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What is very little nightmares app? Enter the world of Very Little Nightmares, a puzzle adventure game that mixes a cute and creepy universe.

Help the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat survive in a hostile house and find a way to get her out.

As she awakens in an unknown mansion, you must guide her through each room. What a fate to fall here, a place where everything wants to see her dead.

Her life is in your hands, avoid enemies, discover intriguing puzzles to finally pierce the secrets of this strange house.


The Nest, a vast maze filled with life-threatening traps.

The challenging puzzles that bar your way. Use your wits and any resources at your disposal.

The frightening enemies that will do everything to capture you.

A dark universe in this original prequel story of the events in Little Nightmares.

Keep in touch & unveil the mysteries of this world:


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Very Little Nightmares Version 1.2.005 February 2021

- No more issues when moving from one room to another - A lot more bug fixing.

Very Little Nightmares Version 1.1.431 January 2020

- General bug fixes and improvements..

Very Little Nightmares Comments & Reviews 2022

- Little Nightmares: My favorite game series

I first played Little Nightmares on the PS4, and I instantly LOVED it. In such a small amount of time, it easily became my favorite game. The cinematics, music, creepy animation, and definitely the captivating storyline. I had already decided that year, that I was going to be Six on Halloween. When I heard that Little Nightmares ll was coming out, I flipped a hypothetical table. I instantly played it on the Nintendo Switch and that was the game I played 24/7. That was when I heard that there had been a mobile game that came out before them all, so today, I finally decided to purchase it. Not to mention, Bandai Namco was also one of the creators of my childhood game: Little Big Planet. I was pretty happy when I found that out. Needless to say, Little Nightmares is my favorite game series of all time. (Also, the animated comics are really amazing).

- Nice expansion of the universe, but way too short

VLN was enjoyable, has some cool puzzles and familiar mechanics to the first Little Nightmares game. I didn’t accidentally die nearly as much as in the first game, so less frustration lol. Cool to see new villains, again with similar powers though to what you experience in LN, so a bit of a retread bummer in that respect. I’d love to give this higher praise, but with how insanely short this game was, especially for $6.99!, I can’t. If it was like $2 ok, but I expected more for that price, especially when you compare against other mobile games in that price tier. Really the only reason to go back after completion is if you missed some rewards items or if they decide to give some free DLC (YES please). I missed 2 jack in the boxes on my first go through, so if I’d have tapped everywhere I could have feasibly gotten everything on first try (that gets annoying though). Unless you are diehard into this universe, I’d wait until the price drops or is on sale (surprised it isn’t with the 2nd one just releasing). Overall a good experience, just wish there was more of it and that it was Apple TV friendly. Getting more picky about buying iOS games in general due to lack of tv support. Many of these games (not this one) can be purchased on switch, PlayStation and Xbox, making it a more fun & immersive experience. I always check them first.

- “Very” Little Nightmares

This game is a fantastic small adaptation of our of favorite game of 2017, “Little Nightmares”. But BEWARE, the controls can be quite irritating depending on the type of gamer you can be; if you’re impatient and like to be speedy tapping left or right of the screen proves to be quite trivial, but if your’e patient and slow I doubt you’ll notice this as a problem. The puzzles are fair and are similar on the level of the original game’s difficulty of puzzle-solving, though near the end of the game some of the puzzles can be quite dubious which personally led to some frustrating moments, (specifically something involving a piano and 5 portraits). In terms of the canonicity, without spoiling much, this seems to be completely separate from the main game. While it helps to be familiar with Tarsier’s world of Little Nightmares, there’s no need to HAVE to play the prior title to enjoy this one (though it’s HIGHLY recommended that you do)... For actual fans, I think the game does a good job at supplementing some new theories. All in all, the game works well, the environments are well done, and as a fan of the first game you should definitely check this title out.

- Better than I expected

Very little nightmares is a good game with a few flaws. First off the sound track is really good, the art style is loyal to the first little nightmares, and for a mobile game it is a very fun experience. The flaws keep it from being perfect tho. First off I witnessed some game breaking up bugs like in the second to last level wouldn’t allow me to move no matter where I tapped causing me to die, “This happened a few times”. And some enemies you weren’t supposed to interact with would be stuck in place and you could walk on top of them. SPOILER WARNING: At the end of the game it’s revealed that you were not playing as six but as someone else. The reason I bring this up is because I have a personal complaint, I wanted to see how six got on to the maw and where she came from, while we do see a little of that, it’s very vague. And the story adds more questions than answers like how do the kids get to nest, and who are these new enemies you fight and why are they doing the things they are doing. But over all it was a fun experience and it is worth the money.

- Love the game, but am sad bout the ending

I’ve never played Little Nightmares, the original, nor heard of it till the day before I got this. The puzzles are challenging and I find the character you play as super cool and cute! Like, I literally almost freak out every time she get hit with a piece of garbage, electrocuted, snatched up by the long armed man, or falls! I just love the girl in the yellow raincoat! I’m super upset tho!!! Why did this have to end like this for her!? (I call her Zero every now and again, because I don’t know her real name... does she have one??) it’s just, well, sad!! I also hear the was a clip scene at the end where “Six” collects her raincoat, but I could not get it. Bug, or is there a certain way to get it? 😅 other than that, great game, totally addictive and worth paying for! Still love the girl in the yellow raincoat too!!

