TV Mirror+ for Chromecast App Reviews


TV Mirror+ for Chromecast App Description & Overview

What is tv mirror+ for chromecast app? TV Mirror+ for Chromecast is the easy screen sharing tool to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen and sound on Chromecast in Full HD Quality.

Mirror photos, videos, games, websites, apps, presentations, documents and spreadsheets on Chromecast.

* Supported Chromecasts: Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra and all generations of the Chromecast family

* Supported TVs and other devices: Xiaomi MI Box, NVIDIA Shield TV and all TVs with Google Cast or Chromecast built-in, e.g. Sony, TCL, Vizio, Sharp, Philips, Hisense, Skyworth, Soniq

* Your iPhone/iPad and your Chromecast must be connected to the same wifi to enable screen mirroring. Please do not use VPN, Proxy, VLANS and Subnets.

* Latency is supreme (below 1 second) when you have good wifi network conditions

* No hidden subscriptions or costs

* If a third party app, for example Spotify, does not mirror sound correctly, please FORCE CLOSE and restart Spotify while the mirroring session is active. Please check the Apple Support page to learn how to FORCE CLOSE an app:

* Black screen issues: Some third party apps prevent screen mirroring. When you try to mirror them, you will just see a black screen on your TV, for example with Netflix and Disney+. This is a restriction chosen by Netflix and others, so we cannot fix it at the moment.

If you like the app and our constant work on it, please give the app a positive rating on the App Store. Many thanks in advance from the development & support team.

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with Google or any other trademark mentioned here. Chromecast is a trademark of Google LLC.

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App Name TV Mirror+ for Chromecast
Category Utilities
Updated 12 January 2022, Wednesday
File Size 28.73 MB

TV Mirror+ for Chromecast Comments & Reviews 2023

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There are still some bugs :|. Tbh, I love this app. Don’t get me wrong here. This app absolutely worked but the thing is there are still some bugs while working. When I first bought this one, it doesn’t connect to my chromecast while I mirror ( or I can say screen recording…). Then I try to open the non-pro app one and it works somehow :/. You need to fix that one. It is just one bug… I know but hey u guys did great by updating this one! Also, this is not a bot review though. I noticed everyone in reviews and in social media have a bad look on you guys. Even I suspected about this. But it works well. So someone out there wanna buy this, I kinda recommend about it. Also don’t be so worried about your money because you still can refund. Just try this one if you need to screen share to people on your phone.

Works well. I have been using this app for a few days now. I haven’t had a problem with it other than some small glitching when some settings are turned up too high. It is working very nicely. This is by far the best app I have seen for Chromecast Mirroring.

Really neat. I like it a lot works nicely but what’s the difference between this version & the free (none plus) version? Didn’t know their was a free version of this app until I already paid for this one. Not saying I wouldn’t have paid for this one if I knew but I’m more curious to what the benefits are of having the paid version?

LOVE TV MIRROR CAST+ PRO. I am having a blast with TV MIRROR CAST + PRO! It saves me the hassle of connecting another casting device and saves me an HDMI cable import! And of course with TV MIRROR CAST+ PRO you can mirror the cast the whole shebang! Both video and sound that is!

Why do I have to keep paying for this app?. I purchased Pro Mirror some time ago. I have it downloaded on my iPad and iPhone. Now it will not work because they want me to pay again. I don’t think I agreed to keep paying money for this app on my initial purchase. Updates should be included! I am going to look for a different app that only charges you one time.

Love this pro version !!!. The pro upgrade was really a great purchase and I wish I had done it way before I did!! Everything is now in great working order and we are so happy with this app!! Awesome!! Thanks much!!

Doesn’t work as expected. I wanted to use this for casting Zoom and other apps that run video. Although these apps are not on the list of incompatible apps, the sound does not play from my TV. Other reviews suggest that their other app can cast videos with sound. I’m not about to buy yet another app for $6.99 just to get sound. Overall a frustrating experience.

It works!. App works well, looking forward to the update that includes sound. I would suggest changing the phrasing from “screen recording” to “screen casting

It’s okay. I got the paid version to avoid ads but the audio doesn’t work on the TV. The audio only comes from the phone. So I don’t know if they are still working on an update for the audio or not. However, I did read a reply to another review saying the paid version has audio compared to the free version- so I don’t know. Also, the videos are a bit glitchy and laggy throughout while mirroring, but it’s not unwatchable. So, I guess I’ll wait for a reply or an update on the audio. It would get a better rating if there was audio.

Awesome app!!. I first downloaded the non-pro app and it kept showing adds , so I decided to buy this one .. at first when I read the reviews a lot of them were negative , but after I tried it , there was sound adds...and good graphics . I totally recommend this.

Amazing! But.... I just wish we could crop what would go onto the other screen! If there was a way to make little boxes around what part of the screen you would want to show then it would be 5/5 it very little lag and works amazing out of all the screen mirror apps I have tried! Works great for iPad and iPhone

horrible. I paid for this app to use on my vacation because the TVs didn’t include Netflix. After spending 15-20 minutes getting all the apps(one app, tells you’ll need to purchase this app, that app, etc) I got it working and the picture from my phone wasn’t going to the TV when watching Netflix. Which was my main reason for buying it.

