MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 [Games] App Description & Overview

Dominate the league in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019! Build your roster of MLB All-Stars, then team up to build a dynasty!

Build YOUR Dynasty
• Log in to the same Game Center account to add your THREE favorite players from 2018 to your 2019 roster
• Create your very own legend and add him to your roster
• Win or draft new players for your roster. New MLB stars, legends and all-time greats added every week
• Up your All-Star level to earn new perks and even better rewards that will help you every day in the ballpark

Play Together, Win Together
• Brand new Club Profiles let you show off your accomplishments to the Tap Sports Baseball universe!
• Revamped chat makes playing together much more fun and rewarding
• New club matching system puts you right in the competition
• Your club can take on every team in Tap Sports Baseball in fresh new club events every day
• All new perks and rewards for joining and competing in clubs

24/7/365 Baseball Action
• Play with official MLB Teams and MLBPA Players
• Swing for the fences in numerous modes: Slugfest, Home Run Battles, Walk Off Hero, Pick’em and many more
• Collect MLB superstars from retired legends to present day heroes
• Compete in new events and competitions every day that mimic the REAL events of the MLB
• Tap to swing with easy one-touch controls – tap one out of the ballpark anytime and anywhere

Download now to build YOUR MLB roster, build YOUR MLB dynasty, and dominate the ballpark year-round in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019!

Officially Licensed Product of MLB Players, Inc.

MLBPA trademarks, copyrighted works and other intellectual property rights are owned and/or held by MLBPA and may not be used without the written consent of MLBPA or MLB Players, Inc.

Visit, the Players Choice on the web.

TSB19 Subscriptions
• CvC Edge ($9.99 USD/wk): 1 player on purchase, batting boost, starting multiplier boost & additional retry options in CvC
• Bonus XP Box ($9.99 USD/wk): 1 player on purchase, daily reward box
• Prime XP Bonus Box ($19.99 USD/wk): 1 player on purchase, daily reward box
• VIP Elite ($49.99 USD/wk): 1 player on purchase, bonus gold on all IAP, lower gold costs for mystery boxes
• VIP Power Parcel ($99.99 USD/wk): 1 player on purchase, daily reward box
• The Five Tool Box ($2.99 USD/wk): 7 day free trial, 1 player on purchase, daily reward box
• VIP Prime XP Bonus Box & VIP Legend XP Bonus Box ($99.99 USD/wk): 1 time gold reward, daily reward box
• Prime XP Bonus Box 2 & Legend XP Bonus Box 2 ($49.99 USD/wk): 1 time gold reward, daily reward box

Subscriptions available via in-app purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew at the applicable subscription price at the end of the subscription period until you cancel your subscription. Payment for the subscription period you select will be charged to your iTunes account within 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. Cancel your subscription at any time by accessing your iTunes Account Settings. After canceling, you are responsible for the fee for the current active applicable subscription period.
Privacy Policy:
Terms of use:

- Game is free to play, but real money is required for some items and charges your iTunes account. Disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
- Please buy carefully.
- Advertising appears in this game.
- Game permits users to interact with one another (e.g. chat rooms, player to player chat) depending on the availability of features. Linking to social networking sites not intended for persons ineligible under applicable rules of such social networking sites.
- Network connection is required to play.
- For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, see our privacy policy:
- For problems with this game, contact us @

Twitter @glumobile

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MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Never-Before-Released LEGENDS and ALL-TIME GREATS • New SPECIAL EVENT WEEK functionality, including MIDNIGHT MADNESS and RELENTLESS ROYALE • Weekly Player SPOTLIGHTS - Grab temporarily boosted Player Spotlight boxes every week • AFTER HOURS EVENTS - Never stop competing! • MORE Rewards from Event Royale - Earn new players from Tournament Mode, Walk Off Hero, and more! • Improvements to game performance and bug fixes

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Comments & Reviews

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- Good app

I love this game 110%

- Winning and winning

This is a fun game. The only reason I only gave it four stars is because it is almost to easy I keep winning and winning. But on The plus side, its simple and fun. Great game

- Money is ONLY Option...and lots of it!

This game used to be fun to play and for $2.99 to get rid of ads it is loads of fun. Lots of variety and if you played often, as with many phone apps, you would expect to could keep up with or at least come close to competing with other players...not the case here. For free or for $2.99 it is a great app to chill on. If you are looking to compete and be in top echelon this is not the app for you unless you plan on spending a thousand a week minimum, every week. GLU constantly changes the rules and the players box odds have nothing to do with reality. You will need hundreds of boxes to get best players if you play consistently. Just be careful and enjoy cautiously.

- Don’t download this

They aren’t supporting it any longer - no new events or promotions. All resources are being poured into 2020.

- It is fun and I like the graphics Isaiah y’all

I love this game because it gives me fye players and it is easy to hit home runs

- Trash

This game is the worst mlb game the players hit fly balls and the outfielders are the flash the spawn to the ball right away and don’t get a chance

- Meh.😒

Okay, this is actually a good game but it gets super boring over time. I used to play everyday, but now I only play every once in a while. Like, it is almost all LUCK. It doesn’t involve any skill except for timing.


I am a HUGE fan of the Braves and I am SO glad you can pick the Braves and I LOVE baseball and it fells like I am in the game

- Missing box!

I went through the stinking 7 day challenge and tried to collect my box and it wouldn’t let me and know the week reset! FIX THIS!

