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Become the hospital manager in the funniest game ever!

Are you able to manage your own staff, treat patients and develop new cures? Make your clinic the most visited and famous all over the world!

Here are the the main points the game offers to reach the glory:

- Build real treatment and diagnostic rooms
- Research for new medication and treatments
- Produce various cures
- Earn good reputation planning your strategy
- Compete with other hospitals in the city
- Send out your ambulance fleet to heal people

Just enjoy!


Get 80 daily diamonds with our weekly subscripcion and upgrade your hospital!

- Diamond lifeline: 1 week recurring subscription for $5 (USD).

The prices is for customers in the United States. Pricing in other countries may vary and charges will be converted to the local currency depending on the country of residence.
Payment will be charged to your account after confirmation of purchase.
The suscription is renewed unless your turn it off 24 hours before the end of the current period.
Users can manage their suscription and auto-renewal by checking the user's account settings after the purchase in the App Store.
No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscritpion period.

More info: https://support.apple.com/HT207865

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Dream Hospital: Doctor Game App Description & Overview

The applications Dream Hospital: Doctor Game was published in the category Games on 2019-01-10 and was developed by LAB CAVE GAMES. The file size is 247.35 MB. The current version is 1.0.9 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• Added Facebook Friends
• Added Game Center
• Added auto-claim of earned gift boxes
• Improved UI for patient boosters and crafting
• Fixed ordering of several UI elements
• Fixed storage and warehouse bugs
• Fixed hospital gameplay when game is sent to background

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Dream Hospital: Doctor Game Reviews


Glitches - updated  Mac0000000000  5 star

Thank you for fixing the glitches, and for the updates. The game has improved dramatically. There are still times where it is a bit slow and glitches, but I hope that will improve with further updates. The graphics are great and I really enjoy the game. Thank you.


Great game for mobile  Gusmundo  5 star

Great game. Its effectively a hospital based farming game.


Problem Areas.  naz2202  3 star

I enjoy the gameplay when I can a/ get it to load and b/ it doesn’t drop out and restart from the beginning. Fix these issues and I’ll be back.


Loading issues  Skita3  3 star

Was loving this game even though it would take a long time to load to get into it. Now I can’t even get into it. Please fix

Brooklyn A

Loading issues :(  Brooklyn A  4 star

Very addictive game 😁 I really enjoy building my hospital. I have been experiencing loading issues since I downloaded but managed to get into the game from time to time. Since the last update I have not been able to load the game at all. Please fix! I’m beginning to have Dream Hospital withdrawals!!!

Brooke Watson

Just one big problem  Brooke Watson  3 star

I was really enjoying this game and I found it really fun. but after playing for about 2 hours then having a break I come back in to find the game has reset itself. I wasn’t planning on linking it to my Facebook as I had no plan to play it on my other devices. I played through the tutorial but to no avail. Please fix this issue especially for those who don’t have Facebook and can’t link it to save their progress. :)


Okay  miss.sue  1 star

I would give this more stars but the app takes ages to load


Great game  EmLo99  5 star

Really enjoying this


Love this game  Laurrraaaaa  5 star

Love this game! Enjoyable and great graphics!


iOS has many glitches.  dreamhospital  2 star

There is a big difference between iOS and Android. Android is definitely better. There are many glitches for iOS, such as not getting your box when the green fills up the circle.


Fix glitch!!!  xdopi  5 star

I HAVE THREE GP rooms but all the patients wait for only one and the other two do NOTHING and I keep getting notifications that line is too long, even tho I have THREE GO ROOMS


Confused  ImTari  1 star

I just downloaded this game on my phone and when I wanted to play it I couldn’t even get any of the equipment for the game like for instants didn’t see any people in the game and I heard her talking in the background from the music of real people what’s up with that

Gian Fernandez

Please add this if you can  Gian Fernandez  5 star

Hey I love the game, its quite fun to play but if you can add a few things I have in mind that would help the game out it would be make me more happy. -Please find a way where you can pause the game so that everything stops and you can use it to move the rooms around to decorate it properly. I find it aggravating moving things around since the game is still on play as you move things around. -I like how you added this interactive bit where you can diagnose and treat the patient, will that bit also be part of the surgery? -you could maybe change the doctors or nurses names in the game? -instead of having the game screen on one side, maybe you can flip it to the other side if you may?


Dream hospital  dandspach  5 star

Fun game love it so much


alright  Pandalover1000  3 star

i've been noticing lately that the items i have in the warehouse gets deleted and idk why and i thought that the first few times i was trippin and maybe i used certain stuff like the blood packs or syringes that i just forgot but now i know it's not me cause i literally just had 7 bandages and i'm still in the process of making them & all of a sudden they all disappeared. also , very rude how in the league i'm in , they made it hard to be nu. 1 because the person who is nu. 1 has like 12000 hearts and the hospital looks like they just started playing! while i'm at x level with waaaay more facilities open and i know i make way more hearts then them and that all happend AFTER i got nu. 1 for the first time in the last league i was in .


Thief  brenzina  1 star

They took my money I Purchase diamonds and never received them!🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡 I want my diamond or my money back!!


Buggy Buggy  QueenCkeopatra❤️  2 star

This game is super fun & addictive to play! But you only earn money when you’re playing the game. The warehouse gets full too quick. Patients dying is out of your control. And it’s so much potential but the game is just too buggy


Another Pay 2 Play  gameboy622  3 star

Has potential but you cannot advance further without the much needed gems, which are hard to earn; basically you have to use real money to advance in the game. I am running out of space, have quite a bit of cash, which I’m no earning quickly but very few gems. The game doesn’t run in the background so you have to open the game to continue to earn cash.


Problem  crazychameleonlover  4 star

I got this game and was playing it then all the sudden it deleted everything I had and I had a a lot of stuff and I had to completely restart

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