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*Supported Devices: This game is supported on the following devices only: iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, Xr, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPad 5th Gen, iPad 6th Gen, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini (2019), and all iPad Pros.*

Explore the ancient, mysterious world of Journey as you soar above ruins and glide across sands to discover its secrets. Play alone or in the company of a fellow traveler and explore its vast world together. Featuring stunning visuals and a Grammy-nominated musical score, Journey delivers a breathtaking experience like no other.

Game Center required for online matchmaking.

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Journey Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you for playing Journey! This version includes key performance improvements and bug fixes.

Journey Comments & Reviews

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- Pretty good. It has one annoying bug though

So I played this game a couple of times. Then it started showing the purple dots that only appear in the desert in other areas besides the one with the carpet people. I don’t know if they updated it or something but it gets a little annoying when you’re playing and I wish there was a way to turn it off. My only other complaint is that I barely see people. The most the game says I've seen is six, but I only met about 2 of them. Overall the graphics and music are beautiful. If they fix the two issues 5 stars.

- Amazing port with a few problems

Note: You can increase the game resolution and graphics by going to the the game setting listing under the setting on your iPad or iPhone. Go to the app setting from there and you can adjust it to be higher for those who complained about the graphics. Idk why they didn’t put the option in game but it is there. I had no problem with the game controls. They worked perfectly in my opinion But it was rare that you pair with some one there seems to be connection issues which make staying with a person the entire game difficult which ruins the experience some. There are glitches that can be addressed as well but they seem to appear only when playing with another person so they might be related. But how I love that I was able to play through this lovely game on my iPad mini. I played this on my iPad mini 5 and it played flawlessly. Love love love the visual and story is very good.

- Super beautiful and unique game, but...

So I found out about this game through Sky: Children of the Light and I became immediately enchanted with the story, music, and visuals. I will say that the game is A LOT shorter than I had expected for the price. A big one for me was the glitching/bugs when playing with another player. The carpets didn’t help me up the building like they did when I played alone. Not too big of a deal if you and your companion can help each other get up the building. HOWEVER, during the climb up the mountain with another player is where the big glitches were for me. One of us would get stuck in a never-ending wind (disappointing that we were unable to finish the game together because of a glitch/bug) or there would be no wind at all and there would be no enemies, as well. It really takes away from the experience of playing such a beautiful game so uniquely with another person. Another big one was, and I don’t know if it’s a connectivity issue or something or if its just that there aren’t a lot of iOS players playing the game these days, that during my first play-through I ran into three players but ever since then I’m lucky to just run into one person during the journey. Screen rotation and controls got a little wanky from time to time, too, but other than that I really like the game!

- Never encountered another player

I’m a huge fan of this game, the first version I ever played was on the PS3 which I still have, but wanted to give this version a shot because it is my FAVORITE game, and their other game called Flower is great on the iPad. I played through this version of journey once, and it was beautiful! Obviously the controls aren’t perfect but it’s still completely playable. However, my biggest complaint is that not once did I encounter another player. And that’s the MAIN trait about this game. The journey is beautiful and difficult and tragic but the beauty of it is that you experience it with another player. I’ve played before as a solo player and while it’s doable it’s just not as interesting especially as a player who is very familiar with the game. Please fix this issue and you will get 5 stars...the game is truly a beautiful masterpiece!

- Beautiful but glitchy

This is my first review on any game in the app store. I want to start off by saying the game itself is absolutely breathtaking. The lack of dialogue and beautiful music really immerse you into the game’s atmosphere as you explore the world and figure out how to move forward on your own. I really wanted to give this game 5 stars, but I docked off two due to the following: 1. GLITCHES. I downloaded this game on my iPhone XR, and for about 30-40% of the game, there was this flashing, purple pixelated mess on the left half side of the screen. Not sure if anyone else experienced this issue, but every time it happened, I was detracted from the gameplay. Please fix this. 2. RESTART. I wasn’t unable to unlock all the hidden caves, but I really wish you could keep your scarf length/progress the second time around. The gameplay the second time was too repetitive, so much so that I ended giving up about 10 mins into my second run, especially as I couldn’t fly for long and it felt too grindy. I understand how it fits in with the concept and storyline, but maybe giving an option to players would be nice. Would definitely give the game 5/5 if there weren’t any rendering glitches!

- Amazing, but the glitches in one level...

Let’s get one thing clear. I LOVE this game. The graphics are amazing, but, on one level, you are jumping with little scarf strips, I was doing fine, but my iPad died. Okay, no big deal, I plug it in and do something else. The next day, it’s weird, the scarfs are gone, making it impossible AND the fog which seemed weird, was making ripples whenever I hit it as I fell over and over trying to reach the darn post thingy. SO ANNOYING. I had to reset and start my progress ALL OVER AGAIN. Game makers! This is your job! You should probably increase her flying capabilities so that she can pass the levels and not make me want to smash my iPad in! I don’t play a lot of video games but this is so annoying. Whatever, I’ll go back to Altos Odyssey. In the meantime, fix the darn thing!

- Go play a different version.

The game is absolutely fantastic, but this port is incredibly frustrating, due purely to its camera controls. The game was originally made for ps3, and as such the right analog stick controlled the camera. This made perfect sense for a console game, but they didn’t change this for the mobile version, you now control it with a digital analog stick, which doesn’t even begin to work. Basically, you no longer control where the camera is, you now control the speed at which the camera moves in a given direction. Once again, this makes perfect sense on PlayStation, but mobile has so many better options for camera controls. If you really want a mobile Journey, go get Sky: Children of the Light. It’s pretty much a 1-1 recreation of Journey, with slightly different locations, made by the same people, and it’s free. It’s infinitely better than this in every way.

- Crashing

I bought the game a few months ago and got up to halfway through the snow level, and then the game crashed. Every time I opened the game after that, it would crash when I tried to load the game. I was too annoyed to start over, so I uninstalled the game for a while. I decided to give it another chance some months later- since there had been updates in the meantime- and started playing again. This time I got to the entrance to the caves before the same crashing problem started. The game itself is nice enough, but any chance I had to experience the entire story as it was intended is pretty much gone forever. It's disappointing, considering Journey's reputation. I'll rate the game again after it's reliably fixed.

