FILCA - SLR Film Camera

FILCA - SLR Film Camera [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Filca is a camera that combines digital camera and film sensitivity.

High quality silent shooting function, professional manual operation
Leave the best moments in your photos.

■ Manual mode for shutter speed, ISO, white balance control
■ 35mm film filters from Kodak, Fuji, Agfa

It is optimized for taking snapshots.
Take pictures of people, self-portraits, night scenes and all the moments of everyday sports.
Use filters to create an analog film look.

main function :
- Automatic mode camera with 35mm film filter
- Manual mode (Exposer and Focus)
- Fully manual control shutter speed, ISO
- Aspect ratio 4: 3, 3: 2, 16: 9, 1: 1
- Digital zoom 8x (up to 8x magnification)
- Manual Focus Focus Control (macro, landscape)
- Fuji, Kodak, Agfa 36mm film filter (black and white filter)
- Film Grain Effect
- Film printing effect
- Optical Image Stabilization
- Low power mode
- Self mode
- EXIF ​​data storage (including position data)
- facial photo cosmetic effect
- full resolution photo
- Timer and flash function
- Grid mode view
- Generate an Instagram Tag

- White balance adjustment function
- Date print function

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FILCA - SLR Film Camera Customer Service, Editor Notes:

iPhone 12 bug Fix

FILCA - SLR Film Camera Comments & Reviews

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- Love the app but there's a glitch

Love using the app. It's got a great format and allows for great control of settings really quickly. Been using it for a while now for shooting on iPhone Xs but recently it's been doing an odd thing of randomly shooting pics about every ten seconds without pressing the shutter button or being set on a timer.

- Won’t record after purchase and app won’t close! Beware!

The photography possibilities on this app are second to none, that’s a given - and the only saving grace for the app. The issues start to rear their ugly heads (yes heads, plural) once you decide to purchase filming capabilities. I bought the 3.99 pro upgrade followed by Kodak series and Fuji series. And guess what? None of them work! I hit the red record button and it sends me right back to the purchase screen, really frustrating. They didn’t waste time taking my money, but can’t update their apps functionality issues? Not cool! Then there’s the exiting of the app. It’s a nightmare! Like most functional apps you swipe and it disappears. Not this one! I have to constantly sign in and out of my home screen to finally exit the app. Also, to make matters even worse, I deleted and redownloaded the app. In hopes the app was glitching, and could be corrected with a “fresh start” I got just that! I had none of my purchases and all the same issues I mentioned above! Terrible! I’ll be going through Apple to get my refund. This app was/is a real let down. Proceed with caution, fellow consumers!

- Takes photos by itself constantly.

I’m pretty upset I just spent money on this for all the pro features. It has some great controls but it’s impossible to use without upgrading because of ad that pops up literally every 15 seconds. If you do upgrade like I stupidly did, then it takes photos on its own. Constantly. There’s nothing to explain this. I’ve troubleshooted over and over. It’s impossible to use as is. Read other reviews and you’ll see many people experiencing the same thing. This is with an iPhone 11 fully updated. Fix the app. Criminal to charge for something this buggy. Especially with the overzealous after to force you to buy. Noting this company and making sure never to buy again. Apple should remove this app unless it gets some serious fixes.

- FILCA - Amazing

I am using this app on an iphone 6 and find the pictures have improved tremulously. Having the ability to make setting changes combined with film selection vs. point and shoot makes all the difference. The point and shoot logic on the iPhone is easily fooled. I suspect the hardware, lens, and point and shoot function is just ok. Certainly not an SLR. This application has definitely improved picture quality. I am able to shoot with a window (sunny day) behind my subject and not lose my subjects face. Next impossible with a point and shoot. Great application, thx

- Best Photography App Ever!!!!

I was really curious about this app because you have to pay for it. But the money I spent on this app was well worth it because I produced a lot of great photos from this app. And what’s even more convenient is that it’s on my phone and I don’t have to spend so much money on an actual film camera. I would like if they updated it to have a video option if they were to improve on the app but overall, I LOVE THIS APP, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an app that has a lot of film camera options.