Performs well. Needs a little more work.. This app does an amazing job at casting my iPhones screen onto my TV display! I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to connect to my chrome cast and how the application is able to keep a steady connection. I mainly use it for Udemy because they recently removed their chrome cast feature a while back. This app is a solid remedy to my issue. Now for the ugly. I did run into a couple of hiccups along the way. Heavy applications (think games) and switching back and forth between apps might force the app to crash or lose connection to the chrome cast. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it can be a little annoying if you’re doing a live presentation and you need to switch between application (sheets/slides/docs etc). Nonetheless, it’s a pretty sweet and solid app that does the job well. Some slight improvements can really make this app become perfect!

No sound. Purchase the pro version because I wanted to play sound through my tv speakers. Unfortunately I can get it to sound in my tv, stills cones out from my iphone. Im mostly using it to watch tv using an iptv app, im I doing something wrong? I later find out that the volume cannot be controlled by my iphone, it has to be control directly from the audio device. Great app does what is supposed to do, just have to lower all the volume on my iphone and use the audio device to control it.

Mirroring and sound works good - easy process. Buying the pro version was worth it. The quality of the screen is very sharp for rewatching school lectures that includes a lot of white board, slides and handwriting. Sound quality is very good too. Easy to use. Installed app. Opened app. Tap to start mirroring/recording. Recording is required for mirroring and it was documented somewhere that it does not use phone space as they are temporary. So all good. Using iPhone 11, Chromecast Ultra. On same Wi-Fi 5 GHz band.

No sound!!. I was interested in the app since I can’t mirror with my Sony TV. The app does work well with mirroring, but there is no sound still. I see that there was a bug fix a week ago but it doesn’t seem to have done the trick. I have gone into the settings to ensure that the enable sound button was selected but that didn’t do the job. I have used other apps from the developer and was excited to try this. Now I’m regretting it. If I can’t see some fixes/resulted soon I may have to get with Apple to get refunded.

It stopped working.. Some months back I purchased it and it worked fine with my chromecast with google TV. Had not used since then, maybe a couple of times. Sadly today I wanted to show my wife some videos on the TV because of the screen size, but now it only sends audio, and the screen is just black. In response to the developer reply, am not trying to cast from any app. Just want to show my own videos and photos from my gallery that I took myself. No netflix or anything. I also wanted to show how to reorder the iphone icons and modify some iphone settings, but I can not see anything, Not even the iphone screen as it was before. Update 2: I did shut down, then restarted the iphone 12promax, same for the chromecast wgtv. It didn’t work. However, I deleted the app on the iphone, then repeated the shutdown/restart sequence, and installed again the tvmirror+ for chromecast. This time it is working again. I can see the iphone screen, gallery and the basic needed. Guess some garbage was there from the app cache and/or iOS updates.

Unsatisfactory. They offer you the free version where they twist your arm with no audio and pointless ads to buy their pro version just to get audio cutting in and out. The movie will just randomly stop. Not worth it maybe look for a different app that offers better quality screen mirroring.

Read this. These other reviews make no sense at all. I'm on an iPhone and mass downloaded like twenty apps. This was one of two that was actually minimal latency and good quality. This is also $4. Works perfectly for me, so dunno what these other people are smoking. Feels bad to be the developer

Sound needs some adjusting.. The quality is worth the cost. The one consistent issue I have every time I use it, is the sound is at a higher pitch or maybe its slightly sped up.

Full screen for tv. When mirroring my iPad to my tv it doesn’t fill the whole screen, same goes for my phone. Just wanting to say that if there’s another way of making it fill the whole screen without it distorting I’ll be happy. Other than that, the app does need some updates. On my iPad, mirroring to my tv is somewhat smooth but to my phone it’s not smooth at all. Could just be my phone but I don’t know. If you can, please consider making some updates to the app. Just for everyone who are considering buying this app, it’s ok, not the best but really depends on you. If you buy it and don’t like it you can always get refund. Just need some update to fix some stuff and improve thing on this app. If they get it then this app will be great. That’s all for now. 😗

ok App, Connection Issues. App does as it says, streams your screen to your Chromecast. A good idea for an app but with shortcomings. The Video settings don't appear to do much; I’ve tried changing from the best quality settings to the best speed. No visual difference. Even with high speed Wifi connection (Im 5ghz AX at 100mbps) the App will experience lag, audio drop/out of sync audio, and crashes. Videos will always break up in picture quality. With that said, it’s still an ok App. If you are going to get it just don't expect perfection.

Not worth it. I’ll give them two stars because it works as advertised, but there’s two things wrong that bothers me. One there is noticeable lag between my iPhone and tv which makes this hard to use. Secondly and most importantly the image quality is terrible. I thought I would be projecting high quality images to my 4K tv, but instead the images seem to be no better than 480p Terrible

Mirror chrome cast for iPhone. Works pretty good. Thrown off connection too many times. Changed settings, then it works then it throws you off…but for a couple bucks, works for me. Sometimes the audio get jarbbled too…I give it 3.5

False advertising. I installed the ad supported version of the app. I wanted this app to stream my music library to my tv over wifi. When I went to settings it said I had to have the paid version to stream audio. I paid my money and bought it. It still didn’t stream audio, and when I read the FAQ, it said this feature hasn’t been implemented yet. Classic bait and switch. Shame on you!

