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Polysphere is a brand new puzzle game that trains your brain. Swipe to rotate the puzzle until you see a complete picture. Dive into a whole new 3D puzzle experience.
Relax and enjoy the masterpieces you will create.

We love you. Enjoy.

Subscription options

In Polysphere game we offer you the following subscription options:

1. Weekly Premium offers a weekly subscription for $7.99 after a 3-day free trial. It unlocks unique pictures every day and removes all ads.

2. Monthly Premium offers a monthly subscription for $19.99. It unlocks unique pictures every day and removes all ads.

3. Yearly Premium offers a yearly subscription for $99.99.It unlocks unique pictures every day and removes all ads.

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Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.
Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.
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Canceling trial period or subscription
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When your current trial/subscription period expires, you will be unsubscribed. The current active subscription period cannot be canceled. After your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use elements offered in your chosen Subscription Option.

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We are ready to make your game experience even greater. Bugs are fixed and game performance is optimized. Enjoy. Our team reads all reviews and always tries to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements.

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- Read!!

This game is good, I really like it. True there is 5 billion ads, but if you turn on airplane mode it sorts out the problem. Some of the levels require an ad to play and if you don’t want to pay the subscription, you have to play those levels to get to the next section of levels, which is pretty silly, but I didn’t make the game. Personally, I think the subscription is WAYYYYYYYYYY to much. As they say “Less is more.” If you want people to actually pay for the game, you have to make the cost way less. Even rich people don’t want to spend 100 dollars annually, or even more then that yearly if you choose one of the other options, just for a little game. The less money it is, the more people will pay. The game is only good IF YOU HAVE AIRPLANE MODE ON or aren’t on WiFi. I hope this has helped if you are a costumer complaining about ads, or if you are the developers! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my review!

- Lovely Way of Relaxing, But Too Many Ads

This game is perfect for me when I'm trying to wind down at night or just have a few minutes to kill some time. It's beautifully designed, the drawings are stunning, and the graphics are smooth. In terms of gameplay and appearance, there are no issues that I can see. Like many people though, it seems a bit ridiculous that it is required to watch an ad (even if it is short) every single time you want to play a new level, plus sometimes having to watch one when you finish a level, too. My recommendation would be to make it so a handful of them require ads to watch, but then let the rest be simply available to go through. Even a full length ad every 5 puzzles would be better than every time. Especially in the cases where I finish one extremely fast because I can see what it's supposed to be and spend more time watching an ad than I do playing the level. Many people, including myself, can not afford the subscription, so it is very greatly appreciated that there are so many levels available for free , regardless of the quantity and length of ads. Normally, I'm someone who doesn't mind watching ads for in game bonuses; this is entirely different because you literally can't play without watching ads. It makes sense that that is how the money comes in, but making them less frequent would entice plenty more people to download the game and more people would be introduced to this lovely game.

- It’s Okay.

When I saw the ads for this app it looked really interesting. Puzzles to solve with Geometry, which was perfect because I’m learning geometry in school right now. I thought this app would be great practice for geometry and figures. I was able to “play” (solve) the first few puzzles. Then there was a gem icon saying I needed to go premium to play the next few puzzles. I looked at the prices and it was 7.99 per week (Which personally I think is overrated because there is only like 3 premium puzzles in each stage) So I decided NOT to buy premium and ended up decided to continue to the next levels. In this case you have to watch an ad per puzzle to unlock it. But, all the ads are usually inappropriate, and after you complete the second stage, there is a unicorn collection. To unlock the unicorn collection, you have to watch 3 ads and you are not able to skip to the next stage unless you complete it. Usually in terms of the ads, they are unavailable, and you end up having to wait about a week to finally play the level. It’s very unfortunate for a good game like this. It’s pretty fun, but way too many ads and prices are way to overrated for the value of this game. Sorry. 😕😐😬😶 (I am now adding something to my review after two months of this one) I’m still waiting on those ads 0-0(Four Moths after this review came out) IT FINALLY LET ME PLAY THE LAST PUZZLE WITH THE AD! This game is NOT whatsoever good at all. Sorry! Please upgrade your systems. 🥳🤩🤬😡

- Great game but it has its flaws

First I think it’s a great game it’s fun and a bit challenging for the brain it’s not too easy but not to hard which is good but like everything it has flaws, terrible flaws like the membership you have to pay 7.99$ a week for membership which is like 100$ a year which is ridiculous for a game which is not a necessity or something if it was like 3-5$ a week then that would be nice but I can’t pay about 100$ a year for a game just so I can unlock some levels or whatever and remove some adds. Something else I would like to talk about is the adds it’s horrible I literally have to watch a 20-50 second long add before and after every levels and some of the levels take me like 5 seconds and I had to watch three 30-50 second adds about working out and poker and whatever to unlock some bonus levels but I still had to watch an add after and before every bonus level? How is that fair if you are lucky 2% of the time you don’t have to watch an add after a level this add problem makes me dislike the app and makes me play it a tiny bit because the adds are so annoying so I hope you will read my review and try to fix something please because I know that I am not the only sending a complaint about these things....

- Needs so much improvement.

Excuse me? Are you telling me you made a game that spams ads, only has 8 levels, and makes you pay a ton every week just to unlock the rest? Seriously, if you want to make a game that people actually like, and will actually pay 20 dollars a month to play it instead of angering the people who downloaded it, here are some suggestions. First of all, try to get rid of some of the ads. This app had way too many ads for just eight levels. A few would be alright. 100 is not. Get the difference? Second, put more free levels into the app. Just 8 levels? C’mon, I know coding a game takes awhile, but just eight free levels is not acceptable for me and so many aggravated customers. Maybe bump it up to 15 or maybe 20 so more people get the taste of the game, and feel good about it completely before purchasing premium. They will also be happy with you developers for having a selection of free levels, and they could be pleased enough to actually purchase the full game. In summary, this game is actually very good, but has too many flaws to count. It’s very satisfying (when the ads don’t get spammed) and a good stress reliever. I didn’t want all this to come out as rude, I just think this app needs proper critique for improvements and happy costumers. Toodles!

- New update

It’s a good game and it’s challenging, which is what a game should be like. Too many ads. Also I just opened the app and I don’t like the new update. Here’s why; the levels that you could play without any problems, you now have to watch an ad to play it. I can’t afford to pay the subscription. I had no problems with the version before. Bug fixes are understandable I’m glad those were fixed. However why would you change the game to where you have to watch an ad to play a level. Also I don’t like the locked levels. You have to complete a certain number of levels in order to play locked levels. The version before this was way better. I could play levels with no problems, some levels had ads which is okay, and of course there’s the levels where you need a subscription. Please go back to the previous version. Thank you for reading this review. Again not a bad game I really like it, but I like the previous version. Also I am not the only one who hates the new update. Something else I don’t like is I was past level 200 and now I’m at level 87. I don’t appreciate getting rid of over half of the levels I had completed

- Polysphere

Hey guys, So I think this app is very cool. 👍🏼I think the person who thought of this game was very smart. It has a very cool idea. But there are a few problems but I will first tell you the positives school I am always intrigued by which one I am going to do next! The app is very organized. (unlike some apps that I have seen) Everything is kid friendly and appropriate,😅 and has a lot of options. Another thing is that they are always trying to fix there “bugs” (or problems) which brings me to the next topic. This app has way too many adds. WAY too many adds. And I don’t like at all that you have to have premium if you want to do some of the levels and then it costs money. I don’t like it when apps are like “get us we are free” and then there is stuff you have to buy just to do it. If you were to get premium it is expensive too!! 20 dollars a month!! 😱 Overall it is a really good app! But it would be awesome if they could make a few changes😉 I don’t think this will ever be on the main page but I would be happy if it did make it but I’m just glad to share my opinion.😄

- Doesn’t work

So, I downloaded this yesterday, and it told me to swipe horizontally, so I did, then it told me to do it again, and I did, the first time it asked me this it changed shape but the second time nothing happened. So, I did it again, and again, and again..........still no luck. I checked to see if my screen was frozen, but it wasn’t. I’m not using a computer or an IPhone, I’m using a IPad so maybe that’s part of the reason. Anyways, I turned the iPad on and off again, and then came back to the app, but it STILL wasn’t even working, eventually I decided to go to sleep and try again in the morning, so here I am. I also tried going to a different app, and then coming back to this one, that didn’t work either. I actually deleted the app, and then re-downloaded it, still, it wouldn’t do anything when I swiped. I tried this from many different angles and perspectives, but nothing worked. At this point, I’m almost sure this app isn’t iPad friendly. It’s too bad though, it looked like a really fun game......... I’m rating this 1 star because, one; I obviously can’t rate it zero stars and 2; I honestly can’t rate it more then that, because I didn’t get to try it out. I’m actually seeing more and more games that aren’t iPad friendly these days..........sad.

- Too many ads!

Hi, so when I got this app the first time I only got it because my sister had it and I thought it was cool. I liked the app at first but then it wouldn’t let me go past level 14, because I had to do the subscription thing. My parents don’t like paying for that kind of stuff so I definitely wasn’t going to be able to progress in the app. I was really disappointed and deleted the game. Then I downloaded it again because I wanted to and, again, it wouldn’t let me past a certain level. And I haven’t even gotten to the worst part yet. The worst part is ads. Every single time I past a level, it took me to an ad! Then I downloaded it again and the ads got worse! How is that even possible? Now, it was pausing me in the middle of a level so I could watch an ad. And the when I hit the help button, sometimes it would take me to an ad, but most of the time it was free. Then, when I downloaded it the third time, every time I hit the help button, there was and ad. It was overwhelming, and, guess what? I have deleted it once more. Read this before you download this app. Consider this and please try to improve your app. Thank you! Good luck with your app and have fun playing it! 👍

- Fun game but you managed to ruin it

Really fun game, addicting but i dont see whats worth $30 a month. Thats ridiculous and you’re definately not getting my money. Ads are really annoying, you just have 1 or 2 ads every so often like every other game, not constantly. Also i dont like how in order to get to the next level you have to complete a certain amount of puzzles. As ling as their free, fine. But the second you tell me i cant keep playing your game im iut and undownloading i dont resepct money hungry companies that do things like that. The way this games “subsription” is set up i KNOW thats going to happen eventually. You want money? Set your game at a one time price. The game play is actually fun and id pay no more then $5 ONE TIME to play it and many others would too. Instead, you get greedy and think you can just set up a subscription thing and force people to pay by getting addicted and not letting them advance until they pay MONTHLY. So ill play this until your stupid system doesnt let me anymore, or you change things up. Who evers reading this, DO NOT pay for the subscription its a rip off and no mobile game is worth so much money

- The game in general is okay, but the ads and fake mini games are very nerve racking!

Polysphere is pretty good in general, but the ads get on my nerves sometimes. Just like the fake mini games, which I have no idea how you fake a mini game, but it’s true. The part that aggravates me the most is the fact that pretty much ALL the pictures say FREE in the bottom corner, but you actually HAVE to watch an ad, or you have to subscribe to Polysphere on Instagram, which you actually have to think about the fact that some kids that download this game, they most likely won’t have Instagram. And I know that you want to earn money, but you should really stop making pictures blocked because it sometimes makes me mad like, “why can’t I do this picture, I think that all the pictures should be unlocked.” The last thing I want to say is that you should make the puzzles HARDER. For me I like a challenge, so you can have some easy ones in the beginning and some hard ones at the end. You know what I am saying? Besides all that I like the game in general, because I like how you get to move the pieces in a 360 degree angle. Thank you for reading this. I hope you understand.

- Eh...

I used to LOVE this game. It was sooo much fun and I would play it all the time. But then it got updated or something and now some levels are literally impossible to beat. I actually spent 3 days working on one. But then I beat it only because I clicked a small button at the bottom of my screen that said “help”. So I clicked that and it led me to and add and once I was done with the add it led me back to the Polysphere puzzle I was working on. But the puzzle looked different and I easily solved it. I did this a few more times and the same thing happened. I don’t like to cheat and this always makes me feel upset because I feel like I don’t have the potential to solve a level without help. I understand the game makers get money from us watching adds but I don’t think it’s right for them to force us to watch them. I also understand airplane mode stops you from watching adds but that wouldn’t help either because then I wouldn’t be able to play one of my favorite games. I personally won’t play this game anymore because it is a waste of my time nowand I suggest others don’t get it. Please consider these problems and/or respond. Thanks

- TOO Many Ads! 🙄😴😪😤😡

Hello there! You may have known from the title that this app has TOO MANY ADS! Nearly half of the apps on my iPad have ads! Every time you press something, you’re at risk of and ad popping up. I barely play because of the ads! I usually play Jelly Shift or Kitten Up instead. I’m completely OVER IT! Next, YOUR ad. Yes, you may be thinking, “I can’t with the ads! Not playing anymore!” No! It’s a really good game. It keeps me relaxed! Anyway, your ad says that it is organized into categories. Well the real thing is not. Also, I know that your goal for this is to train your customers’ brains by making the puzzles harder as they play. But some of the puzzles are too hard! The blue bear was the most hardest for me! Also, maybe you can add levels. It will make the game more organized. Plus, it will encourage ad watchers to see how far they can go! Another thing with organization, the harder puzzles are living with the easier ones. Thank you for reading! If you have questions or concerns please let me know via response to this review! (PLEASE RESPOND! NO DEVELOPER HAS EVER RESPONDED TO MY REVIEWS! I SENT ONE TO MINECRAFT ABOUT TWO YEARS AGO AND THEY NEVER RESPONDED!)