- Amazing game but port has problems.

I purchased this app a week ago and I had forgotten what a beautiful sandscape Journey is. The sand is so fluid it’s hard to imagine it was originally released years ago on playstation 3 but now it exists on the iPhone. The controls aren’t terrible now that they’ve been adjusted to feel more like Thatgamecompany’s other iOS title Sky. I had no problem with them. My problem occurs every time the game auto saves (which is frequent). I lose all sound and have to force quit the app to get audio back. Audio is a huge part of this game so I hope it can be fixed soon. Online seems to work though. Ran into my first other player briefly and that was it. So excited for that. hope to see more players.

- Problems, help!

I loved this game, I bought it the day it came out, and played most of it that day. The graphics are beautiful, the controls are a little hard, but considering the amount of things you can do, they actually run pretty smooth. (Especially compared to other games on my phone like Candleman..) I had no issues until just now when I tried to replay the game.. it doesn’t crash but I have to start all over every time I open the game, it won’t let me continue from my last saved checkpoint. It only has a New Journey option plz help I’d like to play this again!

- Ethereal and magnificent. Unfortunately bugs take away from the magic significantly :(

I started playing this since it was recommended to me by a couple of friends. I absolutely love the creative concepts and meditative nature of the game itself. Even for touch screen it’s fairly intuitive and immersive. I am however extremely sad about an irritating bug where purple pixel dots continue to appear over the main character as they run or interact with the red ribbons. It’s unfortunately persistent enough to detract a fair amount from the game play and immersive nature. Devs please make your priority to fix this :/ It feels like driving a beautiful new sports car with a glaring key scratch on the side... Without this bug this game is an easy 5 stars.

- Amazing game but why isn’t it longer?

I just bought the game and beat in an hour and thirty minutes so if u like longer games maybe think about something else BUT WAIT while I was playing it, it was the most beautiful game I’ve ever played, u felt like you were playing a movie you’ve never seen. The gameplay was so smooth and entertaining I never go bored once while playing this. Even if u don’t like shorter games, I personally don’t, then play this it will change your mind entirely on games like this . Five stars well done Annapurna Interactive you and your team created a masterpiece

- Beautiful, Strange Bug

This game is beautiful. It has gorgeous music and calming gameplay. The controls aren’t too hard to get used to either. My only issue is a bug that causes purple spark-looking flashes to constantly appear at the player’s feet and grew to the point where it was in random parts of the screen. I’ve seen multiple reviews that show I’m not the only one experiencing this. If this bug was fixed the game would be perfect. Otherwise, I have to say it’s quite an irritating bug. Please, please fix it. I want to be able to fully immerse myself in the artwork of Journey.

- This game is incredibly amazing!

The graphic, the controls, the design … are well created with such perfection and simple very self explanatory. I played it to the end I almost cried… it absolutely doesn’t need vocal communication because it’s visual communication. The way the camera moves is to show how great the nature is. Can you imagine traveling through a place like that? I can tell that this game was created with hard work and deep imagination. I will recommend this game to my friends. If you gonna create another adventure like this please let me know. I want to be the first to get it. I want

- I can’t believe I get to play this again.

The first time I played this, it was 7 years ago. I usually never purchase games, but I HAD to buy this. For me, this is a game I can pick up and play anytime. It’s simple and so peaceful. I love the music, graphics and gameplay. So 5 stars for the nostalgia this gave me. 4 actual stars because every once in a while during this game I would get a large pink flickering blob on the top left hand corner of the screen for a moment before vanashing. This happened about three times.

- Disappointed

When I first saw this on Tik tok I down loaded this right away even if it had to cause me 4 dollars... I’m a huge Children Of The Sky fan, and I have been playing for five months now, when I found out this game was by thegamecompany I was really excited. But then it really disappointed me. First of all, it’s just a SKY in desert, the rules are basically the same, story line basically the same, but Journey actually have less than SKY Can’t fly really long, don’t have the option to jump, walk really slow. The monsters here functions the same as the black dragons in SKY, no outfits to change, both games dies in the end for SKY you live the next life for Journey you can start a new game but this one your dead dead. Took me two hrs to finish this game. And I think it’s suppose to be a multi player game? Didn’t see no body. Anyway. Exactly same idea as SKY but with less function and much more boring. Although the images are really stunning but I did regret to pay 4 dollars just to have fun for two hrs and die. Don’t pay for this, go play SKY, it’s really fun

- Review

I decided to give this game only three stars, mainly because of its beauty. The graphics, and storyline were amazing, and breathtaking at times, as well as the gameplay, however for a game, that is so short, and straightforward, I don’t think it is worth the five dollars it cost to buy. Something that could have made it better, could have been companions, that reacted based on the character, as well as a more solid mode of transportation, for example, the earth moving beneath the characters feet to propel them forward, it gets really frustrating, not being able to move very quickly.

- Wow

I played this game years ago and to this day it’s still my favorite game of all time. Thanks for all the hard work in bringing me this port for iOS- the only issue is a weird purple flash that appears randomly when objects/the character moves on screen. I was able to snag screenshots; running on iPhone XR. I messed around with the graphics in settings and setting to the highest quality seemed to help. Doesn’t make the game unplayable just not as enjoyable.

- Frustrating Controls Fixed

Thanks for listening. This game deserves five stars now. “Great game ruined by controls. The controls act like 2 joysticks which may work on a console but not on mobile. The left side should have a virtual joystick and the right side should have a virtual trackpad similar to the controls of another great game Sky: Children of the light. I hope That Game Company fixes this issue or give us an option to change the controls.”

- Great visuals, but I don’t understand

So, I’m a sucker for anything visual, so obviously I gravitated right torwards “Journey”. But, I don’t really understand what I am supposed to do. In sky, for example, there was a tutorial that introduced you to the game. But this is not the same with journey. I got the game, and automatically I was stuck. It would be nice to have hints or tips to help us out. And I noticed that you don’t have much agility in the game as well. It it so slow when you move around or walk. Again, great visuals and audio, but this game could REALLY use some more work in these areas.

