Bendy and the Ink Machine

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Henry was the lead animator at Joey Drew Studios in its 1930s heyday, a studio that was best known for producing animated cartoons of their most popular and beloved character, Bendy. Many years later Henry receives a mysterious invitation from Joey Drew himself to return to the old cartoon workshop. Journey deep into the sketchy madness of this twisted cartoon nightmare.

Fight the darkness. Escape the Ink Demon. Fear the Machine.

• Varied Game Play! - First person combat, horror, puzzles, stealth and numerous hidden secrets.
• A Beautiful Cartoon World! - Lovingly crafted by a small indie studio.
• A Global Bendy Community! - Delve deep into the mystery and join the discussion at

Bendy and the Ink Machine App Description & Overview

The applications Bendy and the Ink Machine was published in the category Games on 2018-12-21 and was developed by Joey Drew Studios Inc.. This application file size is 1.19 GB. Bendy and the Ink Machine current version is 1.1.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Additional Bug Fixes

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Bendy and the Ink Machine Comments & Reviews

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dsb80   4 star

Chapter 3 problem. When I reach the final thing in chapter three using the axe to cut the bendy cut outs when I fisnished the 15 it said 1 I don’t know why this happended

knoxhoff   2 star

Level 3. Why is the game shutting down every time I get to level 3?

kohlmoorey   4 star

Game is not finished. This needs an update because I can’t go on chapter 3 because it crashes every time please update or I want a refund and I definitely have enough storage so please update or give me my money back!!!

GracieGamer852   5 star

The Game that changed my life. If you are wondering about getting this game you are reading the right review. This game is a horror game full of adventure!!! If your child it ok with death, horror, and darkness this game should be ok 👌. If not I would wait a little. If you think this game has intense jump scares your wrong because you can tell when something will happen. I fell in love with bendy and the ink machine because of the action. It is full of adventure as you try to escape Joey Drew’s studio. I hope you love the game as much as I do! Bye

AlexDRAWS   3 star

I can’t find the last heart in chapter 3 it’s like the game didn’t. put the 5th heart in...maybe it’s a glitch but I’ve looked everywhere I mean everywhere and it’s no where I can’t find it! It gets me frustrated sometimes because I think the game is trolling me but the monster also gets me on the other side of the wall!

Rlima560   4 star

Great Game! Must Buy!. I’ve played basically every puzzle/adventure app for iphone and was excited to try this one out and it was definitely not what I was expecting. This game is one of a kind, none like it for a mobile game. It’s scary, in a jump scare sense, suspenseful and exciting! I 100% recommend! That being said, there are definitely some bugs while playing, none that really made me dislike the game. Some characters got stuck, I fell through the map once, some glitching but nothing that wasn’t easily fixed. This is to be expected with every game and it didn’t ruin my experience. Overall it took me, a busy college student, around 5 days to complete, which i think makes the price worth it!

ysshshxhshjsjsjs   5 star

Very fun. After I installed bendy it instantly fell in love with it and I do recommend to wear headphones when playing also bendy is my favorite so far in the story thank you for making this game

xenomorph1128   5 star

Awesome but needs bug fixes and better graphics. This game is very fun I am getting all the merch the only request I make is to fix the bugs where after you collect all five ink hearts it still does not let you get the Tommy gun

Freddiegold   5 star

Just a small bug. So this game is great but at the end of chapter 2 bendy spawns but when I run away he gets stuck at the beginning of the chase so please fix this other wise this game is great

Navy Cobra 44   5 star

My fav. Best game of all time good graphics good story good characters all and all awesome.

SnowKillerSpringTrap   5 star

MY FAVORITE GAME. I LOVE BaTIM (and can’t wait for BATDR) and this is My favorite game,I got it at (I believe) 8:43 and it took me 3 hours to beat! THANK YOU SO MUCH MEATLY!

Siouanj13   5 star

glitches. In chapter 4 I was in the little crate that you have to power on with a gear and near end on little crate I was pushing the jump button and I flew out and died and I respond in the room were you walk up stairs and Alice is talking but when I respond Alice didn’t talk and the hands coming out of wall didn’t come out and when I was at room were you climb in a vent I could not get inside and it would not let me grab the flashlight Please fix this

Leahismyworld!   3 star

Greatest. Can’t play chapter 3

Cheeseit1111   5 star

Exelent 5-Star Game But.... It Crashed In The Middle Of Chapter 3, and when I tried to play chapter 4, it crashed when I fought giant Boris. No Complains With Chapters 1,2,and 5,though. Keep Up The Great Work😀😀😀 And Also One More Glitch, I Tried To Look At The Meatly Games Reference And Fell Out Of Exitstance...😐

glitches(6))4   5 star

Bendy c3 glitch. I love this game But I just want to tell you that if you shut the elevator door on chapter 3 elevator level k wile Benny’s chasing you he will glitch out.

bendy chapter three bug   5 star

Please help me. I played chapter three I get like only a few seconds to play this and then it glitches me out please fix this bug

DaveyGioD   1 star

Disappointing. Waste of money since the app consistently crashes when you get to chapter 3. You literally cannot advance. Pass on this app.

