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What is toca kitchen sushi app? With Toca Kitchen Sushi, you’re the chef of a busy seaside restaurant. Customers come in, and you decide what they’re going to eat. Feel like slicing up squid, asparagus, and candy canes, and rolling it all up into a cone of seaweed? Go right ahead. Want to make stars and hearts of watermelon and mix them with fish and hot peppers? Make the roundest rice ball? You’ve got great tools for that right at your fingertips. With a fantastic array of ingredients, condiments, tools, serving dishes and some hidden surprises, you’re set for some serious play.

Once you’re finished cooking up something unexpected for your customers—it could even be totally gross if you want—sit back and see how they react. That might be the most surprising thing of all!


- Greet your customers, then head to the fridge to see all your fresh ingredients. Choose from rice, tuna, avocado, asparagus, squid, salmon, pepper, salami, radish, candy canes (no joke!), ginger, potato, tofu, shrimp and many, many more. If you’d rather stick to just veggies, switch to the vegan setting!

- The shape machine is 1,000 light years ahead of a plain old rice cooker. Using the control panel, you can form any ingredient into different shapes, like an oval, square, or even a flower!

- The rolling mat is where everything comes together. Whether it’s a sheet of seaweed, tofu or lettuce, you can roll up your ingredients into sushi, funky cones, giant burritos, you name it.

- Want your food a bit well-done? Crank up the temperature on the frying pan and see what happens.

- Hit the cutting board to slice up your ingredients or your sushi rolls. Your blade is masterful—it can cut through anything, like a huge fish or hard salami!

- Once you’ve prepared your meal, it needs the perfect plate. Get artistic about it, arrange the food in perfect patterns, or make a huge, messy pile; even decorate with funny stickers. Do something extra and you may get a big reaction from your customers!

- The dining counter is where your customers finally get to see your culinary creation, grab their chopsticks and dig in. Will their eyes brighten in delight, or will they make a grossed-out face?

So, what will you serve today?

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Toca Kitchen Sushi Version 2.311 March 2022

Bug Fixes :).

Toca Kitchen Sushi Comments & Reviews 2023

- A few suggestions... and a lot of potential.

Ok. So this game is good. GOOD. I’ve been playing for a while and I’ve found that the controls are not very good at all. It’s very difficult to arrange the pieces in the roll and on the plate, and I find that to be... annoying, to say the least. That is my prime concern. I also think this game could use some king of drink making station. It could be something like tea, or another drink you’d expect at a sushi restaurant. Also, we need more characters. I’ve always wanted more characters in the other Toca Kitchen games, and I’d hoped for more in this installment, but to my slight disappointment, there were only three. However, the concept, visuals, and creativity are all outstanding (not a surprise, because it’s a Toca Boca game), but it has room for improvement. So to recap, my suggestions are: 1) better controls, make it easier to place food, 2) drinks, and 3) more characters. My main concern is the controls and ease of use. But this game has so much potential! And it’s still fun to play, don’t get me wrong. It just has so much room for improvement. Too much at times, for my liking. I really want to love it, but I just can’t for now.

- Good but could be better....

I personally love Toca Kitchen Sushi but I wish there was other things like something that you could add. I really want some kinda drink making station cause that would be really cool. This game also doesn’t have enough ingredients cause I want more kinds of fish and other foods. I wish it was easier to chop food cause when I try to chop or slice something it makes me pick it up or slice the wrong spots. Also, there isn’t a lot of characters cause there is only three, cmon Toca you can do better than that. I wish you could also choose your character to serve food to cause it just does a pattern and I don’t like it. Also I want the restaurant to serve soup, I know it’s kinda crazy cause your probably thinking: “Why would they want soup, this is a sushi restaurant.” But it would be much more cooler. From, A random person on the internet.

- Amazing 5/5

I honestly love this app and play this whenever I feel like playing a cooking game! This game is like a nice cooking simulator. The only thing I can actually “complain” about is why there aren’t so much games like this. I do know there are games like this such as toca kitchens, but those games aren’t as fun and entertaining as this one. The only thing I would actually like to say to the developers are: This game is really fun to play and keep up the good work! I would love for you to make more games like this. 😁 Also this app is more “realistic” than the other cooking games that they have. There are not a lot of cooking and realistic games, there are more fast food or cooking games like cooking fever,( no hate to the app) which to me is boring because I actually can’t do the cooking just waiting on food and serving it to customers, and most cooking games are for really young kids and aren’t so fun to play because they do most of the cooking for you. So thank you developers for the app you have gave us😄

