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Tap Tap Music-Pop Songs

A new music rhythm game. Continuously update various types of songs every week.
Pop,Anime,Classic,K-Pop,EDM, Rock, Trap, Hiphop, and more...
You can always find your favorite song and play it in this music world.

How to play

Tap Tap Music is a beat tapping game easy to play. Just enjoy the songs and catch up with the beat.
1. When the MV begin, tap the ball as it reaches scoring areas
2. Don’t miss any ball.
3. Three different accuracies: Perfect, Great, Good. Try to get combo and Perfect as much as possible. The much Perfect you get, the more score you will get.
4. Challenge different level. Try to reach the pass condition of each level.

Game Features

-Continuously updated pop songs.
-Rich and varied song types to suit different musical tastes.
-Challenge mode! Level 1 to Level n. Getting harder and harder. Challenge your hand speed.
-High quality music songs from YouTube. Enjoy the music natively.
-Three different scoring standards for accuracy. Try to get higher score in every song.

So, get ready and try out this brand new music game for free!
Free music game and music game lovers are waiting for you!

If you have any problems about our music game,
send the email to musicgamestudioserver@gmail.com or contact us in our Facebook page.

Tap Tap Music-Pop Songs App Description & Overview

The applications Tap Tap Music-Pop Songs was published in the category Games on 2018-11-28 and was developed by Eyugame Network Technology Co., Ltd. The file size is 69.28 MB. The current version is 1.0.9 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

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Tap Tap Music-Pop Songs Reviews


Lagging  sharon8389  3 star

It would be a fun game if it didn’t freeze and lag; which causes you to miss the notes!


5 star!!  Chsniffy  5 star

This game is actually really good and accurate a far as timing when you tap. I’m looking forward to continuing to play!!


I love this game BUT  Mfm22322  3 star

There are a couple reasons why I can’t give this 5 stars. 1) the app needs more songs. The music is great but needs more variety. Like songs from different genres and/or different decades 2) after viewing an add, the app will glitch (causing me to fail the mission) or shut down. I understand you need ads to keep us from paying but at least do something about the glitching. Other than that, it’s a very fun app. As a music addict & a mobile game addict, this is what I’ve been waiting on. It just needs some minor improvements


Pay 2 play  Ordazzio  1 star

Any game with a stamina feature which limits how much you can play unless you pay money or watch ads is a bad game in my book and I’ll be uninstalling. Also, the music isn’t perfectly in sync with the notes and for a Rhythm Gaming Professional such as myself, this makes the game practically unplayable. But if they fix these 2 things then I’ll give this game 5 stars and recommend it. But for now, I do not recommend this game. I recommend you get on a computer and play Osu Mania on 4 key Instead.


Good game  Slimfinger10101010  4 star

I really like the game, wish there is more song, and hope on the next patch they can fix the sync problem, sometimes there’s like a 0.5 sec difference between the song and the dots to hit.


Really Good  grandelopezx  5 star

This app is really good! Although there are a few things I would change to make it even better. Such as more songs! Also some of the songs that I buy with my coins aren’t the whole song which is disappointing


It’s fun but...  cassydawn2002  3 star

Something’s it doesn’t pick it up when I click

jeffys butt

WOW  jeffys butt  5 star

This game has gotten me away from piano tiles 2 I can’t wait for more songs to come out soon


Awesome game but..  🖤MeepLord💀  4 star

I love this game it’s very addictive! There are a few problems though, the hp. I feel as it’s sometimes to low, making the level ridiculously hard. Take Zen Zen Zense for example, you have to buy it with coins and you only get two hp. This song is really fast paced and the beats are too, making it hard to beat. Other then this, the game is amazing!


They don’t give you a chance  delilahross  1 star

The app will keep pausing your playing through a song if you don’t get it exactly right and make you watch an add to keep going or you have to start all over. You never have a chance to get into the groove of it!










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