Bendy and the Ink Machine

Bendy and the Ink Machine [Games] App Description & Overview

Henry was the lead animator at Joey Drew Studios in its 1930s heyday, a studio that was best known for producing animated cartoons of their most popular and beloved character, Bendy. Many years later Henry receives a mysterious invitation from Joey Drew himself to return to the old cartoon workshop. Journey deep into the sketchy madness of this twisted cartoon nightmare.

Fight the darkness. Escape the Ink Demon. Fear the Machine.

• Varied Game Play! - First person combat, horror, puzzles, stealth and numerous hidden secrets.
• A Beautiful Cartoon World! - Lovingly crafted by a small indie studio.
• A Global Bendy Community! - Delve deep into the mystery and join the discussion at

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- Fix the bug uhhhhh

Whenever I go to Alice angel for her little I’m alive angel song she does her thing gets in a jump scare all is good until a couple seconds later the game crashes please fix this

- Can you do this pls?

Can you remove the black things when bendy comes can you instead but then on walls instead of screens? If you can do that thanks

- Bogue

Ce jeu est super cool mais a partir du chapitre 2 mon personnage ne bouge pas correctement mais chose pour la tête

- This is the best game ever made!

I had this when I was 5 and I still have it but I was sad when it ended the Adventure and I still wish Boris was alive I bet this game still has some bugs in it bye :3

- It is the best game ever

Love it but it is very laggy

- I don’t know why but I keep falling for the map at chapter 4?

Theys a glitch in your game

- Can’t load more than one

It would be awesome if you could load mor than one of your games I left one of my best games and by clicked start new by accident other wise awesome game but there are some bugs it glitches through the ground on low quality and when on high or medium quality it goes down to 10 or 5 FPS good game play and hope more of your games come out on mobile like the dark revival can’t wait to see the ending

- Is it me or is it that this game keep kicking me off

Can you fix this game bc it keeps kicking me off please I would be happy if you fix this game

- Good game but is very laggy

I can’t start up ch3 it closes the game when I click continue pls fix this problem!

- My Game keeps on lagging every time I fight a boss

Some times it crashes on me

- Refund!!!!

The game is nothing like it sea it is I spent 10 dollars fore this if I don’t get a refund I will report the game

- Chapter three glitch

It said date with an angel as my objective then it changed to find a new exit and I couldn’t do anything but walk on alices floor and I can’t walk to see her

- The games crashes

Amazing game but when I enter chapter 3 at some point the game just crashes and it brings me back to my home screen!!:( I’ve tried 5 times. What should I do?

- Please fix lag

The game is good but the problem is It kinda lags a lot please fix it Thank you :)

- Sharercher when I kill them

Shearcher it get s leggy when I kill them fix tomorrow at 1.00pm after lunch

- Laggy, but great game

I’ve been wanting to play this game for a while and I was going to get it on my pc but after I heard that it was out for phones, I scrapped the whole get for pc idea and just got it for my phone. After that I played it and it offered some good gameplay and graphics but the game is a bit laggy and because of that I only rate 4 stars. But overall incredible game!!!

- Whyyyyy

I CAN NOT play chapter four! When I get to the part where Boris is all spunky he kills me, it lags, then I’m kicked out and have to restart the WHOLE ENTIRE CHAPTER! I really wish I didn’t spent the ten dollars on this

- Good but...

The game is great, but I’m on chapter 3; and every 5 minutes it keeps crashing, so can you please fix that

- Add bendy and the dark revival 🙂🙂🙂🙂👍🙂🙂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hey Joey Drew Could You Add Bendy And The Dark Revival plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz On The Mobile Device For Free plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz


BEST GAME I EVER PLAYED IN MY LIFE make bendy and the dark revel on IPAD NOW also make it on App Store

- The best horror game I’ve ever played

This game is amazing, from its cartoon style and creepy puzzles, this game is the best thing I’ve ever played, and this is coming from someone who isn’t a horror fan! I’d suggest this game to my friends anytime.

- Please fix chapter 3

It crashes every 1 minute. Please fix it(in chapter 3)

- Game Laggy and Glitchy

This game is laggy and glitches me out of the game. But other than that it’s a pretty fun game, I would recommend playing it.

- I love a game

I really love a game but it so lagging I killing someone

- Chapter 3 and a little bit of four you can’t play

When I played chapter 3 it would go black and kick me off of the game and chapter 4 I can only play a little bit of it.



