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This is a word game about a man escape from prison.

A man is framed and imprisoned, but he never gives up and plans to self-salvation. Persevere, day after day, year after year. Hope can set him free. Finally, he can take the breath of freedom.

• Simple, easy rules, type the correct word to win a game!
• ALL LEVELS are FREE for all users!
• NEW word gameplay, good news for word gamer!
• No time limit, adjust your pace at any level
• Play offline! No wifi required
• FREE hints, get tips without fees
• 1000 levels without repeat, be a word master in our training!
• Kill time-no pressure no push!
• Suitable for both kids and adults to train logic skills.

We are working on improving the game, so if you have any question, let us know your thought and tips via [email protected]

Words Story App Description & Overview

The applications Words Story was published in the category Games on 2018-10-15 and was developed by ZHOU JIAPING. The file size is 669.59 MB. The current version is 1.2.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

* More interesting and challenging game mode.
* Minor bug fixes.

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Words Story Reviews


Boring  EvaMarieLH  1 star

Really terrible and repetitive. The difficulty never increases. Also, when you get the little reward wheel, it will immediately respond to the stop button when over a small prize, and lag response when you time it for a large prize, spinning around at least half the wheel. Garbage.


I love this game sooooo much  Boudroux  5 star

I love this game sooooo much

ovo11 XOXXIV

Words Story  ovo11 XOXXIV  5 star

It’s a Lucky Day it teaches you to have someone over your cell and drop em down it teaches you how to escape JAIL HAHAHA


Unable to watch ads for coins and prizes  GAMESHARQ  1 star

I am on day 134 and I haven’t been able to watch ads for coins or prizes all day today. There’s no point in going on if it means missing out on these. Please fix this!


Trap  younume  5 star


Player 2.3

Does not think porn is a real word  Player 2.3  1 star

Google disagrees


Is it free?  STORY WRITER!  3 star

I acidently got knowing nothing if it was free! I may be getting in trouble if its not but its a very gpod game


Pointless  Raw5on  1 star

You do the same thangs over & over & the story BARELY goes on. Don’t waste yo time


I bet most 5 star reviews are paid for  Kimcanchola  2 star

This game isn’t good


Fun until...  dsnces  4 star

This game was fun until a certain level. Well a series of levels, you have to do almost 200 + just to see the next part of the story

jelly belly felly belly jelly

Fun but hard  jelly belly felly belly jelly  4 star

It’s really fun but it gets hard on some of the levels


Hm..  MummaGigi  1 star

Something has gone wrong with this game, Can’t danload it again but it deleted itself for unknown Reasons.


Slight improvement, I’m free  Binny100123  3 star

Things changed after the most recent update and I’m now free on day 200, but that’s it now, there is nothing further as far as I can tell so while the update was most definitely better, still a bit disappointing overall. Don’t think they thought this through to begin with.


OMG  #udidapoo  5 star

This game is really good


Pointless  Tetrisman  1 star

Nothing happens. Don’t bother.


Good game  dtgrytyhgfghgtg  5 star

I love this game in only three day’s i past 58 days


It’s a good game but...  Miya.Kansou  4 star

It’s a good game but sometimes it gets boring. In my opinion this game is fantastic but it needs something more to make it even better.


Boring  MadsoPotato  5 star

What can I say? It’s boring as sh*t haven’t even played it for 5 mins and wanted to delete it


Bad  Fraggerloo  1 star

This game does not go anywhere we just get items and stuff do something and end back in prison bad

logan loves bid wars

Words story  logan loves bid wars  5 star

This game is amazing and very addictive


Fun game but  Alphacard  2 star

One of the never ending ads is a slot machine game that will not let me close it at any point Otherwise fun game


Malware  🐿squirrel  1 star

This app downloaded another app onto my phone without my consent. This second app is called “adventure” and it started appearing after I deleted this one. They’re both from this developer and are almost the same size (1.69gb vs. 1.7). Whenever I try to delete “adventure,” it always reappears the next day. I need a fix for this ASAP.

T.N.A star

Words story  T.N.A star  5 star

Good game for learning and fun


Good game  MedicineFork  5 star

Having fun playing

Nico gerardi

Cool guy  Nico gerardi  5 star

This game is dope and never freezes. Keep up the good work!!!


Chffhgygt  cygyggguguguguvyctcfgu  5 star

Tycrgftdthdhtchtchfchfcchfcfh Ccfccggccgv Bjbjbpztube. Pztube nhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuubuhuhuubububububububuguguguggyghvybbivhV,gjvlj Ifutlifutlfkuygiyftfyyftyjfythdtfygyftggxggfy

Ms. Ot o Oreo

Words Story  Ms. Ot o Oreo  5 star

I Love Play New Game Call Worlds Story !!!!!


Boring AF  poopiehead123  1 star

Are these reviews real? I was bored from the start thinking the game was going to change or something. I can’t believe people enjoy this.


Fun  tour8687  5 star

Great for alone time , and also fun with friends


Trash  51946108361937519461  1 star

You can’t win, another garbage game that shoves as many ads as it possibly can in your face before it goes back to minimal gameplay.


Pam is a word  boyingreen  4 star

In the start for map Pam is a word


I was play score hero too and a ad came up  gagsgbe  5 star



Terrible  jgreaney  1 star

The words are random and the game makes no sense. Terrible


:)  Brandzs  5 star

Nice game !


Wow  jsjahshd  5 star

I was playing score hero then a add came up and I looked awesome so I try it out and it was good but the hints are expensive make it lower then I would be the best

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