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new on byte: * direct messaging! tap the envelope icon on your home screen to start chatting with friends. * bug fixes and improvements

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- Loving byte!!!

I love byte!!! However it could use a lot of improving, I would love seeing a lot of changes to the app and fixes for lots of glitches. The most annoying glitch is when you go to make a video, shoot, and then preview it, when you go back to shoot another clip the camera always freezes. I’ve had to abandon so many videos because of this. Being able to see how many likes a video has on the main screen would be really nice, along with the number of comments on posts and followers on peoples pages. Another feature would be to be able to search for sounds, and channels, especially since there are only going to be more and more channels. I love the look and design of the app! The neon colors are very appealing. Another great features would be the ability to edit clips of videos, to crop the video, and to be able to have a text box only for a certain length of the video, not the whole thing. :)

- Just a few suggestions from GENZ❤️

The app is AMAZING. But I have a few suggestions. Allow people to reply UNDER the comment they want to reply too so it’s not confusing. Allow us to dm eachother. Let us have duets. And make some of the flitters look like tiktok. And also allow us to be able to record for more than 15 seconds. Add more song that are popular and when people make a video with no song in it let us still us it. I promise you if you do these things your app will become VERY popular. Allow us to see how many likes we have and put it on the side than putting it on the bottom of the screen. Allow people to go live on the app. you can keep the logo and everything. AND BTW. This not me saying I hate your app because I actually laugh at the content it’s just we need are famous and brilliant tiktokers to come on this app and feel comfortable. Trump has been messing with tiktok and I just hate the fact that he did that. But I’m order for things to get better is is my suggestions and I pretty sure people would agree with this new change that we are asking for. WE WILL BE SO. SO. Thankful and happy that we have an back up app just in case the app gets deleted. Thank you for you time. From- fellow tiktoker from genz To - Amazing Creator of Byte.

- this app can be the new tiktok

there's so much potential here in this app. i think tiktok's meteoric rise kind of overshadowed this app's creation, but to be fair who could've predicted tiktok's popularity. this app is functionally the same format as tiktok, but there are some neat new features like profile theme colors and color-changing text (and IT WON'T MINE YOUR DATA LIKE TIKTOK which is rad and the best of all). there's still room for improvements and new editing tools, but if you're a potential new Byte user i'm urging you to give this app time. you can move your old tiktoks over to this platform in the meantime to preserve your account and all the work you've done, and you can use other editing software in the meantime to make up for some of the features you miss right now. the Byte devs have a huge incentive to meet the needs of its new audience, so offer helpful suggestions and give them time to get things rolling. this is a much safer platform, and it has the potential to surpass tiktok once users start to move. give it some time, be patient while you warm up to the new platform, and work with the development team to make Byte the best platform it can be. all the ingredients for success are here already, and any desired features that it currently lacks can be added if we're vocal and patient.


I only gave it 4 stars because it is SO close with tik tok it not exactly there yet. If you add more stuff to byte that is on other platforms especially tik tok, I have a feeling it can blow up. And if Tik tok is banned I would WAY WAY WAY rather go on byte than the Walmart version of tik tok “Triller”. This app has quality and potential, I just ask for you to make the camera quality better when u post videos because I have an 11 pro and it is still a little blurry when I post. And if there were filters that would be AMAZING. And for the timing thing, make it so you can stop it at a certain point so we can be more creative with videos! Once again my main point here is that this app has POTENTIAL. We can finally make this the Vine 2 we have all been waiting for if you really listen to the people who go on your app. Thank you, I hope this somehow gets to you guys because this is good information right here. I actually love this app though and the idea of channels is genius to me. Instead of only looking at the fyp for videos you like, you can just simply go to the category of your choice and watch whatever bytes your in the mood to watch.

- it’s my new safe place :,)

people are saying the app is not exactly like Tiktok, but it’s not supposed to be. it’s byte, things are going to be different. i think it’s amazing and the community is really friendly. i’ve made more genuine connections on this up in the past five days than I did on TikTok in the past two years. one of my favorite things about the app is how you can’t see how many followers one person has, and how many people they follow. it gets rid of the toxic competition that a lot of social media apps have. the byte team has accounts on the apps and they interact with people there, it makes the app so much more welcoming. (we love you dom :,)) A lot of people moved from tiktok to byte in the past week and the creators have already done so much to accommodate to us when they most definitely didn’t have to. the creators listen to our feedback and interact with us almost daily. the app isn’t perfect but i can tell the creators are doing a lot for us behind the scenes so if you guys see this review, thank you <3 sincerely, balsamic

- Needs Improvement

Like many other people, I am moving to this app because of the looming threat of our precious app, Tiktok, being taken away. I’ve been perusing this app for about half an hour now and I have some major critiques. Obviously it is not the same as Tiktok, however it appears very similar. That being said, there is no way to view someone’s follower count or their total likes. The absence of liking comments, in my opinion, is very disheartening, and takes away from the enjoyment of the app. Perhaps the biggest issue I have though, is that there seems to be no way to add audio. When I go to record a video, I can’t add music. As someone who likes to create content about the progress of my art, I feel music is very important because I don’t always have things to talk about in my videos. I’m aware that the same people who created Byte also created Vine, but I think the inclusion of being able to add audio to videos with ease would significantly impact my enjoyment of the app. Of course, there are many minor things that can be changed, but the biggest thing for me would be to add an easy way to add audio to videos.

- Rad App for creativity and collaboration

Byte is bringing back the six second loops but going above and beyond this time by creating a community where you are involved and engage with the creators and developers via an open to all community forums website. It’s very cool to give the users a voice, but more importantly... even cooler to see the process of the app evolve with complete transparency. Im talking about an app that actually cares about you and listens to you instead of just accumulating and selling all of your information while simultaneously trying to bombard you with ads. With so many options for social media platforms these days it’s refreshing to have an app that is stripped down to the basics encouraging the users to actually get creative! I’m always blown away at the talent that can come from a six second video and it’s incredible to see how that 6 second video can inspire others and then evolve into something bigger. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Byte. I believe that it will be a great success.

- Yes

Ok so I, like many others, came from tiktok and I am trying to figure out how this app works and trying to find the “alt” users or whatever. Some things that I like about this app is how no creators are really big on it so it feels so much more personal and people on this app are so nice. Another thing I like is how you can’t see follower count. It takes the focus off of how many followers you have and makes it more about the content you create and how you interact with others. I think that some audios should be added and we should be able to use other creators audios and I also think that there should be better filters. I don’t want this app to be just like tiktok however because the way it is now is so beautiful and if it were just like tiktok it would easily become a very negative space. I think that it’s kinda cool how the videos are shorter because it kinda gives a vine twist to the app. Overall I am really enjoying it so far! 🐍🦎🐀

- few suggestions

okay so we all know that tiktok invaded this app, and the fact that the creator actually listens to us and helps and fixes things when he can is amazing. so i have a few suggestions. i don’t know how coding works, so i don’t know how hard it is going to be to implement these, but i’d like to be able to see how many followers other creators have and how many likes a video has. another thing that would be cool is to be able to pause the videos. i like to go through the comments of videos but when there’s an audio playing on repeat it gets kind of obnoxious. another thing that’s probably going to be a lot more difficult to do is: i would love it if the videos were full screen. that’s something so small and insignificant, but it just kind of bothers me. other than that, this app is actually really fun! i absolutely LOVE the fact that you can customize the colors of ur profile 💅🏻🥰🧚‍♂️👁👄👁

- Almost better than TikTok

I love the respect for all the communities with Chanel’s. there’s no celebrities on the app and you don’t have to be pretty to get on the front page. And nobody’s really famous so getting followers is so rewarding. and the byte community is over all very nice. But there’s a few things that would make the app even better. if you can see how many followers and likes other people have, and if you tap to pause instead of holding it. But I still really love the feature were you can see when the video was posted, how many views and how many likes it has (unlike TikTok were you have to go to there page to see how many views it has and when they posted it BUT they recently took those off for some reason) so yeah like I was saying I love the app but I think we would all like to see a update where we can look at other peoples followers. Oh yeah one more thing, no political opinions witch is great

- It’s ok for now but change needs to happen lol

So as we all know tik tok is potentially getting banned. hate that. there are things i like about the app and things i don’t like. For 1 we need to be able to add audios and current music, and use other people’s sounds. 2 make the recording button on the app better, it’s kinda difficult to function at times. 3 the whole set up needs organized better with the “mix page” and the “following page”. 4 you may want to add in filters to the app because with a lot of tik tokers moving to this app the demand for filters is going to be astronomical. 5 organize the hashtags and out pages better. 6 allow us to see how many followers someone has and how many likes they have. 7 make the page easier to interact with, pausing the video, seeing how many views, likes and comments. otherwise this app is ok and needs improvement for this app to get big and maybe even change the name i don’t know.

- Good But Room For Improvement

First thing i noticed when trying to make a byte is that you can only make your video 16 seconds long, personally i feel it needs to be way longer, for example, 45 seconds or even 1 minute 30 seconds. Another thing that throws me off is that you can’t see the amount of followers and the amount of total likes they have, which seems like a crucial part to have. I also don’t really understand how to use/add sounds which is one of the most important things. Lastly you can’t like comments which just takes away a feels from the comments, because you really basically have to read all of them to see which comments are the best. Also make some other slight improvements and this add could really be something, like for reason i feel addicted already, but as for now I know I won’t be making content myself for the reasons i stated above! 4 Star app!


Omg I love love loooove this app so much. They don’t shadow ban people and are inclusive of everyone and every group of people. I don’t feel pressured to have a certain amount of followers for the world to see because they don’t show that to anyone. I don’t feel pressured to make a video that isn’t going to be shown on the fyp because I’m actually having fun and not worrying about how many followers and likes I have. The developers are so kind and have been so welcoming to the new users. They have gone out of their way to make everything nice and homey for us. Everybody is so kind and accepting of each other. I feel welcomed and not ignored like I was on tiktok. Thank you to the developers for making such a great app and an even better community. While there are a few bugs that need to be fixed I truly love this app so much. I feel like it’s a community and not just social media.

