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The world's greatest players in your pocket…

Football Manager 2019 Mobile delivers a stunningly slick and realistic management experience, with the world’s most renowned football clubs awaiting your arrival.

Which one will be the first stepping stone in your trophy-laden career? There’s hundreds to choose from 56 leagues across 19 countries.

Will you pick a team blessed with talent or take on a project that needs rebuilt from the bottom up?
All of the world's greatest players are literally in your pocket. Buy and sell them wisely to build a squad of winners and use the new training module to make them better.

The tactics board is where a squad of players become a team. Will you choose tactics to fit your players or find the players to suit your system? Whichever you choose, you’ll find all the tools at your disposal…

When Match Day arrives, you’ll take your place in the top-down digital dugout and watch your starting XI cross the magical white line. As the action unfolds, it's your decisions that will make the difference.

New additions and upgrades elevates FM19 Mobile to new levels ensuring that the 2018/19 season will be one to remember:

Russia and China are two brand new destinations to try your luck abroad and the wonderkid-laden Bundesliga is fully licensed for the first time in the series history.

Monitor and drive the improvement of your players like never before with the new, customisable training system. Tighten-up the weak areas and elevate strengths into something truly special, with your staff providing constant updates on where things are going well, and where they could work better.

You’ll now negotiate with clubs and players in real-time for a more dynamic and faster experience. New clauses enable you to negotiate buy-back deals and minimum fee releases, while future real-life transfers are included for the first time.

Finally… you can now empower your players to make the shirts their own with the introduction of fully-customisable squad numbering.

For the first time in the series history you’ll see licensed kits peppered throughout the game – and you can even design your very own in the ‘My Club’ mode.

- Match enhancements – including goal replays and VAR
- Refreshed user interface
- Improved tactical scouting
- In-game editor improvements

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Football Manager 2019 Mobile App Description & Overview

The applications Football Manager 2019 Mobile was published in the category Games on 2018-11-02 and was developed by SEGA. The file size is 1.34 GB. The current version is 10.1.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Fixed issue where transfer fee could change on its own when selling
Fixed two further crashes

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Football Manager 2019 Mobile Reviews


Good but needs tweaks  Mehdhjh  1 star

I rated one star just to make sure this is read. Only have a few complaints. 1. The game restarts if you open a different app even if the game was never closed out of. 2. THERE ARE STILL SUBSTITUTION GLITCHES. Players shouldn’t be on the pitch if they’ve been subbed. Duh. I’ve lost multiple games because of players who should’ve been subbed, making a mistake. 3. Players being in the wrong position once you make a tactical change. I’ve been buying this game every year for the past five years and I want it to be great. Please fix these things.


Best Game Ever! Just one thing I’m having trouble with...  psong328  5 star

Easily the best soccer manager game there is. I put off buying it before thoroughly trying out every free soccer manager game on the iPhone but this is worth every cent. The only problem I’ve seen and it’s probably a quick fix is that when I offer a player to other clubs I have the option to put a sell on fee but any time I’ve gotten multiple offers for that same player I haven’t been able to negotiate any sell on fee. The only time I have been able to do that is the one time I received a transfer offer from one single club (the other several dozen times I’ve sold a player the offer comes in the form of 3 teams with competing offers). Definitely frustrating to sell off a good young player thinking that you’re getting a percentage of future transfers and that not being the case


It’s really good but.  lauida  4 star

I love this game it is an amazing way to burn time and have fun. However I was playing as Barcelona and Messi’s contract was about to run out so I wanted to renew him. The game wouldn’t let me. He wanted 750k but the max it would allow me to do was 725k no matter how much money and player sales I acquired it wouldn’t go up past that. I lost Messi to Bosman ruling and I can’t even resign him because he doesn’t want to come back. It doesn’t make sense that a club would let Their best player go without even letting me make an offer. Love this game but this is a major problem for me I have to completely start a new career because I didn’t want the player to leave that way. Pls fix


Deserved all the pennies  lifestealeove  5 star

Nothing to say about the game , you should play it!!

Why you make me do this?

Technique bug.  Why you make me do this?  3 star

The training technique bug still persists after the latest update. It’s painful seeing a Ronaldo regen start with 10 technique and it stays that way up until his retirement while he got greens everywhere else. Please fix.


Help?  FM19HK02  5 star

I’m very very impressed with the game this year. It’s incredibly in depth and easy to manage with no bugs so far. There is so much more to the game tactically then previous years and overall it’s been very enjoyable to play. However, I am having trouble resigning from a job. I’m managing a club team and got a job at a national team. Is there any way I can resign as manager of my club team to focus on national management? Thank you in advance.


Janet  ahdnfkfnf  5 star

This game should should improve on 3D view...


Almost Perfect  BigBoyTyrone  4 star

My only issue with it is how in tournaments with 2 legs the matches are so fixed.If you crush a team around 4-1 or something in the first leg they will either beat you or tie it up in the 2nd leg.It doesn’t matter if they are the worst team in the league and you have the strongest lineup in the game.For some reason your team will forget how to play.It took me 50+ retries to finally beat Leganes after beating them 4-1 in the first leg.I had to try around 20 formations and tactics before finally beating them


Want a refund  Xxvdsxv  1 star

It was completely different from what i used to play on my pc. I don’t enjoy this as much. Is there I can get a refund?

Dave Bremser

iPhone XR  Dave Bremser  5 star

Updated review: Love the game happy dev fixed the display issue. They also went back and fixed the screen and layout in 2018. Nice job. Loved the 18 game on my 6s. Played soooo many hours. Got an XR and 18 looked terrible, so I bought 19. Was excited but it is scaled to 3/4 screen. Please fix.


