Balls VS Lasers: A Reflex Game

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How fast are your reflexes?

Be the smartest and fastest of your friends in passing levels and increasing difficulty. One thing's for sure is you'll never put this game down!

Balls VS Lasers is a free and simple arcade game with laser beams and balls.


• Simple One-Touch Gameplay
• 100+ Levels
• Endless skins and balls
• Amazing graphics and artwork
• Awesome Soundtrack

How to Play:

Swipe anywhere on the screen to move the balls. Match laser with the ball of the same color and jump from one level to the next.

Remember: the journey is the reward.

Balls VS Lasers: A Reflex Game App Description & Overview

The applications Balls VS Lasers: A Reflex Game was published in the category Games on 2018-10-10 and was developed by Homa Games. The file size is 105.25 MB. The current version is 1.0.5 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

- More levels
- More colors

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Balls VS Lasers: A Reflex Game Reviews


Trash  TemboBreeki  1 star

The game is advertised everywhere, and the gameplay they show has music, but the actual game is just slow easy levels with no music and a dumb laser sound effect every time you block a line going across the screen, there is also constant ads averaging one 30 second ad every minute

your boy loves pizza

...  your boy loves pizza  2 star

So sensitive

Da'rell from Walmart

NOTHING LIKE THE AD!  Da'rell from Walmart  1 star

Don’t fall for the ad, this game has next to none of the content shown besides the fact that you spin two balls in a circle. The game doesn’t even have a way to return to the main menu once you start playing


Cool but I can’t move good and that’s it but the ads  CameronMatthewWilliams78  1 star

Good game I got to say just an but too many ads and it is bad ADD MUSIC

Stockton Rigby

Too many adds  Stockton Rigby  2 star

Too many adds but it’s fun


Really Addicting!  Rushdawg2003  5 star

I love the graphics of this, the quality is sooo satisfying!! It really gets me into the concept of this game! Thank the Developer for this game!! I love it! 5/5


Question?  viakpop  5 star

Its a great app and all but my question is just how many levels are there, Cuz I just hit level 345 and I was wondering how many levels till you beat the game?


I thought there would be music, so I could play to the beat  EmmettG05  1 star

I thought it would be like mobile version of beat saber


Pls help  CreepaDude33  1 star

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but whenever I play there isn’t any music and just weird laser sounds. I’ve tried downloading and deleting the game again. Can you fix this glitch?


Painful to play  ThanosBruh  1 star

There are so many ads when you mess up that it’s unplayable.


This game is so cool my mom has to tell me to get of the game  joogibeast  5 star

I give this game a100


False advertisement  uzielb1123  1 star

It’s nothing near what the advertisement shows it boring it has no music and it very bad when it comes to controls I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone not even the people u hate most it’s really bad both the game and company


It’s pretty decent  Wolfe1234456  3 star

The premise is pretty fun and something I enjoyed.But a thing that I don’t like is the sound effects.It gets repetitive and annoying.Everything else looks great.


AWESOME  juijefuinvrfiov  5 star

This game is so fun I totally recommend it


Why this game doo doo  chinachinachinachinacginachina  1 star

This game is doo doo because when I try to turn the balls it starts lagging and I know you people are doing that on purpose


Annoying  WolfBloodWarrior  2 star

The controls are awful

mr thunderdogs

Like it just a few problems  mr thunderdogs  5 star

So good just a few problems there are like the level is harder then it should be! Just make it 10% easy then you did it. 2- Stars! Now you can unlock new items. 1+ Star! Dislike Ad after every round! 3- Stars! Now a like! Add some more things to add like a spinning square! 30% Chance to be in your level! 100000+ Stars not really just 4+! Here’s my things App Store name: mr thunderdogs Video game name: Warriorlu15 YouTube account: Don’t have one Twitter account: Don’t have one Facebook account: Don’t have one Now here’s my app purchases in total even other games Total purchases: 20 Wait forgot to tell you. My name in Io. Games are DoggyGamer! Your player: mr thunderdogs

dumb games 500000000

Lied  dumb games 500000000  1 star

The adds are lying there is no music if it had music it would be better


Glitch  rockfordcocoa  4 star

I wish it did not have a glitch where if it was blue then it would move to red and you have to start all over again 😥😧☹️🥺😩 But other then that it’s grate

Chris Nicon

GreatbGame  Chris Nicon  5 star

This game is totally awesome great FPS great skins colors get hard and easy levels just a great game period/❤️🥶🤪

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