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Henry was the lead animator at Joey Drew Studios in its 1930s heyday, a studio that was best known for producing animated cartoons of their most popular and beloved character, Bendy. Many years later Henry receives a mysterious invitation from Joey Drew himself to return to the old cartoon workshop. Journey deep into the sketchy madness of this twisted cartoon nightmare.

Fight the darkness. Escape the Ink Demon. Fear the Machine.

• Varied Game Play! - First person combat, horror, puzzles, stealth and numerous hidden secrets.
• A Beautiful Cartoon World! - Lovingly crafted by a small indie studio.
• A Global Bendy Community! - Delve deep into the mystery and join the discussion at

Bendy and the Ink Machine App Description & Overview

The applications Bendy and the Ink Machine was published in the category Games on 2018-12-21 and was developed by Joey Drew Studios Inc.. The file size is 1.19 GB. The current version is 1.1.3 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

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Hevanly toys glitch  frenchie543  5 star

Whenever I get to hevanly toys my phone crashes and I can’t go past it can you please fix this I do love this game tho I just can’t get past level three because of this bug

De vil darling

My fave game, but glitches 😣- SPOILER ALERT -  De vil darling  5 star

When I first opened up the game, it was horrific and I LOVED THE CRAP OUT OF IT. Anyway, when I played through chapters one through two, no problems.Then I played through chapter three, left it, came back to it, and the door to Alice angels ‘date’ wouldn’t open. So then I had Boris disappear and I had to go to the heavenly toys room to find him. I then continued the chapter normally after hitting the doors with a gent pipe a few times. I continued the chapter and during the butcher gang fight, if I died, once I reached the end of the ink tunnel, my game would close and restart to the beginning of the fight. Then won the fight, and completed the chapter normally.But when I loaded chapter four, it would show the preview, then go to black for five seconds, and exit me from the game to my home screen. I went to select chapter and it did the same thing, I have reloaded my phone, done this many times and it infuriates me that I paid 6.99 to not have one of the best chapters of the game work. I went ahead and skipped to chapter five since I have seen the story MANY MANY times before I got the actual game and played it myself. No glitches so far in chapter five. I would appreciate if you would fix these small glitches for players that don’t have a computer to play the game. Good luck fixing this ‘demon’ in the game 😏😂!


Very great but one thing  Shadowbonnie1970  4 star

This is a great game but only one thing is buggy. Every time I go into the settings menu, the back button a buggy and won’t let me return. And results to me restart the app. Otherwise, this game would get a 5/5. 🙂


Glitchy and freezes  Bumblebiese  1 star

Okay I was so playing this game cause you know it’s one of my favorite games but it started freezing and crashing and glitching and I’m thinking to myself wth I paid for this app I feel like it should be worth it but nope can’t get past the Alice angel part without it crashing -btw I gotta iPhone 6 so I don’t know what the prob is plse fix it


THIS GAME IS EPIC!!!!!!!but there is a problem  cakegirlhadliy  5 star

I’m really upset that when I play chapter 3 my second fav chapter my game crashes.....but still this is a amazing game


Fix it  zombiefinder283  1 star

I just playing chapter 3 and it kick me out can you fix it please


Stuck  Friendlie  1 star

The app overall is decent because of length. Not very scared as it's more of on rails and nothing to explore. The environment is nicely detailed but pointless since you can't interact. Why have desks and drawers if you can't even open them. Very linear maps since like I said nothing to open just walk around. I'm also stuck in chapter three where you go to the heavenly level and collect 15 items. Nothing appears to collect. I updated the app and restarted but nothing. Which makes the app somewhat pointless since I can't continue. Was a 4 star app now it's a 1 since have to delete it.


Bendy and the ink machine why it’s the best game in the world  Montero103  5 star

I love this game he is I love how it tells the story and it’s the best ending ever my fav ret chapter is colossal wonders because I love how you badly brute boris that’s my fairer part of the game I love how you fight him and when Alison stabs alic angel that the best. My factor charicter is Henry stein. I love bendy and the ink machine.


Bugging  BenAlt11  1 star

I was on chapter 4 and the whole game reset and now I have to play from chapter 1


Problem  buddymaster7687  5 star

When you look close at the walls it is pixels I don’t like that.the message on the wall is pixels and ink on the wall.


Bendy has a problem  zombiejames28  5 star

I have been playing for ages and have completed it once’s. you know ales angles gate at her lair, well when you have to go in the gates a little bit open you can jump over it but Boris can’t so you can’t continue until Boris does please fix I have found no other issues so please fix this bug.


Sorry it’s me again- Amazing game  Queahii  5 star

I absolutely LOVE this game, the details, brightness and the characters. I finished chapter 3 and now I’m on chapter 4, every time I try to see the chapter, chapter 4 glitches me out of the game. It happens every time I try to continue the game. I’m not mad at all, just hoping if you can fix the problem. 😊 Thank you for this amazing, brilliant game!

Ginger phyco

Love it  Ginger phyco  5 star

Honestly the best horror game I have ever played. The plot was amazing and the gameplay was fun and a bit challenging at some points.


