Rescue Wings!

Rescue Wings! [Games] App Description & Overview

Scruffy the dog has taken up the firefighters’ call! Take a nostalgic trip through the beautiful great outdoors as you cruise through the sky in this thrilling forest rescue. Fill your water tank to the brim by diving into lakes and tackle deadly forest fires as you duck, weave, and soar through narrow caves and endless skies!

Be a hero! Save the forest!

Rescue Wings lets you take to the skies with planes ranging from cool to crazy: Rocket fueled jets, stealth bombers, UFOs, and even a propeller toting avocado!


SAVE THE FOREST: Fly Scruffy as far as you can without crashing or missing a fire - the further you fly the greater the reward!

EARN YOUR WINGS: Level up Scruffy to unlock over 16 unique and wonderful planes!

BRILLIANT BOOSTS: Power up your loadout with 6 different boosts to aid your mission!

TEST YOUR SKILLS: Unlock over 15 levels and be the best! 3 star them all to unlock the fiendishly difficult time trials!


The "Fire Chief" is a 1 week Auto renewable subscription offering unlimited fuel to play.

• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable

Rescue Wings uses various third party services to support your gaming experience, ranging from advertising to customer support. In order for these components to function correctly, they require permission to access external storage. PlayStack and Little Chicken respects your privacy and will never access, make use of, or share your personal data.

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Bug fixes.

Rescue Wings! Comments & Reviews

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- This is a really good game!!

This is a really good game, not gonna lie. I really like how it’s a fire fighter theme, especially during 4th of July, hint, “FIRE” works. Anyway, there is one thing, in the competitive mode, right when u reach the last rank in the season,(or when ur close to the last rank), it kinda gets easy. I mean, the maps are supposed to be hard, but it’s kinda easy to win because the people I go up against go right for the first watering hole. And those maps have more than 3 fires. But however, the water holes are really hard to get one bomb or water because it’s so low to the ground. But, u can go around it and still get some fires,(1 or 2). And the other player for some reason still goes for the first watering hole and dies instantly. Then I win. So, what I’m saying here is just add some more maps to competitive. I know this is a new game so no rush, just have some ideas into the game. Btw, u guys are doing awesome. The daily challenges are legit, everything is legit. As I know of anyway. But, if ur getting reviews that the game is lagging, it’s not the game, it’s ur WiFi. Just say that to them every time u get one of those reviews, it’s what the haters deserve from such a new game. Well; anyway. Over all, this game is legit, could add a few things not gonna lie, but u don’t gotta worry about that right now. Just focus on more updates u prob planned on doin, thanks for this amazing game, it’s a great game for boredom. Thanks again, and goodbye???

- Things to work on

This game is no doubt a great game, but there are definitely a few things that could be worked on. For instance, competitive should not cost half of your fuel supply, because then we are just forced to watch another add to get more fuel. Even though the ads that randomly pop up are skippable most of the time, the ones that get you rewards are not. The game should also be made so more progression in possible. You should for sure be able to make your money back in levels, and if you get gold in all of them you make a profit, because as the game is now, it is incredibly difficult to make coins without purchasing them. Also, in adventure, someone should not be able to travel 2000m and get like 50 coins. You would be better off watching an advertisement for 50 coins than doing a really challenging course, for less then if not just as much as the advertisement. You need to either raise the profit of the game, or lower the price of the planes. Finally, there should be a game mode where you go up against people real time, as it would be much more entertaining than at the begging of the level seeing that their best was a crash, so all you have to do is get 0/5 fires and you win. Finally there needs to be a high risk high reward game mode, so players that are good and want to progress fast should be able to.

- Great game but a few suggestions

So great game but one thing, on level 18 it’s hard and that’s because the bodies of water are narrow and if you try to fill the water bombs too low on the river/lake you crash and keep doing it over and over again. So then you use up all your fuel and have to watch an ad. Also on the first fire on level 18 is hard to reach because of a big floating rock. That to me doesn’t make ANY SENSE AT ALL. And I think that you should not have limited fuel in the first place if you go back up. Also a small suggestion that could make the game more enjoyable and fun I think that you could put enemies in there so you could like shoot them with water guns and they could be made of fire. I hope you take one (or all?) of my suggestions and I only think they would make the game better and more fun. Thanks for reading my review and try to take some of my suggestions.

- Great game, except for the ads and max fuel

This is a great game, new idea and fun gameplay. I honestly don’t even mind having to watch ads every now and then. The major issue I’ve seen is when I have to watch an ad - for example when trying to land at a checkpoint in adventure mode - it plays the ad then just sits there loading. Nothing ever loads. I have to close my game and restart. This leads to a waste of time trying to watch the ad, and the results from that adventure run aren’t saved (but the fuel used is lost). Other than that it’s a really fun game, just wish having to watch the ads didn’t break it. Also, there needs to be a way to upgrade your max fuel above 30. If you’re going to require us to spend fuel for every time we play, it can’t be stuck at 30. I know it regenerates quickly but i don’t want to play for 15 minutes, be out of fuel, then have to come back in an hour. And I’m not paying for the extra fuel. And can’t watch ads to get more fuel, as stated above.