- I used to really like this game

But they made a few changes that just make it worse. For one thing, you used to be able to play most if not ALL of the levels. Now you can only play like half of them because of their stupid premium thing, removing access to ones you had already beat. Another thing is that they greatly increased the difficulty in some of them it feels like because you have to be SUPER precise and it’s almost impossible unless you watch an ad which makes it just feel like it doesn’t want you to beat the level until you watch an ad which you have to do in the first place for some of them. I know that increasing the difficulty probably isn’t abnormal for a puzzle game, but it used to be relaxing until you had to start rotating and angling it until you had the EXACT frame they want which is sometimes nearly impossible because you can get it to 99% there but it won’t give to you until you have it absolutely 100% PERFECT. I still like the idea of the game and the quality of the pictures, but it’s just too much of a hassle to completely enjoy anymore.

- Fun, but...

Love the different colorful puzzles and varieties of ability levels. However, even if you subscribe at a ridiculous amount over $7 a week, you still have to go through advertisements for other games or "like" the game on IG. While I have IG, I should not have to go through hoops and advertisements on a paid subscription. Ironically, I completed every level of the game and have to wait while the developers load more puzzles. I can understand not having an unlimited access; however, it would be more user-friendly to have the developers load daily new puzzles (minimum of 4 would keep me happy) for paid subscribers. They could have it where subscribers must complete the daily puzzles BEFORE the developers load the next daily puzzle pack. I am canceling my subscription, because I do not think it is a good business model to charge gamers for essentially nothing. We do not receive new puzzles on a regular or earned basis nor are we relieved from the monotony of advertisements in order to advance. This game is neither cost-effective or user-friendly... If the developers change these aspects of the game, I MIGHT return, until then? Bye-bye!

- Imaginative, Impressive, & [Sadly] Unaffordable

This is, for me at least, a novel and very interesting game. The best comparison I can think of to expand on the novelty is that it reminds me of my first few experiences with “autostereogram” images. Apparently that’s the word for the those pictures with pop-out, 3D images, you can only see by staring at them in a certain way. Anyone remember how fun they were? Poly sphere isn’t quite as novel as they were, but it’s similar, especially in the way it made me feel the first time I was able to manipulate the image to see a complete, recognizable image. The price is crazy high, though! That being said, I just can’t see the justification in paying, or charging, nearing $10 a WEEK or $100 a year, for a game that IMO has a high potential for becoming boring after a while, due to the repetitive nature of playing. Maybe that’s addressed in the pay version. I’ll wait and hope the price drops or a less expensive copy cat comes along. If it was affordable, I’d jump into it. If u can afford it, enjoy!!

- Cool game, too many ads

This game is pretty fun. I play it every once in a while and it’s unique. I would enjoy it more if I didn’t get so many ads. I get 3 ads just from 1 level. Video ads that you can’t skip until you’re around 10 seconds in. 1 when I click on the level, 1 when I press help because sometimes the picture won’t come together unless they make you watch an ad, and 1 when I complete the level. What a reward. If you don’t want to get ads and you want to get some more levels, you have to get premium where it’s not a one-time payment. $8 a week (more than I would ever spend on a full mobile game), $20 a month (simply too expensive, why would you spend that much on a decent mobile game), or $100 a year (I’ve gotten way more fun out of console/PC games that costed $60 for hundreds of hours of fun with friends. This is $100, already too much, for just a year. For a mobile game which I only feel like playing on the train about once a week. I see a lot of complaints about ads and I’ve seen they go months back, so it seems that the developers just want money (already shown with their premium prices).

- Frustrating ads

I really enjoyed this game but there are just way too many ads, like I mean it, everytime, once you finish a level, an ad pops up. It’s frustrating and I think you could do something to make less ads. Besides all the ads, it’s a really good game. The game is creative and challenging, it’s not to hard but neither easy. A good pace too. I was once playing this game, and there was some levels that were so hard, I had to use the “Help” button. Which is sad because it kinda means that it’s too hard and once you press the help button, it leads you to an ad. I do understand that ads help you get money, but there’s no point in putting so many ads that somebody won’t wanna play your game anymore, and that’s when you lose a chance to help your game become better. I have to undownload this game, all the ads are really frustrating and difficult to not get mad at, you can do something about all the ads. You can something for anything really, you could take out some ads, would give you a little less money but people won’t undownload your game and you’ll probably get more stars on your rating. Anyways great game, bad ads, improve as much as you can, bye everyone!

- Cool but...

Edit: Found the packs you can buy, i must've missed it. So I'll give this some more time and see how i feel about it. Still like it, however I stopped playing for a while. Noticed the icon changed figured it updated. Finally came back to. I noticed some odd differences. It feels like more ads though I haven't spent money on it yet I actually didn't get the chance to I mean I might've bought a few here or there eventually. Before you could buy maybe a few for $1-$2 and an option for a subscription. I felt like we should get a few more for the money. Instead of trying to get people to buy more of the packs of puzzles for a one time price you know here or there I don't see that any more. Just that option for the subscription. I think as long as I can unlock more with the free ones I'll keep playing for now and I feel like at least some are free but I'm not paying $20 each month so I can play virtual puzzles. Cool puzzles at that which is why I think still has ok ratings despite the negatives. But this update just might kill the game for me unfortunately.

- Good game, has problems

It’s a fun and exciting game, trying to find exactly the right angle to make an astronaut or a hummingbird, but I do have a few complaints/suggestions for this game. 1. The ads are ridiculous! Every time you finish a puzzle and close out to go to the next one, an ad pops up! It’s really annoying. I understand you have to have ads, but these ads are repeated 3 times in a row, almost constant, and they pop up every time! 2. You have to pay for some I know, I know, most games you have to pay for to continue on, but it’s just taunting to see the little empty boxes with diamonds in the bottom corner. I would recommend putting them in a different section, and you could name it “Challenges” Or something like that. 3. Add sections? Right now, all the puzzles are together, but I think it would be fun if you put it into sections. Like, Animals, Landscape, Plants, etc. I think it would make it a little more exciting, because you could feel more accomplished finishing a section then a level I think. You don’t have to follow any of my suggestions, but please read my complaint. The ads are really obsessive. If you fixed the ad problem, I would enjoy this game even more! If you’re somebody who wants to get this game, go ahead. If it was money, I probably would not buy it just because of all the ads, and inside they make you spend more money to complete certain puzzles. Keep it free and I’ll continue playing! (No hate, this is a great game.)

- Good game

So reading one of the one star reviews featured on the app, I went into it very apprehensively. I didn’t expect too much since the review talked about how the pieces didn’t fit together, which... the biggest aspect of this game is the pieces fitting together. However, I am now on the 50/50 level (after the aquarium pack) and I can say that the pieces do indeed fit together. Once you figure out the trick of maneuvering the pieces to all go in the same direction and then put them together, the game is fun! There are a lot of ads; I do think that one after every level you complete is a little much, however it’s not horrible. However, you can play the game without WiFi, so take that how you will :) I think unlocking some of the levels with ads and then the three-ads-necessary bonus packs are fair. Overall, I enjoy the game! The end results are usually very pretty.

- LOVE this game, but I finished all levels.

I LOVE this game, but I finished all of the levels. And now I can’t play it because I’ve done all the levels. In the future, I hope that it will be updated so new levels are added on all the time, or there are more levels. when I got this game, I was SO addicted to playing it! its super fun, and I was really bummed when I ran out of free levels to play. this is a fun game but you can't really play the game a lot without buying the subscription. also, u should consider that some of the free levels require an Instagram subscription to play and some people, and most kids don't have an Instagram account. now I don't know what to do because I love playing this game but im out of levels and I don't know if I should delete it and get it again so I can redo all of the levels again or just wait for an update. this game is so relaxing and fun and I hope that there will be an update so there will be A LOT more free levels for people who like the game but can’t afford a dumb subscription.

- Please read this polysphere team

Ok so I read the new update and it said feel free to basically suggest anything to make the game better so I would like if the Polysphere team could read this 🙃 So here are my suggestions: obviously this would take a while to program so take your time or don’t even do it at all but it would be cool if you could create your own but in an easy and understandable way cause me just thinking about it it would be kinda complicated. Next suggestion: Coloring book mode! It would be cool to complete a black and white picture and then color it after like one of those games where you tap a shape and it fills in with the color you chose. Third suggestion: it would be cool if you could take a picture of yourself or something else and then cut it out so that it doesn’t cover the whole screen and then turn that picture into a polysphere puzzle. So anyways you don’t have to do these but it would be mice if you would and if you will take your time! 😜

- Not working unless you pay

I recently purchased this game because it looked interesting and it was something new to me. I got through the first 14 free gallery puzzles (which I enjoyed) and I then realized you needed to complete 16 to do the next set of it puzzles. I saw there were 2 puzzles which I needed premium in order to play them. There are another 2 which you need to watch an ad to complete. I was disappointed to find out whenever I tried to watch an ad to complete the next 2 puzzles (so I could move on), it gives me a pop-up which displays “No video available”. It has nothing to do with my internet connection because randomly in the game an ad will pop up but not when requested so I can complete the next 2 levels. As I mentioned the first 14 were fun and challenging, which is why I gave 2 stars. This game does not work for me because of the reasons above, and I will not be paying almost $30 a month for puzzle games. I hope I am not the only person dealing with this issue and I am looking forward to an answer of why there are no ads available when I need them.

- No more puzzles

Okay so I got this game and it seemed like fun. And it was. Until I got to the end of the free puzzles. This was SUCH a fun game but I can’t play it anymore due to the dumb membership. I only got to do like 10 puzzles until it said to buy a membership. It really made me upset because as I said this was a really fun game. I loved it. So a few suggestions. Please please please make more free puzzles. You could add a section that says free puzzles and there could be so many more. Then add a section that says membership and you could either buy the membership and play those or continue the free ones. It would be up to you. And if you want you could make the membership puzzles a little bit better since they are paying money for them. Just a suggestion. And maybe add in a daily free puzzle just to keep people on the app because for now I’m deleting this app because if I can’t play it it will just take up storage that I could be using for a different app that is actually free and lets me ACTUALLY PLAY IT. I think that this game has so much potential to be a good game, but for now it gets 2 stars.

- It’s great but....

I think this game would be absolutely amazing if there wasn’t so many ads on it it’s like every time I click on one of the levels there is an ad. Also, what is the point in having the levels that make you watch an ad for it if you watch so many ads anyway! It also has some levels that are very hard to beat and I’ve been reading some of the other reviews and they all speak the truth with this, isn’t this game supposed to be a relaxing game to get your brain moving? Well it’s not, actually it is a very challenging game and can be very very stressful for someone who is trying to relax. Back to the ads, if you want to download this game you better be ready to watch the same ad over and over agin. Every time an ad pops up it is the same one! Sometimes there is a new one but after that it’s the same one again! If it is by chance a new one it will change to being that one over and over again! So, if you do download this game be warned there is way to many ads and it can be stressful at times! Thx for reading!

- Great but there are some problems

This is a great game, but there are some problems that make it frustrating for me. I love this game and enjoy playing it, but once you get to the second group of puzzles you can’t unlock the third one till you finish a certain amount of puzzles. This is a great way to progress in the game but after I had finished all the puzzles available and watch the videos to unlock more puzzles I was still one puzzle short. Now, I don’t have any social media but to unlock one of the puzzles that has a little free diamond next to it you have to follow them on instagram AND subscribe to them. I know this app says it has in app purchases but when you have to pay more than once to unlock one puzzle, that seems a little ridiculous. I wouldn’t tell you to not download this app because it really is a great app, but if some changes could be made it would make the app much more enjoyable. Thank you for your time.

- Could be a great game. Could be.

This is a great game, and I really like it. It has a good concept. However, there are several flaws that keep it from being better. Two of these are the levels that are ad-locked. You intentionally make it so that people can only get to the next level if they either watch an ad or buy your premium subscription. The other part? The ads don’t even work half the time. Sometimes I press “Help” or try to unlock an ad-locked level, and it says “No video available”. Later, I may go do another level. At some point, I see an ad. I go back, and guess what? “No video available” appears, despite the fact that videos clearly ARE available. Basically, get your head in the game and fix your progression system so that people can actually progress without paying $100 a year (or $20 for individual months) for your game’s premium option. If you don’t fix it, I will uninstall it, and I am so frustrated with it that I might uninstall it anyways.

- Fun but annoying

So, I downloaded this app right? And I play it “la-di-da-di-da” and I beat the free levels from 1 to 18 without watching any ads to unlock the other levels. Then as I scroll down to the the 19th level it says I have to complete 16 levels to go on. So it just so happens that there are 13 completely free levels and there are 3 levels that are free if you watch an ad, the rest of the levels are only if you buy the subscription. I didn’t want to buy anything right? So, I just have to watch a couple of ads to unlock the levels no biggie! But, I click on the level it says no ads available. Ok that’s fine I play another game until I get bored then eventually switch back to this app! I click on a level that you need to watch an ad says the same thing. I am frustrated yes, but I am also patient. Oh, but then after a couple of 𝑫𝒂𝒚𝒔 yes days it still says no ads available! By then I just got so mad in a fit of rage I deleted the app. What bothers me more is that my friends have this app too and they don’t have the subscription and it works fine for them! What is up with that?! Ugh! (-.-;)

- Free Game Play

This game is probably AMAZING for the people who pay the subscription. I didn’t pay and now I’m done with all the free levels and have nothing to do with app. It was a really fun game and I loved it but now since I didn’t pay for the other puzzles cause why I would waist my money on an app??? I have nothing to do with the app anymore. The people who made this seem pretty smart so I’m sure you can come up with a way to add more puzzles for people who aren’t willing to let you exploit there money on a game and still make money for your company. Like I don’t know make everything free and add more ads or the option to pay for no adds like most normal apps do. But at this rate you’ll have many people who will buy for more puzzles but even more who won’t so in the end your just screwing yourself. I have no need for this app anymore unless they do something about the no more puzzles for the people who don’t want to waist there money. If you fix this problem you’ll have a perfect rating and I’m positive I’m not the only person who feels his way!!!

