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Dominate the league in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019! Build your roster of MLB All-Stars, then team up to build a dynasty!

Build YOUR Dynasty
• Log in to the same Game Center account to add your THREE favorite players from 2018 to your 2019 roster
• Create your very own legend and add him to your roster
• Win or draft new players for your roster. New MLB stars, legends and all-time greats added every week
• Up your All-Star level to earn new perks and even better rewards that will help you every day in the ballpark

Play Together, Win Together
• Brand new Club Profiles let you show off your accomplishments to the Tap Sports Baseball universe!
• Revamped chat makes playing together much more fun and rewarding
• New club matching system puts you right in the competition
• Your club can take on every team in Tap Sports Baseball in fresh new club events every day
• All new perks and rewards for joining and competing in clubs

24/7/365 Baseball Action
• Play with official MLB Teams and MLBPA Players
• Swing for the fences in numerous modes: Slugfest, Home Run Battles, Walk Off Hero, Pick’em and many more
• Collect MLB superstars from retired legends to present day heroes
• Compete in new events and competitions every day that mimic the REAL events of the MLB
• Tap to swing with easy one-touch controls – tap one out of the ballpark anytime and anywhere

Download now to build YOUR MLB roster, build YOUR MLB dynasty, and dominate the ballpark year-round in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019!

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TSB19 Subscriptions
• CvC Edge ($9.99 USD/wk): 1 player on purchase, batting boost, starting multiplier boost & additional retry options in CvC
• Bonus XP Box ($9.99 USD/wk): 1 player on purchase, daily reward box
• Prime XP Bonus Box ($19.99 USD/wk): 1 player on purchase, daily reward box
• VIP Elite ($49.99 USD/wk): 1 player on purchase, bonus gold on all IAP, lower gold costs for mystery boxes
• VIP Power Parcel ($99.99 USD/wk): 1 player on purchase, daily reward box
• The Five Tool Box ($2.99 USD/wk): 7 day free trial, 1 player on purchase, daily reward box

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- Game is free to play, but real money is required for some items and charges your iTunes account. Disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
- Please buy carefully.
- Advertising appears in this game.
- Game permits users to interact with one another (e.g. chat rooms, player to player chat) depending on the availability of features. Linking to social networking sites not intended for persons ineligible under applicable rules of such social networking sites.
- Network connection is required to play.
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MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 App Description & Overview

The applications MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 was published in the category Games on 2019-03-27 and was developed by Glu Games Inc. The file size is 260.87 MB. The current version is 1.1.0 and works well on 10.2 and high ios versions.

- Choose your path with new Walk-Off Hero DIFFICULTY TOWERS
- More unique PERKS in All-Star Levels
- Coordinate better with your Club Mates with ONLINE STATUS indicators
- Load time improvements and menu performance optimizations
- Improvements to game performance and bug fixes

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MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Reviews



I’ve been playing tap for a couple years so here’s a honest review from a regular guy. 1: in order to be fairly competitive in this game you must spend a ridiculous amount of money. The prizes aren’t worth what you spend 2: customer service is horrible and to be honest cohoe care less about the customer 3: there’s nothing in it for the guys who don’t spend money. You won’t win played without spending gold which you can’t get unless you buy gold and even then there’s no real guarantee you land a player which is what is needed to compete. Bottom line don’t play unless you have cash to throw away and even then I’d strongly recommend a better hobby! Graffitiking


Good game best game  truluv4pits  5 star

The people who made this game is so good it’s pretty easy to play and I hope the game gets a lot of people to download


Not realistic and not fun  Jondabomb1231  1 star

It’s not realistic at all, the computer isn’t keyed to a realistic level for playing against humans


Nasty pitching  yankeesFan279924  5 star

This is a really fun game just watch out for the breaking ball it’s nasty

oil boy@17

Best game ever  oil [email protected]  5 star

This game is awesome it’s perfect for baseball lovers as my self I definitely recommend this app

:P ;P:D;D

Good game overall.  :P ;P:D;D  4 star

I think that this game is very fun. I wish that you were able to pay defense though. I feel like that would make it even more fun than it already is. Very good game though. Keep it up.😀

World war 2 historian

Horrible  World war 2 historian  1 star

Inconsistent in every part of gameplay. Reward system is broken and overall just terrible. Pitches make no sense and apparently a pitch in the dirt or one that almost hits you is a strike. Having one of the highest rated players in the game and having him swing at the perfect time at a pitch right down the middle results in a soft ground out. A lot more of a fantasy game than a baseball. Absolutely an embarrassment of a game. Disgraceful

Beast Mr

I hate this game  Beast Mr  2 star

This game is inconsistent with the game play, the fielders know were the play is going to go before the ball is hit, and the fielders make insane catches routinely. I honest dislike this game very much, and if you are wondering if you should download this game, just don’t. I gave it two stars because all though it had many problems at least people who created this game took the time to make this game, and I respect there hard work they put into making this game.


