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What is podcast alarm - player & alarm app? Start each day with a Podcast on Podcast Alarm.

When the alarm blares you just want to make it stop, hit snooze as fast as possible. What if you actually enjoyed the sound of your alarm clock? What if you actually learnt something from it and started the day with an extra bit of motivation?!

We recommend starting each day with a podcast. With Podcast Alarm you can select whatever kind of podcast you’re into as your morning alarm. We've got everything from business to fitness, and crime thrillers to cooking. Choose from 1000's of podcasts, including of course all the most popular podcasts, The Daily, TED Talks, and Serial for example. 

Instead of hitting snooze on your alarm, dozing off again and feeling worse, you can actually listen to something interesting. You can set up multiple alarms for anytime of the day - the drive home, the gym, winding down at night. Plus you can play immediately without setting an alarm like a regular podcast player.


• Play your favourite podcast as an alarm, any time, any day
• Choose from 1000's of podcasts
• Find your favourite and add it to your personal queue
• Discover more, our themed lists will help you find podcasts you're into
• Auto download the latest episode and have it set up to play every day
• Nightstand mode, see what's up next

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Podcast Alarm - Player & Alarm Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Podcast Alarm - Player & Alarm Version 1.2308 December 2020

Bug Fixes.

Podcast Alarm - Player & Alarm Comments & Reviews 2023

- Good, not great

Expected more for the price. Also, the podcasts can be played at different speeds... but there’s no way to have that speed every day. Each morning I have to go into the app to make that morning go at a different speed than 1. Seems like an easy fix that would be nice.

- Finally!

Been searching for so long and finally something like this happened! It works the basics. However, would be great to be able to subscribe to multiple podcasts so it can keep playing in turns until user stops them (alternative daily news sources in the morning for example). Also would be great if user can set up multiple alarms for people who snooze! And there doesn't seem to have a easy way to temporarily disable an reoccurring alarm for a sleep in morning - need to delete and re-add. If this is a paid app we expect more flexible features!

- A good start but needs some work

Im so glad that there are starting to be alarms that hook up to podcasts because I’ve been looking for such an app for years. This app is a good start but needs some work. I see from previous reviews that the developers are quite responsive, so I hope these get addressed soon: First, once the alarm goes off, the play and pause controls are not accessible from the lock screen. You have to directly go into the app to access these controls. Second, the play and pause buttons are TINY. If you have any fine motor control issues or vision impairment, this app would be difficult for you to use. Finally, unlike other apps with sound, this one won’t pause other audio while in use. Instead, it will play simultaneously.

- Amazing!

I have wanted to wake to podcasts for years, and now I finally can! This isn’t just any old app, though. You can schedule multiple alarms for multiple podcasts. There is a nightstand mode showing the time all night. The best part? A developer who really cares. I posted one request at Facebook and Bam! New feature (I asked that they make the time in nightstand mode float a bit to prevent burn in on OLED iPhones).

- It’s ok

Been using it for a few days. The idea works, you are able to set up an alarm where your podcast plays. However it is not the most recent episode. So, if you follow a daily podcast or a news podcast, you’re not going to be getting a daily play, you’re getting whatever day the app chooses to play. If the settings allowed for the user to figure out a way to ensure that you’re getting the most recent episode, this app would be great.

- What took this so long!?!

It’s late 2019 and I finally have a way to wake up to some of my favorite podcasts. Great for those daily and brief news shows. I’m starting of with the Newsworthy (wife & I both enjoy that one in the morning).

- Has never worked

This is a great idea - if it worked. Went off one day with a recurring alarm scheduled. Another day I got it to go off by scheduling the night before. The rest of my attempts lead to nothing. I wouldn’t care if it was free, but we paid for an app! At least it should work remotely close to what is advertised. I already emailed and received a quick reply but no actual help. (Just so you don’t bother asking me to email for help.)

- Great, but limited podcast options

I like it a lot! The only thing is that it doesn’t have my favorite morning podcast, NPR Up First. I’m not sure how hard that is to add. I will update my review to 5 stars when it gets added!

- Working sometimes

I like the app, but it doesn’t always work. I subscribe to a podcast, download them, and set an alarm. About 50% of the time the alarm doesn’t go off and I just have to play the podcast. Can’t figure what is going wrong. When it works, its great.

- Promising, but currently mediocre

An app like this is really useful; waking up to podcasts instead of repeated screeching is great. And this app, unlike all other podcast alarms currently on offer, does not attempt to jury-rig a connection with the apple podcast app, it just keeps everything in-house — and that added stability and reliability is super important for my alarms. As of now tho, it has some issues. For bugs: -When I use this horizontally on my ipad, it cuts off certain features so that I have to turn my ipad vertical to be able to operate the app; -After an alarm is set you can only edit the time and repeats not the podcast being played. For features — not bugs, but missing features which would make the user experience much better: -There is no autoplay which starts the next podcast once the current one ends; -The alarm (using automatic source — where it picks from the latest episode of a subscribed podcast) always starts a new episode and does not give the option to pick up where you left off on the latest episode; -Other podcast alarms give you the ability to skip ahead when a podcast alarm starts — to bypass early ads or long intros — this one does not. All in all, is it worth $3? Meh. I personally would say yes; but I’m on the fence and could definitely see someone else thinking it isn’t good enough to warrant that price. Has promise, and I’m still glad I bought the app, and in time I could certainly see it getting amazing, but it just isn’t all the way there yet.

- Seems legit

Good selection of podcasts, does just what it needs to do, developer seems responsive, quality app 👍🏼

- Worst alarm

Only works intermittently. Not reliable as an alarm. Doesn’t start when you want it to. Has a repeat feature that doesn’t work. Worst app I’ve ever purchased!

