Cora — Color Code Your Apps

Cora — Color Code Your Apps [Utilities] App Description & Overview

Cora allows you to organize your apps by color.

We do this by organizing all of your apps by color and showing you the results.

Using our technology it is easy for anyone to have gorgeous iPhone home screens, where all of your apps are organized by color.

Download one of the best paid apps today to be the first of your friends to have beautifully organized home screens!

Use Cora to help you organize all of your apps by color!

At this point our app is not able physically move your apps for you but we will give you the tools to organize your home screen.

Cora is a great tool to help you organize your apps by color and adjust the look of your iPhone!

Install the best organization tool on the App Store today and get started with your color coding.

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Cora — Color Code Your Apps Comments & Reviews

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- Cora

I like it but I also didn’t bc the words at the last part was moving to fast. When i was trying to do what they said I was still confused.

- Please read this before buying

I’m one of those people who take everything with a grain of salt. I saw this app and the reviews on it and assumed it was probably mediocre because some people loved it and some hate it. Consider these facts before buying: 1) some ads you may see make it seem like the app with rearrange your screen for you. This app only shows you what your phone would look like if you rearrange it yourself. 2) there are tons of duplicate apps. I dont mean one or two, I mean four a screen. This messes the whole layout up 3) they’re are a ton of missing apps. Again I dont mean one or two I mean a whole screens worth of apps. At that point you have to choose what you want to do. Put them in order or leave them at the end. I do not believe that this app is worth two dollars. I don’t think it’d be popular if it was free. It feels as if the developers made it and then left it to rot because I’ve seen older reviews who complain about the same things I’m complaining about but there still isn’t anything done about it. Developers, if you read this, please fix these bugs. You app isn’t worth two dollars at this point

- Wonderful way to organize apps

The idea of organizing apps according to hue might be silly to some but simple things like these do wonders. My home screens are much much beautiful now and I get excited with the thought of updating it everytime I add a new app. Well, this does sound crazy but it makes me happy so thanks Cora!

- Don’t buy

It’s honestly not worth it. You have to take all your apps out of their previous organization so that it can see them all (which if you’re like me ends up being about four pages of apps) just to screenshot these pages for Cora to organize the color, and it doesn’t even organize all of them, and duplicates some of them. And YOU are the one who has to move around your now jumbled apps. Not worth two dollars. I’m writing this Dec. 19 Cora please improve or give me a refund

- Not Yet at Least

So yeah, the concept’s great, but keep in mind, it isn’t perfect. When it “organizes” the apps, there are duplicates and they don’t seem to be in any actual order, they’re just kinda randomly put out. On top of that, it only displays a portion of the apps. Needs a LOT of work to be worth the 2$ I payed. Try doing it yourself! It’ll be more fun doing it yourself anyway! I payed so you don’t have to. It’s mid December right now, hopefully they get this properly working soon!

- Want a refund!

Cute concept, but executed poorly. This app doesn’t do what it’s advertised to do. It doesn’t organize your apps. When it shows you the pattern for you to move them yourself, there’s duplicates and they seem jumbled and don’t go with the color story at all. Overall, just a poor experience. PLEASE just save your $1.99. It isn’t worth it. Cora, give me a refund please. Your app does not do what was advertised, and honestly just didn’t work at all.

- I don’t usually give 1 star reviews

But despite the 5 stars highlighted this is truly a one star review. I leave them 5 stars though not to tarnish their reputation because it could potentially be my fault as to why I’m not satisfied. I didn’t read the reviews I just wrongfully assumes the app would do it for me automatically. Not show me how to do it for me to do it anyway. I knew which colors went together and only wanted an app that would do the work for me!!!!!!!!

- This app makes my screen look so much better.

At first I was skeptical of this app, but now that I used it and all my apps are organized, I feel so much better! I feel so organized and it’s lovely.

- Not Worth It

This app it’s not worth $2 that we’re paying. For one this app that’s not organize apps for you. They say that but they don’t do it or match the color of each app. This app is a completen Front. They’re claiming they going to organize your app but never do. They also say they give a shortcut to view all your apps but it’s just me taking a screenshot and adding it to the app. This app is not worth it and I would like a refund.

