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The most addictive game with the simplest control ever.
Make a snowball bigger and bump it to opponents to flick them off the play field.
You can make one giant snowball or a number of small balls... and you can bump it directly to the opponent or snipe them with it... it is totally up to you.

How to control: swipe to the direction you want to move, and lift your finger to shoot the snowball.


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- FUN but boring

It is fun but it is boring because all you do is hit people off the side.

- So many ads

The game is great, but there is just way to many ads. Would recommend if you do not mind ads

- Best game ever

Why this is the best game ever is because I always win From Sophia

- Great and addictive game

Addictive and fun to play

- Yay

Pretty good game same with quality

- Great game

I think the game is great I love to play it when I’m bored but when I was playing it yesterday when I got hit with a snowball and fell off the game just kept going and when all of the players died I kept going so I closed the game and I went back on and it was back to normal Thanks for reading

- It’s fun but needs work btw I’m XxXxWolfiegurl325xXxX in roblox :3

First off the premium member ship sucked the fun out of this game because some kids parents don’t let them buy things like that and hate electronics wanting their kids to go outside and play with kids. And why can’t you zoom in and out? why do you have to pay for no ads? Why do you have to pay for a golden gem silver and silver skin why do you have to pay for membership ...? See so many questions and someone named pick2cute is a bully with member ship why the **** would someone do that and their mom let them have membership????????? Hope you found my review interesting 🤔 bye

- Horrible game I hate it

There are so much adds so much glitches I hate this game all you get to do is kill people

- Good

me win lol the ti

- Great game but too much adds

I really like this game but like the ad problem is out of control. There is like a ad popping up after a round like 5 times and the same thing before you start a match


This game is so fun to play yeah that’s all i have to say

- To many ads!

I was playing one time and it showed me an add in the middle of the game! Fun game but to meany adds! 😕

- This game is awesome I love it

You should get it

- The best

I love snowball I.o.

- What l think about this game

I wish there was more things to do but everything else is great.

- Snowball .io

It snow fun 🥳🤩😋 Plz make another game like this

- good

sooooo good

- Cool

It is so fun and so easy to unlock the skins in this game 👌🏿👀

- The game is okay

The game has soooo many adds that use up 30 seconds of you life. Depending on how long you play for it can take a lot of your time for a simple game. I think there is so many adds and they take so long. Unless you’re patient this game probably isn’t for you. On the other hand this game is otherwise fun and simple.😁👍ps I turned of my cellar data I don’t know what’s happening but I’m just here to tell you

- Too many ads!

First of all this app has a bit to many ads on every single free app there and s always addddddsssss😞! The app is pretty good though I just got it like a minute ago and it is really fun.... However I feel like it is just bots playing with you so the app might be better if they make them real players, THAT ARE ALIVE!Plus Apple store please put my review in because it will come in “handy" Xoxo:YT girl


Do not get it. Very very very very very boring game.

- Great game!!!

I love this game but please don’t put down ads every single round it’s very annoying but otherwise like I said you got a great game and keep up the good work.Wait,also people are saying to players you battle against aren’t real.Could you please also put an online mode?

- Annoyed with this 🙄😒

This game is really fun and challenging,🥳but when I was going to do an add to play the tournament again it wouldn’t let me! On top of that, when it finally let me play the tournament, the rounds were in front and I couldn’t see a thing. Personally in the tournament if you win 2nd or 3rd you should go on. This whole tournament system bugged me. I think that you should have a certain number of wins to get a ticket to the tournament, because the add system doesn’t work. I really love the game though but there are somethings I would change for the Ok I tried again and I still can’t get an add! UGG! Please take my requests and fix this.

- I love the game

It’s so much fun and I love it 🥰.When you play the game it’s like you’re in the game but you’re not.I am going to do the game right away!

- So fun

Best game ever so simple so easy entertaining I play for hours so gosh dang fun & the more kills you the closer you’ll get to being a chungus

- Mommy

It’s not the best game ever

- Good, but to easy to win

To me, I love this game!! It’s amazing. I have been playing for only 30 minutes, but I have one Complaint. I feel it is way to easy to win!! I have won every, single, time. 4 stars ⭐️ is not amazing. But it is good. I like the game, I just think it would be better if it was harder! Make a twist.

- SNOWBALL.IO THE BEST MOBILE GAME is a great game and everyone should download it :)

- Fun Game!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🤎🖤

This game is soooooooo fun! I’m kind of hard to get the walrus but other than that, it’s super fun. They could add more maps but they don’t have to if they don’t what to.

- Amazing game

It is so awesome

- This game is very good

Best game ever

- Boom!

This game is amazing! Getting more challenging in a great way! I can’t stop playing!