- Great game. But they don’t want you to win

It’s a great game. A lot of fun and challenging. Great theme fun unlockables and customization options. Really well done. Very addicting. The PVP competitions are the most fun and the most challenging. But they don’t want you to win. They punish you WAY more for loosing a match than they reward you for winning. It makes climbing rank nearly impossible. But people are able to do it so it’s not totally impossible lol. People that have either played a VERY long time or payed a LOT of money. I also think the higher tier planes are way too expensive vs how much money you make playing. But that of course because it’s a pay to win game and they want you to have to buy gold. I also noticed in competitive planes with significantly lower air speed stats fly much faster than they should sometimes but I’d imagine that’s some kinda hack or something. But none of that is a deal breaker for me. All in all it’s a great game I enjoy playing it.

- New mode!

This game is truly amazing, but I want a new mode which you can just fly around and put out fires if you want! Also I want a mode which you can just race! Some planes and skin are too expensive! And I want fun events where you can race and get rewards! And you can do fun stuff like drop fruits in mixer and deliver food to people houses! And you can build levels in different place like the North Pole! Also you could deliver presents in x-mas and the people you deliver to could get rewards! And when you get your own parts you coustimize your own plane and you could see how fast you can go! Can you respond delevoper!

- Greedy but good

Great game. In fact if it wasn’t for the devs greed... I would expect this game to be #1. But after every level. EVERY level you are forced to watch an ad. The dev gets paid every time you watch an ad. So they are making money on that end. Which would be fine. If they didn’t act so stingy with the fuel. You get 30 gas cans. But if u enter 1 competitive level it takes 10 units of fuel. It’s overkill and just plain greedy on their part. So if you want to play this game more than at tiny intervals you will have to pay for fuel. It’s a shame when the devs greed overshadows a good game. They didn’t make this game to be enjoyed and played. They made it to force you to spend money. Could’ve been a great game. But somebody’s greed got the best of them and instead they made an app to watch ads and play a game in between the absurd amount of ads.

- Okay

Game is a lot of fun but the bottleneck of when it becomes necessary to pay to play is pretty immediate. Normally you can grind levels out to gather enough resources to move to the next level, but with this one the speed of the 3 starter planes makes it extremely hard to get gold medals for times runs. As far as i can tell that seems to be the only reliable way to gather gold coins, which is used to purchase ships. Normally I don’t mind dropping a few bucks on a game, but the money grab with this one was so immediate that I worry purchasing enough gold to unlock the next plane will result in perpetually purchasing gold to continually unlock planes as earning gold isn’t feasible. Gameplay is great. Gonna uninstall for now and check back in 6 months or so. Maybe they’ll patch it to make it less purchase focused.

- Amazing game! Ideas? Where next?

The game is amazing. Perfectly made with a well thought out concept. Competitive races and time trials make for exciting play. Although I think that 2 things should be added to take this game to the next level. 1 is more levels which eventually is an obvious but will make the game better for people who have completed the already made stages. 2 and most importantly!!! Something to allow players to make friends or teams, allowing the players to race each other, check each others stats and talk. These are some things that would make the game even more incredible for me. please consider. But amazing game one of my favorites at the moment.

- Go get em Scruffy!!

Rescue Wings is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. The gameplay is simple and easy to learn but impossible to master, making for a game that’s as challenging as it is addictive. Multiple game modes, unlockable levels and planes, and global leaderboards offer a lot of different takes on the simple gameplay adding tons of things to and lots of reasons to hone your skill. Last but not least, the graphics are great and Scruffy, our hero, is quite a funny little guy. Seeing him bail out is always good for a chuckle.

- Repetitive and confusing controls

I really wanted to like this game. The graphics are superb and the initial levels are passable. Then as the levels progress your plane becomes to glitchy to get through without crashing multiple times. To upgrade you need 250 coins and you win maybe 10 to 25 for each level. To move along any quicker money is an obvious need. I refuse to spend cash on games such as these. The other issue is with the way the controls are set up. You need to maneuver the plane up, down, accelerate, fill your water bombs while diving, and drop the bombs while remaining high enough over the fires. This is quite cumbersome to control on an iPad. Maybe with time the money grabbing and controls will improve. For now, I am deleting the game.

- Game has potential BUT.........