- Amazing but glitches

So little nightmares is one of my favorite games on the planet. I’ve played both the original and the DLCs and I love them. I think this game is a great addition to the series and I like that it can be played on mobile. I love this game but it is a bit glitchy. My main problem is crashing. Every now and then the game would freeze and then crash. Then when I reloaded it, I would be started back a level or two. But then the main problem is that when I got to the end of the trash level and I was climbing up the ladder, the game froze and crashed but i tried to start it up again, every time I pressed play it would just crash again so I couldn’t play the game. I tried deleting things off my phone but it didn’t help. I ended up having to restart the ENTIRE GAME. That was really annoying, but other than that I love this game and I would enjoy any others made, just please fix the bugs.

- Phenomenal

This game was absolutely fantastic. If you’ve played the other games, you’ll be very pleased to find that this game is of the same breed of pleasantly scary and excitingly shocking. The story unravels very well paced to maintain your interest. The story is never boring and always supplying you new information to feed your imagination. Because the platform is point and click, you can’t have the same chase and hide mechanics as the console games of the same franchise. No need to worry, because it’s made up for with clever puzzles. If you start playing without taking a look at the achievements beforehand, you’ll probably laugh at them as you unlock them by accident. 5/5 stars for this game, I’ll be recommending it to anyone that will listen.

- One of the best mobile experiences I have had

Little nightmares is already one of my favorite games, so imagine my surprise when an app comes out. I thought it would be generally good, but when I actually played it I was hit with an experience I will soon not forget. It plays somewhat like Monument Valley, but without the optical illusions of course. The puzzles are stronger in this game than in the original, and manages to be different enough that it does not feel like the same game. In some aspects, I actually found this one more disturbing than the original, but to be fair, I have played the original well over a dozen times so the scare factor did die. It is always nice to have a game to pull out and play, and this game would be a great companion for a long car ride.

- An amazing puzzle game!!

Yes some of the puzzles were really hard and annoying. It still captured suspense in a cartoony mobile game. It is an amazing add on to the Little Nightmares series but not as good as the original. For there is less mobility and it is not as scary or suspenseful. I recommend this game 100%! It is amazing and at night you will stay up thinking of theory’s and the immense story. It is an amazing game with outstanding music and an amazing story and lore. This is probably mostly bias because I’m like the biggest LN fan ever. But this game had beautiful sound design and music, elegant animation and easy to learn controls. I loved this game and you should get it too. Easy 5 stars. Even if your not a fan of horror just give it a shot.

- A perfect spin-off for an amazing franchise

This was a perfect bite-sized serving of the little nightmares universe. The small yet intriguing additions to the lore and world are satisfying, the aesthetic of the franchise is maintained despite the shift in format, the mechanics also feel true to the series, and the aforementioned differences in format still work to great effect. This game was well worth the price tag, and it works great as a short dip back into the twistedly beautiful and compelling world of little nightmares. I heavily recommend this for casual and diehard fans alike. (Just make sure this isn’t your first exposure to the franchise)

- Great! But with a few glitches

So much about this game is superb—soundscape, graphics, ambiance, and hidden achievements. I’m currently stuck on Level 4 (in the bath tub room) because no matter how hard or frantically I double-tap for her to run, I can’t get her up the bookcase fast enough to avoid him grabbing her. I just hit 40 deaths trying this level. I I think I scream out loud in fear every time, too because being chased is intense. I’ve sought out walk through to try different routes (there is really only one) or tricks but it appears to be just a matter of moving fast. Which I cannot do. I’ll try it again every few days, since I enjoy the game very much and want to keep going! But if you can do anything to help her zoom along in that puzzle level I’d appreciate it.

- Fun game, glitch?

This is a fun little game. I have never played the original little nightmares so I didn’t have any background in terms of the overall story line but that isn’t needed and this story is definitely independent. The controls can be frustrating. Wish they would have adjusted for landscape view as I think this would have elevated many of the problems. As for the second to last level, I seem to be stuck at the crossing of the bridge with the small tree. I get half way across and fall off every time. I’ve tried to slow down, I’ve tried nonstop running, I’ve tried clicking all across the tree. Nothing seems to be working and it is quite frustrating. Not sure if this is a glitch or if I am doing something wrong.

- Great, but definitely some issues.

I like this game a lot! But the constant tapping to get everywhere is annoying. More than once, the game decided I didn’t double tap when I had, decided I clicked on an entirely different section, and decided I didn’t tap at all. Not to mention, the pathfinding was very wonky, and sometimes made the character run in circles... and on the big platform slide puzzle in the piano room, the character decided that she could walk on air all the way down to the bottom and got stuck... had to restart the level entirely. Definitely has replay value though, I barely got any of the jack in the boxes. I might refrain from playing until at least the pathfinding gets better though...

- A bit short

I love this game and it’s mechanics but couldn’t you of made it longer? I finished it in 3 hours that’s pretty short and it is cool how it is a prequel of little nightmares 2 which is also a prequel but could you make it less complicated? If you could make a second one like this? But longer, and a sequel to the first game and with no connection with it that does not have six or mono or the girl in the yellow raincoat, but includes the cafeteria lady that was dead on the floor in the second game and some new enemies? But that is not what this review is for, so it is way too short for 6.99 make it a buck or free and I would be satisfied but, since that is not possible because you need to make money, I will give this 3 stars.

- Bravo!!