- Off to a good start!

I’m so happy that I’m “back in the loop!” 🤪 Seriously though, byte has the potential to bring back all the fun and feels that we had with Vine. I say potential because there are a couple things that I feel need improvement. First, I didn’t understand that the lightening bolt was where we can view comments & who is following us. Second, I don’t understand the rating system in my stats. I’d prefer this experience to not be a contest of sorts. I think that could take away from creativity and just having fun. One more thing; because of the framing of uploads (i.e., portrait mode), it’s a bit to, “in your face” and not all videos fit/fill the space properly. I’m more fond of landscape mode as it’s easier on the eyes and more realistic I suppose. Anyhoo, this is why I gave a 4 star instead of 5. I’m sure when all the bugs are worked out and such, I’ll be back to update my review. 🙂

- we stan 🥵💯

I absolutely adore this app. I know we all want what Vine gave us back in the day but it’s in the past. Nostalgia is not your friend but, Byte will be. This is innovative. This is growth. This is what the people have been chanting for. This app has a great community of creators who are passionate and very supportive of one another. The bytes really showcase the variety of talents the internet has to offer from Comedy to 3D Art to Singing to Memes! It has so much to give. I certainly love how consistent the updates of this app is and how the developers have created a forum in which the byte community can chat amongst each other and with them. It certainly takes out the feeling of being a dollar sign that you get with other apps. If you’re looking for some good ol’ laughs or ready to be amazed then come join the app and forums! Great place, 10/10 would eat here again.

- Has a ton of potential

I love the idea of Byte. It currently has a small but great community of funny and talented people which is nice. I love how it's not the repetitive, political cesspool of an app that TikTok has become. It has the same wholesome and fun vibe that Vine had. Although, it has a few issues. For one, it needs better advertising. The app has been out for about half a year now and barely anyone has heard of it. I'd like to see some original Viners come to Byte (Danny Gonzalez, Adam & Packie, Drew Gooden, etc.) But I doubt any of those people have even heard of Byte. Also, there is a bug that occurs whenever I open Byte. I have to turn my phone off silent or turn my volume up/down for the audio to work, which is annoying. If these get fixed, I feel like Byte really could become the next Vine. If any devs are reading this, please take these into consideration, thank you.

- Love it! But...

This is great! I wasn’t around for vine and this definitely fills the void I had in my heart. I love the idea that you can’t see anyone’s follower count but your own, that’s really original and I think makes the app more useful just to have fun and make content. However, just a couple of critiques: 1) I want to know who I’m mutuals with! Whether this entails letting creators see a list of who’s following them or simply seeing like a “friends” icon if you go to a mutual’s profile, that would be great. 2) Maybe integrate a liking comments system? Most media platforms have that and it helps the comments section be more streamlined and gives bots/self-promo less power. Other than that I love the simplicity of it! An app doesn’t need hashtags or filters or effects or anything like that, it really makes making content less stressful.

- It’s something

My opinion on byte is that it is more like vine than tiktok and less like at the same time. Byte is the vine based 6 second looping video. It also is like vine as I don’t rember vine having any trends, it was just post random things you thought were funny. Tiktok has obvious tends that fade out in a month or two. I am a little confused about the user friendliness as you cannot abuse the video. That could be great if you could. The comment section is about as bad as it gets. There are no comments it’s just “FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW LIKE FOR LIKE” and I know that’s not really something they can control. As one reviewer said “this runs off of being the anti tiktok and new vine.” The videos on Every page are the same and you can’t refresh whether you on the home page, popular page or the your mix page. I don’t think that this will overtake tiktok as tiktok is now such a big app. My opinion is I’m going to stick with tiktok as I see the content there as better.

- Love it

I can really tell the developers are taking the consideration and advice of new users! A lot of us came here because tik tok was shutting down and A LOT OF US have stayed because it’s a really nice place to make friends and get noticed more easily. It took them less than a week to let us like comments which is super impressive. They were able to create spaces to ensure inclusivity like the black byte channel, which uplifts black creators. Honestly i’m just really impressed with the amount of work being put into the app. If the people working on byte didn’t already know, we love you the way you are. You don’t have to be a carbon copy of tik tok to be wonderful. My only real advice is allowing users to use their own music and sounds. This will help allow trends. Hashtags just aren’t the same and music is groovy. All love ❤️

- Not bad

This app has potential, but I do think it needs some improving. Since everyone is using this app for alt tik tok, they expect it to be similar to tik tok. Like, adding filters (especially the green screen filter), letting us save sounds, etc. I also think you should fix the search bar. I’m not really sure how to fix the search bar, but something just feels off about it, but I’m not really sure what. I would also like for you to let us change the speed of the videos we create so we can do slo-mo’s or speed up a video without having to use another app to do so. I do like your new effects like floating picture and how we can inserts clips. I’m also very grateful that we can’t see each other’s followers because now we’re all equal. It’s going to take a while for me to get used to this app, but it’s off to a great start.

- Tiktok move in

To everyone moving from tiktok to this app there are some down sides.. byte is and awesome app but the flaws are really annoying! It was very confusing to loearn how to use the app and I still don’t know how to add an audio to a video! ( to comment tap anywhere on the screen). I definitely recommend to get it if you want to keep up with tiktok but some things need a lot of fixing! 1. Is liking comments. On tiktok we were able to like comments and it was a way we showed our opinions and how we got noticed.. 2. Adding an audio. Many people on the app still have not found out how to add an audio and neither have I ! & 3. Seeing how many likes a video has. It’s very annoying to have to go to the comments to see the likes it would be nice if the likes were under the heart. That’s all I have to say right now but if those flaws were fixed the app would be absolutely perfect for me!

- My Byte On Byte

Vine is back in an app known as Byte. Yes, that means those 6-Second looping videos are back. The UI is okay, similar to TikTok’s UI. But, here’s where Byte outshines TikYok: It gets its recommendation system right. TikTok is full of people posting #ForYou and #fyp everywhere, just to be featured or recommended. It’s a mess. At least Byte answers TikTok recommendation problem. I am aware about Byte’s comment spam problem. It’s annoying. My other problem is how you’re only able to sign up via either Apple or Google. If you don’t have an Apple ID or a Google account, don’t even think of signing up yet. TikTok allows you to sign up via a variety of other accounts, besides just Google and Apple. Anyways, my verdict? It’s off to a fine start. It’s in its early days, so we need to wait a bit longer so it can improve. I’ll come back when Byte develops some more.

- Amazing! Few suggestions

This is an amazing app! I am so happy that it is new and you guys are adding things. I feel like this app is so much better than tiktok or all those other apps seeming it is safer and the people here are nicer and more genuine. Few suggestions though. I would love for you guys to make it so we can see how many followers people have how many people they are following and how many total likes and views they have. Definitely add effects and different filters to the part when you can create videos. Like bling or white teeth or tan or makeup. Definitely add a beauty filter. People need those. Especially me, I feel much more confident with a beauty filter. That’s basically all I can think of right now. The app is amazing so far and I can’t wait to see what you guys add! 😁

- Love the app but needs a lil spice

So love this, the layout is great, the choice to customize the icon and scrolling and all that in the settings is fun (an interesting touch to do that) for a first version it’s pretty good. Especially the tabs for everything, love that! Here’s what I’d like to see and what needs fixing. 1. I get booted off when I linger to long on the camera mode to make a byte. Might just be a small glitch like my phone can’t handle it, but if it’s fixable, that be nice. 2. There’s no music choices?! One of my favorite things I loved about vine was that I could have a selection of music or even pull from someone else’s video and save it. It was the first to have this and tiktok thrives with it! Please bring it to byte! 3. Bot issues. It’s only been a day and they are running RAMPANT. 4. Maybe start a challenge thing to help get the ball rolling? People on byte are trying to hard to make it like vine, calling it vine two. Maybe to make it stand out, byte could start a challenge a week thing for people to make videos for? nothing crazy, but something to get the creative juices flowing and get people competitive? Idk might just be me who’d love this. Kinda like the old days of selfie Olympics or something, call it the Big Byte challenge or something idk. But that’s all I got.

- love the app, I have a suggestion

I love the app, I just wish it was easier for the videos we post to get noticed. From my personal observation and opinion, I think a lot more people (including myself) would enjoy/use the app if it was easier to reach a lot of people, even if you don’t have many followers to begin with. It would be nice to see videos going “viral”, not because you are famous, but because of the content of the video. I want to see more people on the “your mix” page. When somebody posts something, have the video get on some peoples “your mix” page, and if the video seems to do good and get attention, place it on more people’s “your mix” pages so it gets the attention it deserves. It would be nice to have a platform that is easy to find new people with content that we find entertaining!:)

- Improvements

Like I assume many other people are doing, i am moving to this app because TikTok is being taken away. This is a very good app already, which is why i chose it over dub smash, triller, etc. We need some new features though. I would like to see my own and other’s follower count, because that is important when it comes to fame. It would also be nice to be able to add sounds to our “byte” videos, to express our creativity more. Speaking of videos and sounds, being able to save/favorite bytes that we like will also be a very helpful feature. Also, you should add a feature that allows us to reply to comments. Being able to reply to comments with help increase our communication with each other and creators. Please take these ideas into consideration, thank you!

- needs improvements

I really like this app and i feel like it has a lot of potential, especially with tik tok being deleted, but i think there needs to be options like a dislike or not interested button. I keep seeing random things on my feed, and they’re completely unrelated. On the other hand, i can like a video, and then the next video will be something EXACTLY like it. I also think there should be a way to like a comment, and the comments should probably be sorted by how popular, not by most recent. Another good improvement could be a way to upload your own sound or reuse someone else’s sound, so it would help “trendsetting”. It might be a lot, but i hope to see these updates in the future. I really look forward to using byte more accessibly!

- Vine 2

This app is amazing and I’m so glad Vine is back! The hype around it right now is really awesome, I just have a few things I’d like to point out that need to be added. First of all, there needs to be a hashtag system so people can tag their stuff and people can search for specific things. There should also be a way to see your followers/who you follow on profiles. It would be really nice if we could also have public likes on our profiles similar to how vine was, and maybe just have the option to make them private. A DM system would also be nice. Also it would be convenient to be able to share links to specific bytes/profiles instead of downloading the video. That’s all I can think of, thank you so much byte team!