- An excellent game and faithful to the original

This is a perfect remake of the one on the PS4 and ps3, and this is one of the best looking games I have ever seen on mobile devices it is amazing nothing changed and nothing added and it’s fun since it still has the feature where you can meet other travelers so this is a perfect game and faithful to the original and is game for new players and old players of journey

- It’s a great game but there are some problems

So far everything has been wonderfully done and it is such a beautiful game but there seems to be a purple glitch on the screen that would pop out of nowhere and it’s really hard to fully enjoy the game with the glitch popping in and out of the screen. I tried getting a hold of the app support but the website is just all very confusing. Hopefully the developers see this and help me enjoy this game especially when I payed for this.

- Great game! One thing though...

The music. It keeps glitching, going in and out. Sometimes I don’t hear anything. The game also freezes when the music glitches. Also, I wish it was a bit longer, and more difficult. I finished the game in about 2 hours. Regarding the level of difficulty, I wish more puzzles were added and the story was expanded a bit more.

- Wonderful game for older iPhone models

I absolutely love this game and while the camera can be touchy, overall I thought they transitioned over to the iPhone fairly well. I was playing on the original iPhone SE but I just bought the new iPhone SE 2020 and now I see a pixelated purple mess through the game. Can you please make the app compatible with newer iPhone models? This game is timeless and I would like to keep enjoying it in the future.

- No tutorial, vanishing trackpads

This game is pretty much unplayable because the trackpads to control movement and the camera disappear after about a minute. When this happens, my character will not move at all. Also, there is no tutorial for the controls or any sort of goal for the player, so I could not figure out what the trackpads do. I might be able to figure out the controls if the trackpads would only just stay there and not disappear after a minute. They should always be visible. Children of the Sky has a tutorial describing the controls and the trackpad is always visible in that game.


This game can be played in an hour or more... but just because you finish it doesn’t mean there isn’t more to explore. I bought this about 2 months ago and I still think about this game. It is adventure, wonder, excitement, fear, hope... all the emotions. The chirps from the ribbon pups are my favorite and flying with them is just the most exhilarating thing. Highly recommend this game.

- Wow!

I did not know what to expect going into this game. At first you don’t know what you are doing but there are clues along the way and a pattern develops that helps you navigate. But I will just say this, I have NEVER had a game bring me to tears, but this one did! It is a beautiful story wrapped up in unique game. I highly recommend it. I’m glad to see game makers doing something unique and uplifting😇

- It was good

Sometimes it would glitch and lag. But overall, I was happy with my purchase. It’s kinda the same as the game Sky. Very similar actually. But it was very good; it went kinda fast though so it’s not a forever adventure game. Once done with it, you repeat everything back over again and can’t pinpoint which chapter you’d like to go back on. It was worth the purchase to me though. Thanks.

- Developers please, Journey deserves better!

All who are familiar love the game. We don’t expect a PlayStation experience on iOS, however, this game deserves better! This version, update about 6mo ago, is painfully glitchy. Please work to get a more fluid experience. Again, I have nothing but LOVE for this game, but this is a game to be experienced, not played...and this “experience” is lackluster at best.


This game is an absolute delight. I was immediately sucked in to the beauty and surroundings. This really isn’t my type of game but I am so glad I took the chance and purchased it. I have no regrets. Totally worth it. The devs poured their hearts out into this creation and it really shows. Thank you for this amazing ride. I hope you can continue to produce more like this.

- An amazing experience

I truly never write reviews, but I just competed my first play through of Journey, and I have to say, it was an experience rarely found in the video game world. The art, playstyle, musical cues... it’s brief but wonderful. I escaped into another world in a pitch black room with headphones and a PS4 controller paired to my iPad. Just buy it, compete your own journey, and thank me later.

- Love the game but I have glitch issues

I’ve played this game since it first came out on ps3, I love it so much, I was extremely excited to download the app when it came out. Unfortunately I have glitch issues and when I pair with another player it lags and they disappear, hopefully this gets fixed.

- Beautiful game!

What a treat to play/watch this. Works really well on a 2018 iPad Pro. No problems with controls. Looks super on the big screen! For the amount of work that went into making this, I don’t mind the price. About the same as renting an iTunes movie and I’ll get to enjoy it more.

- Loved it!

I really love this game! It's so beautiful you keep coming back to play it again and again. I wish you could do more after you played it once though. Overall is a very solitary game. I'm not a gamer at all and was complelled to get it purely thanks to all the great reviews!

- I can’t even play the game

I know this game is great. The reviews this game had were overwhelmingly positive when it was first released. My game can’t seem to stay open at all. It just crashes every time I play it. I have the game on default settings. I also have an Iphone 7 if that helps. Could the devs please help me solve this or give me a refund. I’ll take anything at this point.

- Glitches when playing with another player

I could finally play this game after I upgraded my iPhone from 6 to 11pro. It’s rare to meet a fellow traveler while playing the game. And when I finally did meet them, there are many glitches so I couldn’t travel with them to the end of the journey. - Sometimes I couldn’t steer the screen. - The wind kept constantly blowing so I couldn’t move forward. - There was no wind at all. - Monsters don’t appear. - The carpets which are supposed to help you go up don’t show up.

- Wow...

I paid $5 for this game and it took me two hours to complete it. I was expecting WAY more gameplay. Yea, it was a beautiful game, but one life playing as one lady, I thought I was going to be able to play through different worlds. Sky: Children of the Light is free and has so many hours worth of gameplay. If I could ask for my money back I would, total waste of $5.

- Great but frustrating

Was almost at the end and then LOST MY SCARF so I could do nothing. I could not climb the long scarfs stuck in the ground to get up the rocky terrain then when I tried to come back to the snow place my scarf was TINY. Overall still a great game.

- Please fix.

Journey is a great game, I love it to the death. I’ve played it about 50 times on my iPad. Recently I got a new phone, and I was excited to play Journey on it. But whenever I play sometimes I see these weird purple flashing pixels. It ruins the experience. (I did check if it was my phone, it was the game) I really want to play this on the go. So please, PLEASE fix this.