LANE .K   5 star

Greatest horror game ever!. The style is unique and sound track gives me chills! It’s a blast to play and it’s not wifi so I can play in the car but some glitches take away from the game but overall a great game!

Gorillanator   3 star

Needs bug fixes. I love the game! But when I try to fix the Heavenly Toys machine it either won’t work, or it will trap me where Shawn Flynn’s audio log is. The way it traps me is the Toy Shelves will basically just trap me in there. Like there would be no open space, and I would either need to go out of the game and not play for about ten minutes, or restart the app. Please fix this bug. Thanks for listing.

ssaline   5 star

I’m stuck on ch.3 so. I’m still stuck on chapter 3 pls fix bug and it kicked me out of the game pls fix glitch out of game and pls make it so it smooth

kessperrt   5 star

This is a great game. This is a great game defiantly worth the buy not many phone games have this good of graphics and I never encountered one glitch great great game so happy with it

:D shszhs   3 star

I can’t find the book?. I like bendy it’s like cuphead one of my faviotre games but in cp 1 I can find the book

DucmanDon   4 star

Good buuuuut.... It keeps crashing in stage III.

ImNotItzJay   5 star

Frustrated. When i play chapter 3 it kicks me out help please chapter 3 is my favorite chapter. I’m getting mad.

joseph wendel   5 star

Just a comment. I have one thing to say to Sammy Lawrence, SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR GOSH DARN LIFE GEEES SAMMY IS MY LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER!!!! ( No offense Meatly Studios😁) Also I think it’s funny that my name is Joey Wendel and in the game there is a guy named Joey Drew!!! Funny right?!

ScaleyWeasel   5 star

Please read. Can you fix the camera glitches

Rayden148   5 star

I can’t play chapter 3. So play chapters 1 and 2 fine and when it loads chapter 3 it kicks me out I f the game so idk the if it broken or I don’t have a lot of storage left. By the way I’m on iPad mini 3 so I don’t know if that effects the game. Please tell me if I’m doing something wrong or it the game it self. If it the game can u updated so I can play. Thx. If you can’t fix it can u refund me.

Koen 786   5 star

The art department. I really think you should add something in the art department in chapter 1.And I really like this game.

eddrton   5 star

Bendy. Bendy

HjakiTheMonsterRider   5 star

Love this!. I’m a big Bendy fan. I watched others play the entire game as each chapter came out. I recently got the game myself for my iPad Pro, but I encountered something slightly odd. I don’t know if this is normal or not for the mobile/app versions, but whenever I walked through steam or an enemy (like a Searcher) appeared/died, the game lags a bit. Is there anything I can do to fix this or make it happen less or does the game need an update?

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ISMOKEDZ   5 star


disaster survier   5 star

Awesome game 😀😀😀😀😀. Really love the game I did complete it on mobile in one day 😱😱😱😱😱😱 and didn’t really get kicked out but hardest part was Alice angel sending you on errands. Great game though and please include sequel. Oh almost forgot “he will set us free”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

byfzroddhtxucy   2 star

I should’ve gotten the pc version. I was having a great time playing the game until the worst chapter of the game got even worse. Chapter 3... the chapter I already hated became more hated when the bugs and glitches occurred. First of all the came just crashed constantly, Then when i enter Alice’s lair the game just crashed. BUT WAIT THERES MORE! THEN when I got back into the game I got stuck on level 9, the elevator not working and all doors locked. When Bendy and the Dark Revival is released and comes out on mobile I hope it’s not a train wreck. I’m disappointed

uwu cat   5 star

I can’t do anything on chapter 3. I’m stuck on chapter three. (Date with an angel) I’m in the big room where in the middle of the room it says “she’s quiet a gal” and I’m stuck the door won’t open and Boris disappeared. I can only click on the voice tape by Thomas Connor and the check in thingie. I’m stuck plz help😭

gotytrf   4 star

Crashes. Chapter 3 keeps crashing when trying to summon elevator

balzinblaze   5 star

I love this game, but.... I love this game... I bought it with my own money... but after I passed level two, the game screen either went black and crashed, or I reached a certain point and it crashed! 🙃😕I would really like it if can be fixed! This game really rocks! .