Interesting game with some good game dynamics. But at the end if the day the pay to play is flawed. The first give away is a $7.49/week subscription. You talking $30 a month for a game that really has no depth. If this was maybe some online adventure that could possibly warrant a price like that. Awards earned per level are too small. You would never accomplish anything in the game because you will eventually hit a wall, only way to advance is to pay more money. The developer needs to rethink this model. The other snag is there’s no cloud game save unless you use Facebook, sorry BUT NO THANK YOU!!!!!! Maybe if there’s an update I might revisit this game. But it gives me an idea to start coding and coming up with my own version.

- Very good game...but one thing. Want you to add.

I think this is very good, the graphics are on point, controls are smooth, and lots of levels but I would like to see something put in the game... Have like a special where on endless or levels where if you get enough fires out you can spray water for 5 seconds then the power-up goes out..besides that it’s a very good game and I can’t wait for the updates in the future!???

- Pretty good except for the new update

I really liked this game it was a very good very fun game that always provides an idle challenge that was very relaxing. The only complaint I had before the update was that you needed fuel for everything plus the planes were really expensive and super hard to upgrade not only that plus there are some really narrow water spots that are almost impossible to get water from and there were some ads that I didn’t like. Now you have to watch an ad after every finished mission and the layout is bad plus it kept freezing on me when I tried to play this added to all the other reasons is why this is not a 5 star otherwise I would.

- 5 stars

This game is great and addicting and i recommend that you download it although the controls are kind of difficult. A slide button would be nice that you could change in settings. I read a lot of the reviews about how the fuel is dumb but when you run out you can just watch an ad to refill. Sometimes the ad will not work but it is still a great game and deserves 5 stars.

- Dying

When touch the ground you die, when touch the ground without accelerating and you touch the ground with your landing gears you die why is that? You should land on the ground and not blow up. You should be able to land anywhere but to land on water you need a specific plane to do so. When you hit the ground without having your landing gears touch the ground you should loose a heart or something and you have smoke come from your plane and you move a little slower. You have 3 hearts in total and when you run out you fly to the ground a blow up. I think that’s a better mechanic to your dying system.

- Awesome, but one thing.........

This game is cool and great. But there is only 30 fuel and every time you run out of fuel, you have to watch a boring add to refill the fuel to keep on playing this game, also you have to watch an ad for the extra life if you want to on the adventure one. But I’d rather just redo it. But overall, this game is cool and I recommend it for kids 4+.I rate this game 4.9/5.0

- Fun game, but can’t play for long

This is a fun game, however, I really hate the “fuel” system in the game. I can play like 1-2 levels getting all of the fires out before I have to wait for more fuel (I can maybe play like 5 minutes or so before having to wait). And you have to wait well over an hour. It makes it difficult to really get into the game, unless you want to pay money for a game I have gotten like 4 levels into. Not going to happen. The graphics are good, however. If they removed the fuel thing, I think this would be a really fun game.

- Why is there fuel

I don’t like that there is fuel that u have to use to play any game mode. People have said there are a lot of ads I don’t know why but I have been playing for a couple hours and only one ad so far. If a developer sees this please please please make the game perfect by getting rid of fuel people should be able to play when they want to and not have to wait for fuel to load so that they can play.

- I ain’t subscribing tho

It’s a really cool game. Don’t like the fuel idea but the rest of the game is near perfect. I also think that you should be able to fly backwards if you go upside down but other than that it’s pretty cool. Stop asking me to subscribe every time I open the app ? it ain’t worth it

- Too many adds

Many problems are listed, however my biggest is the ads after every level. It definitely shows the pay to play in order to get rid of them, overall it is almost impossible to progress in the game with watching an ad every time you pass or even fail, exit and retry. Also, the only way to really have no ads after playing something here is by playing adventure. The problem with the main levels besides the ads is the fact you get no gold for doing them. Overall I’m dissapointed.

- Confused why people rate it so high

Tons of issues with game , competitive mode is not balanced at all , like why do people keep rating this game 5 star ? Ok I guess from a solo standpoint it’s ok , but when you get a daily mission to win competitive and legit every match play against someone who has the last plane , just don’t understand why people are so dumb they keep giving this game a high rating . Like why don’t they just make it so when you chose your plane in competitive it’s locked for all 3 runs and it’s based upon what tier the plane is , not “ranking score” such a dumb system and a dumb game

- Great game, except for the fuel concept

I love grins game but when it comes to trying to play it, it’s almost impossible. Many other games include this concept, but having to wait a long time to get 30 fuel, the. Only being able to play competitive 3 times isn’t worth the wait. It takes too long to get fuel and it costs too much fuel to play. 3/5

- New update sucked the fun out of game

Your new update has sucked the fun out of this game. You have made it $$ forward and have eliminated playing for fun and free. I have spent money with your app and this new update will make me not spend anymore. Coins are impossible to earn now, so being able to upgrade planes will cost a lot of cash. You can no longer watch an ad to gain fuel back. Now it will cost a ridiculous amount of coins. So now I am limited to how long I can play, eliminating me from spending money. Sorry but it sucked the fun of this game.