An excellent Franchise please take your time with the series the puzzles are great the atmosphere is wonderful milk it for all it’s got but just take your time with it this game is refreshing challenging Interesting Dark Twisted Fun The Pacing has been perfect I love all the theories you know you got something when people start to to theorize what could be I say you throw us on our heads and keep us guessing it’s like a mysteries you never want to end I own all variations of the tittle and have definitely enjoyed the superb creation thank you sincerely from a fan

- Story Telling over User Experience

✅ Game Design is pretty good, immersion is happening, especially with the music and sounds. ✴️ Complexity of the puzzles improve over the game, but since every key things are highlighted, you won’t have to think too much. ✴️ Checkpoint system is not intuitive at all, so you will always be afraid to quit the App for something else since he will “reboot” by itself without bringing you back to where you were. ✴️ There are a few bugs left, especially when you’re against a specific type of enemy (*spoiler alert* the floating one), you don’t die when you should and then you can’t do nothing but quit the game. 🅾️ Gameplay is definitely the worst thing about this game. The point and tap just doesn’t work very well, especially the double tap run version. So be ready to be frustrated. 🅾️ Camera motion is second worst, because it is not synced with your character, so when you have to plan ahead your second move (eg: while rushing away from something) it will be fairly random to tap where you wanna go, you gonna miss some tenth of millimeter with your big thumb and die over and over haha

- A Full Little Nightmare Game on iOS!

I had a blast adventuring through the macabre world of little nightmares, and was consistently amazed at how perfect it was for my phone, and as a port (but entirely new content) of the look and feel of the amazing Little Nightmares. Some puzzles were frustrating like old school pixel hunts as you need to figure out what you can interact with or figure out new ways to traverse that you didn’t know were possible, and the last stretch of the game is much more focused on trial and error than the rest of the game in a way that I very much did not like. That said, the game is still incredible and of course comes highly recommended!

- Poor game, average puzzles, weak controls

Not sure if some of the puzzles are broken or you need to reload if you do it wrong (barrel room is just a bad puzzle room. Really bad. As is the floor switch door And red ribbon room. Just non intuitive nonsensical puzzles). The pathing controls are not good for this day and age, could be way more intelligent to avoid clicking all over the place infinitely, I mean you really shouldn’t have to click on ladders, top or bottom should work. The camera could be way better also to show more ahead of you, even just increasing the camera scroll speed. Also Have fun losing your save progress in certain rooms (imps jumping on bed). And OMG THAT ENDING might be the worst in any video game ever!!!!! Run for your life then you die. Terrible. 0 stars seriously.

- Amazing experience

I played the little nightmares on my PlayStation and when I found out there was already one on mobile I just had to play it. It really makes me understand the story better and I feel so attached to the characters. I cant wait for part ll. I love everything from the music, to the artwork, it’s so cute yet chilling and I just adore things that are cute yet spooky. Its a must recommend for anyone who’s played the PlayStation one first def play this one. If you haven’t played one on a console play this one first.

- Beautiful game :)

I own Little nightmares on the PC already and I was to scared to finish playing the PC version but i’m so glad it came out to mobile :-) so I can actually not be so terrified to play even though it isn’t exactly the same as the PC version I still like it ^^ ALSO I hope later in the future that you guys would please add more levels and maybe some DLC, and special content like from the PC version that would be really nice 😊💕I really would like to see you guy’s create and make add on extra levels as DLC for this version of little nightmares ^_^

- Great game until...

This is a great, suspenseful, gorgeous game! I loved playing it and the tension that the harder levels (the ones you’re chased on) are great. HOWEVER, There’s something screwy with level 13 at the end. The butler is simply not distracted long enough to get away - she runs to the door and stops as if it doesn’t register that it’s open. I have also had the game semi freeze and the butler doesn’t move at all, but that doesn’t register the end of the level. I have checked all of the walkthroughs and sites, seems I’m not the only one that this is glitching at. Frustrating as I loved this game until this point.

- Ending Feedback

SPOILERS IN REVIEW Okay, first of all I love this game. The simple graphics are amazing, the characters are great, and the puzzles are amazing. I simply want to talk about the ending, which was fighting the final boss lady with another kid helping you only to fall into a ocean and have your raincoat float up and drift away. It’s interesting, sure but I had hoped it would be a little more heartening. The second I saw myself actively indulging with the other kid you saw for a few seconds, like when I fell into the giant spider web, I went like “Oh, we’re gonna escape together!” What a surprise when I found out what actually happens. Maybe you could create a sequel or something? Like maybe the second kid dives in after me and it’s all about what happens down there? Maybe there’s a tunnel or something? Idk, it’s up to you, but I do want the story to not end at heroic yet ironic death.

- Bite-Sized Little Nightmares *stomach growls*

It does a great job capturing the atmosphere created in the original game. The levels and puzzles are well-crafted with good attention to detail put in the rooms. However, the soundtrack in the original set the bar high and this game doesn’t quite meet that bar. Love the new group of characters this game introduces although not as frightening as the original crew save for the butler. That’s a bad bad man! And one of my favorites from the series now. Has a few bugs that need to be worked out but overall a solid Little Nightmares experience and great addition to the lore. And just like Six.. I’m hungry for more..

- Love this animated little nightmares

I personally love the little nightmares series and an animated one is just as good as the ones with a bit more realistic graphics. I am so glad you put this in the App Store. The music and sound effects just make me feel like I’m actually in the world of very little nightmares. The puzzles were pretty difficult, which I love ❤️. it really works my brain, and the ending… What a twist. I just hav no other words for this game. It just blew me away. Thank you make it 🤗

- Nice Little Game

Having played both main games in the series and wanting more of the Little Nightmares world to explore I just had to get this app. Playable with only one hand and only requires tapping for control, which can get repetitive but nice if you want something simplistic. Took off one star only cause of the short length of the game for the price and lack of additional content. Can easily finish the game to 100% completion in less than 2 hours. But besides that a worthwhile game to check out if you like the main series.

