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This is a word game about a man escape from prison.

A man is framed and imprisoned, but he never gives up and plans to self-salvation. Persevere, day after day, year after year. Hope can set him free. Finally, he can take the breath of freedom.

• Simple, easy rules, type the correct word to win a game!
• ALL LEVELS are FREE for all users!
• NEW word gameplay, good news for word gamer!
• No time limit, adjust your pace at any level
• Play offline! No wifi required
• FREE hints, get tips without fees
• 1000 levels without repeat, be a word master in our training!
• Kill time-no pressure no push!
• Suitable for both kids and adults to train logic skills.

We are working on improving the game, so if you have any question, let us know your thought and tips via [email protected]

Words Story App Description & Overview

The applications Words Story was published in the category Games on 2018-10-15 and was developed by ZHOU JIAPING. The file size is 311.67 MB. The current version is 1.6.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

fix bugs that some player stuck at higher level

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Words Story Reviews


Clickbait  🍕🍩  1 star

It’s definitely clickbait not at all what the ad is and not very fun #clickbait


My review  THRNBE31  5 star

I hav been playing 4 hours


Good Game  Mr.Goodhair  5 star

Like how there are very few ads and no pay to win faster. =)


Completely false advertising  Juelz345  1 star

It’s one to embellish or to edit a trailer/ad to highlight the fun or interesting parts of a game (or any media) but to completely misrepresent what the actual gameplay is, that’s just low. The developer should be shamed and Apple should absolutely require that ads that lead directly to their store be more representative of what is being downloaded/purchased. And on top of that, the actual game is super boring and repetitive.

Cameron Aceves

It’s been fun, but...  Cameron Aceves  1 star

At first, I thought the game was pretty cool. I downloaded the game someday in April, and I’ve been playing it for some time, but it just got boring, and frustrating. 😑 In the game, it said I went about over 400 days. How can you tell when you get to a new chapter?! 😠


Cool game but...  beyondjustcasual  4 star

This game is fun and all but it’s always freezing up. Can that please be fixed after that it gets four stars from me.

candy gorl

Love the game but it bully me  candy gorl  5 star

I love the game it makes it easy to not be stressed and so but one thing it the wheel and when I would stop it on the ten it should stop and give me ten but when I stop it on the 100 it whould spin to the ten it likes to bully me but I loveeeeee the game

chaseanimal man

AWESOME  chaseanimal man  5 star

This is a awesome game thank you for making it.

Angel in Thrall

It’s Ok  Angel in Thrall  4 star

I’ve been playing this game for awhile now. It does progress, albeit slowly. My problem is that the game is currently frozen. I solved a puzzle fairly far into the game, and it’s just frozen now. I can’t close the game, or get it to do anything. I tried the “App Support” link, but that only takes me to “Terms of Service”. There is no support for in-game errors or glitches. I didn’t see any of the ads that others have said as the main reason they downloaded the game, so I didn’t really have any expectations for how it should appear, etc. It does tend toward repetitiveness in appearance, but it does progress if you stay with it long enough. But it’s beyond frustrating to have it frozen up on me now. I’d like to keep playing, but if it makes me start all over once it decides to un-freeze itself, I’ll be dumping it. I have tried the “App Support” repeatedly, thinking I may have hit the wrong thing, but nope. It only takes me to “Terms of Service”.


Perfect  rjvjdj  5 star

I love this game because it can boost your knowledge for kids!

Coolest kid of them all

Awesome game  Coolest kid of them all  5 star

It could be better if you get to choose what story you want to do at the beginning but other than that I recommend this game

Call me this 🦄

Not too bad  Call me this 🦄  3 star

I like this game but stop the ads pls 🙏


.  💉💩  1 star

SONIC the hedgehog

hooooooooooooooolllllyyy osch

Word reviews  hooooooooooooooolllllyyy osch  5 star

The words are very hard to figure out but very fun


Not as advertised  kerrysean  1 star

Gets boring very quickly, with very little progress. Only highlight is when bird lands on head of prisoner. Wouldn’t recommend.


GREAT  chrissy279468  5 star

Wonderful game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I love it  cometdeng  5 star

I think that this game is awesome and fun.But should it cost money if we had more people that like it I think so.Buy the way this game is amazing

Hyper Fresh

Not good at all  Hyper Fresh  1 star

When I see ads about this game it looked boring so when I gave it a try like I thought it was boring as hell and for some reason in certain ads they took the bad model of a cyanide and happiness character which isn’t good and the story is bad and there’s no point and you failing it’s like nope try again I don’t recommend getting this at all

Liam Emmerson

Don't listen to the commercials  Liam Emmerson  1 star

I saw the ads on YouTube, thinking "Hey! You're in prison, you try to find a way of getting the chefs to get your meal by dressing up as a badass, trying to be badass to kiss a female warden, dig out of your cell and find the keys, and give a rose to a girl in order to distract a cop! That's AWESOME!" I thought it would be fun, but one my second day of playing this, I got extra bored. Never listen to video game ads again.

The A- pll is good

Boring  The A- pll is good  1 star

Just boring af


I love this game  smackie77  5 star

This game is so fun and you are learning at the same time!!!!!!!! I 👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this game.


Word story  princessaddy0323  5 star

5 star

Tiffany L. C.