- I wish I could get my Garrett Cole back

Hi I wish u wold read this I refunded Garrett Cole if possible could I have him back

- No fly outs

Just the fly outs are very common and they just always catch it so no more fly outs or just make fly outs rare

- Is this single player game

Hi my name is clay and I was wondering if you could but multiplayer in this game if you could do this that could be awesome thanks

- Tap sports

I love this game a great game to play with friends!!!

- Awesome game

This game is really fun! You get to have different batters, play other people from around the globe and also customize your players and your team name. You get loads of money and you can spend it on really awesome things. You can hit home runs and open mystery boxes. It is competitive, lucky and fun. You should get it and you won’t regret it.

- Awesome


- Bruh

Bruh dis crap amazing


I love baseball so I love this!!!!

- Good game

This game is sooooo realistic

- Good game, minor flaws

Over all this is a great game once you get a good team and learn how to play and hit very well. I have noticed some flaw throughout the time that i have been playing though. When you hit ground balls that would seemingly be impossible to take the hit away as the second baseman or shortstop would be playing normal depth or toward the 6 or 4 hole. They some how manage to dive and stop the ball when it is hit as hard as possible on the ground to the opposite side of the base. This takes aways so many hits and causes so many loses in the challenges.

- Save your self it’s a trap

Save your money only way to be good at this game is if you spend spend!!!

- I am a fan of this game until

This game was fun but the only problem I have is when it pitches the ball. The ball was way off but it said strike. The game is fun but maybe needs a little work. Not a lot just a little on the pitcher. Also make it easier to get gold . Thank you

- Want old games back

I begin to get bored of the games out now and still have the desire to play your old games that where very fun and nostalgic.

- Good game get it now

Good game u need it to survive


DIS IS BETTER DAN 2020 use starleaf instead of zoom

- Ï


- So, so frustrating

My game has not worked in 2 days. The whole weekend event! Literally can’t open up, tops for a second. Finally after countless outreach attempts, I get a message to take a screenshot! Enjoy the game but I’m done. If not resolved by tomorrow I’m deleting and I’m going to engage in an epic effort to relay to others, on all my social media


It is really fun to play but I wish you could add more custom characters. It is also kind of confusing to learn the controls at first but you get the hang of it once you play it more.

- Dismayed at game play

I also have become a disgruntled fan of flu, and tsb20. It makes no sense that you build your team up for competition and the game manufacturers make it frustrating when the see your continued interest in their product. Your team is to rungs in skill level than your opponent. But your team is eligible to be swept and beaten by a less formidable team. You can’t win em all but the disgust you get for being a sucker to glu and it’s flawed product. Designed to get your money, whether by accident or purposely and make you look foolish while doing so. They have lost me as a fan and contributer to this shameful product any longer.

- Great, but runs very hard.

I have the iphone X, and after about 5 minutes of playing the game my phone gets extremely hot, and very choppy. Other that that it’s an amazing game, so maybe fix that.

- This game does not keep your players

I had the best players on this game and I got a new phone but still had a SIM card and it deleted everything

- Great


- Fun Game

It’s fun being able to make so many choices when hitters come up, as well as decide whether or not to bunt, steal, tag up on a fly ball, or change a pitcher! Great game during a time when we can’t go to, or watch a game.

- This game is a scam

Pay to play game that skimps you when you spend money. Very demotivating game to say the l least

- Bad


- Good stuff

Aye good game here let’s keep this up for all baseball games

- Seriously pay to play a bad game

If you really want to pay everyday to play a game ya hat might award you something useful. Then this is the game for you. The useful drops are very rare and some are paying $$$$ everything. If you want to play a great MLB game and don’t want to pay everyday. Give MLB 9 innings 2020 a go. Baseball Simulation is very good. Graphics are far superior to this game. Don’t waste you money. You’ll waste a lot.

- Once you get a good team it deletes it

I had an amazing team and up to a million coins but one day I log in and it’s all gone

- Mejorar

Deben dejar que puedas cambiar al jugador cuando lo desees y no cuando quiera quien hizo el programa tanto con el lanzador como bateadores, debes permitir que cada uno haga su line up y modificarlo .

- Gg

#1 game

- Number 1baseball game

Best baseball game ever in the entire world I could play it for the rest of my life go Chicago cubs!

- I like it

U don’t need WiFi first of all.All u have to do is tap at the right time but u don’t get to play offense:( but its still good

- Great

This and 2018 were the best years. 2020 was bad, 2017 was decent. But this one was the best. Best players, best boxed, best clubs, best graphics, just all around a great game!

- Really??

It keeps crashing .😡🤬🤬

- Terrible

This was a terrible game, don’t download it. A waste of my time.

- Done with this series

I’ve been playing and investing my time in this game for three seasons. I’m done with this greedy company. You build up your team and get better only to lose everything at the end of the season and forced to download a new version and start from scratch. In baseball you keep your team and make small changes. If you ever change to that format I’m back. Otherwise no thank you.

- Amazing game! 🤩

This game was the best game I’ve ever played it’s so entertaining!

- Football

Love this game but wondering if you’ll bring back the football

- MLB9Innings20

For everyone reading this go to MLB9INNINGS20 because it’s WAY better

- Very good game

It’s very very good game

- Poor gaming experience

After 3 years of playing the game I can honestly say it’s the worst experience yet. I have spend money on in game purchases that have completely failed to meet expectations. If that wasn’t bad enough I have contacted customer service only to get a generic response that had nothing to do with my original concern.

AirBNB 🎁

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- Pretty good dude

It’s good but it’s pretty confusing and it takes a while to download but overall good app! Great job creators!