- won’t load

i literally got the ipad pro for christmas and decided to get this game and i WILL NOT LOAD! it’s really frustrating because it looks like such a good game! i didn’t pay $2.99 for the “New Journey” screen to be on my ipad for infinity years, i bought it to play it! geez. looks like a fun game tho! i really love the “sky: children of light” game too!

- Great, but possible to add keyboard support?

I realize it’s been 5 months since an update so I don’t really expect keyboard support but it would be great with magic keyboard support if this is easy to implement. Maybe apple will give you a nice store placement for the trouble? :).

- Glitching problem

I love this game it’s super smoothing and relaxing to play with. The only problem is that the game start glitching every few sec since the second ep. on my iPhone XR which has been hurting my eyes a lot and stop me from playing. I hope this can be fixed soon so I can continue the game T T

- Great game, but.....

Journey is undeniably a masterpiece, but it was obviously NOT made for a portable device. It crashed so many times while I played that it came very close to completely ruining the experience for me. It also is not nearly as graphically impressive on a portable device. Just stick to the console version for this one.

- Its a 5 star game that won’t play correctly

This is an amazing game: I played it when it came out on the Playstation. It is fantastic! But even right now, with a controller on my iPhone 7 plus and a TV to mirror it- I cannot even stand up in the sand when I restart. Fix it please!!! Also, the levels just aren’t complete without othee people- please fix the system so we can encounter others. That is the real meaning of this game!

- Mixed emotions

Some parts were boring, some parts were amazing. Gave a lot for me to think about. In the end I ended up crying. Would appreciate a higher frame rate on newer devices.

- Fantastic game!

I loved Journey when it come out for the PS3. Now I am able to replay this simple and relaxing classic! Now that it has controller support, the only feature I wish would be in a future update is 16:9 external tv display from the iPad Pro with USB-C.

- Bug fixed, works perfect

I had mentioned a bug a couple weeks ago, and it’s totally fixed. Everything works perfect now! Amazing game!

- A Seminal Moment for Video Games

A thoroughly breathtaking experience that’s no less so now that it’s mobile. Everyone should experience this masterpiece at least once.

- Short and Disappointed

The game was overall good but disappointed. There wasn’t really a story line to it, it’s short, and not worth the money. Wish the game could’ve been longer and really wish there was more of a storyline instead of bits and pieces.

- Pink glitch

I played TheSkyGame first before Journey and I enjoy this game a lot. I’m also not very good at knowing how to contact the game developers. I have this pink and purple glitch like thing on my game screen every time I play. Even if I exit game and restart it. Is this an occurring thing for other players or just me?

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- Wonderful game, held back by awkward controls

This is a fantastic game. The visuals are breathtaking and the music score is very impressive. I can run it at 120 FPS on my iPad Pro... impressive! The thing that’s holding it back is the touch-screen controls. It can sometimes be awkward when rotating the camera. I believe adding controller support will fix this issue, or re-working the touch-screen controls.

- Sequel, hit me!

Journey defines the beauty of art and relies on stunning visual graphics topped off with insane depth and storyline; all displayed without one piece of dialogue. The story gets you immersed in the gameplay, and in certain spots, so connected to the story and your character that you feel worried, or accomplished or simply blown away. Some special chapters: Trying not to spoil here. 1) The end chapter This chapter touched me so much as my character finally achieved that goal, and as the credits were rolling I was heartbroken that the adventure was over. But there is no doubt I will play that game again. 2) The descent (I think that’s what it’s called?) Sliding down with all of the cloth creatures definitely felt so beautiful and touching, yet playful and fun. 3) The snowy mountain That chapter was a message of hardship, and at times had me frustrated losing some of my scarf, but it was so rewarding in the end to be brought back. Overall, Journey is an experience that you will never regret playing once, or 10 times. Every cent of the game was all worth it. I recommend this to everyone, no matter if you play it with headphones in a quiet room or on a bus ride, Journey is so touching and has so much meaning as you take the perspective of a hero soaring through the dunes. Cheers to the developers and best of wishes to all! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


I had played this game on PS4 before and now on my 12 inch 3rd gen Ipad Pro, and have to say - I can’t see any difference in how it plays! Now with the MFi controller support, its awesome to play with my Nimbus Steelseries controller- I did not feel like I was playing anything other than Playstation material. Perhaps the game may be choppy on other iphone or earlier devices - I don’t know - but definitely for the ipad it is like cutting through butter... hope you all enjoy playing this at least once in your life. Thank you for making this game portable on ios devices. Looking forward to more such amazing games.

- Just breathtaking

I remember playing this as a little kid and I never really appreciated the beauty of this game. Combining the music and the visuals, it’s just totally breathtaking. This is worth every penny- however I did find this game took me a day to finish😂 but I will definitely be playing it again and again. Sit back and just enjoy this piece of art. (Also had no problems with glitches, controls or bugs- totally a breeze)

- So much better than Sky

Journey is a short but beautiful game that doesn’t overstay its welcome unlike the grinding “sequel” of Sky. Supports iCloud and controllers, and you can even adjust the framerate and graphics by going to the Settings app and finding the game there. There are some improvements that can be added though: - An autorun option (like double-tap movement side of the screen to trigger it) - Game Center achievements (other versions of the game have achievements too) - Skippable cutscenes e.g. tap and hold screen during cutscenes to skip it Btw to the review below, the white robe is available on iOS. You have to collect all the symbols, finish a playthrough, and then go to the wardrobe in the Chapter Select stage.

- I want to play

I really want to play this game expect I can’t. I have an iPhone 6+ and the game won’t even download. I spent $8 on this game and it won’t even load. It looks really good but I just cannot play it! Is there anyway to make the storage not 1.1 GB? Please respond

- Purple flashing bug in game

Amazing game but no five stars until flashing purple bug is fixed, it’s really annoying and damaging to the eyes. Third level I have stopped playing until bug is fixed

- White robe not available on IOS

I would like white robe on journey so I can regenerate my scarf But Nooooooo white robe is available on ps4 ps3 PC except IOS BIG PROBLEM PLEASE ADD WHITE ROBE ON IOS

- Disappointed

Stuck in a wall slowly dying, there was a set of stairs leading to this spot

- IPhone XR

Purple flushing on the screen



- Disappointing

Impressive graphics Controls are sluggish but ok. Glitchy at times on iOS iPhone 8, 6, 7 I came to a compete standstill at the bottom of the waterfall and was unable to move in a dead zone (couldn’t move left, right, front or back). I could fly with very little energy left but was soon made powerless and fell back onto the dead zone over and over. For this reason a restart button to commence each level again is required. Not just the ability to close the game then go back to where they were that put them in a dead zone, for me, falling from the waterfall. Very disappointing because I had spent days working through the levels and was almost finished.

