Sway: Magic Dance

Sway: Magic Dance [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

Sway's AI-powered motion filters lets you visualize yourself doing amazing dances with just a few taps. Groove to hit songs like Old Town Road.

Record a few seconds of yourself, choose a motion filter, then see yourself shuffling, doing ballet, or nailing martial arts kicks.

Share your new dance moves as stickers or videos everywhere you chat and post.

Send us your feedback at hi@getsway.app .

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Sway: Magic Dance Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- You now have fine control over how your custom background is positioned. Feel free to zoom and crop it however you like. - You can also reposition the dancer in the foreground. Scale, move and rotate the dancer to your heart's content. - Various minor improvements

Sway: Magic Dance Comments & Reviews

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- Doesn’t progress past the camera

After I record the first video it says, “let’s pick a dance” but UI is still the camera with only record or ? Buttons. If I record nothing else happens.

- Few Kinks to Work Out

It’s great, plenty of meme material. I have 1 issue, the resolution can be terrible at times, such as 240p, and it can be a major downside. Other than that, I’d say it’s all I hoped for.

- Idk

It should tell me how I can make a video but everything else is good


You’ll need to give up all kinds of passwords for FB, google and even your phone. Don’t do it. Hard to believe this is what apple has sunk to.

- This is amazing!

I love this app so much. Making your avitar is so easy and quick. Not to mention the dances, which are really cool and they are actually Tiktok as well. They update the dances often and let you share your dances to insta, Tiktok, or to your camera roll which is so convenient. Sometimes the dances do get a little messed up when there is a lot of movement in the dance but that’s fine with me. It’s tons of fun tricking friends and family into thinking I’m dancing. Thank you!

- I reccomend this app!

This app Is overpowered. This app lets you add fake props and make you dance by yourself. You can chat with people who are In charge of the app and not only do they give you best advice, but they also are funny and joking. You can make dances and send them to your friends and family. And you can also make new avatars!

- Super fun app to mess around with!

I sent my videos around and people thought I was a great dancer! Amazed at what AI can do nowadays.

- Terrible

Baddddd terrible and does not do anything for me

- Amazing app but

I love this app! It’s great but I think they should make it less time to prepare your first dance, But I still LOVE it!

- Fun app to play with families!

Had so much fun playing this app and recording my mom and dad!

- Did not expect to work... but 100% did!!

It makes you look like a amazing dancer

- Never works

I show my feet, Nobody is in the frame but me, and my cam is completely still. Tells me it won’t work.

- Be careful if your privacy

By using this app and all of its features you basically allow it to access all of your personal information. Be wary.

- best app ever

the only few things to make it even better: •make it so you can do multiple people •more dance moves •add our own music via spotify or apple music

- Look at me dance!

I’ve never danced like this before!

- Wow! I can finally dance! 🥰 #GetSwayApp

Absolutely phenomenal! No more dance lessons for me 🐙🦞🥋

- So fun!

I always admire people who can dance. I can dance fancy moves now too (with extra help from sway)! It also converts my moves into funny stickers:)

- Shuts down

I can’t even keep it running long enough to create a video, it shuts down constantly

- Whyyyyyyy

Ok I gave this three stars but I am unhappy when I tried to get into the app it asked me to “sign in” with google or Facebook but my phone has restrictions so I couldn’t do that please make an update so that you don’t have to sign it I mean why do you even have to but I still gave it five stars because I tried it on a different device and I like it

- Cool App

Cool app wish we could add more avatars

- How do you do it??

Been trying to do it for a while now, got the little movements done but I can’t go on from there. I’ll have to watch a video on how to see yourself dancing because it’s very confusing

- Please change it.

I can’t log in to anything because I don’t have those apps I just want to make my own acc not use Facebook google or apple. Please change it. Thank you!

- Amazing app and great Customer service!

This is such a great app for obvious reasons, but one thing that many may not be aware of is their customer service! Not only where they prompt with responding, they were open to my suggestions and implemented them within 24 hours! Looking forward to see what else this Developer has in store for this app!

- One issue

I love this app! It’s so fun.. the only problem is it makes my head HUGE 😔 other than that I enjoy it so much. Hopefully a patch can make it closer to normal size! 😇

- Awesome and so innovative!!