- Hunter is going back tomorrow to pick you guys up to pick

some people are just like you don’t want I gotta is the Abeur Hey babe I’m sorry late I got home from work today and I’m not Sara. Fiends have been there around the same day for you and I don’t know how you can do it but Live has been a long night but I’m not sure what or I’ll do anything to you for sure if you don’t have time for me to let go of that you don’t want you and I don’t know you don’t know how you do that you’re not going to call him I just don’t want you going to be gone for me and I’m going to be a little bit late I wanna you want to go home I don’t know what you’re doing right away select your mom you want me back and you don’t know what you gotta you don’t want you don’t have to worry about me anymore because you don’t know how I want to do that you’re going to be around you I can tell you I’m going to be a good mom I love that you Trey was my time of you love you too and you have to iI I love that I can get you back and I will do that again thank you for your time I hope so we don’t know soft. Coordinations was my morning time tio I wanna I like to be around the house every time we go Len was the day I was gonna was a good night I gotta I’m not going to be gone today for a week I just got home from now and I will call her tomorrow and let

- Nice game

Love it!!!!

- Meehhhh

Don’t like it terrible substance

- It’s bad

It scames you it glitches ): I thought that I would be fun but its not

- Tournaments in

If someone gets second or third place in a tournament, they should also go into the next round with the people who got first place. Also, if you loose a round of a tournament you shouldn’t start over the entire tournament. You should only restart that round . This game is also really fun!😃Thank you!😋

- Fun

I really like how you can unlock stuff fun to play when board

- This game is broken:/

So I’ve been playing this game for a while and until today I was playing and I killed everybody but it still didn’t show that I won so I stayed there for a little bit so I tried falling in the water and I still didn’t die so I left the app and wrote this report. :(

- I sent you5 starters

I’m on

- Hi

This is a great game a few things need to be said to many adds. Also there are some bugs but other wise it is amazing

- Great game........ but one problem

I really enjoy this game but there is one problem that I think you can fix to make me love this game I really hate it when you are really close to being crowned king like there are 2 players left and you’re really close but the iceberg gets red so u need to go somewhere else but then one of the other players kick you off of the iceberg to the one that’s about to melt but then when you get kicked you have no choice but to die which is really annoying especially when you’re really close to winning the game I would really appreciate it if you read this review but I would love if you would read this review and fix the problem everything else from the game is really good thx

- Darius

This is the besT game ever we can nock our aponets and other people so get this game

- Wow

This is so fun 😁😁😁😁😁 let your kid play it’s not a bad game 😁

- You Be The Winnar!!!!!

I was winning!!

- The Best App

This app is so cool and I like when you get to the last level, you get rewarded with a ultra rare gift.

- Knock out

I like because you get to knock other players out and you get a size up. Also you get to get new skin. I love!!! Thank you!!!!

- Frustrating but fun

I just love the game but I have some problems. 1. I don’t like that they can push you 2. You can’t be launched when you are falling on the ground. 3.and how do you find the Niaga ?4. Modern glitch shows the ads app that I was watching. From , Bottle flip king 123456787858905638482749

- The ads, the game.

When you play the game and you finish, you get a Ad. And it feels like you get a lot of them. But, otherwise I like the game!

- Hi

This is a really good game I would recommend this to all

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- Love it!!!

I’m a champion!! Recommend this app it’s so fun!!!❤️

- So fun

The game itself makes it very good and easy for other people to play the game.

- Amazing

This game is amazing so fun. You get lots of skins and stuff.totaly worth it.

- Amazing game

Wen i was small i played this game on m’y sister’s iPad i always win and now i havent played for like two monts so i hope that i will win on myyyyyyy iPad and i had a lot of fun wen i was small

- ✈️mode+no wifi=no ads

Get no ads for free!!!!!!!!!!

- Free

Amazing app for my family to do my own business

- Boule de neige

Je trouve que le jeu est très bien au-ssi très amusant il est cool 👍😋🙂 signé Stéphanie goulet p.s. Continuer comme ça😉

- Neige

Giga giga giga giga giga cooooooooooooooooooooool

- Don’t play this game!

I was in a game and there was a ad and it froze and there was no x. And I have a new iPad so it must be the game and the next game I played I died so I pressed go back and I couldn’t and the game froze so don’t play this game there is to many ads and you can turn on airplane mode but some phones can’t and there’s not enough in the game sorry for long review.

- Nice

Omg this game is so amazing

- I love it

Trop cool et il y a de la compétition entre les joueur et on aime ça donc ses cool et amusant .je le recommande à tous ! De aly

- I ❤️ love ❤️ will love the game

I will all was ❤️ love ❤️ the game (Love you all)

- Awesome

Really fun but I wish it showed your kills and the amount of people killed by you and everyone else in the game on the leaderboard after a match

- ADS!!!!!!!!

This game sucks ad after every game I am ashamed to have this on my downloaded list

- Jehdhfj

- It ok too many ads and stuff like that

It’s OK so

- Fun

Like a mini game

- Great game👍

The game is amazing fun but after a while it gets boring maybe add some new stuff



- Sooooo good

So fun great and satisfying;) you should buy this

- is one of the best mobile games

It’s really easy and super fun!!

- Good Game

Good game to play when you’re board and it’s fun😀 there’s also not to many ads and if you think there is then turn off your wifi. I definitely think you should download this game.



- Great game


- Amazing!

Love it,

- Hsh

The stupid go back button doesn’t Work

- Download NOW!!!!

This game is SOOOOO!!! You will be having so much fun in the first 5 minutes!!!! It’s so fun! If I were you I would stop reading this and download this game right now!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️addicted

- Hate

Jack I confused you


This is an awesome 5 star game! It’s full of excitement and fun!! You can make massive snowballs and throw them at other bots! There are so many different skins too! Beat your friends and get the higher ranking!