- Questions

Sooo I downloaded this app because I want my phone like it is on the advertisement but... it does nothing of the sort... I’m having to do this all myself ... am I doing it wrong or does this app literally show you how your screens should look and then it’s on you to move all the apps around yourself...? If not please let me know what I’m doing wrong lol

- Don’t waste you’re money

——— READ BEFORE YOU BUY ——————— This is one of the lowest quality, badly designed, horribly marketed apps I have seen to date in the App Store. Since the developers do not posses the integrity to tell you what you’re actually buying for $1.99 USD, I’ll tell you. This apps process: -Change your wallpaper to black -Screenshot each screen you have -App crops (very poorly mind you) the apps out of your screenshot -The app “intelligently” organizes these cropped photos into what is supposedly the color coordination -The user must then manually maneuver apps to fit the pictures generate by Cora Pro tip: you can do the same thing this app charges you $1.99 for by simply eyeballing it!

- Not worth it

I could do 10 times better if I took the time to do it myself, the color matching isn’t good at all with apps that have more than two colors. The only apps it did good were the all green ones. I want a refund, it made me take all my apps out of folders just for it to not match them

- false advertising

reorganizing apps is a great way to kill time especially during quarantine, however it is something that is possible without paying $2 for an app. especially when that app still requires you to do the work. you screenshot all your pages of apps and they tell you to organize them. you’d think an app that makes you pay to do your own work could at least get their part right. they duplicate apps and there’s a glitch that doesn’t allow you to even organize them. so essentially, you’re donating $1.99 to the creators. save your money because either way you’re doing it yourself

- Does not organize well

This app did not organize some of my apps well, and several of them were repeated and replaced my other apps, leaving me to try and figure out where to put them, it also makes it seem like the app organizes yours for you, but it does NOT! Do not recommend.

- Cora

I don’t really get it every time I try to do it it won’t work but other than that the app is amazing I just need to understand it

- I like it

I’m not usually one to review apps or games but this to me is a really nice app to have it’s only $2 which to me isn’t that bad it isn’t perfect but I really like it

- Total Waste of Money

I bought this app thinking that is was going to organize all my apps for me. But this app took a picture of my apps and color sorted the picture not even the right way! It expects you to look at the picture and do it yourself. This app was a waste of money I could have done it better myself!

- Don’t waste your money

This app has a good idea but it is so difficult. They only organize a little at a time, take to many steps and is bluffing in the ad I want a refund because this app is horrible. If you’re thinking about getting it, don’t think twice. Just don’t get it. Again I want a refund!

- Hate this

Literally bought it and it doesn’t work at all

- Nope just nope.

After you do all the work to get it set up the way the app asks you to then it’s organizes it on the app but does not actually do anything to your phone. It just gives you a picture of what it would look like if it was organized by color and not even correctly. Perfect waste of money.


absolutely not worth it, it costs 2 dollars and all it does is show you a picture on how you home screen should look and you have to do the moving. That’s the whole point tho, the reason I got it was so that it would move them in colored order. Does not do what it says it does DO NOT BUY!!!!!

- Not great

It’s hard to navigate the app, and the text they used to guide the experience moves way to fast for my dyslexic brain to read the instructions. Would not recommend, if you really want your apps organized by color it is probably easier to do it by eye. 🤷‍♀️

- Such A Ridiculous App!!!! Only put one Star cuz it was required to put something

I want a refund this app did nothing but ask me to screen cap my screen and I thought oh wow it’s gonna ask for a permisio not something to rearrange my apps as it says nope it’s a waste of money don’t wast yours!! Go get yourself a dollar burger and fry

- Not even a one star

This app just take your screenshots of your back ground and gives you back a picture of what your apps COULD look like it they were color coordinated. You have to do all of the work, and you pay for it? Not worth anything. Please don’t down load!

- Meh

I had already had my apps arranged by color but in folders this app made me take out all of my apps in the folders so it could color coordinate them for me but didn’t do any of the work it just showed me what order that should be in.

- Awful

The app does nothing at all ..... no directions no instructions no nothing it doesn’t do anything but show you how to organize your apps according to the color of the app smh it’s almost false advertising bc you pay for something and you get nothing

- Too many reminder

Way too many reminder for rating. It is really annoying

- It’s ok I wouldn’t get it

When I first got it I was excited. After I gave them my screenshots it took me to another page, and told me the instructions. Next page i tried what it told me to do and it didn’t work would not get!

- This does not make sense

I am doing what it asks but it does not want to work, I do not know if I am doing it right?

- So sad

So sad Not user-friendly. I asked you to drag apps from point to another yet you’re not even giving the option to actually drag any particular app. It just takes a big picture and then you can’t do anything

- Faulty

It misses apps and duplicates others...I tried this a few times and it was still bugging. It provides you a picture and you rearrange the apps yourself. I could have done just the same with a google search. Do not spend your money on this.

- Didn’t work.

