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There are many mysteries behind your face: the situation of your health, the development of your wealth and the opportunity of your career.

After scanning your face, our APP will provide the details of your face and make a professional report for you, which can help you learn more about your face.

What's more, beauty PK and baby prediction are added in our app.
With baby prediction, what your future baby will look like.
With beauty PK,you can know who is the most beautiful among you and your friends .

● Daily Face Analysis
● Beauty PK
● Baby Prediction
● Emotion Analysis
● Celebrity Match
● Meet Yourself
●Mental Test

What is your beauty index today? How is your skin condition? After you shoot or upload your photo, we will analyze your facial features with the professional technique and then you will get a comprehensive report. In the report, you can see your beauty index, skin condition and expression score. Meanwhile, there are also love, health, fortune and work index and corresponding suggestions for you.

What will your future baby look like? Will your baby be more like you or your lover? You can get the answer conveniently with the support of our advanced technology and you are able to share the result with your friends.

How beautiful you are? Who is the most beautiful one among you and your friends? After uploading your photos, you can not only know how many score you can get, but also find which part has a higher or lower score.

Does he/she looks happy? Do you want to know her true feelings? After uploading the photo, you can not only see his/her real emotion, but also the possibility of emotion.

Do you want to know how similar you are to celebrities? Which celebrity do you look most like? Check celebrity introduction and similarity in Fantastic Face!

What is the trace of the years?How will it behave on your face? Use our product meet the future of yourself.

Do you want to know how old is your psychological age?
Do you have mysterious personality?
More mental tests are in our product.

Let’s enjoy it and know yourself better!
*The result may not be 100% accurate,just for reference only.

Fantastic Face offer auto-renewing monthly subscriptions and auto-renewing weekly subscriptions:

*Fantastic Face Pro*
# 1-month subscription, free trial for 3 days, auto-renewal
# 1-week subscription,free trial for 3 days, auto-renewal

*Daily Face Pro*
# 1-month subscription, free trial for 3 days, auto-renewal
# 1-week subscription,free trial for 3 days, auto-renewal

Premium account include all our features.
You will not be charged during your free trial period. When the free trial concludes,your subscription will star and renew automatically, and will be charged to your iTunes Account. If you change your mind, please cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the free trial expires. Subscription management can be found in your iTunes account settings. If the user purchases a subscription to the publication before the end of the trial period, the remaining free duration will be automatically revoked.

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Fantastic Face – Face Analysis App Description & Overview

The applications Fantastic Face – Face Analysis was published in the category Entertainment on 2018-12-19 and was developed by VIPTOP DATA LIMITED. The file size is 44.36 MB. The current version is 1.2.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

In order to improve the user experience, we added Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional, and fixed some bugs.

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Fantastic Face – Face Analysis Reviews

I cried very hard

You Have to Pay For EVERYTHING  I cried very hard  1 star

Literally nothing is free in the app, and the only thing that is free is an “Emotion Reader” and that is not accurate at all. It’s just dumb and obviously a game made to sucker people for money. Please, don’t waste your time and money and buy this.

Kiersten Dahl

Kiersten  Kiersten Dahl  1 star

This app was a lot of money to use almost anything!!! It was $29:99 a month. Horrible app!!!🙁🙁🙁


Don’t wast your time  Castiel617  1 star

I hate this app because you either have to buy the membership or it’s basically useless and dumb. If you have the money then go for it. But I’m not wasting 30.00 a month for a game


Instantly deleted  drewfuss44  1 star

Nothing worked without signing up for a free trial or paid subscription. Instantly deleted the app. Would give 0 stars if I could as this was a complete waste of time.


Why I voted one star  cp463  1 star

I voted on star because I don’t understand why you have to pay like $30. That’s really stupid. All it does is test your personality or see how you will look in the future or something like that. You should not have to pay. If I didn’t I would probably rate it a 5 star. But I didn’t because you have to pay.


DOES NOT WORK  😭😭😭😭1234  1 star

You have to buy everything!!!!


SERIOUSLY !!!  PeRsOnE3425  1 star

There’s only a few free ones and the rest you have to bye and the quizzes don’t make sense!!!!!!!!!!!


AWESOME APP!  tstegmarie  5 star

This app is so amazing it’s for a low low price of $30 a month which is amazing for such a awesome app like this!


Fantastic face  qwugsl  1 star

It was totally useless I had to buy everything and it’s uderly rediculious


This game is retarded  😊😒😳😳  1 star

The title says it all 🤷‍♀️


Scam  bree-the-bee  1 star

Completely a scam. Nothing is free


Don’t download  hffhfguf  1 star

This app is free to download but you have to pay to see the finished results. I’m trying not to be mean but overall it bad.😢


HORRIBLE  Kfkdkddidi  1 star

You have to pay to unlock things. Only one thing is free very stupid!


Waste of time  SparklyMegs  1 star

Can download for free but to actually use anything you need to subscribe to a very expensive subscription. Save yourself the time and don’t download


Not good  jsbsodndidn  1 star

This app will not allow me to enter any info do not download this app. A waste of time 😭










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