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Your very new addiction.

Very easy to play, too hard to master.

Do not touch other colors.

+100 Levels, limitless fun !

Color Bump App Description & Overview

The applications Color Bump was published in the category Games on 2018-09-18 and was developed by Good Job Games. The file size is 115.16 MB. The current version is 1.1.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

New Levels
No Ads

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Color Bump Reviews

awsome sance

Color bump  awsome sance  3 star

Couple of bugs but mmm its good


Killed by Ads  Macorn  1 star

I'll tell you the rest of the review once you watch this video. Click here.

Triwizard Tournament winner

Stupid  Triwizard Tournament winner  1 star

This stupid game won’t even open. I got it, it took FOREVER to download and when it finally did, it wouldn’t even open!


To many ads  Chezburger136  3 star

So with most adds on games like this you only have to click the back button once but not this game. Over all the idea for this is fun but it has a lot of issues


Awesome  khhhbfdb  5 star

Good game

shoot shoot man

Level 19  shoot shoot man  3 star

Lever 19 is impossible u can’t get past it >:(


Game self is good but even you buy it still restart is pain.  Yohei0607  3 star

The game self is fun. I recommend it. Although one thing I want to complain is the restart button shows up too slow. It is design to come up to let player to watch adds but I bought the game and I have no adds. Which I just wanna restart from the same level but it still comes up so slow. I don’t wanna continue from in the middle of level. :/ for player who paid for the game you need to make better change.

joker ctfu

The game  joker ctfu  5 star

Great gram but to many ads.


Not a complaint buut  FadeOsiris  4 star

In your newest version history log it says “No Ads” but after the first level I got an ad... talk about false “advertising”

dance friend

I don’t like it.  dance friend  1 star

I do not like it. It is really hard, and I get mad at it when I die.

joe joe joe j j j j joey

Ball  joe joe joe j j j j joey  5 star

It is a really good game so fun


Ads  XxmraaronxX  1 star

There are way too many ads and the no thanks button made me delete this app


LEVEL 50  jaxatron  4 star

Level 50 is impossible, but overall good game


Level 50  Anejsbsme  1 star

How on earth are you supposed to complete stage 50, it’s impossible?


Great Game, Annoying Ads  Shaydeow  3 star

Like other reviews state, great game. Fun, challenging, sometimes even frustrating... but win or lose 95% of the time there’z always an advert inbetween. Longer ones if you want to continue, more annoying ones though are the ones if you want to restart instead. Choose to continue: fine at least I chose the ad Dying: ad.... ughh. Go away. Winning: whhhhy do an ad now!? The ads really put you off your rhythm. So frustrating if you’re dying every second because it’s challenging. An overall just annoying. Sometimes it surprises you and doesn’t give an ad which is nice.

awslme job

This is very interesting  awslme job  5 star

Great work


Bugs  ZekeD'amico118  1 star

Lazy makers when I finished a level it kept going


too many ads  blossomcount  3 star

good game, annoying interruptions


Stage 50  Siy2468  1 star

Stage 50 cannot be completed! Help


Sorry I can’t come up with a cool name  cooooooooooool!,!!  1 star

It’s a great game but has sooooo many glitches😡😡


Ad frequency is ridiculous  HeavyD67  1 star

I understand that free to play games have ads, and that is how they make money off the game. However, this game will show an ad after just 2 seconds of gameplay if you screw up and have to start a level over. The frequency of the ads kills any fun you may have begun to have. App deleted.


You dm got fix this  sobbhe  4 star

Stage 115 have dead end yaaaaa


Awesome minus ads  namenick9000  4 star

The game itself is pretty fun but the fact that I get hit with an ad every time I fail or move on to the next level is a bit excessive. I understand you have a revenue but not everyone has the data to maintain the ad videos


4.5  AppleEatsDonuts  5 star

New Updtae No Ads Oh Yeah


Stupid game  mfkddkf  1 star

This game is stupid.


So  lalaamaya  5 star

I like it


Not like the ad!!  RoseBlossomIsAwesome  1 star

False advertising, don’t recommend. It’s boring.

Hopeful Friend

Deleting now. ADS ADS ADS  Hopeful Friend  1 star

I really great game destroyed with greed. Bad move.👎👎 What a waste. 5% game/ 95% ads.


Ads  ur_gay  1 star

The ads are aids there’s an add every other play and this game is to slow moving it’s just really trash game don’t get it


No  mightyjunior473  1 star

It sucke


Review  samacorn06  2 star

Good game but too many ads

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