I just downloaded the app and made my first video and posted it to social media. ITS BLOWING UP!! It’s hilarious because I have no dance moves and two left feet! I love it!!

- Awesome app

Great user interface and super easy to use! 👍🏻👍🏻

- I-

This is so beautiful 😌😌

- Funnest App Ever!

This app had me and my friend dying🤣🤣 What a great app! We are hoping for more content so we can have more laughs!

- Help for ipad

Cant film on my ipad

- 😕

not saying this app i dumb but i will give this app a 1 because it diden't let me see a video that i made

- App won’t work

The app will only allow me to use two dances. Idk why

- Endless Entertainment

Probably the best app ever made. Se are truly living in the future now. Recommended best use with elderly relatives 👍

- epic sad:/

trhis is bad app bc only avalible on iphone so my brother cant get app:/ bad bad

- Crashed

The app crashes every time I press the “Let’s Record” button. Please fix so I can actually use the app.

- Cool

Cool but it doesn’t allow me to add my own apple music


This app is BRILLIANT!!!! You have to get it. Do not hesitate because you will definitively have a fun time with it. Im currently making my grandma bust a move! 😂😂 she loves the app so much!

- Identify Theft Risk

They want your Google, Facebook and Apple ID login information and won’t allow account creation. What are they going to do with people’s personal information????? Deleting it now.

- Love it! Needs more options!

I love this! It’s a great way to have a good laugh at yourself & friends. Would be amazing if there were more options though. Only 4 stars because the dances are very limited. It has potential to be a great app! Please add more dances!

- Won’t load video

It went through the process of making the video and then once done it says “your dance is in the queue” but it does nothing when I click it except “delete video” and I do not see a queue button anywhere.

- My videos won’t create

I did the recording for 30 seconds then clicked a dance to use but it’s not creating the video. It will stay on “uploading your avatar” and doesn’t do anything after that. I’ve even tried waiting an hour on the app and contacting through the app.

- Confusing...

Maybe I’m not getting something right but I just downloaded the app, watched the tutorial and was ready to film. I did the exact instructions it was telling me throughout the 30 seconds. But, when it said film is done, what do I do know? How do I make myself dance?

- Funny App but i’m having trouble with adding music?

There are no songs, just playlists and a “add” plus button. I click and nothing happens. How do I add the songs themselves?

- Problem...

it’s been “uploading my avatar” for 3 hours now and won’t even show the video I made...

- Great App

This is the best app I found it from Tik Tok and I thought I was going to have to pay but no I don’t and it’s really cool and funny. Definitely recommend.

- Really Cool

You should total get this at first i thought it was going to be bad also i no bot

- Best app in history

This app is the best because you can see what you look like whenever you don't know how to do the dance and prank and show off to your friends that you can do dances. I would really recommend this app if you like dances=)

- Fantastic.

His app is truly amazing and blew my mind! i had my doubts at first, and thought it was fake, then i downloaded it, followed the instructions, and it was spectacular! i was laughing so hard. if i had one complaint, it’s the lack of dances. but i understand that mapping a dance for Ai to replicate is probably pretty hard, so i’ll cut you some slack 😅. An all around 5/5. 👏👏👏

- amazing app, close the door though

So when i was doing the video uhh i forgot to lock the door and my dad was watching without my knowledge and when i realized i almost passed out..Anyways its a really cool app!

- Won’t even log in

I can’t even log into an account, I tried all three ways and all it says is “unable to sign up”

- Doesn’t work

Crashes at the “lets record” button

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- great

fun app but i’d be better if i could import videos i wanted to use

- Super fun app

Please make the fuderwaken dance from Alice in wonder land 💙

- why is it cropped to square?!?!!!?!

I'm not even tall (5’2”) and I cant get get my whole body in the frame because it is inexplicably cropped to square and you cant change this. I was very excited by the concept of this app but sadly it just isn’t functional. **edit: response to developer** there is not enough space in the room i am trying to film in to get the phone physically far enough away to fit my body into the square frame and this room is not small. regardless of this, if i need to have another person present in order to use this app it is not functional. not that i think it would make a difference to be honest. also, only being able to have square videos is still annoying because square video does not integrate nicely with other apps! square videos look terrible on tiktok, instagram stories/igtv, snapchat, and youtube! when i saw a developer response i was excited because i thought it would say you were working to fix the issue but instead you tell me i cant use the app without assistance from someone else. sorry but i’m not about to make someone drop what theyre doing to help me film a goofy dance video thats going to look terrible on my tiktok. the app would be so much better if it didnt limit you to square.