- Awesome Game!

This was a very fun puzzle game. First of all, I highly recommend you buy it and try it for yourself. It has excellent puzzles, great graphics, requires some timing and coordination in a few places. It even made me jump once it twice. As much as I loved it, it did have a couple shortcomings. The controls are very annoying at times. Finally, I got the feeling that there was a really good story underlying the game, but its origins and endings were never revealed. Bottom line, it’s worth your money.

- Adorably creepy game!

The design and puzzles are wonderful! I especially loved the new environment, having a similar aesthetic to the first little nightmares game, but mixing things up with new enemies and story. The music is really good too! I love the second boss theme❤️ still so spooky yet catchy! My only complaint is how to get to certain levels. Not in solving the puzzles to move on, those are a lot of fun, but I did run into times where I would leave the app for a minute and come back 3 levels back. Still an awesome game and a good prequel!

- Really good but the ending

I really love little nightmares I played the first game and the DLC both of those were amazing this game was no different some of the puzzles were a bit too hard but no impossible then came the ending I hated the ending of very little nightmares what did five/raincoat girl (which is her real name) dies at the end and I hate that I know that seven and mono all had similar fates but why her she was amsome as a side character but I get why she died I just hate it if there is a different ending LET ME KNOW because I want to get it but I highly recommend this game

- Really nice game!

The visuals and everything is nice, but after a while the puzzles do get a little difficult and confusing to solve. I was also wondering if anyone could help me with one of the levels, since once i'm in the area where I have to use the gas pipes on the scary man, I still can't run fast enough to get to the next level. And when I do, it's because there's a strange game glitch and I can't advance further in the game, since it freezes on me. Any help would be great! Thank you! 💦

- Very cute and worth the price

I haven’t played Little Nightmares, but the story interested me so I tried this. The art looks cute-as cute as creepy can be- and the puzzles were challenging enough that it was rewarding but not so much so that I had to look up the solutions. The controls were a bit unwieldy but I didn’t think it was worth taking off a star because the game is incredibly detailed and still playable, and the price was low.

- Good not great

As a fan of the series, I enjoyed having a little taste of little nightmares to play anywhere. However, if you are looking for the type of story or mystery that comes with the console games, you won’t find that here. If you are looking for a puzzle game to keep you occupied with a familiar protagonist and some new villains, you won’t be disappointed. The game was a little pricey for how short it was. And if you do not do well with trial and error and learning from mistakes, this game isn’t for you. I can see where the tap style could be annoying, but I played on a tablet and had no issues with the mechanics of it. I could see where playing on a phone could be challenging. Pros: fun puzzles, familiar characters and feel, new villains Cons: price point a little off for how short it is, low replay factor, controls potentially wonky for smaller screens

- Not for me.

I appreciate that they made a version for people who don’t have Nintendos and Ps5 or whatever, but this one just isn’t as good. Not as scary, and super confusing. I don’t like the tap to walk, it makes everything very difficult. So when you have to run, you struggle a lot. If your going to spend money, pleaseee spend it on little nightmares 2 or 1, this one gives the game a bit of a bad impression because it’s just really confusing and difficult to play. This game is giving me crossy road tower vibes- I wish this one was more like the Nintendo/ps5 version. I don’t know if it’s just me, but that’s what I think.


I like this game because it tells the story before Little nightmares. And we’re in a different place called The Mansion. And it has a lot of different characters than the original little nightmares. Also I like it because it’s very creative because it’s in a cartoony version. And I like the mechanics I like that you have to tap to go where you want to be. I think this is a great game for little nightmares fans and A lot of other people. 🙂 also I’m a big fan of little nightmares 😁

- About this amazing game!

I’m about to finish this game.. I’m really sad about it ending. Please you have to make a part 3!! This is my favorite game and nothing will ever ever ever change that! If you agree to make a part 3, I’ll be so happy! I can’t wait to hear the news that it’s coming back if it does come back. It did scare me quite a lot of times.. but I still I’ve it! Keep up the great work! Sincerely, your biggest fan


I have literally BEGGED people to buy this game and each one of them end up loving it just as much as I do. I really provokes thought, has an adorable character, the sounds and music genuinely add to the suspense and intensity. finding the boxes in each level make it even better. I have never been so glued to my phone. I hate being on my phone, I ignore everything and I’ve never been a game person. I bought this app on a total whim and LOVE it. you won’t regret it

- Couldn’t resist

When I saw this game pop up on pre-order, it didn’t take long for me to go for it. The game design is something unlike anything I’ve ever played! The puzzles are sometimes familiar, other times you need to really look at what you’re trying to solve. Sometimes you might not know the goal until you figure it out! Either way, super fun game, had I picked it up, and I hope this game comes back for seconds!

- Well-crafted but a little too irritating

I bought this without realizing it was a platformer. Didn't know anything about the original game. It took me awhile to get into it but once I made it past the spotlights that turn you to stone it picked up some steam. I enjoyed the different kind of problem-solving on various levels, but controlling all the movements with the touchpad is quite frustrating, especially when you tap on a spot to go to and it takes an entirely different path than you intended (usually resulting in your death). The last two levels in particular are quite infuriating. While I appreciate the level of craftsmanship and design here, I wish there was more of the story filled in. Who is the little girl with the big hair and what does she have to do with everything? Oh well, guess I should stick to point-and-click's...

