Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon [Games] App Description & Overview

Are you ready to become a fishing legend? Master the sea and show off your boat and catch the Big One. Come experience the #1 mobile fishing game of 2018 and 2019.

Gather your riches and travel across the open seas in this addictive idle clicker game. Swipe away to catch fish and gain money. Hire crew members to help expand your empire! Buy legendary items to ease your fishing quest. Use your new found wealth to unlock new regions to explore and upgrade your boat! Start your adventure now! The one thing you have to ask yourself is: can you catch the Big One?

Game Features:

1. Unlock Epic Content
Traverse through uncharted waters, catching and gathering the biggest exotic fish while upgrading new boats that unlock better skills, boosts and items. Can you unlock the mega yacht and explore all the unknown oceans?

2. Catch 'em All
Discover secret hidden and rare fish. Only a MASTER fisherman can hook the most epic of them all with their legendary fishing rod. Do you have what it takes to catch the Big One.

3. Build your crew
Every captain needs a good crew! Your crew is your family. Hire and upgrade crew members to help expand your fishing empire. Each crew member comes with their own unique skills to aid your fishing adventure.

4. Engaging Idle Simulator
Swipe carefully when you're playing and earn money even while you are gone! Let your crew catch those fish for you and never a miss moment or loot box even when you're offline.

5. Battle in daily tournaments
Do you have what it takes to be at the top? Battle other fisherman in daily multiplayer fishing tournaments to receive huge rewards, gems, and accolades!

6. New Features
Always new worlds to experience. Check in each day for new rewards. Hire exclusive seasonal crew members. Use new legendary items to help you reach the top of the fishing world.

Whether you're an idler or a clicker, Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon is the game for you. This is the best fishing simulation game there is. Never miss a dull moment with this easy to learn and easy to play game that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to master. Explore uncharted seas. Ride on boats you can only dream of. Become a fishing legend. Set sail and catch that Big One!

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Happy Glass, Flip Trickster and Love Balls!

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Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Preparation for Christmas Event - Red Starfish Season on it's way! * New crew * New item * New fish * New treasure - Lots of bug fixes

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon Comments & Reviews

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- What a great game.

The designers were very considerate in how this game operates. Some games force you to give your full attention to the screen at all times or you’ll die or some time limit runs out. People forget we are playing these games when we are out and about (not driving or crossing a street of course) and we may get distracted by whatever life throws at us. These distractions usually result in us having to focus our attention elsewhere and not looking at the game. This game does not penalize you for distractions. Of course the more you pay attention, the better stuff you can acquire. You can also work hard on upgrades and the NPCs will fish for you which earns money while you are not playing. It’s a brilliant design. I also like how the designers don’t flood us with ads. However, if you watch the adds, the designers will reward you for doing so. Oh gamers a big heads up!!! Every time you level up/catch a boss fish, you start from the beginning. But don’t worry, this is still rewarding as you still keep almost everything and you earn money faster each time. Great job designers!

- Fantastic concept, but a little ham fisted

This is an absolutely awesome idea for an idle game and one that i think could be done even better! My main gripes are two fold 1. You can’t get more fishermen without using the premium currency. This isn’t awful, but the other fishermen are such an essential mechanic that it kinda hurts that there’s no other way to get them 2. The ads and facebook connectivity are shoved down your throat. Yes, almost all the ads are optional, however, almost every random bonus and mission has an option for an ad boost. Again, not a deal breaker, but i’m just not a fan of having ads be such an integral part, and i assume late game it’s the only way to make the random bonuses worth it, but i’ll have to get back to you on that. Considering using my throwaway facebook account just to get a little bonus here and there Otherwise, i adore the concept of a fishing idle game. Makes for a great aesthetic and makes for a calming little side project. I play a ton of idle games so i’m glad i came across this one, but i just wish i could like it more. Still, if you wanna pull a toy-blast-to-toon-blast and make something very similar but even more optimized for player enjoyment, i’d download that in a heartbeat! You have something great here and i wanna see more for sure <3

- It’s amazing! By:kinzlie

I just downloaded this on 3/8/20 and then the next thing you know 200,000 million dollars! I couldn’t believe my eyes it’s amazing that there’s not a lot on ads and bugs on this game but it’s impossible to play when you have like 1,000 things showing on the side of your screen.i wish it could be were you could X them out so maybe add that to the game? Also anyone who plays this will think it’s kinda boring not to be rude but it just the ads are loonngg longer than a house please fix that or fix the ads and make them interesting at least make it we’re offline earnings have like just a 1 million+ if you have 3 million or if 7 million have 5 million+ so ya hope you provide for my review to be here and please fix so people can be happy and like this game a lot I’m not rude it’s just these things just make me wanna delete this game but the big fish also should be we’re it’s just a few hits like 20 hits and it’s dead this will keep kid happy and strong as if they could do anything because when the other update I hate when I was 4 it was amazing until my sis deleted it so each day I’ll revueiw and write about it hope y’all have a great day P.s the games still amazing tho ;-;

- Good game (But...)

This is a really good and fun Fish Tao game one of a kind definitely, there are a couple things I have noticed one major thing is the Earning exp u get from restarting to the beginning again , it’s supposed to increase the amount of money u make for upgrades and what not well , I have over a Billion Earning exp and every time I get to the second to last level my earn rate doesn’t increase as much as it’s supposed to or at all I feel , Over a billion maybe a Trillion warning exp and yet I’m still earning as much as I am from each fish when I had a million , I watched each time and it doesn’t seem logical that I can’t even get to decillion without leaving my game on for an hour at 4x from wheel each time , so can u please have somebody look at that . This can be an amazing game but there needs to be more of pretty much everything maybe a new rod system or artifacts besides the fisherman u have to save up for to even recruit them . Make this game amazing and I promise u it will be a top game .

- Needs gem confirmation and curve adjustment

There REALLY needs to be a confirmation on anything that costs gems, because I keep accidentally hitting buttons I didne’t mean to and spending my gems! For example, I was saving up for a new crew member, but when I went to use a crew perk, I accidentally hit the “upgrade” button right next to it and spent 600 gems on that upgrade. That wasn’t even the first time I accidentally did that on that exact crew member. The money curve on the last 3 fishing spots and late-game boat upgrades seems INSANE compared to previous locations. The cost jumps, like, 4 or 5 figures, which is way more than the previous curve. Likewise, mission 48 randomlly requires an astronomical 3 million exp to complete, while the mission just before had WAY, WAY lower completion requirements. (for reference, I had less than 200,000 exp when I was given that mission) Also, I’ve been getting a glitch where I can’t X out of an ad after it finishes (It seems to happen most often on the ads which say “thank you for watching” at the end) and so I have to restart the app which deletes all the money I was trying to multiply.

- Is developing into a great game

What I love about this game is how the gem currency isn’t such a blockade. It takes a lot of adds but at least it’s possible within the day to get multiple upgrades to items and crew members threw spinning the wheel. Some descriptions of items or crew and what they do have been unclear to me and still are. I wish there was a little “Fisherman’s Manual.” Eagerly waiting for them to name the fish in the later levels, design and add more fish and levels. Add a crew member that gives you more item slots. I feel there are too many really good items that you want to be using at the same tim but can’t. Epic cards are way too rare. I got 1 from the 1050 chest with a possible of 1-4. I strongly believe with that many gems, at least 3 should be guaranteed considering people may spend money to buy these chests instead of spinning the wheel. Taking that into consideration, their store is currently overpriced. I only buy during promotions.

- Game

I like the game but one thing I don’t like is why at the beginning there’s messages to show u how to play but u can’t skip them if I already know how to play or why the boss fish make the area dark and the first boss fish is so easy after playing for half an hour and once u can instant catch it still take a while to be able to catch the other boss fish overall the game is great and it’s fun I’ve played this on many different devices but they broke so I’ve been overall playing for 75% of a year and I am not a grown up or a teenager so that’s why this game is so fun and I haven’t seen ads on this game except today and I instantly downloaded it because I forgot about this game and just came back to playing this message took me 1 and a half minutes to write I’ve been using phones a while so I’m used to typeing a lot I can write so many sentences real fast besides the point but I pressed the star on the side of my screen and pressed the ratting one I don’t useally rate games only if I really like them and when I write a review it’s long as freak

- Could be way better

Overall the game is a okay with a few tweaks it could be great. For one the crew challenge is ridiculous as they are way to expensive and you don’t get to choose the person. Unless you are able to afford them when you level up it’s almost impossible to get them without spending more money then is reasonable for a game like this. It would also be nice if there was one more slot to equip your boat with equipment. Four slots is not enough if you want to catch birds or do the traps. As of right now I am on the second to last level and it seems like it ends there. Maybe once you get there more opens up. I will say it’s quite a lot of money between the last 2 levels and the other ones. Not sure if they realize people play these games as a way to pass the time and starting over more than 15 times to beat one level and still have to wait to accumulate more is rather annoying. I gave this game 3 stars because without significant updates it will be something people download and delete within a few days.

- Fun addictive game, but...

I honestly have enjoyed this game for the past six weeks. It is one of those addictive screen scratcher games that makes you keep coming back. Unfortunately it has had its lifespan with me six weeks in now. I have almost 8.7 Quintillion dollars and it keeps getting more ridiculous. A fish that was once worth $50 is now worth 639 billion to 2 trillion dollars in value. Just a little unrealistic... and due to the extreme goals of going from four quadrillion dollars to 20 quintillion dollars, just to move to the next ocean to fish from, i’m suddenly bored and done with this game. A note to the creators/developers: chill out on the unrealistic values. Don’t make me lose all of my boat statuses just to claim fishing experience. Way too many ads that are the same over and over again. A note to future players to consider: keep your fingers clean and dust free. Make sure you have a screen protector because you rub and will scratch and edge lines in your screen or screensaver by playing this game.

- “My Review.”

“This game is fun! I think there should be a bit more fish. So here’s some ideas. Like add something called a raspberry dice fish it’s a square fish that’s white with red dots like the color of a raspberry and it’s eye is red with it on a dot. Then there’s the Pyro Pyramid Whale. It’s a yellow gold orange it’s usually found in the morning and it’s front is a pyramid shape and it’s eye is a peanut butter color. Then there’s a miniature pyro pyramid whale called a sunbutter dolphin. It’s also in the mornings and it’s smaller than a dolphin and its the size of a Greybob. It has black lines. That’s it. Hope you add my ideas :D if you do please give me credit. :D Il make more reviews about more fish ideas. And some ideas to add into the game. And the raspberry dice fish is common! The sunbutter dolphin is common same with the pyro pyramid whale and they are so super duper truper quadruper easy to catch.”