- Inadequate FAQ and obvious shortcomings

No obvious way to link to to podcast you’ve already paid for. “Discovering” the podcast you want doesn’t have the option to assert you already have a subscription.

- Fails every other day

It simply does not work properly. Every other day it “fails to download” episode… kind of defeat the purpose of a podcast alarm clock.

- Help!

I cannot get it to play any sound. It shows its playing, volume is all the way up, frustrating.

- Seems to work (mostly); lag with UI

UPDATE #1: I was able to find the complete podcast that I originally wanted. Its name was slightly different than I thought, so I wanted to quickly update this review to show that the app did not mess up there. However, I tried using it for my alarm this morning, but it never sounded. My iPad volume was completely down, though. Not sure if this played a role. The episode did not seem to be playing quietly, so it may have truly failed to begin playing. Regardless, if you have to max up your volume every night, that’s a huge pain. You don’t have to do that with the normal Apple alarm app. I’ll update more when I’ve used it for longer. —————————————————————————————— Just installed this app. First impressions: - The alarm worked with a podcast when I tried it just now on my iPad. - It has the option to have repeated alarms (e.g., for weekdays). This is great (assuming it works). - The UI (specifically the alarm creation process) was very laggy. I kept expecting the app to crash. However, it did work in the end. Biggest problem: - I bought this app for a specific podcast (a Spanish grammar podcast). I am 100% certain that this podcast (all episodes) is available for free through the Apple podcast app. However, I could only find the 10 most recent episodes via the app. They were not grouped together as a podcast, either. No podcast was found when I searched for it, just these 10 episodes. Clearly, the episodes are there, but for some reason the app doesn’t display that there is a podcast that they all belong to that has many more episodes. Very disappointed about this. I’ll update this review if I find more bugs or if these issues are fixed. Thank you!

- Disappointed

Completely stopped allowing me to set alarms

- Missing Numerous Basic and Quality of Life Features

I first want to say that I do believe this is a good start for an app. Unfortunately, it is over-priced for what is offered. The issues I’m running into are basic, and I hope can be fixed by the developer. I will continue to hold on to this app in the background, in hopes of improvements. Overview: This app is run by setting an alarm, then subscribing either your “queue” or “automatic” which plays selected subscriptions. Then the alarm plays the order of the queue, which you manually have to select episodes and add to, or the alphabetical order of your chosen automatic subscriptions. Issues: 1) You are unable to delete any items from your queue. If you get back-logged on episodes, as I frequently do, you are left with multiple episodes of of daily news where the only way to delete them is by listening to them. 2) You are unable to select the order that your automatic subscriptions are played. I like listening to my news every morning in order from important, to least important, because I don’t always listen through the whole playlist in the mornings. There is currently no way to specify which podcasts to play first—it’s all in alphabetical order. (Would also be neat for random episodes as well). 3) You are unable to stop listening to an episode without starting a new one. You can pause the episode, but it will always remain at the bottom of the app taking up room until you select a new episode of something else. There is no way to go back to not listening to anything. Summary: Great app for one or two podcasts to be awakened to. I would not recommend this to anyone who likes listening to a playlist of podcasts in the morning. The first two problems are holding me back from using this app.

- alarm doesn’t go off

Set it up. Alarm doesn’t go off. I have a masters degree, so....

- Fails at only job

Doesn’t work. Like, alarm doesn’t go off. Yikes.

- Can we have BBC global news?

BBC global news is by far the best news podcast that I’ve been listening to for years. Any possibility that we could have that? Thanks

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- Alarms

I only have 2 tracks I use as an alarm. Sometimes it works but most times it doesn’t . Not sure why, Howe I always set a second alarm as can’t trust this one. If anyone could shed some light, I would be very grateful as love my alarm choices. A beautiful way to wake up 💜🦋🧚🏻‍♀️

- Does what it says

Wakes me up with the latest podcast in the streams I’ve chosen. Thanks

- Doesn’t work

I have set the alarm on this to play a podcast to wake me up & it has not once worked... however when I hang up from a call it randomly plays the alarm... deleting the app, waste of money

- iPad Pro frozen and unable to force shut down…

and now the alarm won’t stop (set for 7 am, but it’s now 11 pm). Extremely unhappy. Nothing I can do but wait for the battery to run out.

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- The best way to wake up

I was looking for a better way to wake up, hoping to find an alarm app that uses music or podcasts. Googled and randomly found Podcast Alarm. Recommend to people who love podcasts and hate waking up to ugly sounds! 🤗🤗

- Mad glitches

Won’t play the newest podcast released like promised - Keeps playing the previous day’s. If the app is left running in the background and I get a phone call, when the call is over (even if the cal isn’t answered, just finishes ringing), the app resumes what was playing. Even if phone is on silent. Not good for meetings or really to ever leave the app open. Lowered my rating from 2 to 1

- App needs some work

For the life of me, I can’t get the alarm on this app to go off with the podcast of my choice, which is the whole reason why I bought it. I just doesn’t work if you set it over like 10 hours prior.

- Do not buy this app !!!!

I have a iphone 10 and the app simply doesn’t work, i tried everything (reset iphone, reinstall app etc). Everytime i try to set a alarm the app is crashing and closing (no other apps on my phone do this).

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Podcast Alarm - Player & Alarm iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Podcast Alarm - Player & Alarm iphone images
Podcast Alarm - Player & Alarm iphone images
Podcast Alarm - Player & Alarm iphone images
Podcast Alarm - Player & Alarm iphone images

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The applications Podcast Alarm - Player & Alarm was published in the category News on 2019-09-30 and was developed by Jonathan Wilson [Developer ID: 1077840208]. This application file size is 33.81 MB. Podcast Alarm - Player & Alarm - News app posted on 2020-12-08 current version is 1.23 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: Jonathan-Wilson.Podcast-Alarm