- Few puzzles, many ads

The game looked interesting at first in the ads and seemed like a fun little time killer while waiting for something. However, the game doesn’t even wait past the tutorial to offer you to pay 8 dollars to unlock the premium version. If you dont want to blow that much money on a gane like this, then they send an armada of ads your way. Practically every level you can expect ads or even WHILE you are playing it it will display a hint button at the bottom in return for an ad. Although annoying, these are not too bad yet, but here’s where it goes south. In order to even play some levels, you are REQUIRED to watch an ad which means if you are out of wifi, you’re outta luck. Additionally, levels are in sets in which if you don’t complete all 16/16 levels for the start, you can’t play the next set. I’m pretty sure one of those 16 levels requires premium, so I would advise to stay away from this game unless you want to spend more time watching commercials rather then solving puzzles, or paying 8 dollars on a dumb game which you could easily spend on a better one.

- I think this is absolutely ridiculous

Honestly, most people may not mind this, but the amount of ads that you have to watch is very annoying. I like the game a lot, it’s mind soothing but I couldn’t get past a lvl because I didn’t have Instagram and I couldn’t like it. I had to make a whole new Instagram account just to do it. No this isn’t me being salty, but I did unlike it because you’re basically forcing people into liking something just so you can play their game. The other problem is that the membership is very expensive. And for what? If there was more benefits to the membership, that would make that price reasonable, then I would buy it. Otherwise, the game is amazing. But again, too many ads. Sometimes I complete levels fast and I’m ready for the next one, but then I waste half of my time I play this watching ads.

- Pros Cons Ideas

Pros: This game so fun if you like challenging brain games. This game also relieves stress ( for me idk about you). I love the detail and the pixelation of the game. I love the sound. It’s so soothing and relaxing. I think a lot of people will like this game because you can make your favorite characters,animals,and wonderful designs. I think people who like puzzle game will like this too! Cons: I think it is unfair for people who don’t have instagram to have to subscribe to be able to unlock certain projects. I also don’t like the many, many ads in between each project. I would also like the sound to be louder. People might be asking; just turn up your volume, but when I do it you can hear it at a normal volume, but then once an ad shows up it’s blaring sound! I have to keep turning on and off the volume, then turn it up for the period of time I hear the music, then turn it off again for the ads. Ideas: I think you can have a category you can make of Harry Potter characters and Disney for the Harry Potter and Disney fans out there. Also for marvel,dc,dr who, mystery science theater three thousand,stranger things,Pixar,the x files and others. You don’t have to do all. I also think you can make the sound louder and have less ads in between projects. I really hope I’m not causing the producer people any trouble,and sorry if I am. Sincerely: Olenathecat Meow!

- Too Many Adds

I love this game, but I’m disappointed that there are so many adds. I can't go onto the next section without completing the levels that have adds that I purposely avoid. And the way to get rid of them costs money. I understand that some people would say that they would gladly pay to remove adds, but not me. I have enough problems with spending my money, and I don't want to use it to pay monthly for an app, just so I can rid it of adds. This app is wonderful, and also a waste of time. I hope this review is read by many people, and hopefully, it might just make them think twice about getting this app. I highly recommend it to people who don't care as much as I do with money. Thank-you for actually reading my very long yet descriptive review. Some people just pass over long reviews just because they don't want to read, but actually, reading the long reviews might just help you learn more about the app. I wish you happy days!

- Great.....…… But

Hey I love this game and it challenges me a little but it has issues. I’m on puzzle 270 and I probably have done 1/2 of them and The ones you have to buy you can’t. The ones that are locked say you need diamond watch 14 ads or subscribe which is basically the diamonds so I would recommend not to get it because you have to subscribe and pay every month but I mean if you got the money go ahead . By the way the ones that say free but you have to subscribe to , I mean I think when I saw the free ones at first I thought OK heading to watch a 15 second ad and boom you get it but you can’t because you got to subscribe. Well my thing is you can only do like two or three puzzles before they shoot an ad at you so overall it’s great but it’s got a lot of issues and I hope they fix it in the future because I think it’s kind of relaxing and it’s nice to just play on when you got nothing to do so there bye

- The best game in the entire universe

The person who made this please give me a big shout out because it is a really big gigantic nice game I ever downloaded thank you for making this game and where did you make it I have no idea when did you even invent this game? I have no idea how you invented it the games even exist well I know they do until just this game existed well thank you for making it is the best game I ever had my sister likes it to and I love it and I always watch it all the time and then never ever ever stop watching it is this like the best game I ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever played it is like so nice to have this game my whole entire family likes this game so much that they were just crying with happiness how do people make games? But even though when I don’t play this game I still like it even if I get really mad I love Amara😻

- Get even past the tutorial

I'm giving this game a 1 star, because as soon I download it. I place into the tutorial, then I saw some lag, so I knew that it would kick me. Though, I didn't that it would start this early, being at the tutorial. It would kick out of the game when I did the tree in the tutorial. I thought a game like this would compatible with my device. Though being as said, this game would the some other games that would kick me out of it, even if I had the space for it. That needs to be fix and I don't know if there's more bugs, with also that a lot of reviews of this game says that too much ads is popping. I know that ad revenue is important, but too much of it can lead to be people being absolutely annoying, if they don't have the time to play it. So, I think the amount of ads that people are saying should be tone down for them to actually like the game and not be interrupted by constant ads. Anyways, I'm giving this game 1 star, because if I can't pass through the tutorial. I can't see the full extent of the game and its possible issues.

- Fun.. but needs work.

GOOD GAME BUT A FLAW... I’m writing this review after having the game for about half a year, and playing on my friends phone for about 3 months before that. It’s a great game and really fun! I recommend it to anyone that’s bored and wants a quick game. But it does have a flaw... When I want to get help (which is rarely) or unlock a free puzzle by watching a ‘video’ or ad, it always says video unavailable. This just makes the game a bit annoying. Like can the creators just not get a ad for me to watch?!? I think that a fix to this would when they don’t have a video just let us play without the video. And I know that it’s not a WiFi thing because I always play on WiFi, my only explication is that it’s because I don’t have the premium (and I’m not going to get it because it’s a good game without it). Please fix this. But overall it’s a very fun and relaxing game!! Also have a good day!

- Fun if you don’t mind rigged games

The devs have tweaked the ad placement and other pay elements so the game has quickly shifted from a cash grab with little content to an app with tons of content and some very reasonable approaches to ads. For example...watch three ads to unlock 16 new levels? Sure! Happy to. Especially when the ads are super relevant like these have been. Watch an ad to access a level’s help mode? Sure thing. Lots of content, super responsiveness, improved challenge raises it to 4.5 stars...with a bonus .5 star for constant improvement since launch. Well done, devs. UPDATE: I so want to love this game—the core mechanics are tight/fun and visuals are nice. But as other reviewers have noted, levels are often rigged NOT TO BE SOLVABLE until you watch an ad and unlock the help. This is like a carnival game! I keep wanting to believe the devs are improving the game but I keep being just stunned by the tricks they play with their customers. This really becomes somewhat of a Better Business Bureau kind of scenario...a shame. As much as I’ve wanted to support this game and the devs, I’m now uninstalling for good.

- Please Read,

So I put 5 stars so you would see it but there needs to be more levels. As a developer you should always think ahead and you may be in the middle of doing it right now but remember not all of us have patience to wait too. Maybe a new update would be nice. Even though you could take off ads for a $1 or like that or unlock more levels I just think that it’s really kinda not worth it. If he or she buys it then they have more levels but what if they finish all of them. That means they would have a to wait until you guys make more levels. The ads are very annoying in my opinion even though it’s a dollar to take off it’s still annoying that almost every level I play there’s always a ad and it’s very frustrating! So again let there be more levels and updates. Please and Thank you!

- Addicting and fun but can finish in a couple hours and a ton of ads

The game was super fun and addicting and finishing a level was satisfying see the image come together into a cool geometric image. The only problem was some levels I beat in about 3 seconds and there’s only like 300 or less free levels, with some others you unlock by watching up to 53 ads. So with levels that can be finished in roughly a minute or 2 at the most, there should be like 2,000 levels to keep you playing for a while. Also since it’s a free game there is an ad after about every other completed level and then more you need to watch if you wanna unlock a few more precious levels. TL;DR super fun but a lot of ads (which are annoying but can live with) and not many levels for the short time it takes to beat them- I finished the whole thing in 2 days playing for like an hour or so a day


DO NOT DOWNLOAD REALLY ANNOYING AND GREEDY AND BAD I was playing it, and I couldn’t get the level because it didn’t fit together and every level I would have to ask for a hint, and every time I did get a hint I had always already tried to fit it that way and it did work. Also the game is pretty much useless until you get to a specific place in the game and you don’t have instagram. Level 20 is a level we’re you have to follow there instagram to do it. I don’t have instagram, I thought that they would let me move on anyway. BUT IT DOESN’T! I have to do that level to move on it’s says 23/24 this is so dumb, now I can’t even do anything because I don’t have full access, and never plan on getting it. They just want followers, so there making it so that you HAVE to follow there instagram to move on. A they want is, followers, and money, because every time you open the game they ask you if you want full access every single time you open the game, I am deleted this game right as I found out I needed to follow there instagram. DO NOT GET THIS SUUUPER AWFUL AND STUPID GAME UGH

- Not bad, but...

I like the game. It’s fun, relaxing, and challenging without making you want to tear your hair out. However, I haven’t gotten very far. Most of the puzzles are not free, and I hate games that ask for a SUBSCRIPTION! I mean, who wants to pay over and over and over for any app? Second, the game makes you complete a certain number of puzzles before you can unlock more. I got through the first and second sets, except I need one more puzzle to unlock the next set. There is one free puzzle I can watch an add to unlock, but when I click on it the game prompts me to get the subscription. Thanks, no thanks. I don’t want a subscription, and I’m not getting a subscription. I’m sure there’s another game exactly like this but less greedy on the app store, so I’ll go look for that one and probably delete this one if I can’t even play it. I’ve heard there’s not a lot of gameplay because they really, REALLY want you to sign up for that subscription, but I’ll never know because I can’t get any further. Not recommended.

- It’s a cool game, but...

Polysphere is a cool game. I like to be challenged and I love to try and figure out the picture. But... yes their is a but... their are way too many ads. Ads are annoying and nobody wants to play a game with two ads per picture. Also the ads freeze up and you have to go out of the game and back. The membership thing... tbh.... is kinda dumb and nobody wants a thing popping up to ask if you want a membership. Also nobody wants to pay money for it. Another complaint, is that you have to watch ads in order to solve a picture. Something about the membership is that you can’t do a picture without a membership which is annoying because I quite enjoy the game. Also, sometimes the I can’t do a picture because an ad won’t load, so I have to keep trying over and over again for a picture. Please look into this because it will make the game better. I’m not being mean just being honest. 🙂

- It’s good, but..

When I first got this game it was really great! I enjoyed figuring out the puzzles, and I found it pretty relaxing. A few months passed and they added ads. Now, don’t get me wrong ads are ok, they’re how I even found this game in the first place! But ads show up so many times now! I watch two ads for each picture! One at the beginning and one when I try to leave to do another one. It starts to stress me, it seems weird but... I just wish the ads would appear less often. Along with this, I have another problem. I’ll do a picture but then, let’s say, a month later, I can see that I’ve done it, but then it’s labeled as “premium” even though I already did it. I don’t want to pay money for something I already did. I would say this game is really good, just be prepared to watch many ads, I feel I didn’t really say anything positive, but this really is a neat game, the pictures you make are very pretty and neutral.

- Fun idea but it's a rip off, devs don't value you as a consumer

The biggest problem with the game is the ads. You will spend between 5 and 30 seconds looking at an ad before each level AND another 5-30 after you beat each level. This wouldn't be that bad but on average I can beat each level in only a couple seconds, maybe a minute tops. This means that you will spend nearly as much time gaming (and I use the term loosely, considering how barebones this game is by design) as you do watching advertisements. This would be ok if the devs would do like devs did in the old days and let us throw them 1-5 bucks to take away the ads, but no. They greedily ask for a constant subscription service, where the sky's the limit to how much we pay them not to disrupt our game. All this for a game which while fun, unique, and filled with cool artwork, is about as shallow as they come and devoid of any real depth or stretegy. Do not give them any of your money or time because they clearly don't value it.

- Ridiculously expensive - NOT WORTH IT.

Sure, the pictures are beautiful, but that does not even remotely make up for its cons - especially the ridiculous subscription fee. The gameplay itself is very simplistic. It wasn’t challenging for me so it didn’t hold my interest (even for a “relaxing” game). Many levels are locked. Some, you can watch an add to unlock them - which makes ZERO sense to me because there are still ads before/after free, unlocked levels. (Note: I couldn’t figure out anything special to these locked levels. They are not more challenging than the others. So why are they locked?) Many levels can only be unlocked by paying for a subscription. $8 A WEEK or $20 A MONTH. For a game? Not just a game, but a very simple game with no additional features or other modes of gameplay. For all it is offering, they should charge a one time fee of $5, MAXIMUM. A one month subscription to this game equals both a one month Netflix AND Pandora premium/Spotify premium/Apple music subscription. Even if you have plenty of money, this is NOT WORTH IT.

- No clue what’s happening

Look, this game was fun when it was a new concept and lots of companies made one. The problem here is one I have found in many others as well.....as you start to turn and change the object, it just “comes together”. Like the developer said, “ah, you got close enough, we’ll take it from here”. Worse in this game though, is that the final picture is composed of fragments, which means as you are putting it together, you have no idea what it’s going to be until after the point it takes over and does it for you. So this means the game is basically you randomly swiping at colors until the developer takes over and shows you what you were working on. Even in the most simple pictures, I had no idea what I was making until it was completed for me. If I did, I would at least be able to turn and spin the colors in the right directions. This is random generating a completed image. All it does is feed your need to be on your phone, nothing more.

