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Toca Life: Neighborhood [Education] App Description & Overview

Welcome to your new neighborhood, filled with friendly faces to hang out with. Explore your new block, where you can check out cafés and shops, and meet a new set of characters. And guess what? A Toca Life app has never had this many homes!

What’s your interior style? Minimalistic, cute, bohemian or industrial? Pick one of four apartments, or move into all of them! Move in, get settled, visit your neighbors and invite them to help decorate your home!

Visit the interior design store where​ you can find loads of items to decorate your new place. Plants, clocks, pillows and mailboxes! Paintings, stools and many other things.
Don’t leave before spending some time in the photo booth. Choose a filter and get your friends ready! Say cheese!

Spend some time with your friends chilling in the Rob-o Café. Grab a bite from the conveyor belt or order a smoothie from the giant robot. Choose between four tasty flavors. Which one will you pick?

Very soon we will introduce Toca Life: World, our new mega app that brings all of the Toca Life locations together. Toca Life: World will be the place for all new themes and updates, and even some surprise gifts! We’re almost ready to introduce it to you. If you download Toca Life: Neighborhood today, soon you will be able to connect it with the rest of your Toca Life apps.

Meet 23 new characters
4 new apartments with different themes to live and hang out in!
Shop at the design store to get new furniture and accessories for your home - make it your style!
Bring your best friends to the Rob-o Café and pick out food from the conveyor belt.
Get a smoothie from the giant smoothie robot. Choose between four tasty flavors!
Bring family and friends to take a photo in the photo booth! Which filter will you use?
Get a Sloth toy in the Slothtato toy machine!
Find the secret Rob-o Disco Club!
Visit the tiny creatures that have a hideout in the elevator!

At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 200 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

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Thanks for sharing your feedback and reporting bugs — we’ve made some updates. Get the latest version to have the best experience! And leave us a review — we read every one of them! If you’re having issues or simply want to tell us about something cool you’ve discovered, visit or talk to us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We’re @tocaboca!

Toca Life: Neighborhood Comments & Reviews

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- Overall a great app!🌸

This app is pretty cool, the area are well designed and have a “kawaii”😽 but at the same time “simplistic”🏷 look to it, which I like. My complaint comes with things that can be ignored, but is really bothering if you nick nack at little things like I do.🤔 I don’t have to worry about this problem anymore since I have Toca Life World where I have bought every location ( except for the new ski resort and Cloud Chill ).🙂 But the problem is is when you have the new apartment to decorate, you don’t really have any food to store in the refrigerators!😱“But how about the Robo cafe?”🤖 well I’m not going to give my characters a diet of pancakes and ice cream sandwiches.🚫🥞🚫🍦 Besides, there would be a lot less for the customers that already want something from the cafe if I did that.😔 And I don’t like stealing other TB characters food because there wouldn’t be anymore for them. After a week or 2 it becomes a little boring since you have a shop, a place to eat and some apartments.🤔 What I would recommend most is to get Toca Life World since you instantly get Bop City for free along with the apps you’ve already purchased ( Bop City has a ton of locations ).😁👍🏼 I would recommend Toca Life apps if you’re planning to keep adding more stuff at times( which unfortunately means more spending money ) so it doesn’t get boring, but that’s my interpretation.😌 So If you keep adding stuff in, the game will become funner and funner. Good app.❤️👌🏼

- Pretty Pleasing

I thing this game is very well set up, I love the colors and the locations, but there are a few things I found slightly annoying. They aren't very many clothing options or accessories for the people. I buy all the toca games so my little cousin can play them, and her favorite thing to do is play dress up in the toca life games, but the only things she could really use were towels. That's a minor issue though. (as are the other things i would like to mention) I also feel that it's a bit cramped. I like how it's set up, with the town store, the diner, and the apartments, but it has even less locations than toca life: town. Again, these are things that I am writing coming from my five year old cousin. The last thing is simply a bug that I noticed. In the apartment, on the second floor in the modern apartment, when you look inside the first room is a bathroom. There is a light above the mirror, and a wooden box on the shelf above the bathtub. When you lift your toca characters up high and drop them, they will fall behind the box and light, rather than in front, as they do all other things.

- Cute and fun! But..

I’m sixteen and I know that I’m a little too old to be playing these games but I do indeed love them! I have every one of the “Life” game thanks to birthday gift-cards and I can’t wait for the next “Toca Life” game if it comes out! I love the variety and diversity of characters, that makes it unique. But, I noticed that most of the reviews are great until it comes down the the Ouija board. No offense, but it’s kinda disturbing for a game that’s meant for ages six to eight! It doesn’t bother me or stop me from playing the game even though I’m Christian, but I would recommend taking it out because my mother tried to make me delete the app after she saw it. I also have high anxiety so anything involving stuff that could consist of spirits or demons triggers my paranoia a little and gives me a slight uneasy feeling. The ghost sloth is adorable, but summoning it is indeed kinda creepy! But I do thank you for at least letting the board appear in an area where you DON’T have to see it if you try to throw it away so that’s it’s possible to ignore it. Other than that, I love the game overall. So, five stars because this game really does deserve it.

- Awesome....some suggestions for new Toca app ideas 💡

So I loved this games so much it was so fun to play. I’m like totally addicted with it. The game lets you decorate your own house and I ❤️ that feature! It takes me so long in other Toca apps to take all the stuff I don’t like out and get stuff I like in! But as a christian I am a little wary about the summoning thing for the ghost 👻 sloth especially the spirit board! Anyway I really wanted to say that I really really really really really really(sorry I know this makes me seem obnoxious)really want there to be a Toca life kingdom that has a castle 🏰, king and queen outfits with crowns. Then for characters there would be servants, knights and the people in the kingdom. As far as buildings go I(as I said before)would really like it if there was a castle a three level castle to be exact, the top level would have 3 bedrooms, the middle level would have the throne room and the dining room(maybe a great hall), and the bottom level would have a dungeon. Then obviously there would be a village with lots of houses (maybe 6) and like a stable and maybe a local market. Thank you for reading my review!

- Good app fun and surprising

Toca Boca overall is really fun it’s easy to play you can make up your own stories. I really like this game though because parts of it is very surprising like the secret places and hideouts also secret surprises toys a lot more this game is very fun I do recommend it works on all devices I have all the apps personally I love them even though I’m not small child I know people who will love this game because all the colors and all the different characters but one thing I think Toca Boca sometimes is a little less than what it probably should be like this game has four houses right and a store and a coffee shop this is really fun game but sometimes just seems like a little too little I think that this is worth your money but sometimes I think you should probably get more of the Toca games to get more of the toga experience this is not one of the best games but there are many more of these games and they’re all really awesome I really recommend this game it kind of gets boring to you when you’re a teenager tho but until then it’s a really fun awesome game

- Some problems...

Hmm... it is a very good app but some problems.. #1 I pre-ordered it because I was so excited about this and it’s Oct. 25! Hmm? Where is the app I payed for?! So I had to purchase it again!! Come on toca! And #2 the sloth ghost. The way you have it set up is very creepy. As a Christian user I found this almost disturbing, I don’t like to say it so I won’t but in a children’s game? Really? I could be reading this wrong but according to what I’m looking at my eyes tell me I’m right. What you have is a thing that talks to ghosts and I find that disgusting of you Toca Boca, Sure you have older users that may find this cool but I can tell you that I am not laughing and this is not funny. If I were a toddler playing this game (because let’s face it every child these days has a phone) and if I were playing this I wouldn’t know what this was but I can tell you my parents would have some explaining to do if I were a toddler. Now I know you had to have this adorable sloth ghost but why not have it be the last egg thingy in the machine in the house store? That would be WAY better. And for the price and the fact I had to pay for it twice AND the moment of disgust I had, I’m giving 4 stars. C’mon Toca Boca you can do better.

- Worth your money

Overall i would say that this app is very good. The people are great, the apartments are adorable, and the Rob-o Cafe is amazing because it gives many different food combo options. I gave this 4 stars because while it was very well made, there were two specific things that bothered me. Firstly, I got the game the day it was released and there was already a handful of glitches. Come on, Toka. Secondly, there are barely any clothes. Now, I’m not expecting there to be a store like there was in Toka City, but I counted the outfits found throughout the game that’s wasn’t on the characters and found less that 5 outfits. I would really like more clothing options and I’m sure other users would appreciate this too. I would also like it if you guys would update Toka life apps occasionally to add in a few new minor things too. Overall though, this game is worth your money and I would recommend it.

- Amazing, adorable, fun, and aesthetic!

I may not be the target age group for these games but I do love them. They always have hidden secrets and fun things to find! In neighborhood there’s lots of references to internet aesthetics! There all very cute and fun, they include: simplistic, pastel galaxy, plant, and one that just seemed almost vapor wave like. They include a lot of almost Japan inspired things including the robot cafe. The robot cafes inter is like a very high tech sushi bar but with sweets! Another thing I love is the apartment customization! With the apartment customization you can change pictures, pillows, and more! As always I love the amount of diversity toca boca shows in there characters! They always include all races, a few disabilities, and more! It’s honestly so amazing to see even in just a children’s game being so welcoming and including such diverse characters! I’ll admit this game doesn’t have as many places as other newer toca boca games but its still has lots to do and to play with! Definitely one of my favorites from toca already!

- I adore this game, but: I have one suggestion.

I want to start out by saying, I really do love this game and all the past ones too. There are so many things do do and make. I do have one suggestion: okay so, the tab for all the people (sign at the bottom of the screen) I feel as though you should add one for all the animals. Hear me out. I completely understand if you have other plans for something like this but... I did realize something, yes, I know you can have people hold animals to get them somewhere but, the horses. The horses can only be transported to four places. I would really appreciate-and I'm sure some others would appreciate this as well- a tab for animals (including horses and others) thank you, if you take the time to read this, as I feel it would make it a little more convenient. (There can also be multiple tabs like: cats, dogs, horses and misc.) I hope you plan on adding this, thank you and have a wonderful day or night.

- I love all toca life apps!!!

This and all of the apps in the toca life series are so amazing. They are SOOOO WORTH THE MONEY!!! Buy them if you haven’t. Now developers, here’s some feedback. I am in love with Toca Life World. But ever since I downloaded it, it won’t let me back in to any of the other toca apps except Neighborhood. This is a weird glitch and please fix. The other feedback I have for World is that one day I was playing the game and then all of a sudden it crashed and took me to the home screen of my device. When I went back into the app all of my progress was gone (I had totally customized EVERYTHING and this was devastating). Please fix! My final word on Toca Life World is PLEASE put all of the hairstyles in the barber shop in City. It would save me so much time. Other than that, you guys are doing GREAT! Keep it up! Side note: My friend sent you guys a letter about her idea for a toca mansion. I think that would be so cool!! please do that!!!

