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Lost your Bluetooth headphones? Now you can find it in seconds! Find your lost AirPods, Beats, Bose, Jabra, Jaybird, JBL, and more. Works with any BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0) headphones, headset, or earbuds.

• Launch the application
• If your lost headphones are powered on and within range you will see it in the list. Select them.
• Walk around slowly. As you move closer to your lost headphones the indicator will change from Cold to Warmer / Hot.
• When you are about 3-5 feet away from your headphones the indicator will display Hot. Hooray! You found your headphones!

Using this app the following devices could be found:
• Apple AirPods
• Beats Solo 3, Powerbeats 3, BeatsX, Studio, Pill
• JBL Everest Elite/100, E65BTNC, J46BT, T450BT, E45BT, Reflect Contour / Mini
• Bose AE2, SoundLink, SoundSport, Revolve, Color II
• Jabra Move, Classic, Storm, Extreme2, Mini, Talk, PRO
• Jaybird Freedom 1/2/F5, X3 Sport, Run
• Many other different wireless headphones and earbuds. Works with almost any lost wireless earbuds, headset or headphones!

NOTE: The app's scanner can track other Bluetooth 4.0 devices such as hearing aids that are powered on and actively advertising.

Find My Headphones - Wireless App Description & Overview

The applications Find My Headphones - Wireless was published in the category Utilities on 2018-12-21 and was developed by SensusTech LLC. The file size is 3.77 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Performance improvements

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...  erv01  5 star

I lost my Beats in a pasture while getting attacked by bees. Figured I would try this. I knew kind of when they might be. 2,000 to 3,000 sq ft area. Found them in about 5 mins.


Bad  Fehfehhfe  1 star

Only works if the top is open. DO NOT BUY!!!!


Virtually useless  CashCari  1 star

Two days after purchasing AirPods one fell out of my ear in a grocery store. I purchased this App to help find it. The second I started the app it told me I was HOT. Eventually I discovered that it was finding the AirPod that was as in my hand. The one I didn’t lose. I had to walk to my car in the parking lot to leave the one I still had then walked back into the store. I retraced my steps and found nothing. When I opened the app moments ago it says I connected to a Samsung 6. I’m in my home and there are no Samsung devices. Would really like my money back.


Don't get if trying to find Airpods  ggrhdihrbcbeijrbr  1 star

Doesn't find airpods

Mopar or NoCar

👀 no more  Mopar or NoCar  5 star

Lost Left airpod at work was looking it for twenty mins downloaded this app and I found it in less than a min lifesaver

Matty Light7

Awesome  Matty Light7  5 star

This app is awesome my a hole cat knocks my AirPods off the counter or just carries them off somewhere. Find them every time now



I recently lost my AirPods and I downloaded this app to try to find them, unfortunately I forgot AirPods don’t connect with Bluetooth unless the top is open so this app was useless in finding them because I couldn’t open the top since I didn’t know where they are.


DOES NOT WORK  flowerpower212121  1 star

It just says “HOT” all around my house. This did not narrow down anything


Worst app  ggghhhghhjgfjhhdfgj  1 star

Didn't work

App Revewier 123

Amazing  App Revewier 123  5 star

I had lost one of my AirPods, and had no idea where it was. This wonderful app helped me find them! I would highly recommend it, definitely worth the money.


John  fhbfds  5 star

Lost my headphones for 2 days and it was in my car....this app worked like a charm, I never would have seen it where it was...highly recommended!!!

maximiliano pedrillo matveev

:(  maximiliano pedrillo matveev  5 star

I lost it in 6” snow


Good  4inasklad  5 star

Simply amazing I just found it in the trash


Good  EvgenM2  5 star

Lost one of my ear buds at work, this app found it.


Ok  гас30  5 star

Great app !!! I will recommend to everyone!!! A must download.


Отзыв  даша68839  5 star

It took a little time to find something but it did its job!

Тимофей Ермилов

Perfect!  Тимофей Ермилов  5 star

Best dollars I’ve spent in a long time. Lost my AirPod in a no service area, and this app put me right on top of it. Absolutely love it, paid for itself right out of the gate. Easy to use.


Приложение  241808051005  5 star

Очень хорошее приложение. Приятный интерфейс. Ставлю однозначно пять балов.


Useless  Great-Phoenix  1 star

I have several devices. It shows cold when am in the proximity. Measuring the Bluetooth signal strength isn’t good enough to find a device. Maybe in future devices there will be some kind of sensors for this purpose. Until then, apps like this one are jokes.



I tested this out with my beats headphones which I did not lose. I put them right next to this app, and it said hot. As I rotated the headphones I found a spot where it would go from hot to cold to warm randomly which is worrying. After this I put them across the room and it said warm most of the time and as I moved closer it said hot. Overall, it works good just have some patience with it and you’ll find whatever you lost. Ps I looked at the five star review be cautious the usernames are weird and look like bots that are generated to rate five. I haven’t tried this out too much so I can’t tell if it really works as good as “people” said

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