- Well worth it

I wasn’t expecting this app to be good, since similar apps just put on a heavy/bad filter, however it amazed me with how colour accurate everything was and how you have so many manual controls at your disposal that you can get the EXACT photo you like. The best part is that the app is cheap and you only have to buy the add ons you want for $2. This way you don’t have some $20 app but you only use like 3 features. To anyone who is really into phone photography or vintage cameras, this app is well worth it

- Money-Hungry App

This app is a paid app, and once you buy it virtually nothing is available to you without purchasing more functionality. The timestamps are only available in a monthly subscription price, that just doesn't make sense. This app is just looking to take your money. Though none of these upgrades are terribly expensive, you get hidden costs everywhere. Would have been better to make this a $10 app, and give you the functionalities, or a free app that then gives you options to pay for more, but when you buy the app itself you are actually buying nothing, just a ticket to buy more things. Stupid business model, that decieves users.

- Beautiful photos, record function does not work

It's a shame this issue seems to be left unresolved. I read reviews that people were unable to record after being prompted to upgrade to PRO version in order to do so. I hoped the issue would have been resolved as these reviews were months ago but appears to still be the case. Remove the functionality if you are not going to make it work! The app is stunning for still photos and would love to be able to film with it.

- Very impressive little camera !

Bought the camera to experiment with the different filters and I am awe with the results of this little camera. It brings nostalgia with the remembrance of vintage pictures taken with the different filters such as Kodak, Fuji and the black and white pictures they are amazing. I don’t regret paying for all the different filters and for the camera. Good job !!

- I spent 3$ to buy it

I would keep buying it if they keep updates and improve into the next level more high quality . I would spend money to buy it if they release a video shooting options this app is worth the money to buy it . But we demand the video shooting option . Please keep updates the app into the next level thanks

- If it only had zoom.

This app is pretty cool, but lacks a zoom which honestly really kills the experience and I end up using my iPhone camera. Which begs the question....why did I even buy this app. I was hoping for something better, but yet here we are. If the zoom is fixed then I think it would be a better app and use would go up. There have also been intermittent crashes. Not all the time, but at least 1 out of every time used.

- Excellent

I love this camera app!!! It has and does improve the quality of the camera on my phone. iPhone 7plus I’ve tried several other camera apps that are supposed to be great and this is my favorite👌 if you want a better camera that you can carry in your pocket you should definitely give this app a shot! I don’t believe you will regret it! AB


i never review apps but i felt like this one deserved a few words of praise. i love taking pictures with this camera! makes everything look beautiful and has an authentic film quality to it. friends of mine have either assumed it was film or said photos looked professional and editorial. gorgeous layout too! totally worth the few dollars.

- So fantastic!! Best film camera app

I've been using a lot of camera apps for the past 7 years, but it is by far the best app. really good. The apps that came out of the gouda and Fuji films ... The film camera apps did not get out of hand because of the excessive film effect. But reica implements the emotion that I want perfectly. I am writing more often these days than the actual peer.

- Confusing

I’ve had this app for a while now and I really like it. However I’ve tried upgrading or trying to buy the film series and it just doesn’t work. It’ll take my money and nothing on the app changes. When I press record it just asks me if I want to buy. It’s happened more than once and even though I’ve gotten my refund I would actually like to try the pro version or even the film.

- Great app but could use some upgrades!

I love this app and the filters. I just wish I could import photos from my camera roll so I can have the same effect on photos that weren’t taken with the app!!

- I have the same problem as William^^^

I want to record but as William states it prompts me to the film series so I also bought everything and still can’t record. I’m not as disappointed, however, I would like to record here soon in the very near future!