This app doesn’t work. Don’t buy. Even the free version of Replica works better than this paid app. The problems include: 1. Difficult to connect to chromecast. Normally the first connect breaks immediately, then you need to connect one more time. Sometimes you need to try several times to get a solid connection. 2. Audio stops within about 10 minutes. Stop and reconnect wouldn’t fix this issue. You need to turn off the app and restart it. 3. If audio doesn’t stop, video freezes within 30 minutes. Your iPhone is still playing the video but your TV picture freezes. Need to reconnect. I have already chosen the lowest pictures resolution and the longest delay time. It doesn’t help.

Doesn’t work. Nearly useless as the connection gets lost so frequently. Update: Developer responded with a list of things that might get this app to work. Such as, unplug everything and let it cool down... This app is garbage. It doesn’t work at even the lowest settings. The problem isn’t my connection, every other streaming and casting app works fine at the most demanding settings. It’s this crappy app that doesn’t work.

Works… sort of…. Very glitchy, even with the pro version, and all of the settings tweaked to max speed over quality. Unusable for casting videos or anything animated, even with audio disabled. Good for static content; pictures and such. Not what i’m looking for however.

SO WORTH IT!!!!!. I searched for so many apps, but this was totally the one! All the apps I looked at lagged majorly, even the free version of this app had zero lag time! Because this app was only $2.99, I knew it had to be great due to how fast the free version was. Definitely worth the upgrade so you can enable sound, have no ads, and very fast broadcasting time. This is such a better way than spending over $100 on an Apple TV. Very happy!!!!

Impressed. I’ve been looking for a legit screen mirroring app like this for a while. It’s nice to see a qualify app that delivers as advertised without any hidden restrictions AND whose full featured version isn’t something you have to subscribe to weekly/monthly/annually. Nor do you have to pay a ridiculous one time amount for access. It’s reasonable. Like apps were before 2018 I guess. Thank you!

Apple Watch. I have had this almost 3 weeks now have tried numerous times daily to set it up but my iPhone can’t seeM to ever be able to find the update

Works the Best. I have tested a few apps to try and mirror my phone screen, and this is the most responsive app I have tested. Worth the $4

DONT FALL FOR IT! Rip off App and Developer. Downloaded the App and got the following issues: 1. Sounds is not the greatest. No idea why the app doesn’t transmit better audio quality. 2. Frame lags and breaks. My Connection is stable I use 5Ghz, full bars on TV and iPhone, modified settings on app to try make it work.... all the effort for nothing! App doesn’t transmit a continuous mirroring, half of the movie jumps, freezes and cracks...

Trash. I bought all the pro apps that are supposed to cast to my samsung smart tv but they DO NOT WORK. I followed all the directions and did everything they told me to do and still nothing. These apps are trash and as far as im concerned i will never buy anything from these app builders again. I was warned and I should have listened but I didn’t. Why apple allows these apps on their App Store is beyond me. Oh well I have learned a lesson im not to soon forget.

Didn’t do what it says. I only purchased this app because I was staying at an Embassy Suites and it said that I could cast my phone to the TV with this app. It didn’t work even with purchasing the app. Would not recommend this app if you’re in a hotel that says you can stream from your phone. It didn’t work.

Lee. This app is very easy to install and operate. It streamed video and audio from my iPad to the Chromcast on my Samsung smart TV instantly without delay. The only reasons I gave it four stars is because 1) unlike Chromcast the picture on the TV does not fill the whole screen. There is a wide black border on each side of the picture. This may be caused by the difference in the aspect ratios of the iPad and the TV. However, this problem does not exist with Chromcast. 2) if for any reason the iPad turns off, like when you get distracted or get a phone call, the app also turns off and you have to go through the process of re-starting it. This is unlike web sites on a browser which are not deleted if the iPad is turned off.

Recording?. I love the app. Just one question though. When I open the app it says the videos will be recorded. Is that so? I don’t want to record nothing I would be streaming.

Have had it a long time and it still rocks!!’. Have had it a long time and it still rocks!!’

Easy if you spend 5 seconds reading instructions. Does what it advertises well. This is the pro version with audio (except for apps that don’t support screen mirroring anyways). Ignore the reviews complaining about lack of audio. This is for casting your screen mirror to Chromecast. Ignore the reviews complaining about smart TVs. There are settings available for streaming resolution, frame rate, and buffering delay. If you still have lag, your problem is with your network, not the app. Again, very easy to use if you spend a few seconds learning the app.

Simple as simple can get.... I installed the app to watch homemade videos on the big screen and it works great the one draw back is there is no sound... maybe with an update or two the programmers can fix that.. I also went pro to avoid the adds... all in all it is a good tool to have in your arsenal...

It won’t work for me. I’m using chrome cast. Every time I try to mirror my screen it crashes and makes my phone freeze up. Whenever it does connect the video freezes up and the audio gets distorted. I haven’t really used the app for anything else since I just got it, but the fact that I had to pay for it and it stopped working really makes me sad. I don’t know if I’d get a refund or not, I’m just bummed out the app doesn’t work for me. I hope it gets fixed. I’d really enjoy my time in quarantine a lot more.

Terrible!!. Terrible app I had the regular version so I would be able to broadcast it to my tv and it ended up saying I had to buy another app so I needed up buying the app and it had all sorts of problems like no audio,stops streaming after a couple minutes, not wanting to stream and many more I would like to get a refund asap not worth it.