- Awesome game 😀😀😀😀😀

Really love the game I did complete it on mobile in one day 😱😱😱😱😱😱 and didn’t really get kicked out but hardest part was Alice angel sending you on errands. Great game though and please include sequel. Oh almost forgot “he will set us free”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

- I should’ve gotten the pc version

I was having a great time playing the game until the worst chapter of the game got even worse. Chapter 3... the chapter I already hated became more hated when the bugs and glitches occurred. First of all the came just crashed constantly, Then when i enter Alice’s lair the game just crashed. BUT WAIT THERES MORE! THEN when I got back into the game I got stuck on level 9, the elevator not working and all doors locked. When Bendy and the Dark Revival is released and comes out on mobile I hope it’s not a train wreck. I’m disappointed

- I can’t do anything on chapter 3

I’m stuck on chapter three. (Date with an angel) I’m in the big room where in the middle of the room it says “she’s quiet a gal” and I’m stuck the door won’t open and Boris disappeared. I can only click on the voice tape by Thomas Connor and the check in thingie. I’m stuck plz help😭

- Crashes

Chapter 3 keeps crashing when trying to summon elevator

- I love this game, but...

I love this game... I bought it with my own money... but after I passed level two, the game screen either went black and crashed, or I reached a certain point and it crashed! 🙃😕I would really like it if can be fixed! This game really rocks! .

- Love this game

I love this game but when I go to level 14 I get kicked out of the game. Can you guys fix this problem please thanks

- It’d be 5 stars if not for the crashes

Die during boss battles. Climb back to the light, crash. Repeat.

- It’s so laggy

I cant even play after Alice sings it kicks me off the game

- Can u fix the chapter three glitch?

Please fix it I can’t keep going onward

- An honestly mediocre port of an otherwise fun game.

When I first found out that Bendy and The Ink Machine was receiving an (official, mind you) port for mobile devices, I was more than ecstatic. One of my favourite horror games at the time was being brought to a device I have to work with! So I buy the app, like how anyone would expect. Guess what? It’s totally a nightmare! Lag left and right, unexpected errors and crashes, and wonky controls! Just slap on 20 ads every 10 minutes and it would be the equivalent of modern-day mobile games! And don’t get me started on the graphics. The textures look like they were rushed out and slapped on the map in 10 minutes. Looks like something I’d model! And glitches, glitches EVERYWHERE. One time during the “ritual” scene, Sammy Lawrence just up and T-posed out of the room and into the office! The model’s animations outright broke! I will never reinstall this. Want a good Bendy port? Get the Switch version. Or just stick with the Steam version.

- Problem

5 star, best game I ever played, but a problem: I can’t get into chapter 3, the game just crashes, and I know it isn’t a storage issue, because I have like 16 gb available

- Controller supported?

The game doesn’t appear to have controller support (ie. it didn’t work with my Gamevice), although it’s in the controller supported games section. Beyond that, the frame rate was poor on an XS Max. The atmosphere was intriguing, but not enough to keep my interest when I was hoping for something that ran more smoothly and worked with my controller.

- Fix the glitch!

This game is amazing and the graphics are really cool! But on chapter three the game glitches and shuts down, every time. Pls fix this!

- CANNOT play chapter 3 😭

I luv this game but in chapter 3 it lags me off the game please fix this

- Plz fix glitches

The game is awesome I love it but on chapter 3 it loads for 1 min and the screen goes black and kicks me out of the game and I’m back to the home screen I’ve tried to replay the chapters but it just does the same thing over and over and I can’t pay anything after chapter 2

- I can’t move to the next part

Do you know the part where are you got to get that valve from the searcher I believe I am stuck like in that area I phase through the stairs like a ghost so you wouldn’t mind fixing the bug I can continue on and get the feels

- Amazing, but a problem.

This game is amazing and works really well but there are a few problems. Firstly, The game gets laggy by each chapter. On chapter 1, The game is fairly good but still lags on some terms. Chapter 2 suddenly gets more laggy, and then Chapter 3 is extremely laggy. I cannot play chapter 4 because it keeps on crashing, And it’s sad that some realistic assets in Chapter 5 had to be removed so It just wouldn’t crash. This game, even with that tiny problem, Is amazing, And I’ve always wanted Bendy on mobile. Hopefully soon, We can get a Bendy Movie. :)

- Best Horror game in YEARS!

BEST GAME EVER, 10/10, LOVE IT!! 😊😊❤️❤️

- Please fix

Please fix the glitch it crashes every time in chapter 3 when you go to see the progesterone

- Can not finish chapter 2

Hi every time I open the sanctuary and spin the turn wheel and fight the searches then when I go to Sammy’s office the ink was still fluding the door. And so excited for BENDY AND THE DARK REVIVAL!!!