- Not generous

This app is spammy to the point that its not even functional. Every other time you press the sutter button you will be shown an ad to upgrade. There are nearly no included filters/film packs even though you have to pay just to get tha app. Very disingenuous and just stingey. I would like my money back and to delete the app if possible, but fat chance of that happening. I reccomend Calla or Huji as alternatives for vintage film photos. 왜 이렇게 $2 내고 어플로 사진 찍을때마다 업그레이드 광고 나와요?

- Retro filters & now taking pics with every adjustment??

It was a good app, except when I bought the retro filters. They blur the pictures and they don’t look at all like what they’ve advertised on the series package. Is there anyway to fix this? Also, every time I adjust anything (whether it be zoom or WB), it just takes the picture. Anyway to turn this off too??

- In-app purchases no longer there after I redownloaded

I deleted the app because my phone didn’t have enough memory to house the app so I deleted it. Downloaded it back in hopes of being able to use some of the in app features I previously purchased, I was completely disappointed after finding out that they were no longer there and I’d have to pay again to get them back.

- Terrible and I want a refund

I downloaded this app because of the concept and the reviews, but the camera is trash. You will not get nice radiant photos like you see being advertised. After installing the app they also want you to put for features that they say you get with the app so that is confusing. No matter what settings you put the camera on you get the same high contrast photos even with the iso on 40. I definitely am going to request a refund.

- This is my favorite camera app.

The app makes my photos look as if I took them from an expensive leica camera or a film camera. I enjoy using the manual settings as much as the automatic. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing app. Worth the money.

- Does everything except recording video

Amazing camera! Has this as my main camera app on my phone! I have bought the pro version—$3.00 isn’t that bad of a price! Just wishing you could record video....

- Restore

I bought the pro mode and other filters, but I accidentally clicked the restore option. Will it restore all of my purchases or nothing will happen? Thank you for your advance response.

- Recording Issue

I’ve read several comments that they cannot record while using this app and get immediately transferred to the series tab to purchase them. These complaints are from months ago and it’s almost August, please fix this error. Other than this feature, the photo functions are perfectly normal and the other additions are amazing. However, I purchased this app to solely record and wasted my money.

- I like this app, BUT...

This is a really cool app and takes great photos with the filters it offers. About the filters...they’re actually great. The only downside and main problem I have, is it doesn’t allow you to apply these same “great” filters to photos in your camera role. I wish this was added by the developer.

- Just another scam.

Saw adds for this app and thought oh what a fantastic idea, I always wanted a deeper lever of manual control of the iPhones camera capabilities. Payed the $3.99 and tried it out only to find out that many of the significant features are only for the “pro” version, which of course they don’t tell you before you spend your $4. Without the pro version it’s not worth your time.

- Récord button

Why this app has a record button and when I press it don’t record it tell me I have to upgrade the app when I already did it ? 😕🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔amazing app for photos but I have only that issue

- Nifty

It’s cool but missing some manual features and there’s a bug using it. I can actually change film types by sliding my finger near the film section. Weird but nothing changes until you go into that section. Not sure if that’s part of the app or glitch. I gave three stars because of simple it is.


Love the app, bought all the extra stuff. Only one bone to pick here. The new app icon looks like you’re constantly downloading something and it honestly is distracting. Please change color scheme or geometry(grey color combined with circle icon). Thanks

- Waste of Money

1. No Aperture control 2. After you buy the app for $4, it continues to give you pop ups telling you to upgrade to pro. So you pay another $2. Pop ups still come up. Just a crappy ad company trying to get money. Avoid it. Also all the filters just look like crappy Instagram filters. Don’t look anything like a film camera. Very obvious that photographers didn’t design this app.

- Confused and dissapointed

I have just purchased the app then was prompted to buy the pro upgrade which i did immediately. After this i wanted to record so i went to buy the fuji series pack and still not able to record. Now i am seeing in the reviews that this is a common prob that many people are having. Unless there is something i am not doing correctly i am very disappointed.


love this app and filters so much! it lets you take the photos in a variety of filters and aspect ratios. the only wish is that you can import your own phots!! (maybe in the future they will make that a feature?) :)

- Why can’t we record video???

