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The world's greatest players in your pocket…

Football Manager 2019 Mobile delivers a stunningly slick and realistic management experience, with the world’s most renowned football clubs awaiting your arrival.

Which one will be the first stepping stone in your trophy-laden career? There’s hundreds to choose from 56 leagues across 19 countries.

Will you pick a team blessed with talent or take on a project that needs rebuilt from the bottom up?
All of the world's greatest players are literally in your pocket. Buy and sell them wisely to build a squad of winners and use the new training module to make them better.

The tactics board is where a squad of players become a team. Will you choose tactics to fit your players or find the players to suit your system? Whichever you choose, you’ll find all the tools at your disposal…

When Match Day arrives, you’ll take your place in the top-down digital dugout and watch your starting XI cross the magical white line. As the action unfolds, it's your decisions that will make the difference.

New additions and upgrades elevates FM19 Mobile to new levels ensuring that the 2018/19 season will be one to remember:

Russia and China are two brand new destinations to try your luck abroad and the wonderkid-laden Bundesliga is fully licensed for the first time in the series history.

Monitor and drive the improvement of your players like never before with the new, customisable training system. Tighten-up the weak areas and elevate strengths into something truly special, with your staff providing constant updates on where things are going well, and where they could work better.

You’ll now negotiate with clubs and players in real-time for a more dynamic and faster experience. New clauses enable you to negotiate buy-back deals and minimum fee releases, while future real-life transfers are included for the first time.

Finally… you can now empower your players to make the shirts their own with the introduction of fully-customisable squad numbering.

For the first time in the series history you’ll see licensed kits peppered throughout the game – and you can even design your very own in the ‘My Club’ mode.

- Match enhancements – including goal replays and VAR
- Refreshed user interface
- Improved tactical scouting
- In-game editor improvements

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Football Manager 2019 Mobile App Description & Overview

The applications Football Manager 2019 Mobile was published in the category Games on 2018-11-02 and was developed by SEGA. The file size is 1.44 GB. The current version is 10.2.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Fixed some crashes
Tweaked conditioning further
Fixed a negotiation issue
Fixed buyback clause wrongly applied
Fixed a couple of database issues

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Football Manager 2019 Mobile Reviews


Absolutely Awful  Jhhhh12  1 star

The amount of bugs and inconsistencies in game play make this unplayable. The latest update killed the game.


Can’t sign players  Nickname-1213467754  1 star

Whenever I want to sign a player it won’t let me change the transfer fee from 0. If I try to change the other team’s transfer fee after submitting nothing then it just returns to 0 so I am unable to buy any players


HELP!  boopdoopboop  4 star

Ok,The game is great but there needs to be some instructions. How do i use the reserves? I bought a GK and do not know how to use it SEGA PLEASE HELP!


Could be great but😱  palermo!!!  1 star

This could be an amazing game has almost everything you want but it is impossible to sell players and to buy players. it's super expensive when you're buying a player you always have to pay more than he's worth sometimes 10 times more than he's worth but when you sell a player even when teams are interested but nobody makes an offer and if they do make an offer it's for a fraction of what he's worth this is ridiculous. Please can you guys make at least something a way to make this easier and more realistic. I have one of the best players in the world and I can't trade him for a player who is worthless makes no sense they want my player plus ridiculous amount of money. Plus I've spent like 50$ to get extra transfer money but even so can't buy super star to much money 💰 If you can fix theses issues then I can recommend this this game to my friends.


Mexican League  Tonyrocks55  4 star

It’s a great game but for me personally to really enjoy it they need to add the Liga Mx


Very good game but  rosemead_Johnny  4 star

Can you guys add the Chinese language into the game? I very love this game. I can spend the whole day to play. But sometime some of very professional words make me confusing. Hope you guys can complete that plz


Love the game, just a few bugs fixes  Fox9591  5 star

I’m going to preface this by saying I absolutely love this game. With roughly 120 hours played, I can confidently say that this game is a good purchase. However, I just wanted to address some bugs that I’m hoping the developers will look into. None of these bugs are game breaking, just quality of life improvements. First of all, every season that I start when I sign a new player and have to assign them squad numbers, numbers overlap. By this I mean some players will not show up on the kit/number display as having that number, so when assigning said number to a new player it doesn’t show on the previous player there. Also I wanted to make note of a replay issue, although I’m not sure if it’s a bug or just my in game speed settings. Sometimes replays won’t play, be it an offside goal or an actual goal. But like I mentioned lightly earlier, my game speed settings are set to max speed and commentary with replays, not sure if this has an unintended effect on the replays. However, other than that I can’t think of much else. But I do just want to say that the newest installment of the conditioning patch is much better. My players do actually reach full fitness now when they have had appropriate rest and they don’t completely die after one game. I feel that you guys have struck a healthy balance in this patch and I wanted to say thank you for listening to our feed back.


Impossible to have fun  AGBelletti  1 star

If you lose every game... I don’t want to win everything but no matter what I do there’s no way to win...


absolute banger, but not for road to glory!  bittytwoshoes  4 star

it’s great for everything but when it comes to road to glory it’s not.

Whiatt Smith

Not even close to enjoyable, waste of money  Whiatt Smith  1 star

Easiest game to win and edit everything, but too much stuff crammed in. Needs to be more like fifa career mode but mobile


2 thins needs to be upgrade  UnitedKing7  3 star

1. More languages options 2. Delete saved game button( instead of doing that over the iTunes on PC)


I miss FIFA Manager  Milnibizzle  1 star

This game is very slow and lacks depth, particularly in financial management and improvement if the club. Just a wage and transfer budget and mind numbing tactics.