- Best story based game

Wow! This is the best story based game I’ve ever played! O my gosh it is so awesome 😎

- Fix it

Fix Fix FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!Now

- Super AW3S0M3

It is almost exactly the same as the pc game, but now you can jump. That wasn’t in the original one, but other than that, Meatly, YOU MADE 1 AWESOME GAME!!!!!

- No words to describe it.

I don’t like this game. THATS BECAUSE I LOVE IT! It’s so much fun! There’s no game I’d rather play then Bendy. Thank you, Meatly! <3

- Broken gate

When I go onto chapter 3 it won’t let pass the gate to get to Alice angel that’s ugly

- Bendy has a problem

I’ve finished the game once but in chapter two when you have to crush jack vain as a searcher when I went to crush him I fell through the floor and now it’s a black screen pls fix this

- Lights on the demon

Hi, I’m Alex and I just wanted to let you know about the light bugs and if you can (or not) put a little Secret in chapter archives with all the secret characters in it. The lighting bugs are Messing with the rooms in iPad edition, please fix this problem

- Best Game!

I cannot get over how perfect this game is, you NEED to play it. The storyline is perfect, the art, etc etc. I NEED ANOTHER GAME!!

- Spooky

I love this game because it gives me the spooks

- Please fix this!!

So I love the game but I can’t get to chapter 3 because it keeps crashing as soon as I finish chapter two please fix it because I want to play the full game

- Love it so much

WOW what a great game

- When Boris and the dark Survival on apple ipad

All I want to know if the Boris and the dark Survival is on iPhone iPod iPad Samsung.

- This is an upsetting glitch

Every time I get killed by brute Borris it restarts the app and I have to restart the whole chapter all over again can you please fix this?

- Annoying Bugs

While BATIM and Soon to be BATDR are such great games there are a few bugs that occur at random... Such as when walking the floor won’t register and you’ll fall into the Void. The Last bug occurs when you try to pick up some items they won’t get picked up so I have to go back into the game

- Can you make BATDR on mobile when it comes out plz

I know normally we have to what unit all the chapters come out but u can add them in updates

- Bendy :3

I love the graphics and features...I heard your making this new game "bendy and the dark revival" I am a big fan of this game and also..the keys are in one of the rubbish bins :v


I love this game so much that I have bought it for my computer as well. I cannot stop talking about it. And by doing so I have got all my friends roped into Bendy and the ink machine! But in this version I can’t play chapters 3 -5 can you tell me how to fix this please?

- Ummmm hi ummm good game and it’s better than any horro game good job witly

Ok I’m saying that this game was a perfect success and really good graphics but one thing how do ya find the witlys and when’s bendy and the dark revival coming Thank you for this game and great now good bye

- There’s some bugs

In chapter 4 when I was trying to power the haunted house, I was completing the mini games but none of the doors opened? I was hoping you this bug could be fixed. Also in chapter 3, there were some points when I couldn’t move at all. It was like I was stuck and it was very annoying. Please fix these bugs but over all the game is very good and I really enjoyed it!

- Pretty good, just a few issues

Amazing game as most know, but I‘ve had issues... When going out of the elevator the doors close automatically and if you walk into the spot behind the staircase you’re stuck, you can’t get to the button to open the door. Also the lag makes things really hard, I find it usually only lags when there’s the fog/smoke particles on screen. The part in the warehouse where you have to do the ball and shooting game lags a lot too making it almost impossible to actually complete and I can’t get past it..I hope you can fix this soon, I paid to play the whole game

- The chapter 3 glitch

I just downloaded this game and it was really awesome I beat chapter one and two but then when I tried to go on to chapter 3 the game glitched and exited out by itself I tried to go back in to chapter 3 again but it always crashes please for the life of me fix this bug

- I love it although

This is hands down my favourite game although in chapter 3 when I first met Alles the game keeps glitching out and making me restart the entire chapter

- Pls read!!

The game is awesome, challenging and scary but my game always crashes, it’s glitchy and you need to make it save progress. I just played and got to the ink monster town when I got there I went on to the deck and fell backwards out of the world! It didn’t even kill me and now I’m stuck!

- Bug, please fix.

You know how there’s the broken headphones on a box in chapter three? (were you see the projectionist) If you didn’t know, it’s an Easter egg added in after a YouTuber playing the game encountered a loading glitch that prevented him from continuing. I don’t actually know what the loading glitch was, but I think I discovered what happened without looking it up, because I think I’ve found a loading glitch myself. So usually, when your doing tasks, if you go to pause, it will show you how many things you need to collect if you need to collect things for that objective. In a part of chapter 3, your meant to collect five hearts, but I’ve collected at least two, can’t find anymore and the pause menu shoes I still have five to collect. I’m going to try resetting my save data, and playing it again, to see if that helps. I love bendy, so please fix this. Also, I once fell through the floor playing chapter 4 (chapter select), died, and respawned in the boss area (not having even opened door 1), so that was funny. I didn’t realise how you start the battle and thought I softlocked the game. Thank you.

