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Soor is a beautiful, premium music player for your iPhone.


- First feature rich 3rd party Apple Music app.
- Apple curated content personalised to your listening taste.
- Play, search, like, share and add songs from across the entire Apple Music catalogue.
- Intuitive, fully gesture driven user interface.
- Light, Dark and Black themes.

In case you're wondering what Soor means, pronounced Sur (Soar), it's Hindi for melody/note.

For F.A.Q. and limitations visit:

If you have any doubts please email: [email protected]

*Soor is a 3rd party Music player. Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Music, iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.

Soor ▹ App Description & Overview

The applications Soor ▹ was published in the category Music on 2019-03-01 and was developed by Tanmay Sonawane. The file size is 61.03 MB. The current version is 1.2.3 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

App icon choices. To change app icon: Open Soor > Settings > App Icon.

Please consider leaving a nice review if you enjoy using the app. If you have any issues please email [email protected]

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Needs Volume Control  ruslannabiev  3 star

Must have a volume controller of some sort. This is a $10 app and is very unrepresented when the app doesn’t have a volume button I swear I will give this app 5 stars if it gets a volume controller of some kind.

Moso guitara

Great app but,  Moso guitara  4 star

We need iPad version full screen resolution.


Not worth the price  세로수  2 star

Not worth the price


Please add return to home from the pull down gesture  BlueRocketSi  4 star

Love the new pull down gesture for quick access to search and what not, but please expand it so you can return to home rather than having to reach up to tap the home button.... Would also love to see some commissioned icons for the app, very cool that the dev added alternate icons but none of which have too much polish... Keep it up, still really love Soor!


Freezing  Cam223  2 star

I want to like this app but it’s constantly freezing my phone. I have no idea why but that’s the only issue. I deleted it. I’ll download it again in the future. For the time being I’ll be asking for my money back.


Really good app  Dolek21  4 star

I love the dark mode on the app. Is really good organized. I think with an equalizer and lyrics would be a perfect app.


No radio support, still worth  BraddoWiz  5 star

NEEDS radio


Needs small improvements  JGils33  4 star

Looks great. Needs improvements with the sorting of songs in the library. Seems to have trouble with songs and that begin with special characters and numbers.


Getting better  hatting9  4 star

Really starting to dig this app Just figured out how to playlist songs with zero ratings This is great for minimizing playlist repeats and keeping play fresh Soor battery 4% AM 37%


What a decent app!  Proletariats  5 star

Soor makes me use apple music again. all features are thoughtful. Please keep updating this wonderful app! Looking forward to the coming lyrics feature!


Great alternative  Harry130899  4 star

Love most of it. Definitely needs the ability to remove songs from your queue tho. Maybe even a clear queue button as well. Would also appreciate a persistent home button


No lockscreen support  _ak98_  2 star

Music doesn't appear on lockscreen when playing - would expect this feature when the app costs so much!


Great Idea, but not worth it  Gilly202  2 star

Paid $15 AUD for this, it’s a great idea, but not very well implemented. Hopefully gets better over time. But till then, back to the Default Apple Music


Almost perfect  Dhhvdsscn  4 star

Great app, worth the money and it has replaced my default music app. only issue is when skipping through songs the artwork from the previous song gets stuck and does not change to the new song.


My default music app!!  jetttheunicorn  5 star

I love this app so much!! And the update only makes it greater! Seriously this app has so many features I’ve wanted for so long in a music app, I’m so glad this app exists. The visualiser not mapping to the Apple music is a little disappointing but it’s understandable due to the DRM. Maybe the option for the player to show the main colour of the album art would be cool? Similar to tweaks. Overall, fantastic app! Definitely would recommend, and definitely worth the money!


Works well  muffinman79  4 star

Love the black theme. Honestly that is the only reason I brought it. I feel the price is very steep for the app.


Looks good - doesn’t work  @andymilne  1 star

$14.99 for an app that crashes on start don’t do it


Great app  alan0104  4 star

But I can’t swipe to go back ? I have to reach top ?

Glenn Junior

The design (black/ dark mode) is worth it.  Glenn Junior  5 star

I love this app. Will there be an Apple watch app? People have to understand that some of the app limitations are not the developers fault. Read the description and chagelog before you write something negative. I appreciate the developers efforts in creating this app and it is worth every penny.


Loving this!  uglyROBBER  4 star

I've been waiting for a dark mode formusic for a while now and this scratches that itch for sure. The app is clean and beautiful and I love how everything is lined up on one screen. The only negative about this app is the price. $10 for a glorified skin is a little ridiculous. $5 would have been easier to swallow but all in all a great experience so far.


Needs Work But Is A Good Start  dlangendorf  4 star

Soor is a much needed upgrade to the Apple Music app, which I only use to play music, spending very actual little time in the app. Soor is more than a “skin” (I can access and play what I upload to the device), but it shines when you subscribe to Apple Music. Much needed visual and organizational enhancements that are much more inviting and fun to tinker with. It takes a little to get used to nuances and quirks, and there are a few things that don’t work well or are rough around the edges (some are limits from the Music API). I assume these will be ironed out in time, sooner rather than later. Overall, Soor works well out of the box and is a delight to use. I’m actually using playlists again. (Oh, and yes, $10 is a bit steep — would have preferred $5 — with no way to try first, but it seems fair to us and the developer to continue to improve). Hope the app will continue to soar.


Amazing  xJODY  5 star

Does an amazing job. For years I’ve wanted apple to make their stock music app somewhat more enjoyable to use and use done just that. Dark mode alone makes it worth it. Thanks for the great work. Look forward to the future of soor. I’d love to see custom themes and app icons. That would be amazing


Not usable  rkleim  1 star

Not usable on iPad. Dev still willing to take your money tho. Got a refund, bad review. When will they learn?


Amazing  Music App  CoDyDaLe  4 star

Only a couple of things that would make this app a perfect alternative to the stock music app and those would be CarPlay support and the option to have the dark (true black) mode be automatic at night.


Local music  dpassen1  3 star

Why can’t it play local music without an Apple Music subscription?


Amazing but one thing.  MoonMan231  4 star

Beautifully designed app and works flawlessly so far and I haven’t experienced any bugs but the only thing that really bothers me is the fact that I can’t search through specific genres of music to discover songs and albums. I don’t know if Apple musics API doesn’t allow third-party apps do use the genre functionality but it’s something that I most frequently go to when discovering new music.


Unclear description  eatstorming  2 star

The interface looks beautiful from screenshots and the functionality sounds really interesting from the description and articles about the app. It made me want to try it out because the native Apple Music is one of the most annoying apps I recall using. But I'm not into the subscription thing and thus I don't have one for Apple Music. Soor never made it clear that it's a requirement before I bought the app and learned the hard way. It's ok that it's a requirement, I know lots of people use the service. But it should be very clear in the description/FAQ. It'd have saved me the hassle of requesting a refund, because even though I still think Soor might be great, I will not buy a U$10 app that demands a subscription that I will not sign up for.

Keith Hord

Great app but...  Keith Hord  3 star

This is a beautiful app but it needs a couple of things. First there’s a small bug when adding songs to a playlist it kinda locks up for a couple of seconds, Second it needs iPad support. But lastly Wow mind is blown what an amazing implementation of the music app.










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