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Swing Star is ultimate swinging fun!

Catch, swing , glide, enjoy.

100+ Unique levels, various skins and themes.

Swing Star App Description & Overview

The applications Swing Star was published in the category Games on 2018-11-09 and was developed by Good Job Games. The file size is 175.45 MB. The current version is 2.2.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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Swing star  Hunter_Lyons_  5 star

It’s a great game nothing cost money $$$ so ur bank won’t be screwed.. U can get any character u want FREE!! And any theme I want FREE!!


Cringe and ADS!!!!!!!  jsiwbdnfieha  1 star

The dancing is to cringe and the ads are annoying


Don’t know where I’m going  BigD5273  2 star

You know before I start swinging I would really like to see where I’m going or like the landscape of what I’m about to swing, easy update. Fix it please


Just don’t  Unicon123  1 star

No just no there to many ads don’t waste your time on this

Mason machine

Zombies  Mason machine  5 star

I like how thoughtful you were to make this game it’s really fun


Ad city  tito655  1 star

Ads ads ads. That’s all your gonna play than this game.

looty chest

Look  looty chest  1 star

is gud


Add more things  Yeet_Daddy  1 star

I liked the game and all but it just got boring after awhile


Ok  I.M_DRUMMER  2 star

The game could be more challenging, your just swinging from place to place and there’s no action. You get bored pretty fast and honestly it’s a waste of time. It’s fun sometimes if you have nothing else to do though

Baby penguin 🐧

Meh  Baby penguin 🐧  3 star

Fun but way too much ads and skip a level doesn’t usually skip levels


Really badly made  Creampielord  2 star

It’s a fun game but there are bad physics, missing animations and just bad level design


Best game ever  Snnhsbswi  4 star

This game is awesome all the characters you want are free and same with the themes. The only thing I would give a 5 star is you know when you get stuck by hanging on and the guy is not swinging. I wish that guy can swing and swing to get higher if you know what I mean. But awesome game 4 star if you can fix that I will give you a 5 star😬👍🏽

grass kellly

Tricia  grass kellly  4 star

If you don’t know how to turn off the ads just click the no ads button the you’re all set to go! From Tricia


Glitches out  Spy180  1 star

Every time I go in it says the name of the company then goes black I wait like 10 seconds and then it glitches out


Good  kye90210  5 star

This is a great game

Katie with Kats

IM LAUGHING SO HARD  Katie with Kats  5 star

At the end of every level they do fortnite dances like lol I love that part


Problem  CATLOVERAWESOME33  2 star

So I players this on my friends phone and I thought it was really good so I decided to get it. But whenever I try playing it, it glitches out.


Spidy  gul3-sn1ffer03  2 star

It's ok but every time I try to play it kicks me off and a Spider-man skin would be great

a random gal 11

Idk  a random gal 11  2 star

The game is very fun but the FORTNITE dancing at the end is really annoying

little miss homicide

Ads  little miss homicide  4 star

If you don’t want ads there is a way to fix it. Turn off your wifi or data and the ads won’t be able to load, you might have to clear the game from open app tabs then re open the app to play without ads. You’re welcome 😇.


Pretty good too easy  XavierTheRisen  4 star

Game doesn’t present any reasonable challenge.


Idk ether  miajcutie  5 star

I haven’t playd it but my sis has it is amazing


The ads  Jellyrico09  1 star

The ads are to long


Don't download!!!  carrottop0414  1 star

This game is garbage after every level I complete I am kicked out of the game this does not happen with any of my other apps or games pls fix

Thomas Pfenson

I love Forknife  Thomas Pfenson  5 star

This game is...words actually fail to describe. It’s good. It’s wonderful. It’s enlightening. It’s, simply put, a religious experience. The little flying black man brings such shocking and vivid symbolism to mind. I’ve been challenged on many fronts: racial, economic, artfully, and skillfully. Rarely do you encounter such a game that seems more real than we are. I have no doubt that any and all who play this game will be brought to tears; either from the infuriating, but rewarding gameplay, or from the deep and moving story. Please, forgive any of the “ironic” undertones of me writing this review-please remember, I was human once. But then I played this game. Sincerely, Thomas Pfenson

joshwashere underscore

It’s ok  joshwashere underscore  3 star

It’s fun and I like the gameplay. There are a lot of adds tho and level 168 doesn’t work.


I like it  mcah😄380  4 star

I really like the game

update sad person

review.......  update sad person  3 star

it’s okay I guess


Good game but...  Oldaugie  3 star

1. The skip this level bar is placed in a bad place. Where it is makes it easy to tap that when you are trying to just play the game. 2. It would be better if you could go back and try a previous level. 3. It would be nice to be able to visualize the entire stage and not have to guess what is up ahead. Just my .02


new levels  Username634674853786435647658  3 star

I really like this game but once you reach level 100 they all just repeat, i am currently on level 244 and it’s all the same

u mum gae

Characters do Fortnite dances :(  u mum gae  1 star

Characters doing Fortnite dances :( v dissapointed

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