- Used to be great until.....

I love bendy. I have bought numerous T-shirts and caps even though I didn’t have the console edition or a pc to handle the game. Then mo ile came out and all my dreams came true. But NOT ALL dreams came true. So I was loving the game got up to the boss fight in chapter about to finish when I decided to do the FIRST update. Ever since my game crashed at the final fight. So thought buggy I’ll just start a new game it’ll be fun any way. NOPE! My game now runs like a treat, until CHAPTER 3. When I get up to the part where Boris goes into the vent to open the door (pretty much at the beginning) my game freezes and crashes. I decided to soldier on and turned off all dialog, music, sound effects and even sub titles to continue. It worked right up about 30 more seconds into the chapter where it crashes at the first viewing of heavenly toys. 😤 So I decided to skip three and go on with chapter 4. It worked fine, a bit laggy where you gotta get the ink off one of the swollen ones to get the cog out of on of the mini ink machines but other than that fine. Until I got to Bendy land. No matter what I do it just crashes not just the game but my WHOLE IPAD. (IPad Air 1 (2013 or 14 I think) CRASHES! So I decided to change my rating from FIVE STARS! To ONE STAR. Don’t get me wrong I still love bendy and this is a great game but I’m just puzzled and disappointed why these last few updates aren’t fixing the problem that update number one CAUSED! Please fix PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE! - A fan oscar (P.s I know this is almost a year since the first update but that’s because I deleted the game hoping that over time the problem would be fixed but after re-downloading it again about a month ago I’ve noticed nothing has changed. Also my phone can’t run it (IPhone five S) so please focus on fixing this problem for my iPad.) thanks.

- A GIANT problem in batim

I looooooove this game soooo much but on chapter 3 i cant play it i click continue it loads and my game crashes pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase fix this cheers

- Great game🙂 but to many lags In chapter 3

When I get up to heavenly toys in chapter 3 IT LAGS AT THE TOY MCHINE! END THE LAGS!😡☹️🙁😕😟😔😣😖😫😩🥺😢😭😭😤😠😡

- Hint

So in chapter 2 if you can’t find the keys check every bin

- The ink is the only way

The ink is the only way to know if bendy is near so yeah it’s the only way

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love this app to death. My friends watched me play through the whole thing and watched me rage. So I’m gonna play it again now that I know what to do and what to expect❤️



- Could you add bendy and the dark revival on iPad and mobile

There is only bendy and the ink machine and nightmare run so pls add dark revival


I found a bug in the second chapter. When I went to the infirmary (before I drained the ink out of it) I walked into the ink and I feel down under the stairs, I couldn’t get out so I had to restart it. Please fix this bug so future gamers don’t have to go through that. Thank you and I hope u have a good day/night!!!! <3

- Sanctuary

I can’t get into the sanctuary iv played his song but I can’t get in plz fix this

- I can’t go to the last chapter

I cannot find out how to go to chapter 6 with it locked!

- Love this game

I love this game. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a scare with fun loveable characters that look amazing as the ink forms from the ink machine. The storyline is amazing too.

- Crashes all the time cannot get past level 14

Was a good game till it started crashing all the time! Paid $10 for a game I can’t play! Cannot get past level 14 after getting out of the elevator.. extremely frustrating please fix the bugs.

- chapter 5

How do you complete chapter 5 I need answers How?

- Meh

In chapter 4 Where the butcher gang are in the room next to them the room without the robot the floor is glitched I fall through the fall please fix I can’t beat chapter 4 if you don’t fix

- Love this game

I really loved this game but after finishing the game I never played ever again because it consumes my battery too quickly and I don’t want that to happen

- I can not get the keys

When I find the keys I can’t crab them so please can you fix it Joey Drew Studios inc. and the game is kind of laggy so please can you fix it on the iPad 👍🙃

- Spoilt by crashes

A good game while it’s working, but prone to repeated crashes at certain points. When this happens it becomes unplayable.

- When is new game coming out

Hello I love the game but I wanted to know when bendy and the dark reveal was coming out? Thanks

- What

I’ve been playing this game for a while and on chapter 3 collect the ink hearts when I go down the steps it keeps glitching and constantly keeps turning off by itself. If this is a bug or my storage has gone ballistic please just please keep me update because I need it to be updated to fix these glitches. Thanks for listening and I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND!

