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Swing Star is ultimate swinging fun!

Catch, swing , glide, enjoy.

100+ Unique levels, various skins and themes.

Now with a Christmas special Race Mode

Swing Star App Description & Overview

The applications Swing Star was published in the category Games on 2018-11-09 and was developed by Good Job Games. The file size is 178.68 MB. The current version is 2.7.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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Swing Star Reviews


Kinda rigged  123beehe  2 star

On one of the levels it is rigged so that I can’t pass it. Also this game keeps on glitching.


This game is good  🐶🐶🎷  3 star

I would like this better if it was harder. I don’t really understand why it is so easy. Overall good


Awesome  MiloYeah  5 star

Play It!!! It’s Great


It’s GLITCHY  myrtlecrane  1 star

So I’ve had this game for like a week (I think.) now, and it has been SOOO difficult! Now when I first got it, it was fine but then, after that, it started to shoot me across the world and it would never stop. So, basically, what I had to do the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME, was to turn of the game and TRY to PLAY it AGAIN. So, in conclusion, it’s very glitchy, but at the same time, kinda fun! I’m gonna rate this prob 4 just because it’s really fun... BUT NOT WHEN ITS GLITCHY!!!!!! But yeah, thanks for reading!!!!


Super fun game  danna_dominguez_2010  5 star

Because it is super fun


so much ads  Lu-Maria  2 star

too many ads


Terry mayson  punpkineater356  5 star

This is the best game ever


Stuck on ads  Laurxa  1 star

Couldn’t get past the stupid Final Fantasy app ad. Fix your ads.

Lydia ;<

To much ads ;(  Lydia ;<  1 star

There’s to much Ads every second you die and that’s really annoying it’s makes me want to delete the game

murphy girl 1

Addicting game  murphy girl 1  5 star

This is a very addicting app I really enjoy it.


....  ......dog  2 star

......itz hard

kitty cat cat cat cat

Gr8 m8  kitty cat cat cat cat  3 star

It’s ok but could give u more time to tap and swing before u land in spikes !!!!


Good enough  Amyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!  4 star

I like this game but I sometimes get frustrated with the levels


Addictive game spoilt by ads  Cannulator  1 star

Each level is quite short, so trying to cash in between levels means you spend more time watching ads than playing the game.


No ads should mean no ads  Misprinttt  1 star

Paid for no ads, still seeing ads. I deserve a refund.


Not good That  gzshahgxhsgsggd  1 star

Nice place for o night and the pool is great and the kids are very nice quiet and the pool w the pool


Great but one thing  hihappypeople2023  5 star

Too many ads

Jon G (Sydney)

WHAT THE HELL?!?!  Jon G (Sydney)  5 star

This is just copyright!!!!!


Crashes on loading screen  Ashmoni2012  1 star

Waste of time. Don't bother.

Faze lazer

Swing star  Faze lazer  5 star

Good game mate


Great game!  Monisha26  4 star

I love the concept, obstacles and characters in game. It’s perfect and challenging at the same time! The only problem is the hanging. For some reason it keeps hanging so often. Even if you reopen the app, it’s still hung. I hope this bug can be fixed.


Lvl 300 and still wasting my life  1748286483  5 star

If ur one of those snobs who reads reviews on free apps then here u are. Get the app because it’s smooth and helps u get all the chicks. I’m creditable cause I’m on lvl 300 and I’m not a bot and I wanted to celebrate reaching lvl 300


Love this app!!!  gkfthytokjnj  5 star

This is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!🎮

no not puting my nikname

plz oh plz read  no not puting my nikname  5 star

i think irt will be fun not funer then mineccraft or roblox but still super fun

my name is 👍🏼❤️♥️

COPY CAT RIPOFF  my name is 👍🏼❤️♥️  1 star

This is a complete ripoff of the game “stick man hook” witch, by the way is a way more fun than this piece of crap. And stick man hook is WAY between quality

Jdm dingo

Too many ads!!!  Jdm dingo  1 star

So it’s a fun well made game, however each level take around 10-15 seconds to finish. After every other game to are force to watch a commercial that takes 40-60 seconds. See the problem there, twice as much ads as game play. You sometimes get ads if you die too.


Best  😖😏😤😏😭🤨😤😏🤯🤯  5 star

I’m just going to die if you don’t stop 🛑 being so great 😀 at making games😺 I’m in love with this app 😻how much money 💰 do you make 😲🤑😾!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Swinging star  farmgirl33  5 star

I love swinging star although the levels are a bit easy at first


Repeating old levels  IndyCatholic317  1 star

I think this is great! However there is this problem I came across. Right around the level 165, it started reaping the very first levels! I didn’t get that far just to repeat myself! Thanks for reading, and I hope someone will fix this.

game critic of memes

Cancer fortnite dances  game critic of memes  1 star

If the crappy fortnite dances were gone, this game would be a near perfect bored game


Ok  QUEEN UNICORN 1  4 star

So the games is great,a bit challenging,but fun. The only problem is almost every time you lose/complete a level there is an ad . And sometimes if the level is hard and you keep replaying the ads really start to annoy you. But the rest of the game is great.


Very good  🌼🌼🌼🌼🌸🌼🌼  5 star

Ads really annoying come up every two shots where as fortnite dances I love them :)


Why?  babyishot  3 star

They be fortnite dancing and it’s a rip off of a different game

unicorn lover 2009

Gooooooooooooooooooooood  unicorn lover 2009  3 star

But I don’t like that if you are on a level some of the parts are toooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard and it’s not fair.

u mum gae

Characters do Fortnite dances :(  u mum gae  1 star

Characters doing Fortnite dances :( v dissapointed

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