Wish I didn’t spend my money on this app. I screenshot like it asked after changing my background to black and then It would not let me select any of the apps, it just moved all of them together. Definitely wish I could get my money back.

- Easy peasy

Super simple to use a few steps and clicks here and there and my screen got it's needed facelift.

- Don’t recommend

I don’t recommend buying this app I thought it would organize the apps for me but you have to do it yourself and the apps are duplicate so I highly suggest you to save your money and don’t waste it on this app because I regret buying this.


i bought this because i thought it would help me organize all it did was make me jumble up my apps and it didn’t even organize them not worth the money i spent and i want a refund or for them to fix their app now my apps are all messed up and weird

- Pointless

this app is literally useless.... all it does it show you what order they should be in, it doesn’t organize it for you whatsoever and the color coordination it shows isn’t even right. not worth 2$ if you ask me, waste of time and money.


Not worth the $1.99 doesn’t even do anything except show you what your apps would look like if they were organized. You have to organize them yourself so you basically are paying $1.99 for a visual waste of money!!!!

- Make everything so easy

No joke


I am writing this review to say that the app did not organize my apps by hue. I paid $2.99 and did all the requirements but it still didn’t organize anything. I would like to request some sort of refund, meaning at least $0.50 put pack into my iTunes account.

- Not what I was expecting...

I Was under the impression that it would organize the apps for you but it just gives you a lay out for the apps you have , personally I don’t think it is worth the $2.

- Don’t Buy

This does nothing to help organize your apps it just makes you screen shot and then it doesn’t organize them for you and it messes up the little icons so you can’t figure it out which app is which

- Not Worth It

Not worth $1.99. In the end, Cora doesn’t even organize the apps for you. You have to do it yourself based off of the organization of the apps it gives you which is not very accurate and includes duplicates of the same app.

- How do you do it

I dot really know if it just me or what but honestly how do you get the apps on your actual hone screen? Please help


This app is a scam, it didn’t do absolutely anything! I saw this app in an add in Snapchat saying it would organize all my apps and all it did was make me take screenshots and put a picture of my apps and then it began to glitch, I spent an hour trying to work it out! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

- Great app

Lots of fun! Always wanted a creative way to sort my icons. Now I have one.

- I could pay a monkey to do a better job!

Giving it a one star because the stupid thing can’t even recognize the difference between the ✔️on the icon for my Verizon and ✔️ on turbo tax app. It gave me a color arrangement that included two turbo tax icons-no Verizon icon. Therefore rendering it useless !!!

- Please do not waste your money

It has a fake Rate button and it pops up all the time. Even after I have rated it. The pop up will appear when it organizing the apps pictures and be included in the ss of them.

- waste

In case you were wondering, all this app does is poorly organize your apps and duplicate most of them. It does not arrange the apps for you, and it doesn’t even fully recognize some. Do not buy it. I want my money back

- Not worth it!

I paid $2 for this and all it does is organize apps in the pictures you give it then you have to organize it yourself if anything this app should be free. But even if it was it’s still a dumb app in my opinion.

- All the 5-star reviews are fake!

Be aware!! This app is a scam, do not waste your money. I purchased it because it was on the top of the rankings. Guess what, all those good reviews were fake to get the high ranking. I wish I didn’t purchased this app. Waste of money.

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Absolutely useless!!! Does not work at all, you have to organise it yourself and the tips they give you are not even in order or colour. I do not recommend buying this. Waste of time and $2.99

- Read the reviews! This app doesn’t work!

You screenshot your apps. Upload them, then nothing happens. There is nowhere to go from there. Even look at their website, it’s not a legitimate site. I you want to colour arrange your apps you will need to do it yourself by one by one. 100% DO NOT PURCHASE!

- Horrible

Do not waste your money getting this app it does not work at all instructions are shocking and when followed correctly they don’t even work biggest disappointment

- Terrible

The app literally only shows a very badly put together image of some of your apps. Don’t get it it’s a waste of time and money I only got it because I thought it was free til my automatic payment happened because of Face ID

- Don’t buy

I can’t believe I wasted my money on this stupid app it doesn’t rearrange or colour your apps it’s just telling you to ss your home screen and tells you to rearrange the apps by colour yourself


don’t waste your money this app is rubbish and doesn’t work even when instructions are followed correctly.

- Don’t buy

Biggest waste of money does nothing at all thought it arranges it but it really doesn’t does not work

- Cora colour

This app is not good, I paid $2.99 for this and it dose nothing I don’t like it and would never recommend it I want my money back😡😡😡

- Dose not actually do anything

This product is quite useless

- Nothing happens

Honestly the biggest waste of money if you ask me!