- Crashes

It’s really fun but one down side is in chapter 3 it crashes when you have to find another exit and chapter 5 it crashes when I’m just about to kill bendy

- A lot of crashes

Amazing game, but every time I get into the elevator in chapter 3. It sometimes crashes and some of my progress is lost, great game though but I would like this to be fixed

- Bendy has a problem

I have been playing for ages and have completed it once’s. you know ales angles gate at her lair, well when you have to go in the gates a little bit open you can jump over it but Boris can’t so you can’t continue until Boris does please fix I have found no other issues so please fix this bug.

- Sorry it’s me again- Amazing game

I absolutely LOVE this game, the details, brightness and the characters. I finished chapter 3 and now I’m on chapter 4, every time I try to see the chapter, chapter 4 glitches me out of the game. It happens every time I try to continue the game. I’m not mad at all, just hoping if you can fix the problem. 😊 Thank you for this amazing, brilliant game!

- Lag

I love the game, but there is one slight problem…I finished chapter two but when it loads to chapter 3 it stops and lags out of game. I was wondering in the next update or in the future that you could fix this problem.Im sure that other people would like this too.

- Chapter 4 won’t work

I loved this game it was great but when I tried to play chapter 4 it would log me out of the game

- Why this game is so easy 😅

On my first day in the game completed chapter 1 now I am on Chapter 2 thank you for bendy and the ink machine 📲💰💸💵💴⚖️🤝😺🤗

- I found a problem

This game is great and I love the storyline but when I reach a specific point in chapter three It lags and crashes. I have tried everything I could think of to fix it but it won’t work but besides that I really enjoy playing this game. Thank you for making it available on mobile.

- A slight problem

This game is absolutely amazing! I’ve finished it twice and would love to finish it again! It’s graphics are amazing and has a very spooky story line. But there’s a slight problem, on chapter 3, when I step out of the elevator on the quest ‘Date With An Angel’ Nothing happens. When I walk up to the door nothing happens. I think it’s because Boris keeps getting stuck at the two wooden poles, there’s a part that’s stopping him from going any further on the floor and it’s very inconvenient since I can’t actually play chapter three. If this could be fixed, I would and maybe some others, would be very happy! Thanks!

- This game crashes to much

When I try to play the game all it does is crash plz fix bug

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- Fun game but crashes constantly

This game is amazing but when I try to play chapters, 3, 4 and 5, the game loads for 20 or 30 seconds then crashes me out!

- Good but pls fix the lagging pls

It’s keeps on lagging but is very fun

- Bug in chapter three

There is something wrong in chapter 3 level nine. Boris won’t come out of the elevator so the gate won’t open. Please fix this because I love the game.

- Pls Fix This

i dont like when after chapter 2 and goes to chapter 3 it crashes pls pls pls FIX IT!

- Very Laggy It gets Worse

When ever I play chapter3 at level 14 When Alice Says Shhhh... I aways get kicked back to the Fricken Home screen and it is just Very ANNOYING!!!

- Please fix this

It has come to my attention that in my game every time I log on to a chapter it glitches out and crashes please fix this it would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time

- I love this game but...

When r u ever going to fix the crashing problem right after Chapter 2? It’s getting really annoying that it still didn’t get fixed. I’ve been patient and now I’m annoyed because I’d like to continue with my progress saved.

- Now I can get into every chapters 1-5

Well when I went into any chapters it shows the loading screen and goes black pretty fast but it doesn’t kick me out anymore and Brings me into the game but it’s faster I’m happy now that I can play it again thank you have a good day. 😁

- Glitch on Chapter 3 Still There

The gate on Level 9 is still not opening, even though the company said this glitch was fixed. I did not pay 11$ to Not play this game. Please fix it soon; I love this game but it’s hard to enjoy myself when I can’t play through an entire chapter

- Boris is Stuck

When every I play chapter 3, Boris always gets stuck just before Alice’s door. I can’t get him to move.

- Can’t get to chapter 3

I liked the first 2 chapters but when I tried to play the 3rd one it went black and kicked me out otherwise it’s great I just wish I could play chapter 3

- Glitch in chapter 3

Boris won’t go to Alice angle in chapter three 😡😡😡 I’d like to see it be fixed. I spent 11$ dollars on this !!!!!!

- Why

I payed 10.00$ for the game and not able to pass level 3 because Boris gets stuck when I have a date with a angel so please fix it.