- Can’t wait for the world

Toca boca has really been an impact on me I’ve been playing it like forever this app I feel like was a sampler of what toca world will be and for that I am very excited! The only problem(s) I had for this app would be the oquija board thing I found in one of the apartments...? I mean c’mon almost every kid has a phone these days and the parents (especially if they are Christians like me) are gonna be skeptical if these games are age appropriate or if they are safe for the kids. Another small problem was the house shop. Even though it was really cute and had a lot of cool stuff in it I really didn’t have much to decorate with. The store was filled with pillows plants and paintings that was really it. It would have been great to have choice of wall color or maybe a rug of some sort but I know this is just the beginning of the big stuff coming!!! I CANT WAIT FOR THE WORLD!! keep it up toca!

- Love Toca Boca! 💗

Hi there! 11 year old girl here who is obsessed with Toca Life! I am so excited and happy that this game was created! I got it for getting all “A’s” on my report card. This game is fun and great for all ages. I know that I am really old to love these games, however, my friend and I love these games! Also, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR TOCA LIFE: WORLD!!! I feel like everyone has begged for this game to finally come out. It doesn’t come out until November 22nd. I am still excited for it! My friend and I love the Toca Life Mix and we just saw the release date for Toca Life: World yesterday and we screamed with excitement for a minute. I love Toca Life: Neighborhood and I have already found all the secrets. Seriously I did. I have no negative comments because why would I?!?! Thank you once again Toca Boca and I am looking forward to seeing more games from you guys! 💕💕💕 PS I found the sloth ghost 👻

- Same old, same old.

I’ve been playing with toca life for ages and I really enjoyed these apps more than ANY other games I’ve played so far. It’s free and interactive, everything is in your hands. But of course, it has its limits. I get every app in this series has its own special feature. From riding horses to being a doctor. But ever since Toca life: School, I’ve been underwhelmed. The first game I bought was Toca City, where you can change your individual characters and you’re eligible to go to more locations than any other toca life game so far. I really wanted to see that again. Instead of just one building with 4-5 floors or maybe 3 buildings, try 6, and let us customize the characters more or add over 45. I guess I’m late to say that, mainly because of Toca life: World. I’m so excited for it and I’m really hoping it comes to the US soon. I know that there’s a lot of bugs that need to be removed and touch ups that be done, but don’t keep us waiting!

- This game is reallllllllly AMAZING

Ok first off I love this game and I have all of the Toca Life games. I am a Toca Life fan but, I have one problem as a catholic the oujia board is teeny bit offensive. It doesn’t really bother me but, it would bother my mom. I can’t really use this element of the game. But I do really love the sloth ghost WHICH BY THE WAY IS PERFECT FOR HALLOWEEN! Overall I’m giving the game five stars because the characters are adorable and the attention to detail is amazing! And the sloth machine ooooohhh that is super cool. The fact that there is hidden secrets for the older kids (such as me) is amazing. This why I love these games I love the detail and mainly I love how as a Swedish developer you guys love to put in Swedish words such as HUS. These games I definitely recommend these games despite the PRETTY HARSH price tag. I would take the oujia board out though. Other than that I love the game and would recommend it.


So I got this game the day it came out, and I loved it!! It has four apartments, how I see it, one is an artsy apartment, one is very modern and sleek, one is like a gamer apartment, and one is a family house. It has only four locations, the Rob-o Cafe (it’s so so cool), the Design Store, where you can get cool additions to the house, the top floor of the apartment building, and the bottom floor of the apartment building. There are fun little secrets, I’m sure I haven’t found them all yet, and it’s very well designed. People say it is small, but once Toca Life World (an app that merges all the Toca Life games together) comes out, it will be a place to have your characters live. My only problem is I think that in the Design Store you should be able to get some rugs, and some more beds, because I often don’t have enough places for my people to sleep. Great game for all ages!

- Love it! Suggestions?

Hey your apps are great! But sometimes they get a little repetitive. Trust me you don’t have to take this into consideration. I am 11 so I’m a little impatient. Oh! And I’m so excited for toca life world! I have two suggestions: if you could, I would love if the apps came out just a little faster. My other suggestion is the big one. Keep going with the toca life but try this: TOCA HISTORY!! You could keep the same kind of thing as toca life but instead, do thing in the past. Like do something medieval, colonial, the 70’s and 80’s, the Victorian age, there is so much you could do! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take this into consideration! Your games are such an inspiration to me and I really want to to see my ideas come to life as a kid. Oh, and I know there isn’t toca life weekly anymore but can you still post videos? Just curious! PLEASE DO TOCA HISTORY OR TOCA LIFE: HISTORY PLEEAASE!!!

- It’s Great! But definitely plentiful.

The game is fine, it’s great, truly. The dedication to everything is great and the tiny details make my heart happy. But . . . for a game named “Toca NEIGHBORHOOD” there isn’t much of a neighborhood. Maybe the main focus was the apartment rooms, which are amazing, but in my opinion there isn’t much to do. You have the diner, and the shop, and the apartment, with a few rooms. Normally when I get a Toca game I can play through with it for about 3 hours. For this one, I checked it out, evaluated who my favorite characters were, and tried to make a story and play, but it didn’t work given the little buildings. I ended up stopping after 5 minutes. Not trying to hate, Ive been a fan of Toca since I was a little kid. But this wasn’t there finest work when it came to the “I can play this game for days on end” factor. I can hope that their next game will be a great redemption 😊

- This app is fun But.........

I waited so long for this app I am a big fan of toca boca My sister and I had 4 years of toca life adventure and have all the games of toca life but I was so pumped for this one when I played it the codes were so easy to hac and I did it in a half hour and the close are so cheese there were more girls then boys and only three play seens it was a little disappointing There was only one child but it was fun furnishing the rooms I hope you update it soon and I also understand this is just to hold toca players over till toca life world 🌍 thank you for the time in this app it’s fun but it need improvement and I’m a little flustered about the ouiji board it was a little scary when I discovered the ouiji board and what it did I took my 2 little sisters iPads and hid the ouiji board if I got scared of it and I’m twelve I can’t think about my 7 year old sisters reaction my family and I are a Christian home and I hope you can take the voodoo stuff away from this game I’m not just saying this for my sisters I’m saying this for other children that get scared of weird stuff like that hope you approve soon and update And I am not saying that I do not like the game but it gets boring really quick the utter apps are more fun than this one it Is not my favorite toca boca app three is I hope toca boca world 🌎 is more fun than this I hope you understand and update soon 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

- Tiny concerns...

Hello, Toca Boca!!! I have been looking all over this app and playing around randomly with the 2nd apartment and one day, (yesterday) I moved one of the paintings and found something far disturbing. An ouji board. I did not find this very scary myself, I mean--you tap it and smoke comes out. What harm could it do??? but I'm saying this for many other reasons. Like my sister would be terrified. So.. I did what I could "casually" I picked up the ouji board, put it in the box on the floor, and threw it out the opening door. And its also offensive to Christians. I hope I spelled that right. But please keep the ghost sloth, I find it cute...I like sloths. And there are a lot of glitches and bugs, but you have time to fix that. This game isn't that old, its ok. I'm sorry about the 4 stars I just wanted you guys to maybe try and fix some of these things...

- 4.5 Stars, I found a major bug.

I rate this game 4.5 stars because like all toca boca games, it is amazing. However, I found one major bug that I hope to be fixed. The bug is, when you place decor in the ‘plain’ apartment [next to the cool pink one] And you switch out the clocks, mailboxes, or paintings, then leave and come back, the plain items will be on top of the new ones. I have not tested this with other apartments yet, but I think that the glitch is relevant to .those areas too. The cleaning supplies will also be there again if you already threw them out the window/trash/toilet. I hope this overlooked bug is fixed. Thank you for your time. Also, I hope Toca Boca Continues to make more great Toca Life Games! Summary: bug where decor is covered by old decor upon returning from another place. Needs to be fixed.

- It’s Worth Your Money!

This Is One Of The Best Game They’ve Had! I’ve loved it! It’s the very first TOCA LIFE game (Not Including Toca Life World) People Who Rated It 4 stars. I can see what you mean, Not enough outfits, Not enough areas. But theres a few other clothes than towels! The one with these old people They have this Black and white boy shirt with jeans, and also in the pinkie girls room there’s several clothing! I know a lack of clothing! But still be thankful for at least what they had, After all this is one of its most popular games! It’s Even In I think 3 bundles! Cmon guys rate it a 5 for it’s popularity! Plus This One Even Included a New Thing! Personalizing your home. We’ve been stuck with not having to personalizing our homes before this game came out! I have a suggestion to make the other games more interesting! Maybe you should add a house for designing! And add the hus somewhere in it, Even if it’s at a little store! I’m Sure It Would Get More People To Buy Your Games To Personalize your homes more! And also maybe we could even choose the blankets and stuff for the beds, And move in tons more furniture! You could even update your game! If you did make it this far thanks! Your Never Too Old To Play These Games! -Katie P.S Thanks If You Add This!

- GREAT... an app suggestion

I love love love this app however I keep waiting for two things. Number one I really wish you could change the weather. I think it’s really cool that you can do day and night. But more stuff like rain, snow, wind (if you could do that) and stuff like that. I’m thinking of the weather like more of an update to all the apps because I know you have rain and snow in some of them but you can’t change it or whatever. and number two I really want like a big house or multiple big houses. You could do like a a neighborhood kind of app with just houses ( maybe one of them empty and for sale). I really hope they could have multiple stories and maybe a backyard. Thank you for reading this I really hope you could add these things!

- A bit disappointed

Okay, so first of all, I am disappointed why? Because I just wasted 4 dollars. At first, I was pretty excited to see the game, and there we're 3 buildings I was honestly like ”okay”, lol. But first I checked the apartments they we're really nice, very cute, overall liked the apartments :) then I checked like the store it was so cool and how they had those little pillows, IT WAS JUST SO CUTE haha, but yeah, then I checked the club thing and it was very cool, yeah, that we're ALL the buildings, there we're.. It eventually got boring, since there was literally 3 buildings, I was all like ”did I seriously just waste my money?” it just got pretty boring, it would be much cooler if they added more BUIlDINGS. Yeah, that's all if you are reading this, it's your choice you can either waste your money or just buy the game, but the apartments the store and all that, stuff it was pretty nice but yeah, bye for now, :).