Don’t waste tour money. I bought this app because of the reviews, I have a fiber wifi and the latest Chromecast but this app indicates that it’s connected to the Chromecast and red button shows up indicating Sreenmirroring- no such thing happens. IF YOU GET A MIRRORING 1 out of 8 consider yourself lucky. EVEN IF YOU GET THE CONNECTION IT WILL KICK YOU OUT AFTER 5-10 minutes Good luck, it’s all about moving from Pro to Ultimate and they want you to keep spending more money

Does what I need it to. I haven’t had any of the issues people mention while streaming iPad pro v2 12.9” to chrome cast ultra connected with Ethernet. If I run max settings there is some glitching or delay, but with moderate settings there’s no issues at all. The only problem I’ve had is with my chrome cast not being compatible with all monitors. I’m excited to get a new roku ultra and try this there.

Excellent with iPad Pro. Trying to cast anything and everything from iPad Pro I fumbled around with different apps trying to get it to cast. Nothing I tried was as easy as TV Mirroring for Chromcast. It completely mirrors whatever is on the iPad. What you see on the iPad, you see on the monitor. Went to Pro version - well worth it - rather than sit through commercials. Try this one FIRST before you go to anything else.

Could be better. This is a great app and it’s the only one that hasn’t lagged like crazy for me. The only complaint so far is that the audio can lag and cuts off sometimes :/. Hoping that the company will fix it.

Actually works well!. So I read your instructions and apparently the problem was the connection. My Chromecast device and iPhone was far away from the WiFi router and that’s why didn’t work well. Thanks for responding and giving tips on what to do or what could be thr problems. Now I really enjoy this app. I love it!

DO NOT buy the pro version of the app. If you’re like me who would like to screen mirror your phone to the tv, this app is great! But there’s not audio. But! You then notice that the pro version for $3.99 does have audio! So you buy it but it doesn’t work. Screen plays just fine, but still no audio on the tv, only from your phone. Don’t be like me and end up buying the pro version, look at the reviews before you do

I got tricked by the headlight. The problems starts with the part, which good and payed app don’t have an intro, or how to use... in the middle there is the part that u can’t cast vídeos, when u click to cast videos it redirects u to another app that is more expensive, isn’t this app called PRO? Pro versions aren’t supposed to include everything? If this wasn’t enought, u can’t cast well because it delays a lot, like 50 seconds to a minute to appear a new message in the screen, so its like seeing a slo mo movie! And the audio when casting comes from your phone!

They hustled me. I downloaded the app, tried using it and noticed there way no sound. They saw I had to go pro to get sound. Paid for it and still don’t get sound. What a rip off. Wish I would have read the reviews because it seems I’m not the only one with this problem. I emailed the app developer and got an email back saying they know about the issue and r working on it. If they know it’s a problem y r they charging people to get the sound when they know they won’t?

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Doesn't work. Don't bother, can't even get a refund

It doesn’t work. Waste money

Seriously!!. Does not support the audio with FaceTime or WhatsApp during video calls.. will be glad if you guys can fix it..

Chrome cast. Can get it to work won’t mirror too much lag

Won’t cast from my phone to any chromecast. If I could give 0 stars I would. Never been able to cast anything from my phone to any Chromecast. Waste of money!

Absolutely Terrible. Cuts off every few mins and keeps trying to charge you for lots of different add ons. Would not recommend. Waste of money and time.

Doesn’t work. The old version works yet I bought the pro version for some reason and it doesn’t even cast…

Very helpful. Great app. (Sound not very reliable)

Doesn't work with sport streaming. Unfortunately this doesn't work with what I bought it for. I get free streaming of sport on my phone, however the stream service doesn't allow the screen recording which this app uses to mirror. Wasted my money

Good video, unreliable audio. Screen mirroring is simple and reliable. Anyone can use it on any device! - Note that the app is not suitable for fast-action video (eg sports & fight scenes), as screen updating is a bit slow. It works well for most apps though. - Audio mirrors sometimes and sometimes not. I’ve tried every fix, and frankly it’s just a randomly occurring problem. You will have to assume that audio will not be sent to your TV at least half the time.

The app was good!! Is there any sound as well?. Is there any sound as well?

Terrible. Take your money for nothing to work properly and an absolute stress for a laggy mess. DO NOT BUY

Screen mirroring issue. Cuts off every 5 minutes and needs to restart the screen mirroring to work again. Thanks...

Sound is off. The sound is coming out as if people inhaled helium!!! Please how to fix that?

No sound. Not much point trying to mirror without sound. Fail programming

Bad application. I tried this app. It is very bad every 4 minutes. cancel the process and comes back again. Bad quality picture when see film and turn off the phone cancel the process. It is the worst application and losing money with it.

A complete failure.. Does not operate on FILMZIE. Disappointed and money wasted. Other Sites on Family Room are excellent. L. Hargreaves.

Doesn’t mirror everything on screen. Tried to mirror Foxtel and it didn’t work also tried Apple TV and it mentions something about permissions so won’t play

Bad. Pay the app but not working on my phone i refund my money back

Unreliable. The app often freezes to a green screen. The app freezes when switching from landscape to portrait. The app drops out after a few minutes. All of this is regardless of iPad or iPhone, distance to router, distance to chromecast, iOS... Apple refuse refund for some reason.