- Really good but more people

🐨 🌴 Greetings! I think the game is really good! I like how you made the food designs and the graphics. I love sushi 🍣 and I am glad you made this game! I 💗 the people, but we need a little more people. Why would you just add 3 people? Because you have no more ideas? Well I can help you make ideas 💡 and help you. So maybe you should make a panda 🐼 it’s a great resource. But you could also make another human maybe like a girl 👧🏼 , the girl should look like she has brown hair, brown eyes, and tan/olive skin. With a cute gold dress 👗 and make it shiny! You should also make a boy with brown hair, brown eyes, skin color tan. With a shirt 👕 with a record on it and blue jeans. With the panda 🐼 make it brown and white just like the pic. Well I hope these people become an update and I hope these people were a good idea! Well I will see ya later. Goodbye! 🐨 🌴

- Pretty nice

To start this off I’m technically outside your targeted age demographic. However that doesn’t mean it’s bad I just wanted to say a few things. Glitches and difficulties: -food clips through itself very easily -things are hard to place correctly on the plate -stacking food the way you want is difficult -takes a while to cycle people -The processor doesn’t let me change the size of the roll while making strips properly ____________________________________________________ Suggestions: - ability to zoom in (necessity for phone users with limited ability to move things correctly, this game seems more intended for tablets) -let more than three things be shown in a roll at a time - ability to rotate food on the cutting board (just for it to be a little extra creative freedom) - crab - make imari easy to make -ability wrap things with salmon -sesame seeds, roe and other toppings (things that are common in sushi might be a bit of a bonus) _______________ Very unlikely suggestions: - sauce plates (because I find them aesthetically pleasing ok) - tempura and eggs (because both can be incorporated in sushi) - frier to fry things - onigiri (not sushi but aesthetic) - inari zushi - ability to wrap seaweed without it being sushi (like some imari)

- I really like it

I really like the game it’s very fun and would recommend to anyone. I do though wish you could make soup in the game yes it is Toca kitchen SUSHI but it’s not just about sushi you can make fried octopus, so it would be really cool if you added soup or even drinks to the game. In other toca kitchens you can make drinks for your characters, but in this one you can’t? This makes the least sense because this one its and actual restaurant instead of maybe the other ones you were making food for your friends, so I don’t get why, this one is clearly a restaurant, you can’t make drinks or at least soup. If you do decide to add drinks you should make it to were we can make green tea and other drinks of that culture. Anyway like I said in the beginning really fun game 👍👍👍

- Purple app review:Toca kitchen sushi

Today in Purple app review,we are reviewing Toca kitchen sushi,this game is like Toca kitchen only it’s a sushi restraint,I don’t even need to go over the rest of what this game’s about,other than you get to choose what they eat,like an actual sushi restraunt,plus you can choose the plate you want!There are 3 customers that appear randomly!Now,this game is awesome!Although this game could use noodles as a food option considering that...y’know,it’s a sushi restraunt and sushi restraunts usually have noodles,and that there could be more plate textures,other than that,this game is awesome!It looks like an accurate real-life sushi restraunt and the customers act pretty nicely!The look on the sushi restraunt also looks pretty good!On star ranking 1-4,I give this 4/4 stars!Good job Toca boca!

- Good but here are some suggestions

I feel as if you need to add more characters to serve to more ingredients even tho the selection has a wide variety of foods to choose from maybe add an order mode were you can take peoples orders . You old possibly add a chef competition we’re their are judges that vote on the best selection of sushi . Another thing I wish their was is when the costumers react to your food I wish they had other reactions .......I just wanted to point out some ideas that some people would like including me it’s not necessary to add these if u don’t like it it’s not my choice if these go in to the game but I hope u do consider these ideas that I would personally like thank you

- Nice work toca boca! Please read!

So i really like this game and i only have two suggestions 1. A food peeler pleasee because when i make the tubes with the shaper THEY STILL HAVE THE SKIN ON THEM! And that annoys me so please make a food peeler thats easy to use and the second one i agree with tge first review drinks! You can’t have sushi without a refreshment like green tea or somthing your mouth will be craving thirst after your done eating your sushi XD ok so those were my suggestions overall though love it thanks toca boca! If you read this ive been playing your games for a long time! Saying i have had every toca game that basically came out over the years thank you toca boca for entertaining me for all these years ive had your games! 😘❤️❤️