- Great! Well actually...

Hey Toca Boca! I really like this game but there are a few things I noticed that are a little annoying. First, we need more locations. I have and play all of the Toca life games and it seems like you make fewer locations every new game! Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Second, the ouija board and the ghost sloth are a little scary. It doesn’t really bother me but I know it would scare or bother Christians, little kids, etc. I am twelve but I would never want to explain what all that stuff is to my future toddler playing the game. Third, there are not a lot clothing options and I find my self playing with my characters wearing towels and robes. I like to be able to customize my characters and your not making it easy, Toca!😂 But in the end, I LOVE the Toca games and I will never stop playing them! - a #1 Toca player

- I enjoy this! But.....

I really enjoy this game! I think it was a good idea that there was an apartment empty to fill in ourselves! I did find something that is rather annoying, when I was at the Rob-o restaurant place, I was, pouring syrup and then, poof! The character I was using hair turned light brown! Like, what? This really confused me and I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t see anything to turn the poor characters hair back, so I had to reset everything. I’m not sure if this was intentional, or I just can’t find anything to turn it back, or an accident, but it’s just annoying. I also think that a few more apartments and add a grocery store, and more items to put in your apartment. Other than that I really enjoy this game! I don’t understand why people are saying it isn’t that good, it’s actually really fun. Thanks for reading!

- Toca Life: World And Toca Life: Hotel

First of all, Toca life world is coming out on November 22. Look on Toca Life mix if you don’t believe me. Second, I have an idea for another Toca life app. Toca life Hotel! There would Be 4-5 floors, and a secret basement underneath! I was also thinking there could be a buffet on one floor and a pool with diving boards on another. In the basement could be anything you guys would like! This is a suggestion that I hope you guys will consider. You guys listened when we said we wanted Toca Life world, so can you take my advice and possibly make this work? You could make a poll on Toca life mix and it could be “which Toca app do you want next?” One could be Toca life hotel and the other could be someone else’s opinion. Anyway, your games are amazing don’t stop making them!

- Amazing App!

I have been using Toca Boca for YEARS and not experienced this type of satisfaction. The only app with a wider and more detailed variety of activities is Toca World, the new app that has all Toca games in one. This game has great characters, detail, and opportunities for storyboard. My friend started this Toca Boca purchase train when I tried one of her games. The graphics and fun levels were unbeatable. I wished to have an app like that on my own device, and started using “Toca Boca”. Back to the app. The only problems are included in every Toca Boca app; un-reusable resources. For example, the boba in Toca Neighborhood is perishable, and so are the sandwich kabobs in Toca Stable. Toca has few problems, so I won’t make you eat up the negative stuff. To sum up this long review, the app is worth buying.

- Great, but glitchy

I love it! Me and my friend were playing it non stop, but it keeps doing that thing were it freezes and than goes out of the game, and all your progress is gone. I wish I could play it for more than five swipes at the screen without a glitch, but well..... I think fans could have waited one more day for you to work out glitches. Overall I love it, it's the perfect app for toca world, the complaints about there not being enough clothes and shops don't make sense. You would get the clothes and shops once we have toca world! And when we have a world of toca life, we are defiantly going to need more houses, it also goes perfectly in hand with toca city, and will be the perfect touch once toca world comes out, but pls fix the glitches

- Awesome

Okay so it was suppose to come out on the 25th and well last time I checked it was the 25th. So my siblings and I preordered the app so we would be the first ones to get it but we can’t get it to work. But being optimistic the game looks incredibly fun to play and my siblings and I have every single one of ur apps and love them all! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! But when I finally did get the game I played in it for pretty much ever. I love the app and all the apartments and the people. People are complaining and complaining but can’t they just use their imagination!?!Although one suggestion may be to add a little more cloths and more babies because my siblings and I love to make the babies super fun make them have all sorts of powers. Otherwise it’s fantastic.

- A Ouija board? Really?

We have loved and have cherished every single Toca Boca game that you have ever produced. However, ever since you guys got bought out by this other company I’m not sure I like the direction you are going. We love this game up until the point that you have to do a séance with the Ouija board. Are you kidding me? For children? I know it’s done lightheartedly but there a lot of people that this is a big deal for. So we remove this game, unfortunately after purchasing, and will not be installing it unless This portion of the game has been removed. We will also be monitoring very closely forthcoming releases of any Toca Boca game. Again, I know that a lot of families see this sort of thing as harmless. On this game I’m sure it is. However, I don’t want to put these sorts of things before my four-year-old child. Later in life if they see that this is OK, they will have that decision. I, on the other hand, I’m not a fan.

- I love this game...but :(

I might be 14 but I literally have bought every single toca boca game and add on our there! I think this game is so cool and it might even be one of my favorites, but there are some things I think could be improved. First, I think there should be more to do. Maybe a grocery store or something never seen before! I also think there should be more clothing to dress up the characters in. Lastly, I think the ouija board should be removed because I don’t think it is completely child appropriate and it scares me a little lol 😖 I think the ghost sloth is super cute and a cool easter egg, but maybe there should be another way to introduce it. I hope there are some improvements whether they are any I suggested or not!

- Love it❤️

I am honestly very proud of you people, and I’m not even one of your parents! At the point that I’m writing this review (2 days after release) this app is the TOP PAID APP! I’m glad that you brand back the concept of prize machines from Toca Life Town! I also finally found a character that looks like myself, which is really nice to have! You introduced a lot of new concepts with this app, like building customization, a concept I hadn’t thought would be incorporated into the Toca Life series. I love the abundance of items you gave us to work with! However, I see a lack of clothes and food in those items. You should make a new building where we can get that stuff. Who likes an empty closet or fridge? Also, I’m gonna use this as an opportunity to address the lack of apps in the Lab series. I think a really good app/update would get you plenty more money from the Lab apps. Edit: I had a talk with my dad about the seance thing, and as long as my little sis isn’t believing in ghosts, I’m ok. PS: PLEASE reply to me. I would love to know that you weren’t bluffing when you said that you read all the reviews. XOXO, A nerd 🤓

- So So

This is a good game! Just not as good as the other Toca Life’s. I love what you have and the idea behind it is great. But three locations? I’m sorry but I got bored really quickly. But I think that this game is really cool and I love the idea of the decorating, but I love this game I’m Toca world better because you add more locations. But overall I love the idea, and understand that this was just to hold us over until Toca World, but I believe that this could’ve had some minor changes to make it 4 or 5 stars.😀 Happy Thanksgiving! - Olivia The Ouiji board is a little weird for game for 6-8 year olds, I mean the sloth ghost is kind of cute, I mean if I were a kid I probably would not be scared of it, but if knew what a ouiji board was back then ( I do now, not because of this game) I would probably scream my head of, so yeah maybe not the best choice.

- :)

I have always loved Toca Boca since I’ve been about 10, I’m 14 now. I usually love when a new app comes out, so I save my money! But I can only give this app four stars for the following reasons: #1 There aren’t as many clothing options or food. #2 There are a few glitches you need to sort out. #3 As a Wiccan, I love that you’re trying to be inclusive of all religions by adding an ouija board, as I use one regularly. But I don’t think it was appropriate to add one, because there are children who use this app, and parents may not be tolerant of this due to their religious beliefs (it’s behind the painting on the second floor). As cute as the Sloth Ghost is, I really don’t think it was necessary to add. Looking forward to the next app!

- Idea(s?)

Ok so I have an idea for you, so you know how in Toca world you can make your own character? Yea so I’m wondering if you guys could add that part to every toca life game? I know it might put a little rush and pressure on you guys but maybe just on a few games like this one? And something realated to that... maybe we can choose a character that you guys made... make a new settings in the game and then tap any character you guys made and change them up a lil’? Also, I know a game similar to yours, Miga games! So, in their apps, you can change the outfits but... they don’t have to be a certain way! So you can put separated pants, shirts, and more! Thanks, Toca Boca! Ps. ( love ya guys!)

- you make too much good gAmE

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I love how you guys keep making so much awesome games! I love the rooms and how they’re all so diverse and different. The rob-o 🤖 cafe is so cool as well, and I love how all the yummy foods 🥘 are coming up or down. It’s so playful and has some futuristic hints. I especially love the cute pastel kitty 🐱 apartment! 😃 It’s so cuteeeeee. There’s also lots of secrets that are so fun and can be used to weave stories really well. I love all your new apps Toca boca! ❤️ ❤️ - a very satisfied and floofy fox 🦊 oh, and to those upset 😡 about Ouija board: they can be used for speaking to ghosts 👻. To LOVED ONES! That’s fine to show kids! I would be fine showing it to my kids when I’m grownup.. So yeah, they can also be used to talk to ghosts :3

- This app is so cool

I love this app!! It is so fun since you can design your own home!! There are so many options and I think the secret club is so cool!! It has a young youth vibe to it! Although it is so cool, I have a few suggestions!! Nothing wrong though! The first one is what if you had a rooftop? All the characters could have a roof party! There could even be a BBQ! Also, it would be cool if we could move EVERYTHING, including beds,counters,big items, and everything. That way it would be more realistic and you can customize your own house. In the Hus store maybe we could have bigger furniture like sofas and beds instead of just pillows and candles. Maybe more clothes options??

- Wow!

You guys are so good at making these I loved this game so much! I can’t wait for toca life world, I have so many ideas to do in it. I love all your games I just have one question... please add a hair salon I mean I like the characters it’s just there hair please change that and maybe add it so you can have rubber bands and do there hair, and maybe where it gets messy once and a while so you have to brush it. Please don’t takes these suggestions as just an idea take them as a complement. I mean the fact, THAT SO MANY people suggest such great ideas for YOUR games is really amazing. It means they must really love your games, so again don’t take them as just ideas take them as compliments!

- Suggestion

Hi Toca Boca! I absolutely love your apps and I have a suggestion. Toca life palace In this it can be a huge castle and have lots of different rooms and it can have beautiful gowns and tiaras and tuxedos for the prince. There can be a throne room and a salon where there are very fancy hairstyles like intricate braids and updos. Plus there can be a hidden vault full of more tiaras gems and jewelry. I’ve had this idea for a while and even tried to email you. I hope you consider this suggestion. It would mean so much it you made it a game! I would buy it immediately. Have an amazing day! P.s. it can also have a village area where there can be mid evil timey homes and small shops, if it’s not to much.