- Pay wall

So this game starts out very fun and exciting and progress is at a good pace. Not to fast to have finished the game in a day or so but not to slow to feel like you are grinding every time you open the app......until you reach the mission to hire ten crew members. The only way to get that many gems is to buy them. Making finishing the game next to impossible unless you pay a large sum of real money to get crew members. While I understand that money helps developers pay bills and live and keep making games but at one point crew member number six takes 445 gems meaning crew member 7 will take near 600 something gems so on and so on. To the point that you will need to pay over 100 real dollars or what ever currency you use. Which in my mind for a phone app game is just plain robbery. So if you want a fun little game that you never intend to finish unless you wanna swipe your credit card a few times by all means download this game, but if you are like me and have doubts about a phone app game costing more than say 3 bucks stay away from this one because it will leave you disappointed and frustrated.

- Please don’t play this game

This game is incredibly addicting. It uses large numbers in the form of monetary rewards to create a false sense of novelty for its players. As a result, one will find themselves spending exorbitant amounts of time mindlessly swiping at the screen while concurrently amassing a wealth greater than the world’s total net worth and beyond. While enticing, goals become increasing unreachable and only attainable through a monetary investment in “gems”. In fact, it is nearly impossible to reach the final level, and for a purpose — to convince players of its constant sense of progression. Once your earnings seem to plateau you are sent back to the beginning, only this time, each successive level becomes easier to pass than before — deceptively regenerating the players’ faith in the game, only to hold them stagnantly at the final levels. The creators surely understand psychological/neurological principals of consumption. As such, they feed the consumers’ desires to progress mindlessly. In summation, do not waste your time with this game. It is uncreative, driven by profit, and will surely brainwash you to become a hopeless pawn of our greedy capitalistic society.

- Was good, but...

I have hit 2 massive walls in the game that prevent any progression whatsoever. After the 12th zone, everything gets idiotically expensive and after 2 weeks, I’m 1% of the way there, primarily because offline income is only based on upgrades and not crew and items as well. Also the 31st quest is to get 10 crew, however even getting 5 without paying the devs is a challenge. Since the gems you pay for the crew doubles every time you buy one, and it’s a premium currency only available from quests (and the lucky wheel) that quest is basically impossible Edit- pay wall moved back an area, now watching ads for bonuses doesn’t give you the reward. Add a way to get gems from normal gameplay (ad free) and also fix the arena (I’ve played this game for almost a year and people get a ridiculous amount more money in the 6-minute tournaments than I get in normal gameplay - their money is trillions upon trillions more - I get 10 billion in a tournament, 100 nonillion in normal gameplay, and they get 13 septendecillion - which has somewhere around 23 more zeroes after it than 100 nonillion) and this gets 5 stars. Edit - game freezes a lot now

- Needs work, could be a really good game.

So I do like the game but there are some big things I feel need fixing. Number one being the fact if you want fishing experience (at least any to really matter.) it resets all of your boat upgrades, upgraded fishing stuff, and how far along you are on the map, which is really dumb. I clicked the button by mistake and honestly I’m thinking over uninstalling the game over it (or at least timing a very long break from it.), it took a lot of time to get as fair as I was and I’m really not sure I want to waste more time on it, very frustrating. A game should be fun, not annoy you with something like this. 2) I really feel if I’m looking at my crew, items, map, etc. the game should pause not keep going so you’re missing a bunch of items and fish. I had a few other reasons but I honestly can’t recall them all. It could be a really good game if it was worked on more and these things were fixed. If it gets updated and it seems better I’ll change my rating but for now I will not be playing for some time. I do hope this game does well those!

- It’s okay

I read a review that said that swiping gets boring after a while and I found out that that’s very true. I’ve had this game for a few days and I’ve gotten really pretty far in the game but swiping and swiping and swiping gets boring after a while. Not to mention to gain fishing experience you have to go back to the very beginning of the map and restart all over again. It would probably be more fun if you were getting new fish and new upgrades and new items each time you went to a new location, and you didn’t have to go back to old locations. I’ve had to go back to the same old locations four times now and it’s so boring swiping and catching the same fish every single time until I get back to where I was in the map and I can afford to move to a new area on the map and ONLY THEN will I find new fish to catch and for that short while swiping is fun but then eventually I will have to go back to the beginning of the map once more and catch the same old boring fish.

- Just some adjustments

I love this idle game, it is really fun, but when it comes down to it I think that buying crew members is too expensive, the only way to get a decent amount of gems is buying them in the store and not everyone can do that. Another thing is that 4 items isn’t enough to equip I was thinking maybe 5 or 6, and another is that the goals that take like forever to do should give more gems like 25 or something because why even do them if you are only getting 10 for every goal done, and that isn’t enough to pay for crew members. So other than these little tweaks that I am sure are possible to add, the game is really fun and competitive. Oh and one last thing the tournaments should first place you with other people who are at an equal level as you so you at least have a better chance at getting first place, because it’s not fair when the same person gets almost 1 quadrillion in 6 minutes.


Game is really fun til you hit about the 12th spot on the map. I get the devs probably want the game to last you a while but adding in more fish would make the game much more interesting and give you more of a reason to keep playing... I’m talking like at least double the amount of fish there is now. One new type that spawns on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, etc... one for every month of the year... holiday fish... more fish like the sword whale that spawn after a certain amount of time (1hr then 2 hr then 3hr) also adding a whole extra set of maps that you can visit for and allotted amount of time and keep your progress (say 30 minutes for 20 gems or something) where you have the chance to catch certain fish. Mix it up more, it’s getting too repetitive. Other than that, 4 stars, amazing game. Girlfriend and I play and help each other out on our phones while we watch tv at night after getting home from a long day of school/work.

- Was Fun For A While

I just downloaded this game today, and it was pretty fun. For about two seconds. I guess at the beginning you’re supposed to start off small but I would say at least put in bigger fish that you can see, even if you can’t catch them. It would make the game a lot more fun trying to get bigger fish and maybe even failing, more than sitting there swiping the screen to get tiny fish. And maybe include danger like shark attacks, or maybe you can go to a marketplace or something, or rent an apartment to keep trophies for completing challenges or something. I didn’t get very far before deleting the game, so maybe some of this stuff is already in the game, but it seems useless to play the game. What goal are you trying to reach by playing? Maybe there should be a big fish competition like who brings in the most or biggest fish at the end of the day? This game fell a little short of my expectations. Maybe I’ll download it again sometime soon. Just some suggestions. -MercuryTheCritical

- Xp bug??

I wrote to support, no answer, and I’m having the same problem a lot of people seem to be having. Why is my XP rate at a crawl?? Will increase my rating when the problem is fixed. Update: I’ve written support three times. No response, no fix. I still get a lot of XP at the right rate, then it’s gone and back to a crawl. I can only imaging people who spent money on this are outraged. FIX YOUR GAME!! 2nd update: same issue. I prestige, everything is good, then as soon as I close and reopen the app, same problem. No response. No fix. Sorry to anyone who has wasted time and worse, wasted money on this game. It’s not even my game but I feel like someone should apologize. To the developers, you could have just left it alone, it was a fine game, but you decided to ruin it. Again, very sorry for anyone who has wasted time watching ads, or worse, spending money on this game. It used to be fun. Now it’s garbage. 3rd update: Finally received a response. They said they’re going to do an update that will restore normal XP rate. I’ll believe it when I see it. No word as to how they’re making up for lost time/money.

- Great game but needs work

I’ve been playing this game for about 1 or 2 months and have progressed in game very fast, But have gotten stuck at the location “lost seas” for 2 weeks. I have reset fishing XP and have done whatever I can to get past it, but that area is basically where the game stops you. Epic items are only available pretty much by paying with real non in game money, (except for like the first 2) Bosses seemed to be hard at first but now they are easy to catch once you have reset your XP. Game also needs to throw in more events where you can obtain more rare fish such as the Hydrus and the Hammoth from the halloween and Christmas events. Also, everybody is wondering where the guy that roasted you about your boat in the first few areas has gone. Where is he? If he does not come about later in the game, it would be great to add him back in for storyline purposes. Thank you, and please consider some of the following!

- Okay Game

I have been playing for a little over a week now and have noticed that most of the progress costs gems that you can buy with real money. I am only playing this game to pass time when I’m bored and don’t want to spend $100 to progress and buy more crew members. There is a way of getting gems for free and that is playing all the time to get 1-15 gems out of a chest you can pick up or spinning the wheel and trying to get the jackpot. I have tried over the past 3 days to get the jackpot that only keeps rising in amount of gems it’s worth, but never landing on it. I’ve noticed that the spinner has no randomness to it and is fixed to land in almost the exact same spot every time. This spot changes from day to day, but I can spin it 100 times in a day and it will land in the same 2 spots on opposite sides of the spinner, never hitting the jackpot. So basically I’ve wasted my time watching thousands of ads for pretty much no reward for what seems like it could take a week to get a jackpot, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

- Love this game but don’t force me to use my gems

I really love this game I’ve been playing everyday for almost a year now and the main reason I love it is because I can choose when to watch ads which I’m willing to do to enhance my game. But don’t force me to spend 8 gems to max multiple my away earnings... That’s so annoying because collecting gems in the game isn’t an easy process (unless you buy them with real money) this is especially true when you want to get more crew members they require so many gems to get a new member when you have a good amount of members established. My current cost for a new member is in the 2000s ranges for gems and watching an ad for the spinner yields 2 or 3 gems and the random chest yields 1-12 but you need to watch an ad for it and they don’t show up in the water consistently... You can see how difficult that is to collect gems and you need gems to upgrade anything! Items and crew members ... seriously please revert this change...

- Fun but plz fix bug

This game is fun and I really am hooked ;) I like this game and it is really fun and doesn’t need your full attention, but my goals aren’t working. My goal is to reach 200 fishing Exp, and I am at 528 Exp, but it still says I’m only 50% there. So now there is no way for me to get a new goal so I am unable to get the benefits from goals, which is annoying. Not being able to get the rewards from goals makes it harder for me to purchase the expensive crew. Also sometimes when you watch an ad to get a prize or something, when I watch the ad I don’t always get the prize. This is annoying cause I just then wasted 30 seconds of my life. Also as a warning, if you collect your fishing Exp you restart. More item slots would be better too. I really like this game and I would give it a higher rating but there are some changes that need to be made cause I am upset about the goal thing, please fix this!!! It is fun and you would definitely get hooked.

- Good overall

Overall I really like this game. It’s very addicting once you get started, and you can also leave and still make money. The problem is this: you spend a bunch of money to upgrade different things and for the time being those upgrades seem to really be upgraded. Also there are more fish that will swim around when you upgrade stuff. The problem is that if you give it a couple hours, that upgrade becomes pointless, and stops producing the amounts they did for those few hours and basically make you just spend more money for that to happen to you again. If that could be changed than the game would be better. To give an example, I upgraded the boxes that float down the river to give me more money. When I did that it would give me like at least 600 million. Now it only gives me less that 100 million. That’s really annoying.