Tiles Liam fry   5 star

Love this game. I love this game but when I go to level 14 I get kicked out of the game. Can you guys fix this problem please thanks

Anfour71   4 star

It’d be 5 stars if not for the crashes. Die during boss battles. Climb back to the light, crash. Repeat.

henlohooman   5 star

It’s so laggy. I cant even play after Alice sings it kicks me off the game

foxy the foxy girl   1 star

Can u fix the chapter three glitch?. Please fix it I can’t keep going onward

Kieran Marshall Craft   2 star

An honestly mediocre port of an otherwise fun game.. When I first found out that Bendy and The Ink Machine was receiving an (official, mind you) port for mobile devices, I was more than ecstatic. One of my favourite horror games at the time was being brought to a device I have to work with! So I buy the app, like how anyone would expect. Guess what? It’s totally a nightmare! Lag left and right, unexpected errors and crashes, and wonky controls! Just slap on 20 ads every 10 minutes and it would be the equivalent of modern-day mobile games! And don’t get me started on the graphics. The textures look like they were rushed out and slapped on the map in 10 minutes. Looks like something I’d model! And glitches, glitches EVERYWHERE. One time during the “ritual” scene, Sammy Lawrence just up and T-posed out of the room and into the office! The model’s animations outright broke! I will never reinstall this. Want a good Bendy port? Get the Switch version. Or just stick with the Steam version.

weni879   5 star

Problem. 5 star, best game I ever played, but a problem: I can’t get into chapter 3, the game just crashes, and I know it isn’t a storage issue, because I have like 16 gb available

mike2520   2 star

Controller supported?. The game doesn’t appear to have controller support (ie. it didn’t work with my Gamevice), although it’s in the controller supported games section. Beyond that, the frame rate was poor on an XS Max. The atmosphere was intriguing, but not enough to keep my interest when I was hoping for something that ran more smoothly and worked with my controller.

Laviooo   5 star

Fix the glitch!. This game is amazing and the graphics are really cool! But on chapter three the game glitches and shuts down, every time. Pls fix this!

jfdgkdifdkxjdiypdfkfogjg   4 star

CANNOT play chapter 3 😭. I luv this game but in chapter 3 it lags me off the game please fix this

babygamer101   5 star

Plz fix glitches. The game is awesome I love it but on chapter 3 it loads for 1 min and the screen goes black and kicks me out of the game and I’m back to the home screen I’ve tried to replay the chapters but it just does the same thing over and over and I can’t pay anything after chapter 2

Mizz mangle   1 star

I can’t move to the next part. Do you know the part where are you got to get that valve from the searcher I believe I am stuck like in that area I phase through the stairs like a ghost so you wouldn’t mind fixing the bug I can continue on and get the feels

sansfan1002   5 star

Amazing, but a problem.. This game is amazing and works really well but there are a few problems. Firstly, The game gets laggy by each chapter. On chapter 1, The game is fairly good but still lags on some terms. Chapter 2 suddenly gets more laggy, and then Chapter 3 is extremely laggy. I cannot play chapter 4 because it keeps on crashing, And it’s sad that some realistic assets in Chapter 5 had to be removed so It just wouldn’t crash. This game, even with that tiny problem, Is amazing, And I’ve always wanted Bendy on mobile. Hopefully soon, We can get a Bendy Movie. :)

Marshadow417   5 star

Best Horror game in YEARS!. BEST GAME EVER, 10/10, LOVE IT!! 😊😊❤️❤️

Carole jmk   2 star

Please fix. Please fix the glitch it crashes every time in chapter 3 when you go to see the progesterone

dhchvxhchk   5 star

Can not finish chapter 2. Hi every time I open the sanctuary and spin the turn wheel and fight the searches then when I go to Sammy’s office the ink was still fluding the door. And so excited for BENDY AND THE DARK REVIVAL!!!

Dane Kosowan   5 star

Best story based game. Wow! This is the best story based game I’ve ever played! O my gosh it is so awesome 😎

Bone briar   3 star

Fix it. Fix Fix FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!Now

FalloutBuzzWord2019   5 star

Super AW3S0M3. It is almost exactly the same as the pc game, but now you can jump. That wasn’t in the original one, but other than that, Meatly, YOU MADE 1 AWESOME GAME!!!!!

Domi567464797   5 star

No words to describe it.. I don’t like this game. THATS BECAUSE I LOVE IT! It’s so much fun! There’s no game I’d rather play then Bendy. Thank you, Meatly! <3

1nk Bendy   3 star

Fun game but crashes constantly. This game is amazing but when I try to play chapters, 3, 4 and 5, the game loads for 20 or 30 seconds then crashes me out!