- 🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️😀😀😀😀😀😀🤪😄

I love this game it’s so good it’s awesome and not too hard

- Huffy

Je Je pas je ysuis en plus avec ma fille de mon mon téléphone je me demande comment comment on je tu as pu te

- F u


- This game is so fun is a really fun game and I like it a lot and it’s just a fun game. But there is a few adds

- Great Game, Unfair Gameplay??

I’ve been playing this game for a few days, and I couldn’t stop playing it. I’ve played it before on a computer too. I just played a round of this not too long ago and I pushed someone with my snowball. It hit another’s snowball and they got the kill. This happened in another .io game, pretty sure it was or something like that. It’s kinda unfair play, but otherwise this game is fun like all other .io games.

- Awesome

I love this game

- I love this game

But please don’t put ads in the middle of playing

- I hate your adds

I have been watching more adds than playing

- I DONT LIKE THEN ADS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No ads plzzzz I hate the ads but i love the game

- It’s stupid

All the five star reviews are fake this game is rigged and dumb

- Ads to many adds!!!!

To many adds!!!!!!

- Eh

This game never works

- Love it


- Pretty Fun!

I love collecting skins also by the way there is a game called which just stole your game and renamed it and it’s on the App Store so I’m just letting you know. Also I don’t like how it’s not real online players just CPUs and you should let everyone have a online or offline game mode.

- I like this because there’s not much ads

I like it because there’s not much ads

- Trachest game ever

There is too many glitches I hate it You win a round and it just doesn’t brig you to the menu.

- The best

This game is so good that I play it every day for a least two hours

- This game is addicting and so much fun to play 😁

This game is unspeakably incredible

- ...

SO MUCH FUN! So exited for updates and new skins

- Awesome game

Really cool and fun and the skins are cool I recommended it

- Glitches

Sometimes when I win the game doesn’t really say I win and I’m stuck on a platform till I reset the game please fix This To get hidden ninja click the icon players

- Ohh NooO

WhAT HaVE I GOt in to it haS a ADd After eVeery GaME O

- Amazing

I love this game the best game ever You must get this game its cool THE BEST You must get it

- don’t look at me…


- This is the best game ever

5 stars this is the best game I’ve ever played

- So addicting!

This game is soooooooo addicting! I just started, and I’m on Master 2!

- Awesome!

Hello! This app is so good but there’s this skin I want but you have to pay!!! It’s that diamond one that other guy wanted and i ain’t paying no money for some snowball app! Yeah, pretty stupid update. :( anyway , that’s just me complaining about everything. Basically it’s awesome!!!! Also, who ever wrote all that weird stuff about love, girlfriends etc, did you just use that predictive text thing because it makes 0% sense . So... Yeah! Oh, by the way, girls are the best!!!

- Awesome game love it

Maybe a little it’s gone too bad but unthinkable to play also it’s pretty good too play

- Too many glitches

So many glitches and it I literally die after one second because of all these glitches 😕if you could p,s fix the glitches then it would be better thanks

- Hi

This game is really fun and I would recommend it for everyone. I spend hours playing this game with my friends and family. Thank you so much for making this game bake for everyone to play.

- Good game, but few problems

It’s a good game, but I’ve been experiencing intense lags which lead to my game crashing. Overall, I had a great time playing this game😊.

- Best game

This is the best game ever and I incorage evary one to play

- Gaygaygaygaygaygaygaygay


- Haydoeye05's opinion

I love the plot of the games but it can get quite old over time so my suggestion to you is to try to put other game modes in it like who could get the most points in 2 minutes and when you die you immediately Respawn and maybe some other ones that you would like to put in.


It’s easy when you die you watch an add then your more likely to win any way it's a perfect winning game +the i.o games are epic i would recommend this game to everyone who loves a little challenge 👍😘❤️

- Yay voodoo

The voodoo games are the best games for me make more voodoo.

- Doesn’t work on iPhone 11 Pro Max

When I open the app and the company name comes up it loads to a black screen with the top two things there but nothing else

- Fun

Super fun

- Love it


- Cool concept, but read, I know it’s long but informative

This is a fun app and all but in the apps add it looks all easy and fun, but I have been playing so many rounds, and I was just playing one til I thought ‘ok, that’s enough, I’m writing a review’ so these are the problems all games, Adds, but long ones, like I’m talking 30sec boring adds 2. Being knocked off, I was just playing a new round for this game and within 2 seconds I got knocked off by this giant snowball that keep in mind that it’s impossible to get a snowball that size in such a small amount of time 3. Disappearing snow, by this I mean, in the game the snow will turn red as a warning to get off it, then it will fall and you can’t go there anymore, the game is about knocking people off not falling off because snow was falling 4. Advantages, the other people that you play with in the game look like they have more advantages like I said in no. 2, they get giant snowballs at the stark while others don’t. 5. Ridiculous goals, by this I mean, when you want a new skin that’s actually cool there will be ridiculously hard to do, like the one I want is just a few penguins on a sleigh, but I have to come first 200 times and what makes that harder is everything above, not including no. 1 Overall not a good game.