- Notes concerning Ouija Board

I would like to get my opinion out of the way first, i absolutely love the game. It’s absolutely entertaining, as all Toca Life games are. I love the characters, and especially this one room with the cat girl astronaut! She’s everything! I would maybe like to see a bit more places to go, however the game is absolutely perfect as it is. Now onto the Ouija Board I think it was brave to implement the board into the game as certain cultures actually are somewhat accustom to using spiritual symbols and such. People generally associate Ouija Boards with the occult, and in some cases, yes however not always. I dunno, i just think people should teach others how to be open minded as just because your a specific religion, doesn’t give you the right to demand something to be removed. Toca Boca always tries to be diverse with their games and all, i respect that so much. I suggest maybe to make it “less scary” possibly not allowing it to turn off the lights and rather just the Crystal ball as well as the Board do that glimmer then poof thing. Keep up the amazing work!

- Food

I absolutely love your apps!!! I have every single one of them but there is one tiny problem in this one app. On floor two I t the modern apartment there is no food in the fridge and it drives me insane having to go to other homes getting food or even going to Robo Cafe every night. In all of your apps I love to make homemade meals but on this app I have to go to Robo or steal food and it is very annoying having to go back and forth to gather more food. Besides this I love all your apps and want more them please!!!! Maybe make a mall or an amusement park. But please change this one problem or I will have to make this a 4 Star review, for now it’s a 5🎊 Thanks clairebearlovestoca

- Updates

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE and ADORE Toca Boca apps, but there is one problem I have. Whenever Toca Boca updates a Toca Life app, it resets. All of my hard work down the drain. So if you could please make it so the game doesn’t reset whenever it updates I would be very, very grateful. But thank you for making these games and please keep on doing it!! Oh! Before I stop wasting everyone’s time, I understand that the games cost money because you know, you have to have income if you’re to be an app developer company. But I think 3 dollars (or is it 4?? I can’t remember 😂😂) is a bit much. Maybe 2 dollars?? Anyway, I want to say thanks for making these wonderful apps and good job!

- Amazing app

I love this bundle or app it’s a perfect touch to the game “toca world” I love the apart ment and the other buildings that come with it I personally think nothing is wrong with this bundle i love how it comes with a shop for the apartment and a place to eat food it added a huge difference to the app toca world making me play it 24/7 it’s so addicting and the apartments are gorgeous and so creative I love both the modern and the creative “crazy” one, I love how you can make 3 different characters and all 3 you can still use together this is a amazing app and I really recommend this app for all ages it’s addicting and super fun! I am super excited for future updates!


So I pre ordered the app and at first I was SO excited but the app is kinda.. dull.. also I was most looking forward to the Ouija Board. But I couldn’t find it. That made me really sad and angry. I don’t like how the “Cute” themed room is already decorated. I was expecting to give the app a full five stars but.. I mean.. It’s okay. 1-10 more like a 6. I’ve spent three days trying to find the Ouija board but it’s nowhere! Please help by adding a review telling where it is because I can’t find it and I’m very disappointed. You lose a star because if that. It’s false advertising. OKAY NOW HOW TO OPEN THE CLUB! so go in the Cafe and scroll all the way to the right. Once you do that’s there’s shapes on the wall. Tap the shapes so they’re all triangles. A key will pop out. Tap the key. Wha la! Your welcome!

- I absolutely love it!

I love all your games, and I thought it was a great idea to combine all Toca Life worlds into one. Some of my friends and I play Toca World and we’re around the age of 12. I do have a recommendation though, and it may be kinda hard. You of coarse don’t have to do this but I thought it would be cool. Okay, so if you could join worlds almost and use multiple electronics to play together, like on Minecraft that would be so cool. I don’t know how to put my idea into words but I just thought I’d try. Anyways I love everything you do and I don’t really care if you take my idea into consideration. Good luck to you and for many more years~~~

- Toca Boca fan

I have one question when I found the ouiji board and the crystal and put them close to each other a sloth ghost appeared I asked my self why because I tried to find a sloth but I couldn’t find one and why does toca world have to come out so late and by the way I can’t find it in the App Store when I type Toca Boca games so what gives are you trying to make it very good so when the day comes for the game to come out it won’t glitch because I have been reading a lot of reviews that people are constantly complaining that when they preorder the game something bad happens like it glitches or it freezes and that’s it so ya

- Very excited!

First of all I’d like to say, apartments for Toca life is much needed and I am glad it came out! Also, in my point of view, this is just a set up for Toca Life World. There isn’t a lot to do but I understand before you guys release Toca World, this was a necessary addition. It is really cool! I have always wanted more homes in Toca Life! It is really awesome you guys can hook in older kids/teens to play the Toca Life series even though it is meant for young children. All I have to say is that I am really EXCITED for Toca Life world! I have been wanting a combination app for the Toca Life series ever since Toca Town came out!! Thank you so much and keep up the great work Toca Boca!

- Improvements and Ideas

I love this game and the apartments are great! Some improvements could be where you could sleep underneath blankets, maybe add more places to Toca Neighborhood, I also have a few ideas of new games or things to add to worlds. Maybe a suburban place where everyone has a house with 2 or 3 stories, maybe like 5 houses, maybe a water park and an amusement park. Also, since I am already typing new ideas, maybe for Toca Hospital you could have the ambulance go places like houses and such. So we could explore more and stuff. One last note, Toca Neighborhood needs a grocery/clothing store! Thanks, just a reminder that I love the game!

- A. Maz. Ing.

This app is AMAZING! I love it so much, and I already planned for my friend to come over to role play with it! Secrets, creativity, just- pure awesome. I’m so excited to customize my VERY OWN Toca Apartment (which is a really cool idea, by the way. All the credit to them.) and I’m not surprised to see the Toca Life apps increasing by population and imagination, because it’s already awesome, and I’m so amazed of how far you’ve come from something so small, to form something so BIG. I totally recommend this app series for all ages, roleplayers, and imagination- ers, and those who love to have fun. I love your game from the bottom of my heart. Xoxo, Your biggest fan. ;3

- It’s fun in the beginning but......

Like I said it’s really nice at the beginning when you first purchase the app but I mean when you’ve had it a couple days it gets boring but you can get the app I just think it was a wastish of my time. I have had other Toca Boca games and one time I got the hospital one I mean hahhahha that one was pretty fun.. (I kinda wish it had more places) it was nice. My brother, he well deleted it. Idc really though cause I am older than I was now so whatever it’s not the end of the world but if ur a mom and ur kid is like 6 er something I would suggest a toca game. Like srsly. It was fun for a while till, cough cough, days later. This is literally really long and I know nobody will read this review..........💩

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- Amazing App! + Game Idea

I really love this game, it is my second favourite Toca Life game after office! I Enjoy the vast amount of decorative objects and the unlimited creative opportunities! Also, I think it would be super awesome if you guys made a Toca Life game with a medieval style. It would be really fun to play as a princess in a castle, a peasant in a farm or a knight slaying a dragon! I really enjoy the modern setting of all the current Toca games but it would be super cool to play in an older setting. In addition, the outfits would be awesome and I’d love to play dress up in extravagant dresses and metal armour! Thanks for making tremendous games! <3

- Awesome game love it!

I love this game it was my first add on to toca world, I love the design shop and all the decor it has. Some things I think would be cool for all the games would be if you could sit/lay down or kneel any where just by tapping on the player or something? And maybe like cars or something where you could have a car dealer ship or a road with cars on it, you could have a caravan at a camp site with beds and things for them to live in, one thing that would be cool for toca world would be maybe being able to make your own outfits like chose what top with what pants or just being able to change there colours? I love it as it is but it would make it just a little better. Last thing would be being able to change the colour of things it the “build your own house” or in any house it would make it more customisable and just that bit better. I love all the games as they are but these suggestions would make its more amazing than they already are!

- Amazing can’t wait for Toca World but it needs...

Toca Life Neighbourhood is amazing and all but there have been no dinosaurs at all in any Toca Life app! When are you going to put at least 3 or 4 dinos into a Toca Life app?! Maybe you could make a Toca Life: Jurassic Park (minus all the violence and stuff) with the option to make your own dino (and your own character), and lots of dinosaur exhibits! Anyway, keep up the good work Toca Boca! I am extremely hyped for Toca World (🤩🤩🤩) and cannot wait for its release!

- What it means to me

Toca life Neighborhood is an interesting game as though your own world and your in control it is fun and exciting, but their are some issues I had trouble with as in, accessing the secret ro-bo club I could not find it and haven’t been able to access it, having minimalistic characters I found it difficult to pick out a character that would suit myself and would hope to see new faces in the Toca life world. Yours truly Toca boca fan

- Once again

Once again toca life rocked it! I have all the apps and when I added this one, I was amazed. Robocafe is amazing and the apartments were cool too. My one was the modern one even though I liked the cute and sci fi one. My little sister hogged it you see. I also liked how you could decorate thanks to hus. My bland apartment didn’t stay bland for long! Great job and I can’t wait for toca life world. Also I realised that robo cafe was based on my toca life future idea. So thanks!

- New ideas!!

Please don’t tell me that this is going to be the last life because these are my favourite apps ever!! I think it would be incredible if you could make maybe a Toca: theme park, zoo, shopping center or planetarium. These are some of my ideas because I absolutely love these apps and am praying that you will make more in the future. I would be so upset if this was the end of the life apps. ❤️❤️

- I love it but............

I love so much but there’s not many secrets to find so pls add more in. I can’t wait until toca life world is out because I have seen other people have it and now I really won’t it so pls finish toca life world pls. There’s a little bug wen I won’t to play a toca game it kicks me out wen I have no internet and it started wen i go toca life Neighbours so pls fix it too. And soon this Thursday next week toca life world will be out.

- Fun!!

The app is really fun and I love how there are so many apartment rooms to choose from! Thank you toca boca for making this game <3 I really wish there was a convenience store or something for grocery shopping since there isn't any way to make food unless you take stuff from the other rooms, it would also make sense since it's a neighbourhood. Thank you so much!! <3

- Love it!

Toca Life: Neighbourhood is FANTASTIC! My brother and I always wanted to have more houses so that we could both live in a different house! We were SUPER excited when we found out that Toca Boca was making a NEW NEW Toca Life app with FOUR apartments! I even counted the days! (Eleven days ago) Thanks and keep up the amazing work! By the way, I love the layout, it looks really nice like that!