- Simple things

This app is great! I like the layout. My only problem is that I feel holding the screen so a little menu comes up to rebyte would make more sense instead of having to get your finger to the bottom of the screen. Also if you tap the byte once it should pause it, not having a way to stop the byte from looping just makes it harder if I’m trying to read the caption or something. I wish it was laid out a little more like vine, with a couple comments showing and then you click it to see more. Something i did notice though is even when i turned of the assisted scrolling it still did the automatic next byte (just like TikTok) I know this app has great potential but with a couple tweaks it could be amazing

- Listen Up

This new gen needs to stop comparing this app to TikTok, they are 2 DIFFERENT apps for a reason. These are the old creators of vine and i’d like this to stay the way it is, but of course this new gen probably doesn’t even know what vine was. To the creators, your app is doing amazing and I love it, sure adjustments are always a plus in apps but you guys can work on that, it takes time. I don’t think we should be allowed to respond to comments, I think we should have DMs, keep the time short (it makes great content!), where the like comment etc are placed when seeing videos is great, the app has its own style keep it that way. I think the rest of the app is good, so please be original and do thing your thing. Love it.


I downloaded Byte three months ago- so I know what I’m talking about when I write this review. It is amazing! You can make a video in app and also edit in the app. They have their own music so you can add that along to your videos as well! The people here are very supportive and I recommend joining their forum. If you have any questions or concerns, you can address it there and people are willing to help you out ASAP. There is a range of diversity on this app as well. I’m not the best looking person but I have been on the popular page many times despite that. Also, they just released their Partner Program that pays creators for making content. AND THEY ARE STILL TAKING APPLICATIONS! I don’t know what you’re waiting for- but come join and have some fun!

- Developer request/feedback******

Hey guys so I noticed when sharing a video to Instagram, the process is seamless HOWEVER, there is no way to edit the thumbnail for ig and what’s worse is the thumbnail for some reason is completely black. So the average person scrolling through a profile or explore on ig wouldn’t be compelled to tap on the video bc it’s just a black box. I think you should invest time into finding a work around for this bc people sharing byte videos on instagram is a great way for others on ig to discover and onboard to byte. Also it would help provide an overall better user interaction w the video in general bc as it is now the dark box can hamper how the user perceives the video before they decide to watch it. Hope this helps

- Two issues

Love the app! Great stuff especially highlight that this app is in remembrance of Vine. However, noticed one issue regarding UI and the other issue when you’re switching from the your mix to following section. First UI bug is when you go to a profile of a byter! The follow button isn’t sized correctly to display both the text and the image contained inside of it. Occurs for both states when the text is “Follow” and “Following”. May need to call size to fit or use auto layout? Second bug: User A has no followers. They switch from a video playing in the your mix section to the following section, however due to User A having no followers the video doesn’t stop playing from the your mix section. The following is empty due to no followers.

- Just something

Can make it where you can go live? Once you hit 200 or something? Because that would make it so much fun!! Overall it’s an amazing app! My favorite part is when you like a video confetti pops out and explodes into little sparkles, I will sit there for hours just likening and unliking videos just to see that cool effect!! Some people only want to make it just like tiktok but I like the differences in the two!! But I would love if I could go live so I can show people how my life is without a certain amount of time,I want to catch everything live!! And if you do can you make it where you can still comment on it so we can ask questions about eachother! Also thanks for fixing the reply’s!

- byte

Byte is fun and the videos are great. It’s nice to see popular creators joining as well as new, original content from other people. Byte runs smoothly and quickly. However there are a few things I think could be added or improved on. It would be great to see a follower count in the future, as well as a “tap to pause” feature while watching bytes so that they don’t loop while reading comments. While on the topic of comments, liking comments would be great to add because it‘a a way to show agreement or a mutual emotion towards a statement. The videos on the home page don’t refresh and get old quickly. This won’t allow for users to see new clips or get a taste of other creators. The Byte app is still new so I hope that it keeps working hard to be big.

- It’s great with one big problem

I love byte. I never had vine so it’s great to have this. Without this I would be on Tik Tok, being disappointed with the content because of how unoriginal it is. Byte is full of great, comedic videos, but my main problem with it is that you can’t refresh the home page and get new content. It takes way to much scrolling to find something new. I’ll see something and find it funny, but when I reopen the app later I still see the same stuff over and over. If I could see new content every time I reopen or refresh this would be a 5 star review, but I can’t. The app is great overall, but the refresh problem makes the app feel boring because of the seemingly lack of content.

- Toxic.

So, first off, I just want to say that the design of the app itself is super cool. Easy to navigate, simple- it's great. Five stars for that. It's the only reason I didn't give this app 1 star. However, the community on the app is super toxic. Everyone wants Vine back that they end up trying too hard to be funny. I scrolled for like 5 minutes, but it felt like an hour. It's too many try-hards in one place. And everyone hates on not only Tik Tok, but the creators from the app as well. But the thing is, Tik Tok is great because nobody cares. It's just fun. But everyone cares too much on this app. I really wish this community would just realize that they can't recreate Vine. That was something else entirely. Tik Tok isn't Vine. Byte isn't Vine. Nothing will ever be like Vine, no matter how hard anyone tries, because at the end of the day it was the community on Vine that made it so great. I just wish people would stop caring so much.

- Great first public build, but looking forward to seeing it mature

Great to have Vine back. I’m going to address the elephant in the room. All though TikTok is annoying, they have created a really good app. Some of the things I would like that they have nailed, are they share the dialogue. You can message links to TickTock’s and watch within peoples iMessage threads. This is great for people who don’t have TikTok. Seems like this requires an HTML version of each post. Right now the way Byte handles sharing vines is horrible. They also need to allow more settings, such as DPI scaling. A lot of the elements are just way too big. Finally, add filters and other cool effects. Snapchat Instagram TickTock have made this a standard, might as well embrace it. We should also allow more profile options, and a way to easily share your profile via the share dialogue.

- It was fun, until...

(sorry in advance if none of this makes since) Byte was a really good app at first. It had creative content, there were no toxic people, everything was great. It achieves its goal of being Vine 2. However today the people of the “alt” side of tiktok decided to show up and ruin everything. Now this app that used to be a place to watch original content has become a hell of deep fried ear ache (i’m not risking saying the term) videos, and all of the charm was lost. I was excited to see what this app would become, but now tiktok ruined it. I would be okay with it if they brought anything new to the table, but now it’s basically just tiktok. The developers now basically only care about the tiktok side of the app, slowly turning the app into just another tiktok rip off. I was excited to see this app take off, but now it’s boring.


I haven’t been using this app for a while now, but I absolutely think it’s full of creativity and the creators on this app are incredibly nice. Please don’t force yourself to update the whole app to become and look somewhat like Tiktok. It’s unique already, and gen z loves it here. I do have an suggestion, though I already love the app itself right now. I hope you could update more options for us, such as filters or more sounds to use when we record ourselves to post on Byte. And you could also add some tutorials for users that want to post on here, since I’ve seen a lot of comments to where some people are confused about how the app really works. - To the original gods of Byte.

- Disappointing

Here are the many issues you will run into: —you HAVE to be signed in to view any content, cannot browse freely —interface has much less options than TikTok —you can only use Apple ID or Google to sign —so many ads & spam in the comment section. —Very user unfriendly, can’t pause the videos etc, can be frustrating & confusing, not simple or direct. —can’t see who you’re following —content isn’t great. so far all the content is just about how this app is the new Anti-TikTok. Many “dont post your tiktoks here” type of posts. It’s trying to make a name for itself by being anti-tiktok. —only thing really that it has going for it is it’s considered Vine 2.0. if it wasn’t, this app would definitely fail. —many other issues. + only great thing is the video quality is nice, much better video quality than tiktok like Triller app. Upon release you would think the app would be working better than the other apps currently out there like tiktok but it’s not. There are so many issues, it would have been better if they spent more time fixing the issues before it’s released. The interface is inferior to tiktok, you will be trying to do certain things like Pause or see followers but you won’t be able too. If this app weren’t considered Vine 2.0 it would be no better than the other tiktok competitors such as Triller or Like.

- My new creative home.

I can’t say enough good things about this app or it’s community. Not only is this a hotbed for creatives, it also featured an incredible staff that truly, DEEPLY cares about its users. They welcome voices from all walks of life. If you want to be technical, the user interface is easy to navigate. They’re adding fun new features all the time, like floating text, emojis and gifs. The categories and special events are always shifting so there is always something fun and new. But the community? THAT’S the reason to download this amazing app. They are so kind, warm, encouraging and supportive. Drama and clout chasing is not tolerated. They truly put creativity first. There are so many creators with so many different styles doing so many awesome things that there is literally something for everyone. This isn’t a quick way to go “viral.” If used correctly these guys will help you be a better artist today than you were yesterday. Do you want to help unlock your creativity? Do you want to connect with some amazing new friends? Do you want the freedom for your unique voice to be heard? Come join the party!

- Great app!! Have some suggestions

Been having a fun time on the app and have started to upload my own vids of my pets. This is where my suggestion comes in. The channels need to be more general on the channel page. For example pet channels. To make separate channels for each individual pet will lead to a very crowded interface. What should be done is have a pet channel where people can post their pet vids from turtle to a ferret to a dog. However with in the channel can be more specific pet sub channels. Same can go for games. One video game channel with sub channels within it. This will help people still post vids in a correct channel without having to wait for a very specific channel to be made.

