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* Wirelessly mirror any app – or anything else – on your iPhone/iPad screen to your LG TV via your home network!
* Designed for LG TVs, LG Blu-ray players, and various LG devices!
* No wires, no additional hardware, and no hassles! Simple and easy!

Air Mirror App can wirelessly mirror your iPhone/iPad screen to your LG TV via your home network. Just follow the guide below to complete the initial setup – and your iPhone/iPad screen will appear instantly on your TV! It's great for watching movies, viewing photos, making presentations, web browsing, and much more!


First, please add "Screen Recording" function to the "Control Center" on your iPhone/iPad:
1. Open "Settings" on your iPhone/iPad, then tap "Control Center".
2. For iPhone: please turn on "Access Within Apps", then tap "Customize Controls". For iPad: please tap "Customize Controls".
3. Scroll down and look for "Screen Recording" from the "MORE CONTROLS" list. Then tap the green '+' button to add the "Screen Recording" control to the "INCLUDE" list.
Learn more about "Control Center":

Now, Let's Start Screen Mirroring:
1. Power on your LG TV/device. Make sure your iPhone/iPad and your LG TV/device are connected to the same WiFi network.
2. On iPhone X, swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen to open "Control Center". On iPhone/iPad, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to open "Control Center".
3. Long Press / Force Press / 3D Touch the "Screen Recording" control (NOT "Screen Mirroring") to open the app list.
4. Scroll up/down to look for the app "Air Mirror for LG TV" on the list, then select it and tap "Start Broadcast".
5. Open the app, and tap the "Connect" button in the top right corner. It will scan your network. Once your LG TV/device is found, please select it from the list to start mirroring! Finally, please select the icon on the bottom bar, which represents the orientation you going to use. It may take up to 30 seconds for your settings to kick in.
6. Soon you should see your iPhone/iPad screen mirroring on your LG TV/device! :-)

How to Stop Screen Mirroring:
1. Open the "Control Center" on your iPhone/iPad, tap the flashing Red button once. Screen mirroring will stop. When you want to mirror again, just follow the steps above.


• Mirror anything and any app on your iPhone/iPad screen to your LG TVs or devices in high quality.
• Supports LG TVs, LG Blu-ray players, and various LG devices (manufactured in 2013 and later).
• Supports both portrait and landscape orientations for screen mirroring.
• Consumes fewer resources, so your iPhone/iPad won't run slowly during screen mirroring.


• You will experience a latency (delay) on your TV screen during mirroring; it is impossible to achieve zero-second latency.
• DRM-protected content can't be mirrored, e.g., Netflix video.
• The audio would stop if you mirror Safari on your iPhone/iPad.


• Please follow the steps shown above carefully. If you set it up correctly, everything should work fine.
• If the audio doesn't "mirror" to your TV, please run the app you would like to mirror first, then restart the screen mirroring.
• The app may take up to 15 seconds to discover your LG TVs/devices on the network. If it fails to find them or fails to mirror, please restart your router, iPhone/iPad and LG TVs/devices.
• To improve the quality and stability of your viewing experience, a high-speed Wi-Fi connection is recommended.
• For other problems, please contact our technical support directly.
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NOTE: LG is a registered trademark of LG Crop. This application is developed, owned and maintained by a third-party application that has no affiliation with or endorsement from any of the trademark owners.

Air Mirror for LG TV App Description & Overview

The applications Air Mirror for LG TV was published in the category Entertainment on 2018-09-11 and was developed by Best App Limited. The file size is 8.75 MB. The current version is 2.1.3 and works well on 11.3 and high ios versions.

* Better compatibility to LG TVs.

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Air Mirror for LG TV Reviews


dont purchase this app  3988300  1 star

it is very slow even picture is not loading


I’m very disappointed  Yesi3  1 star

IT DOES NOT WORK. I tried several times, I followed all the steps. You think it would be easy to mirror your phone with one click but it’s not the case with this App. It’s a waste of time and money.

Jerry bully

Don’t be persuaded by the first comment  Jerry bully  1 star

This app is pathetic and a complete waste of money. The playback is super laggy and does not work at all. The sound is off and really annoying as well.

Bad app22

Terrible  Bad app22  1 star

I have iPhone X to an Lg tv and the app sits on the orientation screen and just loads, never moves on from there


Did not work  johanita68  1 star

Followed the steps and didn’t even work. Pretty dissapointed.


Awful!!!!!  nothappydoesntwork  1 star

Doesn’t work at all, can’t even connect to the TV. I literally just threw away $....


Terrible  ayrooood  1 star

I need a refund. How do I go about getting one? Please assist. Thanks!


Waste of money!  jnsp2016  1 star

Want my money back for this app!!!!


Do not purchase  impractical26  1 star

This is messed up! I really hope the app designers refund my money! My error for not reading the reviews, now I’m one on the list who threw perfectly $4.99 out the window.


How do you get a refund  Ray785  1 star

12 second delay between device and tv screen. Not worth 4.99


Do not waste your money!  kaksjsjsl  1 star

This is outrageous. $8 For an app that doesnt work even the slightest bit. I em expecting a refund. I won’t get ripped off like that.


Waste of money  Redrabbit24  1 star

I bought this app with high hopes and was completely disappointed. There was more than 5 seconds of lag between the sound on the phone and the image on the TV. I actually also thought that the sound would be transmitted to the TV. Why would I transmit a video to my big screen then listen to the tiny loudspeaker on the phone?!?!


Lag, lag, lag  dmpsamm  1 star


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