- Just a tiny bug

So I love toca life Neighborhood very much but there’s a little bug that needs to be fixed, So when I first got the ghost sloth it worked fine but when I threw the ghost sloth in the bin I tried to get it back by using the bored and the globe it didn’t work and I didn’t want to restart the game because then I would have to redecorate the house

- This game is so awesome

This game is so cool because I already download Toca life building story because you can build anything and buy anything but only you can ask permissionMake sure you download it because it’s the best game ever because at least it might be four or six games but that game is very right it’s very very very very rad.

- Great but.......

I really like the game but there’s only four locations and when You get all the Magic I thought it might teleport you somewhere or something Amazing would happen but it was just a ghost Sloth which was really actually what was the meaning for that And there’s only two ways to get to the secret club but I do luv The Robo cafe it is Awesome the characters are cool I like the one with a messy ponytail and freckles I have some freckles And the animal hus it great as always but maybe make a toca life Horse Barn where there would be a huge forest with different Trails to chose and maybe make you design your own character There hairstyle clothes would be AMAZ P.S I luv u ideas

- coolie!

Ok so far i got all the games and why do i have them you guessed it because there fun they keep my going but on this can their be more neighborhood and more apertmants because i think that would be fun can you please do that because then i may just play a diffrent game and guys get Toca world it will be there trust me

- Great game but...

This game is my favourite so far but one thing and don't wanna say it to put anyone in the tocaboca community it's just there was like six places to visit in all the older games and the newer games only have four places to go ( this one is an exception because of the 2 apartments in one room but I would like it if on the newer games you could add more places to go :) :)

- less money.

I LOVE this game so much! i just got it! but i was thinking it was good and all but the prices for these games are still good and all but i think you should maybe make them a bit less but other then that everything else was amazing!.. ❤️

- Love it, but one idea!

Wow 🤩 I’m impressed about this! It was TOTALLY worth it! I love the way you can make your OWN house! It has TOTALLY inspired me to become an interior designer! I love the apartment! It’s so luxurious! 🥳🥳 Toca Boca did an AWESOME 😎 job with this app! I had an idea about furniture store. I wish you can like customise fridges, beds, flooring, etc. That would be SUPER cool! It’s amazing! Especially when you but it in Toca life WORLD!! If u don’t have it, Toca fans, GO DOWNLOAD IT! I’m also impressed with the new characters, furniture store, kawaii room in the apartment, blank room, and MORE! My thoughts about this app: 😍🤩🥳🤗😆 Thanks! -puppy 🐶

- Guys...

For those people who are wondering how to get rid of stuff without them coming back, just give them to people you know you won’t use, problem solved😀!! Also the game is GOOOOOOOOD!!! Even though you’ve already made Toca world you should still make more!

- Maybe some more locations

I love your toca life games and I love this one to but I think this needs more locations an yes I understand that there’s four apartments but that’s just a place to stay nit somewhere to have fun or dress up Evan maybe have a job? P.S can you add this into toca world

- I love it

I absolutely love this game, I just think if you could change the look of the apartments while playing. Also be able to move the apartments to different levels. 😊

- This is rated 5 stars for a reason...

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES!!! EVER SINCE YOU SAID YOU READ EVERY REVIEW I CAME SO YOU READ IT...I hope anyway... By the way always checking mix waiting to install Toca life world! I’ve seen every trailer and a few other games to join to it. Plz read this and keep up the good work!

- Need a little bit more things!

Hi Toca Boca I was just gonna ask if u could put in some more things like a hole city! I am into every thing u have done! I am sorry that I am asking for more when u had just finished making toca life neighbour hood

- Once again, AWESOME

I have to say I’m impressed at how many amazing ideas you guys always have. I don’t know how you come up with all this. I love the variety in Toca life Neighborhood and I love the characters. I can’t wait until toca life world!

- Great!

I have always absolutely loved Toca Life games. Toca Neighborhood is a great, engaging, fun app. My only problem is that there is not much to do. It costs the same amount as any other Toca Life game, but it doesn’t have as much content. I would love it if you added a couple more buildings! Thanks 🙏!!!

- Amazing

I love this Toca Boca it is one of the best ones so far keep up the great work, (can't wait for world) Love the robo caffe Maybe in a later update for this app you could make a park and more animals. Other than that the app is brilliant

- More game ideas

I don’t know if you are going to keep on making toca life games but if you are here are some ideas, Toca life: hero (where you have fire fighters police officers etc) Toca Life: future (where everything is set in the future) Toca Life: Safari (Where there are animals jungles and huts) Toca life: galaxy (where everything is set in outer space and you take a rocket to get there) Toca Life: Ocean (where there are pirates, hidden treasure etc)

- Big fan of the game but...

I really like the game but I think there should be more for the amount I payed for it there should be a few more places and there are many bugs with the game so half of the time I can't play it

- Well...

It’s a fun game but once you find all the secrets which is pretty easy it gets really boring. The secret thing with the ouija board and the globe was so overrated and the ‘secret club’ was so easy to find. I think this game needs more places to visit like a food store or a corner store. I love how there are four apartments!

- One thing,

I just would like if there were some more babies and places, it’s a great app and all, but I just would like a bit more people. That’s all :D

- I found a quji board in the house on 2nd floor

See I’m just a kid and I found a qujia board in a hidden spot I think that I nearly cried bc I’m afraid of ghost Andover kid will find it bc they want to hang another photo up

- Amazing!

I love all the Toca Life games, and this is no exception. I love this game. I really wish there was maybe another place to go. I know that the apartments have 4 places but I wish there was another place. Other than that, it’s great!

- Really good!

It’s a really good game and I love it. The only things I could suggest is that you tell us how to make the fortune teller glow and do something because I don’t know how to do it and more clothes please as well as a grocery store. Thanks

- I think it’s amazing

This game is really good but I just wish there were more places to go to but other than that it’s really good 👍🏼😍🤩

- Amazing but...

There needs to be a wider character selection like in Toca city like you can design them. I was really excited when Toca Neighborhood came out but there needs to be more locations

- More buildings

There should be a grocery store or at least another building. And if/when they make another building it would be cool to scroll


I went to the diseegn store and I bought almost everything and I went to the apartment and I loved the top floor both rooms

- Toca Life: Neighbourhood

I haven’t yet played this game but I know it’s gonna be amazing because If its you always make great games 💞

- Clothes... MORE CLOTHES

Okay so i love Toca Boca but I have one problem with this game it needs more clothes way more clothes and towels and robes and c’mon include a hair salon and a clothing store like in to Boca city! That’s all please include this it would mean the world to me!

- Great!!

I love the image ion idea just letting us go off and direct the place with hus but where’s the food!!

- Wat if we don’t like the characters?!

I don’t like the characters at all! I would like to be able to change them. I didn’t just pay 6 dollars for a game that u can’t do anything with😡

- #ilovetocaboca

I would love to see a secret apartment because in the map there is a small room at the top and I would love to see it

- Awesome app ❤️

This app is awesome just like the rest but was wondering when world is coming out?

- It’s okay

Don’t get me wrong, the game is great, I love it, but there’s a just a lack of everything. There’s hardly any people, clothes, things to do, it gets boring really quickly

- Hi Toca Boca

Hi ur game may not be work since I have all the games and not letting me put them on there any reason?

- It’s good!but...

The reason I rate this app a 2 is because of the weigie board! It’s inappropriate to have such a disgusting this in a child’s game I think you should take it out right now for the safety of all little kids minds and futures!

- Good but....

Not many places to go and I got a bit board after discovering most of the secrets please make a few mor places for me and my sis 🏢🏠🛣🏩🏦🏪🏤⛪️

- There’s a better one

This isn’t my ideal game it’s because it me it was a rip off there’s a better one for free where you can shop and everything and you can only role play in this one So maybe buy the other one instead of this ITS A SCAM FOR $

- Not that good

There’s not much stuff and you can’t make your own person and not much places/:but the rest is good

- YAY ITS OUT!!!! 💋😈

I’m so exited to play this game and I haven’t played it yet just about to!!! I will tell you later

- Fun much!

This So AMAZING! I love how good the effects are when you find the sloth ghost and stuff like that. 5 stars.

- Great but needs more...

Its already great but just needs more places to go in it

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- Lower down the prices

It’s a really good game but you need to lower down the prices to like, $1.99 I think that would be a reasonable price but don’t get me wrong it’s a really good game.It’s like one of my favourite games that I ever had in my life! I love it!❣️❤️❣️😍🥰😍

- Make a toca life mall!

I loved this game.the time and effort put into this realy paid off. I would love to see a Toca life mall!

- Toca Mall!

I would love it if you guys made a toca life mall that would be SO cool! Thx!

- 😍

YES!!! first one to get it!!!

- Where is the oijua board?

I saw this oijua board in one of the videos where is is?

- I love it but there’s one problem ❤️

I love this game it’s awsome it’s the best but why is there only three buldings can you please add more and if there is more please tell me how to get them and what does that rewind button do once you hold it down? Please take this for note💛😊

- Please make a Toca life mall!

Can u please make a Toca life mall? That would be awesome, thanks!🤗

- Make a Toca life: construction

I love toca life:world

- Sooooo...

I wrote a review already and toca boca replied and explained how to stop this from crashing unfortunately that didn't work

- Mad!

I am super mad because I have tried to download the package (beginers) and I DELETED IT when I tried to download it again IT SAID I PURCHASED IT AND NO CHARGE but it won’t download

- J’adore

Non j’adore j’attendais sa depuis longtemps ❤️❤️

- I’m so mad right now

I was so excited to get the app and then when I opened it my screen just turned black, my devise is brand new and i turned it off and turned it back on, deleted the app and reinstalled it, I don’t know what to do please help

- 3.2

I got it but it is not worth 5$ if it was 1$ I would be more happy but you cannot explor it and that Macks me sad

- no❤️

Don’t get it

- :p

I know where the oijua board is

- Food...

So in the game like a year ago, the people were able to eat the food that you can make. But now the people can’t eat any of the food so you always have to throw the food out if you’re trying to role play with them eating the food. You know what i mean... so If that was fixable I would love your team to fix that little problem...but other from that your game is a very good little game! Suggestion: make a Toca life mall please we all want it!... Thanks.

- Add dis plz

Add food shop and the youtuber named ItsFunneh

- Please Toca life city on future

Please Toca life city on future

- Glitch

There is this glitch where the item disappears That is weird :l But This is great game!