- Kicking me out

This game is not even letting me play for five minutes and it’s kicking me out. Plz fix this

- For a game that is about hitting.....

You only ever get pitchers from drafting. You don’t get to pitch. What is more fun than hitting homers? Apparently this game thinks pitching. What a waste. Game is fun but good luck getting any players that are any good.

- Fix this and I’ll rate it five stars

My legend is replacing my 134 rowdy tellez and I can’t get both my legend and rowdy tellez on at the same time.

- Not worth it

This is the worst pitches I’ve ever seen in a baseball game. The curve balls are atrocious. Stay away from this game.

- Love the game

I enjoy this game so much it’s become the only one I play on my phone. My only complaint is that it’s too easy. I score 30 runs almost every game (personal best is 69). One time I scored 31 times without making an out. I’ve now gone through the season mode twice and have lost probably five times in 232 games.

- crashing every 5 minutes

i love this game it's addicting, but i don't enjoy that i have to restart it every 5 minutes after it crashes and sends me back to my home screen... /: -iphone 6 user

- Not bad

Good accept it crashes a lot

- Lag

The game is almost unplayable, every animation is totally fine but whenever the pitcher throws I’m hit with insane lag and then I get a strike. It’s impossible to time a hit or tell if it’s gonna be a strike or ball. Something is wrong with the game as well because I have quite a new phone running on really good wifi.

- Baseball 2019

Was playing tap baseball 2020,to many freezes.


réaliste et graphique vivant j'adore 😍👍🦾🦾


Best baseball game available, but i can’t trade my players for blue XP

- Crash

Crash over over when start playing. Crash crash when try to line up my team

- Pls fix

I love playing this game, but it’s Been crashing for a good month on me, the screen will load only to 37% and crash. I want to keep playing keeping the app just doesn’t seem worth the wait anymore. Pls fix this I got rid of app and tried downloading it again and it does the same crash on me.

- Bad

Bad quality. You can not close ads. This game is ok

- Battery draining

I love the game, only complaint is that it kills the battery and it makes my phone heat up. Great game otherwise

- Great game, but full of expensive pop ups

I have enjoyed this game for years but their use of pop up ads that appear just as you are doing something innocuous is becoming invasive and dangerous. I have accidentally spent hundreds of dollars because I thought I was authorizing one thing and it turned out to be an expensive in-app purchase. BE VERY CAREFUL if you play this game. Turn off your thumbprint or FaceID to purchase. The company is completely unwilling to refund accidental purchases as they seem to rely on the unwary making mistakes and they have addedNO safeguards for their customers. This game turned from my favourite into something that makes me ill to look at due to their treatment.

- 굿

시간가는 줄 몰라요

- Terrible game

After about 5 wins it becomes almost impossible to get hits or runs. Their offspeed is ridiculous no point on even swinging you’ll never get a hit their positioning is always right where the ball is hit . This game is absolutely trash !

- Crash happy

This game sucks! It crashes every 5 minutes. If you spend your gold on getting a player it’ll crash shortly after, it doesn’t save that you got the player and you lose the gold you used. Seems like it could be a fun game if it actually worked for more than 5 minutes. Waste of a download

- Ugh..

Ok there is no arguing how good this game is but... the pitching is garbage and a absolute poor reflection of the sport. It’s like having T-ball kicks pitching on steroids. The ball is the dirty more than anything. I’ve been playing for a few years now but it is the one thing that I hope changes or it’s a delete!! You can do better then this.. betters curves, sliders, change ups please get the damn ball out of the dirty.

- The Best phone game.

The best baseball game you can get on a phone. Easy to play but complex graphics and player acquisition and trading system. Great game !

- Bluebird4u

Super fun and challenging

- Crash

Game is good but it keeps crashing every time I try to play one certain game. I can play against other people perfectly, it’s just the one game that makes the whole game crash

- They will rob you...

Always proposing popup deals that you accidentally clic on...out of mistake I clicked they charged me 160$ that they never wanted to refund. Please don’t support and download the app to protect yourself.

- Updates ruin everything

It made me do an update and I lost my entire team and everything I worked for. Then it expects you to compete with a team of players rated at 60 and you’re playing teams with players rated 300+. Deleted this game. That happened twice. Don’t waste your time.

- What happened

I just did the latest upgrade and I’ve lost my whole team, every upgrade on a player I’ve done gone, just like starting over again, what in the frickin hell is that all about

- Horrible

Don’t get it is running my dreams never play

- Great game, terrible customer service

I love playing the game and have spent many hours on it unfortunately the people running the game are idiots and accused me of cheating simply because I spent too much time watching videos and making my team stronger, tried to reason with them and have them fix the problem instead they just lied and said they had proof that I cheated which obviously they didn’t. It sounds like I am not the only person that this has happened to. Beware before you spend too much time playing this game!

- Outdated Stats

If there were negative stars I would give it. Who wants to play a game 2 seasons behind in stats? Utterly pathetic.

- They want you to loose

It doesn’t matter how big your lead is. If you’re playing a quick game, the other team will always score runs to take the lead between the 7th and 8th inning. One time I was leading 12-7 and they came back. This happens EVERY time and it’s REALLY annoying

- Don’t

Waste of life...go read a book

- Disappointed

For the longest time I loved this game. Then one day, after 8 months progress, my entire profile was gone and I was beacon to day 1. To make it worse, I emailed to try and rectify it and ZERO response. I WILL NOT PLAY AGAIN!!!

- Do not support GLU

These guys jailed my account without reason saying I cheated. I did not cheat. No refund on money spent. Read the other reviews. Stay away.