Whitefeather12   4 star

Good but pls fix the lagging pls. It’s keeps on lagging but is very fun

Hannah Catmow   4 star

Bug in chapter three. There is something wrong in chapter 3 level nine. Boris won’t come out of the elevator so the gate won’t open. Please fix this because I love the game.

Cheeze PEZ   3 star

Pls Fix This. i dont like when after chapter 2 and goes to chapter 3 it crashes pls pls pls FIX IT!

thingymcjig   5 star

Very Laggy It gets Worse. When ever I play chapter3 at level 14 When Alice Says Shhhh... I aways get kicked back to the Fricken Home screen and it is just Very ANNOYING!!!

Advertorial    5 star

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Sans_Girl   5 star

❤️❤️❤️❤️. I love this app to death. My friends watched me play through the whole thing and watched me rage. So I’m gonna play it again now that I know what to do and what to expect❤️

im angry😡   1 star


Aekam201083   5 star

Could you add bendy and the dark revival on iPad and mobile. There is only bendy and the ink machine and nightmare run so pls add dark revival rulez   5 star

AMAZING GAME BUT...... I found a bug in the second chapter. When I went to the infirmary (before I drained the ink out of it) I walked into the ink and I feel down under the stairs, I couldn’t get out so I had to restart it. Please fix this bug so future gamers don’t have to go through that. Thank you and I hope u have a good day/night!!!! <3

Chicken burgure   5 star

Sanctuary. I can’t get into the sanctuary iv played his song but I can’t get in plz fix this

ChiefHeapBigCrazyHair   4 star

I can’t go to the last chapter. I cannot find out how to go to chapter 6 with it locked!

Ginger phyco   5 star

Love this game. I love this game. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a scare with fun loveable characters that look amazing as the ink forms from the ink machine. The storyline is amazing too.

Tanealalexander   2 star

Crashes all the time cannot get past level 14. Was a good game till it started crashing all the time! Paid $10 for a game I can’t play! Cannot get past level 14 after getting out of the elevator.. extremely frustrating please fix the bugs.

Cdsa138   4 star

chapter 5. How do you complete chapter 5 I need answers How?

Spacelovingdan   3 star

Meh. In chapter 4 Where the butcher gang are in the room next to them the room without the robot the floor is glitched I fall through the fall please fix I can’t beat chapter 4 if you don’t fix

Ernqi   5 star

Love this game. I really loved this game but after finishing the game I never played ever again because it consumes my battery too quickly and I don’t want that to happen

ysp2009   4 star

I can not get the keys. When I find the keys I can’t crab them so please can you fix it Joey Drew Studios inc. and the game is kind of laggy so please can you fix it on the iPad 👍🙃

marselan   3 star

Spoilt by crashes. A good game while it’s working, but prone to repeated crashes at certain points. When this happens it becomes unplayable.

the awesome12349   5 star

When is new game coming out. Hello I love the game but I wanted to know when bendy and the dark reveal was coming out? Thanks

Rebecca steam   4 star

What. I’ve been playing this game for a while and on chapter 3 collect the ink hearts when I go down the steps it keeps glitching and constantly keeps turning off by itself. If this is a bug or my storage has gone ballistic please just please keep me update because I need it to be updated to fix these glitches. Thanks for listening and I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND!

Bubvlenuggets   5 star

Crashes. It’s really fun but one down side is in chapter 3 it crashes when you have to find another exit and chapter 5 it crashes when I’m just about to kill bendy

Little_kiwi15   4 star

A lot of crashes. Amazing game, but every time I get into the elevator in chapter 3. It sometimes crashes and some of my progress is lost, great game though but I would like this to be fixed

zombiejames28   5 star

Bendy has a problem. I have been playing for ages and have completed it once’s. you know ales angles gate at her lair, well when you have to go in the gates a little bit open you can jump over it but Boris can’t so you can’t continue until Boris does please fix I have found no other issues so please fix this bug.