- You can change the controls

Many people have been complaining about the controls. It’s not as bad as they say it is. The many complaints put me off for awhile but when I got the game, the controls were fine and easy to use. If you are truly having a default time with the controls or don’t understand the original controls, you can customise them to better suit you or add a view extra features to help with your gaming experience.

- So Far, So Good...

Posted: 13-08-2019 Device: iPhone X Title: So Far, So Good... Rating: 4 Stars I’ve only played half an hour and that’s the only experience I’ve had, since downloading the game this morning. I’m not used to playing games like this, because there’s always a purpose - I usually miss things and can’t go back, which is when I stop playing. So far with this game, it doesn’t look like I need to travel/visit many places and probably won’t miss out or have to do much - because of this, I may actually complete the entire game. As for the controls, this is the exact type of controls that I’m used to (as in the same type that most games start off with). I changed the position but prefer the default. The ONLY thing I have a concern on/problem with is: understanding what a couple of the other control buttons do - I thought one was jump but it’s the button to make a symbol or call those flying things. The other button makes you fly a bit or jump high (after collecting those flying things). Is there an image/diagram (somewhere) that shows what the controls do and where they’re located on the screen.

- Good but needs some TLC for iOS

First off, I love Journey as a game on PS4. The game is brilliant. On iOS however the touch interface is lacking finesse. Camera control is appalling, both the automatics and the manual control. Movement works reasonably well though I found I was constantly hindered by the camera turning away from where I wanted to go. On my iPhone 8 the visuals have a distinct jaggedly look and there is noticeable lag at times. I think I would be content with the visuals if the game supported controller input. Eliminating the touch interface is a must imo.

- Blacked out of the game

I don’t have a PS4 but I have always wanted to play this! And when I saw it’s out on app, I was so excited to try it out. But since I got the app, it opens dark and blank then kicks me out. It’s very disappointing...

- Won’t open.

Sadly, however promising this game was, even with the latest version of IOS, it refuses to open on my iPad Air. The support team are unresponsive to any issues. I’d highly recommend reconsidering this purchase if you could be buying it on another compatible platform.

- Please fix the controls

I love this game and have played it over and over on my PS4 but the controls on the iPad, especially the camera movement are terrible. Please help as I love having it on my iPad but at the moment it is useless.

- Amazing

This game is phenomenal! I loved it so much, it is one of the best games I have ever played. Do play it is worth the money!❤️

- Ehhhh...

I have been trying to get into the game and it ceeps crashing. I don’t no how to fix it. It is also a bit expensive for a crashing. Can everyone please help me.

- Slow

Takes forever to load on an iPhone Xs. Apple don’t consider that worthy of a refund. Terrible service.

- iPad 12.9 3rd gen

Poor controls and light sources flicker constantly. Great game, but it needs patching.

- Game won’t work

Have the latest iOS update, game freezes at start on a black screen......useless

- Can’t open it

It looks like a good game but I can’t open it

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- Beautiful but has glitches

Enjoying the game a lot so far, but especially on the cut scenes I have these small screen glitches that appear for half a second randomly around the screen. They look like dead screen cells, black with a edging of blue. Definitely shouldn’t be happening on my brand new iPhone 11. Pls fix.

- Incredible!

What a creative game! Very intuitive, the sounds & music are phenomenal. I could not put it down! Absolutely must play.

- Legendary game

Issue with the flickering skybox still here. iPad Pro 2018 12.9 ipados13.3. Was flickering in pre beta versions of the OS as well.

- I would like a refund

I cannot find anywhere to contact support for this game. I paid the full price, I have an IPad mini, yet when I went to play it it said “device not supported”. So now I’ve spent about 10 dollars on a game I can’t even play!

- One issue

I love the game sm! But.....the sound doesn’t work 😔 Everyone’s saying how great the music is but I can’t even here it

- Not for ipad players

Gave up playing, after spending 30 min on jumping and not getting where I want. Maybe with joystick more controllable and worth it, but not with ipad. I am guessing it is a beautiful game, but if you can not move forward quickly it becomes boring.

- More

I love this game so much and the graphics are better than any app I’ve ever seen along with the amazing background music o absolutely love it. Although I do think you should make it longer as I downloaded it this morning after paying $7 only to finish the entire game 1 hour later. I would re play a million times but I just think you could make it longer so you could experience more from it

- Annoying light

There is this flickering blue and purple light that keeps appearing on screen and I see people talking about this issue in November. I’m surprised it’s still not fixed. Extremely disappointed. After just 30 minutes of gameplay i dropped the game. Its so annoying . I have an Xr

- A must play!

Everyone should experience this game at least once in their lives. My only problem with it is that I'm not meeting anyone in the game for some reason? I don't know why that is, but I'm always alone.

- Still a great game!

What needs work with this port: - Graphics are jagged and rough around the edges, can they be refined or smoothed? - Big battery drain, can there be light and heavy graphic mode if you just want a quick game on your phone? - Seems to be more lag/tearing when there are two players and it tries to zoom out to better show them both. - For my phone the music seems quite quiet compared to the sounds. A lot of the subtle tunes aren’t coming through clearly while all the chirps and clanks and bangs comes through very loudly. Can there be adjustment sliders to make it work better? - Vibration doesn’t seem to do anything on an iPhone 8? - I can’t faceplant anymore with these controls. :( - At first I thought the white cloak was keeping me from being matched with other players, but it seems some play throughs I just won’t get paired with anyone all the way through, even continuing the next day. Other times I’ll meet people every level. Is nobody playing or are matchups bugged? - Only I am listed as the people I played with along the way at end credits no matter how many people I played with. It will show their symbol. I was disappointed at the jagged edges to the graphics at first but I did get used to them. It’s great to be able to play Journey wherever I am! Provided I have a charging cable with me. The screen controls took some getting used to but it’s not too bad. It does make finer flying, navigation and narrow landings rough, as well as sticking close to another player to keep charged and flying together. What made me saddest is that I can’t faceplant in front of others anymore. Easily one of my favourite little things to do. No crashes for me so far other than my phone getting drained because I wasn’t checking the battery. It does feel lonely when not finding anyone to play with no matter how many times I connect. I guess more people are playing Sky?