- Do not buy

This app is a waste of money , it doesn’t do what it does. U need to arrange the app by yourself

- Doesn’t work

I doesn’t even do anything

- No!!!!

It does not work!!!! Is spent my mum’s money on this trash!!!! Now I am going to pay her back!!!!!😡😡😡😡 ⚠️WARNING⚠️ do not buy!!!!!

- Do not purchase

Do not get this app, biggest $3 wasted in my life

- It literally does not work lmao

It’s asks you to screenshot your home screens and then tells you to pick which apps you want moved in order and then doesn’t do anything when you click on the apps

- Cora


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- Cora review

When I try to move the apps I press on them with another finger but it open the app and I don’t understand.

- Terrible

This app just takes your money, it does nothing and doesn’t show you what to do, only the concept is nice

- this sucks

it makes you organize the apps yourself wouldn’t recommend it

- It sucks

It’s sooo crappy and makes 0% scene

- Not worth it

Really wishing I read the reviews before purchasing🙄

- Not working

This is a waist of money doesn’t work!


TERRIBLE! just takes your money. You can organize your apps by holding down the app to reorganize your apps and then all you do is drag the app and tap related colours in the order you want. Ex. Light to dark colours. DO NOT BUY!!!


it doesn’t do anything what a scam

- it does not Work

it does not work

- lame

dont even get this ...

- Waste of money

I get why they charge upfront because if they didn’t no one would pay for it. Its a neat idea but poor execution. Wasted my $2.79 on this app. The apps aren’t even organized colour coordinated.

- Waste of money

It does not organize anything... you have to do it yourself manually and it doesn’t recognize most apps

- Doesn’t work

Like I said, it doesn’t work 💀 don’t even try it honestly

- Hey

Like the app

- cora review :)


- Ositaaa

I love this app

- Perreault1239874

Good app



- Booo

This app is a big waste of you money do not buy it it does not sort anything it’s sucks

- This is a scam

The app doesn’t sort anything at all it’s a waste of money and time

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- Trouble loading - needs better instructions

Not very easy to setup

- Cora

this app literally doesn't do what it says it does, and it is basically useless. other than (sometimes incorrectly) putting all your apps onto a screen for you to organize your self, it does nothing. i regret buying.

- Total rip off

Warning. This does NOT reorganize your apps, it just takes a screenshot of your phone and shows what it could look like if you reorganize the apps. That is all. You still have to reorganize them

- Cora

It didn’t put some of my apps in it and duplicated a lot of them and it also doesn’t do it for you

- Worst app

One of the most dumbest apps i’ve ever purchased. I don’t recommend buying, i’d like it if i could have my money back but no. On this app you can do this yourself it doesn’t color coordinate it for you like the adds show.

- Ugh

This app is very glitchy and repeats the apps multiple times in the color order I have spent 30 mins trying to get the app the stop moving around

- If I could give it no stars I would

I came here from Snapchat thinking it was the filter of the apps or something and it ended up just being an organizer that makes you do most of the work

- The best ever app

I Love this app it’s amazing it helps you organize things and it’s super good! Get it!

- Good concept but needs improvement

Great idea but poor execution. The app definitely needs more work and development for the algorithm to really organize the apps properly.

- Waste of money. Do not buy!!

This literally just shows you what your home screen would look like IF you arranged it yourself. The app doesn’t actually rearrange anything for you. I’m so mad I paid for this!!

- It’s a bit confusing

I don’t understand how it really works

- Horrible!

I tried it i was not satisfied at all horrible service and Everything was not working right I hate this app it will be automatically removed from my iPhone not satisfied!🤦‍♀️👎🏻

- Wouldn’t recommend.

It listed apps I have twice, and it cut them in half. I had about two or three apps that I don’t even have in my phone.

- Stupid

This app is really stupid I accidentally paid for it and so I got it and thought it was a good app then I had to put all my apps on my home screen and it literally did nothing except waste my time I don’t recommend it

- Didn’t do anything. Had to still manually do it which I could have color sorted myself.

Waste of money. Did not organize the apps for me, still had to move each one myself.

- Not worth the money

The app doesn’t organize your apps for you. It shows pictures of how you can organize them yourself. A waste of $2. It is easier to just do it yourself.