Queahii   5 star

Sorry it’s me again- Amazing game. I absolutely LOVE this game, the details, brightness and the characters. I finished chapter 3 and now I’m on chapter 4, every time I try to see the chapter, chapter 4 glitches me out of the game. It happens every time I try to continue the game. I’m not mad at all, just hoping if you can fix the problem. 😊 Thank you for this amazing, brilliant game!

doritochips   4 star

Lag. I love the game, but there is one slight problem…I finished chapter two but when it loads to chapter 3 it stops and lags out of game. I was wondering in the next update or in the future that you could fix this problem.Im sure that other people would like this too.

the hellish bendy   5 star

Chapter 4 won’t work. I loved this game it was great but when I tried to play chapter 4 it would log me out of the game

MisakiShimizu   4 star

Why this game is so easy 😅. On my first day in the game completed chapter 1 now I am on Chapter 2 thank you for bendy and the ink machine 📲💰💸💵💴⚖️🤝😺🤗

Becpunk8   4 star

I found a problem. This game is great and I love the storyline but when I reach a specific point in chapter three It lags and crashes. I have tried everything I could think of to fix it but it won’t work but besides that I really enjoy playing this game. Thank you for making it available on mobile.

iiSimplyAmy   5 star

A slight problem. This game is absolutely amazing! I’ve finished it twice and would love to finish it again! It’s graphics are amazing and has a very spooky story line. But there’s a slight problem, on chapter 3, when I step out of the elevator on the quest ‘Date With An Angel’ Nothing happens. When I walk up to the door nothing happens. I think it’s because Boris keeps getting stuck at the two wooden poles, there’s a part that’s stopping him from going any further on the floor and it’s very inconvenient since I can’t actually play chapter three. If this could be fixed, I would and maybe some others, would be very happy! Thanks!

Sammy D B   4 star

This game crashes to much. When I try to play the game all it does is crash plz fix bug

Kylie Start   4 star

Great but 5 problems. In chapter 2 I could not find the stupid keys plz fix this bug and I can’t continue chapter 4 and open the last bendy land lever to get to brute Boris it always crashes my game as soon as I start the chapter plz fix this as well as that in the iPad version I notice you no how the ink demon spawns ink vines well in the mobile version it’s just so annoying because its ink a all over my screen witch makes it so hard to see plz also fix this oh and this is in the 1.1.2 as well as that it’s an amazing game oh and 2 more on mobile all chapters are all ready available as soon as I download the game that’s awesome and the archives wasn't but that is all

Fibrologic   3 star

Controls difficult to use. I couldn’t get into this game much as the controls are so awkward on an iPad. The “invert” option only inverts the controls when looking up and down, not left to right. Shame as it looks like it would be a cool game if the controls were not so awkward.

crazy pro 2000   5 star

Project. Can you please make it easier to kill the projectornist With the gent pipe and the axe please

tjjjjegggg   5 star

Some thing is wrong. I cant get heavenly toys my game glitchs I once got pass so now I can’t get to the butcher gang because it glitches out love the game and I lose my darter :)😢😘

Roblox fan 4 life   5 star

I can’t describe how much I love this game but... Well, I love the game sooooooo much. It’s all I ever talk about at school, and I have most of the collector things like pops and other stuff. And the first few times I played it was perfect. But then, after a while I went on to play the game again, and I turned on the ink machine and then it started lagging. Like really really bad, one frame a second. And now the game is unplayable unless I restart my iPad. Can you pleeeeeeease fix it, cause I really want to play the game again! :( other than that, I loved the game a lot! I can’t believe the amount of work and dedication put into it, and also I am looking forward to the new game being released. I am subscribed to all of your channels, and I love when you put the audio logs and teasers out, and I look forward to when those two books are being released. Thanks! :D

dcndnchdr   2 star

iPhone. When I saw this game, I got excited, downloaded it then it kept crashing, and when I looked that it was only for iPads, that’s when I got disappointed, I would like to ask why is this only for iPad and not I phone? Yes I do have an iPad, but I don’t use it often, please answer my question.

aliiton   5 star

Dis is the Best Game EVER!!!!. So I rlly love these chapters but the game was hate da game was..very awesome the bad thing is...B-O-R-I-S whhyyy Alice why #Bendy vs. Alice😎 .

dfgsthkbvfghdtuuhhjfgthjgfftyu   4 star

I give this 99% here is why!. So I was playing chapter 3 and when Alice was going to jumpscare me the game crashed,same thing happened when I was doing the first “job” please fix and I hope the next bendy game to be just as good!👍🤞

sonic1495   5 star

I want the old version now. I want the first version of the game now or else

IsabellaIsALoser   4 star

Glitches. It glitched a little for me, in chapter 5, When Boris killed Sammy, Alice was supposed to be there too, but she wasn’t. Also, when I was fighting Sammy, I got stuck in a place and couldn’t get out.

JudeyBlack   5 star

Tommy Gun. When you’re in chapter 3 and you go the Ink Demon Path, change the molding to the ink machine, and do all of Alice Angels errands. You can’t get the tommy gun for someone reason.

WAC07   4 star

Great game. This is a great game overall but during chapter three my game kept crashing

Wario95   5 star

Joey drew studios. Every time I proceed forward in chapter 3 it crashes on me

Super star 39   5 star

Terrific game but little bug. Ok I love Alice Angel but when she says come to Level 9 I did but when I got to the door after I waited for her to say something but it glitched out of the app so I’m hoping that you could fix this thank you.