- Good but not great

This game is amazing, however, I wish it was easier to switch characters, like in the old Toca kitchen game. In the old game we got to choose who we wanted, now it is a cycle where we get someone, and the time it takes for them to switch out for another person takes quite long. I personally hope that in the future there is a button which makes it easier. Also, like in the old games the character have a lot of emotions. They can think some things are “eh”, “MMMM!”, “Bleh!” And more, however; it feels like whenever I serve one person food, I get the same reaction each time. Thank you for the game though. I love it

- Weird controls, need more people, needs a drinking station, and a closing time

Hi Toca Boca, I really love this game but the controls are a little off like when I go to cut something with the knife it goes the other direction, and sometimes I think it’s a ghost playing the game with me sometimes 😂😅🤣 and I think the game can have more people into it instead of just 3. And a drinking station, We need a drinking station too I think the people in the game can get thirsty after eating all that food all the time, and last but not least the day, I think there should be a night time shift too or the sushi store closes at a time. Thank you Toca Boca For The Game Too. ☺️😊😇🙏

- I have an idea

I love this game. The creative freedom you have to create what ever you want with tons of different options. But I have an idea that would make the game better. There should be an option to go to a special mode where people order stuff and you have to make it for them. Kinda like a real restaurant. You probably aren’t going to read this, but if you happen to, then I think you should incorporate this option into the game.

- Awesome!! Please read...

I love this game!! Sushi is probably my favorite meal! I love Toca Boca too. The way you style your apps makes me excited when another app is announced! I think you should make another app like this called Toca kitchen robo café. Or like ice cream, milkshake, bakery shop. If you take up on my idea the cafe should have of course the drinks they serve at the café and pancakes and chocolate witch you can ground up and other things you might want to add. The condiment options would be a chocolate sauce, whipped cream or strawberry sauce and more!! Please consider this idea 😊 Love,Your biggest fan, Sammy

- Really fun game but more food suggestions and new material please respond

This game is really fun but a few suggestions! So I was wondering if there could be a soup bowl so then you can make tofu soup or something like that! Or make egg rolls so that could be really cool and maybe you could add different sushi styles make drinks for the customers and make a sauce station for wasabi make like a really good sushi and more kitchen it would be really cool so please suggest adding this in the next update

- Toca boca did it again

For 3 years I have been a fan of toca boca toca boca you made toca life after school and toca mystery house I have 39 other toca boca but is my favorite it’s because 5 reasons 1.wide verity of ingredients such as green onion sweet potato shrimp salmon lettuce and plums to name a few 2.the people in the game the cat blogger reviews your food the girl is a vegetarian and the man love the food 3.frying pan why am I loving the frying pan cause I like the temperature changer 4.reactin there are 3 reactions like don’t like or spicy 🥵 now the thing I like this most is 5.shape makeing

- Great Game Except one thing...

This is a very fun game and I like to feel like I own my own restaurant. I also like making disgusting food nobody would eat in real life. However, I have an idea for two new ingredients to cook with! Crab and Lobster! I feel if these were in the game, I would like this game even more, because It would add more possibilities for sushi. Also, these are foods I like in real life too. Please read this Toca Boca!

- Great Idea...

I bought this game because I LOVE Toca Boca! I’m a big supporter! I have bought so many of there games and they are normally exceptionally well done, BUT very expensive for a mobile game. I got this game loving and knowing the other toca kitchen games, but then once I started playing THIS game it was not as fun, and was lacking a lot of content for 4 WHOLE BUCKS! But the graphics are really fun to look at but it is a little glitchy. In a nutshell, I think this game would be great if it added more content and made it worth the money! Plz fix this Toca Boca!

- Brings out my love for Japan

Hi I’ve always had a feeling that I love Japan and anything that involves Asia places like that this app allows me to imagine what food is like in there definitely not as lucky as candy canes and sushi but it helps me get a better understanding of what sushi is and how to make it keep on doing what you love and loving what you do I’m a big fan of all of your apps

- WORTH the money.

I’m 10! I love this game, ITS AWESOME. They have all the parts of making sushi and more! There is crazy food and normal food to put in the sushi! You can put in rice, you can choose the wrap, You can cut the food to fit into the wrap, And put the foods into shapes! You can even fry the food! And put the food into the wrap! And use multiple wraps! (Lol) 10/10 Totally buy!

- Some bugs

It’s a very good game and I love it’s just some stupid bugs that need to fixed. When ever I open this app it either kicks me out, takes a long time to load and then it’ll kick me out or it just freezes my whole phone. I that could be fixed it be amazing 🤩 -somebody

- NOT worth it!! Hear me out...