- We are working on it

We are working on the second game and not fixing bugs in the first that will be are second priority sincerely kindly Beast

- Idk what to do

So I’m in chapter 3, I’m supposed to have the “date with the angel” but whenever I get to the big door, Boris always gets stuck and doesn’t move. I’ve replayed the chapter over 5 times and nothing. I can’t go on from it...but otherwise it’s an amazing game!

- Updates are breaking the game

Before, Chapter 4 was playing fine, I didn’t think there would be much problems since I use a newer phone, but because of the latest update, the game crashes when I try to open Chapter 4. On top of that, the game lags a lot more because of the updates. Please fix.

- Noice but little oopsie

I love this game but for some reason I can’t seem to get into chapter 4 now it worked fine before.....

- I love it but...

There’s a problem on chapter 3 where I can’t go into Alice angel’s door. please fix it 🙁

- It is a little bit good

It is a little bit good but the chapters are really really hard😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Great but it needs achievements

I like thThis game but I wish like on the PC this had achievements such as the one in the archives where you stand proud

- I Can’t talk to boris

Please fix it because when i get the objective It’s not working I can’t talk to boris the dialogue is not working.

- It’s a fun game but it keeps kicking me out

If you can fix this problem with kicking me out the game that would be great and I would rate it 5🌟

- Bendy

The hand is easy thx for makeing this game

- Chapter Five

I love chapter five, But i need a solution to cross the ink river, That giant bendy hand is a very hard obsticle... Other than that, The game is awesome!

- Keeps kicking me out

I'm on chapter 4, and during brute boris boss fight, when i die after hitting him like three times with the wrench, it glitches out and kicks me out of the game. Please fix

- Good but crashes a lot on chapter 3

I can complete the first 2 chapters but not chapter 3 because of the crashes I believe it’s the graphics that my iPad can’t handle can you fix it please

- I like the game but...

Every time I try chapter three, four or five it kicks me out! For real please fix it and fast

- Very good but...

Game works but when I go to chapter 3 it crashes.

- Help

Your game is wonderful, Nice effect you take care of your talent and you asume it . Your studio worked hard. If you where able ton creat this art work you could fix it. There is a glitch at chapter tree that you cant Play it because it kicks you out. Ink creature and other stuff are lagy. if you here this message. Dosent mean i am mad. I am proud of you because i know you could do better. Thank you!

- Resolution/ frame rate

I’m on an iPad Pro 2018 12.9 and I find the resolution is low and there’s too much aliasing. Please make this game support the resolution of my device, as high end users would like higher frame rate and resolution please.

- Won’t let me play chapter 3 plz fix

Still a fun game tho

- Add Bluetooth controller support

I expected Bluetooth controller support for this price. Extremely frustrating to play with virtual controls. Great game unfortunately quite unplayable on parts where you have to be quick.

- Laggy and constant crashing

This game is really good. The first 2 chapters ran smoothly, but once chapter 3 started it got really laggy it’s almost unplayable. It’s the worst when there’s a lot of ink around me. Plus, it started crashing like every 10 min. Hope a new update can resolve this.

- Keeps crashing

It keeps crashing pls fix it


I honestly love this game so much and I’m such a bendy fan I have soo much bendy stuff and I really love this gameeee!!!!

- Crashes on bendy fight

I was almost finished with the bendy fight and then it crashes for no reason please fix it im on iPhone 6S other then that it still a great game.

- Great Gameplay!

The game is fantastic! But the one downside is whenever I start Chapter 3, it immediately crashes. The other chapters work perfectly fine. I’m also an iPod user, which probably doesn’t make a difference to how I play.

- Refund

Its a really good game! But after you play it 2 times it gets kinda old. I was just wondering if i could refund it?

- Great game but crashes

The game crashes ever time when you are fighting the bad Boris. If you die while he is throwing the train cars the game shuts down. Please fix so we can continue playing. Thanks

- My opinion

Good game, but needs more levels and better story . It needs better detail because the game is not so scary or interesting .Also you should be Able to see yourself when you walk, hide, and ride boat And you should start with a ax

- Better without lag

I got the game on my Xbox it’s a no lag no problem but on iPad it’s ALOT Different it’s super laggy but still great but still please fix I’m really fan of the game I played it everyday and I would play chapter 1 and 4 like 3 times but again please fix

- Please fix this game

when I was leaving The game to play something else when I was on chapter 5 it crashed please fix this game

- I love the game

It’s so good

- My review

This is the best game ever all though I wish it was compatible with my iPad but beside that it’s awesome


The game keeps crashing. Pls fix. Always crashes at levels 3-4-5

- Love the game, fix the crash

I absolutely love this game. It’s an obsession, and I’m so happy it was finally released for mobile. But it crashes when I try to start chapter 3..... can someone fix this?