- Amazing app, no hate and pretty age appropriate

So I got Byte because I was worried about the tiktok ban, but now I’m staying. Not only is it the most positive and peaceful community of people, it’s so inclusive to everyone. There’s these channels that you can upload to(basically genres) and there’s ones for everyone! LGBTQIA+ Friendly, and doesn’t shadowban users for posting THE TRUTH. Oh, DID I MENTION THE CREATORS ARE LISTENING TO US! You can put in suggestions and the creators have been updating the app and it’s just so amazing! Also, I would say since there’s much less hate that it’s a safer place than tiktok. I would say like 11 years old and older appropriate. GET THIS APP ITS AMAZING!!! Also Gen Z is taking over. If any app deserves 5 stars, it’s this one

- i love it, but it has room for improvement.

as i’m sure we all know, tiktok could be potentially shutting down. hate that. so, a lot of people from tiktok moved to different apps. i moved to byte, along with a lot of others. i like the app honestly a little better than tiktok, everyone is so nice. but there’s a few things that i would want added into byte. #1: live-streaming. giving EVERYONE the ability to go live, whether they have a big following or not. #2: filters. (green screen, color customizer, warped/distorted face, etc.) #3: the ability to like comments, reply, and duet videos. that’s all i can think of for now, but other than that, the app is amazing, and easy-ish to use!! :)

- Great app but needs obvious improvement

This app is far from perfect but it has the potential to be even better than tik tok, it has a similar user interface to how vine used to be which I love, mostly for the nostalgic feeling. But, there should be a sound library and you should be able to save other people’s sounds as well, you should also be able to take a video without having to hold down the record button down. And there should be a timer option for the video as well. I’m glad this app has developers that actually care about creating a better experience for its customers!

- Content Creators Want More

Let me preface this review with how much I adore the community of byte, it’s a platform where creatives can collaborate and connect. That being said, it is lacking in tools for those creators. Byte could be the best social video app by just adding what the others already have. There needs to be a way to add music to videos in the app, some filters or effects, video speed control, add text, etc. I understand the classic appeal of just having the 6 second shoot-and-loop with nothing else but by not having these features you’re making young creators who aren’t versed in the world of digital editing less likely to use the app which will be its ultimate demise. “Why would I use Byte where I can only shoot video, when I could use Tik Tok who gives me all of this on-hand editing fun?” (I am in no way saying the community of Byte wants to make viral dances and e-boys a thing, just the editing software to help us have as much fun as possible in our own weird little way) I’m stating the obvious here though. I’m sure Dom and the team have been working on ways to develop these in-app features for months, just letting them know we all really REALLY want them.

- Pretty good, just needs some fixes :)

The app is really good and very nostalgic to vine, however just by being on for a few minutes I've noticed some things that might help the overall experience:) the first thing would be hashtags. They are really nice when you're looking for a specific topic or genre of video and also when you're wanting to follow more people. Another thing would be visible followers and following. I don't know if they're trying to do what instagram is with the hidden follower, however i think we should be able to at least see ours. If these things are availing and i just cant find them then lmk! Also if they're not i understand this just came up and is going through the growing pains of a new app, i cant wait to see what they do!

- Can’t refresh content

On the home and the search page I can’t refresh it to get new videos. I’ve maybe seen 20 different peoples content and this is the #1 app right now How is there no more content for me to see. I’m also not the biggest fan of the layout, I have a iPhone 11 and could fit to the screen better. I Hope the algorithm gets updated because I’m barely seen any unpopular content creators like I did on tiktok and I saw so many types of videos. I like that there category to video but seem like I’m only seen some videos and they all seem be The popular people I didn’t follow on tiktok or didn’t see often because tiktok. Basically saying if you haven’t been popular on vine tiktok or somewhere else you video’s really aren’t going to be seen.

- a good start

if it’s true that tiktok is being banned in the usa, byte has potential to be huge, but they really need to grab the byte lacks complexity, and i understand thats it’s supposed to be similar to vine, but a mixture of vine and tiktok would work perfectly. for starters, i want longer videos, sounds/audio that you and others can put over a video, and more personalization when it comes to your user profile. Overall, it could work well and byte could profit hugely if they got it together and updated things fast. One bug myself and others keep running into us videos not playing, or only one playing and the rest showing a blank grey screen. the potential is’s just not happening :)

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- Good app, but need more!

Right now, Byte is basically exactly what Vine was when it died. This is great! But more features are expected now. Some people are saying they want longer videos, and while I agree, I understand that kind of defeats the point. The features I want are mainly more features for recording videos in the app. The only way to record is just a normal camera. Please add some filters, like the ones that Instagram and TikTok have, as they add a lot of creative potential, and people are already porting videos from those services, just to use those filters. Also, I have heard that there are/were porn accounts at one point. If you have a better filter now, great! Otherwise I suggest to do that. Also do something about the people going “follow 4 follow” in the comments, as it is very annoying to see a new comment, get excited, and then realise it’s a person trying to get followers from you.

- Amazing app! Few little tweaks

So far having byte its an amazing app and can be an alternative to other apps like TikTok. It has an amazing design and has really good customising which I love. Here are a few little tweaks I am suggesting: -Add sounds in the top right corner so with songs you can use it quickly rather than having to search for it and possibly getting it wrong. -Add in some more things that help the app become more comedic so reacting or duetting another person’s video! -Last thing, make the Following and Your Mix pages always visible so you can switch more easier rather than scrolling back. I rate this 4/5 and if they were to add these I would be more than happy! From Darius :)

- in all honesty...

yes, the app is stylish and undoubtedly an improvement from vine’s UI, though vine happened ages ago and we’ve moved on. reflecting upon vines we cherish so dearly suffices, vine 2.0 was the update we neither wanted nor desired. i’m sure i can speak on behalf of most people when i say that tiktok is generally the platform to use now and that byte is for the people who don’t find too much joy in the new-ish sensation that is tiktok. personally, byte feels like it’s trying to hold on to its decently admirable past and shove itself back into today’s society after years of nothing. to reiterate, we’ve moved on. to the team who developed this app— what you’ve managed to craft is spectacular! the concept, however, has without a doubt aged, meaning less people are interested. vine was great at the time but you can’t bring back something that is long dead. before i conclude this, i must mention that i do understand that you’re trying to reinvent vine and almost reincarnate it, i just feel like it’s a desperate cash grab due to vine’s popularity. if byte is going to work at all as a platform it will need to be different to vine and tiktok— it must have a feature that they lack(ed). hope this helps someone! edit: it desperately needs a private profile option. this should go without saying.

- for your consideration

please get rid of the “for your consideration” videos that are added to your timeline with no option to remove them unless you literally start blocking accounts. I can’t even see the videos from ppl I’m following because there’s just this endless line of videos I don’t care about. if I want to find more accounts to follow I’ll go into the trending pages and look around there. forcing videos into your timeline doesn’t make me want to start following them, it just makes me want to close the app and go do something less frustrating

- It’s kind of like vine..

Byte is a good app. It has potential it needs a lot of work. There is always room for improvement. Maybe adding more popular songs and sounds that people can use. And maybe have a similar set up as TikTok because a lot of people are coming from TikTok and are finding it hard to get use to byte. And more features would be nice like when making videos the filters would be nice and being able to pre select songs and sounds to use to make videos.

- Byte

Hello fellow byte users, as a majority of u would know alt TikTokers are moving to byte as Donald trump is apparently deleting tik tok 😾 We must not let the Straggots find out 🙈✨ The only complaints I have about the app is that you cannot use sounds except for the ones the have premade on the app which are horrible, you cannot like comments and it also takes a while to get used to, ALSO THE MILENNIALS 🙈

- Absolutely amazing but somethings could be changed

So at the moment the app is absolutely amazing. The only downside to it though is actually recording videos it’s pretty tricky to work out how to add sounds and how do use other sounds but once you get the hang of it it’s pretty simple and I’m sure some updates will come to make it easier.

- Great, but a couple annoyances

So this app is great but it would be cool if 1. you could search hashtags and 2. when you change the volume, the default apple volume change square wasn’t there, as it is in other apps, and is instead replaced by a bar up the top or something

- Haven’t tried the new update but will

I LOVE BYTE there’s no problematic people(alt tiktok is unproblematic the problematic people are straight tiktok🤮🤮) they just made update I’m gonna try it apparently you don’t like comments this app has positive vibes only and no one is mean hopefully straight tiktok doesn’t come here or I’m leaving overall I love this app❤️❤️❤️

- Great app

Although it would be great if it wasn’t too much like tik tok. If I wanted to use tik tok then thats what I would have. The reason I’d downloaded byte in the first place was because vine was what I missed and apparently it was like that. I enjoy byte but it’s basically becoming a copy of tik too and thus not as enjoyable as I’d hoped.

- Great app!

It’s easy to notice how much better byte has gotten since it first launched. The community is fun and not too big yet which means that the culture is supportive and quite intimate. It really leaves you feeling like you’re surrounded by friends rather than surrounded by a bunch of influencers

- six seconds only?

so far, I have really liked byte. it is easy and fun to create content but the amount of time you have for a video is wayyy too short (six seconds) and should be changed to at least 11 or more seconds. other than that, this app is definitely a must-have.

- Great app!

this app is very similar to tiktok yet i find it a lot less toxic, i enjoy sitting on their. however i would love to know how to add other peoples audios to your videos, and if you even can, it all seems a big confusing honestly :) but great app! keep improving and tiktok could have lots of competition

- Tiktok 2

The byte people are listening and it’s basically becoming tiktok 2 but BETTER because there’s no straggots and we’re all alt it’s very nice and a majorly supportive community too, only thing to dislike is that I got some reason haven’t got the improvements even tho everyone else has??

- Amazing App

This app is such a great app. It is great to finally have the ability to make short 6 second videos again. I know this is just the beginning and am excited for the next coming updates.

- Video length options & bug fixes

Some persistent crashing when uploading a video and there should be options to send 10 and 12/15 second loops, those are significantly important options

- Add sounds

One of the things that made tiktok so great is sounds! People can connect a lot through it and a lot of funny memes are made through it. Take for example the song that goes “you gon die” people just click on the sound and create a story line to just that one sentence that ends up being funny/entertained. Add sound that people can use and also can people can create/add their own sounds. Like when you click on a sound, a bunch of videos relating to it pop up! It’s great :) May I also suggest to add a Christian channel? Thank you! edit: Also why does the app literally take FORVER to load?