- Stunning, poetic and fun.

It’s on of the most beautiful game I ever came across. A great portage from the playstation, the game did’nt lost its atmospheric beauty. It’s defenetly worth the price. Just be sure that your device is compatible ;)

- Sound issues with IPad Pro

Sound only works with earphones, completely silent when on iPad speakers. Yes, the volume is way up and I re-installed the game and checked settings too. This seems to be an issue with an iPhone as well.

- Refund

I know it’s probably a good game, but if I open it, all it shows is device unsupported on a black screen. Would’ve been nice to know that before I spent money on it, so I’d like it back please.

- Amazing

This game is a work of art. Use a game controller if you have one.


This is one of the most beautiful game experiences you’ll ever have. Immersive storyline, gorgeous soundtrack and silk smooth graphics. It’s a short game but you’re not left unfulfilled when it’s over. As a matter of fact it’s SO good, you’ll even watch through the entire credits after you finish. Five glowing stars!

- Wonderful port!

Journey is easily one of my favorite games, with it’s beautiful scenery and music, paired with simple gameplay to make the story as enjoyable as possible. As the port was released recently, there are a few bugs to fix and tweaks to be made. The port could use “smoother” graphics, or anti-aliasing as the edges are very sharp everywhere. Also, keep a charger nearby because this game will drain the life out of your phone rather fast. Basically, the game still needs some optimization. My only complaint is that there doesn’t seem to be a “continue” option, and so far I haven’t had time to complete a playthrough and it’s a bit frustrating to have to restart every time. Still, beautiful game nonetheless!!

- So glad it’s now on iOS!

Originally played this on PS3 and still the only game to date that made me tear up from the sheer beauty of it. Ps. Would love to have this on tvOS as well!

- Needs controller support

Pretty game but touchscreen-only controls is cruel when the original game was designed for controllers. Please add game controller support, the touch controls are annoying and too sensitive.

- Graphics

Game has horrible AA, even when I set the game to the highest graphical settings through settings. Playing on a iPad Pro 3 gen 12.9 inch.

- Can’t play

It doesn’t work on this device but it should

- Me encanto

Tu: valio la pena? Yo: cada puto centavo! 😭 Ps. Es un juego de aventura y enigma ... Si ya jugaron zelda este es en el mismo estilo ... El soundtrack es como el de una peli... Es triste que sea corto ... Termine de jugarlo despues de 2 noches...( Me desvele un poco )

- doesn’t work at all

i can’t get on😫

- Awesome but has bugs

I played this online and finished the game with with somebody and when I got to the end of the credits, it said my own Game Center tag as the person I met along the way... My tag is pretty specific so I don’t think it was a coincidence.

- So beautiful...

This game has such beautiful graphics and the story is great and it always makes me cry. Seven stars to thatgamecompany!

- Beautiful

first time playing so I don’t know what it was like on a console but I personally have no issues with using the touch control. Would perhaps be better with a walk and run toggle like the 90’s rpg games Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross had. Can be useful when you don’t want to run by accident. Beauty is appreciated better when you take the time to take it in. Also easier to avoid running into view of an enemy. Over all no issues as the enemies can’t really hurt you anyway and if you use a light touch walking is easily achieved. Also all games should be like this. Family genre gives the impression it’s only for kids. Gaming culture has become too violent and competitive. This effect is being seen across all cultures and games were made to educate and escape reality not make a competition with bullies over who has the most power. We should all know this fight goes in circles for ever and escalates with each cycle.

- Amazing but buggy

Please fix the freezes and the crashes. It kinda breaks the wonderful experience you’ve built.

- Won’t Load On iPad Mini 3 running OS 12.3.1 or 12.4.1

Just downloaded this but it won’t launch. When trying to launch it goes to a blank screen for a few seconds and then the screen disappears and I’m at the iOS desktop. If I try to switch back to the Journey app the screen turns white and then black again and disappears again. Tried turning Game Center on/off and relaunch each time but no dice. Would like a refund please. Thanks,

- Journey crashes on iPad mini 2

please fix this bug. i want to play the game

- Can’t even play

Bought this but it won’t even start without crashing repeatedly! 😞 Refund please

- 😡😤😫

I was really excited to play this game but was extremely disappointed when I couldn’t even get 5 seconds into the app! I tried everything, shutting down my iPod, updating it, deleting it then downloading it again! Nothing works! Please tell me or fix this problem!!

- Love this game but...

I keep getting a black screen... and then it kicks me out. It said it was compatible with my iPad, so I hope maybe this can be fixed? I was very excited to play, so I do hope something can be done about this issue soon! :(

- Wonderful game but uses a lot of CPU

The game is beautiful to look at & the soundtrack magnificent. Runs smoothly for a while but then gets quite choppy (music & graphics). My iPad (6th gen) gets quite hot after about 30 minutes of gameplay...solution at the moment is to close then reopen. Multiplayer works well & I was even able to meet my son in the game. I find the controls a little awkward but my son who has played it on PS4 had no problem adjusting. Hopefully the developers will provide updates for longer & smoother play.

- Crashes

The game crash few second after I launch the game.

- Beautiful but hard to control

Lve the mechanics and visuals, but difficult to control with the virtual joystick thingy

- Game crash on iPhone 6

I have tried to reset, uninstall-reinstall-reset again... still crashing. I will ask a refund. 😞

- Crashes instantly on ipad mini 2

I can’t bring myself to give a bad rating to the game because I play Sky and I’m certain that I would love this game. Unfortunately the game doesn’t start on my device (ipad mini 2). The screen turns black and sometimes there will be a Game Center notification (welcoming me back) and then the game crashes. I’m not sure if the game is meant to be playable on ipad mini, but Apple said that my device was compatible, so I decided to buy it. It might be worth mentioning in the app description which devices are incompatible. I’m going to refund as soon as I can and buy the game on PC instead.