- Very good games

I love the Toca life games! There is four secrets in the area which is awesome, Toca Boca has not put as many secrets in the same area before! The game is great and I love to play along with Toca life world!

- Amazing😍

I love Toca Boca! I have Toca World and I love how they have split it up a bit so some of the things in Toca World have there separate games. I would love it if they made a Toca Neighbourhood. There could be rows of houses and backyards to play in. I think it would be cool cause then there would be apartments and houses. Also, I would love it if you wrote back.

- Huge fan but not good anymore

At first it was good but after it was deleting characters out of my game and crashing. Does this game not support the iPhone 10?

- Great game but expensive 💵

I love this game but it was very expensive for what you get

- Can we customize characters?

When I bought the game I thought you could customize the characters like in Toca life but you can’t. I hope the developers add in character customization.

- Where is it?

I can’t find the oijua board where is it .is it in a apartment? Or is it in hus or is it in Robo cafe? I gotta know!

- The Ouija board is in the

Where the janitor was working look behind the paintings where the empty room is and then you’ll find the Ouija board

- Suggestion

I think in one of your Toca life games you should add a farmers market with just a bunch of random stuff everywhere like a real one.Ex :there would be a person selling drawings and then right next to them there’s a smoothie stand or someone selling croissants and treats another one of my ideas is an arcade.And my last idea is a college but it wouldn’t be like the toca life:school it would be big with adleast 3 classes and dorms.

- I LOVE IT❤️❤️❤️

Best game in history Toca boca all ways deserves a 5 star rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😍

- It won't let me download!!!

Why won't it let me download, it makes me really sad when it doesn't download.My sister has it and brags about how much she loves it and that I should get it...but I can't!!!

- A request

I really like this game the only thing I want to request is that you make the apartments to story’s thx

- Do you need wifi for it?

Well I’m on my iPad I used to play this for hours and had no problems I didn’t need any wifi or anything but now if I don’t have wifi it crashes but when I’m on wifi it works so is it s glitch? This is for all the apps but I love the game when I’m on wifi

- A teensy weensy secret 😉

When you find the oigua board put it near the galaxy globe thingy and both will glow

- Loving it😋

I really love this game! I give it a double thumbs up! But just one small thing..... why so expensive?

- Best game ever

I love the game. I really like the idea that you can decorate your own room. The only thing about the app is that I wish there were more stores and more houses. I love the store that you can buy things for free and the pillows are so cute. Also I got so excited when I saw the cats and dogs.

- Hi

Oigua board is behind the frames


I really like it and think it’s fun.

- Make a big secret

Please make a big secret like Toca hospitals the sewage hang out please

- It’s a great game

Hi, I was wondering how do you take one of the worlds off, I would like to get rid of OK world I’m just kinda confused on how to remove it

- I love Toca life world it is a awesome thing

When I heard you were opening Toca life apartment I was going crazy I hope you can make it a Toca life mall

- Won't download

I wasted my money on this it won't download

- Noice! Also where to find oiju board? That’s what it’s called

Mkay so in the apartment, look in the brand new house where the janitor still is, looks behind all the painting, YOUR WELCOME

- Awesome

You should do a toca life life

- Make a boat!

I love thaïs app so much. I have a idea for a other app. Like a cruise ship!

- Great

I find this amazing it’s one of my favourite toca life’s so far!

- Can’t get in

I played the game for a couple minutes and it took me out of the game. I go back in it takes me to the part where he drops the boxes. It turns into a white screen and leaves the app

- Way to tiny and false advertising

When I added this game in to toca world only two buildings

- Awesome app

I really enjoy this app I hooked it up to Toca world It is a fantastic app for all ages !!! Applause to this!!! 😁👏😉

- This is a scam!!

This is a scam and a money grab to full silly parents like me. These people is only re-running old apps for kids as a money grab. obviously I am not checking all what my kids play, but,today I went through this and other Toca Boca apps that i have purchased. To find that it is exactly the same thing. I want my money back NOW!!!

- Love it

It is amazing 🤩🤩🤩

- Too expensive

Toca boca has to stop with these overpriced redo apps. Same game different setting. Waste of money

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- It’s all right

Toca I wish you added more places and PLEASE make a toca zoo!!!!!!!! This is how it would be: they have 11 places so it’s fun! 1. It would be the exhibit with the aquarium like one tank with fish another with like squid and octopus and other stuff 2. It would have a place be for these animals like hyenas, polar bears, wolves, coyotes, lynx’s, otters, and So much more! 3. A gift shop with toys and stuffies and even secrets! It could have clothes and more stuff too! 4. They would have a vet place for the new animals 5. All big cats tigers, leopards, panthers and other big cats 6. A touch pool place we’re you can feel horseshoe crabs 7. A restaurant that’s animal themed 8. A safari that has giraffes and gazelles and rhinos and lions 9. Arctic exibxit for polar bears, penguins, seals, whales, orcas, foxes and other ones 10. A office for the workers they could have computers and cameras to look at the animals and have a pet place for the workers place Please make this I wanted it sense the first toca I played! Oh and add one more place at the zoo 11. A all birds place


I love Toca Life apps,I have all of them. And this one is AMAZING! Toca is so cool. But I think these apps should be free. Not ONLY Toca World, but also ALL THE OTHERS. Not every child is rich. Toca,THIS APP IS AMAZING. But I really don’t like using money…though I know not all things in life come free. Love your apps Toca, keep up the good work. But I think you should add a Toca Amusement Park or Toca Zoo. Please make some more! NEVER STOP MAKING THEM……I am extremely obsessed with your games. I could LITTERALY fine NO HATE COMMENTS… And I can’t believe 5% of people aren’t exited for your new app coming soon. I CANT WAIT! Love you Toca,until Toca World comes out……BYYYYYYYYYE!!!!!

- Great But.......

I really loved this app but when I was decorating my apartment and getting the apartment set up I figured out that I couldn’t find any food. And I know everyone is probably saying just go steal food from the other apartments, but I didn’t want to so I just had to go to the cafe and steal some food from there. And 2nd, usually Toca Boca has at least 4 places to go and if they don’t have 4 places to go at least one of the places is really cool. And I just feel that Toca Boca could’ve added something else to the app like maybe being able to decorate every apartment or some sort of scavenger hunt. Finally , I think that you should be able to put your pillows on and instead of having four pillows it just be the two pillows you picked out. Also you should be able to pick your own blanket, and be able to paint your walls. Remember this was just my opinion and you might have a different one but this is mine. But besides all that stuff it’s over all a good app.

- Yesss! 😁😁😁😁😁

I'm 10, and I love toca games! This is AWESOME! This one is one of the most awesome because it features on the cover like image somebody from toca life: office and toca life: vacation! This is just off the chain AWESOME! Omg, I spent all night playing this once! (Of course I got in trouble for it the next day) but, It's sooo amazing I don't care. If there are sight imperfections, who cares? This game is too amazing to care about the little issues that can be easily tweaked! Can't wait to see all the awesomeness in store for toca life: world! Thank you SO much Toca Boca developers! From, An easily addicted 10 year old

- Toca Boca :/

Dear Toca Boca Creator, I’m am a bit disappointed with this new game due to some things and here they are. • WeGi board/Crystal ball: look this is a bit personal but this is for four and up correct why is there this stuff that four year olds probably have no idea what they are and that is completely inappropriate. • Smaller than other apps created: I’m just overall disappointed that there is not more things to do I also thought that this game would have a much larger version (map) I thought that the released version was going to have more buildings or maybe like a train station that would take you to other apps created ( toca life apps) I thought that there was going to be much more to do. Just overall disappointed. • store: I’ll make this one short look the store has less than I expected for example no bathroom or kitchen supplies only bedroom supplies. Disappointed -Sincerely Toca Boca Player

- Pretty Good! But one thing....

I can be very picky when it comes to games, and not that I’m going to judge you forever for this but.... what’s with the magical orb thingy? This is just wrong for kids, and it could really scare them. I’m Christian, and I do not enjoy things like seances.(how ever you spell that word). It will only make kids WANT to do magic spells, and parents may get mad that this game because of that. I know you might not listen to me, because no apps ever listen to my reviews😐, but I hope you do listen to me, and maybe instead of the magic orb, you could make the ghost sloth the dj in the secret room. (Just a thought 🤗).

- It cool fun and cool but.....

Hi so I gave this a five star rating bc overall I really liked it, but It’s really small so I had less this to do. Also there’s no clothes or groceries store so I could add as much things to that new apartment thing (the one that was for sale). I couldn’t do much after I found all the things to decorate, and I also did the food place. So I somethings that could improve would be that more stores and things to do. And more clothes. I also have a idea for a new toca boca app you could do would be a theme of a nail Solon and hair, an other one is Hollywood. Ty.


I love Toca boca it’s just a really fun game! Many people have suggested this and I am about to too but I’m gonna add a couple more stuff to it. Ok so can there be an app where you have a sewing 🧵 shop so you can make clothes in the game and you can also make it for pets and maybe (possibly????) you can make the clothes for anybody! Also can that be a app please! That sounds cool and maybe everybody will be happy and then you can add the app in toca life world! And by the way I LOVE THIS GAME ITS AMAZING EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS I JUST LOVE IT 😍! and also i hope some new games come out! Sincerely,unicorn lover 99

- Toca‘ s number one fan

Okay so, toca I have every single game you have ever made, I had them since I was 3! And all the people saying “demonic elements” and “beware” are just looking for something to complain about. And every time you come out with a new game it’s the highlight of my month! I LOVE YOUR GAMES!!! And everyone who is like “oh well 2 stars because this game is soooooo small!” Well if you payed attention to toca news you would know that they released this game WHILE TOCA WORLD WAS BEING WORKED ON! But ANYways, I freaking love love LOVE all your games sooooo much! -sincerely your #1 fan

- Absolutely Amazing! Can’t wait for World!

Dear Toca, This app is outstanding with how you get to decorate the apartments in any way you want and I completely understand why there is only three places....Toca Life: World is coming November 22!!!!! I can not wait for the much expected app and for what Toca is planning. Keep it up! ~Love💜, Fuzzy P.S- The Ouiji Board was a little disturbing as a Christian, but it is your decision and your apps are still great either way. I have also been having a sound glitch every so often, so if you could fix that it would be great! 💜💜💜

- Its okay, but.

