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The world's greatest players in your pocket…

Football Manager 2019 Mobile delivers a stunningly slick and realistic management experience, with the world’s most renowned football clubs awaiting your arrival.

Which one will be the first stepping stone in your trophy-laden career? There’s hundreds to choose from 56 leagues across 19 countries.

Will you pick a team blessed with talent or take on a project that needs rebuilt from the bottom up?
All of the world's greatest players are literally in your pocket. Buy and sell them wisely to build a squad of winners and use the new training module to make them better.

The tactics board is where a squad of players become a team. Will you choose tactics to fit your players or find the players to suit your system? Whichever you choose, you’ll find all the tools at your disposal…

When Match Day arrives, you’ll take your place in the top-down digital dugout and watch your starting XI cross the magical white line. As the action unfolds, it's your decisions that will make the difference.

New additions and upgrades elevates FM19 Mobile to new levels ensuring that the 2018/19 season will be one to remember:

Russia and China are two brand new destinations to try your luck abroad and the wonderkid-laden Bundesliga is fully licensed for the first time in the series history.

Monitor and drive the improvement of your players like never before with the new, customisable training system. Tighten-up the weak areas and elevate strengths into something truly special, with your staff providing constant updates on where things are going well, and where they could work better.

You’ll now negotiate with clubs and players in real-time for a more dynamic and faster experience. New clauses enable you to negotiate buy-back deals and minimum fee releases, while future real-life transfers are included for the first time.

Finally… you can now empower your players to make the shirts their own with the introduction of fully-customisable squad numbering.

For the first time in the series history you’ll see licensed kits peppered throughout the game – and you can even design your very own in the ‘My Club’ mode.

- Match enhancements – including goal replays and VAR
- Refreshed user interface
- Improved tactical scouting
- In-game editor improvements

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Football Manager 2019 Mobile App Description & Overview

The applications Football Manager 2019 Mobile was published in the category Games on 2018-11-02 and was developed by SEGA. The file size is 1.34 GB. The current version is 10.0.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Added player retraining to player action menu
Cleared international retirement flag on regens
Fix instance where toggling Min. Fee Release clause would make cause incorrect behaviour
Fixed AI club being able to sign a player for too little after human withdraws from auction
Fixed December awards showing wrong year
Fixed [%club#1] tag in contract offer string
Fixed a couple of Twitter issues
Fixed black text in some places
Fixed buyback clause being incorrectly set
Fixed colour of 'Condition' percentages in match tactics view
Fixed crash in match
Fixed freeze on pressing 'Suggest Terms'
Fixed issue negotiating from loan to permanent deal
Fixed player uninterested in discussing who did not say so
Fixed players being promoted from reserves for no reason
Fixed repeating news items for some players in first window when Transfer Budgets turned off
Fixed various rare crashes
Improved error handling on startup
Improved help text for using offer page
Mad sure that human manager sons are basque if coming through at a basque club
Made offer pages work more smoothly for monthly or yearly wage views
Made sure that some clubs in Basque region can sign non-Basque players
Prevented inappropriate training indication for experienced players
Relaxed work permit requirements for some nations
Updated live auctions bid default to current highest

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Football Manager 2019 Mobile Reviews


Worth every single little penny  Resistance95  5 star

Usually every new version of this game is a glorified roster update with a few new little perks per version. This time, this game is wholly updated in every metric that mattered at least to me. Starting with the UI, it’s clean, efficient and gives even the most basic and inexperienced managers the tools needed to run a successful club. The amount of clubs you can play as includes full professional league structures in every major soccer playing nation in the world, England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany to name a few and most top flight leagues are fully licensed. I wish they would add USL and NASL to the USA leagues but being able to play as the head coach of the Sounders is good enough for me. The game creates players for teams so that they constantly have talent coming through the ranks and if you want to spend the 8 bucks to purchase the editor you can make those players world class, change all the stats and positions for any player in the world. There is still so much left to cover in this review and I’ve only scratched at maybe a quarter of all the content. Seriously, if you love soccer and management games, this is the game for you. Period. (But seriously SEGA, add the div. 2 leagues as playable for USA)


Transfers  Yellowwww3  4 star

I can’t adjust the price of transfers... it is set at 0 and I press the + button but it does not change


So far so good  Asato89  3 star

Got 2 questions here. (For now..) 1. Why Jehn Lehmann became ‘Defensive Coach’ instead of ‘Goalkeeping Coach’? 2. Why the chairman didn’t give another money in the second season? I got it in the first season, though. Is that a bug? (I have purchased the Sugar Daddy) Please enlighten me! Thanks.


One Issue  luiscordon  4 star

The only issue is that there is absolutely no way to tell who’s the manager of each team unless it says that someone is appointed in the news section, and I would like this fixed please. Also, could you make it so that their records are shown. Also, I want there to be a list of unsigned managers that you can edit onto a team if you want to.


Why no Chinese edition but had Chinese league  初航  4 star

Hope Chinese edition can update soon.


Good but....  lokeral  4 star

The game is good but, I don't know if it's a bug or only happens to me. Some of my players were not called up for their nations even though they have a great stats until they have retired. No caps no called up nothing... I also hopes that there will be more national team that could be managed for example asian countries. Overall satisfying but there are still possible improvements


Issues  lunatic_99  4 star

The game is very good and it is better than the previous games but the only thing that I do not like is when you pick a team from Spanish division all of the players have release clauses and when I buy a new player it does not allow me to not enter a release clause for that player that I am buying for my team. If this is fixed than the game would be better.


Renewing contracts  oayl  4 star

There is a bug which makes unable to renew the contracts of the second team players. I hope u fix it.


Nice  Aaronham94  5 star

Taking my life


GRANTS?????  pplkmnh  2 star

When are you guys going to put money grants in fm for playing cl and el matches and for winners of it? I’m hoping for it every year and nothing..At least you should put some grants for the finalists or winners of cl..We can only get the money from selling the players..And also when I starting new season with the same club all that money from selling players in last season disappear,Im getting totally different amount of money ..It’s very disappointing and frustrating that there is no money for qualifying for some competition witch makes this game so boring..Make this game more realistic..I hope there is going to be some updates otherwise it’s wasted money..Pls fix that and I’ll give 5


Poor  J/L  2 star

A step back , a slower game with stiffer navigation of menu’s that previous years and an all together sluggish feel


This is a step in the right direction  BU_OFFICAL_CITY  4 star

So the last couple FM mobiles have just been complete reskins with updated players and teams etc. But this year, they have tried to make it more realistic and harder, which is quite enjoyable in a football manager game. I like how young players prices are over exaggerated like in real life. But anyway, so far enjoying it and just got relegated with Southampton. Thanks FM for making a game that I feel was worth the $15

Mez 25

Great game but terrible skin  Mez 25  4 star

Game is fantastic! But the new skin is annoying and not the best from a visibility perspective. Wish there could be a way to modify the skins.

A train 101

Ok  A train 101  3 star

Game is going well, but it just crashed after I win the carabao cup


Not exaggerating, but this is the best  withesivva  5 star

My long awaited game, couldn’t afford for the computer version but the mobile version has not compromised on any main functions and yet allow individuals like me to enjoy as much. Thank you fm19 team.


Awful, don’t buy!  Lpugf  1 star

This game is awful don’t but it, the game is bad in every single way, it doesn’t matter how good your team is, you will lose, not even that, but it is more complicated then last year and it is worse then the free version of this game, please DO NOT BUY!

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