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Apocalypse Inc. [Games] App Description & Overview

What is apocalypse inc. app? The time of the apocalypse has come!

Decide the fate of the planet.
Your goal is to destroy all of humanity in a hundred different ways!

● Collect sins on the planet
● Uncover disasters by reading their description and
● Choosing the strongest
● Summarize the destructive power of disasters
● Stop mankind's rescue operations.
● Be the best destroyer!

The game contains the ability to create an apocalypse at different times of mankind in 14 scenarios:

► Ecology
► Space
► Wars

► Monsters
► Mystic
► Anomalies

► Technology
► Globalization
► Astronomy
► Food

► Diseases
► Time of kings
► Magic

Make your choice wisely!

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Find this site the customer service details of Apocalypse Inc.. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1440348247/apocalypse-inc/contact

Apocalypse Inc. Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Apocalypse Inc. Version 1.4.322 January 2021

Fixed minor bugs.

Apocalypse Inc. Version 1.4.221 December 2020

* Fixed bugs * Minor balance changes.

Apocalypse Inc. Version 1.4.119 November 2020

Balance changes.

Apocalypse Inc. Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great concept!! Room for improvement!

I was skeptical on getting this game since i saw an advertisement on facebook on it but i am surprised. The game is good! The pro’s of the game is that the game is fast paced, the scenarios are great, achievements are fun. The cons is the tiny flaws, 9 billion people in the future scenario, expectation should be more which should give more of a challenge. Same with certain events, if a gamma burst smacks into earth, every thing on earth would instantly die, it would not take years. These need to be expanded into levels of difficulty on being more realistic ( i enjoyed the game as is but always laugh that a super volcano does more deaths than a gamma burst or asteroid ). This is where i leave 4 stars. The game is fun and a great new concept that goes with the mentality of the crazy year 2020. But the extra star can be added if the stories and disasters are more realistic or there is more graphics or dynamics to the game.

- Good game for it’s price.

At first I disliked the game, it seemed that the effects from what I did were random and may not lead to a win for the level. Then even if I did win, it didn’t feel like I have very many options to choose from. After continuing for a bit I began to appreciate the game for what it is. A $2.99 phone game that is more of a story about possible futures and humanities attempts to survive them. After that realization I knew I was being to harsh on it and comparing it to AAA games on the market. It has a considerable amount of levels for its price, 14, and each level has different branching stories that you could try. TLDR the game is really good for its price and is more of a story then a game. Didn’t reach my expectations, but I set them too high in this instance.

- Love it

I’m brand new to this game and I really love it a lot. The scenario stories are really deep and they’re really realistic that are kinda creepy to think about. The only things I have against the game are first that it’s a bit buggy, meaning like sometimes when I tap on a scenario I get stuck on it and can’t tap off of it for a little bit. Second just a suggestion for an update, you should make the game a bit harder by making the population always be increasing too, because people would always be having babies, even in the apocalypse.

- Plain Bad

Extremely unrefined for the 2 dollar price tag attached, though choosing different storylines seems cool and is a good idea, whoever wrote the events clearly doesn’t speak English well enough to write a comprehensive “story.” The game has no other time options so your stuck playing the game years at a time which makes each game go by extremely fast. Though you have different options of storylines you don’t see any real change in any mechanics. You push a button, people die, you win, repeat. I assume this game was made in an attempt to cash in on people’s love of Plague Inc. a far superior game, people enjoy that game because there’s different strategies, timelines, and storylines. You did none of what makes plague inc. so good. 1/5 I don’t recommend you spend your money on this, go buy plague inc.

- Fun games

It’s a lot faster than the others but I would personally like if it was little slower and had more options for games play but then again it’s new. Buy it if you want something kill time with I’m sure the will keep you occupied

- Prevented me from ever buying mobile games again

Do not spend the $2.17 after tax on this game. I was expecting a better version of plague inc with more plans for devastation and different a much bigger broad on routes. First off the 3D view of rotating earth is nice but why are you gathering sins and there’s a limit to those sins you gather. You have to spend them fast and spin the earth around to collect the sims faster just to hit the cap at 16. You can’t take the time to see the earth coming to an end because you are so focused on watching out for the sins that pop up. All to just hurry and pick the next drastically zoomed in scenario tree to choose from. Games easy to win and not complex. Don’t waste your money.