- Fun

Enjoyable game, adds are absurd but you can buy a $5 in game add on which also removes adds. Well worth the money.

- Stay away

The game has great graphics..... other then that it is an absolute POS. Sure you can play the game, but if you want decent players or to compete in any event you better be ready to spend cash ( and lots of it). The event difficulty changes mid event if your doing well, so unless you spend cash to off set you will get nowhere. There is zero skill involved in this game it’s all based on how much you spend. Do yourself a favour and never get involved with this game

- Use to be better

This game has gotten to greedy. I was ok with spending some money on it to get specialty players that lasted awhile and level them up. Now they have new specialty players almost daily and if you don’t get any of them you have no chance at being competitive. Even if you do get them you have to be able to cap them out at their highest level for them to be useful.

- They screwed me

After an update my team , season, stats were all erased. At this point I had over 100$ invested and thousands in gold.. They have not fixed or compensated me for the screw up. Not only have they not helped but they have not even replied to my requests for compensation or resolution. Clearly rip off artists.


I would not recommend everyone you hit it the opposite team always catch’s it which gets aravating

- Not that good👎🏼

Depletes battery life like crazy, you could be 100% then play 2 games and your phones dead. Secondly, you can only upgrade your guys so much before you have to pay for gold. Thirdly, i got a fully stacked team and it wiped my whole team and restarted the whole game once i got to playoffs for no reason. Don’t get this game there are better baseball games.


Are you kidding me? The game crashes every 3 freakin minutes! other than that the game is still pretty awesome. I don’t know why people are saying they’re being banned.also I don’t know why all of a sudden I got 232.000 cash for free?idk maybe I spent money and I just forgot but idk

- Nothing but a scam!

Do yourself a favour and DONT download this garbage. It’s just scam after scam. Customer service is non existent. GLU finds new ways daily to rip off players and the boxes you need to “buy” just to compete are the biggest scam of all. Odds listed are not even close to the actual player pull rate. Find another game and don’t support these con artists at GLU!

- Baseball ⚾️

It’s fantastic I love this game!

- Awful

Glitches out so much when you do a club match I’ll get thousands of points and then it will just keep losing my turns. When I go back to club the points have been added to club total but a 0 next to my name. Absolutely ridiculous how many times this happens

- Tap baseball awesome

Amazing game wish I’d receive more free boxes with gold or players or xp

- Incompetent

This is game glitches out more than a new release of windows. Every update is an opportunity for glu to completely screw the game and it’s players. Total garbage

- Lost all stats

After last update or 2, I had lost all my stats and players and it started me from the very beginning. Spent countless hours playing to to get where I was and then all of it just gone. Other than that, it is a good game

- In limbo

Right now I cannot access any of the events and have been waiting for 2 days to get answers. If the game is working great if not don’t expect good service

- Decent game horrible company

Game has gone from fun and turned into a gong show of choices that do nothing but force people to spend hundreds if not more to get or level up any decent player. The latest iOS update has made the game unplayable for hundreds of users and Glu refuses to acknowledge they yet again pushed out an update without testing it. On day 2 of being unable to play a game that has had way to much of my own money invested into it. I do not recommend you download or play.

- Newest update

This update has screwed with iPhone users, should be prime event but shows bonus games... sure glad I spent money today for bonus players I can’t use or win cvc matches.... a joke is what that is been 10 hours going on with support still don’t have today’s event figured!

- Baseball tap game

This game is so fun to play and I get a smile on my face just when I see it on my phone. Overall I adore this game and it’s very cool. #ilovebaseball

- Better than the 2020 version!

Download this one “19” kills “20”!

- Worst game ever just a waste of time

No matter what you do, upgrade to max can’t even hit properly can’t do anything total waste of time Its better to play candy crush for whole life then a second on this game

- The game is ok

This game is the best baseball game ever. It has the exact right rules for the actual game. But it is just that every inning you have to watch adds I recommend getting it.

- Lost my team

My team mysteriously disappeared and despite repeated attempts to contact customer service they have not responded. Spend your money elsewhere.

- Great Game. Feels like I’m playing MLB.

Highly recommend! *****

- Decent game

I really like MLB TSB 19 but the only problem is that it takes up SOOO much battery on your phone. So be aware of your battery life

- Constantly crashing

Great game let down by constant crashing... Please fix this issue

- Crashes a lot

Game has been crashing for quite some time, upon entering the game it will often fail to load I will have to close it and the music still plays for a minute, also crashes when entering matches. Been doing it for a while surprised it hasn’t been fixed won’t be spending $ not worth it so unstable

- Crashes

Since the update in October 2019 the game loads slowly, and crashes. What was a great game, now almost inplayable

- Best game ever!!!

I love this game because you can build your dream team and its so much like baseball.🇺🇸

- Terrible

It’s hard to express in words just how terrible this game is. But, I’ll try: it’s really terrible.

- Best Game!!!

Best game. So much Fun and great for someone with only one good hand to use like me.

- Crash

Games good but takes a long time to load then crashes at 88%......💩

- Only a few minor flaws.

Great game. Apart from the loading issues its a really good game.

- Good times.

Good fun. Nice time waster.

- Best baseball game app!

Awesone game👍

- Not that good

Pitchers are terrible and you can’t tell if it’s going to be a good ball that you can hit until the last second, but If you can eventually hit a ball Someone always pops out of nowhere and catches it, and the fact is there isn’t much point playing if it only takes three people to get out to have a inning, so there is no more than 2 minutes of play at a time. so it’s a no for me it could be a really great game with a bit of work and I also believe that the reasons for that is there has been to much time spent on making it all fancy with the players and all there info and all that but at the end of the day people just wanna play base ball on there phones. Cheers for my 5 cents 🤙

- Doesn’t Load

I would have liked to try this game but it doesn’t load. I won’t be wasting anymore time with it.