- Good game, but 1 ad ruins the fun!

I would give this a five star ratings if it wasn’t for two things. One, I lost all money accumulated when I tiered up to level 4 boat upgrades when in-game “Rod” suggested we return to shallow water to our total “experience points” accumulated. Soon as I did, my accumulated money pot zeroed out! What happened?!? No warning if any kind that that would happened. I’ve long recovered from that initial losses, but that was disappointing to say the least! Secondly, and still a current problem is this one very annoying ad calls “billionaires casino...” something, refusing to close when its runtimes zeroed out and you clicked on its x’s and so you have no choice but to close and reopens the game, thereby losing the free “wheel spins” rewards. And also you lose whatever bonuses you would’ve had! That’s unacceptable. Hence it loses 2 star ratings. If such is fixed I’d changed my rating it to a 5 stars! So now you new fisherman players be forewarned! GL all!

- Good Time Spender

Basically the premises of this game is that you swipe the seas for fish, and each and every fish you catch will give you money instantly after catching. With that money, you buy upgrades that are usually based around more money per catch, more idle money, etc. You can also visit deeper waters, which have more valuable fish. When you get enough experience from the different fish you come across, you can ‘Collect’ the experience, which gives you more overall profit gain, along with the upgrades, but you’ll have to restart. The game is pretty rewarding, and good for those kind of people who like seeing numbers go up and up and up. I’d definitely suggest this to anybody who hasn’t tried it yet, and has some time on their hands. I may edit this with any additional bugs or information I come across, but until then, this game is pretty good in my books.

- Advertisement loading time issue

When I started playing this game I thought it took me at least a few months to make it towards the end and with the help of these crew members, they were able to boost your progress quicker as you upgrade them, but as you get more crew members they become more expensive the problem is this, the way you get gems is to watch an advertisement to claim them, that also includes 2x bonus from packages, spinning the wheel, idle bonus, and even 3 extra gems from watching the first ad, but there’s a little bug that would take at least 5 or more mins to wait for the ad to load, normally it takes a few seconds to load and it would take me weeks to get another crew member if the ads load for so long. Please fix this issue so everyone doesn’t have to wait a few mins just to watch a 30 second ad to load.

- Fun game, items are cool, little buggy.

I actually was going to rate 5 stars but after clicking on the tournament button I lost two chests, one with a six hour timer and one with just an hour on it. Really bummed that happened as items are actually a neat feature of the game and allow you to change the way you play a bit. If you like catching the fish by hand you can equip items that increase your chances to find critically valued fish and then also increase the value of the critical! So a fish that once was valued at 1 mil was caught with 25% chance to be worth 22 mil. Otherwise if you want to let the game go in offline mode you can change the items to suit that as well. Gems are also fairly easy to get and I haven’t been forced to watch an ad I didn’t agree to watch which actually made me keep playing as many games force you to watch an ad either way.

- I love it

I think this is a very good game because that the NBC players will give you money and if you don’t have a time to be staring at your phone 24 seven then you could leave it leave it overnight charging and then the day after you could have millions and millions of dollars on the game so that that’s actually what kind of makes it fun and I also like hell this game it doesn’t flood you with eggs and things like that but however you can watch an ad for a reward and I use those awards to give me those golden fish and I like how they give you for an extended amount of time and it’s not for just like 10 seconds so you need to watch like 50 ads and I also like how that you can just swipe around naked get lots and lots and lots of fish ,great job designers!

- One suggestion

I have loved the game since I downloaded it a few months ago. At first I played it nonstop, now to build up exp I let it sit for a while rather than fishing constantly. But I still love it whenever I pick it up. I have really enjoyed the new winter update since it added a couple new characters and items. My one suggestion to the developers would be to add some sort of “Item Set” system. Like I use a different set of items for when I participate in the tournament, when I prestige and am in the lower levels but would like a boost to kill the big fish quicker, and then a third set for when I am in the later stages and I need to build up a lot of exp. It would be nice to be able to save my loadouts and name them accordingly.

- Losing interest quickly

I’ve been playing this game for 246 days now. I’m at a point where I’m not sure why I do anymore because all I do is open the app and watch an ad to increase my earnings while away. Then I spin the multiplier wheel which requires an ad. I open my boxes and watch an ad to increase how much was in the box. Granted you don’t HAVE to watch the ads, but it’s also a part of the game where you are rewarded for how many ads you watch. I spend way more time watching ads than actually playing the game. I’m at a stand still where I can’t upgrade my boat and it’s taking forever to earn enough money. I started this game all in. I spent an embarrassingly amount of time playing. Now I open it once a day to watch the ads and get my daily bobber. I’m tempted to just google pictures of the boat upgrades so I can see what they look like and move on.


So I found the game as an add on a different game, and I thought it was pretty interesting so I downloaded it. You start out pretty low when you first get the game, but you upgrade really fast!!! I love the game! it’s so addicting! The creators of the game did a fantastic job! I can’t stop playing it! Anyway, now that you know how great the game is. I can tell you what the game is about! When you get the game, it tells you about the fisherman and what you do in the game. When you play, you can upgrade your boat and your money amount! You can also have other people join your crew! The more fish you get the more money you make!! I think the game is FANTASTIC!!! Please download it, it’s so addicting! Enjoy!

- Awesome but a few things need fixes

This game is nice good graphics and good art style and the controls are fantastic and it’s easy to learn the controls,you might say get to the point, so when I first got it I thought I would delete it the same day yeah that was 3 days ago but I had a dance competition and I went to play and all my items were gone and I was at the tutorial again and I thought it was a glitch but when I got back my items and tried to upgrade my boat it the choices got slide to the bottom right corner and I thought it was a glitch (which it was but worse) I excited and went back and it did the same thing so please fix it please it’s a game that I like and it’s very entertaining for me so please fix it please! Sincerely, anonymous

- Mrsubstergames

It’s a good calm game but I wish you could add more to the game like the store/upgrade by changing what you could buy like items,money,or what you have right now or boat upgrades and make a way to go back into old ponds just for a cool feature also on the spinner for the jackpot if you could plz add this make a 2x two for what you get for money add also could you make another special on the spinner wheel add a chance two get a upgrade or a rare chance to get a boss fish or gold fish for 1min also I would like it to upgrade the boosts and can you add more boosts? , I would really love if you would add this to the game it is a couple cool ideas, could you add challenges to the game like you have 5secounds to beat a strong fish boss something like that,plz add this to the game thx =)

- Good Game But Still Really Mad (pls read important)

Love the game overall, but I am really mad about something. Over time, a opportunity will appear called a tournament, if you come in first, second, or third you get a prize. The winners are determined by how much money they have at the end of six minutes. There is a gem reward, I came in first, but it says that you have to wait ten minutes to actually get your prize after you finished the tournament. Okay, that’s fine, right? No. I got bored of the game and played some other games for a while, I came back about two weeks later and still couldn’t get my 150 gems! I understand it must be a glitch or something, maybe I’m just doing something wrong, I’m not asking the developers to respond, I’m just asking them to fix this if it is the game and not just me. I’m pretty mad about this though. Thank you for your time.

- Fun

I enjoy this game it’s easy and chill. I agree with other users that it definitely has room for improvement and seems impossible to get past at a certain point. Once I finally got past the crew goal the rest are relatively easy. (Or at least attainable without spending money) I am currently waiting on #41 to get more stars. I would like if there was some kind of recycle feature for the items. I currently have at least 50 of each of the common items and no use for them. Perhaps if you could recycle a certain amount and get gems or a higher value item or something like that it would be much better. Many of my common items are still at level zero because I never needed them so they have literally been useless to me

- The ads are buggy

I like the game, it’s very good, i just don’t like the fact that when the game tells me i can double my cash, or get free gems, or spin the wheel by watching an ad, a lot of the time when the ad finishes i can’t exit. i’ve been frequently having this problem, and tried to exit the ad, but i can’t. i close out of the app and go back in, and i watched the ad for nothing. the cash i would’ve gotten without watching the ad is gone, the gems are gone, the wheel isn’t spun. so in a nutshell, can you guys fix that? it’s really an annoying problem. other than that, great game. (also, the ads that do this all have a “thank you for watching” message at the end, so i’m not sure if it’s just that certain ad that bugs the game)

- No money? No problem!

I really enjoy this game. It’s mindless swiping for the most part, and leveling is super easy. I definitely make most progress when I’m not playing, which is awesome! But it’s a great time killer. Most games make you use special hard to earn gems for perks. While Hooked has the option to buy gems, there are plenty of opportunities to earn them as well. The devs were smart to create a game that encourages ad watching rather than paying money. Double your earnings? Watch an ad. Spin the wheel for a bonus? Watch an ad. I prefer this over having my game constantly interrupted by ads and then pressured to pay money to get rid of them.

- Fun, but with a problem

This app is definitely a good "idle game," with that feeling of satisfaction whenever you buy a huge upgrade. There are also so many more features that make the game unique. However, I have a small problem with how the game manages offline earnings. You get in-game money when the app is closed, but it's ridiculously slow compared to how fast money is obtained with the app open, even when you're not doing anything. I've left the app running for five minutes and earned more than I got from having it closed for an hour. I think the rates should be the same, so the app doesn't have to be left running and you can do other things. Overall, though, Hooked Inc. is a fun experience that I would recommend.

- Need to fix bugs

There is very little to do at higher levels, but the bugs need fixed either way. When opening a gem chest (the one where you have to watch an ad), if you accidentally press the “X” to close the pop-up instead of “claim”, you do not get the gems and the chest disappears. If “claim” is an option, closing it should just claim the gems. If it is not an option, it should minimize it back to the side. It is the same for the “away time” profit. If you close it using the “X” it just doesn’t give you anything. Also, tapping off of it should minimize it to the right as well. That way you can play the game while waiting for the playable ad to load. There are a couple of other bugs as well, but these are the most annoying - losing what you’ve earned...

- Cool!

Hey, this is actually pretty good! I like it that you can see where fish are underwater. I just started playing this and I am HOOKED! Get it? Yeah, it is bad, even I think so too... but still, this game is fun! To make it more cooler, it would need multiplayer! I hope you like my suggestion and add it. And also, great game! 5/5 Well, bye! H-hey, I came back, I was told to get experience point things, but then when you collect it, you go back to the first type of waters, Shallow Coast. I don’t care about losing money, but going back is like, you know... you DO get epic fish but going back to the start having to REUNLOCK all your other waters, it is just not worth it. Just why? Can you make it so you DON’T go back? If you do, well thanks! But if you don’t, I understand. Well, bai! 4/5

- Ads

Kind of hard to make progress when the ads crash the game and you end up getting screwed out of your away time money as a result, seems to be happening more and more often. And when you tell them, all they say is that they're "working on it and hopefully it'll be fixed soon." It would be nice if they would compensate us in some way for the time wasted, perhaps in free gems or something, rather than essentially scamming their loyal players. In addition, the new ad for the plant identifier ad is a royal pain. It doesn't play properly so you either have to force close the app and lose out on whatever you were watching the ad for, or you have to keep hitting pause and play in order to get the video progress bar to fill up until the end of the ad. It's incredibly annoying when this ad keeps popping up repeatedly. Enough seriously make me consider dumping the game.