- Desperately Needs Update

At first when i started playing this game a while ago, id say id give it about 4 stars it was a solid game overall. However now i wouldnt be able to give it any higher than a 2, the scenarios are worn out, you made us pay for a game that has no longevity. It needs new features, maybe even a character concept, or like be able to name diseases or monsters. Even new scenarios, something to bring this hame back to life. Right now honestly there is no point in even playing the game anymore i have done all scenarios and completed them fully.

- Don’t understand the high ratings

There is no game. All you do is collect sin points and then use those points to select scenarios that will set a planetary wide daily death rate. There is also a “rescue” timer that saves people and will lower your final score if you don’t kill people fast enough. That is it. There is no strategy, no creativity, no thought. The only entertainment in this “game” is the end of the world scenarios which you read and choose. The scenarios you select change nothing in the gameplay or graphics but the death rate. If you were looking for Plague, Inc with different disasters this is not it. Its barely anything at all.

- Good Concept, Needs Work

The idea of this game intrigued me, so I had a bit of an impulsive decision to buy this game. I’m having a few regrets with it, though. The game feels very linear, and although you do have choices, they really do not have any different outcomes. With every new event, “x” people die, and your goal is to kill “y” number of people. It’s a nice concept, but it would be better if the game was more similar to something of Plague Inc. I’m not saying to make a copy, but at its current state, the game is honestly not worth paying for.

- Great concept but...

This game has a great concept exploring different timelines and choosing different paths to wipe out humanity, but for a paid game, I expected way more content then this? I spent 30 minutes on this game and I already completed all the timelines/scenarios and it seems like it would just get boring over time. Unlike Plague Inc. with multiple consecutive scenarios and you can even create your own! Also this game is too easy, should have a difficulty feature like “Malicious” being the hardest one. Don’t get me wrong this is executed pretty well but please add more content!

- Neat click and choose game

This game is a good game to play if you're bored and wanna pass some time. The amounts of possible scenarios is huge, so you can play the same scenario if you want multiple times and never get the same outcome. I find it fun and it's becoming more of a hobby than just something to pass the time. Definitely recommend it, it's worth the $1.

- Stupid pointless

This game from the preview I thought u was going to be able to pick ways and see the world get destroyed but all you do is keep spinning the earth and collecting sins . And then click how you want something like global warming to happen but all it does when u click on it is say you killed so many people then you just go right back to spinning the globe and collecting sins which is just you spinning the Globe over top of a little picture of random things like a knife and it automatically collects them. It’s definitely not worth any money to pay for this game

- I thought this would be like plague Inc.

I bought this because it looked like plagued inc. to an extent it is but honestly it’s not really like it..seems like a rip off like each scenario is the same just with different “Storylines” and the storylines are like 3 sentences extremely vague and reused it’s extremely boring to start most of the game your just waiting to get points and I beat the game in 2hrs which would be fine...if it was actually fun. So long story short I wouldn’t buy this but if you like plague Inc. and really needed to kill time then go for it but honestly I wouldn’t play it if it was free.

- Not impressed

Thought I’d give this a try and can’t say that I’m in love with this game. Having played Plague Inc. I was hoping that this would be similar if not better but felt underwhelmed by the pacing and storytelling. A few decisions and it just becomes predictable, also the part where you create enough chaos and it brings up a prompt about Atheists praying to save their souls is a bit odd considering this is the only group of ppl mentioned and it does nothing to effect gameplay. If I could go back I likely wouldn’t repurchase.

- Fun and Strategic

Apocalypse at first seemed like a rip off of other games (only because i saw it on facebook) but that’s not the case, it’s actually a very fun game that has many scenarios we can all enjoy, 10/10 would recommend to friends and anyone else wanting to experience a end the world type game

- Good but has a major flaw

I loved this game even before the update, it was so much fun and I loved achievement hunting. But in the new update you can be soft locked in a point where no one will die and there is nothing you can do. After you finish the main path in the early scenarios and are working on the stopping the humans from escaping, if the world’s population stops going down then there is nothing you can do. Please fix.


Four (4) different scenarios, with different paths in all. I bought the game less than 30mins ago and completed all the content within the app. For $1.99 probably not with it, I most definitely wouldn’t recommend it. Maybe if it was just $0.99 it’d be expected of what’s to come once you buy it but even that’s kinda polite. As far as the kinda of paths and options that’s the good part. If they could or hopefully near future add more content this game is going to be more than worth the purchase.