Okay, so I pre-ordered this game. It came out on the 24th for me. So I started having fun roleplaying with the characters. I got the last game, Toca office and I saw that there was something behind the painting. So I thought there would be something in the other paintings. So I was finished looking at 3 houses. I went into the last house, the empty one, and looked at the painting in the room, i saw a ouiji board. Made me kinda disappointed in Toca. Im am a 9 year old Christian kid. Its kinda scary to be seeing it. Cause, Christians dont play with spirits. Im just saying, be kinda careful toca, people can get offended. Thats all i can say. But its pretty cool!

- This will help you for future games!

So, I have ALL the other toca life games and I rated them all 5 ⭐️, but this one. . It is just boring, and it doesn’t have a lot of things to do. I just moved so in this game I moved too, but there’s no home with 5 beds. I have ( on the game ) three kids and a mother and father, but there is no baby bed in the apartment. ( one of them is a toddler ). Now we can move on to the pros. I love how there are secret places in all games, and how you have a variety of clothes, it’s really cool, you guys are my best friend, I’m way over aged and I love all toca baca games. I love all toca boca games. ALL OF THEM. Thank you for your time. Edit: Okay I changed my mind I hate this one. This one is sick 🤒😷🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡💩💩💩💩 I LOVE ALL THE OTHER ONES *But this one. . Is complete 🤬🤬🤬🤬. I’m sorry I love your other games but you guys should take away this one or whatever. . Ulllargh! That was me screaming until my tonsils hurt about this and the difference the other apps show. Edit #2 Why did you successfully put this on the App Store? There is no pros about this game. Just look: 🥵-I just played this game. Dad could you take my temperature?

- Really really good game

I love this app it’s really fun and if you have played these games before you should know about toca life city and I like that game to but I personally think this game is better because the other app only had one House and I had a lot of characters in the game and I had to just shove them all into that house and in this game there are four houses and it’s really fun because this time I can have more characters and they can all have a house it is very fun and I recommend it even if you are a grown-up😍😍😍

- AMAZING! a few suggestions❤️

I love this app. I think that it is absolutely amazing. But, you do get bored after a while. I think that this app should have more places instead of just the apartments, the robo cafe, and the hus store. I think that you could also add in some clothing and more pets. I barely have any clothes and their is one cat and a dog(not counting the cat with no eye). I do love how trendy and cute all of the house decor is and I love the different type of homes. Overall this app is great but if you can please add this in your next update, it would be great.


Please add Toca Dragons!!! I almost have all of your apps and I really want a new one! I have one in mind, Toca Dragons? I got inspired to think about Toca Dragons because of the dragon costume in one of your games, so please, if you can, can you add Toca Dragons? Some things I would like in the game: 1. Medival times things. (Dragons were in medival times, right?) 2. Cages for dragons. (Sometimes I like to role play by myself, would cages be ok?) 3. A dungeon! (Obviously you need a dungeon.) 4. Can the dragons be rideable? (Again, I like to role play by my self, so it would look like somebody tamed a dragon?) 5. A castle! (Medival Times, Kings, Queens, Knights, etc. ) 6. Some secrets. (You can do any secret! I like when you add secrets to games!) 7. Horses! (I would just like horses.) You can add more if you like, I would really appreciate it if you made Toca Dragons! ( P.S, can there be a Sloth Knight? It could blend in with the other knights! :) )

- It’s okay

I love this app there is just a few things I would add. Add more places!! It fun for 2 or so weeks then it gets boring because you can only go to a cafe design store or apartment! Add a grocery store, a clothes place, or a mail area. Over all I love the Toca Boca games because there very nice, and kid friendly. I know I’m 16 and don’t need to be playing 4 year old games but these are just so fun! I really encourage to add things though so it will be more enjoyable. Anyone who is looking at this I recommend getting Toca Life world instead. Also a hair salon would be nice. Thank you for your time.✌️

- Love this game!! But...

The toca life games are DEFINITELY my favorite games overall! I know I am 12, and a little old to be playing these games, but I can’t help but playing them! This one is definitely not one of my favorites, because it hardly has anything to be a “neighborhood.” I would like it way better, if you guys would update it with more places to go and more things to do. If you updated it without making the people that already bought it pay again, then that would be great. Again, no hate on these games, but I would just love them a lot more if they were actually more “realistic.” Thank you!

- Only One Concern

I find it quite disturbing that there is an ouija board in the game. It’s not cute of fun. Ouija boards are scary, not for anyone, especially children, and it’s encouraging kids to play this paranormal game in real life. I haven’t had my own experience with one but from people who told me they did it, well let’s just say bad stuff and unhappy stuff happened. I do love the game overall but I just am kinda mad at the fact there’s a satanic game in it. Overall however I love the game and the apartments so I’m giving 4 stars. I do suggest you remove the Ouija board though.

- Some problems ( can easily be Fixed )

My brother and I both love Toca Boca Life, it’s a game for all ages even our mom will play but, there are a couple problems that could easily be fixed; 1. this world is really small unlike the others, there are only 2 rooms in the apartment, can’t there be a lobby? 2. They need more pets there are only 2 and one of them are a little weird, maybe add a really cute border collie or something. 3. Add a food store that has clothes and other cute house supplies. I think this game is awesome but it needs an update, hope you read this. Thank you 😜

- A little bit more

Hi I’m one of ur toca fans don’t get me wrong, I love your games I think their r so cute and fun and I can’t wait for the next one... but I do believe for the four dollars we pay for these games I find some of them kinda boring (like I said before I love your games and I’m not gonna give u hate) so to improve your apps maybe you add a lobby to check into your apartment in toca neirborhood. You could also add a cute little cafe in toca world and maybe make the cafe like they have in the tv show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Thank you for reading I hope this all happens and I’m very exited if it does thx bye.💛

- What..

I don’t know why your saying bad stuff about the oujia board hidden behind the picture in one of the apartments.. i think it’s pretty cool don’t remove it because if you do, you’ll also take away the little sloth ghost I love ( I found it by the way ) and by the way to anyone who is reading this just I don’t care if your catholic or whatever you are but just consider it a hidden thing for older kids who play toca boca and actually KNOW what a oujia board is From: a toca player and Pokémon fan 🤗👍⭐️

- Another Idea

These apps are great, and I highly recommend buying them but I do think sometimes they are a little pricey, but still are great. A new idea for another app is beach where their would by lifeguards and a beach house and a very sandy world, you could also make a working phone and different life stages and a way to get pregnant. The phone would help teens and young adults get jobs and call friends to make plans. Maybe there could also be a calendar so you person could write in the calendar when they would meet someone.

- It’s an amazing app

I enjoy all the Toca life apps including this one. I was so happy that I could decorate a home and it’s a very fun app to play. My only concerns are how there is not much places to go. I mean there are a lot of things in the app but not something exciting I keep my players in the apartment and the cafe all the time. So I’m suggesting that you add a playground for the characters to go and play. I also think that there should be one or two more kids in the game. And last but not least, I AM SO HAPPY that you are finally connecting the apps! Thank you so much for taking my advice.

- A little issue.....

So I’m 11 and I absolutely love toca boca apps! I just have a couple complaints, so there is barely ANY clothes for my character. I noticed that besides the outfits already on a toca boca character's, there’s only like 5 available ones. Also, I would really like to know why there’s not more places to go! There’s only 3 places and all of the apartments accept mine are decorated! Can u plz make more places and especially a grocery store because I think my characters ready to barf from all the icecream she’s eating!😂 plz consider this👍🏻😊

- Always a five star review

Hey, it may be small but I love it! I can’t want for Toca Boca world to come out, to be honest I have waited for this since like, the dawn of time! I’ve always wanted to use ALL the Toca Boca characters together!!! I’m guessing I’m probably one of your oldest players because I have downloaded almost every Toca Boca game not just the character story games but all of them! Ok a couple questions, one if you already have downloaded the Toca Boca games will it auto give you the worlds for free? Two how to you find the sloth ghost?

- Overall AMAZING app

I LOVE all of the toca boca apps and this is one of my favorite. I love designing a toca boca apartment, in-fact, before I bought this game, I would draw out my own toca boca locations. I enjoy finding all the hidden things in toca world and this app is no different, there are a great number of hidden items and other secrets. If it were possible I’d give this game an extra star. I HIGHLY recommended this game and all other toca boca apps. And when I grow up I’d like to work at toca boca. I just love all of the games. Great game!

- The game is fun but however......

I love Toca boca and it is really fun but I have to admit I don’t like how you are to pay for like EVERY game and some of them I want but I can’t get because my parents dot usually let me buy apps but this one they let me get because I did good on a test and did all my chores. But my friend just showed me Toca office and I REALLY WANT IT it looks sooooo fun but it cost $3.99 and like I said I really ever buy apps and now I am mad beacons it looks fun but I can not get it what so ever thank you for your time

- I love u

My friends and I totally love this app we are in 6th grade and we are probably to old for it but we still love it. I love all ur apps and I’m glad that u finally took my suggestion for the world app. But this app is going it won’t let me move the screen to look in the next room. I can move the people and the stuff but I can’t move like the scenes. And... some thing you could create. Toca life Tokyo, toca life space. So like their are different planets with people and houses. Toca life Halloween with like a haunted castle and grave yard.

- Lovely! Just one small issue...

So, I have all the toca life games and was SO excited when this came out! I have played it and I love it, the problem is not with this app, it’s with all of them. Since the teaser trailer for toca world came out all my toca life games have been crashing. I’ll tap on one to open it p and it will load for two seconds before bringing me back to my home page. I have tried opening them from the App Store, restarting my iPad, almost everything! Do you know a way I could get these games to work again?

- Love it more looking forward to an update

Toca neighborhood is really fun but I’m still looking forward to an update aka looking forward to new stuff. Maybe a tailor a hair salon etc. there should be more people in general and more children / babies. I made a neat apartment with the stuff at the shop so I’m not disoriented in the shops choices. More secrets I already found them all there was like 3 or 4 and the app needs just more. I didn’t have any problem with the functionality of the game just the dynamics. So that’s why I’m looking forward to an update.