- Amazing


- Can’t get turdernent award

I can’t get the Santa sleigh when I finish turderment and when I finish a normal round I just watch an add every time plzzzzzzzzz fix it I beg you guys to fix it

- I really like this game

This game is awsame

- Good games

This game is god because I always WIN !!!!!!!!!!!! And the others are big fat lobsters because u idiots didn’t put my review up !👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👺👹

- The game is lit.

I LOVE this game!!!! I really like way the map starts disappearing and the map slowly getting smaller and smaller.Though sometimes I get a little frustrated when I try to get the Santa skin.

- It da best

It’s the best games in the worlddddd🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

- It good

I am da one memes

- Good but a few bugs

Good but a few bugs

- Glitched tournaments

Every time I eliminate all my enemies I’m last one and I can’t get out, I can’t go in the water because I just fall through so I have to restart the whole app then I lose the tournament pls fix

- Thanks a-lot )=(

Wow thanks a-lot for getting rid of all my progress i w as nearly at Dimond or something like that and i was saving for a skin and NOW I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING OVER AGHIN one star just for this i might change to some more stars if you give me back what i had because this is a complaint GOODBYE!

- Ads they say

man if you don’t want ads, turn off ya internet, works for me

- Hello

Ummmm.....acaully i just started the game about 5 mins ago but already I can see that there is waaaaay to many adds! But besides that it’s a pretty awesome game, it’s fun it’s challenging in a lot of ways.

- H


- Fun game but with glitch

I like the game but sometimes when I’m the last man standing, there’s no victory pop up and I’m alone on the platform rolling snow by myself. Devs need to fix this pls

- Great game too many ads

Get rid of get rid of ads

- One of the best games I’ve ever played

This game is AMAZING!! I love the ideas of rolling snowballs and knocking other people out. Also, just saying, the skins are really cute. Definitely 5/5 stars FOR SURE. I’m not concerned with the ads, which is brilliant. This is one of the best games yet!

- I,like waffles

Your a freaking but I love this game

- Worst game ever

I just hope that you will be good at least you will be good friend you are best to you and will be good for the rest the best friend and you will be good for you will be my best love love and you will be a girl and be my friend and you will be good for my best to be my friend you and you o will ooze love you o love irrkrrki you ii, you are a girl ifriend is the best ifriend game you r be my girl 👧 this hit a girl in the middle school 🏫 you ii iitit will be good to go back to re you and you will be my best game friend you and you will be my best to even really truly love 💕 love 💖 is a game you are so much to be a friend you are a girl and you will never be the one how is a boy

- Glitches

I was playing no one was on the map except me but someone was in the water and they won? FIX THIS PLEASE

- There’s a bug in my game I can’t play it

A bug

- Too many adds

Hi I just wanted to let you know that every time I get knocked off there is always an add. I like the game but not so much and you guys make good games/apps. THANKS 🙏

- This game is awesome

Really good so much fun also you should download it

- This game is like many OTHERS

This game is like manny;, and that's all I can think of but this game is addictive BUT to predictable

- Its cool

Its cool

- It’s great

Your game is great and awesome

- It’s cool

Only just started playing so it’s cool so far

- Like it but a glitch

I really super duper like the game but there was a glitch in one of the games where I killed someone but they were still alive in the sea and I could do it too it was on that donut shaped one so gone in the middle and pushed the other player and fell in a white void

- To good to be true

The adds make this game really good. But the problem is the rounds are to fast and the controllers are to slow so people are enabled to nock others out of the ring. And with the ring there is no point in making the ring fall off as the game goes by.

- I love this game but there is a bug

I absolutely love this game but there is a bug because whenever I go on the app it shows all of my levels and how many stars and wins but the background it black OMG OH MY GOD THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING LIKE I play this daily but I can’t now

- Ughhh ewww

Good game but U said rape me

- Loading in

It’s rare for me to load into this game on my iPad but everything else is good. Please fix this problem.

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- Hi

This is a really good game I would recommend this to all

- Poor

Way too many adds you can not clear out of.

- The game

Ok what I think is that ya should add levels but what I am trying to say is i like it

- Good game

I is an amazing game for playing online but you are bored

- Good Job

This game is amazingly designed, incredibly coded and there’s no issues at all. Your greed with the ads only led me to find a bug letting me play with any skin completely removing the rewards from challenges.

- This is the best app ever

I just wanted to get this app it’s so awesome.

- Super fun

I like the app a lot but there was a glitch that made when I won it didn’t put the crown on my head so I went into the water and it let me keep moving and it went to a sledding hill.

- Too many ads

Too many ads pleas remove it but good game

- The best game

I love this game it’s so fun and so I am going to try and play it again soon.