- Would recommend!

It’s very rare that I write reviews for games, and for a mobile game no less, but this game definitely deserves your attention. It is the absolute definition of an idle game but still has the means to keep you interested if you don’t want to let it play in the background. The ads are optional, giving you an easy way to upgrade your crew. The ads aren’t thrown in your face and are easily ignored if they don’t interest you, you aren’t forced to view them. My only complaint with this game is the music. While it’s a small complaint, I feel it should be mentioned. It feels more like something you’d hear from a farming game than a fishing game. After a few minutes, it just gets annoying. Overall, a very good game!

- Good Game but...

Love this game, however, got some problems. 1) when you have an item max level, it is still possible to obtain more of those items, but you get nothing from it. maybe give coins/gems for each extra item you receive? 2) The end game is very stale. I’m at Pink Lagoon with every crew member (only 2 aren’t max level), so basically all I can do is continue to barely increase my fishing exp and just keep repeating the same process. 3) Goal #48 is currently not completable. I’m at 240 stars and only have 16 more to obtain (6 of which we don’t know the circumstances of catching). Hope there are some big updates in the future to keep players intrigued!

- Fun, player needs to spend money to advance

I have been playing this game since before the Summer of 2019, for over 4 months I have been stuck on the same level. The amount of money needed to get to the other islands and to get more boats is nearly impossible to achieve. This game also constantly has items worth actual money, always $10+. The buttons are also really easy to click on on accident, so if you have your card connected to the App Store I would be super careful. While these things are optional, it seems they are needed in order to advance to other islands and obtain a better boats. This is extremely frustrating and makes me want to delete the app every time I play it. Also, goals take about 3 months to complete( some of them are things such as having 10 crew members, achieve 3,000,000 Exp).

- I thought this was trash, BOI WAS I WRONG!

After seeing this multiple times in ads, I finally downloaded to give it a try because the games I had were getting boring. When I first opened the app I fell in love with it! It's super easy and fun when you upgrade a lot, and you can catch the big boss fish which is really fun because you get a ton of money. The only thing I don't like about this game is the music and how repetitive it is. And they need to have more areas. So far I'm in the second to last area and it seems like I started playing yesterday. I really hope they add new stuff soon or I'll get bored again. Peace out my dudes!

- Impossible to pass Boat 14, etc

This game is highly addictive and a lot of fun for awhile. Once you get to the round boat (14) there is a stale mate, where one needs to reset. I’ve done this now 6 times and there is no end in sight. I think I am going to go ahead and delete the game after 125 days straight. I’ve read that you can cheat with the Mechanic and multiple buoys, blah blah. Gems are too difficult to come by, to afford more crew members. This is a shame, because the long term playability would be drastically improved if you could only progress (like candy crush). Make these higher levels more achieveable? Give people more gems daily? Make the resets to level one more impactful? Not sure, but you basically lose once you get to boat level 14 in Misty Peaks.

- It’s great and I’ll prove it!

Yeah, the game asked me to write a review, so I am now. This game is addictive and I recommend it to any non-gamers, such as myself. You just swipe around the screen collecting fish, and if you aren’t playing, it does it for you. The more fish you collect, the more money you make. After you collect enough fish, you buy upgrades. It sounds boring, but it’s satisfying to see all the fish just flow into your boat! And that’s not even the half of it. So just take my review with a grain of salt, seeing as it is coming from some random eleven-year-old. I dunno, just try it and if you don’t like it you can always delete it.

- Great game, but that much work?

I LOVE this game, but it takes SO MUCH arm strength! I wish you could tap or click in a way to get fish and money. My concern is if you leave the game for a little, there could be a school of fish that you could get and you miss the school. As I said, it takes SO much arm strength, that after about five minutes, your arm feels broken down and sore. I also love that you can change your boats. But my problem with that is that is you have to have a lot of patience for your money to go higher if you want a boat. And you can’t really change your character, and I’m a HUGE designer. So if you get this note, I want a few changes! Please! Love your friend, Sloan

- Good but could be Great!!

This game can be very very time consuming if you want to get ahead. Pay to win is definitely a thing unless you have months of free time to play/watch ads for the free gems. Yes jackpots happen and on the regular too just keep at it. Takes about 5.5 or so hours to get 1000 gems but when some of the crew members/items cost 6000+ gems you can see how it will take a load of free time to get the gems. Also experience leveling is a joke even when you max out your ship. Currently I get about 5-7million per day literally leaving my phone/game on the entire 24 hour period. Oh wish updates came out faster but yeah other than that pretty fun game.

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- I’m hooked (Do you think that pun was unintended?)

This game is BRILLIANT! I been seeing a load of ads for months, so I finally tried it and it’s AMAZING! It’s the best mobile game I’ve played to date! The reset mechanic is done beautifully, there are little to no bugs, the graphics are GORGEOUS and the gameplay is so incredible! There is no reason why you shouldn’t get this game unless you don’t want your arms to FALL OFF from playing it so much! I’m not a bot though, and I’ll prove it. The one thing I can critique is that when swiping with multiple fingers, they average out instead of making their own swipe streams. But even that can’t weigh down the only FIVE STAR review I will EVER give! 10/10!

- Bug fixing

Hi team . Trying to keep positive and giving a honest feed back. Overall is an awesome game no doubt. I will give 4 star . Is just one thing holding me back to give 5 star , is the latest in game bug which turn the game into a nightmare. You see , I and I guess all the other players we spend several hours daily trying to get somewhere in this game . The more you advance the harder it’s gets . And bang last update mess up everything. It messed the experience gain and cash from fishing. See before update my experience gain was + 14 and cash was good , now exp is +1 and cash gain dropped significantly too . Will take ages to get any further the way it goes now . Even before was extremely hard to advance to a new fishing ground , now it looks impossible to achieve a new fishing ground. I totally point out this issue and I hope developers will do something about it . It’s not just me , all players been affected and all not happy . Still going to give a fairly one month if not fixed probably leaving the game for good . Is no point staying when is nothing to be done . Thank you Hooked Inc team , sincerely Dan C

- Problem with logging in

Just the night before the incident I had been playing this game (and I play this regularly) and I had just upgraded my boat to level 7 and it takes a long time. I got off e game and tried to get back in around 8 hours later, but, when I logged in the game just froze when it got to 67% and it wouldn’t load in. I was hoping you could help me with this problem. His game is a great game and isint like many others. Other games I would play once and not play it again, but this game makes me want to come back and keep playing it. It’s really addictive. So if there is anyway you could help me with this, please reply back. 👍

- Two versions of game

Game is great. I have 3.5 mill. Experience. Like most aspects of it. BUT... tournaments glitch, sometimes have to do it twice, sometimes my score drops. I usually place in tournaments, and sometimes my scores just drop off the list. (Yesterday I got 60bil, was on top. 5 hours later it said I had not registered a score. Had to do it again, only managed 5th spot). Looked up in App Store to make this comment and saw a new version of the game came out. Now I have two apps. I can play both, but the first one is glitchy, and second one seems to have updates but my score is about 20 experience :(. If I try to connect my FB acct to the new one, it spits me out and opens the old one. I’ll change to 5 stars if this can be sorted out.

- Ummmmm problem. I’m confusion ......???

Ummmm how do I say this I have two of these exact same game made by you and this one I start from beginning while the other one is my progress and ummmmmmmm it’s odd I have both this game and the other hooked inc made by you....... did you make two of these but deleted the other one because I can’t find the old version of your hooked inc on App Store but only the new one yet I can play the old one and when I update the hooked inc it updates both of them...... ummmmmmm... yer I’m confusion why....... ummmmmmm yer good game and ummm 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😅😅😅😎😢😩🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤫🤫🤭😀😀😀😅

- I ❤️ this game!

You can reset your score for fishing points to defeat the boss for a more short time, you can just buy an epic fish easily because the prices of gems decreased from needing 5 teams to just three gems, No ads, my IPad has very good graphics so it can never have issues or glitches in the game. I also forgot that the crews and other stuff also are more cheaper/ less expensive. I also like how the creator/developer added offline earnings, plus I reached ALOT of tiers In this game. 😍😍😍

- Addicted

This game just has something about it that makes you want to keep coming back for more. Wouldn’t change anything about it but really excited to see what the next update brings! The only problem that I’ve actually had is where I went to buy the last crew member I needed and got the gems but not the crew member. But still giving 5/5 for a fantastic game I can play anywhere.

- The review

The only bad thing about this app is that there is so many notifications they all say “your daily catch is ready to go” it gets a bit annoying after a while of playing this game . It happens every minute your on or not on the app. When you first get on this app you might have a few issues playing and you can never get the big fish or sharks if your a new player, but overall this is a very good app for your phone 📱. Also, when your not playing the game you get money in the game because of your crew.

- 🤙🏼

Perfect for my attention span 😂👌🏼 Would be cool if there was a fish market that opens every few hours, and it counts all the fish you’ve caught in between that time and gives you a price per fish. Also to see how fast your quickest swipe across the screen to catch the fish is, either in kilometres per hour, or, miles per hour. Either would suffice. Anyway, back to it. I have fish to catch. 🎣

- Glitchy

Just downloaded and had unlocked peaceful Bay and done a bunch of boat and gear upgrades and saved 9mil then it popped up and said you're a quick learner go back to the first bit to collect experience it'll be worth it and I lost my boat upgrades unlocked deeper waters and all my cash. Please reset as I am not redoing it. Will change rating when resolved to 5*

- Great game but there’s only one thing I dislike

The game is very well made and keeps me coming back every day to improve, gaining items are an important aspect of this however when opening fishing boxes you can still get items you’ve already maxed out. Could you please remove this as to upgrade them to the max you already have to sink in a large quantity of gems so spending more to gain useless items is quite annoying.

- Good but to much 💰 money

This game is the best ever I play every day BUT 😔 it cost to much money in the game I don't mean you got to pay for it. The fake money in the game is a big amount. I mean you got to pay 💰 $200 million dollars 💵 for a set of one kind of new fish 🐟 that is all. Also I think that the music 🎶 is to boring. You should put in these days music 🎶. Like friends by marsh mellows something like that. Other then that the game is all 😊

- So addictive! Can you ad this

Amazing game just bought it and i am addicted already but can you add this for a bit of creativity: box space/fishing space so when its full you tap the boat and you go to a fish store and sell the fish and get all the money they’re worth and you can upgrade them for bigger space (and a bit of swagger)

- Soooooooo RELAXING

This game is so good because you don’t really have to do anything and it’s a great way to past the time. I have a suggestion maybe you could add like ability’s and you could get them from special fish. For example maybe an electric eel would give you electric power that would make all the fish come to the surface now that would be cool!!!!