- It’s like vine again

It’s pretty good it brings back old vine vibes but I don’t like how you have to hold the record button you should just have to tap it to start recording also pls make a mode where you can record up to at least 30 second videos other than that really enjoying it

- Don’t download

This app is full of sexist and racist people that constantly clog up my feed talking about straight people should die and that whites aren’t needed. I don’t mind people having their say but the fact it’s being spoon fed to me every time I open the app is quite worrying. I will start using again when the ‘My Mix’ feature is actually My Mix

- Just a little review

I love it, the only thing that I’m sad about is how u cannot use someone else’s sound.. on TikTok where you can press the disk in the bottom right corner.. I loved to dance, if you read this, the only thing I would like 🥰 thank you

- View counter

I just want to see how many viewes my videos are getting without clicking them so when you go to profile just have a number at the bottom indicating how many views it got please

- Loving the new features! Great user interface! 😁

I’ve been using tiktok for a while, and i am now also loving byte! The new update has really made it much more enjoyable overall 🥰

- VERY GOOD APP!!! But....

I JOINED THIS APP ABOUT 3 MINS AGO AND I ALREADY LIKE IT!!! Literally everyone knows that tiktok most likely will be banned and byte is EXTREMELY similar. I also love how all tiktok eras just ran to this app 😂 but the problem is..... WE NEED SOUNDS TO UPLOAD OUR VIDEOS PLEASEEEEE!!!! PLEASE MAKE THEM TIKTOK SOUNDS BECAUSE YEAAAA thankssss Oh yea I heard they were updating but that was my feedback, thanks :))))

- Suggestions if u wanna make money!!

Hey, So you have probably heard that tiktok is getting banned right? Right so I am here on behalf of literally everyone on your app! We want some changes cause right now your app is a little boring 😥 so I’ll just get to the point we want you to be our saviour and make this byte app like tiktok v2 minus the spying tho 😳 Some suggestions are - make it so we can make videos up to 60 seconds - go live - BEAUTY FILTER - better audios - add filters - make the texts like tiktok - I don’t know if this is already possible but let me follow people over all we just want a REPLICA OF TIKTOK Is that really too much to ask for 🥺🥺🥺🥺

- Byte is great but a few suggestions

Byte is great but I’d like to be able to see and use audios from other videos and cool effects to use in vids would be great aswell as more options to edit vids too. Overall great out

- A quick update idea!

I’m addicted and have been wondering if you could add something like a full screen video for the mix videos and fun filters! 💖🐣

- Recommendation xx

The only thing I would like to have different on this app is the ability to save a sound you come across, otherwise amazing app 100% recommend it 💛💛💛

- This app is awesome

Bro this app is literally awesome it’s got all the fun techniques of vine and all the videos r funny and short they don’t go forever such as some other apps aka (TikTok) but Yh reall love it and would definitely recommend. 😋

- Just ideas

This app is overall a great idea and is lot like vine, but could u please! Ad sounds and duets? Ik it kind of defeats the purpose but I think it might be more fun making videos if we can duet and have sound! Thankq

- Implement monetisation

If you don’t allow creators to reap rewards from using byte they will stick with other services such as TikTok where you can earn money (eg. through donations in live-streaming)

- Actually shows how old posts are and what time it is. Big brain move

I like to see these things let’s me know I’m alive

- More features needed

Needs a rebyte button or gesture at the top level interface, not hidden behind a share button.

- Longer Videos?

I love the app so far and was wondering if there will be options for longer videos?

- 2 bros chillin in a hot tub 5 feet apart cuz their not gay

Stop saying it’s bad bc there r TikToks on it. That’s not the creators fault u need to tell all the people uploading TikToks to it and since u keep doing that u r make it have a lower rating 😡🙃🙃🙃

- Pretty cool so far

I look forward to upcoming updates, i think it’ll be cool once you can search for songs and stuff eventually :)

- Way better than tik tok by far

Have you ever wanted vine back? This is just like a modern version of vine! Definitely worth a download

- This is not tik tok

People need to understand what vine is and stop asking to make videos longer than 7 seconds this is not tik tok, this is vine

- Pretty good

I’m interested to see how it will go against tik tok, but maybe the vine nostalgia will bring everyone back, also I’d love to see a download feature so I can download videos

- Good app, need more features

I think this app should be the next tiktok app! Features should be added: - Number of followers should be shown on the persons profile - Number of total likes should be shown on the persons profile - We should be able to use other people’s sounds - We should be able to like comments

- Byte

I would of gave it 5 stars but you should be able to see other people’s amount of followers on there account if you do that I’ll give 5 stars

- I’m loving it so far I hope it booms in popularity

Really good and easy too find new and different content

- Great replacement for TikTok

I have found this app as a great alternative to TikTok as it has started to be banned all across the world

- Terrible do not download

I came to byte from tik tok. It’s very bad. Every single video was alt tik tok. It is confusing to navigate. You can only use 3 hashtags. They have cringey things like r/trash and r/memes. The audio options are so awful. I don’t know any of the audio songs. Trust me do not download. I’m going to wait for tik tok 2.0 to come out.

- Moving 🥺🥺❤️

Byte is super cute I love the animation when you like the video 🥺keep it up I’m sure it will blow up soon 💞💞🥺

- Backup for TikTok y’all

Thank you for creating this wonderful app, I accidentally wrote something dumb. I just realised that there was a comment section 😅

- Things to you should add

A pause button Like on screen

- Not very good

I don’t like the option of only using google to sign in and there should be a page of how you follow. There should also be an option where you can like comments. It’s kind of a trash app but hopefully it will get better

- Needs work

This app has a few problems. 1. The content is very dry. But that should change once more people join the app. 2. 6 seconds is not long enough to record a video. You should be able to go up to 10. 3. The bots! They are so annoying. They comment every time you post something asking for followers. Other than that, I am enjoying the app!

- needs update, it has a lot of potential

it needs a little updating especially bec a lot more people are starting to get it. a few suggestions; add sounds people can use, make it so your videos can be longer, so you can see how many followers someone has, and so the homepage/ explore has videos you would like. i rlly like how you can customise the colour scheme and the idea.

- Great but still developing

Awesome for a short laugh! Needs way more effects to keep up with tiktok though.

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- suggestions to improve the app :)

ok look, this app is good but i have some suggestions on how to improve it and make it better. 1. make it so you can like comments and there are top comments. 2. make it so you can reply to comments and when you reply it shows their comment and your comment under them if that makes sense. like how it is on tiktok when you reply to people. 3. i have no clue how to make my account private so if that’s not an option please make it one!! 4. more audios. also custom audios that you can make. and make it so when someone uses an audio you can click on it, like how tiktok is 5. there should be verification for creators if that isn’t a thing. 6. you should be able to see how many followers someone has and how many people they follow like how instagram is, and how many posts they have. 7. you should make it so videos you like show up on your fyp thing. like if i like a lot of animal videos, my fyp will be full of animal videos. because right now it’s showing me lots of random videos and stuff that i’m not interested in 8. make it so your following and your fyp is at the top always and you can always switch even if you’re halfway scrolled through your fyp anyways, you guys should definitely take those suggestions because it would make the app sooooo much better!! :))

- haha

POV: you came here to see if this app could be the new tiktok because president pumpkin is banning it😭🤡

- i like it

i feel like it’s not too popular yet, but i feel like it’s gonna explode like tiktok did

- Tiktok

POV: you only downloaded this app because tiktok is shutting down

- Vine

We shall destroy TikTok and make this more famous

- tiktok

futur tiktok😼

- yeah ❤️

hello PLS LET US USE OTHER PPLS SOUNDS that is all thank u

- TikTok?

I guess this is the new TikTok?🤷‍♂️ I think they should improve it a little so it’ll get more popular

- no

if tiktok leave i’m commiting self deletus bye luv xx 🤩💞

- app won’t let me record

i open the video maker part of the app and it won’t let me record directly in the app it’s just dark... plz fix


POV: you came to download this app because tiktok is getting shut down even tho ur from Canada

- Privacy

I think you should be able to make your account private!:)

- Bad

This app kinda sucks it’s just a bad version of tiktok. Tiktok was a cool app the only thing that ruined it were all the weird people who used it and gave it a bad reputation, and when tiktok dies, all those people will get byte. Don’t download byte it’s a bad app and is going to be forgotten by everyone in a week or two.

- Nope

Not my type. I loved tik tok but this place is so toxic and cringey

- Tiktok

If yall are wondering YES this is the backup app if tiktok really gets banned. Share with friends so that everyone can still be distracted from life even doe tiktok gets killed😔✌🏽

- improvements

i love the app, but i think there should be filters so it can be easier to edit your videos (ex. color customizer, different filters, etc)

- Great app

I really like this app but can you make it so we can have one minute videos

- TikTok replacement

I only wanted to download as a TikTok replacement and wasn’t planning on reviewing it, but I really think you could do more with this app to make it blow up like TikTok did. First of all I think you should be able to like comments and there should be top comments as well. Second, you should be able to sign in with things other than google cause not everyone has a google acc. Lastly, you should make the thing a little more like TikTok cause the persons acc being on the bottom it just makes it better.

- This app has a lot of potential

Since everyone is everyone’s resorting to byte, some suggestions are: 1. Be able to like comments and view top comments 2. Be able to create audios and have more audios on byte 3. see how many followers creators have if that’s not a thing already added 4. Create private accounts and make private videos if that’s not a thing yet 5. If you can’t duet videos yet I suggest to add an option where you can duet videos

- low key better then tiktok

i feel like this app has so much potential. it’s really cozy, and i feel like everyone is just chilling, kinda reminds me of old tiktok. anyways i’m planning on using this app instead of tiktok. once you get the hang of using it it’s really good, but maybe add a feature to save sounds

- Terrible moderation

Literally searching up simple terms shows you misogyny, misandry, homophobia, heterophobia and racism, no moderation from what I’ve seen has been taken

- Genuine love for this app

I recently had found this app and I wanted to say that I love the design and layout of it. It’s smooth, immersive, inclusive, and I focus on a maker space is so fun without a follower/like/view count on profiles. Please keep up the awesome work!