- Manny Machado



Great game. The best

- Appalling

Have played this game for a few years - it's actually not bad game play although increasingly Glu seek to monetise the game - meaning you really need to spend real cash to perform better. Having spent probably over a hundred dollars over the past few years I went to support today with an issue about loss of gold. They claimed I used it for something I didn't (a franchise slot) and I asked them to reverse it. Seriously - something happened and without my permission or actual acceptance and I simply asked it reversed - they said no. It was their issue I am sure but they were flat unhelpful. Unbelievable - dont get hooked on by them - never had such a bad care experience online. Greedy thieves.

- Good

It would be 5 stars if the game didn’t stop crashing and exiting the app!!!! It’s so annoying! I hate it. Please fix this issue before I delete the app.

- Lord Dimagio

Freezes all the time, takes a while to load. Really enjoy playing the game but just those things are keeping me from giving ya’s a 5 star

- This is TRASH!

This game didn’t show the core of baseball and it was hard to hit and puck out the pitching. When you wanted to hit it always looked like a fast ball but it almost dropped on the ground all the time. They need to have a better angle for batting. This is a horrific game!

- Sox

Great game having loads of fun very enjoyable. I’m from Australia and a big big fan of BOSTON RED SOX

- 18 log in

Can’t use my old account for the 19 version. Won’t let me log into my 18 account. Says email invalid even though when I go into the 18 version it says what email it’s saved under. Scam. Just another way to get more money out of people. Make everyone start from scratch. Boring.

Payoneer 💰

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- Yes!

The game is awesome just get 20

- Game play

When you use boost it seems like it never works,guys can’t hit it out of the infield and when they do it’s a pop out,very aggravating

- Loading

This game is fun but I can’t play. I load the menu perfectly but I can’t get to play game. This is very frustrating and I don’t like it thanks I have had enough. This happens everyday and I had to get a new game, not TSB 2020.

- Worst app

Crappiest game app ever. Doesn’t work

- Soo manyyy buggggs

Most of the time it kicks you out of the game and it takes so long to load

- Stupid game

Unrealist AF “5 star players” play like garbage. It’s just a bank for ad revenue. Don’t play

- Worst game you wanna play if you are not willing to pay enough money!!

This game is discussing due to its demanding of paying. You don’t pay, you can not even play the freaking game, you pay, you might be able to play for 2 days. Disgusting.

- Tap Sports Baseball

really good game but the people could run faster

- David

Waste of time! No way to consistently see strikes, guessing is not fun.

- Trash

Brain-sucking crap designed solely to separate you from your money.

- Tap Sports Baseball 19

I don’t like this game at ALL there is a lot of lag even when I have WiFi and I lose every game I play! I also hate it because it’s nothing like the MLB

- Great game

Enjoying it a lot!

- Awesome game

The only thing I don’t like is nothing it is awesome!!

- Best game ever

It is really fun my team strength is 45000 and I have 8 great hitters I am 41-1 in season mode The game is good because the pitches on 3-2 is right down the middle

- Great except for Glu

I don’t see how this game has 5 stars. The game itself is great until you realize your getting screwed by the devs. Don’t waste your time unless your willing to drop some money or are just a glutton for punishment!!

- Unbelievably inconsistent

You’ll only win if the game lets you, it’s truly unbelievably frustrating. What would have been a base hit in a earlier game would be a cheap pop up when you really needed it. Would not recommend.

- Bad

its so stupid because the pitcher throws really bad and they call it a strike every time!!!

- Baseball

Best game ever

- Yeah

I like because YEAY

- Drives me nuts!!!

When I first got this game I thought it was pretty fun and real but later on it was starting to drive me crazy. You can not pitch in this game which is stupid. Next,in season mode you always play a 4 game Series and you make it seem so real, well guess what? IT IS NOT!!!!!!!

- MLB 2019

It’s a great mobile game, the realistic playing is awesome!

- MLB game review

I love this game it always sharpens my baseball skills!

- Played this game for years

Every Tap game you put out makes my phone ridiculously hot.. I’ve played this game on both Android and IPhone. My phones have never gotten hot from anything I’ve used them for other than your game. The temperature it reaches can’t be safe for my phone so I will no longer play Tap or any game this developer creates. Would rate it higher bc it is fun but it’s super laggy so that +phone temp = ⭐️

- Just terrible

This game is terribly unrealistic and there was clearly no effort put into it. Half of the pitches that are thrown I’m 100% sure the player isn’t able to hit, and hitting is pure luck. They all but beg you for money every 2 second with random pop ups for 50 dollar offers where you literally get one mediocre player. Overall if they fixed the hitting or made the game more skill based it would be nice but I know that will never happen.

- I’m addicted, great game!

I’ve been playing for some time now and my team is really good and I have been playing lots of events but there is a problem. Sometimes it gets really choppy or laggy but only sometimes. Otherwise, one the best mobile games I’ve ever played.

- Holy cow

Lots of fun during the c 19 period

- Awesome

Awesome game!

- Trash

Absolute trash waste of time.

- Best game ever

This game is a really fun baseball game thank you very much

- Best

This is a good game it test your reflexes and it’s like a thumb exercise

- Perfect but the balls they through

I LOVE the game but they through too many walks at me! So if you could please fix it....