- A game sequence just doesn’t happen

I loved the game and made it until level 14 where you have to collect all the gnomes so they can break the bed and I was able to collect all the gnomes but the bed never broke I’ve watched several tutorials and I’m certain I have them all and I’ve stood exactly where the people who made the videos stood but the bed never broke,I’ve tried getting the gnomes in a different order or standing in a different spot but the bed never brakes,and i always have done exactly as others yet for me the bed just doesn’t break and it really just ruined the game since I couldn’t even continue

- How to win

This game is very hard so here is a list to help you deal with the bosses: Craftsman: he has long arms, similar to the janitor. He has no special powers, but he can reach to a impressive skill. So when you see him, try to out run him sense he has bad eye sides. The Butler: unlike the craftsman, he has a special power: Moveing things with his mind. So stay behind things, for if he sees you, he wii end your progress. Shoe Monster: swim fast, and climb quickly. The pretender: you first see her after you just get away from the butler. If she touches you will disappear, and lose your progress. Spoiler alert!!! At the end of the game you climb down some rocks, and eventually you running to the mystery child, and she throws a boulder On the pretender. Unfortunately she survives, and her and The girl and the raincoat fell to there demise. - fizzy

- Very Little Nightmares

I really like this game and have found it to be very challenging, however every time I try to escape the butler by scalding him and jumping through the opened trap door, the girl stops short of the trap door and just stands there until the butler recovers and kills her no matter how much I try to get her to move or jump down she will not move.. super frustrating and I’m simply stuck here in the game not being able to move on.. what gives?

- Very nice but some glitches!

I really enjoy this game. I am a fan of all Little Nightmares canon, and wanted to try out VLN. But unfortunately I have encountered a glitch. In Level 14, the room with the nomes jumping on the bed, I have found all of the nomes, but the bed will not break. I have redone the puzzle several times to no avail. I have looked up guides and I still do not understand. Is there anything I can do? I s love this game very much and do not want to quit over a silly little glitch.


Hello creator of very little nightmares I love this game its my favorite game but it got pretty hard and I could not pass the level for months I think it was level 6 or 5 could you maybe make that level a little easier you know the light where it freezes you thats what’s really hard for me... so could you just make that level a little more easier thank you!

- I like it

I love the little nightmares games I have been Playing them for a while now And I’m happy that there is one that I can have everywhere I hope you can Make more game’s because I really like them and if you guys aren’t planning anymore little nightmares games then can you at lest make games LIKE this? But anyway this was a very good game good job now I can make more theories!👍🏼🥇

- stopped working on iPad mini2

Game has been pretty fun, challenging at times, beautifully art directed. But unfortunately I got as far as the top of that long wall climb after the garbage room with the propeller and now it chronically crashes, simply doesn’t load the next room. It now crashes when I press play in the menu screen to continue the game. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game, restarted the iPad, closed all other applications, and still nothing. Fully up to date with system updates etc. Really a bummer. Been waiting for an update and so far it hasn’t fixed my issue.

- Requires quick reflexes

I really wish game developers would make it crystal clear if their games are the type that largely require quick reflexes and timing. I bought this game sorta expecting something different, like solving puzzles and exploration, but instead it’s primarily about quick reflexes. I played about 15 minutes and can’t take anymore. There went $7 straiiiiiight into the trash… Definitely not a relaxing or thought-provoking game - Just a warning to those who are like me, just wanting to explore and solve puzzles. This is NOT that at all.

- Good game, need to tweak some timing

This is a very good game. There are some timing based challenges that could stand a bit more tolerance. I’m stuck at the end of the laundry where you have to use the steam on the guy and escape. I’ve watched walkthroughs and tried it dozens of times. I never make it. I’m always one step short. So, eventually it becomes impossible to continue. I appreciate a challenge, but there appears to be no way past this.

- It was great!!

It was amazing!! I loved the ending, too! (kinda depressing though) The only reason I gave this game a four-star review was because of the controls. They are very hard to work with near the end of the game, especially when you had to move quickly. To make this better I think making a joystick control option would be great, but you don't need to. I also kind of like the controls how they are now because it makes the game harder!

- Love the game but I can not progress

First off, the game itself is great and fun to play, carrying what makes the Little Nightmares world so special onto the mobile space. However, the game crashes and will not let me progress after climbing the garbage chute. After this whenever I try to play the game from the main screen it automatically crashes. Is there any current fix (or one coming) for this?

- Level 13 glitch

I really enjoy the game but I am frustrated that I cannot get past level 13. I have watched walkthroughs of this level and have followed the instructions to a tee, but she never makes it down the chute in the floor. I have tried at least a hundred times and the closest she ever gets is right to the edge. I would love to hear developer feedback on this as I would really like to make it to the end.

- Lovely game, worst controls

I love little nightmares. However for this app, you can only move by tapping. This means you have little control over your character and will end up making mistakes that will eventually infuriate you. I died many many times just because the corner of my phone couldn’t be tapped for one second and then the next time my little finger touched the next square that I didn’t want to go to and I end up dying.

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- Great game!

Love this game, has a heart breaking story line, unique art style, great BGM, challenging collectibles, accurate timing for events, and everything is designed in detail. Just with there is one more save point in the last episode, after successfully running pass a couple of huge stone hand statues, as it’s a bit hard to control escape path by tapping screen with limited time. Everything else is great, really wants a sequel or more game like this please.

- Slide under the door before it shut and kick me out

Do you know the part were you have to grab a handle and make it. To a door quickly shutting and you have to make it so at least Six can slide under when loading It loads for a little while. then the on the next room it kicks me out of the app. when I try loading again it will kick me out. And yes I am playing on IPad Air1 I love this franchise but it kicks me out when I try to load the room

- Amazing game!