MegaMom1   5 star

BEST GAME EVER ITS SO EMOTIONAL OMG. This is seriously the best video game I’ve ever played! I’m a huge fan of this game, and I really want a chapter 6 and 7.... yes I’m sorry to bug your company, but that would be amazing if you did that. 😌

nein trump   5 star

Game=Good. Beautiful game and story

SpongeNoob24   5 star

Dear Joey Drew Studios. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this game. Before this every game I’ve ever played has been boring, repetitive, and hard. When this game came out I was immediately hooked. I beat it in just a few hours, and replayed because of how much fun I had. And I keep replaying the game, because I want to solve every secret and find every secret area. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for creating this wonderful game. Can’t wait for BATDR!!!

No sauce mom   5 star

Norman's fate glitches the ink hearts. I DOWNRIGHT LOVE THIS GAME!but in chapter 3 I always kill the projectionist with the axe and when I kill him bendys ink vines always appear on my screen and this happens EVERY TIME AND RESTARTING DOESNT HELP!even when I have all 5 hearts alice stops speaking and her drop box doesn't work and when I do the lever challenge... THE FIRST LEVERS UN SWITCH ABLE. So chapter 3 is a bad rap but otherwise this game is fantastic every nook and cranie is filled to the brim with secrets so I reckoned this game but... Don't kill Norman.

Caitygrl2   2 star

Bendy and the ink machine. Ok so for the most part the game was good until I was on chapter 3 and the game crashed in the middle of a fight I was almost at the end and I got kicked out of the game which the chapter took me two hours and lost all of my progress other than that I would rate the game about a 4.5 star rating but because of the bug I would have to say it’s about a 3 other than that the game was very well-made and I would definitely recommend it but when you get to level three that’s when the game doesn’t work.

Madhatter7   1 star

I love the game on console. So when I saw this game I can have on my phone I was sweet. But the game keeps glitching when I try to give Alice Angel the gears I fell through the stairs and had to restart the entire game. Then it glitches and I’m unable to even open the doors to the elevator let alone use it. Please fix the bugs and update the game. So that gamers can enjoy this awesome game story. But it’ll be nice to enjoy this game on the go.

RobMitteer   3 star

A LOT of bugs. So the main focus on this review is on chapter 3, NOT the stupid fetch quests but the bugs that I interfered. I was on the LAST stage of the game and I died and I saved my game before that but my game crashed and when I got back into it and clicked continue it started me from the beginning of the chapter. Please fix this! I absolutely love this game but the bugs are just terrible... thanks for reading!

redthecoolguy8766   5 star

Bugs. There was a bug when you get out of the elevator or exit the room of the stairs the game would crash in chapter 3 when doing the first thing for Alice it would crash as soon as I would exit either of those also when you enter chapter one room when you complete chapter 5 and go into chapter one, but that was my old phone so I might not experience any of these on this phone. I just wanted to mention TheMeatlyGames.

Sharkman 216   5 star

Epic. It is great! The only thing I would like to be in the game is where you can use everything in a every chapter to make a little level you could play.

Nayrtrah   2 star

Good Game, BUT...CRASHES!!!. Me and my son love to play this game, but it crashes every time we try to fight Boris...making it impossible to progress in the game. A total disappoint to us both. I would like a refund!

ilda curz   5 star

The game is awesome but I need to be a little fixed. This game is going great but it needs a little bug on the chapters chapters 3’s chapter 4 and Chapter 5 the game crash on chapter 5 and I got no clips please fix this please

Nmd27   4 star

Bug. So when I play chapter four of bendy at the end I get the first ink heart and try to go down stairs to the procictonist lair and the cane crashes please fix this I am a huge bendy fan I want to finish

Brayden golwitzer   5 star

Great game. I love it so far I am on chapter four while writing this. The bug that was talked about is fixed. Great game 5 stars.m

NiceHenry123   5 star

Another thing. I love this game but another thing, I have enough storage on my iPhone and I still can’t download this app :( also with all the bugs ppl are saying didn’t happen to me starngly I guess iPhone 6 Plus users are lucky!

eman3787   4 star

Bendy to short. Bendy and the ink machine is an amazing game it’s just WAY to short I need more!so please add like...many games and different modes

mrr 11   5 star

amazing most complete game I have played in a long time. this is a beautifully crafted game and I love the archives all 5 chapters are fun and enjoyable I mean what other game can make a piece of wood a jumpscare anyway I love this game

Meshelemiah Z   5 star

Best video game ever!. So as I said, best video game ever! I have been watching game play throughs for a while and really wanted to play the game myself. After finding the moble device version and finding it only cost $ 7.00, I decided to grab it and finally play the game! Well worth the money! I love the game so much! I give Bendy and the Ink Machine 5 stars, or 5 Bendy cutouts.