- Crashes on launch

Game crashes a few seconds after launch on iPhone 6 with iOS 12.4. App Store says it is compatible with my phone.

- |

g r e a t .

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- i love this game!

this game is amazing but i have had a few problems which take away from the experience. the first one is random flashes of purple (which i haven’t been able to attach in a screenshot unfortunately) that are very distracting and annoying. the second one has only happened once but the flying carpet thing got stuck and the only reason i was able to continue was because there was another player there so we could recharge. and the last one is that i’ve only encountered another player once, and playing with others is what i loved about sky, which is why i bought this game. i think it would really add to the experience if there was some way to encounter more players throughout the game. other than that, this game is amazing and i highly recommend!

- Short

I loved playing it, but I finished it within the first hour of purchasing. I wish it was longer, not really worth the money. There are also lots of pixels in certain scenes.

- Lovely!

Barring the graphical differences the game is still really beautiful!! I love the gameplay and music, its so serene. The only issue ive come across is very occasional freezing, also ive yet to come across another player which is pretty odd.

- Don’t get me wrong...

It’s awesome, but I paid $5 for this game and finished in under three hours🤦🏻‍♀️. They should make it to where you can get your money back if you finish it, that would be a great incentive. Definitely not paying the money for the ps4 version

- Get this for your phone.

Loved this game. Glad I’m able to play this on my phone. Definitely worth the purchase.

- Purple flashes in iPad mini 5

The game is good. But very short. I found some bugs where the character was stuck also. (I had to restart the level)

- Glitches

I was really looking forward to playing this game. It is beautiful is so many ways. However as others have said, purple flashes keep appearing repeatedly, which is very distracting. Is there a way to fix this issue?

- Beautiful game

It’s beautifully made but I definitely would not have spent $5 on the game if I knew it would take me 3 hours to finish it.

- Excellence in gaming

This is a true achievement. Stunning visuals and amazing score. Highly recommend using AirPlay to project to a large screen and big sound system.

- Temple isn’t working

The temple level won’t let you reach the top. The red flags are missing on the platforms

- beautiful but requires 2 hands

I love Sky, Children of Light so I wanted to try another TGC game. I cannot fly in this game tho. The controls require two handed controls. One side moves, the other side flies. Having had a stroke I cannot manipulate the controls well enough. It’s sad to walk in a flying game. Sky is much better and free.

- Very disappointing and sloppy made game

In the past, I played sky: children of light and it was AMAZING so when I saw this game, I thought I would like it so I spent 2 dollars on it and played it. It was NOT worth even 2 dollars. The graphics are terrible, the storyline is stupid and camera controls don’t work right. I still like The companies games but I was very dissatisfied NOT WORTH THE MONEY DO NOT GET IT.

- Doesn’t work with iphone 6

My iphone 6 is updated and has plenty of space to play this game, and the description clearly says “works with this iphone” yet I purchased the game only for it to immediately say “Unsupported Device” upon clicking it. Hopefully I can reverse this purchase somehow. I hope this will be fixed one day.

- Soooo Short!

I really enjoyed this game! The pictures, story, everything was absolutely gorgeous. But If I could go back in time, I still wouldn’t get this game. The thing is, five dollars is a lot! A lot for a game that I finished in one day! ONE! If you could add more to this game, that would be a lot better.

- Temple level is not working

This is a beautiful game that I was enjoying. Unfortunately, as others have mentioned, the temple level is not working properly. There are only flags on the first platform so I am not able to get up high enough to get the second mural. Same thing when I tried on my iPhone XS as well as iPad.

- glitches and has rough graphics

i love sky so much i decided to invest in this; i am really sad by how terrible it is. a purple screen glitch haunts the game the entire time, the graphics are rough enough that you see pixilated outlines of things, and the controls are hard too. i ddint even realize it was multiplayer until i read another review complaining about how lonely it is, which is true. you never see another player, and its just awful to try and play while the thing glitches itself to breaking. the purple glitch oftentimes clouds the player too, or any movement.

- Beautiful

Im so sad to see that The game is glitching for so many people because it was amazing from beginning to end the music was amazing

- Fantastic

Beautiful graphics, serene gameplay, sublime experience. Period! Better than the original PS3 version.

- No controller support? Really?

Incredibly disappointing to not have any controller support on this port. You’re stuck on your mobile screen with controls which I can only describe as vague at best, on a game whose entire purpose is to feel the expansiveness of the world. What a shame they ruined it through a lack of proper support.

- Broken port

I've played this game multiple times on ps3/4 and it's a fantastic game. But this port is broken. On the tower level all the cloth objects fly off through the outer wall, making it impossible to reach the second mural and raise the "water" level. I was hoping this would be fixed in the update but no luck. XS on 13.1

- Unplayable due to glitches.

Ideally would want my money back for this game. Bought to play alongside a pal, but frequent and consistent glitches made completion of the game impossible. Very disappointed.

- Not supported

I’ve been looking forward to playing this game because I love Sky: Children of Light. When I downloaded and opened the app, it says “unsupported device”. But I have an iPhone 6s Plus which is listed in the supported devices. How do I get a refund please??? I don’t want to pay for an app that I can’t use.

- Incredible

This game is a work of art. Incredible graphics, sound and game play design. What an amazing journey. Please consider supporting tvOS with a controller 🙏

- Love this game

Love this game; highly recommend. Thanks to the developers for adding controller support so I can play with a PS4 controller in iOS 13 :) !

- Latency

Wonderful story line and music. Sometimes there is some latency in the graphics, and I have a 2018 iPad Pro...

- Great but it’s always freezing

Not going to lie. I love this game! The graphics and the way on how it is it’s phenomenal. What’s upsetting is that it keeps freezing on me and it takes away on how the “journey” goes.

- Beautiful game

I just played the game and it was really relaxing but also fun at the same time.