- K


- Snow is

I like this game a lot there’s so much action and it’s so much fun

- Yees I love it


- I love the game but

When I was playing it took a long time to get a new skin and I love it but I think there should be new skins

- Cool game

This is awesome all the games l have played are junk but not this one .😀😉😃

- Incredible

I love this game so so much it is easy and fun and so cool ( except the adds)



- So coooolllll

Best game ever

- Love it

Hi I’m cute kitty🐱 Tik tok so it’s really fun I love to play it Im one of the top winners and. Love to ply this with other pepole sense all the sick ness going around but I love the charters 🐇🐰it’s like Easter but it’s not it’s really fun

- Color wrong

Why is the yellow skin orange

- is cool

The only thing that I could say is that it’s amazing and cool but could use more updates and better quality

- The best game EVER 😘😘😘

I like this game it’s the best game I’ve ever played . when I downloaded it I was just playing this only game .who ever made this game I would thank him or her a bunch!!! I ❤️u 2 much !!!!!!!

- #Cool game review😋

It’s very fun challenging game!!😎😎😎


Every one is teaming on me


IM SO MAD WHY DOES THE RESPOND THING SPAWN U off the ice when it’s small


This game is AMAZINGGG

- Best io Game

This game rocks!!!!!

- Omg so fun is so fun and you can play with people and sometimes if you win about 3,4 times you get new skin... SO WHAT ARE YOU WIATiNG FOR DOWNLOAD it now

- Awesome yay a yay

Cool game

- Best

This app is the best thing ever I love it

- Too many ads Great Game though

It’s a good game and would love to play it. It just for 30seconds of game play you have to watch a 30 video then fight a pop up to download that advertisements game. Then you finally get to play again...

- Dum

Y the hell is so much adds 😖😖😖

- Love ❤️ it

It is very fun to play this game + I love 💗 this app! 5 stars ⭐️. 👍🏻😃😄😃😄🥰🤑☠️🇺🇸💵💵💸💰

- Glitches but good game

The game glitched so many times 1 I fell out the map when I won but the game made me lose

- Glitch.. 👾👾👾😈👹 ( devs read please it’s important )

Soooo... I was playing this game for a few days now , I really love it! It was so much fun to play with on car trips so I didn’t get any ads or in my free time ( just turning off my cellular data) and one game was just whack. As soon as it started , I got hit off with a snowball , I fell off but I didn’t die . I was in this like white void of some sort and I did not see my snowball if I typed to make one. It was super weird. I waited for the game to end but when everyone died the game was still going. I had to close the game completely. It was ok but I played it again and it still kept on happening!😡😡🤬🤬😡😡🤯🤯😡 I had to undownload the app and reinstall it again to finally fix it but it was a pain. Now I’m writing this to fix this bug so no one else gets this pain to their game and they can play peacefully. Please fix this bug

- How to buy no ads???

The app shows that there is an in app purchase available to just remove ads, but I cannot find where to buy it to remove these annoying ads. The only option I see is premium membership which weirdly costs $5 per week. Really??? $20 per month for a game like this? Very disappointed...

- 🐈 is Hailey 📱⛸🥋

I think that’s this game is cool

- Glitches!!!????

This game is a lot of fun until there are 2people left and one dies from the ice falling then unreal the only one left then when u try to die u fall off the ice and keep falling into a white unknown world and then cannot move. I HATE THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!

- Snowball

Is so fun I can play all day my family love it to ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- I kinda like it...

The only problem is that the game glitches almost every time.. I will win about 2-3 times and go on the next game and when I win.. It doesn’t say victory! All I see is my snowball robot on a thing of snow.. when I jumped off, I didn’t see the thing that said if I were 1st place at all.. but I saw my robot glitch out and the screen went black for 2 seconds.... Can y’all fix that please? I really like the game!

- I love it

I’ve been playing this game today and I am super addicting

- Wwwww


- Fun game

I love ur game it’s so fun bb

- fun game

started playing and got to silver2

- I got some coding

Well when I opened the app it shows me the code and I hate the code


This game is really calm and chill

- Epic gamer

This game is so much fun and I love that you can kick opponents of ice in stile with these awesome skins.

- I hate this game cus....ADDS LIKE OH MY GOD


- Awesomeness


- Love it

I <3 it

- Best game ever

I think this game is really fun because it’s a good game it’s not like other games you can just relax second you’ll find something fun to doyou get home for school and just sit down and do it so I feel like this really good game because it’s just so you can just sit and relax and do schoolwork how long your day what you can just do it no matter so this is why I think this game is amazing because

- Give me a shoutout

You Are The Best Person Creating This Game Thank You so much for this game

- Too many adds

After every game there is an add, the game is fun but it’s ruined by adds I’d say don’t get unless if you have frequent long drives or flights

- This game is like snowballed

I love this game because It’s just like it

- Excellent game!

(A lit le bit TO easy) ;)

- Add stuff

This game is so cool but can u guys add stuff but just remove adds and make the field not fall and add skins for the characters but not for every character only like for 10 and also release new characters Thank you so much . ... oh yeah can u make gems that can let u buy characters and name the characters names . And oh yeah what do u call characters and the rarity but my idea is snowers

- Not real online

It’s a joke of a game

- Emmanuel ddjendhcb

You’re game is awesome

- Yes I love it 😂👌👌

It is so fun to play you literally do whatever you want lol 😂 all games can do that but not as much adds only adds when you choose and I love it and they better not change anything.keep going you guys are the best game company.😂😂

- Nobb

I give this game a one at of ten ten but more characters like a pizza robot with a tiny bird 🥺🥺🥺

- Love this game:)

I still love this game:)

- Glitchy

Fun but very glitchy

- :3

Rate 5 ⭐️ for good luck

- It is shout-out to braydo

It is fun

- Amazing game😆 is an amazing game and you can get so many skins.❤️❤️❤️

- Fun for kids


- Cool

Fun game

- I am mad

Doesn’t load other people’s death so I loose

- is a great and addictive game to play and I truly recommend it to everyone even if you’re 5 of 95. Easy to play and understand. I would give a five star rating if there weren’t as many ads. Rather then that is amazing game and I give the creators credit.👍

- Good game

It’s good worth downloading. Gets a little boring after a while

- It's not good in fact it's horrible

I hate the game it's stupid and who ever made it is a dummy

- Amazing app but...