I honestly wouldn’t get this app if it was free let alone for 4 bucks! Super glitchy, weird controls, and all around difficult to play. If you are going to charge money for games, at least keep up on the game!!! Also, there are only 3 characters. I’ve been trying to learn how to even make the sushi with still no success! I so wish this game was better, I really wanted to like it but I don’t. So I strongly advise you to spend your money else where, and to play the free kitchen games, like cooking mama, and the panda ones.

- Fun Game! But a few problems..

Hi! I love playing Toca games and this one is really fun. But.. there are problems when I’m trying to turn my fish into tiny squares only one fish square pops out and when I pressed it again the fish went back in my inventory where I was keeping the other foods to cook later. Can you pls fix that and also others please!!! Thank You

- it’s not working😭

excited to get this app because I like Toca kitchen and all Toca apps but when I downloaded it yesterday I couldn’t open it so I even waited a whole day and I even tried everything even re-downloading it and it’s not working and it’s really sad because I love all these apps I just don’t know if I can recommend it because I don’t know if it will do this or not it could be my iPad but I don’t think so because all other Toca apps work I just don’t know how to write this app🥺

- Toca bakery! 💡

I love this game! It’s so fun! I spent hours making all these different combinations! But, what if you make something like this but it’s a bakery! I think that would be so fun! You could have the choice of making a cake, cupcake or cookie and then you put the ingredients together, you bake it, then you decorate it! Just an idea, but I would buy it!

- Good game but I’ve got some things that you should pretty much add at the game

So you should probably add something that it makes it stick together then you should also make something to cook the food like they’re basically eating raw meat and also it’s a really good game but you should probably add the animations for the seasoning

- Toca Kitchen Sushi

I love this app because you get to use your creativity to build things. One thing I built was a snowman. I also love how you can switch between players by hitting a button. I also want to say that this game is good for kids. Also CALLING ALL PARENTS GET THIS GAME AND OTHER TOCA BOCA GAMES!!! Also I would like to say thank to the creator and the team of Toca Boca for making AWESOME games!!!😀👍🏻

- I love the game but…🤨🤔🤔🤔

I deleted it and when I tried to get it back when I tried to get on the game it kicked me off and it is not fair cause when you pay for somthing and it does not work after it’s basically like you guys are robbing me but if you can fix the add that would be great!!!!!!!!!

- Great, but...

Hey! Your game is amazing, I really think it is. But there is something that should be added... PEOPLE! I think there isn’t enough people. There should be way more! I also have something else... DRINKS! Yes, drinks. I think you should add drinks to the game for them to have something refreshing. Over all, i think this is a great game, I highly recommend this game.

- A few things

First of all I love all of your games had most of them to. Okay so with Toca sushi I love it but twice now when I go to put things in the pan it takes it out for one piece of fish. Example; I made an all seafood one and when I was frying it, it took it all out except one piece of fish then I put it in all by dragging it in it worked. Did the same thing with just using rice. I don’t know if that’s how it’s supposed to be or a glitch. Anyway love all of your games. -Written by a 10 year old

- Love it but....

So I have some suggestions.... 1. More characters plz. 2. Can the characters say what they want at least the ingredients they want in their sushi. 3. Oh and just maybe more ingredients like the traditional ingredients

- Suggestion and Complaint

I've been playing this game for a while, and usually one of my favorite things to do in games like these is to try and create the most horrible, nasty, revolting creation possible and laugh at their reaction. However, I have found that no matter how off-the-walls I make their food, their only reactions are positive. It's seriously unsatisfying to see them choke down a raw sea urchin covered in chili sauce and wrapped in cheese, and have them act like it's good. This makes the game seem shallow and bland, there's no stakes involved... Despite my complaints, this is a pretty fun game! Is it five dollars fun, though? Well, that's up to you! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

- Amazing game

I love this game! But I wish there was a drink maker, and maybe even extra ingredients. There could also be new character. One more thing, I wish the characters could show you what they want. Other than that, it’s a very good game! :D

- Great game!

I love this game! I think you guys should make Toca kitchen: breakfast next. If you do make it, you should add a waffle iron that can cook all foods into waffles and a smoothie machine. I think you should also make it kind of like kitchen sushi. I also love all of your other games!

- Good game

So I am a little bit to old for this game but it’s a great game to let your imaginary go wild and it’s a great game for your child cause it can help them get creative i highly suggest for a parent to buy this for there child or any family member.