- Good

Make some changes to the app so it’s similar to TikTok, otherwise the app is great

- It’s good, but needs improvements

This app is good, and has potential to become huge once/if tiktok is banned in the U.S and other countries. They should make it more clear how to use the app once downloaded (like how you tap on the video to see comments, tap and hold to pause, double tap to like the video, ect.) After a few quality of life improvements, this app could definitely have high potential.

- Missing features

Awesome app! Some things I think should be added: -ability to like comments and easily see replies -ability to see the amount of followers other creators have -ability to use other people’s audios -better algorithm -easier to use overall

- can't install

i'm using a iPhone 6s and I cant install the app for some reason? Idk how I can fix that problem..?

- Great app, but here are some suggestions.

1. Byte albums: Byte albums are another, more organized way to store your bytes, what you would do is, go to a new menu called Byte albums, then hit Create album, name it, maybe put a picture on it. Then when you make a byte, you will see the Byte albums button, if you click it, you can select a album to put it in. 2. Better searching: I know, a lot of people want to search by caption, like you would select a category caption, people, Album, etc. And then search! This could add to my Byte albums, by searching by album. 3. Live bytes, an all new way to Byte! Instead of buying for only seconds, you can Byte however long you want! But, when you stop your live Byte, it gets deleted. Unless you guys want to make it so it doesn’t I guess.

- It’s ok

Vine was much better and the way this app is set up is awful. It could be good if it was set up differently but, I wouldn’t waste your time.

- Super Refreshing

I absolutely love this app, it’s like vine but more professional feeling. Super well designed.

- E

You spelt weird wrong

- It’s annoying

Gay people ruined it they keep being sexist and gay

- don’t start another tik tok


- 17+?

I haven’t downloaded the app yet and that’s because of the age requirement. Based on the images on the App Store it doesn’t seem like an app for only older people. Also, 17+ is kind of a random number.

- 👁👄👁

POV: tiktok is shutting down so you came here

- Awesome

This is an awesome app. I had a blast beta testing and I’m having a blast after release. It’s a lot of fun to have a new creative outlet.

- Why are all the furries here?!

Is there a way to blacklist a tag or keyword??? Because I really don’t wanna see this 💩 I like this app, but I don’t want any of that.....

- A little too late

Nice idea but it’s too late bruh, tik tok has won. This app is really going going to have to do something novel (which it doesn’t) to overcome tik tok’s network effect. I’d say defunct by 2022?

- Bad app

This is a 1 because this app is dumb when I pressed sign up it didn’t accept it and why can’t we just go in without doing the sign up like bruh ugh *deletes app*

- Great app

This is a great app in case TikTok gets banned!

- Yes


- I'm giving it a five cause you need to give us a minute to make a video plsss

1min timer video plsss

- Lmfao.😂😂😂

Byte is the TikTok for the people that didn’t get famous on TikTok. It’s basically there fresh start. #tiktokaintgoingnowhere

- (9/14/2020) It’s fine but

Can you please make it more like vine?

- I bet $100 000 000

I bet that u downloaded this only cauze tiktok is leaving!! 😈😈😈

- Nothing special

Basically a poor mans version of tik tok, I get videos that don’t match up with what I like, this app needs something to differentiate itself from other social media apps and it doesn’t do that so don’t install


I love byte but can’t figure out how to access the drafts I made???? Help 🥺❤️

- omg

this app is everything i’ve ever wanted

- Perfect app but...

If you don’t make it exactly like TikTok gen z won’t know how much their lives are worth so you need to do that quickly before they find another platform to make horrible.

- Wait a minute...

Is the hype house going to come here?

- Its ok

very trash dont like the app at all very not good But i would highly recommend this to a friend

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- Review time

Right now 90% of the content is just like “Tik Tok’s dumb”. What I do like is that you can’t see people's follower count, but that does not stop people from displaying how many followers they gain every hour. Also you can't pause the video, like the comments just pop up. Also 80% of the comments are just spam, or it's just like the same clown emoji that you can escape from Tik Tok. You also can't use any sounds and it's also just like kind of impossible to navigate right now and the content is just people trying really really hard to be like “Pickle fart” and like “Banana boob” and like make Vine humour happen again, but it's just like not working, but hopefully the updates will make it good.

- It needs some improvement

As someone who has alot of creativity. It would be great if we had an options to pick a sound before creating the video. To able to lipsync to songs downloaded by the users of the app. It would be great to have greenscreen & greenscreen video. It would be great to also be able to follow people without having the click on user’s profile. A new update on the comment section. Easier to like peoples comments. It would also be appreciated to have longer video playtime instead or 15 seconds, 60 seconds at most. Make it easy to reply to comments through videos. Better filters to avoid bullying. This app has potential but it needs some fix ups. And it would be wonderfully appreciated. It would be nice to be able to update your icon as well.

- B Y T E

So I just got this app after years of awaiting vine 2. This app doesn’t really fulfill that hole where vine used to be but it’s trying its best. I was wondering if you could change the look when you view someone’s page like instead of arrangement to sit and scroll through the bytes one by one, it’s gridded so you can see like the thumbnail of it. This would pertain to viewing your own profile as well so you can see an array of your videos. And also I know this may seem like I’m trying to make it TikTok but it would help a lot. Maybe add a for you instead of “popular” and then add a following tab so you can see both what the creators you’re interested in and also find new creators.

- Great app but...

I really enjoy the byte app for the most part but there’s a few things I think the developers could work on. Whenever you first get on the app you are introduced to all the videos I personally like that the interface but I think that maybe adding the option to make the video full screen instead of a partial screen would be nice. I also feel that the menu interface at the bottom of the screen is just a little bit to big so it would be nice to have it smaller. I feel that it takes away from the experience because of how large it is. Other then that I really enjoy byte. Keep up the great work!!

- byte is awesome

byte is amazing, there’s no follower counts unless u are viewing your own so therefore it’s actually very creatively based rather than clout based like tik tok. Tik tok ruined this century with overplayed dance videos whereas on byte i see new creative memes, edits and videos every single day. i personally didn’t get tik tok because of how terrible is was and byte brings back vine, everyone saying the users killed vine and are going to kill byte are wrong, byte is for everyone and everyone has a chance, they are just complaining because they didn’t go famous and maybe they aren’t funny or whatever, but it’s about creativity not fame, they are the ones ruining this app.

- I love it but

I got this app because of the banning of tiktok 😂 it’s an amazing community and everyone is so nice but I would love it if the app was a little easier to use. I don’t like where the comments are and when I try to comment the whole comment section takes over my screen. The sounds were hard to figure out because if the video was too long I couldn’t use one and the sounds are just weird ngl. More ways to edit your video inside the app would be great too. Like filters, more sounds, maybe stickers and gifs etc. There’s a lot of room to improve but I can’t complaint that much because I still love the idea of the app. But with a new audience comes changes and I can’t wait to see what you guys have planned!!

- Not awful, but really not great

Vine ended, yes it was very sad, but that was like 6 years ago. Since then times have changed and what people now want from social media has changed. This app is interesting and it will be interesting to see where it takes off. It’s not great right now and the content isn’t very funny. I’m also not a fan of the likes or comments section and how you can’t see followers. I don’t think the app flows well and I find it annoying that whenever I go on the app after a long period of time, it takes me back to the top to videos I have already watched. I think there is much need for improvement and they have a TON of catching up to do to TikTok. Right now, TikTok is the new vine to most people, and it will be interesting to see if Byte changes this in the future.

- Byte is stale, lacks creativity and innovation.

Byte is white bread, mayonnaise is too spicy stale so there’s really no substitute for Tiktok content. The content made and promoted on this platform is clearly targeted towards a white middle class audience. As a Queer POC this place isn’t for me and even with token creators they’re not making content for the rest of us. The hashtags are very dead and plain. The music is boring because they only allow copyright music. The only content promoted on this platform are professional level, so don’t expect to see raw talent like from Vine or Tiktok. This feels more like LinkedIn than Vine. I’m disappointed by what I saw on this app. I tried so hard to like it but I couldn’t. There really isn’t sub communities like Vine or Tiktok, only that stale white audience community. And if I see my review get deleted again I’ll keep posting this over and over again.

- Improvement needed

Byte is a really nice app!! However, it does need a few adjustments. I think for algorithm, your videos should be placed alongside people who use similar hashtags. There needs to be Audios added as well as the ability to like comments. Direct message should also be a thing! I think it would be cool to be able to link your social media accounts and have a place to paste a link in your bio. Sometimes the same videos get on my mixed page even after liking them already. It’s a bit slow as well! However, byte has been doing really well about listening to us and giving us what we want. Also- LONGER THAN 15 SECONDS pleaseee.

- Part of gen z

Wanted to share sum improvements you guys should do ..try making the app like tik tok but not exactly as it ..cause yk copyright ig..I’m not able to see how many followers people have ..need comments..the way the videos pop up on my profile ..i don’t really like and you guys should make it like how tik tok has the profile page ..overall the app is amazing ..wanna be able to get filters too ..trynna get famous off the app since I don’t have a opportunity on tik tok :p thank uuu❤️❤️also another thing is that when u get a certain amount of followers you could request verification or people mention or comment you guys to get verified like on tik tok which is another thing I want to be included ..trynna get famous

- Nostalgia! But it needs a little something else...

Byte reminds me of Vine but much cleaner. The fun is there and spontaneity. Ever since downloading the app I haven’t been able to get off of it. The fact that your follower count is hidden and not open to everyone to see makes making Bytes a lot easier and focuses on the Byte instead of the creator. The only thing I’d really like to see is a better layout of Bytes on people’s pages (either it be a grid or thumbnail system with an option to turn this feature on). I’d appreciate it if there was an option to see everyone’s likes along with their original Bytes, and a separate section for their Rebytes. Just some thoughts.

- Near perfect with some minor flaws

First let me start off by saying this app is awesome! It’s near like Vine even so much with the different channels on the explore page, including comedy, music, art, wierd, experimental, etc. The biggest problem I have with it is that you can’t tap on the video to pause it. In fact, you can’t pause it at all. It makes it hard if you don’t want to hear a Byte over and over again without having to go to another tab. Other small flaws include not being able to view rebytes on the profile rather than in a separate tab and invisibility of following and followers on profiles. Other than that, Vine is back!