Whenever I get pushed off (or just fall off) this weird thing happens there’s this chunk of ice that I land on under the water and I can see all the people that got pushed off and then automatically there’s another round under the water but best game ever

- Awesome game

I love the game just where is the hidden ninja is it on the tournament or just regular mode I have looked and looked and can’t find it could u tell us where it is and by that I mean is it on tournament or regular mode plz plz plz oh plzzzzzz can u tell me Where it is 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 But other then that great game love it just tell me plz

- No good

Too many videos every match

- Snowball I/O

Hey this game is so awesome please download so awesome

- Cool

Des mega cool

- I love this game!

I really enjoyed this game! On my first try I won! You need to buy this! Plus, it’s free! Seriously, get this game! Best. Game. EVER!!!!👾😄😍😎🤩

- Help

This app sucks

- Fun but deleted my progress three times

This game is really fun. Except once I got to I think expert 5 the game was glitchy and when I went back in everything was GONE. And I had to start from the beginning. This would be annoying on its own but this happened 3 TIMES!!!

- Premium Glitch

Earlier today, i bought the premium for the 3 skins and the life savers. But there is a glitch that when I try to get in the game, it will have the white bars at the bottom and also my rank and the crown thing. I cancelled my subscription and bought it again but it still wont work. Otherwise, it is an awesome game.

- Duh


- Suggestions

Great game, but you could remove the “best rank” section in stats and replace it with a win streak counter or a kill death rate (kdr).

- Spooky add

I love this game but it has a spooky ad that I’m scared of. Please remove it.

- Loooooooong ads

Ridiculously long ads and way too many of them. I’m deleting

- i dunno is amazing but whenever i go in to play a tournament it says like 14 hours and then 14 hours later i go in and it says 12 hours what is happening?

- Awesome game

It's really fun. You get to blow people up with snowballs! 😜😏👌🏻😄😎👍🏻😁😊

- Pause menu for in game

Recently I was playing and don’t get me wrong I love the game but I was playing and on my iPod it said battery low and while that happened i was making a snowball I pressed close and my snowball let go and I died so I think there should be a pause screen because I believe I’m playing with bots 🤨

- This game is a 5 because...

This game is great so ya yeeeeet

- This game has to many adds

I’m in love with this game but it has to many adds I get annoyed and stop playing it

- Best game

You are the best game creator

- Amazing

It is super fun and way better then all of the other I.o games out there

- This is snowtastic

It’s so funny when you push your snowball away in the water

- Love your game🤗

Always winning Bye love ❤️ your games

- Best best best game ever !!!!!!$$ bb.ji🤓😎🥺🤪🥳

I love this game and it is so much fun and you guys make more fun games!!! Love $$bb.ji🤓😎🥺🎉🥳💕

- This game is awesome

This game is so fun and addictive that when you trie it you’ll play it every day

- Like it

I like it because you learn to win and lose

- 😛😛😛

This game is great! I know that for a fact even though I only started playing.

- Why??

Do you really think it’s possible to win 4 games in a row when there are bots (not real players) targeting you? (I’m talking about the tournament thing) it’s impossible! I would love to see proof of someone actually completing it in the first week they have the game, maybe it’s possible if you only play the game and have no life but otherwise it’s impossible.

- SO MANY FRICKEN ADDS but I guess it’s good :)


- I love it

Great game

- This is so good

I’ve been playing for 10min and I’m already silver 4

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- Perfect Game

It’s addicting and fun, and everything you could ask for in a game. 100% recommend to anyone

- good

I like it

- Woweee

The most relaxing 😎 and challenging game ever

- Love this game 💖

I love this game so much because it is so easy to win and u get skins that’s my favourite bit and also I like that the floor will start to break in certain rounds whenever I am boared On a car trip I play this game it is so fun and interesting so I give it a 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Love this game not my favourite but still a really good game

You should make more games like this I love it Roblox and TikTok is I do love this though who ever made it thanks I played it on my nanny’s iPad then I downloaded it on my ipad

- is awesome is an awesome game it really makes you happy most of the time I’m on my phone I’m playing it so download now on your phone by Maisie

- Way too many ads

It’s a good game but after every single bloody game the an ad. Ok, now on to the positive side. It’s an amazing, exciting and an addictive game. It’s really a great experience to play this. This game is way too easy because everyone is not a real person.


I like the game and the idea and all but there is way to many ads every time I finish a game it comes up with the same ad every time 😡

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Bruh

Its not even multiplayer xD

- It’s really good but.....".......