- Support for the new iPad

I like this game a lot. There is nothing this game doesn’t have. However, I have the newest iPad and, unlike Toca Life World, this app has not been adjusted to fit the new iPad’s aspect ratio. I would really appreciate it if this app was adjusted.

- It’s good but it could be better

I would like more ingredients, more characters and more dishes you could make I know it’s sushi but sushi places have soups, and I would also love a drink station I know this game is old but I hope you see this!

- Good overall

My and my little sister love playing this together, it’s really fun but I feel like it would be even better if you could make drinks like tea as well. Other than that, good game!

- Update please

I’m giving this a 3 star review because you haven’t updated the app in 10 months and people still play this. I would say add some more stuff the game like toca kitchen 2. I would’ve given this a 4 star review but you haven’t updated the app in 10 months please update

- I love this game!

Thank you very, very much for fixing the game! it works again and i am so happy to be able to play it again!

- Super fun!

This is a very fun app and I'd say it's worth buying. The sound effects are enjoyable and the visuals are really cute! Also it makes me really hungry... the only thing I would change is the amount of customers who come to the restaurant ^^

- Great game! Seriously the only flaw is it makes me hungry!

I was super pumped when i bought this app, it’s really fun and i love that you can switch to a vegetarian setting! Keep making these awesome games!

- Need more

I love the graphic and art style of the game but i do have a suggestion. It could use more tools! What about a deep fryer or a drink station? Or something more. Its quite disappointing that there are only 4 stations.

- I really love the game but confused

I’ve had this game for awhile and I wanted to play it last week but it just kept glitching me out of the game I don’t know what to do I’ve done everything I can but the game just won’t work I need help.

- Doesn’t Load

I only see reviews from 2 years ago for this game. I don’t see any recent ones. I downloaded this game for my niece to play but the app doesn’t load. It’s just a white screen and then it closes. I’ve deleted it and downloaded it again and it does the same thing. It’s really disappointing.

- New ingredient suggestion

This is one the best cooking games I have played on my iPad, but since this game involves sushi you should add imitation crab so i can make classic rolls like California roll. But all though it’s a great game :)

- Love this game

I love this game, like I love all Toca games, but I have one suggestion. There could be a mode where customers actually order a specific thing. Like shrimp in a seaweed cone or something.

- Good overall, needs improvement

This is a good game with easy to learn controls, and it’s fun to use. I have two concerns 1. The rice spiraling thing doesn’t work and 2. Only three characters Still a cool game tho

- I love the game but game suggestion.

I love this game but I want a Toca ice cream shop. I really think you could do a good job making it. I just got the idea of it.

- Add on’s

I LOVE you Toca Boca!!!!! I’ve been playing all of the games for three years and counting. And I have an update request, add tea making. Traditionally tea is served with the dish. So kinda curious if you guys would do that!:):):)::):):):)!

- Every time I open the app it crashes

I had this app on my old kindle fire and it was so fun! But then I bought it on my new iPad and it never works. I probably can’t get a refund for this because I bought it from a bundle. I really would like some help. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

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- Great but latest 2.1.5 not working on iPad 13.4.1

It doesn’t start at all. Hope you will fix it very soon Thanks Gabby

- Good, Better with . . .

This game is almost perfect in my eyes, you can roll sushi, make your own and take pictures of your creations. And more1!!1! I feel it would be better if it had . . . -Drinks, if this does happen different types of drinks to make. -More people with diff tastes -Maybe a money and ordering system? -Different gamemodes (ex: Rush Mode - Must make certain order in a time limit) -Customise equipment (ex: Knife colour - Royal Blue etc...) -More types of food to use. If the game had all the things listed above I would buy this game for over 100$, and probably not stop playing it. This game is definitely worth how much it is now and possibly more. Thanks for the great game Toca Boca!

- An app suggestion

Dear Toca Boca, I love this app and all your other apps! This is one of my favourite apps. 😀 I have a suggestion for an app a little like Toca kitchen sushi. Toca cafe- An app where you can: Make coffee with a coffee machine and froth the milk. Make hot chocolate. Make toasted sandwiches by cutting, cooking … ingredients and then choosing the bread like how you can choose the sushi wrapper in Toca kitchen sushi. Pancakes? Waffles? And then serve them to customers. (1,2,3…?) There could be a few tables or just one like in Toca kitchen sushi. I hope you read through my suggestion and (maybe) consider it as an app.