- To short intervals

You need to give the player more time to get used to the controls. One fire per round isn’t enough, and on top of that , you put ads in between, right away. Lost my interest right away. People today don’t have patience for these kinds of things. You’re interrupting the stimulation to soon. You’re delaying the next round of stimulation , with ads. Not good for first timer who will, like myself, delete the app.

- Almost perfect

This game truley shines apon others when it comes to entertainment. But the only problem is the fact that the game feels just a little bit repetative. If the devs could add some more sub worlds to the main levels, then we have ourselves a perfect game

- Really good game

This is one of the best games I've played on but, you guys made us to watch an ad every single time that we pass a level or when we go to a new place in adventure but other from that this is a really good game!

- Good but one thing

This game is awesome but one thing you should have a easier button that is like you hold forward and you go forward and you hold Down and you go down but other than that this game is awesome and I am not triying to make a stupid complaint but srry If i waste you’re time with this

- I don’t like the idea of going underwater to fuel up the water bombs

See, I wanna get a little realism. I don’t get why the planes go under the water to get fuel for the water bombs, since the plane would just get soaked and wouldn’t work if it was underwater. Though it is a great game!

- Great game!

So.. I’m new to this game and the controls are a bit hard but I’ve adjusted. But there’s some problems too. Maybe give an option to watch the ads after every match say maybe double your coins if you watch the ad? Anyways this is a really good game. Congratulations!

- Ruined by ads

Great game (5-stars!) but the last update made it where you HAVE to watch ads in the middle of playing. I watched them all the time when they were optional for boosts and chests. Of course, you waited until this game was highly rated to sucker in more unsuspecting people. Now I can’t play long enough to watch very many ads because I close this game in frustration. I don’t like to condone this practice and neither should other people.

- Gas system

Its a fun game! I just wish I could play more at a time. When you run out of gas, you’re out for an hour at a time. And gas goes by in about 10 minutes because its either 3 games of competitive or 10 games of normal levels before you’re out. That to me just isn’t worth it. I uninstalled for now, maybe Ill return to the game if they: 1) make a new gas system 2) allow game modes that are free to grind 3) or just remove the gas system in general.

- Stupid subscriptions again

The fact the trend of subscriptions is still a thing tells me people actually pay for it. $7.50 PER WEEK is ridiculous. That’s over $30 per month. Insane. What happened to just pay for what you need when you need it without the need to ask for $7.50 a week.

- Good game but too many ads

Look I’m not one to usually complain about ads, but when you have one after every single level I start to get a bit irritated. I get that ads is a big source of income for the developers, but I wish they would cut down a bit on it. Other then that it’s an good game to play.

- Well made game

I didn’t expect that this game would be fun. But it was. It has levels and a adventure mode. It is a game you can keep for a while and progress in and not get boring. Overall a well made game

- Crash - ad - crash - ad - crash...

I really enjoyed this game... for about 20min. Every time you crash, you have to watch an ad to continue - which sometimes can be 2 seconds after taking off! After watching the same ad for the 5th time in 3min without progressing in the game... I gave up. Great idea, poor delivery.

- My opinion

The game is good it’s sweet and great it’s hard to it put a smile on my face ? so if u think. This game is not fun that’s ur opinion and it’s ok but just know we’re having fun and I’m talking about the people who’s playing so have fun join in on the fun?

- Ads = 60% of game

The number of ads you must watch in this game is extortionate. A level might be between 10-15 seconds. You will watch an 30 second ad after every. Single. Level. It’s not an exaggeration to say well over 50% of the time spent in the app is watching ads. They also take forever to load, further increasing the time you have to play a game that’s just all right. You’re constantly reminded that all you have to do to make the torture stop and have a functional game experience is to buy something. Seriously, this is a purposefully broken game that only works after you pay. It is by no means “free”. Just ask for three bucks to download the game rather than this.


I love this game I been playing this games for a least 1 hour and I’m already in love with this and I loved the way that the dog try to save the place from the fire cute :3 well what I need to say is that I rated this game 5 stars keep the good work creator

- Good game, awful system

You get gasoline cans that you have to wait to refill. I'm very tired of games that don't want you to play them, unless you keep paying for gasoline. The whole idea of home gaming systems was to get away from forever-pouring $$$ into the old stand-up arcade games - you got a nintendo and played all frikken weekend with your buds. Games now? The advertising and timer/pay-to-play after you've already paid is really rude.

- Insert (cheesy-title)

This game actually has a lot of potential. It even puts in the dropping dynamics. Over all it’s really fun. But a critic can’t be a critic without judgement so I would suggest adding a way of grinding for fuel or be able to buy fuel.