Ok but  Blahblahblahwho  1 star

Same as the other review. I have baller hitters and when the bases are loaded I hit a perfect pitch and either it dribbles right to the pitcher or it’s a super deep out. The longer I play the more the game cheats. I can hit 10 out of 10 in home run contests but with a super loaded batter I can’t even get a single when I connect. Shady game. Not stoked and deleting it. I have never wrote a review much less take the time to write a bad one but here you go.


Great game but,  hvhvyvygytcgy  5 star

This is probably one of my most favorite games the graphics are good and so is the game play, but every once and a while it freezes up and I have to close out the tab but it only happens every once and a while so overall it is a pretty good game


Appalling  ShireSmith  1 star

Have played this game for a few years - it's actually not bad game play although increasingly Glu seek to monetise the game - meaning you really need to spend real cash to perform better. Having spent probably over a hundred dollars over the past few years I went to support today with an issue about loss of gold. They claimed I used it for something I didn't (a franchise slot) and I asked them to reverse it. Seriously - something happened and without my permission or actual acceptance and I simply asked it reversed - they said no. It was their issue I am sure but they were flat unhelpful. Unbelievable - dont get hooked on by them - never had such a bad care experience online. Greedy thieves.


Good  ShaniceR24  3 star

It would be 5 stars if the game didn’t stop crashing and exiting the app!!!! It’s so annoying! I hate it. Please fix this issue before I delete the app.

Xavier Tauti

Lord Dimagio  Xavier Tauti  3 star

Freezes all the time, takes a while to load. Really enjoy playing the game but just those things are keeping me from giving ya’s a 5 star

Trickster Jack

This is TRASH!  Trickster Jack  1 star

This game didn’t show the core of baseball and it was hard to hit and puck out the pitching. When you wanted to hit it always looked like a fast ball but it almost dropped on the ground all the time. They need to have a better angle for batting. This is a horrific game!


Sox  AUSSOX  5 star

Great game having loads of fun very enjoyable. I’m from Australia and a big big fan of BOSTON RED SOX


18 log in  ivymase18  1 star

Can’t use my old account for the 19 version. Won’t let me log into my 18 account. Says email invalid even though when I go into the 18 version it says what email it’s saved under. Scam. Just another way to get more money out of people. Make everyone start from scratch. Boring.


Keeps crashing  engine058  3 star

Game was lots of fun to pass the time however as of the last few days the game constantly crashes making it unplayable. I invested about $50 over the last month on gold and upgrades and now I cant use it because the game is broken


Great game  falcon333333  5 star

I’ve only played four games so far and I’m hooked

Rob Ku

Graphics are good  Rob Ku  2 star

Everything else is absolutely horrendous.


Game Time  GoGoMusic4Life  5 star

I really enjoy playing this game. Very easy, nice graphics and exciting gameplay. Two thumps up👍🏾👍🏾


Absolute joke of a game.  Nathan729  1 star

You are basically swinging at everything and hoping to hit. Completely rigged and sleazy game.



Please fix the constant glitching. App crashes a lot in a middle of a game and now crashes when u try to watch a video for a boost. If u even try to watch a video it crashes. Also way too pop ups every time. A lot has to be fixed!


This game is Garbage just takes your money odds are against you  dantoniodboy1  1 star

You very seldom get anything good out there packs they want you to spend tons of money but never get nothing good out the packs even when you win cool graphics tho.can y’all not see they using you for your money a 25 percent chance out of a 1000 thousand to get someone good is sad and majority of the time you won’t get nothing DONT SPEND Your money on this game I hope someone sues their company for cheating consumers they are cheating people out of their money and its not fair Glu sports is going to get exposed for cheating people they are cheaters Glu sports mlb tsb 19 are cheaters and their computers are cheaters to taker you’re money and not give you anything out of the boxes please don’t buy from them glu sports mlb tsb 19 one of the worst games ever F glu sports mlb tsb 19 they all going to hell they some clowns and have the worst customer care I hope glus stock continues to drop and their sales decline they make the customer feel like trash especially their loyal customers these are the worst people to deal with glu and mlb tsb them crooks they are just taking peoples money and not give them nothing after they spend it because the odds on this game are against you I can’t wait to see GLU go out of business please do not support their business you buy a 20 box they tell you guaranteed player but you get nothing false advertisement this is one of the worst apps ever DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS APP!!!


Excellent  JameelGressham  5 star

I love it


Lagggggg  benjinator07  2 star

Would be better if it didn’t lag every time I try to play a game


I really like this game  Gav55510  5 star


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