- Please fix the game

Hi Toca! I love all of your apps and I have everything you own I am one of your biggest supporters but I honestly think that this app has a very large bug in it! Apparently more people are experiencing this glitch as well so I just bought this app for six dollars and it is not opening please fix this app I am sure it is a great app but I need you to fix it otherwise this was a very large waste of money and I will not be investing in your other apps

- Nice

It’s a really fun app and I love it but I think it would be better if you could make drinks and you can add certain things to change the drink like add ice and make a slushing add baking Sosa to make it fizzy and yeah that’s just my idea. Also mKe it so you can cut your sushi with a machine

- Amazing Game

I love this game!!! It would be nice if the ability to make drinks was added but other than that this game is perfect.


I really love this app because 1 I am a sushi lover! And 2nd, Toca boca has been my most favourite app community ever! Especially those toca life ones! Tysm for making this app! Its a pleasure! 😍💕

- Omg, I love it.

Every single Toca Boca game is always on point with no disappointments. I’d let this game take 100$ per hour I spend on this game!

- Avoid until fixed

Doesn’t open. Instantly crashes

- This app won’t open

Paid and downloaded the app and it wouldn’t open. Deleted it and reinstalled the app and still can’t get it to work.

- Not working at all

The app will not start, please fix this major bug.

- App disappeared!! Scam

This app will take your money and won’t work, just shows a blank white screen! complete scam

- Scam

The app doesn’t work just took my money. Very upset about this 😡😡😡

- Can’t open app

We can’t open it. Please fix.

- iOS 14 game not loading past the Toca Boca logo

iOS 14 game not loading past the Toca Boca logo

- Busted....

Won’t open at all,

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- Needs more people

Needs more people like a dog or a tiger or I don’t know more people

- AWSOME but one question.

The game is super fun and I would definitely recommend it! One question though, can you toca Boca people add more characters that have different opinions on the different food? Also can you people make 1-toca life kingdom 2-toca life mall 3- toca life city2 4-toca life house 5-toca life wildlife 6-toca life Africa 7-toca life imagination 8-toca life Christmas 9-kids world 10- toca Boca bakery. If you people make or are thinking about it please respond to me! Also if you do Any of these that would mean the world to me!

- Nice but...

It's a good app. But all I seem to be able to do is to grab food, season and cook it, put it in fun shapes, give it a face, and put it on a plate. As far as I'm aware, that's not sushi. 2 stars


Why do I have to spend 5 dollars on a GAME that won’t even load????!!! It’s a KIDS game it should be easy to play and easy to access. Not a frustrating money stealer that teaches kids how to be disappointed. Shocked especially with all of the good reviews. 5$ may not be much to spend, but its a lot for an APPSTORE GAME. Review the problems and glitches happening in your game and help me get my money back or at least make it load..

- Wow

I love this game it’s the most amazing game but pls make a Toca cakes i would like if we can make delicious cakes from the comfort of our own home. This game also teaches kids how to make their very own yummy sushi (this review was made by a 8 year old)

- 😁🤔

Very fun. Love it. But how do the you reset the game at the end?

- Will not open

Purchased this game and it will not open. Would like a refund please.

- Does not open

Please fix asap

- Bought and didn’t load☹️☹️

I bought this game for it to not even load. I found this problem in most of your games too. I uninstalled it and reinstalled to see if that would help and sadly it didn’t. I restarted my device too and that didn’t do anything either. Please fix this problem since I’ve just now seen others complain about this too. Please respond.

- It doesn’t work

Hi, I just bought the game and it won’t open... I deleted and reinstalled it but still it doesn’t work.. I mean I paid for that game can it work please??

- My Opinion

It’s a great game and I recommend it! But if your thinking that maybe, there’s TONS of things to do. Like not just sushi or something? Then I would recommend a Toca Boca Kitchen game, they cost the exact same I think, and they’re both awesome. Just one has more food things. That’s my opinion, but I think the game is great!

- Amazed would recommend

The moment I got on this app I played for hours! It’s so fun to make all different types of food

- Best game I seen in a while

It’s really good

- Love it

Love love love love love love love love love love love ❤️ it Great GAME

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Toca Kitchen Sushi 2.3 Screenshots & Images

Toca Kitchen Sushi iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Kitchen Sushi iphone images
Toca Kitchen Sushi iphone images
Toca Kitchen Sushi iphone images
Toca Kitchen Sushi iphone images
Toca Kitchen Sushi iphone images

Toca Kitchen Sushi (Version 2.3) Install & Download

The applications Toca Kitchen Sushi was published in the category Education on 2018-12-06 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 105.5 MB. Toca Kitchen Sushi - Education app posted on 2022-03-11 current version is 2.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocakitchensushi