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Solving physics-based puzzles and collect cats!

Welcome to this brand new cat shelter and start a journey of collecting and merging cats right now! Generous donation will be granted from cat lovers all around the world, so please invest it carefully and build a magnificent palace of various lovely cats!

Sometimes cats will make trouble and hide themselves. To catch the naughty cats, draw an adequate shape then tactfully use the terrain and featured objects within the puzzle level. You’ll find more interesting devices and also earn massive reward as progress of puzzle levels.

Hello Cats, as a perfect integration of puzzle and collective game, it has these features:
1. Freely and unrestrained drawing.
2. Delicate physics system and fun devices.
3. Open style puzzles, try make your own best solution.
4. More funny levels and amazing cats in future updates.

Hello Cats! App Description & Overview

The applications Hello Cats! was published in the category Games on 2018-09-13 and was developed by Fastone Games. The file size is 289.29 MB. The current version is 1.3.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Add more levels.

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Hello Cats! Reviews


Not as advertised  GregRose1993  1 star

Came across this game on an ad through Facebook and previous other games. The game is not like advertised and is a poor attempt at a copy of other successful games. No problem solving or skill really needed.


Zzzzzz  Phill007nswau  1 star



No longer playable.  asb57  3 star

Got to a certain point then the game froze. Now can longer press play can only access cat/box screen. Had to remove


Ads galore  Rosedog-Biarch  2 star

A scam game so they can make you watch ads. No option to remove them.


So Boring  Mattdav1601  1 star

The game has 3 interesting goals / mechanics, that are summed up within the first 3-5 levels. And that is completed within a minute. From then on its the same thing again and again, and its so straightforward. Every puzzle is putting something in a painfully obvious place and getting a perfect score. It's so easy its actually boring to play. I thought it might get harder, but after 2 chapters completed in the 15 minutes (it's that easy)I had this game I have lost interest and can't be bothered sitting through more ads.


Don’t get this game  j4joel1211  1 star

The physics mechanics in this game are stupid

Dyla Thorn

ads.. hello?  Dyla Thorn  3 star

games alright but the ads that constantly pop up make it unbearable to play for more than a few minutes.. sad


Thanks bro  tHaNkS_br0  1 star

Thanks bro


It’s a good game but I have a request  xkskx360  4 star

Since your game is a cat based game why do you have ‘perfect’ instead of ‘purrfect’ like cat game needs at least one cat pun😂


Too short. Need more levels  Mike33Stig  4 star

Took less then a week to complete all levels. Please add more! I really enjoyed playin this game in my free time. Wish it didn’t end so soon

Weirdo 😉

Why do mean  Weirdo 😉  1 star

Ok I was getting this game for a cute fun experience. But literally the game is about abusing cats. I thought we were supposed to help save them and give them water but no.


Ads not worth time playing  Thescott665  1 star

Levels takes 1 sec to beat, 5 sec ad after after couple levels then repeat. Not worth it.


🤮🤢  steelpinkrose  1 star

Animal abuse and too easy


Best game  For_what?  5 star

Its very addicting


What is this?  Cheesesandwich1  2 star

So first of all it is animal abuse. You are abusing a cat by knocking it off platforms or by hitting it. Second u can’t draw everywhere u are given limited space. Third it’s really easy to get three stars no challenge. Also there aren’t many ads so far i only get them when I’m claiming a surprise but that’s bc its ad=gift.

Catlover lobes cats

Animal Abuse  Catlover lobes cats  1 star

Ok this game is totally animal abuse! You don’t just throw a ball at a cat to catch it and throw water balloons at it! The game also is pretty boring


Eh  Jedsprism  1 star

Didn't think it was a game on terrorizing cats


Wish I could give a 0 star  Starrmari  1 star

This game literally broke my phone, had to go pay to get it fixed because it froze on the game add

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