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Soor is a beautiful, premium music player for your iPhone.


- First fully featured 3rd party Apple Music app.
- Apple curated content personalised to your listening taste.
- Play, search, like, share and add songs from across the entire Apple Music catalogue.
- Intuitive, fully gesture driven user interface.
- Light, Dark and Black themes.

In case you're wondering what Soor means, pronounced Sur, it's Hindi for melody/note.

For F.A.Q. and limitations visit:
If you have any doubts please email: [email protected]

*Soor is a 3rd party Music player. Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Music, iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.

Soor ▹ App Description & Overview

The applications Soor ▹ was published in the category Music on 2019-03-01 and was developed by Tanmay Sonawane. The file size is 60.42 MB. The current version is 1.1.2 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Fix for crash on startup due to an incorrectly formatted response for hot/top tracks.

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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Future of the Music App  shmcknig  4 star

This is what I wish the stock Music App was the whole time. Features like changing whether albums sort by artist or album title are basic and part of any music program on a computer like iTunes, but they’ve been missing from phone music apps the whole time. There are a few clear missing features such as not being able to download music, but I understand these are API issues and that’s in Apple’s hands to change. I do love the gesture controls, but they will take some getting used to. I strongly hesitated to pay $10 for an app that is just an extension of the stock Music App that I already use, but this is the first of its kind to be a 3rd party app that works with Apple Music like this, so I chose to support the developer to encourage more apps to develop like this or to help the developer keep making this one better. The price is the only reason I rate this app with 4 stars. If it were $5 or less, I would say it’s worth 5 stars. I feel like the ~$4.99-$5 price range would just make the app more accessible and encourage more people to purchase it. If it changed to $5 after I’ve already paid $10, I wouldn’t even be mad though because hopefully more people would get it and support the project.


Very Upset  Did,dedication  1 star

Im very upset with this app because i gave it a try and spent the $10 but then when i opened the app, it said that i didnt have apple music, signed in on itunes or active internet even though i had all 3. i dont recomend it.


Random crashes and battery drain  SkinnyGwapo  2 star

This app looks great and has a layout that is much more ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing than the stock Apple Music app, however, as soon as I downloaded it I noticed that my battery got hot and started draining much faster than usual. Also I’ve had multiple crashes within my first hour of use, I suspect it’s because this app also opens the stock music app along side itself. Don’t drop $10 on this, at least until they fix these issues. I want this app to work. I’ll change my review if anything is fixed.


Long-standing issues from beta still not fixed  Polarimetric  3 star

I’ve used Soor since the early TestFlight betas. It’s come a long way, but I don’t think it was quite ready for the App Store. A couple issues that were present and reported in the betas are still unresolved: - Shuffle doesn’t work as expected for long playlists. It seems what the app does is pull in 100 songs after the song you first selected in the playlist, based on the playlist order, and then shuffles only those 100 songs rather than the whole playlist. The shuffle button at the top of each playlist correctly shuffles the entire playlist, but if you want to start with a particular song and then shuffle after that (which I do 99% of the time), you have to work around it by shuffling the whole playlist and then using Up Next to queue the song you want, which is annoying. - Sorting is great but it also doesn’t work as expected in playlists. Album sort doesn’t preserve track order. There is no “album by artist” option like in iTunes, either, so it is not possible to sort alphabetically by artist, and then alphabetically by album (in the correct track order) within each artist. - There are still some quirks like songs starting over when switching to a different app, abruptly skipping in the middle after Soor has been in the background for a while, playing the wrong song when a specific one is chosen from a playlist, taking up to five seconds to start playing a song after selecting it, etc. Overall, Soor has great potential to provide an Apple Music experience unburdened by the shortcomings of the stock Music app, and it will be worth $10 when it reaches maturity, but it’s still too quirky and unstable to be worth that now.


This App is Pretty Awesome.  WillWall16  5 star

The design is really good. Dark mode is so easy on the eyes and I love it. I like that you can reorder the home screen so that you can see recently played, for you, discover, etc. first. Not sure if it’s just a limitation of the api, but a button to create a station out of a song would be great! Also in dark mode, you can’t really see if the like button has been pressed on a song or not. It would make more sense for the like button to be red when pressed. Overall a great app that’s still in the earlier stages of development. There are bound to be bugs, but the $10 was worth it 👍🏻


Really Good Overall  davecdva  4 star

When I first saw this app being released I fell in love with the design, especially the true black because it looks amazing on my OLED display. I took a leap of faith after reading good reviews and spent the $10 on it. I love the way this app is designed to be reminiscent of the stock Apple Music app, but apart from that, it’s very thoughtfully and beautifully designed. I love being able to see my library, Charts, “For You”, and other Apple Music Playlists on the front page. I personally am not a fan of all the tabs on the stock app so this is a breath of fresh air. The only thing that I would like to see is being able to change the accent colour and what my friends are listening to. On the not so good side, I understand that this app is continuously being developed and therefore will have its quirks here and there. They’re not so bad that they hinder me from enjoying the app, so I will not state them. I appreciate the work being put into the app and would like to see these bugs being fixed in future updates. I’ve sent bug reports so for now I’m satisfied with it. Thank you once again to the developer for making such a good stock music app alternative.


Awesome!!!  KLD3D  5 star

This app is a outstanding Apple Music app alternative


Ugh all them bad reviewers out there🙄  theiff  5 star

So, this is a new app, and the dev clearly says that it's a constant work in progress, and honestly it's a great app already. Imagine gold ore that hasn't been refined yet... That's this app, it's the gold thats just been found, cleaned, and now going through the process of refining. This app has a TON of potential to be perfect. No joke, great job to the dev :)


Love this app  Jaywalker331  5 star

In its early stages, yes, but this app really shows what creativity is. The dark (black) mode is legit. And cover flow within your playlist! Great job with this one.


Excellent  Raftar77  5 star

It is improving a lot, the functions that it has are magnificent and the new function of seeing the following songs is very well. Esta mejorando mucho, las funciones que tiene son magníficas y la nueva función de ver las canciones siguientes esta muy bien.


Great app  alan0104  4 star

But I can’t swipe to go back ? I have to reach top ?


Apple Music take notes  robnov  5 star

This is what Apple Music should be like. Developer is releasing features fast. Hope you can make a MacOS version too 😜


Great start but needs a few improvements and polishing up - will change to 5 star if these are fixed  _ak98_  3 star

I love the design of this app and it has clearly been thought out well - just a few bugs here and there that should be ironed out over a few updates, but at this price point there really shouldn’t be this many :/ Playlist pictures don’t show up and glitch out occasionally, the home screen jumbled up if I multitask out too early and I’ve had a few crashes so far. I really wish there was compatibility with other music services such as Spotify or soundcloud too! Hope to see this app improve over time as it looks very promising!

Raquel Stevens

Absolutely Stunning  Raquel Stevens  5 star

Would recommend this to anyone!










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