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R.B.I. Baseball 19 has more additions and improvements than ever before, delivering Franchise Mode and heightened authenticity to deliver a genuine MLB experience – not to mention hundreds of new animations, brand new player models, every official 2019 uniform, more player gear, improved ball physics and environments, and more!

Franchise Mode: Manage your dream team across multiple seasons! Add pieces at the trade deadline, win over free agents, call up rookies and bring on new two-way players.

Authentic MLB Players: Updated player models, hundreds of new animations, more realistic player movements and reactions add a whole new level of authenticity.

Stunning Environments: Amplified lighting, textures, cinematic sequences and 3-D crowd system in all 30 ballparks.

MLB Legends: Play as 165+ all-time greats like Jackie Robinson, Ted Williams, or Reggie Jackson!

Legends Teams: All-new Legends Teams available for play on Exhibition Mode.

Weekly Roster Updates: Weekly, season-long roster updates with performance-based statistical tuning.

Bigger and Better Soundtrack: Music from popular artists including Evaride, Banzai, OneRepublic, CHVRCHES and more!

R.B.I. Baseball 19 requires at least 2GB of device RAM to play. A small number of users will not be able to play the game and will receive an in game error directing them to a refund. This Device list includes: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod Touch 6th gen, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3 and other older devices.

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R.B.I. Baseball 19 App Description & Overview

The applications R.B.I. Baseball 19 was published in the category Games on 2019-03-22 and was developed by MLB. The file size is 2.44 GB. The current version is 1.0.3 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

- Animation additions and improvements for end of inning
- AI in-field logic improvements
- Updated select player portraits and World Series 2019 logo
- Updated select in-game billboards
- Fix for crash at end of game stats screen
- Fix for soft lock during simming games
- UI fixes and improvements including joystick movement
- Stats home run fixes
- Updated LAD classic uniforms
- Audio updates and improvements
- Additional fixes and optimizations

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Can’t hit  Jets25  1 star

Hitting is impossible as so many others have said. Hit Nukes all over the place but right to the fielders. I’ve hit 5 come backers to the pitcher in two games. First time I’ve spent money on a sports game, wish I hadn’t wasted my cash.


Could get some improvement  Beaztmode789  5 star

This is my favorite sports game by far, but it could use improvements such as: bug fixes (for me when I try to get in to franchise I am not able to for an odd reason), players in the dugouts like other people have said, and make trading a little more difficult because once I traded for Yelich for just a few guys I never heard before and trades were on strict. Overall this was a good game and enjoy playing it.


Ah man  idenweud7hwus  5 star

I love this game but please make retro players Jeter,Ruth,Bonds etc. Go Giants


The Game is Okay  BradyBugg07  3 star

This is a very well made game, the graphics are amazing for a mobile game but it seems like they put to much time into the graphics than stuff to do. You only have the option of playing a quick game, franchise, or post season, now I know this is a mobile game but I feel they could have put like a Road To The Show type game mode like in MLB The Show games. There also isn’t much to do in the actual games you play, with hitting you have just select a bunt or swing and than press a button and swing, and don’t think you’ll be hitting hone runs right away, timing is so hard in this. Fielding isn’t much better, if you set your outfield controls to manual, unless you’re a god you miss 70% of the fly balls because it is impossible to track where they land, and in infield it auto fields ground balls and all you do is select a place to throw. Great game for mobile, just think they could have added some more stuff.

Aye Q

A quarter new  Aye Q  3 star

A few new animations a slightly different angled view a little touch up on graphics and a hot phone There are other free options in the App Store I almost regret buying it but after some time playing i see its strengths and it is a complete baseball game. No pay to play and offline play and while others have a better presentation this feels like a complete game


Bad game but ok  hfdssdfnj  1 star

It’s fun when you play it but every game you lose it’s very hard to hit a ball the other teams are really good don’t download this game


EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING  Mystery010101  1 star

This game will make you rage. Unrealistic catches, and lag whenever you try to advance a base or throw ball. And why will it move all players when you advance that cost me a World Series. Don’t waste your time and money on this.