- Mechanics

I saw an ad for this and decided to try it and was hesitant cause it was $0.99 but I said “Why not?” And it turned out to be a really fun and addicting game. The diversity in ways to destroy the world keeps it interesting. Also the fact that there’s more storyline to it keeps you hooked! I enjoy this app and HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

- Entertaining at times

Okay so I was pretty excited to try this game out but it ended up being a disappointment. It is very repetitive! Although it has its moments, it wouldn’t justify buying it. The resistance tab is never needed (I never used it) and all the scenarios can be completed in like 5 min. I waited until I completed the game to make this review just in case it got better but it didn’t. You should skip buying this game.

- Too simple

All you do is sit there and wait for sins to be collected. There is no interactivity at all. World events don’t have any actual effects. The war scenario seems unbeatable. I’ve tried every storyline possible and not everyone dies. After you finish the stories there’s nothing you can do to kill the remaining people and slowing down the cures is useless. Highly disappointed in what I thought would be a similar, highly interactive game like Plague Inc

- Enjoy but

I just got the game and I enjoy it. It is definitely worth the dollar. No hidden stuff. I just wish there was a little more to it. Maybe making the game a little harder. I have had the game less than an hour and have gotten all the stars for a theme.

- Great Gameplay

Honestly when I saw this game I thought, ok, another plague inc. copy, then I realized it’s not, even if a lot of elements are similar different modes allow different strategies that are similar to it but seem much different at the same time

- Not even worth $2

There is a lot wrong with this game, if you can even call it a game. The only “gameplay” involved is collecting sins and choosing different story paths. The game is also rigged in the fact that you literally can’t even win scenarios if you pick certain story lines. The “cure” humanity tries to finish is always the same, regardless of the scenario you are playing. Overall just a poorly designed, lazy cash grab of a game. Avoid at all costs.

- Good Concept

Very good concept. Not much meat here to forge a full game and after a serious play, I got the highest rank and played threw nearly all sonario branches in less then acupple of days. Nevertheless, I keep coming back occasionly to play becuse its such an intreaging game. If there was an update, it would give more excuse to play.

- Unique

This is actually a really fun game. With different scenarios and being able to strategize on how you destroy the world. Each path is different and interesting. Be it ghost, meteors, aliens, sickness, war, etc. if I could give it 10 stars, I would.

- I don’t know if this is a bug but...

I started playing as it seemed interesting, but the concept quickly seemed to fall apart. If you chose the wrong path do you just fail? I got enough sins to get the path I wanted complete on all three sections, however as they have a set kill count instead of over time I just got stuck and could do nothing but wait to lose.

- Very Fun and Worth it

This game recently got updated and if it hadn’t I probably would’ve gave it about a 3 but this game is phenomenal ever since the patches. Only problem is you can’t continue if you close the app.

- Amazing game but...

This game is so fun and it has so many scenarios but it would be cool if they made a sandbox mode where all the story line paths would be there so you can choose what ones you want to do out of all of them

- Ads are misleading

Really no reason to buy this game. The ads will have you believe there will be some greater depth of visuals but it’s beyond boring. In the relatively extensive amount of time I’ve been playing this it just occurred to me that I’m literally just spinning the globe around and there are no “exciting” events happening at all. Game looks good though, just wish the ads were a little more honest about the true content.

- Good game

Just got this game and so far I’ve had no problems, all the scenarios are interesting. I have some suggestions tho; more scenarios would be great along with then being a little harder to destroy the planet

- I love it

You can pick how you want the world to end you make a decision it closes other options and you can sabotage the relief effort it’s really fun and it is incredibley easy at least for me

- So fun

I really like to play this game after school, it’s quite fun to follow the storylines. I love reading sci-fi/ dystopian novels. So this game is really fun to play. You can tell the developers put lots of effort into this game. Worth it. Highly recommend.

- Not worth the price

The game didn't have enough in it to be worth the price they're pricing it at. You only have 4 modes, and you can finish all of them in under 30 minutes. Once you finish, you can however go back to play them with different outcomes, but its not that fun simulation game you'd expect. I’d suggest getting plague inc if you want a more experienced game style. Its also cheaper.

- Can’t wait to see updates

This game is pretty entertaining and interesting I hope to see updates to the globe and scenarios in the future keep up the good work!