I really recommend this app it’s really fun and it doesn’t glitch It is one of my top App but .............. I think they should upgrade it so that it makes it harder

- Great game but....

The games great but too much ads

- Amazing Sme

It amazing when you play it when someone gets me I start again that why I love this game.

- Good game but...


- Good game

I really love this game it’s so fun especially when you’re bored

- 5 Stars

All umm should do is put less add

- It is one of my favourite games to play on trust me try it out it is amazing really 😁😁😁

So good 😊


I like bumping so I saw this add vert then downloaded it and it is amazing

- Great game

Make snowballs and throw them at other players to knock them of the game


It’s a satisfying game try it out bye 👋

- What A Good Game Looks Like

This game is absulutely addicting! There also another good thing about this thing. After a few games there just one short add. This game totes rocks! It totally deserves five stars

- Tyler Wright

Best game I ever played I’m a god literally I won tournament and this game deserves the 5 star Rating

- Snow ball

It’s amazing

- Easygoing


- Itself

I’m going crazy about it


Love love love this game you never get sick of it it’s too addictive

- Bouncy not

Very fun but let them choose the shape not just colour please!!! !

- A tiny problem

The tiny problem is that when you push someone off they go flying into the sea as if you get pushed you don’t go flying off.

- So good

The game is good

- It's a fun game

It's a fun game

- Best



It super fun I liked once you play it you are edicted to it

- Great game!!!!!

Is did a great job I don’t know what I would of done with out this game and not anything else about this game but if you have TikTok follow me please!!!!!

- Amazing

This is such a good game. It is the type of game that when you are bored can get you going. The graphics are good and it is fun. Although it would be good if there were team death matches and maybe different backgrounds. But apart from that it is amazing. You should get it👍🥳😊

- The Coolest

This is the best game ever

- Amazing

I love the app so much I wish it was one of the most popular apps.

- The best

Personally I think you’ve ever because it is so fun really really would like to make of it I have not had much is yours that counts you see me there is one version 2003 and on just giving you a little tipsy your company I don’t even know how to say help youI think is the best about bedroom one bedroom two bedroom three you should take a bit more advice from because the company seems to be upgraded and upgraded and that’s all thank you so much you’re my happiness. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑then you start getting their 💰

- About

I like the game because you can be free and you don’t need money

- Best game ever

Can I get my own car pls that has a real cool ninja on it pls

- Great game

Just one thing I need a slug skin because it represents the YouTuber slogoman


Love this game

- I think that it is reel good that you let as have a second try


- Fun

I would play this game forever

- Bad game

I used to always win but then adds only pop Ed up every 5 seconds

- Meh

It was fun I guess

- Super fun game

The game is brilliant and I love it

- Amazing game

I highly recommend this game for your kids if they are bored eg if they are waiting for there turn. It is really entertaining I would say I have had amazing experience with this app if you are reading this I hope I pursued you to get this game because it is amazing go get the game for yourself and try it out for free the game is all free and everything unless you want ad free ( no ads) then you have to pay

- Can’t get in

The first time that I played this game was yesterday and I loved it. Today I wanted to play it but it just was black for 5 mins. After that I gave up. Great game but can’t get in. I rate it a one. I would rate it 0 if the game was also really bed

- Snow

I love game and this won da best game ever aaa o love

- Snow ⛄️ 🎾 ball io

This is an amazing game whoever made it is a genius complete genius hopefully your company makes more amazing games 👍👍👍🥳🥳🥳🥳😲😲😲😎😎

- Needs fixing

Did not work I only played one game and when you exit the game and go back into it you couldn’t escape from a black screen but it is a really good game

- The worst game ever!!!!!!!

This is the worst game I have ever played. Reason 1. WAY TO MANY ADS!!!! Reason 2. To boring. I fell asleep holding my iPad playing this game Reason 3. The game is so laggy it launched my character of of the platform. Reason 4. The hackers are pausing the game and downloading a big snowball. Reason 5. You sometimes lag out of the game before you even started. This is a bunch of 🗑. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THE MOST STUIPID GAME IN THE WORLD!!!! It makes me want me to sleep at 6.00 in the afternoon.


This game is Awesome I love it when i win. Those guys out there. Got to play this game my name in is LOL!

- So nice but ok

It would tell you ad to go back but when you no you still get an ad!

- You can get rid of ads

If anyone sees this review and you are getting annoyed of ads I’ll show you a trick to get rid of them: you go to your settings and turn off your wifi and then you close your application for the game, go back into the game, no ads! I hope this helped

- Your good

Well the game is not to easy but to hard that’s good when you showed the add I was like I have to dry this and I like it keep up the good work Yours Emma

- Sooo good

It’s a really good game and when I release the ball I am a pro widow and also I am really good at it so whenever I defeat someone I get lots of wins so now I have 250 wins you should buy the game because my brothers even have it and I love the thing

- Ads and black screen

This game has too many ads but really fun and also one time there was an ad and I closed it then it was black so I downloaded it again and it was back to normal so what happened?

- So addictive!!!!