This game is so amazing! I absolutely love the lore and backstory to it and how it adds even more understanding to the other little nightmares games, hopefully more little nightmares games come out in the near future because they are my favourite game series ever!

- Kicks me out!

I love this game. The only problem I have with it, is that when I have finished climbing the wall obstacle ( room 10 I think) when my character is about to go into the next room the game completely kicks me out! And since then I am unable to re-enter the game! Because it constantly kicks me out when I press the play button on the main menu screen. Which is really sad because I really want to play it! Hopefully they can fix this bug because I paid for this game and cannot even play it!

- Really enjoyed but could be improved

For its price it is a bit short, finished it in a day on my weekend. Visually it’s great, love it and the music and sound effects are eerie and captivating I may have jumped on a few occasions. I did the responsiveness of the touch controls didn’t always work as well as they could have and as a result I didn’t always get to access areas I should have been able to, to access the secret boxes. But overall enjoyable and I’ll play again 👍🏻

- Very Little

Definitely not worth the price tag. Some of the puzzles defy logic and the ending was disappointing with a lot of side scrolling type action while being chased. Controls were a tad annoying not being able to move the screen around. I thought it would be good with all the reviews but did not love.

- Wish there was more

Really enjoyed this game I am hoping the creators come up with a follow up to it, you could go into the past or future with this game. There’s lost of questions I have I want to know more about the characters Why are there little kids running away and those little mushroom like creatures running away from our little yellow jacket guy How did the house come to be, why is the little yellow jacket guy there Maybe a sequel? Apart from that I really enjoyed the game and I think it’s the right price for the game

- Best game ever

BEST GAME EVER, this game has an amazing story line and great characters the horror factor of the game would probably only be 7+ though but I totally recommend this game even for adults because it really makes you think.

- Doc please

It’s a great game and has a great story I am a big fan of little nightmares but I really want a dlc because it was kind of short or u can make a sequel to VLN but still love the game and excited for Little nightmares 2

- Awesome

I have this it is awesome plus it is very hard fun some levels are also easy very easy 9+ tho I’m 10 so yea I give it a five out of five

- Hmmmmm

Yeah it’s ok. I think it’s a bit pricey to be honest with you. The controls are horrible I know it’s a tap and move game but when your trying to hide and your tapping and then little guys goes completely the wrong way or somewhere you didn’t even tap that needs to be sorted out. Reason for my 3 stars

- Easy to down

I love all little nightmares series but this one so often down at my I pad and unable to play music in my iPhone. Hope they fix these issues…

- You should put the runaway kid in it

Creater can you please put the runaway kid in very little nightmares and I liked the game so much it was easy and hard

- Amazing Game!!

Great game. Really creative and artistic. Interesting puzzles and gameplay.

- dlc or more levels needed or original little nightmares

Please add a dlc or more levels because it was pricey and I know you’ve changed the price but what about us the people who spent a lot of money on this game. It was a good game but only lasted 3 to 3 and a half hours which isn’t very long. I love little nightmares and with little nightmares 2 coming out you must add more levels. Maybe your busy on LN2 but maybe after or before the release you could add more levels a dlc a second VLN or the original little nightmares! The original little nightmares would be preferable, but I just want to say thanks to The Bandi Dev and alike studios for even creating a mobile little nightmares! I loved the art style of the game and the storyline was engaging and mysterious, like LN should be! So thank you for this amazing game. Thanks. Love all the little nightmares

- It’s ok

It’s not as good as the original games but it’s still good play

- It was okay

A bit pricey

- Boring.

Ya just walk around. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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- It’s Pretty Good

It’s a pretty good puzzle game, the only issue is that it keeps crashing after the garbage room.

- Not long enough to justify the price.

I love the Little Nightmares universe, but this game was way too short. I passed it in under 2 hours. Only worth it when it’s on sale. I wonder why they changed the gameplay so much for the mobile version. Little Nightmares is a game that when done right, works awesome ported to touch screen. “Inside” has the exact same mechanics and it was perfect on iPad, so I dunno why they went for the whole monument valley look. I prefer the 3d side scroller style.

- Good except...

dont leave the game suspended or you’ll find it quits and you have to repeat the whole chapter which is annoying if you dont have time to complete it

- A pretty competent mobile adaptation

It is definitely a lot more puzzle based than it’s predecessor, so don’t go into hoping for a scare like “Little Nightmares” delivers. However, it is a nice puzzle game that’s very similar to the monument valley games in its puzzles, and challenge. Would recommend, even at the price.

- Lovely but...

After a few chapters, the app is now not opening, wont fully load...crash. would-love to fix this but no updates and nothing online. Might just be me but i still wish i could get some tips or help.

- BrainCells ALERT!!

SUUPEERRR fun game!!! And guess what??!! My lazy braincells woke up and do their thing! They have too so i can finish the game lol but i only have 2suprise box left in the house out of 18 and i wont stop playing this game over and over again till i find those 2secret room!!! Ill definitely will!! 😏 i kinda feel like a treasure hunter lol but yeah super fun game and i recommend it to yall and also use headphone on full Volume and play it at night in a dark room! 😊😊 cant wait to play little nightmares 2 after i finish this one! ♥️♥️♥️

- Game does not work

Same issue as everyone, game crashes. Too bad the devs don’t fix this. It’s not like this was a free game. Will not buy the game on Switch now. :( Otherwise the game is fun.

