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1. Keyboard and command syntax similar to physical graphing calculators -> No need to learn a new calculator.
2. Powerful emulator like Wabbitemu Calculator -> No more waiting to graph functions compared to slow physical handhelds.
3. Enter fractions, equations or functions in the same way as you would write them on paper.
4. Never forget your calculator at home! It's always ready on your iPhone & iPad, and it weighs nothing.
5. Save more than 80% compared to the retail price of an actual calculator which is over $100.

• Graph more than ten functions at once, each with a different color
• Add Lines, Horizontals, Verticals, and Tangents to the graph
• Use your finger or the arrow keys to trace the coordinates of your functions
• Calculate the Zero, Minimum, Maximum, Intersection, and Derivative
• Find integrals and color the area under the function
• Set the X and Y coordinates of the graphing window; zoom in and out with your fingers

• Enter calculations in natural textbook format
• Includes all basic arithmetic (+, -, x, ÷, ^, ², √, π, …)
• Use advanced functions like sin, cos, tan, e, ln, Σ, ...
• Scroll your calculation history and modify existing calculations with one tab
• Store and recall variables
• Quadratic Equation Solver

• Work with matrices the easy way -> store them or enter them directly on the calculator interface
• Do basic matrix arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication or power of a Matrix
• Put the matrix into Reduced Row-Echelon Form and solve linear equation systems
• Calculate the determinant, inversion or transpose the matrix

• Use lists for all basic and trigonometric ​operations
• Enter lists using the Statistics List Editor or use curly brackets on the main screen
• NOTE: Some commands of List and Stat menu are currently under development

• Easy to understand tutorial to get started
• Full Catalog of all commands with syntax, example, and possible error messages
• Tab on highlighted math terms to read on point definitions

• Recommended by teachers to use in math classes
• Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2
• Pre-Calculus, Calculus
• Permitted on SAT/ ACT/ AP (your phone might not be permitted, but you can use the app for homework and borrow an actual calculator from your school for the test)

TI 84 Graphing Calculator App Description & Overview

The applications TI 84 Graphing Calculator was published in the category Education on 2018-09-01 and was developed by Graphing Calculator Apps UG (haftungsbeschrankt). The file size is 35.90 MB. The current version is 1.2.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

List Update & Bug Fixes:
+ Fixed a bug that displayed all values at the right edge of the screen in Window and Ttblset menu
+ New List functions available:
1. cumSum: Returns cumulative sums of a list or matrix.
2. mean: Returns the mean value of a list.
3. sum: Returns the sum of the elements in a list.
4. prod: Returns the product of the elements in a list.

Previous Update:
+ Enter lists using the Statistics List Editor or with curly brackets on the main screen​
+ Use lists for all of your basic and trigonometric calculations
+ Use lists for Math and Num operations

More functions from the List and Stat menu are coming soon!

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TI 84 Graphing Calculator Reviews


Yee  yeeeeeeereeee  5 star



A must have TI 84  johny.byb  5 star

Works great! I was looking for a TI 84 calculator and boom here it is!! Same functions as the actual calculator. I’m very happy and it’s also way cheaper


Great TI-84 calculator  joshv.91.11.1  5 star

I’ve downloaded this app because I needed a ti 84 calculator. The app is even better than the original calculator. The graphs are looking better and are way more precise. Also it had all the other functions I was looking for. I highly recommend this app if you need a ti 84 calculator. Update: Now the developers added the support of lists. I didn’t need lists so far but it is good to know that they still work on the app and add features. 👍

I HATE TI-84 app

Terrible app  I HATE TI-84 app  1 star

Horrible app. Glitchy and just horrrible


BAD  refiill  1 star

Do not install just waste of money and doesn’t give all features an original TI-84 calculator gives


Not a TI-84  djg0011  3 star

I am giving this app a 3 because it does have potential with the promised updates. I purchased this app because I wanted to write some TI Basic programs. No programming capability. The second thing that I tried was to enter a complex number and multiply that number by its complex conjugate. I could not find the "i". The mode button only sets the number of decimal places and degrees or radians. The graphing functions that I have tried worked. The font used to label the key needs to be larger and bold. A nice feature is that the alpha key clears the keys and only shows the alpha label for the keys.


The stat button doesn’t work  Gsgshgroifhsrcdkandidkcvjvhf  1 star

Please fix this


Functions were unavailable  steel1steel1  1 star

The functions that I’d like to use it for are not developed yet. This and the manual are useless for my statistics course.

Hi friends 41702

Stat  Hi friends 41702  1 star

The stat function still doesn’t work. Horrible app, go somewhere else for a graphing calculator app.


Sadly  burbuja50##  1 star

Definitely needs improve thus app. Not enough for somebody who start to use it. Incomplete app

Angele Kabel

Deserve to buy used  Angele Kabel  5 star

This is a good application. It graphs the function super fast. If you are Math’s lover then try this app.

Kennith Goldstein

Good app for math  Kennith Goldstein  5 star

TI 84 app is easy to understand through its tutorial. Its advance scientific calculator feature provides a lot of help in solving the equations.

Hayden Bunner

Best app ever......  Hayden Bunner  5 star

TI 84 Graphing Calculator Pro is the best quadratic equation solver. It’s a good way that we can enter the calculation as like textbook format.

Sammie Tremblay

Great approach!!  Sammie Tremblay  5 star

I like TI 84 Graphing Calculator Pro application because in this you can write down the equation same as we can write on paper. Moreover, it includes all the basic arithmetic. Great approach!!


Stat button  Qua129  1 star

The stat button is not working


Not for a Stats class  SweeTea98  2 star

Most of the app is great. However, I bought it for a Statistics class, and everything I need specifically for that is still “under development.” When you hit the star button it says it’ll be out in the next update, but I’ve updated 3 times and it’s still not there. If you want this for Statistics, don’t waste your money. If you need it just for simple algebra and graphing, go right ahead.

no scatter plot function!!

It’s a good calculator but without all the calculator parts  no scatter plot function!!  3 star

I was using this calculator because the price of a ti 84 plus calculator would have been 100$ so this was a cheaper alternative. One of the reasons I bought this was for finding the roots and max. And min. Of functions, it does this exactly like a TI-84 would. The only problem is that it cannot graph a scatter plot or find an equation for that scatter plot. While it says that it will be out in in a new update, the reason I bought it was specifically for scatter plots and quadratic function graphing. All In all it is the closest calculator to the TI-84 and a cheaper alternative to the calculator minus the scatter plot.


Read the reviews!  sullmom  1 star

Got this for my daughter on the fly and the functions she needed it for are under development. Don’t sell an app that does not work as its name suggests it should!


Tan-1 doesn’t work right  🚷♌♋♍♻🅱🚸✅🆘©💱🕕🕟🕧  3 star

The tan, cos, and sin, and their inverses do not work right. I’m getting incorrect answers. I set it to degrees but I’m still getting incorrect answers.


Don’t Waste Your Money  LexiCReynoldswrap  1 star

Seriously. Don’t do it. Especially if you’re a college student in a STATS class like me. They promised an update for October 15 that would have all the functions available and there was no update. Very disappointed with this company and I will never make the mistake of trusting them again.

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