- Great game one problem

It’s a great game and I love it but ever since a while ago whenever I try to start the game it gives me an update prompt that takes me here. whenever it does take me here there isn’t a way to update it all there is is the normal stuff, help? I’m on an IPhone if that means anything about it.

- Not fun

It seems like they spent more time creating the opening animation scene than they did developing the gameplay. The game is unfortunately just not very fun. Maybe if the plane physics were more realistic and if you had to skim on top of the water instead of dive into it it would be more fun. I uninstalled after lvl 5 as it was simply not fun and you are forced to watch and ad after every 20 seconds of playing.

- Read this developer

This game is really great. The only problem is when you run out of fuel ⛽️ So if I was you I would remove the fuel thing. Also when you drop the water it falls to slow so make it drop a little quicker. Thank yoy?

- 5 stars!

I just got this game today and it’s absolutely amazing! I extremely love the controls and the amount of levels there so you can keep on playing! Keep up the good work PlayStack!

- Great Game

I like how there are many different modes, it helps keep the game interesting. And I like that there are some very useful one time purchases instead of only micro transactions.

- It’s fun but

The game is great but you don’t get nearly enough coins from levels to progress at a steady rate. You spend 800 coins to unlock a level and get like 400 back. It makes it impossible to buy new planes which are needed to beat harder levels. Also 30 fuel???? Common that’s ridiculous.

- Fix the button layout!!

Love this game. Very fun BUT please give the option to have the up and down buttons be side by side!!! Having them above one another doesn’t work as well. Side by side would be MUCH better

- Seems Fun...Ads Out of Control

I know developers need to get paid and I’m fine with some ads, but making someone watch a 30 second ad after five seconds of game play (there is an ad between every level) is a bit much. Can’t even play enough to decide if it’s work purchasing.

- It’s fun enough, BUT!

It’s a fun game but the rewards are not enough to continue the game at a decent rate. You will have to grind on the previous missions to be able to afford unlocking later missions. You never make back as much as you spend to unlock the missions. It’s not fun enough to continuously do the same missions over and over.

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I only downloaded this game yesterday, but I’m already addicted to it! A good game doesn’t mean that all the stages/levels/just the actual structure is easy. A good game means that there are some tricky parts (tricky but I can still get through), and some easy parts, (but not too easy though). Well done!

- ?

Long time I have not seen such a nice game. Graphics, gameplay is so pleasant. Not as 90% trash that is on AppStore right now with ton of ads and no gameplay. Thank you developers that is amazing!

- Love it!

I like the visuals! The game is quite simple to play too! If only there’s more life chances for you when you fail to play a level. Would be great if you have unlimited life

- Nice game

The game it self is amazing i suggest using inverted controls because handling with the default controls can be frustrating. The graphics are well done and the animations and cutscenes are great

- Little disappointing

I was so excited to play this game it looked really good however the minute I go to open the app it loads to %25 then just crashes :( I have tried deleting it and re downloading it but nothing same thing every time Please fix this so other new people are able to play the game cheers

- Something new and fun

This game is something I haven’t seen before it’s fun, new and innovating I personally recommend this game for anyone who’s bored

- I love this game

I like just started playing 2 days ago and it’s so much fun but for me personally there’s just way to many ads but other than that this game is so much fun to play

- Review

Super fun game. Really enjoyed playing it, it was a super craze with my friends. Took me a while to learn how to work the game but after the tears game glory and lots of fun. ?

- Best game ever

This is the most addicting game iv ever played and it’s awesome ? I hope you make more like this one thank you ?

- Simple, fun and charming

Great little game. Good to pass the time with cute animations. No major bugs found. 10/10

- Epic

This game keeps getting better and better each level. This game is so intense!

- Amazing!

My new favourite game! So much fun, it’s taken over all my other games!

- So. Many. Adds

If you thought adds were bad in some games, think again. This one is beyond ridiculous, so much so that I’m almost certain the devs are having a laugh. I’m sure the game would be fun if you could play for 15 seconds without an add.

- It’s frustrating But sooo fun

I think that this game should be better .This game is soooooooo fun and a bit bad because it’s really hard.

- Overlay Issues

Ads are too prone to glitching out, such as not displaying at all, forcing you to exit the game losing progress and gold. Apart from that it was surprisingly fun.

- Amazing!!!

This game is absolutely amazing but... I don’t really like the fuel can idea. Still amazing I love it!!!

- Holy adds

After every level just turn it down a notch

- Great game

Great game, very fun and lots of levels and planes

- Won’t start at all. Can’t get past splash screen. Then goes black

I’ve tried reinstalling, resetting my phone, but nothing works. iPhone XS ios 13.3.1

- Great Game!

This Game Is really Interesting. So far...

- Fun

Really fun

- Crashes

Won’t load. Game of the Day. Underprepared dev team.