Lag  doritochips  4 star

I love the game, but there is one slight problem…I finished chapter two but when it loads to chapter 3 it stops and lags out of game. I was wondering in the next update or in the future that you could fix this problem.Im sure that other people would like this too.

the hellish bendy

Chapter 4 won’t work  the hellish bendy  5 star

I loved this game it was great but when I tried to play chapter 4 it would log me out of the game


Why this game is so easy 😅  MisakiShimizu  4 star

On my first day in the game completed chapter 1 now I am on Chapter 2 thank you for bendy and the ink machine 📲💰💸💵💴⚖️🤝😺🤗


I found a problem  Becpunk8  4 star

This game is great and I love the storyline but when I reach a specific point in chapter three It lags and crashes. I have tried everything I could think of to fix it but it won’t work but besides that I really enjoy playing this game. Thank you for making it available on mobile.


A slight problem  iiSimplyAmy  5 star

This game is absolutely amazing! I’ve finished it twice and would love to finish it again! It’s graphics are amazing and has a very spooky story line. But there’s a slight problem, on chapter 3, when I step out of the elevator on the quest ‘Date With An Angel’ Nothing happens. When I walk up to the door nothing happens. I think it’s because Boris keeps getting stuck at the two wooden poles, there’s a part that’s stopping him from going any further on the floor and it’s very inconvenient since I can’t actually play chapter three. If this could be fixed, I would and maybe some others, would be very happy! Thanks!

Sammy D B

This game crashes to much  Sammy D B  4 star

When I try to play the game all it does is crash plz fix bug

Kylie Start

Great but 5 problems  Kylie Start  4 star

In chapter 2 I could not find the stupid keys plz fix this bug and I can’t continue chapter 4 and open the last bendy land lever to get to brute Boris it always crashes my game as soon as I start the chapter plz fix this as well as that in the iPad version I notice you no how the ink demon spawns ink vines well in the mobile version it’s just so annoying because its ink a all over my screen witch makes it so hard to see plz also fix this oh and this is in the 1.1.2 as well as that it’s an amazing game oh and 2 more on mobile all chapters are all ready available as soon as I download the game that’s awesome and the archives wasn't but that is all


Can’t even play chapter 4  derpkitty  4 star

I played the whole story and chapter 4 crashes the game and chapter 3 is glitchy


It wont let Boris through great game though!  Oofer_roblox_O~o  4 star

Right after I meet Alice angel and Boris every time I go to chapter three there is always something blocking Boris’s way although it’s a very good game the only problem is that Boris can’t go through the gate to Alice angel


Fun game, chapter 4 keeps crashing every time it loads up  Gabbyluvsmusic100  4 star

So I will say from my experience with the past 3 chapters they were really fun from the art style of the game, to the voice acting even the puzzles!!! It’s really really fun but I’m having a minor problem when I go to chapter select every time I load up chapter four it loads it up but crashes immediately right after taking me back to my home screen causing me to go on and try to load it up again but the same thing happens any chance to fix this?


Alice door problem  Freddiegold  5 star

So I’m playing chapter three but can’t progress because Alice angels door is on the ground instead of where it normally is and I can jump over it but boris can’t so I would appreciate if you fixed

ufbeis drjdbxuevuzvehdddj

Crashing  ufbeis drjdbxuevuzvehdddj  5 star

I love the game but every time I get in it goes black and crashes


Bad  pohtato  3 star

In chapter 3 Boris can’t go in Alice place so please fix it i still like the game though


Very Disappointing Bug at the End of Chapter 3  BweenieBunny  4 star

So I have never written a review before but I felt the need to here. First of all, I would have given this game 5 stars without a second thought if not for an awful bug at the end of chapter 3. I cannot proceed past chapter 3 into chapter 4, whenever I press the continue button and try to, the game crashes. I have also tried clicking the chapters button and accessing it from there. The same thing happens, the entire game crashes. I really want to finish this game because it is so well made, unique, and compelling. So, I urge the developers etc. to please fix this bug as soon as possible. As well as another one I encountered in chapter 3. So, in chapter 3 Boris is supposed to open the door to Alice Angel. However, he got stuck and wouldn’t move at an open door a few feet away from the one he was supposed to fix. By using the elevator and going to random floors and coming back, I was able to fix it. But it was still very annoying so please fix that too. Otherwise, the game is great and would 10/10 recommend.


Help  AlexPlaysMinecraft😂  3 star

So this game is awesome but I have a glitch in chapter 3 where like Boris gets stuck after you get off the elevator and he can’t get to the door where Alice opens it. I can’t move on from there pls help


Would give 5 but...  wulfmanwolf  4 star

I love this game but I’m trying to play chapter 4 and it won’t let me. It just keeps crashing and shutting down. Please fix this


Good game but to much glitches  JWThomason  4 star

I was playing the game I got to chapter three but when I got there the game it just crashed but the only way to go to chapter three is to delete the game then you have to load the game again then it will let you play the game in chapter three it has internet connection in your car but it’s hard to see and the game will just glitch in front of your eyes


BENDY BENDY BENDY  Baldi1Fan  5 star

Best game I’ve ever played just plz make a run button


Good game but...  starmix26  4 star

There's a problem your gonna haft to fix The auto run! Chapter 3 is near impossible with trying to collect 3 bits of thick ink how I got it was just standing behind a spawn point and jabbing whenever u see a spout of ink

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