Disappointing and wastage of money. It’s disappointing and wastage of money. This app does not deliver what it says. I was playing video on my phone. Only sound comes no display. Pathetic

Refund me please. I’m not using this thing, it’s misleading and hard to figure out.

Doesn’t work.. Doesn’t work. Just wasted my money

Disappointed. Seems a ok app but wouldn’t do what I was hoping. No way to check before purchasing (eg. free trial) and no way to get refund. Wasted $

At least it works, well done. Disconnects some times and I paid for premium & I’m still getting adds

Glitching. Paid for the pro thought it was a good price for just being able to cast things …started casting and it would freeze and delay every 10 seconds so very hard to watch something with it glitching out every couple of seconds

Works well on nvidia shield tv. You have to wait for nvidia shield tv screensaver comes on then you open this app on iOS device and it then finds built in chrome cast from the nvidia shield tv. I Tested on iPod 6 and iPhone 6s with ios 12.4. Watching videos with screen capture watching video from an iOS app on Sd resolution setting there is occasional slowdown of video for a few seconds every couple of minutes. I have the iOS device near the nvidia shield tv and wireless router . The closer to the router and nvidia shield the less slowdown. But I guess this will get fixed over time with a newer update to this app. Overall this app is very good, played iOS games very well. It’s like having an Apple TV . Very good app well done and for the price I don’t need to get an Apple TV . Thumbs up to the developers good work:)

Songbird Way. easy to use and works well

Works well enough. Pretty good app for when you want to cast a website that doesn’t have Chromecast automatically come up on it. I found that having the original tv mirroring app(not this + one) caused a conflict that made it not work for me but I contacted support and got a fairly timely response with a suggestion that was the solution to fixing this, and now it works fine for me.

Tv mirror +. Audio is not good .constantly stops working properly free version was better!

This app is great (not payed to say this). When you put the right settings on in this app it’s perfect and very helpful and now I don’t need to pay for movies😂

Audio doesn’t work. Purchased pro so I can have audio on Tv but it is projecting from iOS device only

Not connecting to chrome cast at all.. Getting the paid version wasn’t helpful. I’m using a separate blue tooth speaker and the chrome cast doesn’t work at all.

Doesn’t work and can’t request a refund for add on. Purchased an add on in hopes this would get the app to actually work. The add on doesn’t add anything to the experience but apple’s report a problem system doesn’t allow me to request a refund on the add on. Please refund my $5.99 add on as it does not work at all.

Problem. While trying to play a music video the picture blacked out and the sound was distorted. Not a very good thing.

Great app only issue is stability. Only issue is that i keep having to restart the stream because it froze. Wouldn’t be surprised if something apples done is the cause.

Drops out constantly. Waste of money. Do not buy. Drops out constantly and won’t mirror anything apart from home screen error comes up. Want a refund!!

Doesn’t work. It casts the screen for like 2 seconds then bombs out. It doesn’t cast the sound. Waste of $5.99

Even worse than the free version. Stop mirroring every 30s and cannot close the app, useless

No audio. I purchased this app because it supposedly included audio. Could not get a peep out of it. Waste of money.

Still needs work before its worth the money.. Worked for 5 mins, then developed a second audio that lagged by about 10 seconds and was really distorted. This meant it was useless for what I wanted it for.

Unstable. No sound and kept crashing

Waste of money. Downloaded and paid for mirror screening. Disappointed to find it won’t allow me to mirror the tv series I had purchased off iTunes. Would not waste your money.

Can’t watch a movie. It’s stupid it says I can screen mirror but I can’t web watch I movie

Worst app. Doesn’t even let you mirror if you open a video app

Works well, but unreliable. This app is easy to use and it works, but it cuts out at random. This happened to us especially if we were connected to a zoom call as well. It is quite frustrating and I hope it gets fixed. Audio will sometimes cast, but most of the time it won’t. Annoying, because it could be so good if it were more reliable.

Disappointing experience. Audio overlaps with screechy noise in the background and video quality isn’t that great.

I just paid for it but it doesn’t work. I just lost money in this!. I tried to broadcast but seconds after I start broadcasting my iPad, I leave the app to look for something to broadcast and tells me it’s invalid and that it stopped broadcasting. I want my money back.

Stop working. Very bad service. Stop working and disconnect in the middle of watching something. Have to go back on the app and restart the broadcast again.

Pathetic. Normal version was better then pro. Installed pro version to get better quality and it turned out to be worse then the free version. Audio and video is not synced and it stops million times per minute. Stay away from this terrible app

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No sound on tv. Why pay

Pas stable. Fonctionne quand on l’essaie mais pas quand on en a besoin!

Horrible audio. There is such a delay in the audio from iPad to tv want money back , had to turn volume off on TV and use iPad Don’t waste your money

Don't pay. Unfortunately, this paid pro app worked fine for about four months and then stopped working! I contacted the seller about the problem and they gave me few things to try to solve the problem, but when nothing worked, they told me to contact Apple for a refund! Apple said they can't refund the money as not apps are eligible for a refund!

Casting. Works alright. Screen size has to be adjusted each time

How disappointing.. Wanting to use my chromecast with apple tv and this does not work for that. Bought the pro version too. Mirrors everything but the video. Very very disappointed.