- I know everyone is saying this

But please I’ve wanted to play this game for ages please please please fix the glitch that crashes the game at chapter 3 currently updating it hope it works (AMAZING GAME BTW) Update- update made it worse 🙃


I think bendy and the ink machine for mobile is amazing! This was a great game and I always wanted it now I have it! Thanks meatly or kindly beast!

- 😡😡😡

Getting really MAD with the glitch and not being able to pass level three I payed over $11 dollars for this game and I expect it to work. You even said you FIXED IT I have tried restarting, re-downloading and still nothing is working this game is an absolute rip off

- Amazing!

Just like the game on PC! If it freezes at the start of each episode, just restart the app.

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- Great but 5 problems

In chapter 2 I could not find the stupid keys plz fix this bug and I can’t continue chapter 4 and open the last bendy land lever to get to brute Boris it always crashes my game as soon as I start the chapter plz fix this as well as that in the iPad version I notice you no how the ink demon spawns ink vines well in the mobile version it’s just so annoying because its ink a all over my screen witch makes it so hard to see plz also fix this oh and this is in the 1.1.2 as well as that it’s an amazing game oh and 2 more on mobile all chapters are all ready available as soon as I download the game that’s awesome and the archives wasn't but that is all

- Controls difficult to use

I couldn’t get into this game much as the controls are so awkward on an iPad. The “invert” option only inverts the controls when looking up and down, not left to right. Shame as it looks like it would be a cool game if the controls were not so awkward.

- Project

Can you please make it easier to kill the projectornist With the gent pipe and the axe please

- Some thing is wrong

I cant get heavenly toys my game glitchs I once got pass so now I can’t get to the butcher gang because it glitches out love the game and I lose my darter :)😢😘

- I can’t describe how much I love this game but..

Well, I love the game sooooooo much. It’s all I ever talk about at school, and I have most of the collector things like pops and other stuff. And the first few times I played it was perfect. But then, after a while I went on to play the game again, and I turned on the ink machine and then it started lagging. Like really really bad, one frame a second. And now the game is unplayable unless I restart my iPad. Can you pleeeeeeease fix it, cause I really want to play the game again! :( other than that, I loved the game a lot! I can’t believe the amount of work and dedication put into it, and also I am looking forward to the new game being released. I am subscribed to all of your channels, and I love when you put the audio logs and teasers out, and I look forward to when those two books are being released. Thanks! :D

- NEED MORE BENDY!!! 🥰🥰😍😍😍😆😆😆

i love this game and it became my favourite! but pls make more. when i searched "bendy" i only got 2 options. this game and nightmare run, i realllllllly want more! this game is my life and i want more! ummmm. like boris came back to life! or... sammy joined you'r team! and so on. pls make more!!!! 😊☺️🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️

- Joy stick problem 😓

The game is very good but problem is that can you make the joy stick bigger.

- Elevator Glitch

I love the game but what I don’t like is the elevator glitch where you get stuck in the elevator with Boris. Can you please fix that because I’m get tired of being in one room

- Good!

This game is overall the greatest game that I have ever played, although there are a few things; when I look around, or even walk, it it very glitchy. And when I get to the toy machine on chapter 3, the game keeps crashing. Overall, it a great game.

- I love it but

Chapter 2,3,4 and 5 are very laggy and very hard to move the rest amazing

- Chapter 3 and up problem

I can’t access chapter 3,4 and 5 when I go to chapter select I can’t get on to these chapters I am guessing it doesn’t work on my iPad but if it does please fix this

- Crashes

In chapter three in level 14 whenever I get the first heart and go down the stairs Alice tells you about the projectionist it crashes could you fix it great game btw on my top 3

- Keeps glitching

Its super fun but when i look at the Carnival ride boss it glitched so bad

- Best game ever

Omg I luv this game it’s great I luv how it’s horror and you need to think to complete the puzzles, the only thing I don’t like is how when u go to the inky darkness where the projector guy is it’s really hard and it doesn’t really specify how many ink hearts you need to find but other than that I absolutely adore this game. I bought it on PS4 and loved it and now that it came on the App Store, I legit had a mini party I was so excited I had to buy it again. Thx BATIM Fan

- Great game

My sister loves playing this, we have one problem when we load chapter 3 it kicks us out of the game

- Good game but does not save

Lacking a save feature means a loss of progress during long chapters. Gameplay is fun but the lack of saving and glitching during key moments means I am forced to repeat chapters over and over which is very annoying.


So first of all I really would like to thank you for adding bendy on MOBILE I waited years for this yay I love bendy so much!