This game is so addictive, I cannot stop playing! The only downside is that I think you move up ranks to quickly Good job peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps

- Black screen

I love this game and play it lots but one day the screen turned black. I waited two hours and it stayed that way it’s really disappointing and I am very sad please fix your game

- So cool

Hey I just wanna say this is my first time playing l’m like a pro thank you so much

- Ok

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring!!!

- Fake players

Every time I play it the same player me and my friend tried to get into the same game but it didn’t work we did it about 36 goes and still we weren’t in a same game.

- About what I can achieve

Hi I am Bella I just got this game on Monday! It’s an awesome game I am on silver 3 already just having it for 10 minutes :) my brothers also have it!! Thx for reading this!. ❤️❤️❤️ From Bella!, keep up the good work! 10.6.19

- Good game


- Good app but...

This a good, fun and entertaining app i only have a few problems... 1-There are too many ads, almost every match i finish i get an ad and its quite annoying. 2-The rounds are to quick and I think it would be better if maybe a few more players could be in a match also a bigger area. 3-Im not sure if its just me but if i play for a while then get off lately it has been completely black when i go back on the app and it stays like that I have to actually delete and download the app again so i can play it,I think its a bug that needs to be fixed. Overall this is a fun and entertaining game!

- Snow

Love this game never new you could have great fun

- Love the game but

If I leave the app then go back the screen is black. I have to wait a good 15 minutes for it to work again.

- Amazing

Love this game

- The bugs but I still love.

The only bad thing about this game is when sometimes, when I play, when I just win a round the screen goes funny and turns black. So I have to delete the app and start again. It just makes me feel 😭. And also the adds. Thank you if u fix that but remember, I LOVE 😍 and I’m addicted and obsessed with it. THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT APP👍🏻!!! ( I wish never wrote this pls don’t do anything crazy with this).

- It’s pretty good

I really like the game but there is a bug preventing me from playing it, I get on and I just see a black screen so I have to reset it with like a 1/15 chance of using the app, please fix this thanks.


LOVE THIS GAME but, when I press on the app its goes to a black screen🏴 :(


First of all whenever I start the screen says geisha and then turns black. Second before it had the bug there was ad after ad after ad and I’m not wasting my money on these ad free deal. Third of all, you can only win to a certain amount and then the game is useless. I say if you want a fun game get something else! To write a review on this bad app I have to give 1 star but I’d give 0 if I could!


It’s cool it’s awesome it’s lovely I like I ‘v told my friends about It and they said they are going to download it IJUST like it who would not like this game I dare u to download it everyone 😊😊😊😊🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

- Snow

Think your game is the best game that I’ve ever seen and it’s pretty much the funniest game I’ve ever played in my life

- Hi

You start playing and you won’t sleep for 5 days

- It’s good but ads

This game is so fun But the ads and ads R SO annoying And guess what there’s even More ads which they made tho

- Horrible

The game is good. The app is just horrible. The moment you leave the app and go to another and return the screen is just black. It can stay that way for a whole day. Even if you shut the app completely (close/ force close) and restart the same black screen is still present. Horrible app absolutely horrible.

- How much l love

Happy birthday beautiful princess Abel birthday beautiful princess princess birthday princess princess prince princess

- It’s don’t working it’s all black I can’t see the play or anything

Its dummy it’s don’t working it’s all black I can’t see anything can you please fix it

- Oof

Awesome Game 😸

- I like them big I like ‘em chunky

Good. I like caca laka

- Skins

The game is actually good but once you unlock a skin you can not change to that skin in the skins sections

- Lol

It’s so fun

- Woooooow😘🥰🥳

I have been playing this game for five minutes and I am already addicted! Game is very good and I love how it gives you rewards, it gives you lots of different skins to choose from and I just a around like the game!!🥳🥰😜 Have fun snowball machines!!!


I love the Game because you can be a noob but 5 minutes be apro so that’s why I love

- review

I give 5 stars because it is a great game and I love it

- Lots of Ads

This app is well made and addictive but the ads stress me a lot. First you have to watch an ad every 2 matches (or 3) but other then that it’s really fun to play when your bored

- Like

I like snow and bashing My brother bashes me a lot But I have not ever touched snow before but I think it is fun! And is the BEST!


I really love this game and when I was gonna fall in the water I said thanks for the boost

- One problem

I would give it 5stars if when you w]ran out of charge you could play again

- Funny

This game is amaze. I love the avatars and the gameplay features

- This is the best app

I been playing this game and I love because I like snow fights

- One of my favourite apps

It’s amazing how you can take out your opponents with a little snowball,Definitely 5 Star!!!


Perfect this app I play it all the time

- Snowball

I absolutely love this game, I believe that it is the best game ever. It has so many levels bronze, silver, gold and diamond but you have to get three stars in each level


I like it because it is fun and good.

- Awesome

It’s an awesome game. The thing that I like about it is that the game doesn’t have a leaderboard during the game so then I don’t get so stressed out about being on the top of the leaderboard unlike some other games. Awesome 😍😊🙂😎🤟👩‍💻can't stop playing it i am addicted to it that's how fun it is.🎉😝👏😄😃😝😝🎉🎉👏👏

- Yayayaya

Your the best one I love this game ! 🥰😍😝😜😛😋🤪🤩😎

- Good job but too much adds I don’t like that

But good game please make less adds

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