- Great but there’s a problem

It’s a great game and I love it but The boats are too hard to get in this game or the next game can you please make them easier to get like every two 2500 fish you get you get a new boat but I love the game and keep it up please do this update four for me soon keep up the greatness PS please tell me if the updates there

- Okay but has some problems

I really enjoyed playing this game for the first time BUT I found it quite annoying that my money would start back at zero when I went to another location and came back. Overall, I enjoyed the game but would appreciate some changes or at least being able to change it in a settings.

- This is really addictive

This game is so addictive and I can’t stop playing. I just got this game so can’t really think of any thing for you to work on. but because I just started this game like a couple of days ago I don’t know if I will come across any bad or something you need to work on. So if you like playing games when your bored or you just like addictive games then get this!

- Very Entertaining, Easy on The Eyes, Fair

This game isn’t like most other mobile games (you know the ones, flooded with ads that pop up and you can’t control it), instead it’s a more fair and less annoying. The progression is fair with multiple ways to progress. It’s a very good boredom cure. I would recommend.

- Great game but.

I love this game and I’ve been playing for a couple of days straight but you get to a point where everything is really expensive and it’s pretty annoying to upgrade something to max Could you please lower the prices of everything because me and my friends play this game so thank you.

- Fantastic

What a fun game! Its addicting and it is so hard to stop playing! You can unlock new places, chests, fish and upgrades to give you LOADS of money! Honestly, the graphics are really well done and the gameplay and the base of the game is obviously well-thought through! I recommend it to absolutely anyone who wants a calming and awesome fishing game!!

- Good Game so far. But...

This game honestly great but does take a lot of grinding to progress. But there is a problem I have encountered where it would occasionally “eat gems”. Whenever I try to buy something, there are times where it would just take my gems and not give me anything back. Please fix this.

- Love it!!!

I love this game! It’s super addicting and I strongly recommend it. I love how you can restart but you get fishing experience which help you to get up further next time. I love the characters and the fish. The whole game is amazing and I haven’t had a single glitch! Thanks for reading, I definitely think you would get it!😍

- Better if you could save progress

Everything was great 👍🏽 I had a ton of fishing XP and my fish collection was almost full and was enjoying playing every day. Then I got a new phone, and because like most gaming apps if you link the game to Facebook, it would save your progress. I re-download the game and link to Facebook only to find I still had start new again 🙄😤 that’s why I’m only giving 3 stars

- Further update

Love the game, over 1 billion fishing exp. was wondering when addition boat and ocean upgrades will be added. also mission 67 is ridiculous as I would have to catch every fish in the game which is like once a year for rare fish. So would be enjoyed if there were more missions

- Good game

Its a good game one of the better ones ive tried you dont have to pay to win watch and earn the gems with quests about the only thing that could make it better is being able to use the boyie from the halloween event ide happily pay for that it was great

- Ok but could be better

The game is kind of dull but once you get into it it feels much better the ads make the game look more like an asmr game but really it is much more than that it could improve how you get gems but maybe that’s just me but overall the game is outstanding

- The best game ever!

I play this game all the time and it is the best no ads no bugs no nothing. I love this game so you should get it I give you five stars because it is the best. You should definitely get it! I play it all the time. There are so many fish and so easy to catch the bigger they the better I LOVE THIS GAME best game ever!

- 👏👌🏼🐟🛶🚤

I love this game and I only downloaded today. The ads convinced me to play it and I wasn’t expecting much of it but it is the best! One problem is that you can’t leave for long or you’ll miss fish so if you could fix this this will be more awesome than it already is! 👌🏼✌🏻👏🕶


This game is absolutely incredible! It's entirely free and super entertaining I highly recommend it! Who probably think it looks like a boring game but there are so many other things to do other than just catching fish! Plus you can earn gems really easily, unlike other games!


I love the aesthetic and there are no pop up ads. You only have to watch them if you want extra things which means you don’t have to pay real money if you don’t want to. It doesn’t take too long or is to addictive - just the game I was looking for :)

- Issue?

This game is great and I love it I have 7 million fishing experience and I want to catch the last 2 epic fish but when I summon them it just takes my gems and they don’t spawn also gems are way to hard to get cause crew costs ridiculous amounts please respond Thankyou

- Great, but no

The game hooked Inc is great, but I think it should be more fun. To make the game more fun you can add in free big prizes. Don’t make the prizes too big and don’t put videos. Maybe 1 free diamond. The game is great. I am on sormlands which is a high level and I am on a tyre 9 boat. As long as it is all great it’s to addicting. It makes you come back for more. Still rateing 5 stars for a good game. If you are wondering should I download this game I recommend no but also yes. No, because it is to Addictive but Yes, because your children will love it.

- Great game

Really enjoying this game, easy to play. You only watch ads when you would like to, your not forced to watch them unlike so many other games. Upgrades are all accessible by normal playing, no push to spend money.

- Amazing!

I find myself sitting there for obscene amounts of time just swiping away at my screen. There is something so calming about playing this game and so rewarding as the sense of progression doesn’t seem impossible unless you spend money. It’s all achievable and I think that is amazing

- Amazing!

I think it’s amazing, like your idle and don’t have to go real fishing I love how there are different fish that haven’t been discovered yet. But I will discover them as it is a quest for this game. Thank you so much I would have never found this game if other games but Hooked Inc as an ad.

- This is amazing

I personally don’t do many reviews but this game is outstanding, where do I start! It has an amazing art style, it’s addictive in a good way, it’s so much fun, educational in a way. I just can’t stop playing it. Make more games like this please!! Thank you

- Fun until it glitches

The game itself is fun although there could be more challenges and excitement like storms etc. However, what is really frustrating is that there are glitches. I had $14mil and then entered a challenge to further my fishing experience, which I completed, but on completion it took me back to the original dinghy and I had no money and none of the upgrades I bought. I will be stopping playing now.

- Perfect

I’ve been looking for a good fishing game for a long time now and I think I finally found it! I don’t know why others don’t like this game because it doesn’t have too many adds and doesn’t nag you to spend money!

- It’s good look ***🔴🔴at this click bait🔴🔴

It’s a good game that deserves better feedback! I think it’s not like other games we’re it’s like “pay 14 dollars 💵 then get 20 coins for breadcrumbs “ I like this game and recommend it i sort of beat around the bush somy text was Long!!🔴🔴🔴🔴( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Soooo fun

This game is sooooooooooooooo fun I have been playing the game for about a week now. So it is a bit hard at first the it gets better and better every time you get on. I would recommend this game for people who love a good game and that will continue the game.

- Love it, bugs need fixing

Great game, just a couple of bugs after updating yesterday: 1. Unable to watch ad to open b chest with gems. 2. Upon returning to game, unable to load and watch ad to double income while away. Other than that it’s a really awesome fun game :)

- This is a really good game

Hi my name is Ellie I really like this game except I was getting more gems to get a new character and as soon as I came back and had enough gems the character was gone but everything except that it is the best game ever love the people who made this bye 👋

- Great Game, but bug fixes Please

In my opinion this is a great game. It has so much more than catching an ordinary fish. It has bigger and better fish, that are worth more than you ever imagined. It has multiple areas for better fish, which is great. Bit there is bugs that REALLY need fixing. Overall 4/5 for a popular game.

- Hooked Inc

This game is very simple but has some different features to it. In the game you discover different areas of the ocean and try to get the biggest fish. You can upgrade your hooks and stuff to make it easier for you to play. On the other hand it takes awhile for you to get money to upgrade your things. This game takes patience.

- Best game

Am just loving da game it is a very fun game also I think the creators did a fantastic job my brother is even loving it and it’s the best game that’s suitable for me and my age so thank you creators for making this game very good and thinking of it want another game like this pls creators that’s all bye

- Amazing game and I just love 💕

Hi 👋🏼 it is so good and so addictive and I love it 😍😍😍you’ll be playing on your I pad all week there’s just one tiny problem the tutorial doesn’t explain much so you will have to explore and see what you can do

- Ausome but asks for a lot!

I think the game is Ausome and I've made all my friends play it, but the game doesn't give you a lot of money and to upgrade it costs a lot, so i never really upgrade. I think I would enjoy it more if the game provided me with more money and gems, but other than that, I LOVE IT!!!!

- I'm dipressed

I spent three days trying to get to one trillion and when I finally get there it sends me start back to one billion i work so hard to get that far and I just wasted it I loved it a first now I'm starting to seriously thinking of deleting it I wasted my time and efforts on this game so please fix it.(this hopped on a day which went horrid so I'm just also contemplating on killing myself so please fix it!!!)

- Moving into deeper waters

I love this game the rewards are awesome and it is really fun. And the fish you can catch. Though the only thing, is that it costs so much money to go into deeper waters. And I never play that long. My suggestion is to move the price of going into deeper waters down. Other than that I like this game it is really good.

- Great game

It’s a good game like really good well made etc but the only problem I have is the notifications they’re so aggressive trying to get you to play the game every time you go off the app one pops up so maybe pulling back on those would be good 5 starts other wise ❤️

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- Super fun

It’s fun and addicting the only thing that would make it better it’s the Notification Center that comes up when you swipe around still a beautiful game.

- Scam

It glitched and somehow bought a $16 deal, I reported it to apple and it said no refund, I didn’t even get what I paid for, I contacted the developers and they won’t help me and stopped replying to my emails after telling me to talk to apple WHICH I DID and they told me to contact support instead it’s a huge scam that just goes around in circles. I lost $16. And got nothing for it.

- Refund?

I love this game, however I just spent $15 to get 1000 gems 2 Fishermen and a free spin, and I did not get the 2 fishermen. They were the main reason that I spent the 15 dollars. I would appreciate it if someone would reach out to me to resolve this issue.

- Collect xp

Why is everyone complaining that when they press the claim xp button their cash and stuff disappear?it obviously says increase income and epic fish rate and return to shallow bay and reset boat and cash.people just need to learn how to read

- It's stupid and I don't care.

I spent 15$ on a good deal. But I didn't get the main part of it. Goodbye stupid game

- Scam

The game bugged every time your about to have to double you cash flow, it’s practically impossible or very very long to upgrade to the final nevels because you need too much cash versus the price of your fish and the same things happen for the mission you have at sometime you have to buy a ten person crew and it’s cost too much gems if you don’t buy any it’s became very hard.

- Not bad but glitchy

Luv it it’s addictive but the wheel spin don’t work like it should, I swear I watched so many ads but it never gave me the multiplier it promised.