- READ THIS!!!!!!!!

I recently got this app and I really love it! There are a few things that I would change tho... 1. Some of the puzzles are extreme hard and when you click on the “Help” button, it says that there are no ads available. maybe that’s only me hehe. Suggestion: Maybe make the help button available but not to watch and ad and maybe make it appear if a person has being trying for a while 2. The membership. It is super expensive and my parents don’t want to pay for that. also the puzzles that can be unlocked with the member ship are needed to get to the next stage, right? So then back to the first thing. There are two alternative pictures that you have to see ads to unlock if you don’t have a memebership. BUT IT SAYS THAT THERE ARE NO ADS AVALIBLE!!!😤 So I just can’t advance 3. The constant ads. There are constant adds after you exit a puzzle or do pretty much anything. In the ads it says that it will reduce stress by it gives me more stress when I wonder when I’ll have another add. It’s like 1 minute of playing and then 30-1 minute of countless unskipable ads Overall I readily like this game but there are a few things that I would like changed POLYSPHERE TEAM PLZ READ AND LISTEN TO ME!!! **Update I have had all of my problems fixed! Thanks Polysphere team!!!<3 **Update 2 Problems came back... WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY APP!!! PLZ HELP I CANT GET TO THE NEXT SETT

- Why tho

This game is alright. Good artwork, good animation, fairly good design. I’d think having the next level autoplaying would be better than going back to the menu each time, it’s a little annoying. I can get over that, but the main issue is you can’t play the game. That’s right folks, you can do what 23 puzzles before being REQUIRED to either purchase their subscription or subscribing to their Instagram. I do not have Instagram nor would I subscribe to them just to play a game if I did. This is really puzzling (excuse the pun) because you’d think they would want us to play their game, but it feels like just a lot of work just to play a game that’s meant to be played in your spare time. Until this game breaking issue is fixed my review will remain a solid 2 stars. If someone feels like letting me know when it’s fixed I’ll raise it. If you could play more levels I could recommend it, but at this point the 10 minutes they let you spent is barely worth the download.

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- Great Concept just needs a few improvements... 😐

I like this game a lot and play it all the time! It’s a great way to challenge yourself mentally and their is always that high level of satisfaction when you complete a image. :D Unfortunately I do have some problems with gameplay... :| Their are always too many times where I’ve made the image (Diamonds in the right place) but it doesn’t register as a made picture. Then I end up using the “Help” button, watching a 30 second add, and then I am left in the same spot I was before, move the screen a little and then it MAGICALLY works! Seriously, I move the screen a little BEFORE I use the “Help” button but it doesn’t work, sometimes I even exit out of the game and go back in but it still doesn’t work. >:( Anyways I’m done with being negative, hope you guys can work on fixing any bugs! Awesome game, keep up the great work! :D P.S- I think it would be great if you guys could a Relaxing Mode, where all the images are really easy, fun and simple so people like me can chill, especially if they are stressed! :) Bye Everybody ;) GoGirlGamer21

- Not a fan

I’m not too much of a fan of this game probably because you have to pay money and it’s not even that good of a game you just squish shapes together to make another picture it’s not like They allow you to get anything for free in this game and I couldn’t even play because it wouldn’t let me do any anything unless I paid I couldn’t even do one basic picture!🙄 Also as soon as I downloaded this game I noticed that it still played ads of it. I don’t think this is fair Considering people actually many people pay money to use this game yet it still shows ads of it in different games in this case for me it was flappy dunk. Also instead of just playing it over and over again they should do a survey check the games you have see if you have their game and are playing otherwise people actually delete the game because of the ads and you have to pay to remove them how about no at all that’s what I think would be good . At least everyone could actually play the game instead of looking at ads of games that they don’t even want to download and then are being forced to do demo games and now people are making I’m not giving you a choice to press download now if you press it sometimes or take you straight to that page and it’s got a timer or as go for at least 23 seconds and I’ve got at least five hours each time you play a game depending on how long you playful it’s unacceptable and it’s really annoying to who’s with me?

- Polysphere

I love how u have to look at a bunch of 2D shapes at the right angle to make a 3D shape that’s what makes it so different it’s not like any other game also it requires thinking and maybe some motivation from friends or family and it’s calm so if ur feeling stressed then just clear ur mind and go play polysphere. That’s what I love about it. But when there’s a good thing there’s always a not-so-good thing following after. I’ve only got one complaint and that is about the adds. I mean like the demo games are fun but there r just way to many. Like every time I go onto a level there’s an add. The ones that u need to watch to get help r fine but adds just pop up whenever and wherever. U really need to fix the add problem but overall the game is phenomenal!

- It could be better

The game idea itself is really cool but the puzzle kinda solves it itself. You just move it a bit and the game makes the puzzle pieces slot together as soon as you get the angle. Also, the game lures you in with the fact that it is free but when you open the game, it immediately tries to get you to buy premium which unlocks some puzzles. It’s really upsetting when you complete all the puzzles in level 1 (except the premium ones and the ones that require watching ads) and you can’t proceed to level 2 because you haven’t completed enough levels. And then when you try to watch an ad it takes you App Store and doesn’t let you exit. I don’t know if this is just my phone but it still shouldn’t happen. If you want an overall rating, sure, get it if you’re happy to pay but if not, don’t waste your time.

- Not as satisfying as I’d hoped

This game is a really neat concept and the sort of challenge that I like to play. But I found that as I got close to finding the correct angle, the game took over and solved it for me, locking all the pieces into place before I realised just how close I was to completing the puzzle. This denied me the feelings of satisfaction I expected to get after fully solving it myself. I tried a few different pictures but the same thing happened for them all. This left me feeling hollow and annoyed. It would be great if the auto-complete was an option, or just removed, then I could work on the puzzle to my hearts content, and then once I’m satisfied with the result, maybe there could be a ‘submit’ button I could tap to show that the puzzle was finished? This would make it way more satisfying to complete the puzzles.

- This game gets frustrating at times. Needs adjustments

I’m a really big fan of this game but it’s really frustrating at times I got this game a few weeks ago and it wouldn’t load at all I couldn’t play it . It loaded now and I can play it but there’s this one level and I know it’s iron man but it won’t go into place and it’s the last on and then I can go to the unicorn collection part . It because it won’t load I can’t play any further entill it go into place . It’s really sad though because it’s a fun game. There is also way to many ads, all I want to do as do another picture and a 30sec ad comes one every time ,and after a picture.😐☹️😥

- Love it but.....

I love this game but the adds, don’t get me started about the adds it’s a little much don’t you think, you have to watch an add when you start the picture AND when you finish it. I know you can pay them to get rid of the adds but whoever made this game is money shark. All they want is your money. If your like me and you HATE watching adds over and over again don’t get this game but even if you do there is a way to stop excess adds by turning aeroplane mode on but you still need to watch some adds to get another picture so you would have to turn aeroplane mode back on then you would get the excess adds. Still great games but if whoever made this game wants a better review TRY and update your game by deleting at least the excess adds. Kindest regards, Millie

- Great, Just a few things you might wanna fix

Hi developer(s) I’ve played through about 100 levels and this is what I have noticed. I know that ads are how they make money ,but every ad I watch freezes on my screen and I don't know if it is the game or the ad that froze on my screen, but it is very irritating. When I was using the help bar thing it said I finished it but the game says I haven’t so you might wanna fix that. This game solves the puzzle for us when we are very close to finishing it. A quick question: Why do we have to watch an ad to do a puzzle sometimes ? Its really annoying and most ads are about 30 seconds which to me is very long because you gotta spend your time wisely. Also for the people reading this I found a secret for the instagram thing, You tap the instagram thing then go back into the game and you get the level without needing an instagram account! Overall it is kinda disappointing because the video of this I watched looked way more fun than what it really is. Thanks! Claire Bear (The name people call me)

- Good game, but a few issues

I really liked this game at first. It was so good. But then it went downhill. I hate how there is “premium” for certain pictures. I’m not the sort of person who wants to be paying around $12 just to solve a couple “premium” pictures. It is an ok feature, but I just don’t get it. Another thing I came across was the Instagram subscription for a picture. I don’t have Instagram and I don’t want to subscribe just for a photo. Now I can’t move on to the next level. So frustrating! Otherwise this game is cool, but I’m not sure how long I’m gonna have it on my device for. I recommend it only if you are prepared to pay for things.

- Mind testing game

I think this game is a fun, mind testing challenge. Some other Reveiws are saying that either you have to pay to do lots them and then sit through ads to enable others but I’ve done all the free (no ads) ones and then gone back through the list and watched all the 20 second ads and done them and all time of the ads plused together is only about 6 - 8 minutes of you life. This game is good for all ages (4+) and makes your brain think about what shape could this be and what perspective would I have to move it to make it this shape. In my opinion and a lot others, I will say that this deserves and 4 star rating.


This game is great and all, no bugs, pretty fun but there is one thing that is totally WRONG with this game....it’s the ads. I literally clicked on the game and then clicked on the rectangle thing to play the game and an ad pops up. I was ok with that but then when I finished a level it came up with another ad, but this time I got two ads instead of one! And then when I clicked on the rectangle thing to play again another, yes another, ad popped up!!! Then it kept happening again and again until I decided to stop playing. Like I said, it’s great and all but I think the makers of the game might (I mean definitely) need to reduce the amount of ads us people are getting just to play one single game. Thanks byeee

- U’know what..

This is overall a GREAT game it’s just the.. ads. This is some examples, ‘help, choosing a different one, finishing it and getting the bonuses’ I can get bored of the game because of too many ads, but that’s my only problem’ADS’ Just as I said at the start it’s overall a AWESOME game 😍😍😊😊😜 good job on making the game! Some other things: this is a ‘cool’ entertaining game I mostly play when I have nothing to do, it makes my mind think: How do I do this’ or ‘I know!’ I think most people should get this game it’s AWESOME I love it. As well as that most of the things you have to work out are pretty interesting in the end! That’s all, have a nice day!

- This game is great, just needs a few more changes.

Hi developer(s). I’m here to tell you that this app is great and satisfied me. When I play I feel calmed, and non-stressed. A few changes: 1. The ads always come up after about 5 brain puzzles to figure out. 2. Then ads are too long. 3. Help button isn’t great. I think the help button fully figures it out for you, so it’s not really a challenge. I think it should be where: when you press help it should not have to cost a 30 second ad, and it should have a thing where you can go back if you would like. Maybe after that it will do faded arrows telling you where to go? Instead of fully, doing it for you sort of thing because all you do is follow the percentage and make it go higher depending on how far you have almost made it. Thank you for supporting us developer(s). Please make these changes. Kitten, 😘 (the name I like people to call me)

- Please copy and paste!

I want to get my word out to everyone. Once there was a time where everyone enjoyed their games and had fun. Now, everything has changed. There are really fun games, just like this one, and the ads just mess up the fun. The advertisements have now started to trick you and you can’t find the exit button while watching the ad. Ads get longer and longer day by day. Can we please go back to the time where ads were shorter! I’m not saying no ads I’m saying less ads. I can’t focus or enjoy my game when I get one ad when I finish a level and then an ad again when I click another level?! -Thank you very much. I also love polysphere!

- Good game, if you like ads or are rich

Basically the game is good, sadly seems like the developers are insanely money hungry. Either you get an ad for every picture you try to complete or you have to pay an insane amount of money. Over $30 au a month is mental. Even high end P.C. games only charge you $15 ish per month and you’re getting what you pay for. There is no server maintenance required for this. A subscription for a mobile game like this is just greedy. At best it’s worth $5-$10 au out right. There are cheaper or even free mobile games out there that are just as good as this. Get off your high horses guys. I seriously hope no one is stupid enough to subscribe to this.

- Great Game ; Paid Subscription Killed It

I saw many many ads for this game and I am on holidays so I thought I’d download it as a timewaster while I had nothing to do in the afternoons. Loved the game, the auto help to get them to click together didn’t bother me as much as some other reviews but there should be an option to switch it on or off. However, the paid subscription is what killed it for me. I would rather watch a video every couple of levels than pay each week for a game. Either that or spend a small amount to BUY THE GAME rather than subscribe to it. Really killed the games experience having them ask all the time for money.

- Cool but annoying game

Lucy is a amazing game but it is very annoying when it is free on those little 2-D shapes but when I press on it it says no ad available it is so annoying but I would still get this for star raid because I only minus one star because of that problem yeah but there’s another problem you know what because I can’t get those ones I can’t unlock other one so now I have done all that for freeAnd I can not get to my other levels

- Good concept, clearly a quick cash grab

I recently got this game and the first thing I see is a prompt to get a premium pass or whatever. I start playing but I then had to find out this game is absolutely LITTERED with ads. I know it’s free, but this game it just made to be a cash grab. Every time you start a level, you get an ad. Every time you finish a level, you get an ad. I think a intentional thing they added was a mechanic of a help button, in which to activate, you must watch an ad. But when I can clearly see what the picture is, I move it about and try every angle possible, but I can’t get it. When I activate the help, it tells me to move it a smidge (which I already tried) and it instantly gets the answer. This is a direct asking to the Game Developers, Please take a few ads away, like the one at the beginning of each level as make levels possible without activating the help button. Other that the above it is a really good quality game that could REALLY big with a few changes.

- Beautiful game ruined by ads and price.

I thoroughly enjoy playing this game. The concept and the graphics are all perfect... BUT! There are way way way to many ads in the free version and it completely destroys the relaxing nature of the game. Now I regularly buy games on the App Store and would very happily pay for this one... BUT! The price they are asking is far far far too high. $31 per month subscription, you have got to be joking!!! I feel the game is worth a $5-$10 one off payment at best. It cost more then double Netflix and delivers far less value. If this game was at a more realistic price point. I would give it 5 stars.