- Get rid of fuel please

Great game but the fuel mechanic is terrible

- Keanu Reeves

This game is very good but,! For earn money very hard.fixed in future update...

- Deception seems to be No#1 priority

I’ve raised this through support already and was told this would be fixed, but still, after 5 subsequent updates, the buying coins ‘percentage saved’ is incorrect. Buying 100K coins for $23 is not a 95% saving compared to buying 10x 10K coins packs at $4.5 - 23 is NOT 95% less than 45. It’s closer to 50%. Seriously, this is a one line code change and you continue to leave it in there.

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- Good game

After playing the game the screen randomly goes black and requires a restart.

- Good game

No complains

- Great design

This game has such a nice interface with vibrant graphics and colours awesome work.

- Recharge Timers

I am really enjoying “rescue Wings!” And I think it is a great game, but it is very annoying that you must wait for gasoline to recharge constantly which makes the game much less enjoyable and takes away lots from an otherwise great game.

- Mexican walking fish

Great game wish there was more fuel though

- Too many ads

Game is good but the ad model is really annoying

- Amazing

Really fun game.

- Great game

I love this game. Smooth controls, beautiful graphics, and most of all, the in app purchases are actually reasonable for once. Great job guys!

- Lit game but...

It’s a very fun game to play but after each level you have to watch and ad and I like to listen to music while I play so I can’t turn wifi off also another thing is that the gas is kinda annoying you should take it out or put adventure mode with no gas. If you change these I will take it from a 4.5 to 5 star rating

- Forced adds

Very annoying

- The worst

The fuel ruined my gameplay

- Too many ads

Game has some nice potential and awareness of what is actually happening in the real world. But the ads just takes away the focus, the fun and the relaxation... Use ads for other perks that people want to unlock much faster, an ad per level is just too much.

- Rescue wings

So good game

- Too many ads

I watch ads more than I play the actual game, this need to change

- Great game, difficulty controlling!

I found it really difficult to control the airplane, and couldn’t get very far ;( seemed like a very fun game so i’m a bit bummed but I hope the controls become a bit easier for a better gameplay experience.

- Ads

Ads man Wasting my time

- Another advertisement delivery system

You spend equal time watching ads as you do playing the game. Not worth it in my opinion, but hey maybe you like watching advertisements after every short level...

- The gas

I hate how there is gas and stuff cause if I crash I want to play again but then I need to wait another freaking hour to get a refill. Some games take like 20 mins for the energy, gas etc, to fill up and it’s just so annoying how you need to wait an hour for a refill.

- This game sucks

Horrible game! Wouldn’t be so bad if they got rid of the 30 arc ad after each play! You spend more time watching ads just to play! Not worth it

- Way too much ads

I hate games that force ads after every level. Most of the time ads are longer than the level itself...

- Too many Ads

Super fun game, but way too many ads you spend more time watching than playing really ruined the game. So much potential.

- SO MANY ADS!!!!!

Literally after EVERY SINGLE MISSION or when you did it plays an ad and it’s REALLY annoying. I tried turning my wifi off so it would cancel the ads so it started using my data so I turned that off too then I went back in and it said that I needed internet to play so this is a complete trash game. Gameplay fun tho.

- Ads Simulator

This game used to be a lot of fun. Ads spaced out and only when you want to get extra boosters. Now it’s an ad after every level, every zone change etc. It’s ridiculous. You finish a 12 second level and get hit with a 30 second advertisement. Why even make this game free. Absolute ridiculous update. Would give a 0 if possible.

- Ads

Paid for the premium version still getting ads

- big oof

literally an add every 3 seconds :/ the first two levels lasted less than 10 seconds and there was a 30 second add between them :/ i’m very disappointed because this seems like a fun game and i understand that ads are essential, but the amount, length and frequency is absurd.

- Ads ads ads

Oh look - another game that expects you to spend insane amount of money and drop long, uncloseable ads on you. Good concept, but way too irritating as you are constantly interrupted.

- Ads too frequent

Game is fun but the ads every level is too much. There are other ways to gain revenue without annoying players to the point where they delete the game!!

- So many ads

Every single level there’s an ad.

- Ad crazy

I understand the developer get paid throw these ads, but there are just way to many to play. No good

- Waste of time

For 10 sec gameplay 30 sec of ads, total garbage

- Great game

I like that it brings attention to real life problems like forest fires

- Nice

Not the best game ever, but it’s nice to spend time during the quarentine.

- Too many ads

5 sec game plays 28 sec ads... every level. U need to watch it. The game itself has no problems.

- Great game

Game is good fun to play but after every do i have to watch the is no fun just because in every 1 mins i have to watch an ad to play the next levels.

- To many adds

After every game there is a add, don’t get this game it is a wast.