Dumb. Doesn’t even mirror

Great. But something that is a bit annoying is that when my phone is off it disconnects instead of a pause in the cast but ok 👍

Lag a lot. Can’t even watch a video because the image lag a lot. I’d like to be reimbursed please

Garbage. Absolute garbage paid for pro version and sound lasted 2 minutes then video started lagging. Waste of $5.49. Run away from this one. Joke

Good app. At first it didnt work turns out i didnt know how to use it lol , so i am correcting my previous rating , 5 stars its prefect ! I play minecraft from the phone (as a remote) and look at the screen 😁😁😁

poor design. I have had your chrome cast for about 2 - 3 months and I would not recommend it to anyone. You always get a broken up picture that is constantly jittering, the picture is freeze framing all the time. The volume does not work at all. Very poor new technology

Doesn’t work. I tried the trial without issue, but the ads and pauses were annoying. After purchasing I can’t get it to run at all. I want my money back.

Does not work with Apple tv. Does not work with Apple tv

Don’t bother. Waste of money.

Good but stopped working. It was working great but then stopped

Not as good. Manu interruptions in the middle!

Don’t waste your money!!!!. I purchased the pro app at $3.99 and the app does not work for me in supporting audio. I made sure to toggle to audio on and turned up the audio on my tv and it still does not work. It also does not show video. How do I go about getting a refund? I’ve since deleted the app.

Don’t waste your money. Video quality is poor to good at best but audio is awful, skipping and voices are distorted.

Pas si pire. Finalement un application qui fonctionne de mon iPad à ma TV5Unis Samsung. Qualité de la clarté de l’image = 90%. Par contre ne s’affiche pas sur la largeur complète de mon téléviseur. (

Garbage don’t buy it. Doesn’t work don’t buy it

Not working. I am very disappointed when the audio not working. I bought this app yesterday specially for the audio but it doesn’t work plus the mirroring once in while will crash. Please advise how I can get a refund for this app.

Chromecast. Very hard to setup

Bugs. I have the full version and it keeps getting stuck on menus. I do not recommend buying it.

Doesnt worth. The app is so bad. It crashes a lot and voice is not stable when casting on tv

Mostly works. Works as advertised most of the time. And a decent one time price unlike another app asking for a subscription. Does not work for video chatting apps. It started fine then stopped casting during the call. Was trying to get family video chats on the TV screen. Google duo and Facebook messenger both failed

willi. worked once now i can’t connect to tv

Love it!!. Does exactly what I want it to.. the free version is not bad, but the pro is awesome.

Tv miroir. Ne fonctionne tout simplement pas

Mirror your phone… or not?!?!. I am writing this review in hopes that it will help get this app to work properly… …or my money back because it just crashed worse than Kobe!

Clunky and Fails. This app was clunky and though I tried to display my screen via a chromecast it failed 30 seconds after each attempt. Anyone who thinks anything other than an Apple TV is a good option to display an iPad on a TV is sadly mistaken. If you want to view your iPad on a TV, don’t be cheap, buy an Apple TV! Otherwise don’t bother casting.

Audio off by 4-5 seconds. The audio is off and makes things unwatchable. Thought paying money to get the audio was an upgrade????

Why did I spend this much?. Crashed in the first 7 seconds.

Pas très pratique. Ça pourrait être vraiment bien, mais l’application s’arrête dès que je veux aller à d’autres applications. C’est vraiment très désagréable et je ne peux pas l’utiliser. Je suis très déçu...

Not working well at all. Not working well at

Ne fonctionne pas. Ne fonctionne pas

Good for me. Just what i needed, if you want a full screen just adjust the picture size of your tv. Picture quality : 90% (for the pro version)

Voice goes out of sync. Voice goes out of sync when casting camera videos

Works horribly. Paid for no ads and got more ads and doesn’t work

Incredibly frustrating lagging galore.. Incredibly disappointed. Will not render HD or 4K. Useless to me. :(

Works great. Easy to use works awesome

Works like a charm!. Actually works.

What a complete rip off. The free version doesn’t work without removing the bar by paying. And then it gives you the app to mirror your iPad to chrome cast but not the actually iPad just a few apps. So then you have to download the mirror TV apps for another fee and it mirrors the iPad but the apps are just black. COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY

Do not work with Apple TV. Paid as ask and doesn’t work. So disappointing!

Would not recommend. Only occasionally works

Doesn’t work. Will not mirror smoothly and crashes frequently.

Ne fonctionne pas bien. Beaucoup de bugs

Mirroring problems. Way too slow!!! It works but the mirroring is extremely slow! Please fix! Not worth paying for an app that is at least 40 seconds slower. Disappointing!

Give me my money back. It runs for 3 seconds then glitches then another 3 seconds then glitches then eventually just turns off

App SUCKS and does NOT work. Don’t say that we can stream and mirror videos, audio, games, etc in HD when the app doesn’t work. As soon as I exit the app to try to mirror my screen, the app stops broadcasting and won’t mirror my screen?! Useless app. FIX IT PLEASE AND STOP WASTING OUR MONEY! If you say the app will do something, make sure it actually does it!!! DO NOT BUY THIS APP. I shoulda listened to the reviews... If I could give this app zero stars, I would.

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Deceiving. I purchased this thinking I could stream from any website but it doesn’t. It lags and the stream is all glitchy. Then crashes saying I cant stream from the website. Now I find out that there’s a seperate app which is 4 dollars more for websites. Ridiculous.