Unrealistic  Aidan43764376  1 star

What should be hits are always diving catches and they never miss. The base runners are the slowest things on earth and you can't ever score on a single when the runner at second which happens all the time in real life. I know it is supposed to be an arcade game but it is that frustrating when the outfield makes a impossible catch Everytime. Waste of money and time in my opinion

soley 1111

Just can’t get the simple things right  soley 1111  1 star

So the graphics are nice. The pitching takes a few tries to figure out. But the worst is the fact that there are teams playing over 200 regular season games in the my franchise. Yes my team has currently played 120. The rest of the league is on 180-200. Like how hard is it to the get the reg season games down pat.


Needs Fixing  Meagsyjcfjng  2 star

I can’t play franchise mode anymore and it also quits on me sometimes!!!











SCAM!!!  ajstylesfanboy  1 star

I bought this game this morning and started to login but it said it doesn’t work on my phone😡🤬 after it said below the app works on this phone


Could be better, but it’s fine.  nyy_02  3 star

Ok I’ll start with the bad. First off, there are so many hits that should be gappers or a double but the outfielders make a once in a lifetime play. It just doesn’t make sense and is unrealistic. Second, why make everyone advance a base on the base running pad? I had a sing up the middle with a man on second and I send him home. He should be safe at home but both runners advanced a base and they just throw to second before he can get home. It’s just frustrating and makes it a whole lot less fun. Also, if you could add a home run derby mode, or a MyPlayer type of mode would be cool too. And now, onto the the good. It is the only MLB licensed game and it is fun when it works. I really like the idea of a Legends Team. The postseason mode is very fun and intense (probably my favorite part of the game), once again when it works. Overall, it’s an ok game, but improvements can definitely be made.


Epic, Game.  RBIGamerPerson  5 star

Just awesome...


Stats  mgconroy  3 star

Neither the statistics nor the standings make any sense. Why bother to include them if they are not accurate? Also, the app still unexpectedly closes midgame. After seven versions, one would think the developers would have fixed this.


Ridiculous  Jskinner871  1 star

This game is made to make sure you can’t win. Have a great lineup of heavy hitters and not a single one can hit

Wyatt Z

Keeps crashing  Wyatt Z  2 star

Game keeps crashing. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I have iPhone XR. Would be decent game except not enough control over pitching


It’s fun!  Pherrrrr  4 star

My only problem with this is the pitching part I prefer the MLB9Innings19 pitching style of playing. It gives the option of what pitch I could use rather than direct a speed pitch it makes my most elite pitchers look like they belong back in the minors lol but overall fun game, I would personally just change how the pitching works. Please change it or modify it and it also glitches a lot and it shuts off while playing a game and when you go back to the menu it doesn’t show the game you were playing it just shows the background of your favorite team and just the “back button”


Best iOS baseball game - could be improved  andy-appstore-reviews  4 star

Improvements: - throws from the outfield are always way more perfect than realistic - unable to easily see how good a given player in roster/free agent/trade player views - I’ve had a two crashes after hitting a home run in a critical game situation where the home run was lost after restarting the game - it would be better if you could choose what pitch to throw and its location using a more traditional UI - starting pitcher stamina is (unrealistically) restored to full after just a few days - occasional animation glitches where the player drops the ball but it’s ruled as a catch (or vice versa) Still the best baseball game out there that I’ve tried. Will bump to 5 stars if some of the issues mentioned above are addressed.


Hitting  Redsox0000000  1 star

I find it frustrating to hit. Balls are mostly in the dirt and it’s hard to connect for power. In other games it’s too easy. This I find impossible

Anita B. Jainow

Cheap  Anita B. Jainow  1 star

Graphics could be better. I know it’s an app but still. Horribly scripted, CPU has no errors... ever. I’ve played around 20 games and still haven’t seen one. Not very fun and you can’t even really control the pitches. You have basic controls but it’s horrendous. I could’ve made the scripts better while typing with my back end.

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