- Kinda epic ngl

Scruffy is a good boy and good luck with corona virus

- To many ads

The game is fun but there are to many ads


Do not download this game.. you have to watch constant long ads non stop. You can’t even play the game.. DO NOT GET IT

- Adds

Maybe put adds every 2 levels instead of every level

- I like it but there’s too many ads

I like it but there’s too many ads

- Too many advertisements

5 thumbs down

- Iphone 5s

Very fun

- Perfect Game

I’ve been looking for a nice and simple game to play on my commutes to and from school and this is perfect

- I have not played it yet but it looks fun

It looks amazing and if there were more stars I would rate a 1000000 out of 1000000!

- I like it

Been playing for the last half hour it’s fun

- Its Great!

The animation is awesome and its fun and easy to play

- Great game.

Good good super good very very good. Lol. Thnxs...

- Awesome

Awesome game no complaints

- Nice

Nice game with great gameplay and graphics. Flawlessly optimized.

- Decent game

Too many ads to earn coins The graphics are annoying and make it difficult to fly the airplanes.

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- I love it but the ads

The game is simple, fun , and easy but there is way to many ads in this game after every level, i get an ad wich really annoys me but overall the game is very fun

- This game is great.

I’m really enjoying this game. It’s very challenging and takes all you concentration, but it is very fun and rewarding when you finally can breath after completing a level.

- An honestly good game

One of the very few games I enjoy playing, well made, and I’m happy you can pay to remove forced ads.

- Amazing

Great graphics and gameplay and I like that you only get ads when you ask for extra prizes though I would like if that every 5 times I die I get a promt to buy stuff with real money.

- It’s fun but...

New planes and levels are way too expensive for how little you earn when you beat levels. Quit trying to force people to spend money. I don’t mind paying for unlimited fuel, but I’m not spending money for in game coins. I’d just as soon delete the game.

- What happened?

Used to be a chill game to play, with a balanced way to choose whether or not you wanted additional currency by watching you have to connect to a server to play the game at all just for them to try and force advertisements unless you pay for something. A truly tragic route for this game to take. What an “update”

- Paid version?

I really like this game except for the constant prompts to buy this or that. I just want to play the game, not click offers that are constantly popping up. I know this is the business model most developers are using these days, but I find such adware to be annoying. No thanks.

- retry level confusion

Please make the “retry” buttons consistent. Sometimes it’s grey and other times it’s teal. Sometimes it’s on the left and other times it’s on the right. Very confusing. Especially when replaying the same level repeatedly.

- Game need more options

Not too bad the game is good to play if you like to play at flying or fighting fire games it’s the best game that I have played yet good to whoever made it make more like this game

- Great game

I love this game! It’s so cute how it’s oriented around saving the forest and how the dog takes charge when his owner won’t. I love this game and it makes me so happy! It’s wholesome and great. Good job making this!!

- Great game

This is such a great game I’ve been playing for hours it is so fun I was just looking for a second so if the creator of the game reads this I will be waiting for a 2ed one!

- Really fun!

Great game! The design and graphics are wonderful! Looks like there’s lots to do so I’ll keep this on my phone for a while. Thanks for making such a great game!

- Way to many ads

This game is so fun, but my problem is that there are way to many ads after every level there is a ad. But besides that, this is a very good game :)

- Can’t progress without paying

Game is so heavily weighted towards making you have to pay that it takes the fun out of it. You cannot earn enough coins to progress through the game by playing it is virtually impossible . I miss when you just bought a game and it did not constantly squeeze you for more money

- Greatest game ever

Really great game I like I think you should add new skins also I think you should make a second version of the game

- Too many ads

There are way too many ads, an ad pop ya up after every level and sometimes one right after the other without getting to play and it’s annoying because I’m just trying to play the game.

- Loving this game!

Wonderful game ! Challenging levels and interesting plays. Just bought the $1.99 starter pack to support the devs. Keep up the good work you guys rock !

- Pay to win?

I love the game, but it really gives off this pay-to-win type vibe. As with any of the sort, you can progress through the game without spending any money, but it's very very slow progress

- Best mobile game

Dude the dog, just made me instantly love the game. This game also shows how irresponsible humanity is by some parts. Best of all, nose diving into water and surviving without a cracked windshield.

- Good game but...

So the game is great but the fact that you have to worry about the energy is quite annoying because when you unlock adventure you can run 6 times before you have to wait 10 minutes to play on more time

- Good non money grabber

This game is really fun and does not Give you a ad after every level, keep adding content

- Give more energy

I absolutely love this game except for the energy! If you play the levels you can only play ten times if you play adventure you get six tries, and if you play competition you get three tries! I would have given this game five stars otherwise.

- Controls need improvement

Game is great, controls not so much. Would love to have the fly up/down as a slider. Would make gameplay much easier for me.