- Great game

This game is so good even know if you need help it it’s really good it is a bit hard but it is the great game in the world but there needs to be some appearance because you shouldn’t have to pay for them there for the full version because you have to beat you don’t have to and the ads are a bit annoying because there are so many anything need help you have to watch an ad yeah I thought it would’ve been a nice game but it’s a bit weird game

- Gold Diggers

I was semi excited to play this game as i thought it would challenge me. I downloaded the game and it asked if i wanted to buy premium or whatever for $12. I of course declined this offer and saw that when i was playing half of the levels required premium. I tried my best to ignore it. But in the first section there was 20 levels and you needed at least 13 levels completed to reach section 2. Of course you are 1 level short because 8/20 required premium. This meant it forced me to spend money on a game i had only played 12 levels on. I know there is a free trial but I don’t think that i should have to play $12 a week just to play a game. Very cheaply overpriced and im dissapointed.

- A little bit fun but monkey thirsty

Some levels were fun but after about 10 I had to pay to unlock the other levels, so I did. It told me that if I pay it will unlock all levels and remove ads, after I paid I immediately got an ad and then gave me other levels which I also had to pay for. Cancelled my subscription and deleted. Would have kept if it didn’t scam me and was money thirsty. One last thing is sometimes during the level when you get close enough it automatically finishes the level for you and half the time if it didn’t help me I wouldn’t have finished it, ruined the fun a bit.

- Polysphere fun

The app is so creative an it makes you feel relaxed in what you are creating. You have to use your mind to create the picture that it shows you. I would recommend this app to others people because it is a about using your mind, or you will create a blur of colour. It’s very interesting to make lots of different shapes with only, what looks like glass. All ages would love this app and would use it to make interesting everyday shapes.

- wow

Just started playing like 10 mins ago and i’m already one tenth of my way through it. The ads are kind of annoying tho. But other than that this game is like the best stress reliever and really good if all your other games are boring. My other apps got really boring after I started playing this game. If all your games sound as boring as mine download this app trust me it’s free and worth 10 hours of playing time.

- Great but the ads

Everything is amazing but the ads are way to much, I know you can pay for the ads to go away but it’s ridiculous. I understand an ad every now and then but there is an ad before and after I start a new level. Paying for ads to go away is just stupid and pointless I may be seeming a little dramatic but in just don’t think paying for ads is necessary. Other than all of that an incredible game!

- Subscription Monetisation Plus Plenty of Ads

How aggressive can monetisation be? The developers of this app have boldly set out to try to answer that question. This app is chock full of ads and also has a semi-optional WEEKLY subscription model in case you would prefer to play this over buying a full priced PC or console game every two months at the same cost. The developers might have missed a trick though, imagine if they also had the images randomly purchasable through loot boxes? Throw that and some premium currency gems into the mix and you would have had some truly endgame monetisation! Keep reaching for the stars!... and out wallets.

- Its good

This game is really great and fun but their are some issues including the fact that you can’t do all the level unless you pay. Also it is annoying when you finish one level it put it into place for you and their is a lot of adds if you are looking for a game to spend a little bit of on and aren’t really picky this game is perfect and if you don’t want to spend money this game is still good I recommend this game for all ages.

- Thanks but no thanks

I like the concept of this game and it is fun to play, however, not anymore. I played it and then deleted it off my phone and never downloaded it again. Why? You ask. Well, I’ll give you the answer. After every round of getting the shape correct, there is an add. And I’m not exaggerating. There’s literally an add after every single round. And it is the most infuriating thing ever! I downloaded this game to play it. Not to watch adds. But majority of my time was taken up by adds when I played this game. So thanks, but no thanks. I’m done with polysphere.

- Get your art gear out😎!!!

I think Polysphere is a fantastic game where you can really embrace your inner art. I love how it doesn’t show you the picture you have to do and you get to find out what it is once you complete it. There’s only one thing that bothers me and that is that you have to pay gems for some of the pictures and not everyone has gems. Other than that though this game is totally AWESOME.😜

- Unlocking the the levels

I enjoy the game very much and some of them can be really hard but still fun. The only things I would have to say I dislike how many ads the game has, but I have seen a lot more games with more ads. Also the levels that can be unlocked by instagram but I don’t have instagram so I can’t unlock those levels. Could you possibly unlock those levels would be fantastic. But overall I love playing this game.

- Too Many Ads!!!

This game is addictive and I constantly keep coming back to play it. The only problem is that there are too many ads!! With every level I play, there are always ads unless I manually turn my wifi off and switch off mobile data. I get why your putting so many ads to gain profit but could you please reduce the amount of ads. It would be great. Thanks

- May as well not be free

Cool game idea but you get basically zero content by not paying - essentially it is a paid game, which is fine but just don’t let the fact that it’s free to install raise your hopes; it will cost you money to get a decent experience - in addition to having very limited access to the game, there are a tonne of ads. So there are two drivers for you to pay them. Again, fine as a paid game, just don’t expect anything good if you’re not willing to cough up some dough

- Adds adds adds ADDS🤬🙄👿😑😐😫😢😭😤😖😣😩🙁😕😟😒😞😔😏🤨

Hi, the add’s. There always is an add! When you won’t to figure out another animal or something, there is AN ADD!! Can’t believe that I’m saying this but, I’m really really REALLY getting sick of the add’s. And I only got this game the 8th of August...... That’s how sick I am of the add’s. I hope you change the add thing, but with everything else about the game if amazing. One hundred 💯 stars ✨🤩🥳🤯🤗💩😻😸😺👌🏿✌🏻👊🏻🤟🏽 From someone.

- Outrageous Be warned, read before you buy this will cost a lot of $$$

There is NOT ONE single app ( and there are many that are far far better than this) that is worth $415+ a year. ($7.99x52) It gives me no other option but... a 3 day free trial and then a subscription for $7.99 a wk. I would not pay that if it was $7.99 per month let alone a week. This is highway robbery. Kids get hooked and their mother to buy it and she does without realising that she is now paying more for a pissy app than she probably did for the device to play it on. I only gave you one star but would have given you -1 if I could.

- Too many require premium

This is a great game and very satisfying too, but too many of the levels require premium. I get that you are trying to get money, but it really ruined the game for me, as I was close to getting to the third set of levels, but then it required me to buy the premium or follow you on insta, but I’m not getting insta and making an account just to get to the third set of levels. So this is a great game, but maybe make it so not as many levels require you to have premium.

- Good

This game is great for me when your bored and need something to kill time I love it! Only problem is that when I’m doing a picture an I move it around to every possible spot I could get it and it get really close to making the picture but it just doesn’t work until I hit the help button then I just have to move it an inch and it works.... Also why are there so many adds I get one every 2 seconds and it’s really annoying, guys need to chill on the adds.

- Played itself

This is a super cool design and idea but it just did a bad, it’s something that can be fixed but when ever you start a “puzzle” as it starts spinning it’s already in the correct perspective for an instant and that just ruined it letting me solve each one in an instant. Got bored far to quickly. Also note for developers don’t instantly slap the subscribe thing in the consumers face on the first time they open the app it nobody is going to subscribe to a app that they have never opened before.


I really like this game but I have a few issues with it. So, let’s start off with the bad news. I don’t like all the ads!!! It’s frankly annoying and I don’t like finishing a level, (yay!) but then they thrust an ad at you, (ugh!). Now, ads might earn them money but I think when it comes to ads, less is ALWAYS more. Now for the good news! This game is TOTALLY addictive and SO fun! I genuinely love playing this game and challenging my friends. Thanks in advance!

- Great but...

This game is really great and creative to play! I absolutely love it. You have to find the correct way for a shape to form. However, there are some mistakes that need to be fixed for this game to get better. 1. HELP: When I pressed the help button, I watched like a minute long video and then it wouldn’t help me! I couldn’t even get out of the ad! I couldn’t exit it and then I had to close the app and wait for it to load again. 2. ADS This game has way to many ads. For example, I had just finished a round and then as I pressed back, an ad came up and i had to watch it. This happens a lot and I hope this can be improved. Anyway, this game is awesome and I recommend it. Plz try fix these minor errors. Thanks, PuppyLovers1208

- To many ads!

This is a great game and I play it whenever I want to relax, but when I do so, the ads don’t stop playing! I was playing it and I had to watch 7 ads in a row to play the level! And the level I was playing wasn’t a level that you unlock with ads, I would also remove the fact that every few minutes an ad plays, it should be every 10th time you finish a level. (And also, get some different ads, it gets really annoying when you play the same ad over and over again!).

- I annoyed

Well this is a really good game its pretty relaxing and stuff. But the only bad thing is that if you don’t have the diamond access you cant do some of the puzzles and eventually you cant access any other one and you’re stuck or doing the ones you already did and its not fair because you don’t have diamond access so you actually can’t so i just ended up deleting it

- Good but also deleting

It’s fun, cool concept, kind of relaxing for a couple minutes. But there are so many really long ads that are long enough for me to completely lose interest before they’re over. After playing it for a short time it’s easy to lose interest because the gameplay is so broken up by the number and length of advertisements. Is there no other way to make money from this app? You could consider selling game advantages?

- Ok but to many adds

This game is great but way to many adds!! If you want to get to the next section is says play 3 more games to love to this level and those 3 game you need to watch an add to get which I think is ridiculous especially when after you complete each one you have to watch an add so I suggest you take away some adds because then I have no other choice but to delete the game because I downloaded the game to play it not look at the adds the whole time. I give it 2 stars

- Good but the adds!

BTW I GIVE U 3 AND A HALF STARS! I love This game! It is so addicting, but after you complete one picture there is an add! Sooooo annoying! And if you need help you have to have an add which is understanding, but it’s the same add every single time! Other than that I think it’s a great game! I love how you start with random pieces of triangles and you end up with a beautiful picture! Please remove some of the adds and it will be 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!! Feedback by Izzy! 😜😜😜👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😋😋😋😝😝😝

- Super cool 😎🥳😎🥳😎🥳

When I first got it I was really happy. It was a lot of fun but there were lots of ads and I couldn’t do some artworks because I had to watch videos for it. I also had to like your Instagram to complete a level.😒 This game only has 300 levels and there aren’t any more so once you’ve done them all you may as well delete the app. Otherwise, it was fun while it lasted! 😊

- Annoyed

The game itself is incredible in the way that it can ease the mind and is also satisfying when you finish a puzzle. My only issue is that in order to pass the second section, you need to follow someone on Instagram, which I don't have and don't want to have. If this was removed or had a different reward, this game would definitely be 5 stars.

- Pretty Good...

This game is pretty fun, though I don’t play it very often. Here’s why: ADS waaaaaay too many ads. An ad pops up every time you go to complete one. It pops up before AND afterwards. It’s sooooooo annoying. I’d also like to say that a fair few of them you have to pay for. Even more annoying! Otherwise, it’s a very relaxing and creative game.

- Uninteresting, Too Simple Game with Bad Art

They call them masterpieces and claim you have some role in creating them - but they’re just really simple polygon illustrations baked into the app that you swipe to rotate into view. Briefly interesting but completely undeveloped as a concept. Game play is trivial and it feels bad to be “rewarded” for doing so little. But then there’s the ads - constant long ads. And the laughable suggestion I should pay $155 for a one year subscription to a game that gets boring in under 5 minutes! Download it, “play” a few levels, watch a few ads, and hit delete!

- Disappointed

A very simple and interesting concept that has a lot of potential to be fun and innovative. However, it fails to show any level diversity or variability in difficulty. After the first maybe 20 levels (if you haven’t already uninstalled from the ad spam) it becomes bland, every level feels the same. Although the artworks look cool in themselves they don’t make up for the inevitable easiness that will come to anyone with more that 15 min on the game. I really wish I could give this game more.

- It’s ok but not recommended

It was amazing at first but when I got past the first couple of levels there started to be ads before and after every single level and it keeps popping up with things like subscribe or become a member now continuously and if you don’t press agree to the terms and conditions after the first couple of levels then they make the game soooooooooo glitchy that I ended up deleting the app and re installing it and then pressed agree So I don’t recommend this game

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- It’s good

So what I think is that it is a good game but I feel like there are some what a lot of adds but I mean it’s not that bad I love how the game can help you if you can get the picture,Overall I would give it a 4 star rate.🤪

- Do not play

This game is free first thing I see when I download is a advertisement on the premium package can only play like 8 levels and then you have to by the rest don’t waste your money save it

- One star

I think is a one star because to even get any further you have to pay

- Okay

This game is so much fun 👍👍👍👍👍 but half of the pictures you have to pay for so I don’t like that and when you first open it it asked u to pay two times also there are so many pop up adds but other then that it’s and AMAZING game!!!!!

- Hate it

Hate it I have to buy diamonds to go to the next ones😡🤬🤬

- Cash grab

To many ads and overpriced everything

- Horrible

Once you finish the first few level every other level after that is an in App Purchase. Also is almost too easy as soon as you get close to solving it I just locks into place. Don’t waste you times not even worth downloading to kill time

- Ok but...

It has too many ads. Now I know what you are thinking: just turn your wifi off. I did but some levels YOU NEED TO WATCH AN AD TO PLAY! And you need to ether watch an ad or buy premium to play them to proceed. But other then that: it’s ok

- Bad

Only 10 levels before you have pay

- Review

Rly like the game 10/10

- Amazing!

It’s the… it’s the best game of the history of the App Store! 😘polysphere

- I like this game

I like this game because it looks cool but I get stuck sometimes

- To many ads

I don’t understand why there is an ad after every puzzle. And you need to pay to get a lot of the puzzles. If you don’t mind ads or paying it is a really fun game.