- Crashes

Crashes after chapter 10...I’ll press play and it kicks me out. Fix please.

- Great game keep bugging

Right after the garbage room the game kick me out Impossible to continue Not worth it if not fix

- Little nightmares

Can’t get by the garbage level man Come on what a rip half the game Should be half the price !!!!

- Problem solved

iPad user here. Like some other reviews have stated, all went well until chapter 14 when nothing happens after the norms are all found. Update: Problem solved, I didn’t find the one in the slide in the previous room XD, just updated my review to five stars.

- Read

This is a very fun game get it awesome very cool woth it

- Little nightmares

Hope this games is free so that I can play more pls

- Glitchy, glitchy

Frustrating !

- Best game in the world

I love this I love every type of little nightmares but everyone is saying that the game crashes but it doesn’t happen to me but it’s probably because they are on pc but I really love 😍😍😍 this game❤️❤️❤️

- Keeps crashing

The game keeps crashing after the room with the clocks and the shoe hitting the switch. I guess I should have been prepared for this as a bunch of other reviews also said that the game kept crashing. Too bad because I liked the console game a lot, was going to buy the sequel after playing the mobile game but now I won’t because this is garbage

- Gari420

Best game I have played in so long should make a part 2!!

- Great game

This game is so fun and scary.I am a big fan of Little Nightmares and I am really happy I got to play one game of it.I don’t regret using money on this game.

- Everything works fine and I love this game

I played both Little Nightmares and Little Nightmares II on pc, and this one was pretty different at first due to all the tapping, but overall it was fun :)


It's so fun I play it all the time I hope little nightmares 2 and 1 will be on ios great game

- Je l’adore

Très bien jeu, j’aime l’histoire,je sais que il y a une suite mais,le problème c’est que je ne peux pas le jouer car je doit acheter ps4 et acheter le jeu ça va couté cher. Les son et les personnages fait peur ce qui rend le jeu parfait et aussi les cases tê vous conseille 100%

- Crashes after the garbage room

Was really enjoying it, until it crashed. 😔

- Ending

Good game but the ending why. You’ll understand

- Garbage room

Game crashed at garbage area.

- Make a little Nightmare Coop please

Please make a little nightmare a other story who you can play two Players!!!!

- Liked it!

I like adventure mystery games, I was stuck in some parts but I checked the online walk throughs!

- Excellence

Voila un jeu qui épatera toujours autant! J’ai connu ce jeu sur ps4 avant de voir qu’il y en avait un sur cellulaire! La musique es entrainante et la complexité es juste assez élevé! bravo pour cette belle oeuvre!

- Muito bom

Gráficos muito bons

- owsom

the app is so fun and so much better then i thet it was.

- Awesome!!

Super great game, and some great insight on Six’s story without making her the main character!!!

- Constantly crashes

This would have received a much better rating as it's a great game with great puzzles. But way too often it crashes and you are forced to redo whole chapters, only to have it crash again. Also controls can be, more often than not, very difficult. Games should be fun, not tedious. Extremely frustrating! As it is both pricy and impossible to complete, I do not recommend it at all. Save your money for something far more stable. Developers could have done so much better here. What a disappointment.

- The best puzzle game ever

So listen I have beaten the game 3 times and I’m going to create my favs and this is one also do you think you can get any other little nightmares games on mobile

- Fun until Chap14

This was a very entertaining game: ice graphics, interesting puzzles and intriguing characters. Unfortunately nothing happened after I unleashed the 6 gnomes in chapter 14. Even after rebooting and going through all the steps twice. I read that bed is supposed to break, but absolutely nothing happened after several minutes.

- Disappointed.

Loved the game on consoles. Disappointed heavily this one turned out to be what some would argue as a good challenge, to me at just 60% of the way into the game, a complete chore to trial and error solutions to the puzzles. Game started becoming seriously tedious. Wasn’t having fun anymore. Can’t bother to push through with it. You should enjoy a game, not fight it.

- Who is she

Who is the the girl we play as it is not six because of the ponytail the person we help I believe is six [spoiler] when the girl dies what happens to six you should add a ending when you get all of the music box’s six gets the jacket and you are in little nightmares in 2D

- This game is awesome and all but...

The game controls are pretty good I got use to them when I first got the game but now that I’ve had it for a month now whenever I try to press play the game starts loading (as in the eye starts blinking) but then it freezes for a second then kicks me out, if you could fix that problem that would be great

- Wouldn’t download

I just paid $10 for this game and it won’t download. Complete flop👎🏻

- Prequel to Little Nightmares

I took advantage of the Hallowe’en sale to treat myself to this spooky-cute adventure. I’m more of a puzzler than a platformer but the controls and graphics are so user friendly that even I was able to accomplish the levels without getting frustrated.

- Excellent

Really enjoyed this game... great atmosphere, puzzles are tricky but not impossible and enjoyable story. Reasonable length game is well worth the $.

- Enjoyable, but....

Like the mood and the puzzles, but I’m stuck in the hallway due to a glitch.

- Worthy Mobile Game (But not without its hiccups)

VERY LITTLE NIGHTMARES excels at continuing to build more of the lore and mystery that LITTLE NIGHTMARES had. The enemies in this game, despite not being as hi-res as The Janitor or The Lady, still make you uneasy and to remain stealthy. The puzzles are intriguing and rewarding to figure out, however the highest I can give is 4/5 because the tap controls can be somewhat unreliable in fast paced scenarios. Too many times I was caught by an enemy simply because of a wrong tap. It can be frustrating, so if the controls can be somewhat fine tuned in the future, it may make for a more enjoyable experience. That said - if you liked LITTLE NIGHTMARES, don’t miss out on this game. Worth the price to download and there are hidden collectibles.