- Renegade

You should add the renegade

- Dance the night away

I can’t say enough about this fun app!! Really well done and it brings a smile to anyone that tries it. And it’s free!!! That’s incredible!!!

- It works

Would be better if fortnite dances

- Really funny!

Works for me, and it’s free.

- Awesome and funny

Honestly didn’t have the highest hopes because of some of the reviews and it being free and all, but I’ve got to say once I finally had the finished product it was hilarious and me and my sister couldn’t stop laughing, I only wish they had more songs to choose from or the videos were longer! But can’t complain since the app is free, don’t forget! It does take a while for the initial video to process, but once that’s done you can’t make as many dance videos as you’d like.

- Doesn’t work

It won’t let me sign in, I tried and it doesn’t go anywhere it just stays on the screen that says sign in


such a fun app to use with your friends!! you won’t stop laughing

- App is bunked up

The app doesn’t work

- Lmao

Lmao this was pretty fun to use

- Terrrrrrriiiiiiiiibbbbbbbbllllllleeeeee

Terrible app. And don’t ask me to send u an email. You probably don’t like your job anyway. Or your just a computer. But If your a person and you do work there. Please try to get who developed the app fired plz

- It doesn't let me sign in

I tried to sign in with Google and Facebook and it didn't let me. After every time I tried it just took me back to the place where it says to log in with Google or Facebook. I even tried making different accounts and still nothing

- Plz look over

All it did is slows the frames down

- Omg

This is the best app ever omg it’s so funny I love it

- Hilarious 😂😂

This app works way better than i thought it would and its so funny😂

- Just plan useless.

I was doing a bunch of my stupid moves that it told me to do and after the minute was over it did nothing. It just wanted me to record again. The only other option I had was to logout. BAD>:(

- Ya app don’t work

It just don’t

- So cool

Are we able to add more sources ? Like the dance videos can we upload our own songs?

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- Doesn’t work

Crashes at the “lets record” button

- Feels like magic

I was amazed at how well this worked - it feels like we’re living in the future 😳

- TikTok- vibinwithkayla

Saw this app on TikTok and thought it will be fun to use turns out.... I LOVES It soooo much thanks for creating this masterpiece of an app 😊

- 🔥 fire 🔥 love it

When my cousin showed me him dancing I was like wow that’s impressive, what impressed me more is when he said it wasn’t even him dancing, it was an APP!🤯 I am so supposed y’all figured out a way to even do this. Technology just keeps getting better. Love the app, tons of great dances and effects👍. Besides being a little glitchy at parts it is honestly super realistic. Kudos to the makers👌👌👌

- Dope

Really cool app looks super real 10/10

- Made me cry laughing

I saw this on an Instagram ad and didn’t think it would be any good, but tried it anyway hoping that it would be worth a laugh. This app went above and beyond what I expected and I was DYING LAUGHING after making my first one. Seriously it’s so goofy and fun!!

- So funny and cool!!!

I got this app while I was just browsing on my phone and... wow was I positively surprised! The technology this app incorporates is beyond magnificent and I feel as though this app has huge potential. To the owners.. y’all DID that.

- 100/10

this is my new favorite app and is easily the best thing ever made.

- Great!!

Must download now it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

- Better than I thought it would be

I know it’s hard to train AI but I hope you guys add more popular dances soon

- Tik tok

I saw this from tik tok and it is actually very cool I like the idea 😁

- This is awesome

I used this to make my grandma dance and we can’t stop laughing! 🤣🤣🤣

- Excellent Accomplishment for a Startup

This product exemplifies what AI can do within the confines of an app for anyone looking to distract themselves in a positive way. I found myself obsessed with this the moment I began using it. NOTE: The resolution/clarity is not the greatest (yet). But once the developers of this app enable it as a premium feature, it can easily become the determining factor of going viral status. From chatting with someone from the development team, I could tell they have a lot of improvements to be released in the coming weeks and months ahead.

