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Use PS4 Remote Play to access your PS4 via Wi-Fi wherever you go.

・Display the PS4 screen on your mobile device.
・Use the on-screen controller on your mobile device to control your PS4.
・Join voice chats using the mic on your mobile device.
・Enter text on your PS4 using the keyboard on your mobile device.

You need the following items to use this app:
・Mobile devices with iOS 12.1 or later installed
iPhone 7, iPad (6th-generation), and iPad Pro (2nd generation) or later are recommended.
・A PlayStation 4 system with the latest system software version
・An account for PlayStation Network
・High-speed Internet access (home Wi-Fi network)

Notes on the Use of This App
This app may not be compatible with some games.
You cannot use the DUALSHOCK 4 with this app.
This app cannot be used via a mobile network.

PS4 Remote Play App Description & Overview

The applications PS4 Remote Play was published in the category Entertainment on 2019-03-07 and was developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc.. The file size is 18.18 MB. The current version is 1.0 and works well on 12.1 and high ios versions.

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PS4 Remote Play Reviews


Almost perfect  shupit  5 star

Right now their are very few problems.But they are major.First of all this does not work well on multiplayer at all.


Signing In  Newb_Manster  4 star

This app is great... my login password doesn’t have numbers in it and when I log on through this it asks for a number passcode and doesn’t giv me any other option. Please help...


Needs settings and options  Gr8WhiteWookiee  4 star

Pretty cool to play a console off my old iPhone (6). My big beef is the controls disappear after 2.5 seconds and while playing baseball, it takes longer for a pitch to get delivered than that so I lose buttons and can’t swing and down goes my BA. and as far as I can tell there’s no settings option in the app to change this.


Inexpensive  cheesyslime  5 star

It saves the money of buying a $60 remote


App Review  ImCrazyMexican  3 star

The quality is what ruins the app other than that its great


Love this app thank you PlayStation  Drewbert420  5 star

This app is this best thank you so much playstation appreciate all you do for us as loyal customer


Very good idea thanks PlayStation  JonteStayLit  5 star

I love this item when I’m lying in bed and just want to play basketball I can thanks so much for making this much love and respect very good concept I have been using since day 1


Great range  NoahsArcade1  5 star

My house is 1,362 miles away and I’m able to connect to it, granted I also have a strong connection on both ends.


Amazing!  GameterJK  4 star

This app is Amazing! I have wanted to play my ps4 games on the go for a long while. The Controls take a little getting used to, but it’s pretty good for the most part. But has room for some improvements. The app only works with so far of a distance. My Ps4 is in the Living room while i’m in my bedroom on the other side of the house, and it already has a little trouble connecting to the ps4. I would like a feature where you can just play it where ever you are even if requires full internet connection. Then the mic Button I thought was a voice recorder of recording gameplay and got super Excited as it would have been my first video with my voice in it then when i reviewed the video before uploading my voice was nowhere in it. I realized it was for talking to friends on online game which i don’t want to do. I would like you to be able to record Commentary for your videos as you do them in the app. Also it would be cool to register more than one device that way if the one thats signed in is not with you, you can just use a different device you do have with you. And while it is still completely possible to turn of the console from the app there is no way to turn it on if it’s already off. (I think that is more top priority than the rest.) and some apps (Such as Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. etc.) and all PSVR games you can’t play using the app. (Honestly I expected VR Games to not work on this yet. But i bet they Easily could find a way around this.) but other than that i am Going to use this app a lot. It’s super Handy if your ps4 in another room and you don’t want to leave the one your in to go there. Or if you need to leave to go somewhere and want to keep playing. (As long as it’s close enough to get a signal from the ps4.) if you have one I recommend starting with using this app on a touch phone, the button’s will be covering the screen along with your hands, but it’s not terribly bad of a price to pay when the buttons are closer Together and you can still see enough of the screen to play, when you get used to the controls at least enough to play a game with out to many problems then go on to a bigger device. But this app gives you a chance to play some of your favorite games on the go that you normally wouldn’t be able to at all. Keep up the good work Sony!


Frustrating  Tman5410  2 star

The controls are terrible you simply cannot play a shooter game , why can’t I still use my controller but use my phone as a screen ??


Needs controller support  ddd999  4 star

It works great, but needs DS4 controller support.


Support the PS4 controller  turnerhhh92  1 star

Cool app and thankfully it’s finally available for iOS but please add the PS4 controller support as that’s what we prefer to use

Bolesław Jonio

PS4 controller  Bolesław Jonio  1 star

Add support for the PS4 controller


Don’t like  Skaitom  1 star

Seriously? No DualShock support? How I play my games?


Controller  (:)64321  3 star

Would be so much better if you could use a controller


I’m on unlimited 5G  smahonhere  1 star

Your decision to lock to WiFi is stupid beyond belief.

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