I purchased the Pro Upgrade and multiple Film Sets and still the App will not allow me to record which is the main reason I purchased this! Please respond to this and fix this buggy issue or at least be more clear about what is available... I love this app but I want to video with it.

- Amazing!

I never write app reviews but this one absolutely merits some recognition. My daily driver is a Fujifilm X100F, and I love the in camera film simulations but sometimes I don’t have that on me. I’ve been a few places (like the neon museum in Vegas) that forbid any cameras and only allow phones. This app is priceless for times like that! The Porta 400 and 800 sims alone are worth the whole price of the app and it’s upgrades. Great job guys! If you can throw Acros in the Fuji lineup I’ll love you forever! 🤪

- App Won’t open

Used this app for a couple of months, and loved it. For some reason it won’t even open anymore. I deleted and downloaded the app again and it still won’t open. Kinda disappointing. I love the app though, I hope this gets fixed.

- Takes your money!

I keep buying the film sets to record and even payed for pro and none of it works! Wasted money down the drain, don’t bother. Works for pictures but as soon as you try to record it has you re-purchase everything over and over. Kept thinking my payments weren’t going through but they did and it still won’t record.

- Won't let me record.

I want to record video, why is there a red "r" button if I can't record video? I bought the premium version because it prompted me to when I pressed what I assumed was the record button, but it still won't let me. It just keeps prompting me to buy more instead. The photography aspect is amazing but this glitch(?) stinks.

- The Record Function Still Has Not Been Fixed

Bought the WHOLE Package, because every time I tried to record, it would just shoot me to the purchase more features page. I bought it all and it still doesn’t work. I think with this many complaints for so long and no fix, it’s safe to say they have no intention to do anything about it.

- Awesome app!

This is my favorite camera app! Excellent film stock simulation. Wish i could import other photos into it for color grading. Also...any video function down the line?

- Great but...

They have a capital R. In a bright red circle. Which really makes you think it’s for recording. But it’s not at all. I assumed I had to purchase the upgrade for this to work but it didn’t help me.

- Couldn’t be more misleading “SLR Film Camera”....

FOR THOSE WHO WONT READ THIS ENTIRE POST.....this app does NOT shoot VIDEOS... PHOTOS ONLY! To all those who are looking at this going, “oh nice, a manual control (as advertised) video/photo app with decent looking old school and new school film replication!”...No. For one only takes photos, NO film/video AND the app requires multiple in app purchases $$$$ to utilize any feature beyond a few basic options. Do yourself a favor and go find a FREE app, like camera+ or any number of other options. If only there was a refund button within the first 10 minutes of purchase.


Bought the app for $3.99 then was prompted to purchase the “PRO” version which I already thought I had bought considering the app was $3.99.! But no. So I purchased the “PRO” version and never was able to use those features. When you go to use those particular “PRO” features it again prompts you to PURCHASE THE PRO VERSION.!!! AGAIN.! Already out almost $8.00 FOR NOTHING.! FIX THIS OR I WANT A REFUND.!

- Amazing

Amazing camera app with a ton a simulated films. Really wish that I could use the iphone battery case button to snap a picture.

- Serious Bug

When installing this app onto my phone, it causes my main app Camera and other third party cameras to not work. At times I’ll get occasional freezes and cannot function the 2x Telephoto zoom onto my phone. I have tried and tested with my other devices and is doing the same. I hope you guys are able to fix soon. Thanks

- Worth every penny

Using this as my standard camera app from now on. Beautiful colors, easy interface, and manual mode does not disappoint.

- Having trouble with video

I can’t seem to figure out how to record video on this. Every time I hit R for record it brings me back to the film series page (all of which I already bought). I bought all the film filters and upgraded to pro. Has anyone else had this issue?

- I love this.

I don’t need a expensive camera. This app has all I need. P.S (if seller see this..) I am iphone 8 user. I don’t know since when it is happen, Everytime i use the app, i take a picture with Bluetooth selfi stick. But Few weeks ago, it doesn’t work. When i open regular camera app, it works. I think this app is happened something. I need answers and solution.