- Fun fun fun

Very fun and addictive! My only issue is that it gets a bit repetitive and all the swiping can make the control centre on my phone come up.

- so sad

I went to log in and get my streak which was at like 158 and press continue my streak and the fricken shark came it automatically went to focus on the shark and I lost all of my streak

- Common guys.....😳

I maxed waters, maxed boats, and maxed crew months ago.. these last few updates are really awesome as far as gaining experience and whatnot.. but it’s boring now, there’s nothing new to upgrade (boats) and no new oceans with new fish to catch.. PLEASE update :(( been waiting for months.. restarted game many times for experience.. This WAS my favourite app..

- Some people don’t know.

It’s great and collect experience means start from beginning, just so you know.😀

- It’s dope

Cuz it just is tbh

- It’s the best

It is

- Suuuuper fun!!!!!

Just speechless

- Awesome

Awesome game I love it my fav game to play when I’m bord

- It's what you'd expect

It's a clicker game. With fish. 5/5

- Enjoyable game

Apparently there are tournaments in this game. I started playing this game again after not for a while and after 2 weeks I haven’t seen a single tournament.

- Amazing game

The game runs sooth great game! I recommend it

- Great game!

It’s so fun and when I’m just doing nothing I play this and it makes 3 hours feel like 3 minutes

- Glitch

There was a glitch yesterday where I lost a bit of progress, and also made the fireworks I used for the challenge not count! As of today, I used the fireworks provided, and now I’m stuck at 7 and won’t be able to achieve the challenge!

- Sick


- Meh, it’s ok

It’s ok, wouldn’t say it’s the best. Once you get to challenge 48, if you add up all the stars in the game, it still doesn’t equal 300. There are 3 rare fish you can’t find, and progression is slow. Need to leave the game open. I got a fisherman pack and was not given the pack. Reported to Apple after contacting support multiple times (no answer) Apple refunded me. Did I mention, poor customer support.

- False Advertising

Tapping on the boat does NOT upgrade it

- .

I am responsible for making fish extinct

- Pretty fun

It’s a good way to pass time but not for an extended period of time it gets a little boring.

- Fun for a bit

Too many glitches in the ads. Unable to spin for bonuses or gems.

- Best game ever

Super Duper Duper Duper Duper Duper Super Duper Duper Duper Duper Duper Duper Duper fu

- Great app

Great app

- What I think

I think that the epic fish counts on what place your in. Like in the shallow area the golden fish but in the deeper water better fish and there is a SCAM that if you buy something it takes your money NOT A LIE!!!! So I suggest don’t buy stuff off it unless your lucky

- Nice

Nice game to pass the time but for long term play it’s pretty dead since gem payouts on missions don’t progress fun while it lasts

- Good game

This game is pretty good and fun when you are bored. I recommend it

- Awful

Said collect experience & make more money. I was at $4mil and it erased ALL my money, brought me back to the start of the game and deleted all my upgrades. Terrible game. I see below Im not the only one.

- Best game I’ve ever played

Super fun and addictive but it should have more money for fish

- very fun

i cannot get bored of it

- The best

Amazing and addicting game love it

- Good game

This is a good game to play on a road trip

- Very good game

This game is so fun I would recommend to play.

- Addicting

I love this game it’s really addicting

- Best game ever!!!

This is the 2nd most fun game I have ever played in my entire life. It’s awesome.

- Nice

Good time waster

- Nice game

Well made game. Cute and enjoyable. Honest in their advertising.

- Amazing game and no ads!!!

This is a very fun game and addicting one of the best games😀😀

- Good idle game

Your game is pretty good idle game but you really should take a look at your math guys that doesn’t work

- Great game !

I love this game so much ! But in the third level to go to the silver pond , I need to get 5 million , it seems tricky but overall it’s a great game !

- It’s really good

Omg play now! It’s a really relaxing game and adventurous

- Makes my phone hotter than hell

Basically once you get to a certain point, the only reasonable way to progress is to spend hours swiping and then skipping forward when you get a gold fish and then watching ads for another 20 mins to get a good multiplier, and then going to sleep with your phone on and this game running so exp can accumulate. Both tasks make my iPhone 11 Pro EXTREMELY hot, even tho I play on low quality. I fear this will hurt my device long term so I’ve decided to stop playing. The cost of purchases is also SO high. I’m sorry but I am not going to spend $30 on a weekly “deal”... for a silly little pointless fishing game.

- So good

So good

- Eventually you get bored

Great graphics and a fun game until you hit Misty peaks level. Then it takes too long to reach the next level as you require a lot of “money”. For a while the wheel would only stick to one result and you wind up watching a lot of ads for the same result. The Halloween feature was the most fun. I hope a Christmas theme feature will come soon otherwise I’m not interested in playing at the moment.

- Good but

When will there be a pvp mode where are you can face against other fishes to see how much fish you can get

- Fish


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- Fun game

I like the graphics of the game it’s a really good game and fun you keep your eye it and if you get a good attention on it and I like that you get to go on different worlds and deeper areas it’s a fun game I play that all the time and then I see new games that I want to play so I download them but then I never plan because I’m so interested in this game by the way I’m nine years old so I don’t think I am 20 year over 20 or whatever and then I haven’t even tried to be factory I really wanted a plate because it looks so cool but I was too distracted by this awesome game the designers they were so good with the graphics and everything

- Addicting but could Be better

The game is fun overall but I think that you should make it easier to get me challenge number 31 with the crew done Mount Jifu and you need to make it easier to get tier 15 boat. On another note there needs to be a thing for 1000 gems he could skip 36 hours instead of having to do the two hours get for 5 gems. Other than that the game is pretty good. And I check the other reviews and it said everyone else is stuck on the 10 crew members challenge . So if you could game creators please change that to be maybe easier to get more gems or Make it so where are you don’t have to get so many crew members. That was my review. I give it 4 stars

- Descent game!

So at the start you think this game is really good, but the chests give you too less of reward so it gets really hard, the wheel has a really hard concept, I’ve been playing this game for 3 weeks and I still don’t know how the wheel works and the jackpot. Another thing, when your heading for a goal like how much money, yeah the chest problem and when you swipe for a few days it gets really boring. And every time you get to a new place and go deeper into the ocean, pond or lake, some of the times there’s like people who text you, so when I got to the silver pond, Britney and Danny texted me, I only had 2 gems, but when I got to 18 gems, I decided to get Britney but she was locked? I was frustrated! But over all the game is descent.

- Long Time Player

I have played this game daily for a year and a half. I have appreciated the fact that I can watch an ad to double or triple the amount of money I make while out of the game, but in the last update that changed to where I have to spend gems first in order to triple my amount. While I have spent money in this game, doing it just to keep up with the amount of gems necessary to advance is not a good enough reason for me to spend real money. I am frustrated by idea that even though I have played for so long, I am suddenly struggling to get what’s needed to proceed to the 15th level, a level that I have been to loads of times after restarting before the new update. I don’t want to stop playing, but I want to be able to advance in the game more easily.

- Awesome!

When I saw the ad, I thought this would be an alright game you play for three minutes then delete, but I kept seeing the ad and when I tried it, I was amazed at how good this game is! It seemed really cool and when I got it, I couldn’t stop! I like how it’s also idle, because I do a lot of other things and can’t always have my head in my phone. What’s awesome is that this isn’t a game you beat in ten minutes, no you have to actually do stuff, you download it thinking it’s a quick play then you beat it and delete, but it’s great! I’m 11, and this is awesome! 5 out of 5. Good one people, good one.

- I can’t say to much, but...

When I repeatedly got ads for this game I decided to finally check it out. It is a pretty decent game. But after a while it gets a little repetitive. Maybe add a little more action to it? I don’t know maybe that comment disrupts the point of this game. It might just not be for me. I’m not saying it’s a bad game though. I’m unlikely to play often but it does have certain addicting attributes. Like I said, I can’t say to much. I have only been play for what. A week? Not even and was asked to review. I guess could end up recommending it to a friend so we could play together if some sort of multiplayer mode/ mini game of some sorts was added?

- It’s pretty okay (developers please read)

I enjoy this game very much, but I don’t understand the whole concept of restarting all of your progress with the XP? also when I click the anchor at the bottom right and click an ad to spin the wheel for gems, three out of four times I won’t get gems, and when I do, I only get one. The game illuminates a myriad of excellent features like the crew members that collect fish for you while you are idle, and the color scheme is very calming. I cherish this game but not receiving my gems bugs me and i feel like there should be more features. this game has so much potential to become immensely popular among the mobile gaming community.

- Too hard:/

I have been playing this game constantly for quite some time now but I’ve reached a point where it’s just become too difficult to go on. I can get about 600 sextillion every few days, which is a lot of money. But to get to the next place, I need 70 octillion dollars. So essentially after a couple thousand days not including boat upgrades I’ll be there:| and then to upgrade my boat I need 1 nonillion? I actually have to wait a couple MILLION days for that. And I know experience will help but it can’t possibly help that much. And then the level I’m on takes a couple thousand gems to complete. I don’t know why you couldn’t keep up with that simple pattern of prices and level difficulty but it’s sucking all the fun out of the game.

- Don’t Waste Your Time

I came back after two hours of not playing. I doubled my coins by watching an ad and then paid gems to double that amount. I accidentally clicked the option to upgrade one of my fishing crew before collecting the money. It wouldn’t let me click off. Even though I didn’t want to, I went ahead and paid gems to upgrade the crew member thinking it would let me click off afterwards. But no, the pop up wouldn’t go away. I was still stuck with only the option to keep upgrading my fishing crew. I had around one hundred million coins to collect. I tried going to the main screen of my phone and then going back to the game. I was still stuck on the upgrade pop up. I finally closed the app. Guess what? I lost all of my coins. AND I didn’t even get back the gems I spent. I have no interest in playing a game that’s glitchy like this. Furthermore, the cost of upgrading and advancing to higher levels is ridiculous. It’s not fun. It starts out fun for the first few minutes, swiping for fish and collecting coins. Easy, right? But everything costs so much. You don’t get enough coins to advance no matter how many fish you catch. Find another game guys. This one isn’t it!

- Very good game and for free?