What a Let down  Sheep112  1 star

Just bought the game. Own 2018 version. This game is so bad. Selling a player is not realistic and too easy to make money. Why can’t you see what the offer is and why is it always two team who has made offers? There is no AI, my players never get any offers to buy from other teams unless you offer them to other club. Please fix these two things ASAP!!


Best manager game  Fifatime  5 star

This game is the best and most realistic manager game out their.


Ok game terrible interface  Scottrotton  3 star

The game is ok a-art from not so good licening. Trying to scroll without selecting a player is a nightmare. Happens about 10 20 times a session. I’ve almost given up


👍  Fmmwoo  5 star



FMM 2019  Toyosisolanke-man144  4 star

Very good iteration of the game! Please optimise game for iPhone X, the top of the screen cuts off some of the menu.


Transfers  PorkHayden  5 star

5 stars. Tranfer prices are set way too high and i get ofdered peanuts in comparison.


Poor  J/L  2 star

A step back , a slower game with stiffer navigation of menu’s that previous years and an all together sluggish feel


This is a step in the right direction  BU_OFFICAL_CITY  4 star

So the last couple FM mobiles have just been complete reskins with updated players and teams etc. But this year, they have tried to make it more realistic and harder, which is quite enjoyable in a football manager game. I like how young players prices are over exaggerated like in real life. But anyway, so far enjoying it and just got relegated with Southampton. Thanks FM for making a game that I feel was worth the $15

Mez 25

Great game but terrible skin  Mez 25  4 star

Game is fantastic! But the new skin is annoying and not the best from a visibility perspective. Wish there could be a way to modify the skins.

A train 101

Ok  A train 101  3 star

Game is going well, but it just crashed after I win the carabao cup


Great game but screen on iPhone XR is bad  Fonzi45  4 star

Can please fix this in the next update. I really like this game and really want to play on full screen


Another amazing game..!  Niv.A  5 star

I love the FM series, was wondering if like in previous games you have the option to retrain players into different positions. Can’t find where it is in FM19 Would appreciate if you can help.


Good! But devs please change colour scheme  SgSGrrr...  4 star

The game is great, very similar of course to 2018 but with some relatively minor improvements. If you like FM games you will like this one. That said, the new colour scheme is hard to look at. I’m not the only one saying this either, several people have noted that the new colour scheme, while flashy at first, becomes downright nauseating over long play periods. It’s almost bad enough for me to just get a refund and switch back to FMM18.


Great game  Alekksss  5 star

FMM18 improved


Transfer crush  Kent_1903  1 star

FM 18 was better than this version. I am struggling with transfer crush. It is really bad and annoying!


Fc Cincinnati  rjeger  4 star

When will Fc Cincinnati be available for mls?


Definitely Improved  rothscorn  5 star

I thought this would be just a rehash, but there are some key elements here that make this iteration of FMM worth every penny. Visually, the UI is streamlined with the tabs option, to give that PC look, or you can use the windows. Next, the option for HD interface makes everything look crispy and up to date. Next the color scheme change, while not a game changer, adds a modern and moodier vibe that makes the game feel like it is from, you know, this decade. Next, the ability to negotiate live makes negotiation less of chore and waiting game and more exciting and realistic. Thank goodness. The updates to training are good, as now we can pick specific elements of training to focus on which can impact the role we want a player in, and we can control individual intensity levels of regimes to allow for boosts in training... and risk of injury. Also l, a post match menu shows which players are actually improving from playing and which may be stagnant, helping in decisions such as who will keep the team progressing and who is bringing it down. Lastly, the match time interface is improved with replays and speed sliders, so you don’t miss anything, or if you want to fly through a friendly match. Overall, thanks SI for making a better version of FMM. Some ideas: maybe women’s leagues? Also, manager contract negotiations?


Ouch for the eyes  89town  4 star

Overall, feels similar to last years with a few nice improvements like the negotiations, but the colour scheme is so bad that at time you can’t see the data because it will be a bar with a white background and a very light blue data, it’s a bit painful and psychedelic with all the red and blue and purple


A difficult adjustment  BreakABrickStudios  3 star

As always it is fairly boring to watch dots pass the ball back and forth. The PC version provides some stimulus in that you can actually see the goals and players on the field. The game has no music so you might want to have a playlist ready while playing this game, and I find that the game isn’t very new player friendly. I find it kind of ridiculous that I can choose 4 League that have a combined total of 23,000 generated players, but I can’t choose 5 smaller leagues with a combined total of players that’s less than the previous 4 leagues. It’s also quite shocking that you can’t delete your previous or current career mode saves, as you have to either do it through a computer, or delete and reinstall the game entirely. The rating system doesn’t make much sense to me, I don’t understand how Messi (5 stars) can be rated the same as other players who aren’t as good.

SCP Sempre

Amazing This Year  SCP Sempre  5 star

Basically updated and upgraded FM18

Sammy Suarez

De ja vu  Sammy Suarez  2 star

Same game different year, some added graphics when you win an award or get a new contract but the same stuff every year. Mobile version easy as usual.. played one season with wolves sighed 3 average enough players and almost won the title in my first season playing 5 at the back. No thought required..


Transfer market is nuts  Airblazer  1 star

It’s a great game let down by a transfer market gone crazy. Obviously the devs are doing this on purpose to force you into buying the sugar daddy add-on. Players valued at 20 million and clubs looking for 100 million and wage increases from 100k to 600k for any player wise club agrees terms. Do not buy until devs adjust this.


Decent - Far Too glitchy  52kid  3 star

Not enough changes/improvements from previous two versions. Some player ratings and attributes are daft, especially in the premiership. Sometimes players who have been substituted score, tactical changes don't happen. Transfer market is completely mental for lower ranked leagues, demanding 50+ million for kids? Going in the wrong direction

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