- keep in mind, it’s for toca life world

people have been saying this app is pretty boring, which i understand. there’s no food store, no recreational spots, barley and people or clothes, no workplaces, etc. i get it! there’s just a home store, a cafe, and 4 apartments. but guys, THIS IS FOR TOCA LIFE WORLD! it’s a little “neighborhood” for your characters when the big update/app comes! be patient, and don’t be sad you bought this! time and patience will play out at the end. plus, the apartments are wonderfully designed and decorated, so good job toca boca :)

- So Excited for toca world

Dear toca boca love this game my favorite out of all of the toca games so keep making them oh and do toca theme park ok with a roller coaster but any way let’s talk about toca world I’m like SO EXITED people say this game is bad but it is amazing well I’m supporting you on this so keep it up it doesn’t matter what people say how bad it is but Focus on who love it so yeah but any way I found the club people so yeah but any way this is about you toca boca don’t give up on what you love and love how you let us design a apartment bye


I love your company, you make games that express there creativity and let them make up little stories. I like this game a lot. But could you add a game where you have to find out an old mystery that has been around for 20 years about a mystery disappearing of an actor that has been last seen in an a abandoned warehouse that no one noes where it is. That would be a fun addition to a game called Toca Hollywood. And could you add a game called Toca woods where they can go camping but they have to watch out for the old ghost hermit who eats flesh. Bye! 😜😜😜

- Request and 😀

Ok so first of all I wanted to say that I LOVE toca world it has so many possibilities, and that’s great. I also love the current deal on the beginners box, how it’s only $8. I have a request: I really want all the toca games, but I’m not allowed to get them all, so I was wondering if u could make a special deal for one game every week, or even better have something called a free Friday once a month where everything even the bundles are all free for a day!! Or even just five hours!

- Idea

Hey Toca Boca! I love your games, but noticed a few glitches, like the pillow-man’s left arm not being able to move and the fall-behind-the-box-and-light glitch. I have a few ideas for new games. Toca Life: Space= Earth, where you train and launch into space; the space station, where you “live”; outer space, where you float around with meteors and you could see earth; and planet sloth, where everything is sloths. Then there’s Toca Life: Zoo= The gift shop, which has animal merchandise; an aquarium; and the animals. Thanks for reading and merry Christmas!


Look I love love love Toca baca like a lot but on the last video trailer ther was this glowing gem thing what was that? Seriously tell me can you say stuff back to me cuz I didn’t get it. I really do love your apps a lot though but can you plz tell me what that was and what happens with that glowing gem thingie please tell me where to find it and I will love your game A lOT more. Just plz tell me! Besides that mystery thing I LOVE your games👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

- IDC I ❤️ IT

Alright I love this new one but... U SHOULD OF ADDED CLOTHES AT THE HUS I mean how else r we suppose to change??? I mean let’s go a little into that plz. But this doesn’t matter... What matters is when is the Toca life world gonna come out!?!? I MEAN I NEED THE DATE LIKE WHEN AS IN IDK TODAY?(lol) but seriously if u put a date I would be much happier. Plus I pre-ordered this and I figured out it came out earlier then it was suppose to (which I love) ...and more outfits if u do the new game I can also do the hair I want from toca life city. Thx plz LISTEN!!!!!!!!

- Adorable😁 But wwwwwwwwhy😥

I love Toca Boca. I have been playing your games since I was little, and suggest this game to anyone who wants a cute game. The only problem is that I can’t afford to just sit around spending 4 dollars for a game! Why did you change it, it is not fair especially because most people wanted to bring the cost down, not up! Please tell me. Also will there be anymore new toca life games before toca world? Overall I love this game and love the way you can design your own apartment! Hope you understand my review.🙂

- I love this game but I have a few suggestions

I enjoy this game but there are only three locations to go. And there aren't many clothing options for the characters. The apartment should include a rooftop and a lobby with a gift shop the overs more clothes and stuff. One of the characters has a swimsuit but there's no where to swim. Lastly can you add more furniture items and ways to get food, like a grocery. Other than that I love this game and the concept. The characters and the locations are cool but there's not a lot of stuff.

- I love this app but

I think you should remove the quji board and add something else. The reason why is because little kids play this game. When they grow up they will make the mistake of playing with one because they saw it in a kids game and they will think it’s ok. Personally I would find another way to make the sloth ghost appear like just tapping the crystal ball. Other than that this game is great. I think you should add more clothes options and more food.

- My friends opinion

She wants you to make toca life theme park and water park so please listen to her she can’t wait for 1 second and do toca life mansion and toca life camping and toca life mall and toca life zoo it’s going to be a blast and toca life talent show make sure to make a roller coaster in toca life theme park thanks if you make it if don’t al delete all my toca life games maybe and toca life daycare and toca life spongebob with Patrick and. Squidward and mr crabs and sandy and Garry and toca life Yo-kaiWatch please and toca life summer and toca life Halloween town toca life toysrus and toca life party city

- Why would you put this in a children’s game!

I was playing toca baca and what I found was pretty disturbing I found a flipping Ouija why would you put this in a game!I found it behind a painting behind the wall what are you trying to teach kids to use a spirt board to get possessed by a demon?!What are more secrets behind the wall you keep I really love this game and I really love supernatural stuff but I would never play it cause I know that something bad will happen 😡😭😡😭😡😭

- Kaci cactus narwhal

I love all of your games I find them cute, fun and awesomely awesome. These games always give me smiles and a cheerful day. I’m 11 though and a sloth ghost seems highly unlikely, but toca games can make the impossible seem possible. Just like your toca world mix that is going too come out soon. I read some other people’s reviews and I think someone who’s friend wants you guys to make a jungle toca where you can play with wild animals is right. It could be different from toca pets. You could have a arctic section with narwhals, polar bears, penguins and more. A dessert section with camels and cactus in the back. You should make a zoo toca boca with plenty of wild creatures and happy people. Hope you’re on board. I totally think you should make a zoo it would be a total hit. Me and me friends are excited now Peace.

- Woooowwww

Well I love this game. It’s nothing short of what I expected from your talents. I am so ecited for Toca life world too. I read some comments on getting rid of the Ouija board and DO NOT agree. It adds a fun dark twist. As a tween and lover of Stephen King and Sranger Things, it give that supernatural element of real world. Don’t get rid of it because some Christians think it’s too creepy. Also most kids know what an Ouija board is and if there scared, it’s just a game Just my opinion. Even as a Christian

- Best Game ever!!!!

I first got this game for my little cousin and I played it one day and thought it was super fun! I like how you added the ghost and I disagree that it’s inappropriate. I hope you read this because I think you should make another Toca game it should have a castle and a royal school and a little village with one or two houses! Please please make it happen! If you can’t make the whole thing than you should just make a royal school and a royal village.

- Awesome

This app is pretty good I was scrolls through the reviews and I noticed a lot of people complaining about the ghost sloth I for one don’t mind it I thing it is cute and I think how you summon it is cute ya it’s a little creepy but in a good way lol and I only have it 4 stars because I don’t really like how there are not that many places to explore but I don’t mind that to much but I mean if you have to take the ghost sloth out I guess take it out I am a Christian and it does not bother me i love your Toca life apps keep making them ❤️

- Amazing game!

Oh my gosh! I love these games soooooo much and I only need two more till I have them all. I love how every character is different in their own way. It makes the game so enjoyable to have characters that look like you. Everything about these games are AMAZING! The quija board is a little strange but the sloth is adorable and I love everything else about the game. I don’t mind paying 3.99 for these games because I know that there going to be good.

- Toca Life crashes if no WiFi on iPad with iOS 12

App is awesome but will crash as soon as you turn on the app if you have no WiFi. My brother with iOS 11 does not have this problem. I love this app and was crying when it would not work! 😭 Hi, sorry to bother you again! Thank you for fixing the bug on toca life neighborhood, but all of the other toca life apps are still not working and I am worried toca life world wont work either... Do you think you could fix toca life world to? Thank You!!! 🤩🥳😜😋

- Pretty great

I love this game. It’s taken all of my free time. *my friend calls me* “no, I’m too busy playing Toca life games.” If you say that it’s bad because there is only a place where you can get breakfast, just download Toca Life: World. You can add this game to that one so you don’t have to leave one game to go to another. World also includes a market where you can buy more food. I 100% would recommend buying this game! -Ella

- I Don’t Really Know🥺

This game is extacly like normal Toca Life it is very small and the free one is very nice and you can build your own house! This was kinda boring only 4 buildings and I love to role play with these types of games but this wasn’t really worth my money. I hate how we can’t create/change the people… I wish it was better🥺 But I think we buy things which is werid because we paid for this app, The little Robot secret I wish we could be the baby robot and actally live in his house I am still discovering more secrets about this game!

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#Amazon best seller; #Games & #apps; Buy now; #blogging #TBT #FoundItOnAmazon Toca Life: Neighborhood

Don't get confused - Get the Best Product

#Amazon best seller; #Games & #apps; Buy now; #blogging #TBT #FoundItOnAmazon Toca Life: Neighborhood

Don't get confused - Get the Best Product

#Amazon best seller; #Games & #apps; Buy now; #blogging #TBT #FoundItOnAmazon Toca Life: Neighborhood

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Toca Life: Neighborhood #12 Toca Life: Neighborhood Toca Boca 4.1 out of 5 stars 260 $3.99

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#Amazon best seller; #Games & #apps; Buy now; #blogging #TBT #FoundItOnAmazon Toca Life: Neighborhood

Don't get confused - Get the Best Product

#Amazon best seller; #Games & #apps; Buy now; #blogging #TBT #FoundItOnAmazon Toca Life: Neighborhood

Don't get confused - Get the Best Product

#Amazon best seller; #Games & #apps; Buy now; #blogging #TBT #FoundItOnAmazon Toca Life: Neighborhood

Don't get confused - Get the Best Product

#Amazon best seller; #Games & #apps; Buy now; #blogging #TBT #FoundItOnAmazon Toca Life: Neighborhood Toca Life: Neighborhood

Toca Life: Neighborhood 1.0.1 Screenshots & Images

Toca Life: Neighborhood iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Life: Neighborhood iphone images
Toca Life: Neighborhood iphone images
Toca Life: Neighborhood iphone images
Toca Life: Neighborhood iphone images
Toca Life: Neighborhood iphone images
Toca Life: Neighborhood ipad images
Toca Life: Neighborhood ipad images
Toca Life: Neighborhood ipad images
Toca Life: Neighborhood ipad images
Toca Life: Neighborhood ipad images
Toca Life: Neighborhood Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Toca Life: Neighborhood Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Toca Life: Neighborhood (Version 1.0.1) Install & Download

The applications Toca Life: Neighborhood was published in the category Education on 2018-10-25 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 344.26 MB. Toca Life: Neighborhood - Education posted on 2018-11-15 current version is 1.0.1 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocaneighborhood

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