- Pretty good app

Quality and emulation of film stock is very impressive. Only gripe is, I wish I could use my anamorphic lens with this app and be able to desqueeze in real time. Anamorphic lens flares would look so cool. Possible future update!?

- How do I use silent shooting mode??

I just downloaded this app and it really works great, but could you tell me where can I find the silent shooting mode? It’s not in the option/setting😅😅

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- Great Manual Controls

The app works really great and you get your value for money, the film effects/filters are subtle and share many characteristics to the real film types. One improvement I can suggest would be to add the option to capture and save images in RAW file formats. As this is digital photography intended to mimic film photography, saving photos in RAW format would be a nice feature to round off the app. And RAW format would help users who do a lot of post-editing. Another improvement I’d suggest would be to let the app re-orient it’s layout for portrait photography, so users can more easily switch between taking landscape and portrait shots - rather than stay locked in a horizontal layout the whole time. I really hope you take these suggestions on board as they are the only reason I rate the app 4 instead of 5 stars - it’s a really great tool for film enthusiasts like me to have, and I’ve already recommended it to friends!

- No Hard Shutter.

The layout of this app is well thought out. Much like using a film camera. There does not appear to be, however, a hard shutter capability. So one must hold up the phone to press the shutter. It would be much easier to shoot quickly if there was a hard shutter control using one of the volume buttons as a shutter trigger.

- Add a double/multiple exposure function!

If you could manually control aperture and there was a multiple exposure function I would possibly never use my point and shoot film camera again.

- Good App but could do with tweaks

I’ve only had it for a day but it seems okay. A tad clunky when setting up. Would be great to have the ability to view the image you have taken without having to go to your photos folder. This should be done within the App and then the ability to edit pics there would be good. Let’s see what the developer comes up with

- Upgrade

Hi developer I love this app so i decided to upgrade to premium after paying still not upgraded. Thats why i cannot use all the features of this app.. I don’t know how to reach u so i’m writing in review setion. Sorry about that thank you

- Needs more information before purchasing

Wish I knew before purchasing that I can’t even record video without upgrading to premium. I assumed that paying (roughly) $7 for the app would include all features, should be known to customers that you have to keep ongoing payment to access all features. Definitely wouldn’t have purchased had I known that it doesn’t even include all features listed.

- Great

Great app! Is there a way of changing the way the date is written? Mine is backwards

- No Aperture Change No RAW

WASTE OF MONEY! No Aperture, which make the SLR descriptor a BS. If you’ve got an iPhone you can just shoot in portrait to change the aperture and then download a great free app like VSCO to get Rip-off Leica’s features but waaaaay better and without having to pay anything. Also there is no option to shoot in RAW. If this App was free and they described it for what it is then it may be worthy of a 3 star product.

- Not all included

Not all is included in the cost. I assumed you would get the film series included or at least ad free after paying. Hopefully doesnt do ongoing payments as others have said.

- Does this thing actually film?

I’ve tried everything to try and use this for a simple film... All it does is ask for more money each time and there’s no where to see what filters I have purchased and how to just use what I have... so far has wasted my time and money

- Waste of money

Money grabbing. Useless without all the extras you have to pay for. I paid for extra film series so I could record using the filters and it doesn’t even work, huge waste. Keeps taking money for nothing, I don’t get how this is even allowed

- Rip off

You’re only given the chance to take maybe ten photos before you can no longer save photos and are instead given a link to buy the pro version for yet another 5.99. This is wrong

- Paid for upgrade and no difference

Hi there, I paid for the upgrade so I could have pictures with the dates on them- I still can’t access the option to put the dates on after paying for the upgrade?

- Please update for wide-angle lens camera

At the moment the app only supports 1x and 2x cameras and not the wide-angle lens.. please update! Otherwise loving the functions and filters. Agh update. It keeps saving photos randomly every few seconds without me pressing it.