Transfers suck  omgitzrick  2 star

Sick of getting rejecting for making “insulting” offers of 3-4x the players value. Can’t even sign average players to a big team leading in all comps. Combined with excessive injuries this just creates an incredibly frustrating experience.


Star players always ruined by injuries  nshejejej  4 star

One thing that’s been bugging me, is that i dont ever see messi, suarez or ronaldo as a topscorer. I’ve have played around 5 different saves and unsurprisingly all three of these players have been underwhelming and only ever play half a season. Please work on how often certain players get injuries because it feels as if some get injured every game they play. However, overall i’m happy that it’s more challenging, keep up the amazing work and can’t wait for te upcoming games!


What a Let down  Sheep112  1 star

Just bought the game. Own 2018 version. This game is so bad. Selling a player is not realistic and too easy to make money. Why can’t you see what the offer is and why is it always two team who has made offers? There is no AI, my players never get any offers to buy from other teams unless you offer them to other club. Please fix these two things ASAP!!


Best manager game  Fifatime  5 star

This game is the best and most realistic manager game out their.


Ok game terrible interface  Scottrotton  3 star

The game is ok a-art from not so good licening. Trying to scroll without selecting a player is a nightmare. Happens about 10 20 times a session. I’ve almost given up


👍  Fmmwoo  5 star



FMM 2019  Toyosisolanke-man144  4 star

Very good iteration of the game! Please optimise game for iPhone X, the top of the screen cuts off some of the menu.


Transfers  PorkHayden  5 star

5 stars. Tranfer prices are set way too high and i get ofdered peanuts in comparison.


We want 3D  fcghvbjkvjjb  1 star


Logan Zearley

Great game  Logan Zearley  5 star

Amazing game, I just have one problem when playing on my custom club, all of my players were getting mad because I wasn’t playing them, but I still had over 100 days till my first match, now half my team has left and I couldn’t do anything to stop it


iPhone issues  VNVPatriot  2 star

I love this game and it worked well on my iPhone 8, but that all changed when I upgraded to the new iPhone XR. The screen gets about a third cut off and doesn’t want to work correctly. All my other apps work great, but this one is frustrating. Hopefully they’ll fix this ASAP with an update.


Awesome  🇵🇱TShip  5 star

Improvements are fantastic. Discovering new things everyday


Worth every single little penny  Resistance95  5 star

Usually every new version of this game is a glorified roster update with a few new little perks per version. This time, this game is wholly updated in every metric that mattered at least to me. Starting with the UI, it’s clean, efficient and gives even the most basic and inexperienced managers the tools needed to run a successful club. The amount of clubs you can play as includes full professional league structures in every major soccer playing nation in the world, England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany to name a few and most top flight leagues are fully licensed. I wish they would add USL and NASL to the USA leagues but being able to play as the head coach of the Sounders is good enough for me. The game creates players for teams so that they constantly have talent coming through the ranks and if you want to spend the 8 bucks to purchase the editor you can make those players world class, change all the stats and positions for any player in the world. There is still so much left to cover in this review and I’ve only scratched at maybe a quarter of all the content. Seriously, if you love soccer and management games, this is the game for you. Period. (But seriously SEGA, add the div. 2 leagues as playable for USA)


Transfers  Yellowwww3  4 star

I can’t adjust the price of transfers... it is set at 0 and I press the + button but it does not change


So far so good  Asato89  3 star

Got 2 questions here. (For now..) 1. Why Jehn Lehmann became ‘Defensive Coach’ instead of ‘Goalkeeping Coach’? 2. Why the chairman didn’t give another money in the second season? I got it in the first season, though. Is that a bug? (I have purchased the Sugar Daddy) Please enlighten me! Thanks.


One Issue  luiscordon  4 star

The only issue is that there is absolutely no way to tell who’s the manager of each team unless it says that someone is appointed in the news section, and I would like this fixed please. Also, could you make it so that their records are shown. Also, I want there to be a list of unsigned managers that you can edit onto a team if you want to.


Why no Chinese edition but had Chinese league  初航  4 star

Hope Chinese edition can update soon.


Good but....  lokeral  4 star

The game is good but, I don't know if it's a bug or only happens to me. Some of my players were not called up for their nations even though they have a great stats until they have retired. No caps no called up nothing... I also hopes that there will be more national team that could be managed for example asian countries. Overall satisfying but there are still possible improvements

Judgeship she ya eh

Stupid  Judgeship she ya eh  2 star

Why does everyone get injured every game ?


Last time purchase  IrishHeader  2 star

Been a fan of these games this last few years and never had any issue stability wise. But there’s been next to no improvements bar visually and it doesn’t justify the money anymore. Definitely won’t be buying the next one without some drastic improvements.

Sammy Suarez

De ja vu  Sammy Suarez  2 star

Same game different year, some added graphics when you win an award or get a new contract but the same stuff every year. Mobile version easy as usual.. played one season with wolves sighed 3 average enough players and almost won the title in my first season playing 5 at the back. No thought required..


Transfer market is nuts  Airblazer  1 star

It’s a great game let down by a transfer market gone crazy. Obviously the devs are doing this on purpose to force you into buying the sugar daddy add-on. Players valued at 20 million and clubs looking for 100 million and wage increases from 100k to 600k for any player wise club agrees terms. Do not buy until devs adjust this.


Decent - Far Too glitchy  52kid  3 star

Not enough changes/improvements from previous two versions. Some player ratings and attributes are daft, especially in the premiership. Sometimes players who have been substituted score, tactical changes don't happen. Transfer market is completely mental for lower ranked leagues, demanding 50+ million for kids? Going in the wrong direction

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