Ads aren’t forced only if you want to double your money on your away time because it’s an idle game and ads if you want to spin the wheel to try to earn some gems. The game rewards you well for streaks of logging in everyday just pull the hook and reap the rewards. There are in game currencies and micro transactions but it’s not forcing you to purchase or even look at the deals. I hope this game changes very little in the ad aspect. But I do think it could be improved upon a little bit. Keep up the work devs and don’t make me hate your game by forcing ads. 👍

- Great game, one issue

***UPDATE BUG*** I just got the latest update minutes ago and I went from 1400 diamonds down to 100 diamonds. I can’t even express how many commercials I had to watch to get up to 1400 diamonds must’ve been 12 hours worth. Please fix this. I am an airline pilot and every time I travel east, after I land the game crashes a bunch. when I travel west the game crashes a bunch and an additional message pops up saying something smells fishy. I have my clock set to automatic, these bugs occur as soon as I get Wi-Fi signal again after landing. perhaps consider running off of server time instead of a local devices time to fix this problem? other than that this game is absolutely wonderful and deserves all five stars in spite of this bug *****HELP SUPER BUG after spending diamonds to join a tournament, ALL of my crew are GONE except for the 3 crew I had in the tournament :( After the tournament ended I never got my crew back wow i hate to rate such a good game only 1 star. I lost all but 3 crew, yet the price to buy 1 new crew is super high since the game still thinks I have a ton of crew. The game is now unplayable as the crew prices are super high yet my stats are now super low with only 3 crewmen :(

- This Game is AWSOME!!

This game is super addicting!!!!!! It’s really fun and it doesn’t take skill, which means that everybody can play this game and still have fun. It also doesn’t take a load of days to finish, you can finish it in about 3 weeks!! This game is one of the best games. It gives you prizes whenever you play, it also still plays the game for you when your not playing it. But it takes longer to make money, and that’s why you can play the game and earn money to speed it up and make money faster when your not playing it!!! You have to download this app!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩😀😀😀

- I am really enjoying the game, but OMG the data use!

The game is a great idle game. One of the best I have played. The ads are fine, and it is nice to be able to earn premium currency by watching ads rather than paying through IAP. Some of the ads are very difficult to click out of though. No matter how hard I try, there are ads for a couple specific apps that end up sending me to the App Store page several times before I can touch it *just right* to close the ad. All that is tolerable, but when I looked at the data overages on my account, this app has used 6 GB of data this month. Can't you cache the ad files? Or use a compression method to deliver the files? I moved to a place where I have no wifi and am shocked at how much data this app is hogging. It seems completely avoidable, especially since so many other apps use ads and don't seem to have his issue. 5 stars if it weren't for the $$$ it just cost me for data. $90 at $15 a gig. A cruel surprise... gonna just have to set this iPad running on my nightstand for a month to get anywhere I guess.

- Super duper awesomely great game!

I haven’t stopped playing since I downloaded it about a month ago! To all the bad reviews about getting knocked back to the beginning, that’s the point of the game! And it only happens when you push the button twice and after it ask if that’s what you want to do. Every time you sell your experience, it starts over and you move up a hundred times quicker than before! One more level and I beat them all! And the best part is this can be done without spending money or by playing 24/7!!! Great game and thank you!!!!!

- Great Game If You Understand What It Is

This is a great game, if you understand the type of game it is. This is a "Games As A Service" game. It's a never-ending game that wants you to pay to get through each section faster. It's meant to be challenging to at for free. It's meant to be repetitive and "grindy". If you understand that going in, it's a fantastic time waster. Good rewards come fast and furious in the beginning of the game to encourage you to buy emeralds to keep upgrading your boat. You will have to restart regularly if you don't invest any money into the game and there will be tons of ads. If you still wanna play I highly recommend this game. Great way to kill time.

- Changes Needed

I'm going to echo what a lot of people have said - fun game, but I'm at a point where I'm almost done unless changes are made. I'm not spending real money to get 10 crew members, making it almost impossible to advance to Mt Jifu. I progressed great through the game but have been here for probably a month. I keep upgrading fishing exp, but I still can only get a few Sep a day. The box loots have also declined severely at this level where it doesn't match what it was early when compared to the fish value. All in all, this is the point it plateaus, and it's not fun anymore. Would love to keep playing, but it needs to be fixed.

- Good potential

The game is fun and addicting. I’ve even purchased a few upgrades which I NEVER do. But I’m on challenger number 37 (1,000 upgrades I think?) and I’ve exceeded that number and it hasn’t changed. I’ve messaged the developer (almost 2 months ago)and explained and never heard back. I even told them I have money invested in the game. I am on day 165 of my streak. So I obviously play often. But I am stuck now because I can’t go any further in these challenges and I am being held in place. The game is now becoming boring and redundant because of the fact that I can’t progress due to an issue on their end. If the developers could get it together and address issues and reply to paying customers I would consider coming back and adjusting my rating but as of now, broken game, poor rating.

- Great App

This app is really fun to play and makes you eager to keep trying to level up your boat and got to new waters. If you like tycoons then this is a tycoon for you. You should definitely give this app a try even if you usually don’t like tycoons, this is the app that changed it all for me. I used to not like tycoons, but then I tried this app and it made me love tycoons. It’s just like facing a fear but then you face it and it makes you do your fear all the time. I would definitely recommend this app to a friend to play or to anyone that does not like games like this.

- poor accessibility/sensitivity

the game itself is really neat, it has fun mechanics and a good concept, but the screen sensitivity is very poor, especially when trying to move the buoy. this can cause problems if you have trouble touching things in an exact manner, or even if you’re decent at stuff like that. the sensitivity box for being able to touch and drag the buoy is far too small and the sensitivity for the upgrades pop up is also poor. sometimes the sensitivity completely goes out so you can’t even swipe with your fishing rod. it also becomes quite tedious once you get to Murky Waters, and even after gaining 1000 experience multiple times in a row and restarting i’m still stuck there, which is unfortunate as i had previously enjoyed the fast paced manner of the game.

- Seems fun so far.

I have only played for maybe 4 minutes before it asked me to rate the game so I cannot day for sure how it will play over time, my only complaint is the same one I have about 90% of mobile games. I understand the dev makes money off of ads but I really dislike when there’s a really high frequency of ads, thankfully you aren’t required to watch ALL of them in this game which is nice, but I would be willing to bet there are certain things the player will need to acquire that will either result in paying for some sort of gem or watching copious amounts of the same two ad videos.

- Christmas event screwed me over

I used to love this game. But as of right now because of the 2019 christmas event, I kinda hate it. I had over thousand gems finally saved up (which takes forever) and because of the stupid placement of the auto upgrade button on the Christmas tree buoy the game ate 1000 of those gems to upgrade an item which I assume is going to be disappearing soon. A THOUSAND GEMS GONE AND WASTED all because I went to grab that buoy and instead of anchoring the buoy upgrade stuff at the bottom like the boat its on the buoy. So then i looked for any way to contact a form of customer service and I cant find any... so now im left angry, gem poor, and leaving this review. Play the game sure, but be careful where you tap otherwise you’ll get screwed.

- Game WAS great.

Now it’s just okay. I’ve played consistently for more days than I care to admit. Bonuses for streak are worth logging in for a few seconds if nothing else. Recent updates have ruined the game for me though. I can no longer progress as far as I used to because epic fish values seem to have been capped or set to a fixed value. Where I used to be able to kill 5-10 epics and win random amounts which might have been large enough to help me progress, now each epic is fixed and it would take an endless number to get anywhere. As many people have mentioned, for a few days the game is exciting and the pace is fun. Eventually it becomes a terrible grind and after the last updates it is not worth the time.

- Lion Studios

Dear, Lion Studios This is about your games, your games used to be really good like this one, but recently theres been a great decrease in your games quality’s. I mean the ones like I believe it was that pawn shop game. I know you can do a million times better than what your doing today, and the ad’s for the games are just terrible i would like to see you improve be like what VooDoo used to be like be like the 2010’s games, and ads since I know you can live up to that I mean look at this game its calming and the ad’s are annoying and repetitive. But this is just my opinion Sincerely, Someone Who Wants To See You Improve

- So far so good

I don’t know if you’ll see this, but the game so far is very good. Even if I haven’t gotten far. However, I am using a Facebook account on one device and trying to sync the data on another device through the same account. My mom also has a Facebook, and after accidentally selecting hers, the app will not let me choose another account or log out of my mom’s account. I have deleted and reinstalled the app many times, but it never gives me the option to choose my account. I hope this wasn’t too hard to understand, but it would really help if you could give me some advice.

- Good, just one feature is annoying

I’ve been enjoying the game but there is just one feature that is a little frustrating. When clicking the icon in the middle-bottom of the screen, it will most of the time upgrade something that I can afford whether I want it to or not. There have been times when I have been saving money and wanted to check my items or look at all of the crew member and was forces to pay for an expensive upgrade that I did not want. This feature is not a total turn off, but would be much appreciated if this could be looked into.

- Disappointed

I was having so much fun with this game for a while, but it eventually got unrealistic to meet the goals of the game. Another major thing I noticed is that they money you would get from catching fish, the boxes, and your time away that could be double was not adding up correctly and giving you less than what it should have been, probably contributing to the difficulty of completing goals to different levels and catching different fish. I also noticed that my fishing expo number was not increasing, even with leveling up and catching more fish, there was once that I noticed it jumped up a few thousand and then when I checked it again it was incredibly lower.. also noticed this with my money as well.

- Why Hooked inc is an amazing game.

Hooked inc. isn’t a great game in terms of action, fast paced gameplay, and excitement. The reason why I love it is the fact that if you are stressed after a long and tough day, Hooked inc. will always find a way to make your day a lot better. The calming music, the style of graphics, and even the slow game mechanics create a chill atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re hanging out with your ship crew sitting on the couch in your basement drinking coke and just talking about how good you life truly is, even if you’ve had a hard day.

- You will like this game!

This game was very fun but I’ve been leveling up so much that I am currently on Mount Jifu but now it’s pretty boring catching the bosses are satisfying but still boring. Also the perks... it’s so hard to get to a high crown and why does it have to be ads why just 10 xp just why, and I am not paying for lots of spam or gems. And the crew it’s just hard and why does it cost so many gems that’s hard. Besides that this game is good graphics are awesome, designs perfect and leveling up is so cool same with items and I never found a single bug. So if you are reading this message get this game it’s an awesome game!

- It’s okay, a little frustrating.

See, progression gets near impossible, when the level I’m stuck on requires me to have 10 crew members. I managed to save enough gems to get 9, but right now I’m back to climbing to over 500 gems for one random crew member. My main issue is that the daily login bonus climbs, but restarts every 30 or 60 days. I’ve been getting the daily bonus for 107 straight days, and yet, my gem bonus for today was a mere 7 gems. this should be fixed, those of us who actually come in and play everyday should be rewarded, especially considering they ask for such an obscene amount of gems for a simple progress level. Towards the end of the areas seen in the map, developers also seemed to have given up. fish don’t have names, crew members aren’t offered in the higher three levels, it’s not very cool when you spend so much time grinding for coins and gems only to be met with half assed work. again, I like the game, but it gets boring very fast, and I’m only still playing for the gems everyday.