- Interesting game... worst controls ever

Nice game, well done graphics, atmospheric, but that tap control is just not working. To steer the caracter, you have to tap where you want her to go, but half the time, you tap on a spot and it doesn’t work.

- Lots of fun to play, but needs a little work

The game is fun to play and the puzzles were often times just challenging enough to be fun without being frustrating. The only problem is that when you leave the game, you will have to redo a good amount to get back to where you were before you left. This isn’t such a bad thing except for when you left off at one of the more intense, difficult parts. I also noticed some glitches near the end where the game would not let me move and I would have no choice but to wait and watch as I was being captured. I left the game and rejoined, had to redo a lot of that particularly intense chapter, and then it finally would let me move at that spot. Overall, the game was lots of fun and worth a try.

- Too short not worth it

Honestly not a bad game, but its WAAAYYY too short for $10. I finished it in one sitting. Not worth it

- Great game, spotty controls

I really enjoy the game but the tap controls are a bit unreliable for time-sensitive movements.

- Very good

Super good game and I highly recommend getting it. The only reason 4 stars is the saving factor, if you log out for a bit and come back you have to re due some of what you’ve already done, but I got over it pretty quickly since for most of the puzzles once you know the answer you can glide straight through to get back where you wanted. Absolutely loved the “Little nightmares”, even got the DLCs! And this was no acceptation. Perfect for long train rides and lots of rich story to dissect. Highly recommend

- It’s good

It’s a fun game but I don’t like having to redo a level whenever I leave the game

- Save System Broken

Great game but the save mechanism is to be desired. Oftentimes, it doesn’t save at the current area, forcing you to start a scene over - totally annoying.

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@followthatband It is. There has not been any of the traffic nightmares I thought there would be. Very efficient. Hopefully it'll get a little faster, but its worth the wait.


@Zulkey They have done lots of charitable work and raised money for good causes but also sprinkle a little sexual abuse and brainwashing to convince the kids very early they cannot live without the collective. I have nightmares about some of the stories I was told. Underdeveloped kids.

Hope 🌸

Very difficult!! Six favourite games: 1. Kingdom Hearts 2 2. Animal Crossing City Folk 3. Little Nightmares 4. Psychonauts 5. Little Misfortune 6. Life is Strange ⭐⭐ @tigersjay_ @Shimmlight @BlitzPlum @mollietayy @HeatherTeacup @mollycaroline7 ⭐⭐


I didn't want to watch aot for a very long time, because when I was little, I watched one episode with my brother, and then I had nightmares. anyways i’m going to watch it wish me luck🤪😚😼🙄🥰😆

Ames and Games! Twitch streamer | EGC

Late night stream tonight! I’ll be live at 9pm playing Little Nightmares! I’m very much looking forward to this one hope to see you guys there


@LindaWesson PTSD, survivors guilt, nightmares unable to not relive the terror. The manner in which the insurrectionists gave little regard for human life. Alot of these officers have served in the military and were dealing with that and now the two now compiled. Very sad

🎶🎠Vegan Comedienne🎠🎶

I was so very tired, and I did indeed fall asleep for about four dream filled hours. I do not recall having had any nightmares. I was a little late in taking my little Laika out for her 4:00pm walk, and in feeding her her dinner.

Hella Ella/Ellanines

@IRCrye_XIII @blvofthedark @theequinocts @PoltergeistCel1 @XaeronRazkar55 First off: Something about seing "Tagged by: TC" just has me going :D Second, those are some good games. Hopefully not at a very young age though. DDLC and Little Nightmares aren't really kind games from what I can tell. . .

supreme meem been

Now streaming live on A very late night stream of Little Nightmares

ཾ 𝕲 𝐎 𝐊 𝐔 𝕭 𝐋 𝐀 𝐂 𝐊。❧

— at the opponent’s feet , and whether or not they seem to make their mark mattered very little , simply due to the figure of darkness vanishing out of sight. . It was a distraction! Body manifest above the brute , both legs extended with the flat of white soles—

Dads After Dark Show

Watched @Symharmony play Little Nightmares since it’s part of Games With Gold now. She and I were always interested in it, so watched her play while I worked. Very dark game. Closed in. I feel like other similar games like Inside/Limbo/etc. are a better game experience.


@LittleNights I'm very excited to play little nightmares 2 on February 11.... can't wait to see how the launch trailer is gonna look hoping you all make one


Also. I’m not sure if very little nightmares is cannon but that’s a thing and it makes me very emotional


@ElisMaleWife Little nightmares is a little tricky if you haven’t played it very much also there’s a LOT of gore and body horror and it looks very realistic euue


tldr little nightmares gave me a Very Bad Dream

Very Little Nightmares 1.2.0 Screenshots & Images

Very Little Nightmares iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Very Little Nightmares iphone images
Very Little Nightmares iphone images
Very Little Nightmares iphone images
Very Little Nightmares iphone images
Very Little Nightmares iphone images
Very Little Nightmares iphone images
Very Little Nightmares iphone images
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Very Little Nightmares (Version 1.2.0) Install & Download

The applications Very Little Nightmares was published in the category Games on 2019-05-29 and was developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe [Developer ID: 580781332]. This application file size is 1.64 GB. Very Little Nightmares - Games app posted on 2021-02-05 current version is 1.2.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: eu.bandainamcoent.verylittlenightmares