- Meh

The app is fine, I got used to the UI pretty quickly and it’s fun to make videos on here, but that doesn’t mean the videos are good. Too many people focus on being Vine rather than being themselves. Also there is too much unhealthy hate going towards tik tok, which is a good app, but the unnecessary bashing of a competitor is really hurting the content. Then there’s the fact that after Friday and Saturday the app has literally died overnight, all the videos I see have under 1000 likes and even the popular videos have 1000 or less likes. Compared to yesterday the most popular video had 10,000 likes. This is basically a dead app at this point, there’s no more than 1000 people using it at this point, or that’s what it feels like.

- Time

This app honestly is really awesome. I love how they use your feedback to make the app better and have been constantly trying to improve. I like the time length of videos so far but like many other tik tok users, it's a little hard to get used to this short of time. I think we could definitely get used to this time but I also think I’d be cool to have a custom time duration (kind of like how Instagram recording works), as well as the 6-7 seconds; and so that really long videos, don't get on people's nerves, you could add a bar to the bottom of the video to show the duration of a custom video.

- So she’s a bit of a fixer upper

While I like the overall idea of this app, there are some improvements that could be made in order to make it more functional. The biggest flaw I’ve noticed in the apps design is that when I switch to another app, and then come back to byte, the sound cuts out and I have to turn up my volume to get sound again. Other than this issue, I don’t have any other pressing problems with the app, but I do have a few suggestions. The first being longer videos, with the ability to add filters and new sounds. The second is auto scrolling between videos. And the last is a simpler way to distinguish between pausing a video and wanting to comment on it.

- Great app! but can i offer advice?

there should be a way to communicate with other byte users with direct messages. Also there should be a way to duet/ react to other peoples videos and see another persons status. for example, how many followers they have or how many videos they have! Another thing, we should have the option to go live once we reach a certain amount of followers, also there needs to be a way for videos to go viral. i think it’s would mak the app more intriguing and more fun to use. these features would be very helpful and would make the app easier to use! other than that, this app is sick! i love it!

- stopped working

the app is good over all but there can be improvements. i would like it if we were able to get real sounds like in tiktok. i would also like it if we could see how many likes a video has and how many followers someone has. the videos could be longer and we could pause videos easier. right now we have to hold the video to pause it and some people haven’t figured that out yet. the problem is i tried to get on the app yesterday and it asked me to long into my account. whenever i did this it said that it couldn’t find my history and i can’t see my account or any videos. i tried everything but it keeps telling me there’s an error or they don’t have my history. THE APP IS NOT WORKING. please fix this asap.

- Still growing needs more promo

This app is Good it could be great if if byte gets more promos on other social media don't get me wrong it's still in its early phases so people who creates a Profile is gonna reminisce about vine well to a certain Extent because some creators on here are remaking vines instead of doing new skits, Trends & relatable content if byte gets more people on board who are not scared to carry on the torch instead of chasing something that used to be authentic then most people would gravitate towards byte. I say that to say this BYTE I'm rooting for you I really hope you take down Tik tok cringy content I hope the creators read this and listen to the reviews because WE MISS YOU VINES.

- It’s cool, but you should add somethings

I like the app and I think the app would be great since TikTok is potentially going to be banned, but I think you should add a couple of things to help reach more users. It would be great and if the app could have a feature where you can go live on the app and go live with multiple people on the app, because unlike instagram and TikTok they don’t have the feature to go live with more than 2 people and I think it would make the app stand out and much more entertaining from the other apps the. Plus, the app should have where you can see the followers and likes on the page.

- Room for improvement

Really liking the interface!!! Very smooth and well-designed. However, there are a few things that I feel would be amazing if added. A few things I think should be added are: 1.) tap screen to pause byte, 2.) ability to see amount of followers someone has, 3.) we shouldn’t have to scroll through all of our saved bytes when looking for an old video, 4.) I believe the number of loops and likes that a byte has should be seen from the start, not after you click the comments section. With all of that being said I am so happy that Byte is out! Looking forward to all of the creativity and laughs to be had in the future. Keep up the good work!

- Wonderful

I have been a beta tester for byte since April and since then it has become my favorite place on the internet. It’s so much fun to use, the community is so creative and the whole experience has inspired me. The app developers are super involved in the community and are always looking for feedback and posting updates on the byte forum website. Keep in mind this is a brand new app so more features and improvements are coming. :) It actually has more features than Vine did at its time of release. Overall byte is both unique and nostalgic at the same time and I love the app so much! 💜

- The success of Vine

This the greatest app that I can confidently say that I’m able to feel like I can express and be myself in 6 seconds. Its creative and 6 second videos really gets the creativity in one to think “what can I put into a 6 second loop video”. This app also is starting in terms of community a lot. Also its not getting a lot of hate on launch as others have had on their launch. I believe that byte is the first app to change how creativity can be pushed on mobile phones! Keep doing a great job bute developers and we hope you’ll have a byte on the way for us!

- Getting there!

I’ve had this app since yesterday and I must say that it is absolutely tremendous!, but there are some features a lot of us are waiting for / hoping will be added, such as: view following/follower stats on accounts, the ability to reply to comments & the ability to select multiple posts to post each individually in the order you selected (to post sort of part 1 & 2 videos if ya catch my drift?). Also a bug occurs where you open to activity feed and refresh up to 10 times and the activity gets stuck on a loading symbol.

- So far so good

Something I’ve heard others suggest is the ability to enable or disable the follower account appearing on our pages and in settings, otherwise it’s hard to gauge how many people enjoy your content/if you should change things up. Along with allowing more “active” hashtags. For me personally, I search for certain tags to find content, and if the tags can’t fit in the three you’re allowed active, how do lots of people find the content? And how would you able able to again, gauge what people enjoy on the app? You can’t. So far, everything else is fine on the app.

- I like it here

I downloaded this app to see how it compared to TikTok and I honestly prefer Byte. I do wish however we had an option to make longer videos. The app is set up very nicely. I like the way it works and all the new features that are constantly being added. I’m still getting used to how this app works but I really enjoy it <3. The option to customize your profile is something that really drew me in. I just want to say thank you to the creators of this app and the content creators for making a safe and welcoming space. -from an elite member of Gen Z

- It’s pretty good. just needs improvements

Im not saying the app is bad. I’m just saying it needs improvements. I think there should be a comment button on the screen to make it easier to access. All together I suggest that the like and share buttons be bigger so that it’s easier to press them without accidentally pressing something else. I also think that the profile pages should have a public follower count as well as a following count so that you can find someone you are following page faster. Lastly there should be sounds that can be shared with everyone and the built in sound choice could use improvements with more trendier songs.

- Don’t make it TikTok

If TikTok gets shut down, all the people in the US that do it will move to another platform, most likely yours. Don’t make this TikTok. People were able to move on from Vine. People can move on from TikTok. I think taking away the ability to add writing, or captions on to the actual video should be done. I don’t think it makes the videos anymore entertaining. Also another thing to consider is that TikTok would only be taken away in the US. People in other countries can still use it, so to them this would just simply be a copy of TikTok. Don’t make this TikTok. Don’t add duets. Make it what it was suppose to be. Vine version 2.0, not TikTok version 1.0.

- Pleas take the following into consideration!!

I rly lauv this app butttttt,, I would love to be able to click on sounds for I could use the sounds that ppl are using bc it’s kinda hard going back n forth between TikTok n byte just for I can make a video! I also love that there rly is no shadow-banning going on bc like every video can be seen. Also I would like to be able to see things in ppls pages and stuff like the amount of people following them and stuff.. also maybe make some fun filters but not the stupid kitty ones! Do like meme ones you know? It’s just rly confusing rn and I would love for it to be more accessible❤️❤️ byte ftw!!!!!

- The App is Great, but a Few more Things to Work on Developing

I’m loving how this came together to create a new fun and creative environment where people can laugh and express whatever category of entertainment. Though here is a few things I think could improve the app: -Keep all the bytes in one section of the page I’ve noticed that all the videos that I posted were spreader into different sections of the page, so e were in the home section when I wanted it to be stored on my regular page. -A double tapping feature Yes, I know that many apps have this feature but I’m suggesting you could add it with a little touch if your own originality. Maybe people can customize their feature as emojis, pictures, or just a regular heart. The developer could tweak it and maybe instead of a heart that you double tap, it can be a pop up B the appears on the screen representing the Byte initial and like in a video. That’s all I have. Please consider on adding these in further updates on this incredible app!

- Missing features but i have faith

Love the UI design so far but there are some key missing features that NEED to be there. First, and most important of all, there NEEDS to be a video pause functionality. It’s the only way to keep the app from feeling relentlessly repetitive. Second, there is nowhere to manage your following list, so basically after you follow someone there’s no way to unfollow them unless you find one of their Bytes in your home page. Third, bots. Everywhere. I’m sure this is being taken into consideration but it’s already not looking good. Not really worth a point off because that happens pretty often in these new apps. Regardless, I think the app is beautiful and it really brings back those creative feelings. Will the app stand up to the test of time? One can only hope. But with the evolution of our culture since Vine’s shutdown, and the masses having already adjusted to alike apps with more features, the power of the fans will really be put to the test.

- Why do you delete my new account dad took 72 hours to delete my old one

OK for a while there I really love byte I used to have an account I decided to restart because no one was watching my videos anymore so I was like might as well get a fresh start now I can’t sign into byte at all like what the heck and before that I made a new account and now I can’t sign into that new account like how can I sign into my new account I waited 72 hours so I could restart my new account but now I can’t even use byte because it’s invalid for my birthdayLike what do you mean just restart it overnight I don’t understand why they deleted my newest account for no reason like what did I do

- Hiii

I’ve only been on this app for a little while considering I found out about the developers of tiktok and how they track you. However it seems really neat so far!! I’m trying to get the algorithm to show things I’m interested in currently, and all’s going well, but there’s one thing I wish byte had. I’d love to share certain posts with my mutual, but I can’t. Not only would it be nice to share posts with my friends without having to leave the app, but this way creators’ posts get to more people!! Is there any way to make this a feature? On top of that, it’s fun to be able to message mutuals.

