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Fill the rings to plant trees and save the whole forest. How many trees can you grow?

Hold to fill the ring. Be careful to the obstacles!

Main Features
- Addictive gameplay
- Simple and satisfying
- Fun and relaxing to play
- Easy controls
- Bright effects
- Charming graphics
- Many different locations
- Intense arcade gameplay
- Unlock unique devices

Growing trees has never been so satisfying. Escape into the picturesque landscapes today.

Twist Hit! App Description & Overview

The applications Twist Hit! was published in the category Games on 2018-11-22 and was developed by SayGames LLC. The file size is 155.39 MB. The current version is 1.8 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Minor bugfix

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Twist Hit! Reviews


اسلام عليكم  تامك  5 star

كيف حلك


Fun review  tink_puppylove26  5 star

This is so fun when I’m mad it makes me cool down I’m happy that this game is real🤓👌

DFA Eat Them Noodles

AWESOME!!!  DFA Eat Them Noodles  5 star

I alive every thing about it. How you can hit the tree trunks, wow. Love this game!

whet ever

Twist hit!  whet ever  5 star

This is the best game ever I can’t stop playing this game the game gets more harder.💕❤️😍😁😆


New bug 🤷🏾‍♂️  abg9123  1 star

The bug it’s not fixed and if it’s is there is a new one we’re you can’t fill a circle without the game crashing

Brisa Chavez

👌🏻👉🏼  Brisa Chavez  3 star


Mr. Jayhawk

Accidentally Bought the No Ads Version and there is still ads  Mr. Jayhawk  1 star

Don’t buy this app, it still will be loaded with obnoxious 30-60 second ads, also save your money and time the game is not good and does not get to any sort of difficulty at all.


This is so very relaxing but the adds omg  ydtdjhohidystsugohkgdsr  4 star

So this game is very relaxing and fun and all but I have one question why do you earn the diamonds when your not even going to use them? Like if they are actually used for something in the game plz let me know and I’ll try to see if anyone has the same question. This game is very fun and easy and I really really love it and I love that you can write reviews about your opinions and what would be changed about this game, and I really like easy games like these because they are fun,easy,and very interesting I have so many apps because these games are you know what and thank you so much for reading this I was a little extra but who cares!😛 oh one more thing I have so many apps because of the adds can’t forget about the adds and they are very frustrating I just think there should be less adds


it’s good but...  STAR LIRD VADOR  3 star

it’s a amazing app but i just don’t like the sound i like to listen to music while i’m playing games but i can’t find the no music button.


twist hit  hdjdndhdhx  5 star

Because he had no clue r y have well thought out hop i here jdiqp uhi always makes my job look like kind


Great game  😻😿✌🏻  5 star

This game is so relaxing and fun. I recommend to play this garment after a stressful day. Amazing game.


Not enough achievements!  Em94Pete  3 star

I was actually enjoying the game, it’s a pretty easy and fun idle game. But with very little effort I have now unlocked every skin. There are no more achievements to unlock so I am just collecting diamonds for nothing. I watched ads to increase the amount of diamonds I got and within a week I had unlocked all the skins. What’s the point in playing now. Needs a definite upgrade, to make it worth playing again.

Beksta tol

Boring  Beksta tol  1 star

Horrible game

doggo man 123

Don’t get game  doggo man 123  1 star

This game is very repetitive and gets boring after a while and my app won’t even open

weirdo 456

Twist Hit!  weirdo 456  5 star

This is a really great game to play when your bored 👍


Good but  hxhhsggeg  1 star

So Easy fix it make it so hard

hbxghn crhj

💗🤗  hbxghn crhj  5 star

This is one of the best apps in the world!


Twist tree  Dragonwick1966  5 star

It is ok but the add that they put in to watch to triple the jewels don’t actually get the by 3 properly and only just double when it should be triple


Developers are greedy  Fernandes07  1 star

This game is visually appealing and addictive. But after purchasing no ads to support this game. Ads still appear everywhere. When you finish a level a chest pops up, to open the chest you have to view and ad even after purchasing the no ad option. Also if you don’t want to view it you have to wait at least 5-10 seconds before the continue button shows. If you’ve purchased no ads you should be able to open that chest without it viewing it. Also to complete the collection you have to open the chest. Very greedy by the developers.


Awesome  dhrhuxvitdjixjkt  5 star



Best game  courtneycb071608  5 star

This is the funnest game I’ve ever played. It is so addictive. I give this game 5 stars.

yoona ❤️🧡💛💚💙💖💜

Not bad  yoona ❤️🧡💛💚💙💖💜  4 star

The game is pretty good honestly, you don’t get that bored once you play it, but to be honest I wish if there was just more for it, if you keep up playing it, you will get pretty bored, what I am saying is that I wish that if this game pretty much had more features and things to do.Other than that it’s a good game.


So many ads  Maxpete4s  2 star

They bombard you with advertisements at the beginning. I tried playing, but the quantity of ads was unbearable. The game is quite basic. I wonder if they are maximizing profits while they are being promoted. Deleted because of their advertising policy. Avoid, unless you intend to buy it.

Minion Aaliyah

Great  Minion Aaliyah  5 star

This is an great awesome game but try to make it tricky Love,Linda Patterson

Евгений Philadelphia

Лёгкая и не новящевая игра! Успокаивает нервы.  Евгений Philadelphia  5 star

Супер. Отвлекает от дневной рутины на работе. 5 звёзд!!!


Oddly satisfying  Breaadagoat🤟🏽  1 star

But it too many ads , I hate it 💯


WAY too many ads!  bigrand1  2 star

Such a good game really, but the ads are SO off-putting I can’t stand it! It’s too bad! $3 to get rid of the ads?! Maybe $1.50 is more like it! All things considered, I just deleted it! 👎😩

Ellie Cameron Sadies

SO FUN!!  Ellie Cameron Sadies  5 star



Freezing  PumpkinPandaBear  1 star

Ever since this update it’s been freezing every time I play it..other than that it’s a great game and I’ll gladly change my rating when this issue is fixed


Paid $2.95 for no ads, but the ads still come  Milldawgs  1 star

This needs to be fixed, or refund my money


Breaking GDPR?  Nazaca1  1 star

game states you can retract the obligation to give data in settings, but this is clearly a lie as you enter the settings in game and this option does not exist. Very malicious assuming the app has already taken your data after you agreed on the pretense that there would and could be a retraction.

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