Very Unstable- un dependable. Chrome cast works fine with streaming services but this is sold as a MIRROR. It doesn’t work. Each and every time it starts by announcing my chrome cast is not on WiFi… it is. Don’t waste money on Pro - still looking for something better.

Once Done, Can’t Go Back. Loaded and used once. Tried to view another app using Chromecast and video on my TV is still in the size of my phone (picture squished into 1/4 size of actual monitor). Not exactly what I expected and need to know how to return back.

Nothing works. All I want to do is to cast a play I purchased from my iPhone to my tv. I have tried mirroring, casting, purchased two apps that said they connected my phone to my tv and still here I am watching the production on my phone because nothing works

Unreliable. I’ve had little success getting this app to work reliably. When it has worked, scrolling through photos results in a very jittery transition from one photo to another. Usually I have to start the app several times and even then it often just dies. I’m just going to trash it and call it a loss. It’s not ready to market.

Could be better. It gets the job done for the must part BUT audio is very distorted and the all is super glitchy. It will randomly disconnect all the time. Just not the quality you’d expect from an app that costs this much.

Doesn’t work most of the time. This app is horrible. I would never buy the service if it can’t work properly when I use it for watching files sent to me to get a broader effect… it’s a shame too cause for a product that works I’d pay the premium price!

Constantly disconnects. This mirroring software is a total waste of money. It works for 2 minutes and then loses its connection when streaming from my iPhone 12 Their support is NOT 24/7 as advertised! Good luck getting someone to answer

This app is too buggy.. I’m trying to mirror my iPhone but the app keeps disconnecting. It’s cheap, but atleast make it work.

Not Stable. Drops the connection to the Chromecast device nearly every time the screen changes on the iPad. All default settings. Zero dropped connections in any other casting app, so it is not tithe iPad, the WIFI, or the Chromecast device. I would like it a lot if it stayed connected.

Can't make it work. I followed the instructions and it doesn't mirror up my Vizio tv. When I try to use the app, I can't get it to put anything on my tv. The tv screen continues to show displays from the tv Home Screen. I looked at the videos and followed the instructions but got no response on the tv.

Frames per second. The FPS is not that great and when I try to play fast pace games it doesn’t do the best job. Over all it’s good for what it’s worth and you should try to tinker with the settings to get the best results

Don’t waste your money. Paid for pro and it will not stream from my phone. I keep trying to play “see” from my Apple TV+ account and it keeps saying “problem loading comment” can’t figure out how to cancel purchase within an hour of ordering and it is not clear how to set up an email to contact support. Only $3 but I am irritated.

AMAZING!. It was a flawless setup. Was casting from my iPhone 6S Plus in under 30 seconds. Lag time is almost nonexistent. Crisp, clear picture. Well worth the 99¢!

biggest waste of money. Bought this app as the upgrade to pro from the free version to avoid the ads, and it will not cast to my tv, yet the original one does fine. Bug fixes should not mean just does not work.

Could be better if u can rotate your phone and have full screen on your tv. I can’t figure out why when you mirror your phone to your TV using Chromecast mirrors great the only problem is when you rotate your phone to make it fullscreen it stays the size of your phone can’t figure it out

It worked one time and then stopped. It would not show the picture of what I was Mirroring.. When I tried to cast the first time it worked but then it would bring out the sound but would not show the picture so it was definitely a waste of money.

Banger. Love it quality isn’t the best but after a few other apps like this this came out as the best

Choppy audio, choppy video, popping/clicking. I tried all the various combinations of resolution, frame rate, filters, etc. I could only minimize these, but not get rid of all the audio/video glitchyness. Too annoying to use.

Buy this… oh and buy that. I thought I was purchasing a cast to get HBO max on my tv. But then I had to purchase another something and then google home and then no real clear instructions. There goes 10$ and 20 min of my life I can’t get back.

Ehh...okay!. Drains the battery, but that was expected. But the recording part to mirror?? Also the screen comes out darker than what’s on your phone. And it lags even with WiFi. But it does the job so it’s not a total bleh.

Easy as can be. Get it! No need for Apple TV. This is the easiest way to screen mirror I’ve found. HD supported, my dad can do it.

Great app!!! Worth the money!!. Works well just a little glitchy but great for the price!! It is also super easy to use!

Terrible. Paid for Pro because the free app is worthless. This one is terrible also. It is the only option I know of with AT&T TV to cast. Laggy and stops casting randomly. I tried a 30 minute workout video and it stopped 6 times. Again, terrible waste of $$

glitchy af. stutters/ quits. Boo. edit: Developer responded, saying that this buggy paid app is still under development. In the mean time, he asked me to 1) be close to router (I’m inches from it) 2) insure strong wifi signal (it’s at full strength) 3) be aware of issues w/ HD video (didn’t even try HD video, i imagine it’s even worse) 4) turn all devices off and on (which is always the first thing I try) MY CONCLUSION: this app is pretty awful, and it’d be a stretch to release it for FREE, much less as a paid app. Atrocious that apple would even approve it.

It WAS working. It was working great. Did everything it was suppose to do. But now it doesn’t connect to my tv. I wouldn’t care if this app was free I’d just move onto the next app but unfortunately I paid for it. Please fix it. My screen just turns black and then it says it can’t connect. When it’s working it’s 5 stars. Now it’s basically useless.