- What I think about the game

I think the game is fun but I have not once gotten the jackpot on the wheel, and it just goes away after like 30 minuets so you have to start all over again and you are just watching adds for no good reason! I also think it is a little boring because all you do is swipe your finger to catch fish and then you go to upgrade things. I feel like if they were to add extra mini games to the side to earn money it would so much more fun! I also feel like something they could improve on is the price of the fish they give you so little money and everything costs a lot to upgrade or do other things.

- I thought it was dumb. BOY OH BOY WAS I WRONG

This game is so much fun and I love it. I kept seeing it on adds and I’m like- omg, what is this game like?! It looks so boring, but let’s try it-. I’m giving it a five star for five different reasons; 1, the game is so easy to do and I love it. 2, my family is addicted and I always brag that I’m in the lead! 3, it can go one while your not even in the game. 4,it’s so fun just to tap to upgrade! 5,there’s like, NO bugs what so ever on my I pad when I play it! If you read this, GET THE DANG GAME. It is a fun thing to brag about to your friends, and you guys wanna play this.

- Great game!

There’s absolutely no reason this should be so addictive, but it really is. I particularly love that it’s just as enjoyable without paying for in-app purchases. The only problem I have is that you lose all your money and boat upgrades when you go back to previous levels. It keeps me from going back and collecting the exp and catching the epic fish. It would be way better if you didn’t lose all your progress- maybe make it so it’s free to advance to levels you’ve already gone to or make the upgrades cheaper each time around. Other than that, this game is awesome.

- Crew Member Issue

I overall really enjoy this game, however, getting crew members is ridiculous. I am currently stuck on the objective “get 10 crew members” the only time you can get a new member(at a semi reasonable price) is the first time you reach the level objective and you only get a small amount of time to get the gems needed if you do not already have them, OR spend a ridiculous amount of gems on a random member. I can’t even get more gems to get the crew member until after I get 10 crew members, or after waiting days for my jackpot wheel spins to add up. At this point I’m just stuck. The game is no longer an idle game, as much as it is a pay to advance game.

- What a amazing game this is

I like this game because I like how creative . I like how it is like rl where I am get more from fishing and upgrade ur boat also the game is calming. What mean by that is u know when u get mad over a game or level that u can’t pass wellll when u play this game all u have to do is swipe to get the fish and it is not stressful to having to keep trying to pass something because there are no levels on this game . Another thing that u might want to know is that y get a reward not when ur off the game but during the game u get rewards if U get them while swiping to get the fish. 🌈🦄👌🏽👌🏽👍🏽👍🏽🐟🐟

- NO ADS!! Mechanic is kind of dumb in late game!

Had this game for about an hour and I noticed that there were no ads (unless you physically click on the "watch ad" button) amazing quality! So this is my second part of the review and I've had the game for a few weeks now. The mechanic crew member is one of the first crew members that I got. The auto fishers are great when your boat is small. But when you have the huge yachts then the auto fishers are tiny and do almost nothing for you. Make it so after LV 3 the mechanic can be upgraded more to make the auto fishers bigger. Also, I am on the mission that says "Get 10 crew members". The 6th crew member is somewhere around 264 gems to buy. There needs to be more ways to earn gems other than buying and chests and the jackpot on the wheel. Other than that stuff it is a great game. The farthest that I have been is the misty peaks (something like that)!

- It’s a great game, but...

This really is a good game. It’s well put together and I can see myself putting a few minutes into it a day. However, the only problem I’m seeing is that after playing for an extended period of time, your wrist gets VERY sore. The name of this game should be “Carpal Tunnel Capital.” An easy way to solve this would be adding an item that allowed you to catch more fish within a certain radius. For example, a whirlpool could appear when you tapped the screen, or instead of dragging a little line around you were dragging a whirlpool. That would actually make the game more bearable. Until then, I’m just gonna have to live with the pain.

- Obscene paywall, mediocre game

This game opens up with a slow start that can be improved in a few ways, most of which are: connecting to Facebook to spread the game more, paying to unlock upgrades, watching ads to unlock upgrades, etc. the only improvements that come as a few to play game are money which is nearly useless in any idle game, and the rest requires gems which can be paid for or watching an ad which has a small chance to give them as a ‘reward’. The upgrades in the form of equipment and ‘crew members’ can only be used with these previously mentioned gems though they claim to be unlocked. Almost all ‘rewards ask for money or watching an ad, and overall this app is a horrible example of a cheaply designed cash grab app.

- Not a bad game

My review is about how when I was playing the game at the beginning I went through all the work to get money to buy the deep waters area when my crew mate told me that I needed to restart so I could get more fishing experience. This upset me a little bit because I went through all that work and I had to restart. But on a positive note I like how this game didn’t MAKE you spend you diamonds in the beginning or tell you it would be a good idea to speed up stuff to finish more quickly this game is still very fun and enjoyable and that why I have given it four stars!!!

- Eh almost an awesome game

Would give this game 5/5 if it weren’t for one thing. I love the game, I love that you don’t have to be addicted to it 24-7 to continue playing as the fishermen keep up with it while you’re offline. I also love that you earn rewards often and this isn’t a game always asking you to purchase things. However, every time I tier up or move to a new island ALL of my money disappears! It makes me want to just delete the game for the fact that I had just under 20 million coins to level my boat up at 20 and it moved up on me xp wise on its own from the box reward and took all of my coins away and now I have to start completely over boat wise, rod wise, cost per fish wise, etc. 🙄

- Great game but...

This game is great to play and I’ve been playing it since it came out 2 years ago but I’m stuck and not even close to the end. Once you reach the 13th place out of 20 you can’t get any further. I’ve been stuck on it for almost a year now and I save up my experience to over 10 million every single time and I don’t go anywhere. The prices for going to new waters and upgrading your boat is way to much to even progress through the game anymore. So moral of the review is you’ll have fun playing this game until you get to the point where it’s impossible to progress through the game any further.

- Addictive but buggy

It’s an addictive game but I’ve bought a decent amount of the deals and right after one I spent a decent amount of time trying utilize what I had gotten. My game ends up crashing and when I come back in, all my progress is gone, including the 20+ ads I watched to spin the wheel. That’s an extra feels bad man. Doesn’t seem to have any way to contact the developers from the game but it just feels bad when you spend money and then they delete your progress. If you don’t spend any money, the game is still fun and you won’t feel as bad when your game crashes and deletes all the positives you’ve done.

- Keeps you playing past the first day

I have to say I am impressed. Typically you get a game that flows nicely for about a day of play then you progress and it gets so hard where there are days in a row where the only thing you can do is collect today’s money and close the game till the next day. This game keeps you having something to always be doing while still making progression something you have to work for. They did a great job balancing those aspects and it makes for a great game.

- In Game Purchase did not produce what was advertised

I made two in game purchases of $2.99 on Feb 9th, 2019 at around 11:38pm. This in game purchase was for gems, a spin, and a new crew member. I only have one crew member remaining to unlock yet neither of these purchases unlocked that character (Amanda). I would like a refund for these two purchases and/or a refund for one purchase and the Amanda crew member to be unlocked on my account. Thank you for your support. I look forward to your reply. Gained a refund through Apple. Unlocked the Amanda character but can use her skill because when you own all characters you can't access all due to the screen being full. So there's no option to select her to use her skill.

- Recommend!

It’s overall a great game no bugs barely any ads, I like the concept. Easily to get hooked on. (“ no pun intended “) but really, it’s a very good, well made game. The only problem I can think of would be the time it takes to reach certain things or some complications with where you find how to do what. But you really have to be 9+ to play this. So if your debating whether you should get this app, go for it and if you don’t like it you can easily delete it with a click of a button!!

- An idle game that isn’t trying to rip you off.

So many games nowadays on the App Store are filled with micro transactions and the dumber trend of Subscription services has been especially rampant recently. Hooked Inc. doesn’t fall into those trappings. Yes, it does have a premium currency that you can buy, but the game is incredibly generous with how often it hands out gems. It’s a simple idle game you can whip out when you have some free time and it’s fun. Swiping to catch fish is also more fun than the constant tapping a lot of idle games seem to use.

- Great Game but bugs?

I love this game, it’s fun and interesting. I do agree with other reviews that it takes a while/a lot of gems to progress in the game but I understand that’s probably to lengthen gameplay. But last night my 5,300 exp that I was going to collect at 6,000 for a challenge turned into 530 exp and it hasn’t gone back. I didn’t touch anything either, the app wasn’t open then all my new fishing exp was down the next time I played :(. I really like this game I hope maybe one day it’ll be less gem-reliant but before that I still like it, just not the bugs.

- Too Many Advertisements Required to Win

This game was already really challenging to beat. I’ve been on Tranquil Ocean for a while with 10m XP now, getting about 2m XP leaving the game on overnight. This was with the recently removed jackpot glitch in place, and I still haven’t beat the final epic fish. The long awaited perk system takes 145 ads to level up (at least at lvl 28), which doesn’t feel like it’s worth the time for a marginal improvement in gameplay help. With the recent changes made to counter gem exploiting, this game may be unbeatable to new players, so I would stay away. If the upcoming update helps, maybe play because the game has potential, but it really is just a game to help two guys who made this game a lot of money through advertisements.

- Incredible!

This game is fantastic. It’s very entertaining, has great playability, it runs smoothly, and it’s genuinely fun. The best thing about this game is that it’s the first free mobile game I’ve seen in YEARS without intrusive ads. While there are ads in the game, you are rewarded appropriately for your time. All ads are optional and for rewards, there is no interruption to the game play. You can play mindlessly just swiping and catching fish, or you can build an Arsenal of crew members and items to strategize and maximize efficiency. This game has it all! Well done!

- I love it.

This is a cherished game. I have downloaded it before, it’s really satisfying how you swipe with your finger pads. Or tips, I deleted and it has been years now. I have been reminded by this and I still love it, it’s probably a game I recommend people with the label “Boredom Dying” like killing Boredom. It’s like a game that makes you not bored at all, and then we have ROBLOX. I really love this game ever since. I think I was reached millions fish or about more than 2 million. Anyways, have fun creating more games this company’s game is cherished. (NOT FAVOURITISM) Bye! <3

- Recent Patch makes the game closer to pay to play

**Been playing for about 8 months**. A recent patch made it where once you “idle” in the game, you now need to use “Gem” currency to get the bonus. It used to be where you watch an ad and get the bonus. There is a slight chance a chest will spawn after you have the game open for 15min which will get you 5-10gems for watching an ad. So now you have to keep active in an “idle” game which is the opposite of the point of the game, if you really want to progress. If not, fork over that cash. I just hope the Devs will not be too greedy and change it back to what it was.

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Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon iphone images
Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon iphone images
Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon iphone images
Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon iphone images
Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon iphone images
Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon iphone images

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The applications Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon was published in the category Games on 2018-09-24 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 260.27 MB. Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon - Games app posted on 2020-12-19 current version is 2.15.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.lionstudios.hookedinc

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