchOS 5.1.2 on my Series 3 Apple Watch. So I can happily confirm it is working on here. 😊

Martin Moore MKE

Finally!  Martin Moore MKE  5 star

Amazing app! I had no problems logging in and I have 2 step turned on so not sure what other uses are experiencing. My feed loads really quick on my series 4 and the ability to load more posts is great. Navigating is pretty easy as far as liking, commenting and viewing comments. Excited for the future of this app. It’s so great seeing developers take matters into their own hands and spend time developing all these social media apps Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit refuse to make. Can’t wait for future updates! Cheers.

Michael Fristoe

Terrible app  Michael Fristoe  1 star

Doesn't even let you login. Never got to experience it from my watch. Waste of time.


Love the app  nelly03011982  5 star

I love the app just hope the developer changes how he speak to customers will get more buyers I see this app going very far

Dj Johnny Oz

Notifications  Dj Johnny Oz  2 star

It will not load my notifications.


Not getting notifications  OneManGangItalyStyle  2 star

I don’t receive notifications on my Apple Watch when someone leaves a comment or like a post of mine. Could you fix this? This is one of the reason I decided to get this app.


Wish it worked  kmgzamtkk  1 star

Won’t load feed. Emailed and no reply.


Notification  Lydsm101  3 star

My notifications do not download and show on the my Apple Watch. After that it go back to my home page I can’t see my notifications at all. Can you fix that. Thanks I do enjoy the app other ways!


Love it  HappyFace2019  5 star

At least I’m able to view my notifications at the flick of my wrist!!!🤗👌😁😄👍😎

Tracking time

Great App  Tracking time  5 star

I had a few issues and emailed the developer which by the way responded ASAP! I was instructed to make sure I was using the latest IOS update, once this was done the app installed correctly and has been working great since! Thanks again!!! Can’t wait to see what else this developer comes up with.

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