- It Cool

It’s pretty good. I find the levels extremely easy though. I wish they were harder. I am also a little disappointed that there are premium levels that we don’t have access too. The ads are kind of annoying but if you turn the Wifi off the ads go away. When I saw the Niffler with the coin I screamed really loudly. Hopefully you have permission to use the Niffler. I wish that it wasn’t this easy but I really like the concept and the images. Please make it harder!

- Awesome well I

I love the game but I can’t stop playing but I really want a update

- Adds galore. Just make it a paid app and call it a day!

No thanks!

- Good game

Too many freaking ads it’s disgustingly irritating. Ad before you play then ad after. Ad if u need a hint. Finished some pictures in less than 5 seconds and they want u to watch over a minute in ads. Sometime double ads. Pay or don’t waste your time

- 😡

It’s a really good app BUT GET RID OF THE ANNOYING ADDS!!!!

- Uhhh

The game is very wired in the sense that I have to pay money to play

- :))

Love this game it so peaceful and just amazing in general!!!

- Some people man.

I know pop up ads are annoying, but you don’t need to scream.

- Most impossible and fun game in the universe!

This game brings thrill and frustration. I usually stay up all night playing this game because it is so addictive.

- Horrible

There is so much ads every time you tap a level there’s an ad every time you finish a level there’s an ad every time you enter the GAME THERES AN AD WELL GAME WHAT DO YOU THINK WE ARE DOING

- Great app!

It’s an amazing app but it has lots of ads! They are mostly 10 second ads so I’m okay with them! I hope you can add it so it will always tell you how close you are to finishing them!

- Bad complaint

What a blow off it has hundreds of ads and won’t let us play properly!!

- Ads ads ads

Come on 10$ a week !? HahahahahHa nuts

- It is amazing

It is so awesome

- Too many ads

Spend more time playing ads than playing the game. You can solve one puzzle in the matter of seconds and then you are forced to watch an ad longer than your game play.

- Hahahahaha this game is a joke right!?

It’s stupid


My only complaint is that there are to many adds but other than that it’s really really good

- Nope

Too much adds for no reasons, really don’t download

- Horrible

I’m not paying to play a game like this what a rip off.

- Add

There’s always adds

- Hi

I like it I do not love it

- Good concept but cashgrab

You can only make progress if you watch ads or pay for premium. This is such a bad app. Uninstalled.

- Adds keep popping up

This is a good game but adds keep popping up

- Best game ever

I love this app so much.

- To many ads

To many ads

- Don’t even bother ✌️

You download it. It looks good right with all it’s ratings? As soon as you enter the app it gives you a quick tutorial, and scams you right at the start, you’ll see. Then you try it out and immediately an ad pops up. The ad is finished after a bit so you continue going through the puzzles. You need to watch an ad to unlock this puzzle. You need to buy premium for this puzzle. You don’t want to spend money in this game so you don’t buy premium, which means you can’t do a few of the puzzles. After 16 puzzles there’s a break. If you haven’t completed all 16 puzzles you cannot move forward in the game. BUT in order to unlock certain puzzles you need to buy premium. Recap: if you don’t buy premium you can’t play this game.

- Cool but hard

I’m not sure if I love it or ……I just want you to make it a little bit easier and then I will keep it

- Io

Not good

- No ADDS!!!😩

I don’t really like the adds

- Love it

I love this game more than anything 🥳😊🤩🤩

- Ads

Good game but way to many ads

- Good idea, horrible execution.

Was fun up until you had to get 16 artworks. Basically to progress you have to watch 3 ads (Which don’t even show up) or give them money. Not really worth your time.

- Ads

I just downloaded it and started to play but I was already bombarded with ads. 👎


Plz cut down the amount of ads on this game

- Cool, but...

Really cool idea and quite therapeutic, beautiful graphics. However, it’s WAY too spammy and really ruins the entire experience. Overall do not recommend.

- Horrible DO NOT GET

At first it looks fun but after about 20 they ask for you to by Diamonds or watch a video and the videos don’t play

- No😡

Don't download the first few stages there fine but the other ones you have to pay!!!!!! Its bad one star supposed to be ZERO

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- Already love it

I just started playing and now I’m adicted to it. And I’m only a kid!!!! This game has a lot of mystery and unique designs of its own. And I like how they put in infinity wars in it to. The infinity godlet and stuff like that, also, I like the ones where it takes you a while to figure one out, like some sort of escape room and you have to find out the puzzles to get out of the room and go home. But you can bring it with you. It is a game for big imaginations and a different way of seeing things in your own way. But for the people who do not like adds AT ALL, you might not like that one part of the game that drives you 🥜 so I’m here to warn you that there are some levels that you might have to watch an add for, just a heads up!!!!😏😛😝😩😏😫🧐😫😋😋😋😋😋

- Not at all what I was expecting

The pictures look really nice and all, but there’s hardly anything to this game, ESPECIALLY what the ads make it look like. Most of the puzzles take less than 20 or 30 seconds, and it’s not like you’re really solving it yourself. The game automatically aligns itself if you orient it a certain way, which is the only way to really see the picture, instead of figuring it out yourself and doing something like maybe typing what it is to show that you REALLY solved it. It’s also just really easy since you can tell what side your supposed to be looking at as all the shapes will flip towards you when you face the puzzle a certain way. My last thing is that some of the levels require you to pay a buck or two for full access, which is perfectly fine. And it’s cool that some of the “premium” ones can be unlocked with videos, but some require more than 50! To be extremely honest, this has potential to really be challenging, but I feel like this is just a platform for selling ads.

- Fun but annoying

I love this game and the idea of it, trust me, but it has a major flaw I would like to complain about. First off, the ads. And I know that ads have to be in the game, but does there have to be an ad before and after every picture?! I mean the pictures you need to watch an ad for are fine, but the normal ones are freaking annoying. When I watched an ad for the 6th one, I got sent back to the main thing, like usual. But when I clicked back on it, it gave me another ad when I JUST watched one. Really? Then when I clicked on a different one, I got an ad, normal right? Well that one was kinda easy to do so I was happy I finished so fast. I found the picture and was ready to move on the the next one, when I got ANOTHER ad RIGHT after!! I was SO mad. Then I finished more and went to write a review. I’m not playing this game daily, like I planned to, anymore until it gets fixed. Maybe put an ad after like 5 pictures? Depending on how long it takes. Thank you.

- Terrible game

The game is absurdly easy. You also don’t get all the levels. If you do want to get them instead of just buying the game with a single payment, they want a $20/month subscription. And just to be clear what you get with that ridiculously expensive subscription is: no ads, access to all levels, and supposedly new levels uploaded everyday which actually most likely means one level per day which means you’re paying $20/month to play one level each day. Even if it were 10 levels everyday it still wouldn’t be worth it. Because of how easy the game is 10 or even 20 levels results in about 5-6 minutes of play time. Which again means you are paying $20/month just to have a game that lasts you a trip to the bathroom or waiting for your coffee to brew. The creators of this app clearly are just out to get your money and put very little effort into any game design at all. Don’t get this game, even for free it is mind numbingly boring and requires zero concentration/ focus for a puzzle game.

- Good! Unfortunately...

This app is awesome and I really think it’s entertaining! I don’t have the diamond membership and I didn’t even do the free trial (it would be a lot of work to cancel the trial). So I did all the other levels and I finished them in less than twenty-four hours. There are 348 levels and about half of them were the diamond membership, so I ended up finishing all the other level pretty quickly. And there are certain levels where you can watch ads to unlock the level. The further you get into the game, the more ads you have to watch in order to unlock the level. So I looked at the last level where you had to watch the ads. You had to watch 53 ADS TO UNLOCK IT. Like what?! Seriously, no one’s gonna watch 53 fricking ads for a level. Also, there are about 740 billion too many ads. But then again, this app is really fun. I hope they come out with more levels.

- Not Enough Levels

Okay, so I really liked this game until I found out that I had to buy a subscription to do all the puzzles. If you are going to make some things cost money, just make the app cost money! I ran out of puzzles and ended up deleting the app. There are also waaaaaay too many ads. To get to a level, I have to watch an ad. To get help on a level, I have to watch an ad. To complete a level, I have to watch an ad. Yeah, you made some money off of me with the ads, but now I have deleted the app, so where is that taking you? There is also one puzzle that makes you watch an ad to unlock it but every time I tap on it, it will not open the puzzle! Please add a couple puzzles each week and bug fixes or something so that there are puzzles to do even if you do not get the subscription. And also, I do not want to follow or like totally random Instagram accounts just to get puzzles. There’s no point! If you’re like me and are not going to buy a subscription for a phone app, don’t waste your time.

- Love it, but to many adds

I absolutely love Polysphere. This game is challenging, as I like challenging games. This game is really cool and almost makes you think outside the box. But, I do have one things against this app, the ads. Every single time you want to start a new picture, you have to watch an ad. Then, there are these pictures that say you have to watch an ad to get the picture, but they should just say that to every picture because you have to watch an ad for EVERY single picture. I love this game and I would play it all day if it weren’t for the ads. But, the ads get so annoying, that I would rather spend my time playing another game. I would love if there was a way to fix this. I love this game with so many levels and cool pictures and there is only that one thing that I have against it. 😁

- Great for anxiety

As someone who has struggled with anxiety, this app has helped me calm down and relax. I often get very panicky and nervous before big events etc and this really really helps me chill out a bit. My only complaint is the Ads. I know you can opt out of them by paying for a membership, but the membership is simply too expensive. Even when Im not playing a level that gets unlocked by an ad, I’ll get one before and after the level anyways. Although thats annoying, Ive been able to deal with that, however there are times when the game wont let me proceed because there are no more Ads. It will say something like “Video unavailable” and I wont be able to continue playing. Plus, sometimes that issue doesnt resolve for days, which is very frustrating. The game is great, very worthy of 5 stars, but the advertisements make it so aggravating that i can only give 3.


The game tricks you into watching an ad to complete a puzzle. It is impossible before you watch it, but after you watch and ad, the game changes the shapes and boom, it now suddenly fits. This is not just one puzzle I am talking about, this is almost all of them. Combine this with the fact that you must watch ads to play puzzles (or pay money for some stupid membership), and you've got a terrible game. It is a great concept that was executed poorly. Also, the game makers proboly would've gotten more profit by just making the game playable instead of making players watch ads and pay for membership in order to play it. That's just game making 101. And if you think I am just some angry person who doesn't like ads ruining games, I am not. A couple ads here and there are ok. But just making your games unplayable without having people watch ads is not ok, and not cool. If you see this review, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! And if you are seeing this after you have downloaded it, do us all a favor and delete it.

- y’all just had to go an ruin it

Honestly, this puzzle game was pretty well designed, with nice images and vibrant colors. However, the ads force me to overlook the game design. I get that the developers are trying to make a profit, but really? An ad after every single action I take in game? I thought this was gonna be a nice brain teaser but the true brain teaser comes from how irritating and obnoxious the sheer amount of ads can be. I want the test of patience to come from actually visualizing the puzzles, not from having to wait 20-30 seconds for an ad to play after every single tap of my screen. Another complaint is the subscription “pricing”. It’s more akin to petty thievery. It’s unrealistic to expect people to shell out $8 a week to $100 a year just to get a stream of puzzles that can be solved in minutes. I assume these developers are trying to be clever by marketing those insanely high prices for subscription, clearly to profit even further from both individuals forced to deal with the ads-only experience for this free-to-play game and those stupid enough to pay for the hiked up subscription. Hell, even The NY Times has a cheaper subscription than this BS. To the developers, this game is pretty decent, and a fun brain teaser. However, your attempts at pulling a profit by showing ads at every possible moment force this fun puzzle game into my immediate uninstall.

- Great game, but a few problems

Hi I am ten and I have a few problems to discuss. First of all I do not like all the adds. You have to watch a video to get into the level, get help and get out the of the level! I also don’t like how you can only do some levels, like how you have to be a “ member” to do some. I love this game other wise. I read another review the other day when I was downloading this game. It said, “ there are a LOT of adds” and I was like how bad can it be? It is a puzzle game! So if you are a person who does not like adds, maybe you should be a member or just try the game first. The creators are very smart and I love this game, but those are my few issues. Ps: I got this game on Christmas Eve and there are no Christmas addition levels 😢 you should do that next year! Thank you for reading - A fan ( 10 years old )

- Complications

For an app rated +4, it has some inappropriate and almost provocative advertisements. Sexual nature is something that shouldn’t be advertised to anyone underage, especially the younger audience that shouldn’t learn about these things. Not only that, but this app is extremely ad filled. Certain levels are required that you pay membership or watch an ad, and even those have ads in the end as well. I understand developers wish to benefit and profit off of their apps, but when it’s clearly overstated that the amount of ads is defending people from the app, that should be solved. I think the idea of the game is beautiful, and while I’m not swamped with ads, I find myself enjoying the game and slight challenge it provides me. I believe the game should have lessened ads and well as ad filtration to avoid inappropriate content being provided to the targeted age group of this app.

- Good game

So, I recommend this game. There are things about it that aren’t exactly the best. But overall the game is great! One thing I would change is how many ads there are. There is an ad before you go to the level, The there is one after. It gets kind of annoying. One other thing that I would change is the membership thing. I personally would not pay for this game, and I don’t think that many other people would. The game is very good, and if you are reading the review to see if you want the game, I suggest getting it. The game challenges your mind, and relaxes you at the same time. I recommend the game, and if a developer reads this, I think that you should change the two things that I mentioned. Thank you for taking your time to read this. If you are considering getting the app, you should. -Sam

- Not actually a free game

While the game works just as shown and can be interesting, it sections off the different puzzles in groups of 12 or 14, and requires that you complete a certain number of them to unlock the next group. While this design is perfectly fine by me, they take advantage of locking some of them behind a pay wall. After completing all but 1 of the free ones in the first section I had to wait for several weeks to get it to let me do the last one and unlock the second set. I still don’t completely know why it finally let me, but since that section’s picture count jumped from 12 to 14, I assume it was an update and it accidentally unlocked the last “free” picture for me. Now that I finished all but the last of the free pictures in section 2 it has returned to demanding a “premium” account instead of letting me even load the last free picture in the section to complete and unlock section 3.