- Tough to control.

Character flight is very tough to control causing much frustration. Wish they had used the accelerometers for this instead. Probably won’t play much more. Shame, graphics are good.

- A Historic Masterpiece.

This game will go down as one of the most magical experiences anyone could witness. It could only be topped by SKY, the followup.

- Eh

I do love TGC but this game wasn’t really as good as I thought. Kinda got bored at the start and was confused on how to navigate. I should’ve spent my money on the new season pass preorder in Sky: Children of Light, oh well.

- Too short

Yes, the graphics are amazing and I loved the storyline but as most other people said, I would have liked more content for a $5 game.

- No sound

Can’t get sound to play...

- It’s really buggy

When I’m playing it bugs out like the screen runs purple in some spots and I no it’s not my phone cuz I Reyes other games and it didn’t do that Can u fix that?? I really like the game

- Short game but pretty to look at.

A glitch caused me to have to redownload and replay. Also, way too short for a paid game.

- Doesn’t work!

Don’t waste your money. This app does not work and when you request a refund, you’re told that all purchases are non refundable. Purchase other- never here! Mind you, I patiently send emails and contacted all the numerous entities, but to no avail

- Short but good demo

It’s pretty short, like a demo, but good. Flying reminds me a little bit of Spider-Man games

- Weird Bug.

I recently downloaded this game, and there are these purple spots that randomly flash for no apparent reason. Apparently this only happens to iPhone XR users.

- Amazing

First time reviewing any game on here and that says a lot. Was beautiful, immersive, relaxing. Loved it.

- Keeps Crashing

This game worked two days ago, now I can’t get it to start. I try to open it, and it crashes. My screen goes black and then goes to home screen. How can I get my money back?

- Screen Glitches

I have some screen glitches when I play this game. But the game is very beautiful nonetheless.

- Errors

Please fix the game. The background music is messed up. FPS drops when connecting to Wifi.

- Fun game but glitches too much

I have an iPhone XR and my screen will often flash purple while playing.

- Junk!

I just bought this game on a 6th gen iPad and it won’t even start. It just shows the developer credits and then crashes. What a rip-off! Do not buy!.. and give me my money back!!

- Freezes constantly

I am unable to progress in this game due to it constantly freezing and then I have to restart. I'm on new iPad. I would like my money back thank you.

- Wow!

Great game play and i completed the game and am going back for more!!!!

- Don’t play in iOS

Amazing game but the controls for touch screen just aren’t good. Do yourself a favor and play it on a PC or console. The difference is night and day.

- Will not open

Downloaded app to my 6th generation iPad (running 13.1.3) and it will not open. I have deleted and reinstalled but did not help. Went to Annapurna site, went to thatgamecompany site, but no way to get support. Help?

- Bad Port

While the original PS3 version is great. The iOS port is very buggy. There is a terrible pink/purple texture bug 70% of the game. I really wanted to enjoy this game on my mobile device but that particular bug made it unplayable for me.

- Purple Lights

Flashing purple lights while playing. Thought it was part of the game. Then I started looking through the reviews and saw other people having the same problem.

- Bummer.

Maybe it’s because I played Sky first, but this is not at all as good as I wanted it to be. Terrible controls, kind of boring. 😕 I feel crabby I spent five bucks on it.

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To the talented people out there. A very high level road map and choices to make amid the journey. . For more info stay in touch -IISC KNIT @iiscknit And if you have any extraordinarily idea... let's talk for good 😇 #startups #startup #business


the whole world saw how much you fought and worked hard to achieve your dreams. amid so many talented kids, you made it, and we will always be here to support you, because we will be together on this long journey. @ENHYPEN_members #OurENHYPEN


@REMNTM Get started. Keep going. Improve and learn. Grow into your future self. Have fun and enjoy the journey!


Quarterfinals! We start our quarterfinal series against @JYP_Esports tonight with 3 games. In last #FCL our journey ended at this point. This year it will not! Stream📺 #BirdIsTheWord #NHLGamer #eSM #esportsfi

ellen PJO live series

the PRIDE i feel for this fictional character and his fictional journey is unparalleled LOOK AT THAT MF-ING CHECK!!!! he lost a TOOTH

rope twirling pony patter

@sdequus I've been getting into Warwick Schiller's Journey On podcast lately and it's super awesome. I also like Noble Blood because I love history.

Michael Brenner

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i did saw some comments saying that deobis are one of the sweet fandom so lets keep that title. anyways, everyone have worked hard for the first week so congratulate yourself! but dont forget we still have long way to go. lets continue this journey together! @WE_THE_BOYZ #THEBOYZ


Starting my workout journey again today 😅 Lord please give me the motivation & strength to stick to it and achieve the results i so badly want! 🙏🏽

ShayShay 🧜🏾‍♀️

I’m starting my little spiritual journey today fr like I need better thoughts and better vibes 😩


aight! 2nd day in stan twitter i have to defend byul against ignorant antis. guess there is a long stressful journey to go but i am willing to defend these queens ♡ ~ahappytoservemoomoo


@Journey_On1 from what i’ve seen, yes. being cleaned in between every party, though.


This is going to be a journey & a task but I’m all for it 🤞🏽🙏🏽

Pamela Williams

@mrjaxtaylor @BNCartwright Jax I am a huge fan of yours and Brittany's. Im over the moon excited for you! I am sure your Dad is extremely proud of you and of your transformation. I believe that he met your son in spirit and will guide him throughout life. Best wishes on your new journey as a father!


#Tales Of Wind# Embark on your journey and join adventures together with your friends!

Journey 1.0.3 Screenshots & Images

Journey iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Journey iphone images
Journey iphone images
Journey iphone images
Journey iphone images
Journey iphone images
Journey ipad images
Journey ipad images
Journey ipad images
Journey ipad images
Journey ipad images
Journey Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Journey Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Journey (Version 1.0.3) Install & Download

The applications Journey was published in the category Games on 2019-08-19 and was developed by Annapurna Interactive [Developer ID: 1242610251]. This application file size is 1.07 GB. Journey - Games posted on 2020-07-15 current version is 1.0.3 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: AP-Journey

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