It’s an occasion for you to celebrate.  Tiffany L. C.  5 star

I’m on day 1291 and I’m pretty sure I escaped much much earlier than that. This game is my go to when I just need to focus on something else, good for anxiety. I don’t really understand what the bad reviews are talking about because when there is an ad, I pretty much am able to X out of it instantly. I think it’s quirky and oddly my style of word game. I’ve played a few word game apps but I think this one is the one I’ve definitely played the most consistently I don’t even touch the other m to the bad reviews. Shoes hose hoes


Love this game  nicole_southworth17  5 star

This game is the best if you are reading buy this game if you don’t I will kill you literally this game is there are you going on the way you to come over here you will get the free one you will have a game for your game you want it you will get the best of you so you don’t know how you


Best game ever!  Chicken_Reviews_8808  5 star

The game seemed easy at first but its so fun to find all the words!

Nick Namie Jamie!

Not like the ads.  Nick Namie Jamie!  1 star

I came here on the ads, where it said there were different kinds of puzzles and items that connect with said puzzles. NOT TRUE! All it is is word scramble jail themed! You only get items once in a blue moon, and for upgrades, you need to watch an ad! It’s very infuriating when a game is not how it is portrayed. There is no puzzle for dress-up. It’s only scrabble. There are no consequences when you get the question wrong. I wouldn’t download if I were you.


Como me encanta word story-Yo como.. me dan pistas y me gusta eso  Como SIHHHHHHHHHHH  5 star

No puedo parar!!!


Fat yet amazing  lolbitTime  5 star

Good for my little boy Jon he’s learning ads but those sex ads but anyway this 100 out of 101 in the ads the hole bigger


Could be great  Mamarow  2 star

I’ve been playing this game for awhile. I too was drawn to it because of the prison/escape description in the ads. It seemed like a fresh, clever twist. However, it’s nothing more than the usual word chain type game. I’m on day 978 and managed my escape to freedom many days ago. Now, I’ve been stuck on a beach somewhere, still playing round after round with no changes for my stick man...no cutscenes to explain where he’s going from there. Just bummin’ on that beach, I guess. Just an occasional stickman cartoon comment that I’m doing well (really poor English translation I might add). There seems to be no more advancement or progress. There’s nothing witty or creative as the ads made it appear. It appears the developers have grown bored and lazy with their own game. So, I’m beginning to wonder why I would continue to play. Im gonna stick with it until day 1000. Also, can somebody explain what the “10 day boost” is all about? After watching an ad you get to spin the wheel which occasionally lands on a blanket, soda bottle, or wooden box. A window pops up to explain you’ve won a reward of a “10 day escape boost”(?). There are no apparent changes to my status or venue...especially since he’s now frolicking on a beach. Day. After. Day. At first, this game had a good theme, at times clever & witty. But now, for me and my stick buddy, the game feels like it’s come to an end. Hopefully, the developer will catch on and will work on the needed updates that could make this game what it intended to be.


Meh  HelpfulPeanut  3 star

When I saw this, it looked okay so I gave it a shot. It was one of those find the word style games. There isn't much to say about it, just there are way too many ads. It was honestly just kind of bland. 6/10. This was The HelpfulPeanut, and thanks for getting this far. BYE!

dinosaur raaaa

Zombie  dinosaur raaaa  5 star

Great game really recommend expands vocabulary by only having a specific amount of words to choose from


Ugh!!!!  Carolinexxxo  2 star

Whenever an add shows up I can’t click out of it after it finishes! I have to close the app each time and it’s so annoying!!!


It is all about a man that escapes from prison  dylantroycunningham  5 star

For my son I will be at the bus stop in my office to pick up pizza pizza place and I’m going out for pizza and pizza for a little while so I’m not going out for my birthday so I’m just trying not a pizza place in a city city and I’m not interested in going there and going I don’t know if I have anything to go do I want pizza and pizza for my son but if not I can I have To was your first travel adventure I don’t have to do anything you can not be done with anything and I’m going to be there and I will be there for you and I will be there for you and I have a lot to go to school so I will be done at work at two so I don’t want you guys want to come to my bus I’m not sure if you guys have anything you need to do or do anything you want me to do I want to go get my son and pizza for you and I will be there for you and I will be there for you and I will be there for you and I will be there for you ohhhhh ohhhhhhh I will be there for you and I will be there for you and I will be there for you


Pretty boring  eoink127  1 star

Too repetitive and boring


I love this game !  MarcusO  4 star

This game is really fun! I like the way it tells a story but your doing word puzzles as well. The only part I don’t like is it takes so long to break out of the jail. Anyway I love this game!

Blue Galaxy Wolf !!! 🌀🌌🐺

Really AWSOME  Blue Galaxy Wolf !!! 🌀🌌🐺  5 star

This is really GOOD game!!!🎮


Good game  xjdjjdkskls  5 star

I was playing it and it’s really fun


Fun  fegfuYFdJVEFJ  3 star

Fun but BIG BIG BIIIIGGG false advertising ... and that’s illeg- BUT it’s fun


I don’t understand what the fuss is  genie168  3 star

The game is a bit boring no offense so many ads tho and what to I do with coins?


Amazing game!!!  ak125bb  5 star

This game is so much fun!!! Especially the ones where the stick man tries to escape!! WordsStory I give you 5 stars!!! I really do recommend this game!!!

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