- Lags

This game is brilliant! I’ve been waiting forever for it to come out on IOS. The graphics are wonderful too. Only problem is the lags. It makes the gameplay a bit harder, especially when you’re running from bendy. Please fix the lags. Otherwise, great game!

- Great game! Fix bugs please Developers.

Great game, great price on iPhone, paid $80 on Nintendo Switch, though my game froze Chapter 3 when projectionist chased me, then when I restarted app the hearts wouldn’t spawn again so had to start entire game again 😔 playing on iPhone XS Max.

- It’s great but

Chapter 5 needs to be updated to make when you run away from the bendy hand

- Is meatly trolling

Um meatly is wasn’t laggy anymore and then it lags again after the next day okay plz meatly fix it

- The game won’t let me access chapters 3, 4, and 5

The game won’t let me access chapters 3, 4, and 5 I tried continuing from chapter 1 and 2 but it did NOT work, then I tried to play it from chapter select and it still would not work. This is disappointing and annoying since I payed $10.99 for the whole game and only have access to 2 chapters. I would like to play what I paid for Please fix this problem

- MONEY back please :)

After chapter 2 when I met with Alice angel on the 1st mission it loged me out ethier fix this or money back plz:)

- Crashing

I love this game so much it is literally the most creative animated game ever but only thing that I don’t like is how it crashes and lags out when I’m getting to the next chapter it won’t let me get past chapter 2 so that I can go to three can you guys please do something about that cause I want to know what happens next please get this fixed🙂

- Perfect plot, crashing screen

This is my favourite game, the story is the most creative and well fitting plot ever. I understand that some customers of the game do not feel satisfied completely with the plot, but please do not change anything about it because it is inconceivably perfect, anyway the mobile version was working really well for me, but now the screen keeps on crashing while the chapters loading and I’d be really grateful if you could figure out a way to potentially solve this problem, love the game, thank you so much.🙂

- Good game, but very laggy

Playing on iPad Pro 3rd Gen, & the game is running at sub 30fps. Please kindly fix this as it really affects the experience


Well, hi meatly and every staff reading this. I just wanna point out that, me and my friends looked through the batims (every chapter) code and found out that there is not happy ending... I was SUPER depressed after that. I didn't say i hate this game, As much as i love bendy and its amazing community, I am still depressed that there is no happy ending. So please when you guys update the mobile and pc version, add a happy ending and i will rate this gamw 10/10 iv rated it 6/10

- I love it

I have waited so long for it to come out on iOS and it was definitely worth the wait

- Can you make it brighter please?

Thank you for putting this game on mobile but I really want to recommend the games brightness to be brighter so I can see what is happening I can’t see anything. I don’t want to use all of my battery on my iPad brightness so please make it brighter next update 👍👍



- Amazing, Fantastic, Fabulous!

This is just perfect, it’s really good controls and surprisingly the graphics are as good as PC. I can now experience BATIM on IOS! Thank you Bendy Team!

- A note to the meatly

Yo meatly it’s me again I want to tell you a quick message I know I love bendy and the ink machine it’s my favorite game on iPad but it’s very laggy could you please fix this laggy problem pleasessssse?

- very laggy

Every time a character moves, the game slows down and makes itself unplayable

- Awesome but laggy

Hey meatly I am a big fan of bendy so I downloaded bendy on mobile(on the ipad). It was very laggy then I tried it on the phone and wasn’t laggy. I’m sure it’s laggy because the storage. If it isn’t please fix it. Thx

- Awesome

Thanks I can now play on mobile

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Bendy and the Ink Machine 1.1.3 Screenshots & Images

Bendy and the Ink Machine iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bendy and the Ink Machine iphone images
Bendy and the Ink Machine iphone images
Bendy and the Ink Machine iphone images
Bendy and the Ink Machine iphone images
Bendy and the Ink Machine iphone images
Bendy and the Ink Machine ipad images
Bendy and the Ink Machine ipad images
Bendy and the Ink Machine ipad images
Bendy and the Ink Machine ipad images
Bendy and the Ink Machine ipad images
Bendy and the Ink Machine Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Bendy and the Ink Machine Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Bendy and the Ink Machine (Version 1.1.3) Install & Download

The applications Bendy and the Ink Machine was published in the category Games on 2018-12-21 and was developed by Joey Drew Studios Inc. [Developer ID: 1276738965]. This application file size is 1.19 GB. Bendy and the Ink Machine - Games posted on 2019-04-29 current version is 1.1.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Bendy and the Ink Machine Advisories: Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Frequent/Intense Horror/Fear Themes

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