TRASH. Right now you’re wondering if you should spend the money.... don’t. The adds go away but there is zero increase in quality no matter how good your internet is or what setting you use...... also the audio casting is a complete lie. Don’t waste money that apple won’t refund to you.

I need a refund. I think I paid $3.99 twice. Once through the free version to "upgrade" and another to download the pro version.

Crap. Doesn’t work well with Zoom which is the whole reason I purchased upgrade. The free version worked better except for the annoying blackout ads for 10 seconds to get you to buy the pro version. Once I bought it the screen flickers between frames and eventually freezes.

No sound. Why is there no sound from my tv,, even if it is just a $1.00 for app... still waste of money,, I already have apple tv,, but still gave this app a shot since i used it few years ago,,, just to see how far have this app came,, hugely disappointed...

DO NOT BUY IPHONE USERS!!. This is a waste of money i try to watch movies on websites or netflix and does not process sound on nothing,waste pf money.i even put the best settings for the picture and audio go faster but the picture is good but the sound comes out your phone!!NOT A GOOD APP AT ALL UNLESS THEY FIX THAT(for iphone x)

Very glitchy. I was very excited about this app because it provided a solution for my chromecast but it’s too glitchy to use without distractions. Disappointed that I paid for it and the quality is sub par.

Crooks. I upgraded to “Pro” so the sound would play from my TV. It’s didn’t work and the app is saying upgrade AGAIN so the web video will play. Well, the video played fine before the upgrade to hear the sound from my TV now it stops playing do to “null” wfh does that mean. I want a refund NOW!!

Fantastic for the price. Gets the job done. Mirrors home screen, apps, etc. perfectly to a Chromecast. Exactly what I wanted.

Good but it can be better. Really good and easy to use but once you start using it it slows down on the tv and the sound is not good, but other than that its a very nice app!

A great app. I would highly recommend this app to anyone

Terrible App Should Be Deleted. I paid $4 for this app and it freezes and shuts down when ever I try to put on a movie so I paid a $4 for a app that doesn’t do what it is supposed to its like a lollipop without the candy and just the stick

Needs improvements. Sounds needs to be added to the mirroring app. And higher resolution needs to be added to make this app usable for anyone.

Don’t buy it. Can’t believe I spent money on this. Tried the free version. And played audio through my phone. I paid for the upgrade to play audio out of my tv. The audio quality is horrible it keeps skipping out. This app is a piece of crap. They stole my money

Sound on Chromecast. Okay, the quality it’s really nice. But why is this the only app that the sound doesn’t work? Because I tried everything but nothing works. It only sounds on my iPhone not on my TV? 🤔

Works well. It mirrors on the chrome cast to my tv which is exactly what I wanted it to do. Very pleased.

Terrible. The quality of the video is terrible and it glitches often also the audio is delayed and I am very disappointed that I payed 3 dollars for this terrible app I hope it is fixed soon and I wish I could get a refund honestly

Casting work - Audio doesn’t. Casting is easy and seemless but the audio (from Zoom) will only play on local iPad and not on casting screen/system. Paid for pro version and can’t get audio to work in any scenario.

Trial versus pro. The trial version seemed quite simple and worked quite well. The pro version crashed after about 45 seconds every time it was used. That makes it quite useless

It’s good but can improve. It’s good don’t get me wrong but 2.99 for something that lags and bugs out is kind of frustrating I’d prefer a 100% working guaranteed version of this

NOT GOOD. I payed for this just for it to lag and glitch. Thanks for taking my money! I would give it 0 stars. Can I get a refund? I wasted my starbucks tips to buy this for some quality time with my 2 kids since I just got diagnosed with COVID-19 four days ago and we have nothing better to do. I timed it and it delayed for 40 seconds... do better....... ps. single mother #disappointed

It's been good. This new update is stable for the moment no errors on anything for now, sound casting phone is good, thanks for this big update and specialy for the premiums buyers that trust and are supporting developer's hard work in the app

Works great. Just will like the video and pictures to fit the screen 100%

Refund. I downloaded the free app as well as paid for the $2.99 one. The free app worked well, and the one I paid for didn’t. When I tried to mirror on my tv, it would turn my tv black. It was too frustrating to figure it out, and neither could my girlfriend. I also have a google home that it managed to disconnect my tv from. I would like a refund, thank you.

Click Bait. I paid a dollar for to recommend other paid apps & to use screen record a function already on my phone?! I wanted to mirror my phone to the Tv and you scammed me. Your lucky it was only a dollar. Hopefully no one else will buy this app do not make these scammers rich. 🙄

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TV Mirror+ for Chromecast Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of TV Mirror+ for Chromecast app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting and people?

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TV Mirror+ for Chromecast 2.4 Apps Screenshots & Images

TV Mirror+ for Chromecast iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $3.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.4
Play Store de.2kit.Screen-Mirroring
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

TV Mirror+ for Chromecast (Versiyon 2.4) Install & Download

The applications TV Mirror+ for Chromecast was published in the category Utilities on 2018-11-16 and was developed by Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting [Developer ID: 477998014]. This program file size is 28.73 MB. This app has been rated by 7,476 users and has a rating of 3.8 out of 5. TV Mirror+ for Chromecast - Utilities app posted on 2022-01-12 current version is 2.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: de.2kit.Screen-Mirroring. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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TV Mirror+ for Chromecast App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes

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