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Tap to mow down the overgrown grass. Use simple one-touch gameplay to trim the grass, navigate across bridges and explore the wild world!

Grass cutting has never been so satisfying. Escape into the landscape today!

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The applications Grass Cut was published in the category Games on 2018-11-08 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 176.82 MB. The current version is 1.7 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• Bug fixes

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I don’t like this game because of a glitch.  JulietShort  1 star

I was opening the game when it said I was on level 99 even tho I wasn’t on that level. I was on level 3 or 2 and that happened for no reason. This is a waste of time buying this game.


I’m mad.  meehmario  1 star

I liked this game at first but since there were so many ads I paid the $4 to get them removed and then ended up realizing they only have a couple of different “maps” or “yards” to cut and you have to play 5 maps to advance to the next level. I played all the way to level one and I was so satisfied thinking I finished the game and it had the audacity to bring me back up to level 99 again. I’m deleting this stupid app.


Don’t get this game  Goldy22445  1 star

This game mostly has you watch adds and when you fail you go back to level 1 just don’t waste your time

Zayde_Wølf Dragon

Cool  Zayde_Wølf Dragon  5 star

This game is really fun and simple. Also, it’s nice that you can play the game without WiFi. If you don’t want all of the ads then just disconnect your WiFi or cell service and BOOM! you don’t have any ads until you turn your WiFi back on.


Simple but hard  cookiecake38  3 star

This game is a great game but if your not good you keep on dying and that means you have to watch an add and trust me no one wants to do that. And say you were on the one challenge before completing the level well then you die and you start all over again or you can watch an add if you haven’t already. Those are the reasons why this game is simple but hard.


This game is totally doodoo  htyuidfg  1 star

This is the worst game don’t ever get this game.

yee man69

Yee  yee man69  1 star



Good and bad  Cavigs03  3 star

The game is addictive but way too many ads.


Repetitive  Flintmobile  2 star

I like this game, but the levels just repeat. Maybe they throw done rocks in, but all the levels repeat over and over.


Grass cut  awaomegirlzs  5 star

I love this game because it is sooooo satifiying


Constantly freezing!  christinagoncalv  1 star

Constantly freezes, if I play an add to get to continue on with the level, it freezes and I have to shut the app down, so I just wasted my time by watching the add in the first place.

motivator mick

To many ads  motivator mick  4 star

I get that ads make the app free, but this is over top. Way too many ads. It cost them that 5th star


Satisfying  pebblemix  5 star

So easy omg but the adds are a pain I still give it five stars :)

grass cut legend

Grass cut loser  grass cut legend  1 star

YOU RUINED THIS GAME FOR ME.... this was my whole life and now because of the update it is T R A S H


Update sucked  siw123456789  1 star

Update had made it have no picture and only the blade ..

Bandicoot possum

Big  Bandicoot possum  1 star

Since the update 25/4/19 it has had a bug. Just a grey screen with a rainbow. And the cutter; no grass. Anytime I click I “die”


Good  izzoid  5 star

It is very addicting and I play it every single day and it is so satisfying 👌🏻

Awesome bubbles816

Grass cut  Awesome bubbles816  4 star

Grass cut is a great game that I would say you should get but the only problem is that there is a lot of ads and it gets annoying and you have to wait that is the only thing I would change on grass cut the rest is fun with you finishing the levels it is very fun and I would definitely recommend this game


Good game  _HarryPotterFreak_  5 star

Very fun. Very addictive. Recommend it.


Repetitive  95423672277  1 star

Was good at first but very quickly realised that it’s all the same areas repeated throughout the levels. Lost interest


💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻  mexicobitch  5 star

All is good now 😎😎😎😎

Someone took herp-a-derp

Found a bug?  Someone took herp-a-derp  3 star

It’s a fine game, I play it when I’m bored, but the last update seems to have a bug. When I load the game, and hit play, the level doesn’t load, just the blade in the middle of a gray screen. I’ve tried reloading and restarting my phone, so I think that’s something the developers need to check out.

thix 3456

Bad update  thix 3456  1 star

I updated it today and it is not the same game you see in advertisements. From cutting grass to cutting nothing. The game is completely messed up because of this past update.


Wth  eoiam  1 star

The screen won’t load, it’s blank

daddy was taken

FIX THE BUG!!  daddy was taken  2 star

This app isn’t working and it said the bug was fixed..

Gray Lenord

don’t recommend.  Gray Lenord  1 star

I have had the game for awhile and I was able to look past all of the ads... until the game got fixed for “bug” but actually the only bug there was was the game itself. I am unable to play and the screen if fully back. #nothappy #tryingtowastetimeatwork


Bad update  Veryydisappointed222  2 star

Levels are going backwards now. I jumped to level 100 and now it’s making me go backwards.


Let’s glitch  ohxhocihcyichicihcohcig  3 star

Ok this game is really fun but I am tired of the glitching when you get to higher levels I am at 97 and almost every time I tap I die because of the glitch not to mention the ads there are so many it’s stupid so I don’t recommend playing unless your ok with dying every five seconds or the ads


New Update  FewerToast  2 star

downloaded the newest update from 2 days ago and the game has crashed. Looks like I lost all my progress and now can’t play the game at all. All I get is a grey screen


Doesn’t Work as of 4/26  lesnak87  1 star

The app no longe loads levels and you cannot play.










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