- GREAT!!!


- Could be WAY BETTER!

The thing about this is the graphics are ok. Also you don’t even start with you whole team considering you have to already buy your way up in this game and you must be constantly playing for it to be efficient and sooner or later the game loses the spice that it had in the beginning. Like a few years ago I loved the game and then it just got boring. Another thing that really gets me mad is that all of the pitches curve so much and that is unrealistic to the max. Other than all of that, the game is decent!

- I would say 6 star

No lag no completes the next number is 1 to 100 I give 1;00

- I’m addicted!

Challenging and great stress relief. Prob the best mobile baseball game you’ll find.

- No it isn’t guys

It’s a great game

- Bummer

GLU releases 2020 and removes features from 2019. That’s not cool. Don’t give them your money!

- Pretty good game

I got this game a while ago, and I have to say it’s a pretty good game. The controls are simple and the graphics are good for a mobile game, but my only complaint is that the outfielders get the most O.P. catches I have ever seen. The club system is great. It’s definitely one of my favorite apps for my iPad. Just make the outfielders a little more realistic and then the game will be a lot better. A great game and good price.

- Accused me of cheating and refused to help

The system decided not to give me access to keepers. When I asked for help, I was accused of cheating and was refused help.

- Freeze Baseball

App freezes everytime.

- Best game ever

Great game, play it all the time. Good prizes after winning games

- Great game

Awesome game, love the quality of the games. Always feel like it is smooth and is working great. The best game i have ever played. 😁⚾️

- Tap sports baseball 2019

Great game, but lost my 2019 team.when 2020 came out was putting my keepers on 2020 team,when I went back to 2019 team the game started over again at rookie took all of my good players

- Cannot log into game

I am the second person I know to have the issue. I was playing Tap Sports Baseball 2019. Loved it. Then they switched to 2020 and I have been playing since 2020 came out and don’t want to lose all my progress. When I go to app it goes to setup mode! I am not happy and Glu doesn’t give refunds. However, if their app doesn’t work properly and is taking money from people who play the game, then this is an Apple App issue. If you don’t shutdown this app immediately you will have to credit my account on this game or force them to fix the issue. It is buggy, lost all my progress from 2019 and 2020. This is jusy not acceptable. I want an Apple gift card or money put into my account equivalent to the wasted spending on this App. You denied my friends claim, but I am willing to take this further as legal fraud. Please contact me soon as I am drawing up papers to file with State and Federal agencies.

- Can’t get on this game

Y is it kicking me off the game when it’s loading the training game. Is anyone else having this problem. I loved the 2019 version and before that help

- Tap baseball

I love this game so much I can’t stop playing it I barely get off my I From this game I love you so much



- Not well developed

The game lags a lot and is frustrating.

- Over rated

This one of the most over rated games I have found. Player ratings don’t reflect anything to the game play. Slow and choppy play.

- Good review

This is a great game I use to play a mother game that was like this buuuuuuuuuut this is way better

- Updated and can no longer play

Thanks for nothing GLU!!!!!

- Update has messed everything

Great update first time I played I had a rookie team and now it doesn’t load past 37% in my home with wifi


The latest update killed the game... Last event reward are not available, we cannot play daily event, boxes are gone from the store... And many many more other bugs. Customer service has not answer any ticket opened during the day. Nothing is being done to fix the issue.

- The gameplay is trash

The gameplay is trash and it’s a pay to win

- My entire team disappeared

Logged in today and my players are all gone and it gave me a bunch of 30 overall guys where I had 120s. What the hell?

- Lost my entire team

opened the app to find my entire roster gone. i just spent some money on gold too. i want a refund or everything back

- Team and all progress is gone

What just happened? My team I’ve built and spend a ton of money on is gone. It’s started over completely like I’ve never played before.

- New update messed up my account

Since the latest update I have no access to club events or rewards.

- Resetting Roster

Game doesn’t reward f2p players and reset rosters sporadically. Causing tedious replays. Just doesn’t make the game fun

- Issues

Fun game but. There is always a but. Every time the game has update you start over. All is gone. I’ve done the backup thing before. Which by the way is idiotic at best. Not worth the hassle. Won’t be playing this game anymore.

- What just happened with this update?

You essentially wiped the game out with this update- completely unplayable!

- Glitch

Glitch glitch

- Worst money grabbing, rigged game ever

Do yourself a favor and don’t download this stupid game !

- Don’t be fooled.

Don’t be fooled by this pay to win RNG game. Whether you hit the ball at the right time or you just strike out consistently, it is all pre-determined so you can’t get the higher tier rewards. Unless of course you want to spend 100s of dollars! What a scam this game is.

- Good Fun But

However unless you are willing to use your credit card don’t play season mode - you have better pitchers and better team strength and still loose. Doesn’t matter that you help them generate $ from watching videos they want YOUR $$

- Tap sports review

The best baseball game ever

- Keeps crashing

The app won’t even open without crashing long enough to play or access the menu. Use to love this game but for a month now it won’t stop crashing. I’ve done everything they asked me to do multiple times and still just crashes. Don’t recommend

- Worst scam app ever

Everything about this app is a scam, from compete for a certain reward and changing the reward for something you dont want after competing and spending your money, to their one device policy. Yes you heard that right... you build a team costing you thousand of dollars and if you break or lose your device too bad for you only one device policy means you wont get your team back ever. There is plenty of other reason to never play a second ofd this game but hopefully just this will be enough for others to never fall for this scam. Wish i could give a zero star

- The best game evar

I like this game because it is so much fun if you hit the ball it is so intense Cuss it is like are you going to get to the bace or not

- Best game I have ever played in my life

It is amazing best game ever

- Really good

Like it just a bit slow

- Good when it works

Fun game when it’s working but it crashes a lot, doesn’t even always load, and my team was randomly lost and deleted between closing and reopening the app.