- Really disappoint

Thought I spent the money on the right thing. First of all, yeah the app “basic” feature was good, but when it comes to other series or tell me to upgrade to get more premium thing.... I’m pretty disappointed...

- Don’t get it

I don’t think it’s really worth the money... I get what they were trying to do but it’s not really clear on how to use it or how it’s different from simply editing an exiting photo. So yeah, a bit disappointed.

- Waste of money

I download the app 2 days before I thought ut would include all the features but it's just 5,6 effects and that's all. And it cost roughly $7. I wouldn't recommend to buy this. And can't I get a refund ???

- Can’t edit photos

Shame I can’t edit photos I’ve already taken on my phone. A lack of convenience, but good features

- Theives

I purchased the full version. Money went out of my account and it’s still telling me I need to purchase the pro version to use any of the pro features...

- Already Having issues

I can’t download the Upgrade Pro mode or any film series, The button simply gives me nothing And this should be fixed ASAP!

- Rad!

Perfect, makes iphone photography fun.

- Love the control,but

The ads are really annoying.

- Vid

Really like this app but it can record a video that will be even better!


Absolute rip off and will be requesting a refund. Cannot use any of the features in the app without purchasing another mode of the app.

- Not worth it

Have many apps like this. This one isn’t worth the money, could get one like this for free.

- Does not work

Purchased it but does not work on my iPhone 11 Pro. It just does not start. Money wasted.

- No way i wish to get a refund

Don’t download it’s the worst

- Out of focus

Not crisp on iPhone 12 pro max, it’s out of focus and looks like a 3D pix

- Not worth it

It’s not worth trying

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- Initial download should be free

They make you pay to use the baseline features of the app, results are lacking substance. If you want date and time stamping you have you pay the same amount as the initial download— doubling your investment. Then you need to pay for each different brand name film filter package, which isn’t clear in the app description. If you want the real Fuji or Kodak looks you need to pay more. There are knockoff versions in the baseline app, but they don’t look that great.

- Not worth it

Don’t download

- Un-Authorized Charge

I downloaded this app for free. Then it charged me internally without my authorization. Contacted iTunes and they said it was due to an “internal purchase” for “using different lenses” which I have no idea how that would have triggered a payment. Be aware when using. Big thumbs down

- Inutile

Application complètement inutile. On te demande 3.99$ tu achete, mais ensuite oups pour les fonctions cool on te demande de passer à pro! Les pires 4$ dépenser de la vie!

- Crap!

It’s a ripoff! I try press the record button but it’s not working!

- Mr Borges

Poor and a big Rip off

- Drains battery and phone dies

This app drains battery on a serious level and phone dies suddenly. What's worse is poor communication line. The only possible way is email which is possible to acquire only through instagram, but they never answer your email. I've written them 3 times for the past 2 weeks, they didn't even have an automated answer. They are eager to release new film preset to buy but seriously careless on the bug fix. What kind of camera app crashes and phone dies? I am a iphone user since iphone 3Gs and have used wide range of camera apps but this is by far the worst.

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FILCA - SLR Film Camera 1.37 Screenshots & Images

FILCA - SLR Film Camera iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

FILCA - SLR Film Camera iphone images
FILCA - SLR Film Camera iphone images
FILCA - SLR Film Camera iphone images
FILCA - SLR Film Camera iphone images
FILCA - SLR Film Camera iphone images
FILCA - SLR Film Camera iphone images
FILCA - SLR Film Camera iphone images
FILCA - SLR Film Camera iphone images
FILCA - SLR Film Camera iphone images
FILCA - SLR Film Camera iphone images

FILCA - SLR Film Camera (Version 1.37) Install & Download

The applications FILCA - SLR Film Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 2018-09-22 and was developed by Cheol Kim [Developer ID: 1252540990]. This application file size is 69.65 MB. FILCA - SLR Film Camera - Photo & Video app posted on 2021-02-25 current version is 1.37 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.romocam

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