- This game probably used to be good.

This game was probably good a while ago, and that’s why it’s so highly rated, but now it’s absolute trash. The price for this game is so ridiculous I genuinely thought it was a joke. $20 a month is absolutely outrageous for a few easy puzzles. This should only have one-time purchase option. I have a feeling they’re gearing this more towards small children who will unknowingly buy the game on a parent’s phone. That’s the only situation I can think of where someone would pay $20 a month for a game. The game by itself its really nice for maybe kids, but the software ends up completing it for you if you get it even close to the correct orientation. In one game, I had it in the correct spot but it wouldn’t finish until I spun it around more and then put it back again. There are ads for nearly half the puzzles, so you spend more time watching ads than solving puzzles. Overall, kind of cool but absolutely ruined by the ads and cost of the subscription.

- (skip to end for quick review)

I can’t get to the second group of puzzles unless I buy the membership or buy instagram. This app is fun but do not buy unless you are ready to buy the membership or ready to follow them on instagram.😤😣😔. You also need to watch all the ads if you don’t buy the membership in order to get the 2nd pack. So if you don’t use instagram and don’t buy the membership you can only do 21 puzzles. It sounds like a lot but I just did all 21 in like two minutes. If you don’t do social media or don’t pay for dumb memberships, DO NOT BUY! WASTE OF MONEY! If you aren’t allowed or old enough to be on instagram this is a dumb app. I hardly have $20 in all! Like all my money even outside my iPod is like $20.1!! Who pays $20 a month for this easy, horrible, and expensive game?! Just make the game itself cost like I don’t know... like $2-$4 in all! As for you guys who skipped to the end...IF YOU DON’T HAVE AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT AND DONT WANT TO PAY $20 A MONTH OR $8 A WEEK, DO NOT BUY WASTE OF YOUR TIME!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😠😠😠

- Good concept-but..

OK, let me get this straight. You want me to pay 20$ JUST FOR A FEW MORE LEVELS? No, never. And because I didn’t, you make me watch ads until your a millionaire. Like I understand you need ads to make money but this is too much. It has gotten to the point where there is ad after ad after ad. Like, it’s a great concept but you have to understand that your botting reviews, because we can all see that no one gives you good reviews and it’s just the people who pay have a good time. Just cut down the ads! And YOUR PESKY WAYS TO MAKE PEOPLE WATCH ADS! I was doing one for some shark or something and the fin wasn’t right no matter how many times I rotated it. I clicked the help and watched the AD, and the fin was, get this, COMPLETELY PERFECT? NONE OF THE SHAPES WORKED BEFORE, AND YOUR TELLING ME YOUR “fixing bugs for better experience” HOW ABOUT CAN I SEE “fixing the ad placement and timing and our ways to get you to watch ads” THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Okay, I went overboard, but can you blame me? Like excuse me, I won’t let you use me!

- I love this but....

I love this app, it’s fun and I enjoy it. The issue I have is with the audio.. It'd be nice to pick your music but I’m glad this is at least calming. The main problem I have is the ads, yes I understand that’s one way to get money. But if there was an option to somehow mute the ad audio that would help me personally at least. Because it’s not the best thing when I’m trying to calm down and listen to the calming music and suddenly an ad pops up and scares me. In all honesty the ad audio is kinda panic inducing. To go from calming music to sudden loud noises makes it harder to calm myself down.. I personally know people that panic with loud or abrupt noises, including myself, who have had some trouble with this as well. But otherwise I do love this app and the not-too-complex puzzles it gives you. Thank you for your time.

- it’s alright!

Personally, i think it’s a fun and interesting! a game i’d spend some time on when i’m bored. i was a bit interested in the membership thing but it doesn’t seem worth it :/ anyway, there are TOO many ads. every action i do whether it’s completing a shape, clicking on a level (the ones shown with a the ad button thing), clicking the help, skipping the level, etc it’s quite annoying. i know the help button and the skip button are shown with a the little ad thing and certain levels too but it is toooo much. it takes out the fun and the whole point of the app. why would i sit down on a game just to watch loads and LOADS of ads. yeah i get it, but just reduce the amount of ads, other than that i like the game but it’s not an app i’d keep for so long so that’s why i’m gonna delete it (,:

- Okay app some problems

So it is a cool app but WAY TO MANY ADS as soon as you open the app it plays a 20 second ad and won’t let you skip it until the ad is over and that is just when you open the app and I have a problem where I have completed 15 “artworks” and you have to complete 16 to unlock more and I’m fine with that but I try to watch a ad to be able to do the thing and it always saids the same thing “sorry unable to load the ad please try again later” and I do and the something over and over again and again and I will be at a place that has really fast internet and it still saids unable to load video If you find doing the same artworks over and over again then do that but I ask kindly to please fix all of these ads and problems

- Not everyone has Instagram

Did it ever occur to the creators that not everyone has Instagram? In 13/13 you have sunrise to their Instagram and like a photo. I’m not allowed to have Instagram, that include having the app on my phone. I can’t continue in the game unless I subscribe and like a photo. This annoyed me very much, my parents are very protective and don’t allow me to have social media. It annoys me that they would rather have a social media buzz than allow younger people to continue in the game and actually enjoy it rather than raging and deleting it like I did. I found the game until that point enjoyable yet challenging. I would appreciate if the creators changed to just watching an add for that one piece. I can’t imagine it being hard. They could always promote their social media in other ways that still allow people who don’t have social media to play the game.

- Commercials.. is all you’ll ever get..

Ok, so this game is very fun, must admit. However the ads are THE MOST IRRITATING THING WITHIN THIS APP. For example, there will be some levels that require you to watch an ad, which I am fine with, you happen to get done with that level and go on to the next one which DOESN’T require a commercial, yet once you click on it.. you get an ad.. This has happened in about 80% of the free levels I have tried. There is also this problem with exiting the level from when you finish up the level, ( not very fun when you have to put up with ads when you just wanna play a game after all). But through all of these ad issues, this is truly a fun game, I just wish that the ad’s weren’t such an issue to get in the way of some ones playing experience.

- Best game ever

You should play this game it was really good it’s really fun you can whenever you’re having trouble you can impress trouble I meant help other not help you you have to try for a couple times it’s like hot and warm so it has this little light of it goes from really cold to really and then when it’s the hottest ticket girl that’s when you got it right then when you’re done you can press the two sideways triangles to go forward that’s gonna make you go to the next puzzle it’s really fun it’s like solving a puzzle but you have to like you don’t you can’t find all the pieces everywhere it’s weird just so you know play this game it’s really good it’s gonna have you’re gonna have a lot of fun playing it by

- It’s Alright

The game in general is not too bad. It has some challenging levels, but most of them are very simple as soon as you get how the polygons rotate when you try to solve the puzzle. The reason why I give this game a 3/5 stars is because there are WAY too many ads. I understand why there are some levels where you need to watch an ad in order to play the level. It’s a free game, why wouldn’t there be ads? But the ads continue even if you play a level that doesn’t need an ad. It gets annoying after a while, especially when the levels only take 30 seconds to solve. If I were to run this game, I would only make it so you have to watch ads on certain levels, and other places where ads are in the game now should not exists. Premium should either be cheaper or non-existent as well. That’s my opinion, anyway

- Plz read this

So I saw ads everywhere and I thought to myself “hmm this looks pretty fun!!” So I got the game I played it for a while until I realized that I couldn’t get to the next level without subscribing or premium and I left and didn’t play for a while then when my friend came over me and her were playing on my iPod and she tapped on the game to try it out for herself she said she liked the game and then I looked at it and said “Uh ok.” And she thought I was joking or something because then she told me to start playing it again. So I did. I started playing like she said and well the new update was waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy better!! Except... WAY TOO MANY ADS!! Omg!! They ads were nuts so many of them every time I would finish a puzzle ADS!! Plus if you had the shape in the right place and you couldn’t get it no matter how hard you tried it’s because there’s a big scam! So when you click on the picture your going to figure out you are looking for the correct way to put it. So when I was doing I puzzle I couldn’t get it but I thought that it was right the way I had it. So I clicked help and the ad went by and then I just looked at my screen and it said the way I had it was correct!! WHAT THE HECK!!! Tysm for reading if you did I am a real person no lie and I wish this was fixed. over and out tyvm for reading!!

- You ask to much of your customers

I downloaded this game and I had it for all of five minutes. I love the pretense of the game and was pretty enjoyable to play. That’s about the only good thing I have to say about it. The fact that I have to promise to subscribe before even play the game is nonsense( yes I know I could just cancel the membership later on but do you know how much of a pain in the but it is to do with ios) while I’m playing your free diamond membership I get to the point where I am forced to follow different social media pages and buy different puzzle packages and forced to watch several different ads (in all honesty if there wasn’t so much harassment to purchase something from the game all the ads wouldn’t be that big of a deal). SO RATHER THEN TRYING TO BE A GREEDY COMPANY WHY DONT YOU TRY TO STOP HARASSING YOUR CUSTOMERS TO BUY YOUR PRODUCT AND FOLLOW YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA AND JUST PROVIDE ENJOYABLE CONTENT. If you did that I know I as a customer would purchase a few puzzle packs and I wouldn’t mind ads either

- It was fun while it lasted

I can’t continue with this game. Every single time you complete a level, it gives you an ad. The puzzles aren’t too hard, so they really don’t take long. An average puzzle takes about thirty seconds. Short puzzles + ad after every puzzle = one long ad with small puzzle increments in between. Also, the more you play, the harder it is to complete each “level”. Every level has about 16 puzzles, and most puzzles you can only complete by following them on instagram or paying a crap ton of money per month. You have to complete a certain number of puzzles to complete a level, and you can’t even complete level two without following them on instagram or paying. Honestly, if you’re looking for a relaxing game, this isn’t it. TL;DR: don’t get this game if you’re looking for relaxation. it has WAY too many ads and is nothing like their advertisements show

- Eh.

When I got this game, I was really exited to try it out. I played through some levels and unlocked 2 packs. It’s a good stress reliever and it’s VERY relaxing. BUT... once I got to the second pack I played through some levels, and I came across one that requires me to subscribe to the company on Instagram...??? First of all, I’m 11 and OBVIOUSLY CAN’T HAVE INSTAGRAM. (well maybe some 11 year olds have Instagram but it’s not MY fault if I can’t have it 😑) Second, there are TONS and TONS and TONSSSSS of ads. I get that free games need to have ads, but... spamming them every three seconds? Nobody needs that! Some of the levels also require you to buy a diamond membership which... well... it’s really expensive and I’m NOT getting that. Keep in mind that you have to pass a certain amount of levels to unlock each pack... so if somebody could fix these problems that would be great. Thanks for your time (if anybody actually read this)

- Very disappointed.

I downloaded this app once I saw it had gained popularity. I love puzzle games, especially ones like this. So I got it thinking “how bad can it be?” Within, no joke, TWO minutes, I found out; VERY bad. When I completed the first level, I got an ad. A single ad. Thinking that it was normal, I continued on to the second level. At the end of THAT one, an ad. Third level, an ad. Fourth level. AN AD. An ad plays after you finish each level! I was considering deleting the app after five minutes of getting it! I was also upset with how easy these levels are. Each level takes me about fifteen seconds to solve. I am writing this the day after I got the app. That’s right, the day after. That should say enough about how horrible I thought this game was. You can get rid of ads, but only if you pay. I hope this response convinces you to not waste your time on such a garbage game created by greedy developers. I’m deleting this app.

- It’s ok

Not the best game considering the fact that you need to pay a subscription or watch a video to unlock the other artworks. Even though I have internet, I cannot unlock the rest of the levels because it says "video unavailable,” so I’m stuck on level 283 because I need 5 more artworks to unlock more levels. It’s really sad that I can’t play the rest of the levels because I like this game but I think that I’m done with this game because of the ridiculous amount of ads and "unlock-able” content that you cannot actually play. I hope that people read this and realize that this game is a sad example of a pay to play game. Even though it is a pay to play game, it is still good but the amount that you have to play the game is crazy. Thanks for reading this and please reconsider investing time into this game and I do not recommend playing it if you do not have much money.

- It’d be fun if I was younger

In concept it’s a fun free game in which you move around a 3rd picture on your phone. It’s played out really nicely with good graphics and art work. Unfortunately once you understand the basic concept of how the pictures are broken up it becomes really easy to the point in which you can figure out most of the pictures in a few moves. Not to mention that ads line the walls of this game as most free to play games, but $20 to get rid of them and unlock all the levels is a little much if you ask me especially with all the ads when you don’t pay the $20. I finished the first 100 free levels in about 20 minutes it’s not really worth me paying $20 to unlock more levels and get rid of the ads for a game I can beat really easily.

- Too many ads

I never do reviews because, well who actually cares. But what is with all these ads? The game itself is relaxing and fun but it’s really annoying when in between each photo you solve you have an ad that you’ve already seen 30 times. Not to mention to remove the ads it’s 7.99 A WEEK!?! Like I’d be willing to pay a full on 3 dollars or something for one time to remove ads for good but you want me to pay 7.99 a week??? Just for no ads? That’s crazy! Whoever created the game had a great idea and concept but you have got to either lower the price of premium or just remove how many times you show ads. There’s no way you need to show that many ads to keep revenue. That’s just crazy. It’s just so you can annoy someone into doing the 3 day free trial then start charging them 8 dollars a WEEK so they don’t have to deal with the annoying ads. Y’all are wild.