- RIP tiktok

I really enjoy this app and im notnlying im having a lot of fun here. Sadly tiktok is being deleted from the usa and SO many people are moving to this app because its almost similar to tiktok and is very fun,i love all aspects of this app! The only problem I have is that when you are filming a video and you need sound the sound/song selection is pretty flawed,But I don’t mind that much because there are different ways to ya know get a nice sound. Overall rating:5 stars,Suggestions:search bar for songs and a much better selection,Byte account:Itzdavid

- It’s Pretty Good👍🏽

It’s good however I have some suggestions for the app. I believe that the Byte Creators should add sounds it would be a good upgrade! When you reply to comments I think your reply should be under the person’s comment. I think you should add more personal privacy things for people who want to make content but not show it to the world. I think the number of likes should be under the heart and the number of comments should be under the comment icon. I believe the Byte Creators should add filters. I also would like there a timer to be added. But the app is pretty good!💕

- Hi Byte Creators

I love your app, some people are saying make it more like tiktok, i would have to disagree. Maybe change some elements of the app so that it’s easier to use, but overall keep the components that make your app unique from tiktok. A few suggestions i have would be, create a way that user are able to make their account private, and make an actual comment button and so that a single tap can be used to pause the video compared to a long hold (it took me a while to figure out how to pause a video for that reason) Thank you for creating my new favorite app.

- Pretty good. But......

I know a lot of people have resorted to this app because of the “tiktok being banned” rumors. I decided to see what it would be like to be using byte instead of TikTok. I realized the apps are very similar, the videos are basically just like the content I see on TikTok. Although, there are some things I wish byte had. I would love to be able to see the amount of followers somebody has, also, the total amount of likes they have. I think being able to like a comment would be something a lot of people would like too. But overall, the app is pretty good and I wouldn’t mind using byte instead of TikTok if that was my only choice.

- Thank you

I just wanted to thank the developers of this app for being so amazing! Since the TikTok ban scare, this app was flooded with loads of incoming people who were used to TikTok and expected Byte to be an exact replica, however the developers have been so accommodating and are working so hard to make Byte a place where TikTokers can feel comfortable. As a cosplayer, an alt girl, and a member of the LGBT+ community, I feel so welcomed on the app especially with the channels they made! Thank you for making this app as wonderful as it is! Looking forward to future updates!

- A new social platform

Gives creative people a new outlet, I’d recommend it. But don’t be misguided, this is NEW this is not going to be a clone of vine. Though it’s made by the same co founder of vine and It does have short looping videos and former viners but that’s the only thing, this is not a clone of tiktok because it has many things that tiktok does not have. Rather than complain about it not having creators you like just scroll through the categories, it’s impossible for you not to like anyone. Plus they don’t sell your info (slight diss to tiktok)

- Loops are messed up upon submitting. Finding users is difficult

This app is half baked. I made several seamless loops and submitted them. On the preview screen they playback flawlessly. When I finally post they stutter and its almost as if part of it is cut off. These are all under 6 seconds pre-edited clips too. Also when you trim a longer clip and submit it to the preview and go back, you have to delete the entire clip and start over instead of going back to the edit/trim screen. The app is not user friendly, ruins loops, not easy to find new people , and is failing at reinventing the fun and novelty of Vine. The team at Byte has an enormous task of fixing these major flaws or this app will fade into obscurity.

- Just joined

Noticing it doesn’t show thee amount of followers a crear has is great because it shows people with followers have the same amount of worth as other people but also the app is so cramped, I feel like instead of having every button open there could be sections their secured in. And lastly the picture and personal page, it needs a bio, Instagram/YouTube plugs and also needs to be more contained and sorted as if it was there just to peep as your looking at the videos the creator has made, anyways. Great app, great potential just needs just umpf. I’d also like to swipe to the side to see the creators profile that would be coo

- The apps great! But...

I love this app, I really missed Vine. But I think it would Help the creators on the app if there was like some sort of timer. And maybe a way of the videos refreshing instead of them showing the same videos on trending. And yea hashtags would be very helpful same with being able to see your follow count. And other people’s followers. Also I would like there to be a way of making some videos private or having something like drafts for videos not being able to post yet. And that’s all. Either way I still love this app. I really did miss vine

- Some room for improvement

I personally downloaded this app in fear that tiktok would get banned. I was pleasantly surprised at all the nice people on this app. I only wish that it had features such as effects such as the green screen effect on tiktok and filters (especially a beauty filter). I also wish it had sounds the way that tiktok does where a bunch of people can use the same sound and when you click on it, it shows all of the videos under the sound. Otherwise, I love the app. The user interface is excellent and I love the channels feature.

- I like it, but...

It’s sooo much nicer here than on tiktok, the videos are better, how you MAKE the videos is easier/better, and its more organized than just dance trends being spammed XD. But in the mix page, and even on my following page, I’ve gotten some content from random channels I don’t follow that I don’t want to see. From those channels that I DONT follow don’t want to be seeing in the first place and kind of overall there seems to be a LOT of bullying of things like religion, political opinions, and even some threats. It can be reported but is there a way it can be better enforced?

- sounds

I really love the byte app because everybody is spreading positivity and it is really easy to use once we get used to it but one thing I wanna talk about is sounds. I think we should be able to import our own sounds and make them available for others to use by pressing a button that takes you to videos all using the audio. There we can find another button which takes us to the recording place where we can record with the audio playing over us.

- Followers

Hello, just downloaded the app. It seems pretty cool. I’m wondering why you don’t show followers? I think that is one of the reasons many creators are motivated to create quality/sometimes time consuming content for your app. You can’t expect creators to come create for you when they can’t make a living by putting so much time into it. Follower count isn’t all about popularity and making people feel less than.. it’s a business to get ads and sponsors. Just a suggestion if you want to get more creators to work full time on your app

- its a good app but im confused..

i know many people have probably said this but i am also moving here from tiktok. i know that the point of this app is not to be EXACTLY like tiktok but i feel like it could stand to be a little more like it. when i scroll through my mix(i think thats what its called), i get a variety of different videos. normally, this would be great but they are all different genres. i just feel that if a user likes certain videos, then their mix should show more of those videos and not just a bundle of everything, ya know? it is a good app so great job to the developers! it just needs some improvements.


Hello dom I have recently download your app and well I like it but it can use a little improvement like for starters we need audios like music or sounds SOMETHING DOM! I like how your app doesn’t show follower count I think you shouldn’t change that but we need a way to like comments and we need some effects please. Lastly maybe instead of having a verify check we can something better like Crown or something sorta like musically. I do like the layout of your app. That’s it for now Dom keep doing your thing😻💞💋

- Really good but could be better.

Honestly this app isn’t all that bad, it’s actually pretty good. People are commonly referring it as “Vine 2” or “Vine 2.0” but it has its own feel to it to be honest. Though it may be good I feel it’s lacking one thing and that’s the 6 second limit on how long we can have our videos be. I just wish it was a little longer like 10 at least however it’s not too much of a problem for the app itself it’s more something that just bothers me. Anyways I hope to see what future updates will be brought upon this app.

- Good until it started to become tik tok

Before it was created this was Vine 2, now it feels like a tik tok 2. The only thing people are asking for is stuff from tik tok and they want this app to be exactly like tik tok, and it’s already becoming like that. But if they don’t add that stuff, they’ll lose users, so they have to add it. App feels too much like tik tok, and I got it to get away from tik tok. When the limit was seven seconds it was fine, but 15 seconds, sounds,filters, etc. makes it feel like tik tok 2 when it shouldn’t

- Very happy

I downloaded this app at first because i heard it was a good alternative to tiktok the byte community is great but there are obviously some things that need to be improved the developers are great and are quickly working on improving the app in all the ways we have recommended they sent out a poll on ways to improve to give everyone an opportunity to help the app in the one week that I have had this app I have already seen massive improvements and I am excited for what is to come

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Zeeshan Haider,spokesperson congress byte on cm yogi Report By ASIAN TV... via @YouTube

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@nice_byte You are not only doing Vulkan work but also reflecting them on your wine... So beautiful :)

Jim OShaughnessy

@Byte_Sized_Blog @jlowin I must say, I agree Sam. If @jlowin stopped here, this would be the apex for his career as a punster and advocate for dad jokes. But we both know, he won't do that.


@jlowin @jposhaughnessy This is the way to start a new year! 😄

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@Never10kagain @thebitcoinrabbi @bluewalletio But any transaction above 11sats/byte would be included in the same block. is such an amazing tool!


@NuskiyaNasar thanks boo 😘

James Gingerich, @Expeflow #WorkEasier #RPA

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@fathimxhana thank you


My mom keeps hassling me to call my aunts and grans in SL. I said I wont because I have nothing to talk about 🤷🏽‍♀️, nor will I have a response for their "when are you getting married" question. So imma just steer clear and deal with the "you never call us" when I go home :P.


@PaulRaj12000 Two choices: A. reduce mining fee to 0sat/byte to solve dust spend history bloat bug. B. Delay scaling to prevent users encountering the dust spend history bloat bug.

Ezenwanyi Camp Nou❤💙

@playfantasticng We waiting like 💃💃💃

Matt Westcott

You could write special-case code for those, but it's more effective to write the whole thing out in full and let the compressor do the work. It will notice the repetition and squash each occurrence down to just a byte or two.


I am always looking for media that fit the sound byte. #crush #vice💪 #squeezeplay #leglock #legscissorschoke #submissionwrestling

Cheshire Merc Cat

@nice_byte @PikumaLondon Where did you get this font?

Cake @ So long, 2020! 🎉🎆🕚

Is it my turn on the joke, mom?

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byte iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

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byte iphone images
byte iphone images
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byte iphone images

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The applications byte was published in the category Social Networking on 2020-01-24 and was developed by Byte Inc. [Developer ID: 1021378990]. This application file size is 39.3 MB. byte - Social Networking app posted on 2020-12-03 current version is 0.6 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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