- Fantastic story line, but not a game

The stories and scenarios are very well thought out and interesting to read. But this app is more like a click through reading book than a game. There is little to no strategy and you just click through the story line as more people die... it’s like an active book read

- Has Tremendous Potential but....

As the title states, this game has potential but it is undeveloped... I literally beat the entire game in 1 hour.... I love the ideal but I expected this game to mentally challenge me... I expected a game in which I have to think out side of the box when trying to “Destroy the world”.... This game needs to become more of an challenge ...Puzzle Type game and then I will consider it 5 stars but as of now I can’t

- Is barely fun, more of a chore to play

This game has so much potential. It obviously takes a lot of games elements from PLAGUE INC but it doesn't deliver the fun. This game doesnt have the cool visuals, doesn't let you pick the countries to affect, and is overall just a clicker without any strategy. There needs to be deeper mechanics to this game to make it fun. As of now I wish I hadn't paid for this app.

- Good but not great

Don’t get me wrong, thus game is loads of fun. It is amazing to think of all the ways humanity will eventually be eliminated. However, I was looking forward to more of a play style like Plague inc. I feel like there is no challenge nor variety. Sure there are tons of paths to go but there is no varying strategy for each one. It is also fairly easy to win. Could use some changes, but fun overall.

- Fire

Bruh you don’t see them go away or anything but it’s fun to control the world in different ways makes u think about the pandemic were in now 🔥😴

- Thank you!

Looks like the balance bug was fixed. I'm back to playing again. Thanks for the quick fix!

- It’s decent

It’s fair . Could have more to look at and maybe let you go over the options before committing .

- Very fun, too easy

I have spent hours on this app and it’s definitely worth it? It’s just way too easy. I finished the game with no effort and it’s not much fun when you’ve beaten it. There’s nothing to strive for. Please add more soon!

- To the makers of the game

It’s a tough game u have to make the right choices and I like that good job on the game make more like this if you guys can I would really appreciate it

- Great game

It operates similarly to Plague Inc., but is still a unique and fun game. Interesting storylines, awesome scenarios you can unlock for free and quick gameplay. My only complaint are a few grammatical errors, but other than that, I recommend it!

- Patiently Waiting

Interesting game. I’ll wait to see what updates may come and how the game progresses. Not on the top of my games, though. Needs some work, especially when it comes to the choices in scenarios and how quickly the chain ends

- Great game

Fun game but need to add more things do to them just have 4 scenarios already finished all four and can’t wait to see what else comes out

- Fun

This game is actually fun and keeps my attention. I will say it keeps me on my toes as well especially when humanity is trying to save itself.

- Seems like more of a tap game than strategy

Feels like you are racing the clock, and just has you mashing buttons. Would be better if there was actually strategy. Maybe I’m missing something, but this game is a “pass” for me.

- Updates

It is amazing. The sprites are detailed and very addicting and requires a strategy. It is something you can do when your bored.

- Great game

I have had this game for a few days and I just can’t stop playing it. It is definitely worth the money.

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- Awesome game, room for expanding

This game is definitely worth the money as it has a lot of inventive ways to destroy humanity. The reason I gave it 4 stars (I would have given it 4 1/2 stars if I could) was because there is not many scenarios (though 4 does give you a lot of options) it still can become boring if you play these scenarios over and over again. Also maybe you could improve on how the earth is shown like if a meteor strikes earth, then you could show a huge crater on earth or those sort of things. Overall this game is very good and definitely worth $3 but can still be improved.

- Could be better

Nice game but could expand more with future updates. Gameplay is too one sided. Alternative options and birthrate hopefully introduced to increase difficulty

- Not much substance

Humanity just keels over too easily, there’s no real explanation of how the various upgrades interact (if they even do at all), and the description of the events is so dry. Mostly just plays like a sped up idle clicker. Preachy too. Plus the science is so weak. Plague inc had interesting tidbits of real virology, and kept things believable and engaging even when it invented something that didn’t exist. This kinda just makes up whatever it likes, and the end result reads like bad movie science

- Has promise, but needs something

Has the bones of a fun game. Excellent graphics, but the choices are too narrow - only one path or another. Be great to be able to choose what to combine - bit of magic & space aliens for example, or natural disaster and disease. Spinning the earth to collect sins faster gets a bit old quickly. Some sins don’t make sense for era, eg cigarettes in the 1300s. Player needs more control over situation- see civilization for example of how much control / options players have

- Overrated

The game is very bland and shallow, there is no context in how humanity saves itself they just do. I find it ridiculous how you can go down several paths to destroy humanity, you should only be able to focus on one humanity destroying path. Game needs a lot of work if it wants to be considered a good game.