This game is so much fun and inspiring. I am trying to draw the way the objects are made in Polysphere. Not going so well thought😂. Anyway I give this game 5 stars but adds are always an issue but nothing like some other games I’ve had. I have a few suggestions: 1. Maybe you can add in a feature where you draw something for instance an apple and when you’re done drawing it the app makes it triangler like the objects in the game. Then you can try and solve it!! And 2. Maybe you can make a server where other people make things and you can solve them. However I do like that it’s just you and your Polysphere nobody else. It would be really nice if you can for fill my first suggestion. Thank you :D SHAY :D

- I don’t really like it.

When I saw this game I thought it was completely free. Also won’t be annoying with adds. But I was wrong. Just for some of the levels you had to watch a add. I thought that was really annoying because you already had to watch an add after each level. You either got an add after or before, sometimes both. Another thing that’s annoying is that you have to pay for some of the levels. I think that’s stupid. Also it is very over priced with the pay. If you want to finish the game we’ll you need money for that. You need the money just for a couple of levels. It’s really stupid how you have to pay. We want a game where you don’t have to pay just for a couple things. If you are thinking about purchasing this game think twice. I think that this is a scam of wasting your money. I would not recommend this app.

- Money Grabbers

Don’t bother installing, ads make the game nearly unplayable. People say that about a lot of games, and usually they’re exaggerating, but this app seemingly just wants to milk money by making you watch as many ads as possible. A video plays after you win a level, before you start a level, when you switch to a different tab and back again, and some levels won’t allow you to play them without first watching an even longer video. But don’t worry, if you’re tired of watching ads they’ll be turned off if you fork up ten bucks **per month** !! That’s right, you have to pay an already ridiculous price every single month in order to keep playing. And a good chunk of the levels are only accessible if you pay for the subscription. The actual game play is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not worth it if they’re only giving out ten seconds of game play for every minute of ads.

- Ads make the game unplayable

I downloaded this game because they had a playable ad in another game that seemed fun. It’s actually quite relaxing trying to figure out the puzzle, but it also doesn’t take much time. Every time you complete a puzzle you have to watch an ad for at least 20-30 seconds, which is often longer than it takes me to solve the puzzle (and frankly, watching an ad for completing a puzzle seems like a punishment).Also there are puzzles that require an ad watch to unlock, but when I tap them it just says “no video available.” So I can’t even play those levels even though I was willing to set my phone down for 30 seconds while the ad plays. There has to be a better way to monetize the app other than a subscription service or literal constant pop up ads. Or, better yet, just let us play for free and bank the karma.

- More free levels

See Look I thought the game was fun and all. Some levels were hard but you should make sections of easy, medium, and hard to make the game interesting. In order to improve the game you should talk to your director about adding in 30 new levels because I finished the game in two days. I don’t like to use my money on games so please take that out because a lot of people will get mad when they only get 15 levels for 1$. Ok now to the real meat of the review stop trying to lure people with putting in you have to pay for no adds. Now that’s just Flunked up 👌🏽. Make the game seem interesting in the ads in order to promote good service. One more thing sorry I want to use the gems for something. Like a power up or more new levels. Thank you


Ok. This game has a very interesting concept and it’s very fun and creative but THE AMOUNT OF ADS IS RIDICULOUS!! You have to watch an ad to unlock EVERY. SINGLE. PUZZLE. It says that there are only two or three puzzles in each stage that require an ad to unlock it but NO, that is a lie. Before AND AFTER you finish a level which usually takes like 5 seconds to finish so if you do ten puzzles you will watch 20 stars or more ads and to complete the stage and move on that’s 24. Too many! Each one is more than a minute long and it’s infuriating to watch almost half an hour of other people playing games I don’t care about. 😡😡😡 The only way to get rid of ads is to get the premium version and it’s not worth it at all. Do not get it. It’s EIGHT DOLLARS A MONTH. That is almost 100 bucks a year and that is too much.

- Could he be a bit better

Ok what I am here to say is that this game is pretty cool I like the idea of that you get to turn the shape thingie around and blah blah blah and I think it’s fun I do think it’s a bit weird that you can’t access that next group of quiz things Before you finish the one you are currently doing I also have one problem there’s a problem where you sometimes can’t find the shape yourself you must watch a video for a hint like the problem is just so hard you must watch a video. I also have a suggestion that maybe things don’t have to be premium this premium that like even MOST Problem you can’t get to because of the PREMIUM thing so in conclusion I would say later I will happily give five stars if you fix these probs From: Julie

- Great but too many ads

This game is quite fun to play and some levels can be rather challenging. It has even inspired me to create artwork in this geometric style... But the amount of ads is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I’ll get an ad when I open the app, and half the time it’s 15-30 seconds long and I can’t close out of it. Then I’ll select a level and get another ad, and ANOTHER right when I complete the picture. Then when I’m scrolling through the level selection, I’ll get another random ad sometimes. I usually don’t mind ads at all and I understand their purpose, but this is too much. WAY too much. And I don’t think the price of the subscription to get rid of them is worth it, very overpriced. I really enjoy the puzzles, but I’m not sure I’ll play it much longer with all these ads constantly in my face.

- Review on “Ploy Sphere”

I like the game in general, but I think there are some things to improve. 1, I personally think there are too many adds. Every time I finish a level, there’s an add. And every time I start a new one, there’s a new add. 2,I think that the game should be more challenging. It is a simple concept, and that is a good addition to the game, but the levels could still be a bit more challenging. 3, I think it is puzzling for a person not to get a new level because of the subscription. For example, someone could be on level 100 and they can’t get to 101 because of the subscription, and that level is key to the game. So when they go to 102, they are lost and DELETE the game. Now you just lost a player. I would appreciate it if you would take these conflicts into consideration. Thank you. - Anonymous

- Moms view 3000

This game was so fun at first I had a fun time making things but then I experienced that you can’t do all the puzzles because you have to buy premium and there are way to many adds and in order to complete a section you have to watch adds in order to do a puzzle and it’s horrible you get the same adds, you have to wait and sometimes if the internet is so bad you can’t even watch an add and you have to wait to do the puzzle. Like I was on a trip with my family and I was away from my home and I wanted to play Polysphere and so I tapped on the app and I had to watch a video to unlock the puzzle. I didn’t mind so I taped on it and it said no internet. So I got off the app and got back on, it still didn’t work so I exited all the apps and turned off my phone and it still didn’t work so finally I gave up and stopped playing it. It was fun but boy was it low. I rate this app only one star.

- How to fix the ad problem

I get it, too many ads are in these type games. It’s how they make their money. Which makes sense, but I know a way to fix the problem without paying the membership fee. You may have heard this before, I have not, but all you have to do is put your phone on airplane mode. If you are expecting any calls or texts or you are extremely busy that day, I don’t recommend this tip, for you might miss an important call/text. Although, I don’t get too many calls too often, so I turn my phone on airplane mode and I play away. Ad free games are hard to make, and to keep successful, but this is a way to keep the great game you love to play and have no ads. Just a tip for anyone in need! :) Happy tapping!

- Good game, Lots of ads

So, i used to love this game and would not put down my phone. And then, i had completed the first three packs no problem. Then the update came out. I was eager to click on it, because i loved the game. Now, I think that was a mistake. I can only click on like half of them in the pack and I don’t mind watching ads to an extent, but my big problem is that the ads that i was watching-THEY WERE THE SAME EVERY TIME!!! Nobody wants to see the Hooked Chat stories commercial 12 times in a row! Also, I don’t have Instagram because I’m not allowed. So that means that 1/4 of the pictures are unavailable for me!!!!! But, what really stinks is that you have to scroll ALL the way up to previous packs to find one that you can watch a video for, solve it, and then see how many more you need to do before you can unlock the next pack. Also, WHY DID YOU LOCK THE PICTURES?! I personally LOVED this game when all the pictures were available and you could just pick any one to play. But now, you have to go in order, which i do not like, because if you can’t solve one, then you can’t do other pictures!!!!!!!!! Overall, the game concept is good, it’s fun, but i don’t think that the new update is not helping your game like you thought it would. Thank you for your time!🙃🙃

- Set up terribly bad...😣😔😞

Ok well I think I might be saying the same things other players r saying but let me spell this game out...MONEY GOBBLING!!! Like have u even seen how much the subscription cost!!??? Apparently, 8 dollars per week, 20 dollars per month, and 100 dollars per year!!! I can get me a whole bunch of stuff with that money!!! These developers just want your money so don’t download this game!!! And it only gives you one new puzzle per day if you get the subscription!!! Seriously!!!😳😳😳 Also, I couldn’t even continue the game cause I don’t have Instagram...I know it sounds bad but I am only 11 and my parents won’t allow me to have social media at such a young age!! And I don’t blame them I would do the same thing if I was a parent!!!😡😡😡. And there is a lot of weirdos at there that would kidnap girls like me off social media!!! So this game forces you to have Instagram which is ridiculous!!! It’s almost like they’re supporting kidnappers by adding that!!! And they say this game is rated 4+!!! Also, this game is ridiculously easy and u can get like 10 pics done it 5 minutes or below. And I am saying this at a young perspective!!!🤯🤭😫 So this game literally wants u do spend a fortune on it. So yea don’t download unless you feel like burning your money!!! And don’t say I didn’t warn ya!!! Toodles👋😉 by the way this game is rated by everybody:👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Why waste such a good opportunity?!

This game could have been, in my opinion, one of the best puzzle games out on the App Store, if it wasn’t for all the adds and wasteful in app purchases. The concept of this game is unique, but the purchases aren’t. First of all, half of the levels are blocked by a paywall, or multiple ads. Second of all, $20 bucks to get premium monthly, or $8 for premium weekly, after a 3 day trial? Those prices are absurd! Finally, the levels that are free, are super easy, and take just a few seconds to complete, and after 3-4 of those few second levels, you get an ad that you can’t skip. Overall, this is just a missed opportunity to get a loving game, with many levels that people would be willing to pay 1-3 bucks to get access to 50 or so levels, but greed took over and now, it’s $20 to get 10 levels. If you are going to make a game with a lot of non-free content, don’t make a game at all.

- This game was a little disappointing

First off I think this game is a cool idea but it should not have a 30 second long ad after an easy puzzle. All the puzzles so far are relatively easy all you do is turn them until they make a picture so there’s no real strategy or challenge your just spinning especially with the ads. The game really makes me not want to play it just because of the ads. On some of the levels it is required to watch a 30-40 second ad in order to play it then after completing the easy puzzle your forced to watch another 30-40 second ad. However their is an option to turns ads off BUT it is insane how much you have to pay to turn ads of. You can pay 8 dollars a week for ads off, 30 dollars a month for ads off OR 100 a year for ads off. For a freaking easy mobile puzzle game. Ridiculous right? I would like this game if there was no ads.

- Ads,Ads,Ads,Ads Oh what's over there? an AD

I love this game so much but is has a million hundred ads! Everytime you finish a puzzle there is an ad. I have completed 12 puzzles so far, but there is always an ad after you complete it! I love this game though it is so addicting but I do not like seeing ads everytime I do the puzzle! If there were no ads I would rate the game 10/10 but since there are ads I only give it a 2/10 and all the puzzles are really easy and the game needs some harder puzzles than I would play it a lot more than I usually do I play it only 5minutes a day so I might delete the game! Your Player, Luka Murphy

- Decent game but too many ads

I’m usually not bothered by ads, but this game has a ridiculous amount of them. You have an ad when you click on a new picture, an ad when you complete the picture, and then another one immediately after when you click the next picture. Each ad has two phases to wait through, and when some levels take only 5-6 seconds to complete, you end up watching 3 30 second ads for 5 seconds of gameplay. That’s literally 1.5 minutes of ads per 5 seconds. So far I haven’t had any level take more than a minute. And if you want to remove ads? 30 dollars without subscription or 20 dollars A MONTH subscription. For that much money I’d expect these pictures to wash my car or do some laundry. I love challenging games, but this game just has too many ads for it to be enjoyable.

- Great game, but can’t get very far without having to pay.

The game is fun, and it looks great. I really enjoyed it until I couldn’t advance without paying for a subscription. For the price, however, it is ABSOLUTELY NOT WORTH IT. I completed all 23 free puzzle-pictures in roughly and hour while stopping to watch a TV show at the same time. The developers are lunatics to think that this kind of game is worth that much as a subscription. It’s a puzzle-type game, not a multiplayer experience or deep story driven thriller. If they want to charge money for full access to this game, it should be a one time payment to unlock everything rather than an overpriced recurring charge. This game has such potential, but it’s a lot like most EA games these days: ruined by pay-to-play/micro-transactions. I’m truly shocked that this game has such a high rating due to the subscription requirement to actually play it for a meaningful amount of time.

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Polysphere - art of puzzle 1.5.1 Screenshots & Images

Polysphere - art of puzzle iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Polysphere - art of puzzle iphone images
Polysphere - art of puzzle iphone images
Polysphere - art of puzzle iphone images
Polysphere - art of puzzle iphone images
Polysphere - art of puzzle iphone images
Polysphere - art of puzzle iphone images
Polysphere - art of puzzle iphone images
Polysphere - art of puzzle iphone images
Polysphere - art of puzzle iphone images
Polysphere - art of puzzle iphone images

Polysphere - art of puzzle (Version 1.5.1) Install & Download

The applications Polysphere - art of puzzle was published in the category Games on 2018-12-23 and was developed by Playgendary Limited [Developer ID: 1487320337]. This application file size is 280.19 MB. Polysphere - art of puzzle - Games app posted on 2020-07-13 current version is 1.5.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playgendary.polyspherecoolgame

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