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Your very new addiction.

Very easy to play, too hard to master.

Do not touch other colors.

+100 Levels, limitless fun !

Color Bump App Description & Overview

The applications Color Bump was published in the category Games on 2018-09-18 and was developed by Good Job Games. The file size is 115.16 MB. The current version is 1.1.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Glitch  Mappyc  2 star

I don’t know if to actually give this more starts. It has a bad glitch so with out playing just by starting the levels it would pass me to the next one. Made it to level 32 before I closed and reopened the game but it won’t let me restart. It was funny to skip all the level but it would have been fun to play as it seems like a fun game from level 33 that I did get to play


DO NOT DOWNLOAD  candieahshdhasjdsa  1 star

Don’t download all it will be is watching ads. Literally. Every. Five. Seconds. If you crash into a block expect at least a 45 second add at the least. Worst app ever.


Good game, just a bit excessive  addddddddddssssss  3 star

ok, I get that you can just turn off cell data and play add free, I don’t want to do that though because it’s a good time killer and was thinking about buying ad free, WHY IS IT 6 FREAKING DOLLARS, Jesus, please lower the price, I want to give y’all money but $6 is way too much for a time killer


Fun game but too many ads  DebugLogMatt  3 star

Great game idea, and a lot of fun to play.. with that being said, there are way too many ads, and on top of it, $5.99 to get rid of them is ridiculous for a game that doesn’t even have sound..

juan muro

Stupid  juan muro  1 star

When you try to hit the blocks they don’t even more they just spin so it’s like you go through them and hit the bad color


Fun, But Glitched  BilboBaDonk  4 star

Cool levels and challenging gameplay, but there is a glitch were you can skip levels by swiping up at the beginning of each level.


Ads ads and more ads.  Dophino  3 star

This game is okay, but the ads are there after every game whether you win or lose. I find it weird that exiting the app every time there is an ad, then reentering the app makes it faster🤔. The levels are endless and sometimes impossible. I do like the fact that at the beginning, it says what percent of people have passed the level.


Too much advertisement  Reefamadness  3 star

The game gets 5 stars, but the developer is so money hungry; after every game you get a 30 seconds advertisement. Force us to watch an advertisement after every 3-4 games, not every single one. Other than that though, I recommend.


I love you’re game  Awhitt2005  1 star

I think you’re game is too much trouble


OK game idea, glitch in level 39  jordahn567  1 star

The game was going pretty well for me up until level 39, which is impossible to beat. It seems like there might be a timing issue in the programming. Also, the ads get pretty annoying.


Fun but unable to enjoy  emcm721  2 star

This game is so much fun! But with an ad that goes for 10 seconds plus after every time you die, it becomes not so much fun. Really annoying and disappointing for an otherwise great game


Good game but to many ads  PeachyyyMuch  3 star

I like this game and it’s fun but it’s really annoying with all the ads


Good Take on the new Color Trend  jspReverse  4 star

This is a unique look on the Colour trend we are seeing it Models and improves. There is very big inspiration from The Line Zen.


Game good or bad ?  carra1234  1 star

I think the game is a brilliant idea but the amount of ads I get is stupid please reduce


Update is disappointing  Gracie81199  3 star

Why is it that every game has ads. Everywhere I go there’s ads everywhere, this worlds becoming like 1984. Should be able to say ‘no thanks’ straight away without waiting 3 seconds it’s annoying and makes me want to delete it if I’m honest. I was enjoying this game so much before I had to wait and the ads were far less. I understand it’s good for profit but a lot less people will play now. It’s the sort of game you try out see if the ads are tolerable and carry on if it’s fine. Now it’s just annoying. I played this to clear my mind and relax, now the constant ads just stress me out.


Awesome game but the ads are driving me nuts!  Volkswagen04  2 star

This game is well made and very fun to play. The only problem is the ads. I get that you want to monetize your hard work, but come on. There are 15 to 30-second ads after every level. I decided to just purchase the full version to get rid of them, but then realized that the paid version is $5.99. I’ll have to pass on $6 bucks plus tax for an app. I am going to end up uninstalling this game, which is a real shame because it is super fun.


Hacks  KOOLCAT2482  1 star

Hacks hate game never make a game a gain

scrw off

Way too many adds  scrw off  1 star

Too many adds


Cool and fun but...  Bullyboygtcvguhv  2 star

Really cool and fun game, but there is an add after every failed attempt. This frustrates the user and makes it almost unbearable to play. Every 3-5 fails seems more reasonable to me.


Supposed to be fun.. but it’s rage inducing!  password..ohwait  1 star


prinecess sarbear

Horrible  prinecess sarbear  1 star

It’s horrible it’s not the best game but for me it’s a one star I actually don’t know how to put this game but all I can say is it’s the worst game in the world there is no point of buying this game so don’t by it I’m never buying any of there games they have the worst games in the world so don’t buy there games BYE


Haha  yay💁🏾💁🏾💁🏾😑  1 star

This game stinks

The Kirkland Cowboy

Not working  The Kirkland Cowboy  2 star

The game is not working every time you try to play the game it freezes. It is fun but I do not know if it is my iPad or your game.the little shape keeps disappearing.


Too many adds  fireball233  1 star

Great game. But every other time you play there’s an add. More time watching them then playing.


cool but not worth the adds  Lorenzo89888  2 star

pretty cool game and fun to play but the adds are absurd.

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