- It needs more work

It needs mores work. It has potential

- a perfect game

The games great story line and events :)

- No Worth it

The game could’ve had a lot to offer but falls short it every way

- Boring

Really not as in-depth as this previous developer’s games.

- Yes

Good game

- Bland

Really boring

- It’s ok

It’s an ok enough game can’t really justify paying for it though considering how basic it is. It’s very barebones and not a lot too it. But it’s a good time sink if your waiting for something or if your just bored though I’d recommend plague inc or rebel inc.

- Awesome game for the price

I live it I play it over and over

- Best game ever


- Stick to Plague Inc

Lots of areas of improvements here such as: - more context around rescue - more interaction than just tapping to collect sins - having apocalypses influence each other - fix the buggy rescue circle

- A simple and fun game

Is basically a free plague.inc but a great game

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- Ok

Not bad fun to play

- Good Job Nikolay

only very minor issues with english language, and the planet savers are too fast!! other than that, i really enjoy it!

- Get it

The game the evil despot in all of us!

- Needs update

Great game but needs somthing new added

- Lot of fun waiting for née content

its a wonderful game, the ending are fun and divertified but we clear the game very fast. I would recomend to animate the planet with flash and gun shot when there is a War for more immersion or create a massive volcano when there’s a supervolcano. But dont get me wrong i love this game its just somme constructive comment from me. I love this game just to ease probably you should ad more challenge

- Fairly enjoyable

Needs a few more features but overall pretty enjoyable

- Good marketing, poor product

A poorly written build your own story with about 45 minutes of playable value.

- Concept is good but...

It has a good concept, but value is not enough for the price. It takes less than 1 hour to see every four seniors. Expecting to see more in the future.

- Gameplay

Could use some movies

- Don’t get this app

Only has 4 levels and takes maybe max 2-3 minutes to beat one. Gameplay is exactly the same every level, minus the different story lines that are poorly thought out and often make little sense.

- Fun game!!!

Easy to pick up on, fun challenges. Great time waster.

- Update please!

I really like the game and concept, the scenario choices are in-depth and provide story line to what’s happening to the world every upgrade you acquire. The four scenario choices are fun and realistic (except for number 2), but I would like to see more scenarios in the future that step out of that zone. Maybe a parasite scenario, a scenario where animals and insects begin to evolve and become a danger to humans, good job I really like it!

- fun

hopefully more features are added (gamemodes, different scenarios, sandbox) but overall fun game

- Yes

Cool yes very

- Not enough value

This is an entertaining game, but once you run through each scenario 3 times, you’ve seen everything that’s on it. Not enough content.

- Hmm

So there’s four levels? I went through all four in about 10 mins.. I guess my expectations were too high...

- Apocalypse Inc.

So much fun to destroy the world in different ways. It was so worth the $2.79 I paid for the app.

- Addicted

I can’t get enough of this game. I find myself coming back every day.

- Far from plague inc -

For 3$ it has to be a good game. Story is way too fast. Too much storyline to mix together. Alien, asteroids, war. It took me 2 tries to unlock level one. 3$ doesn’t worth it.

- 💯

Cool senarios

- Great time killer

This just might be better than Plague Inc.

- The game need more

Hello programers. I’d would like to say two things... 1- This game needs more scenarios. 2- You guys need to fix a couple of the disasters, they don’t give enough kills pre year. Just please fix and add some more stuff to your game, please and thank you. By - Some dude who plays games all day

- Not what you think

Broken english, and no percentages to tell you how you are doing. There is no pacing, and you always lose. The “stories” are 3 seconds long and have virtually no impact to the game; as in you have to finish at-least 3 different apocalypses to doom humanity, none of which will ever conflict with each other... DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS

- Short/simple/limited

It’s very short and simple. It doesn’t cost much but won’t entertain for long. Story lines are interesting but game play doesn’t add anything to push the story along to make it a challenge.

- Good game but much too short

That’s about it.

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The applications Apocalypse Inc. was published in the category Games on 2019-08-27 and was developed by Nikolay Partas [Developer ID: 1440346395]. This application file size is 266.27 MB. Apocalypse Inc. - Games app posted on 2021-01-22 current version is 1.4.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playesta.apocalypseinc