Bumbleejoe78   4 star

Bendy game crashes. Please fix theses crash on mobile for bendy and the ink machine please it crashes way too dang much so please fix it!!!

staunchthrone88   4 star

Boris death bug. Every time I get killed by Frankenstein Boris and get to the light at the end of the ink tunnel my phone automatically quits out of the app please fix

niceapple1234   5 star

So good I love this. I love this game and this is the best I’m so happy that you made it in the iPhone and iPads I’m actually 11 and this is soooo much fun I like scary things and i don’t get scared of then I don’t know why but yesterday I watched scary things I managed to sleep so soundly but one last thing has a little bit glitches but still the best and I rate it 5 stars

bad bendy   1 star

Really bad. Not even close to the first game so bad I deleted it on the first day

Taylor Ag ag aga ag   2 star

Keeps kicking me out. I'm on chapter 4, and during brute boris boss fight, when i die after hitting him like three times with the wrench, it glitches out and kicks me out of the game. Please fix

goku black mastered ui   1 star

Good but crashes a lot on chapter 3. I can complete the first 2 chapters but not chapter 3 because of the crashes I believe it’s the graphics that my iPad can’t handle can you fix it please

ImmaWombat   3 star

I like the game but.... Every time I try chapter three, four or five it kicks me out! For real please fix it and fast

Bendy fanboy   4 star

Very good but.... Game works but when I go to chapter 3 it crashes.

skauzzie   5 star

Keep the updates coming. I love the game and although it’s good I still have issues at certain points with the frame rate... I put the graphics on the lowest setting and it still doesn’t help This issue most occurs when the thick inc searchers appear and when I’m fighting Burtrom. I’ve replayed this so many times now and I’m loving it! (Not sponsored by McDonalds) thanks for putting the game on iOS, this is my only gaming platform right now so I appreciate it 😀😊👍🏽❤️

tze tzing   5 star

Help. Your game is wonderful, Nice effect you take care of your talent and you asume it . Your studio worked hard. If you where able ton creat this art work you could fix it. There is a glitch at chapter tree that you cant Play it because it kicks you out. Ink creature and other stuff are lagy. if you here this message. Dosent mean i am mad. I am proud of you because i know you could do better. Thank you!

Mcgibs27   3 star

Resolution/ frame rate. I’m on an iPad Pro 2018 12.9 and I find the resolution is low and there’s too much aliasing. Please make this game support the resolution of my device, as high end users would like higher frame rate and resolution please.

Ff gxjxjdgduddbeidbdjsgasug   5 star

Won’t let me play chapter 3 plz fix. Still a fun game tho

Dragon376   3 star

Add Bluetooth controller support. I expected Bluetooth controller support for this price. Extremely frustrating to play with virtual controls. Great game unfortunately quite unplayable on parts where you have to be quick.

Tpsy0077777   1 star

Laggy and constant crashing. This game is really good. The first 2 chapters ran smoothly, but once chapter 3 started it got really laggy it’s almost unplayable. It’s the worst when there’s a lot of ink around me. Plus, it started crashing like every 10 min. Hope a new update can resolve this.

NIVghyhh   1 star

Keeps crashing. It keeps crashing pls fix it

huhhhhy   5 star

LOVE IT. I honestly love this game so much and I’m such a bendy fan I have soo much bendy stuff and I really love this gameeee!!!!

L for leeeeeeex   4 star

Crashes on bendy fight. I was almost finished with the bendy fight and then it crashes for no reason please fix it im on iPhone 6S other then that it still a great game.

CartoonAnonymous   5 star

Great Gameplay!. The game is fantastic! But the one downside is whenever I start Chapter 3, it immediately crashes. The other chapters work perfectly fine. I’m also an iPod user, which probably doesn’t make a difference to how I play.