- Gg

Best beast all game ever

- Not what it used to be

This used to be a great game. Now it seems all they want is for you to spend money. The game crashes, CVC points aren’t recorded properly, the free gold feature works less than half the time. Definitely not what it used to be. If you want to try and be competitive it will cost you some real cash.

- Love this game played a season to lose in finals but was a good time

Happy happy

- Sooo good

My favourite mobile game yet!!!

- Good game but needs better features

There needs to be a feature where you can trade in high leveled players for other positions or a way you could trade between users.

- Great game but

The game is great but it’s recently started crashing every time I’ve tried to play. Once fixed I’ll change to 5 stars :)

- Game won’t even start

Game freezes loading at 37 everytime. I have re-installed the app 3 times and the same thing occurs.

- Glu is scammers

Prior years was good! This year they are more greedy you basically gotta spend money to be relevant in the game. Also they will take your money and screw you on all star tickets. Has happened multiple times and they don’t care!!! Bring back 18!!!!

- Lag!!

Game constantly lagging since new updates. Happens every time. Don’t waste time or money.

- Lucky find

Best game ever, really simple to play. My son loves watching it, and he’ll be


It’s a great game and fun.It makes you feel good about your self and others (except when you don’t get good players in boxes)and I strongly recommend it.

- Le jeu mlb

Le jeu est nul car il bug beaucoup beaucoup et utilise aussi beaucoup trop de batterie du téléphone

- Fun game but...

I enjoy the game. But it does have the feeling of being run by teenagers who do it as their hobby. Every update is very scratchy and brings up a lot of issue. They constantly had stuff to the game to make it better without any explanations and remove it a few days after since it was a flop. The game is also ran according to pacific time which is not ideal for people on the east coast. It is a pay to win game and there is no way around it. Great graphics, fun and addictive game but constantly has an unfinished feeling to it unfortunately!

- Crashes

Game crashes constantly, end up burning valuable points and experience having to start a new game every time it crashes.

- Awesome

This is the best game ever but it’s to easy

- Filled with gold buying ads

Too many ad pop ups to buy gold to give a 5 star rating. Even you have paid to get rid of ads

- Great game sometimes it freezes but playing daily no plans to stop

Great game 2018 is more solid and I play both daily

- Feedback

Allow pinch hitters even when you’re ahead

- Glu Sucks

This game literally SUCKS!!It gives a gift out and I didn’t get it😡😡

- Great game

Awesome game. Very realistic. Play every day it’s definitely my go to app

- Crash

New version crashes often

- Walker

It is so fun and you have a lot of control over the game which makes it tons of fun!!!

- MLB Tap

Great game, only things that’d make it better is if you could play the pitcher and also choose from prizes instead of random

- Too much time consuming

The game is kind of fun. It’s fun to see the team progress.I have reach diamond tier by auto play thousand of game without paying any real money.This allows to earn some free gold.Diamond tier give 7500 gold per 500 games.I’ve got to a point where it’s too much time consuming to earn xp. Also prime xp is so hard to get. I have started to open boxes for bonus player to help the club earning points but did not make a real difference. Also you get in a loophole where you improve the new bonus player to help the club and don’t have xp for the player you already have. I suggest you to not spend real money on this it’s not worth it. We should stop playing when we see we are addicted to a game. It’s not good for you.

- I love this game

5 stars

- Awesome

U did an amazing job

- Scammers

The developers literally only care about getting you to spend money on their stupid gold system.

- Great game, terrible pitching

Really enjoy the game but the pitching is horrendous. How many pitches in the dirt or in the sky actually happen? If you can figure out the drunk beer league pitchers, it’s a fun game.

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- Awful

Truly awful game.

- Good but could be better

The batting is fun, but it would be cool if we could play the pitcher and choose the pitches!!

- Unplayable

Constant crashing

- Ridiculous

The game is good but I’ve been robbed of rewards because I wasn’t up at 4am to collect them as soon as the event ended, I’ve been told by 2 people on the customer service that if you don’t collect it straight away it’s gone, absolutely ridiculous, now deleted

- Awful game

Absolutely rubbish game, every ball that’s pitched doesn’t get hit, but when it does it’s caught everytime, awful game waste of time!

- Crashing!

Would love to play this game, unfortunately is just crashes all the time. Just open up the season mode please, the online games crash before they’ve even started.

- Bad Update

Since the December update this game is terrible. It’s like there’s only 6 different ways you’ll hit the ball and matches are almost pre-dertermined. Such a shame as this game was brilliant.

- Update wiped everything

Had a really good team but the update has wiped everything. So annoyed that I won’t download again

- Money Money Money

The fact that you cannot finish a single match without a prompt to pay some real money because your professional players are tired after a few pitches, tells you all you need to know about this cash grab.

- Bishy81

Exactly the same as has been mentioned previously, good game, really enjoyed playing it up until yesterday when the update has totally wiped out all of my team, points, money etc etc! Not happy!!

- Loss of all purchases

Spent a lot of money built great team , after update lost everything , refund or reinstate my game please

- Need more free games

It’s tricky to play so needs loads of practice. Why not let you build confidence early on

- Update erased my account

Everything was fine till yesterday update erased my account and my progress and all the stuff I bought.i want a refund

- Issues

This is a very good game and was enjoying it. However I can no longer play the game as every time I press the app it just throws me out of the app and refuses to load. Bug needs fixing otherwise I will be deleting for good

- Annoyed!!!