- This is a great app! 👍🏼😜 You should try it too! 😜✌🏼

Still learning how to do it lol! 😹

- Cora

I don’t get why this is a thing and I wasted two dollars on it and it dose t even work I would not recommend this app at all I do what it says and it doesn’t work and now I can’t find my old wallpaper

- Cool

Took some time but what else was I doing


This app falsely advertises its purpose. It does NOT organize anything for you. It takes the screen shots you take and chops them all up and sorts the colors and you have to do it yourself. I want my money back.

- It’s a great guideline but at free quality. Not worth the price.

It tried to put an app in twice.

- Not worth it al all!!!

This app is not worth it at all. I bought it to think that it would be simple. Sadly you have to do it yourself and it doesn’t work when you have folder apps. So stupid

- Horrible

It doesn’t work, it will just show screen shots and not even organize on your actual home screen dont buy!

- Needs a lot of improvement

Makes a lot of duplicates of the apps and doesn’t really look too good

- refund!

that is the worst app ever and my 2 bucks was not worth it i couldn’t even figure out how to work it and it made you basically do all the work ridiculous that it was 2$ for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

- Dosent organize

I saw this app on a Snapchat add,I decided to buy it for $2 I thought it would be handy, I am very disappointed with my purchase. I did exactly what the app told me to do and nothing happened. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS APP! Its a waste of money!!

- Please improve — Don’t but this

Sorry, not a good app yet Needs better recognition of apps and needs to be able to provide a better UI so people can actually coordinate apps

- Super Buggy and not worth paying for

I was really excited to try this app but it’s supper buggy, difficult to use, and absolutely no help in terms of organization

- Make for me

I don’t know how to make it

- Don’t buy

I don’t think it’s worth the two dollars to have the app duplicate the apps and then have you put them in the order that is shows you😤

- Amazing

I’m glad I got this. I needed to be organized

- Ok but not worth 2.99

All it does it tells you where you should put your apps, doesn’t even do it for you.

- Did not do what it advertised to do.

It just gives you a picture and doesn’t organize the icons for you, waste of money.

- The best

This was the best I loved there organizing so beautifully made

- Refund

I can’t move the apps the idea of this app was cool and I loved it but it’s not working I took all of my apps out of their folders for nothing so please fix it or please give me a refund

- Doesn’t work for iPad

I saw this all over the internet and i downloaded it, but it doesn’t know how to scale the iPad icons because they’re bigger in a screenshot than the iPhone.

- Cora

Very confusing to work and isn’t very efficient honestly, especially for something you have to pay for.


Literally deserving of 0 stars, if not far into the negatives. Buy this app IF you want to WASTE YOUR $ :) If it were an option, I would attach an image of my home screen to show how little to no help this app provided.

- Not what I expected

Thought it would organize it for you. It does not.

- This is poopoo

Save your 2 dollars and organize yourself, all this does is show you how to organize it. No reason to buy this app unless you are color blind, but then what’s the point lol

- 3rd step

Im confused when it comes to the part where it says hold on a app and tap on the rest of them

- All it does is show you

It just shows you what it should look like. You have to move them yourself. False advertising

- It’s ok

Honestly all my apps didn’t show up but it doesn’t even do it for you. I guess it’s fine

- Not worth it

Definitely not worth 1.99 I thought it would be better at recording the apps but it wasn’t. Want my money back

- Horrible instructions

It had horribly instructions and for a $2 game you would expect better. I will be requesting a refund of my money.

- Waste of money

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!! I wasted my two dollars in the add it organizes the apps for you when you buy it it just shows you were to put them I want a refund and I want it now.

- Fake!!

Takes your money and doesn’t even organize the apps in color

- bad.

i thought this app would organize my apps for me. all it did was take screenshots of my apps and give me a layout. NOT WORTH THE MONEY AT ALL. i want a refund. i do not recommend this app. TikTok lied to me.

- Are you kidding.

I’m very upset that I just spent $2 on an app that did nothing but waste my time. The way it’s presented is misleading. I do not recommend. This is pointless

- Good work

It is great helps a lot

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Cora — Color Code Your Apps 1.4.2 Screenshots & Images

Cora — Color Code Your Apps iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Cora — Color Code Your Apps iphone images
Cora — Color Code Your Apps iphone images
Cora — Color Code Your Apps iphone images
Cora — Color Code Your Apps iphone images

Cora — Color Code Your Apps (Version 1.4.2) Install & Download

The applications Cora — Color Code Your Apps was published in the category Utilities on 2018-11-26 and was developed by BerryGood Media LLC [Developer ID: 999624221]. This application file size is 52.42 MB. Cora — Color Code Your Apps - Utilities app posted on 2020-10-02 current version is 1.4.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.refineryapps.cora

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