Frozen121   4 star

Refund. Its a really good game! But after you play it 2 times it gets kinda old. I was just wondering if i could refund it?

max & dad   2 star

Great game but crashes. The game crashes ever time when you are fighting the bad Boris. If you die while he is throwing the train cars the game shuts down. Please fix so we can continue playing. Thanks

figs04   4 star

My opinion. Good game, but needs more levels and better story . It needs better detail because the game is not so scary or interesting .Also you should be Able to see yourself when you walk, hide, and ride boat And you should start with a ax

Lawrence saybe Jallah   4 star

Please fix this game. when I was leaving The game to play something else when I was on chapter 5 it crashed please fix this game

fortnite pro 12333333   5 star

I love the game. It’s so good

tylers bay   5 star

My review. This is the best game ever all though I wish it was compatible with my iPad but beside that it’s awesome

LexiParker6   3 star

PLS STOP IT FROM CRASHING. The game keeps crashing. Pls fix. Always crashes at levels 3-4-5

Marek247012   5 star

Love the game, fix the crash. I absolutely love this game. It’s an obsession, and I’m so happy it was finally released for mobile. But it crashes when I try to start chapter 3..... can someone fix this?

Jay_the_dutchAD   5 star

I know everyone is saying this. But please I’ve wanted to play this game for ages please please please fix the glitch that crashes the game at chapter 3 currently updating it hope it works (AMAZING GAME BTW) Update- update made it worse 🙃

coolkidpro5   5 star

AMAZINGLY AWESOME. I think bendy and the ink machine for mobile is amazing! This was a great game and I always wanted it now I have it! Thanks meatly or kindly beast!

😊😃100   1 star

😡😡😡. Getting really MAD with the glitch and not being able to pass level three I payed over $11 dollars for this game and I expect it to work. You even said you FIXED IT I have tried restarting, re-downloading and still nothing is working this game is an absolute rip off

Cozmo Is Awesome453   5 star

Amazing!. Just like the game on PC! If it freezes at the start of each episode, just restart the app.

ElodieJ84   3 star

Yeah but.... I like that game, but come one fix your damn glitches, I’m stuck in the game (Chapters 4) with a black screen and can’t do sh** about it, I’d like to finish the day lol.

Zatman2010   2 star

Difficult Controls. The app is beautiful, but I have a really tough time with the controls. I guess I’m too old...

magearbafoxy   4 star

Why?!?!. Now I can’t get past heavenly toys

norm norm   1 star

Refund. Impossible to Go through the shooting range in act four with an IPad Pro. impossible!

just a person🙂   5 star

Perfect plot, crashing screen. This is my favourite game, the story is the most creative and well fitting plot ever. I understand that some customers of the game do not feel satisfied completely with the plot, but please do not change anything about it because it is inconceivably perfect, anyway the mobile version was working really well for me, but now the screen keeps on crashing while the chapters loading and I’d be really grateful if you could figure out a way to potentially solve this problem, love the game, thank you so much.🙂

miketython97   3 star

Good game, but very laggy. Playing on iPad Pro 3rd Gen, & the game is running at sub 30fps. Please kindly fix this as it really affects the experience

TapVee   5 star

Pls add an ACTUAL HIDDEN ENDING. Well, hi meatly and every staff reading this. I just wanna point out that, me and my friends looked through the batims (every chapter) code and found out that there is not happy ending... I was SUPER depressed after that. I didn't say i hate this game, As much as i love bendy and its amazing community, I am still depressed that there is no happy ending. So please when you guys update the mobile and pc version, add a happy ending and i will rate this gamw 10/10 iv rated it 6/10

Your...Mum   5 star

I love it. I have waited so long for it to come out on iOS and it was definitely worth the wait

NathanRates   5 star

Can you make it brighter please?. Thank you for putting this game on mobile but I really want to recommend the games brightness to be brighter so I can see what is happening I can’t see anything. I don’t want to use all of my battery on my iPad brightness so please make it brighter next update 👍👍

Bendyturtles101   4 star

THIS GAME IS AMAZING. I absolutely LOVE this game and preordered it the second you announced that it was coming out on mobile. I am so grateful for this game, just when some things start to attack you, my iPad lags. If you could just fix that that would be awesome! I love your stuff and keep up the good work!!

Nikhun le   1 star



Amazing, Fantastic, Fabulous!. This is just perfect, it’s really good controls and surprisingly the graphics are as good as PC. I can now experience BATIM on IOS! Thank you Bendy Team!

Bendy fan 21   5 star

A note to the meatly. Yo meatly it’s me again I want to tell you a quick message I know I love bendy and the ink machine it’s my favorite game on iPad but it’s very laggy could you please fix this laggy problem pleasessssse?

Piiiiiook   1 star

very laggy. Every time a character moves, the game slows down and makes itself unplayable

gukcmgzsddfa   5 star

Awesome but laggy. Hey meatly I am a big fan of bendy so I downloaded bendy on mobile(on the ipad). It was very laggy then I tried it on the phone and wasn’t laggy. I’m sure it’s laggy because the storage. If it isn’t please fix it. Thx

opsgamesruben   5 star

Awesome. Thanks I can now play on mobile

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