- Super fun plus I couldn’t resist that pop up

No words just I really like that I can kill time whenever I want

- Soooooo good

I love the game + you can buy infinite gas and you can get new planes but you can buy everything for 8 dollars a week So it’s good mostly ?i love it and scruffy Is a good boy??????????????????????????????????????????????????✈️??????

- I’m really good and it’s fun

I love this game download it please! Absolute one of the best games I have Ever Played... my name in the game is tornatedo soo yea you might see that name a lot more often ty scruffy

- Love it so much.

It’s hard to get farther in the game because it is so hard to get money. Still love it though.

- ADS!!!!!

This game is really fun and I enjoy playing it,but I’m sick of watching ads after every level. It gets a little annoying because it’s a vary good game,yet the ads make me think again is it a good game.

- Needs more levels

Very fun game, but since I downloaded it no new levels have been added and adventure mode is still the same too. Change it up!

- It’s a good game when you get bored

I love it it’s awesome the way they put and the levels are always so different and the dog is so cute

- Blatant pay to win rip-off

The single player gameplay is fine, but highly restrictive with energy limits. The competitive elements of the game are a scam plain and simple. Competitive mode takes a ton of energy, has horrible matchmaking, and doesn’t even try to hide how much of a pay-to-win scam it is.

- Let’s go scruff

I liked this game the first time you played it but am not sure if your fuel refuels all in 1 hour

- Couldn’t play it for long

I understand free games will have advertisements but one after each level is way too much. Played the first three levels and watched three advertisements then deleted app.

- Thank you

Thank you for paying attention to my problem I will go to you website and find a problem I am looking forward to playing this cool game

- Not working very buggy ?

The game doest come back on when you watch a video, almost all the time it will get stuck on the commercial and you have to hard shut the game to restart. Very annoying, not worth it?

- Skip this: None stop ADs

I get that free apps need to Make money, but this game shows an add after every level! Including the tutorial. The constant ads will keep you from developing a satisfying gameplay loop with this on, on top of that it has a stamina system! Why!? Skip this one is my review.

- Very fun

Thank you for the hard work you have put into this game. I am really enjoying it!

- Best game

I love it it is amazing but the only bad thing is that you have energy when you play it

- Great

This game is one of those games you find on accident but then you actually love it.

- Toxic Cat

My brothers and I love it we played it from Virginia to New Jersey without getting bored a bit! With out a doubt you will love this game.


I can’t fly the plane and I keep on crashing! You should still download this game it’s super fun and addicting!

- I love this game

I love the anamations like the dog crashes and I’ve been hooked on this game already an hour in like very much

- Too many ads

Game seems promising if it wasn’t for the forced ads every level. The ads in some cases are longer than the level itself. Deleted the game, couldn’t be bothered sitting through an advert every time a short level was completed.

- “Thee”Littlest Rascals Biggest Abventurs??????

The man woman’s hatters cloub.”Spanky” Teeming capitan manager & Alfalfa’s singing an super BandasoNorteno & Regetoneo Perron Salza piking pilot’s restaurant’s night club is always happening. The caseworkers compennies savings “highJack” Off the year.

- Very enjoyful

Im really in love woth this game when i saw the story , i recommend to all of you to give it a try , you will love it.

- This is the best game

There are so many different styles to play this game and it is so fun and it is a original game and has great visuals

- Amazing but the ads

After every level there is an ad

- Fun times!!

Fun game, controller is a little sensative but overall it kills time waiting for my next Über ride.

- The review

I really like this game because it is a really good concept where it teaches you to help put out forest fires

- 4 stars

I would give it a 5 stars but the gas feature is not really giving me a reason to give a 5 star.

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Gillian Dempsey

@birdy_jazz @BewareTheStars @StromloANU @AstroJamesBe You've known her since she was a smol dreamer of the stars, now she's MUCH bigger and doesn't cry half AS much when a Rover gets its wings. On the other hand, I get the feeling she might crowdfund Oppy's rescue...


I keep my head high I got my wings to carry me I don't know freedom I want my dreams to rescue me

Baby Elvis

@LisaPresley Ben is now a angel who can be with his family at all time. People don’t die for any other reason that they need to be able to fly to the rescue now. That’s why and how he got his wings. U will know he is around. U might even smell his scent.

Rescue Wings! 1.9.3 Screenshots & Images

Rescue Wings! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Rescue Wings! iphone images
Rescue Wings! iphone images
Rescue Wings! iphone images
Rescue Wings! iphone images
Rescue Wings! iphone images
Rescue Wings! iphone images
Rescue Wings! iphone images

Rescue Wings! (Version 1.9.3) Install & Download

The applications Rescue Wings! was published in the category Games on 2019-06-26 and was developed by Playstack Ltd [Developer ID: 1133080356]. This application file size is 363.21 MB. Rescue Wings! - Games app posted on 2020-10-09 current version is 1.9.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playstack.rescuewings

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