- so cool

this app is literally so crazy

- How do I see my own videos

How do I see my video it won’t let me

- Yes

He said kachow

- I have a question

Once the video is made does it post automatically?

- saw this on tiktok

@tylerfunke posted it on his tiktok so i downloaded it (sponsor him he deserves it and his viewers would love it) and i had low expectations and expected hidden fees but its so funny this app will definitely blowup in the next few days


I’m one of those too that thought little of those Instagram ads but I saw someone tried it on tic tok and I had to try it 😂 IT WAS AMAZING OMG!!! This app is so FUNNY 😂😂😂😂😂😂 thank you so much for allowing this to be FREE

- I can’t dance

Now I can!!! This is like the most magical easy to use app I’ve ever seen. Nice work .. should I be thanking ppl or AI.. who ever is to thank .. I’m dancing up a storm

- Super easy to use!

I loved how friendly the interface is and downloading or sharing my videos was so easy👌🏼👌🏼

- Amazing

Love the app. Fun to use all the dance filters to make me dance. 😂 definitely recommend.

- So fun!

I can make any of my family members dance hilariously - my grandpa can now dance like Lil Nas X from the Doritos Super Bowl commercial!

- Impressed

Had 0 expectations but I’m honestly surprised and quite delited

- Not even a fake review, it’s just great

There is always a very rare occurrence that I rate an app, and it’s only when it’s truly amazing. Congratulations, this is one of the best apps on the App Store

- hehe prettu good

So like most people my expectations were uh thry were pretty low but!!!!!! Tgis is actually pretty cool :-)) the only thing thats wrong (and this is pretty much nitpicking) is that sometimes the dancing oh so slightly glitches (usually in the head). But honestly jts not something that u would notice

- The best app ever

I haven’t seen anything like that in my life. Whoever builds the app must be a wizard. I’d recommend it to anyone!

- Just 3 words: RAD!

This is the most rad I’ve downloaded in a year. I’ve been looking for cool apps to play and to make memes or videos with and this is the only one I would recommend to everyone I know. Absolutely best app! 😝🙌

- Finally!

With one easy app. I have moved like Jagger.

- Wow

This app is incredible. Just made my dad dance like Lil Nas X.

- Memes

I’m about to go viral Mark my words

- I’m a pro dancer now

So hilarious to see myself if i *actually* had good dance moves

- This is amazing

I’m sharing this app with all my friends. You basically can dance like a professional. Not only is this hilarious but it absolutely needs to go viral!

- Stuck

It is stuck on “Pick Source Video”!!!

- Wow, well done.

This review isn't fake, actually download this. It isn't absolute garbage like every other Instagram advertised app. Great UI, completely functional and impressive technology.

- Actually Amazing!

I didn’t really have much expectations for this app because I saw it on an Instagram ad and most apps advertised on Instagram are pretty bad and had hidden fees or always has a catch. I tried to make a video and am amazed by the results. Way better than I thought it was going to be!

- Magical!!

Never seen anything like this before. This app turns you into a pop star lol

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@mich_gonzacast Con una app que se llama sway magic dance

i downloaded sway bc i thought it was a magic dance app but there's a dating app called sway on the play store so m…

@SEOB6N wait i got a link

@_atinyuwu Sway: Magic Dance

@HYUKATEEZ sway magic dance app 😙

@mastarhyeongjun With an app called Sway: Magic Dance

@funkyykong it's an app called sway magic dance

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Sway: Magic Dance 1.2.11 Screenshots & Images

Sway: Magic Dance iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sway: Magic Dance iphone images
Sway: Magic Dance iphone images
Sway: Magic Dance iphone images
Sway: Magic Dance iphone images
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Sway: Magic Dance Entertainment application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Sway: Magic Dance Entertainment application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Sway: Magic Dance (Version 1.2.11) Install & Download

The applications Sway: Magic Dance was published in the category Entertainment on 2019-12-19 and was developed by Humen, Inc. [Developer ID: 1441466994]. This application file size is 63.62 MB. Sway: Magic Dance - Entertainment posted on 2020-03-21 current version is 1.2.11 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

Sway: Magic Dance Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Frequent/Intense Profanity or Crude Humor

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