Recently downloaded and was enjoying! Now crashes all the time when loading! Deleted and tried again but does the same! Poor

- It’s a good but game but needs improving

It’s a really fun and enjoyable game however when you hit the ball far, 90% of the time someone will catch it and it’ll be a fly out which makes it almost impossible to win since you can’t hit it too far or your out

- It’s okay

It’s okay but it is really unfair to the pitching team they always catch it no matter what

- Good game

Easy passes some time

- No pitch or field gameplay

Great game haven’t found a need for the micro transactions yet which is great. My only issue is that you don’t get to pitch you can upgrade your pitcher but it’s like what for, I’d like to see the other player take their turn and have a way to pitch or be a fielder

- I want bowl and catch

I want the full game

- Game good rest is annoying

Menus and options are massively over complicated and it drains battery and overheats phone quickly and also occasionally slows frame rates making it impossible to hit. When it does run well it is good fun though

- No longer working on iOS

The game is no longer working on the most recent iOS. A fix would be nice.

- Crap game

The game is trash, no matter how good you hit the ball they will catch it 9/10 times and the players hit the ball so bad most of the time like it just rolls in front of them even if you don’t bunt it or whatever

- Could be better

Solid gameplay and generally good graphics but the importance of gold means you can’t really improve your team. Occasionally has frame rate issues which effectively makes it impossible to hit a pitch and it randomly changes your phone brightness.


Worst game EVER

- Not loading

Rubbish sh. Wouldn’t load. Removed the app 3 times. Get stuck at 37% always and ask “ try again” 🤨 Waste of time

- Used to be great but since last iOS update won’t load

Used to great but some last iOS update won’t load

- Dont buy

Worst game ive ever played laggy buggy and hitting the ball is imposssible cant tell where the pitchers throwing


This game is crap,the pitchers are terrible and half the time you can’t hit the ball... utter rubbish

- Game

Good game would recommend to anyone who likes baseball..........,,,,,,..................../.....|.||~~~~,..,,+¥~<¥~¥,¥ m m. Mcmckxkckckxkxkxkdkfkckfkfkfkfkxmgkdieieueudkdnvldj m hJasvlglglvvlfkfirifofkxkxkdkflvjxkxjkdusyahB !.£/72

- Good concept however poor in reality

The concept of the game is great, graphics great, game modes great. But what is the point if every single shot you make is caught. It doesn’t matter where you hit the ball it gets caught. So it’s a pointless game

- Great game, but.....

Apart from •Keeps crashing •Too much going on •Should bowl too


absolute garbage, you cant hit the ball and when you do you get caught out, steer clear from this rubbish or you will launch youre phone

- Unrealistic garbage

Inconsistent nonsense! Mosty get caught or run out. Mainly to first base coz ur player jogs along as apposed to sprinting (al la real life). Seriously don’t waste ur time on this game. Graphics are excellent but game play is beyond poor! DELETED!!!!!

- Decent game but such a shame

Could be an awesome game however severely let down by its constant in game crashing your playing then all of a sudden the game just shuts down get this fixed and there is a making of a very good solid gameplay experience

- Absolute CRAP

Graphics are good and generally good idea but game play is the worst I’ve seen! Impossible to get a home run every time you hit it you are caught out or run out on bases, even when you bunt the ball it goes straight to the pitcher every time, just another game that wants you to spend real money on players and even then I don’t think it would work. Ruined it!!!

- Good game but has issues

Game causes my iPhone to overheat within 5 minutes of playing, and the lag in game can be awful sometimes

- Game won’t load past 37% percent

Gets to 37% on the opening loading screen and comes with an error claiming I am on jail broken device when I’m not. Is jail breaking even still a thing?

- Good match engine, slow loading times

Not a big fan of baseball but the game is made well in terms of the game engine. The menu’s are a little confusing and a more in depth intro to the menus would be appreciated. Would certainly recommend the game though

- Annoying

Game is solid but it’s really annoying that when you hit a ball unless it’s a home run the pitchers always catch the ball doesn’t matter how good the hit is please sort it !!!!!!

- Good game but could be more

The lack of pitching, outfield plays, the ability to pick your swing/run type does let it down but still still solid game if you like batting. Solid graphics and gameplay. Would be nice to choose the audio/music settings rather than just turning it all off or on.

- Rjw

Try and get fielding into the game then 5 stars 👍

- Terms of (ab)use

Game is fine, as long as your account doesn’t get flagged for an unspecified contravention of the terms of use. Once this happens your innocence is irrelevant, that’s it, no discussion. Don’t bother spending any money on this as any and all progress you make can be written off for no apparent reason.

- One of the worst games out there

The game is exactly the same is last years version apart from it being completely unplayable. Constant frame rate issues mean you can’t hit a ball and even if you do the game crashes at least twice per inning meaning one game can take an hour. Just truly an awful game

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MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 2.1.3 Screenshots & Images

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 ipad images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 ipad images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 ipad images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 ipad images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 ipad images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 ipad images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 (Version 2.1.3) Install & Download

The applications MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 was published in the category Games on 2019-03-27 and was developed by Glu Games Inc [Developer ID: 284419051]. This application file size is 260.52 MB. MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 - Games posted on 2019-12-11 current version is 2.1.3 and works well on IOS 10.2 and high versions.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor

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