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Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells [Games] App Description & Overview

It’s time to experience the magic and wonder of Harry Potter like never before! Prepare to cast spells, outsmart challenges, and celebrate the whimsy of the Wizarding World while becoming enchanted by the most magical matching puzzles ever found on your mobile device! Prove your Match-3 skill by beating levels to upgrade and unlock new spells and magic abilities which will aid your quest to conquer more difficult Match-3 puzzles. Get a chance to upgrade your spells as you prepare for the magically mischievous challenges ahead.

As you progress in your Match-3 adventure, unlock classic moments from the films, including Harry, Ron and Hermione toppling a troll, Fred & George playing pranks, and Hagrid taking care of his magical creatures! Learn more about the wonders of the Wizarding World as you collect cards depicting artefacts, locations and oddities, which can earn you the help of a magical creature that will aid your Match-3 puzzle solving! So get ready to ‘swish and flick’ your way to a magical journey of your very own in the most whimsical of Match-3 games!

o Solve Match-3 challenges featuring the original Wizarding World characters from the Harry Potter films! Develop your magic skills by progressing through innovative puzzle play where you’ll master Spells and enjoy an endless array of Daily Events that continue to delight and surprise even the most adept of puzzle experts.

o Level-up Your Abilities: Earn experience points throughout the game to increase your level, unlock rewards and gain magic abilities that assist you in overcoming each new Match-3 puzzle.

o Unlock & Upgrade Spells: Use Spells to beat puzzles by obliterating obstacles and removing hazards. For example, cast Wingardium Leviosa to move objects out of your way.

o Relive the Magic of Harry Potter: As you solve imaginative Match-3 puzzles, celebrate the most memorable moments from the Harry Potter stories. Along the way, the Daily Prophet will keep you up to date with Harry Ron and Hermione as they progress on their epic journey!

o Amass Glorious Collections: With each puzzle that you solve, you’ll be ever gaining collectible cards that celebrate the amazing artefacts, locations and oddities of the Wizarding World. Work on your collection and receive a marvelous creature that will deliver benefits that directly assist you as you solve the most challenging of puzzles.

o Enjoy Daily Events: Take part in new and exciting events every day! Celebrate characters’ Birthdays, and upgrade spells as you witness a multitude of magical Harry Potter moments!

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The game is free to play, however in-app purchases are available for additional content and premium currency.

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Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Get in the spirit with the new Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells Dark Arts Event! -Earn fantastic rewards as you collect spiders along your journey. -Be on the look out for exploding spider eggs that appear on the Puzzle board. Introducing: House Legends! -Play limitless levels when you’re at the end of the available Player Journey Puzzles -Compete against fellow members of your House (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin) to earn amazing rewards!

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells Comments & Reviews

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- Harry Potter puzzles and spells

Yes I Love your game liked it so well that I got all my kids and in laws to download it but now I’m getting ready to Delete it I admit the Graphics are Amazing but it noticed while playing Toy Blast a game I’ve been playing a long long time to buy more 5 more turns it’s 25 to get 5 more turns in your game it’s 900 I simply no matter how Great your game is can’t afford to play for a prolonged time and I noticed my family members which were quite a few have also stopped playing if you haven’t noticed people are struggling to eat and as comforting as playing a really cool game is a lot can’t afford 900 to get 5 extra turns.I have read some other reviews saying how severe this game can be on your pocketbook I’m 75 years old live on a fixed income but I found your game everything your always looking for to have fun but All Good thing eventually have to come to and end as it will for me and my FAmily.

- Best Match Three Game Ever

🤩 Wow!!! I love this game. The graphics and illustrations are beautiful. It looks realistic but bright, colorful, and gives a life like look to it. It lets you make your game personalized by letting you create an avatar, choose your house, and wand! I love how the matching tiles are interesting, and include the symbol of every Hogwarts House. And they also put interactive elements like chocolate frogs that jump around. It feels life like! Some people may think the music is annoying to hear all the time while playing, but I love it. Also, you can turn of the music, sound effects, and notifications right in the app. The only thing I am missing is a little more avatar customizations. I mean, there are way more options than other games, but I would like a little more. Over all, it was AMAZING!

- Great game if you’re willing to spend money

I absolutely loved this! It’s graphics are amazing and the way it’s so authentic to HP canon is just incredible. Plus it’s a lot of fun which is kind of important. But wow are they trying to make you spend money. And it’s like they are being sneaky about it too. Power ups are ridiculously expensive, they give you free gold daily, but it’s not enough to ever be able to purchase a power up. One big complaint I have is that the first 100 or so levels were easy and enjoyable. After that it doesn’t just get gradually harder, it becomes incredibly difficult to beat without the power ups, often multiple ones. It seems like the game will help you pass a level after you’ve played it about 5 times and are almost of lives, but struggling on every level just takes all the fun out of the game. I don’t mind spending a little bit of money if I get something that lasts me awhile. But this just feels like a money pit and sadly I’m losing interest.

- Quickly turns into a cash grab

I’m a fan of HP and downloaded this when I saw it. I’m no stranger to money farm games and I don’t know why I thought this would be any different. The game is really fun at the start. The levels are relatively easy and it was something you could sink some time into. Then you hit level 100. Which sounds far but you could easily do it in a few hours. Then the games difficulty just exponentially skyrockets. Every single level is a slog. To the point you just get incredibly frustrated. That’s when your eye wanders to the cash shop. I understand they need to make money. I threw down 15 dollars but that doesn’t even come close to giving you enough to get through these levels. The power ups are so expensive and you feel you need to use them every single lvl after 100 or you’ll just beat your head against it over and over. This is predatory marketing at its finest. Just be mindful of why you’re getting into with this game.

- LOVE this game!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

While I’m not a Harry Potter fan (and even less of the author 😡), I absolutely love this game! I do know all of the characters and they are REALLY good (except for the Richard Harris one, doesn’t look or sound like him). The gameplay is lots of fun. The graphics & playing sounds are terrific, too. You can join guilds & give & receive lives (which I like much more than getting lives from friends playing the game) as well as post to each other w congrats or questions. There are fun cards you collect & adorable animals that can help you when you are stuck. I think it has exceptional quality and seems like a game you’d buy to play on a game console. I’d give it 10 stars, if I could! 🙌🏼👍🏼👏🏼

- Really enjoyable, but needs more puzzles

I see quite a few complaints about this game being too expensive. It doesn’t have to be! I have only been playing 3 to 4 weeks and have finished all currently available “journey” puzzles (up to puzzle 785) without spending a dime of real money. My problem is that there is no way for me to complete the current “limited edition” album as there are NO PUZZLES for me to complete! Also, I can’t contribute much to my team’s weekly totals with only a single daily puzzle and the Tues-Wed-Thur challenge puzzles to complete. It would be great if the game allowed us to replay earlier chapters of Journey puzzles so that we could keep helping our team and work on challenges like the limited edition Creature album while we wait for new content. Hope the developers consider that. Thanks!

- Game improvements

Overall, this game is addicting and fun to play. On a more competitive note, I see there are several ways to make this game better. On my team, higher levels (I’m talking 250+) have a way more difficult time gaining trophies for the team since on those tougher levels they have a less likely chance of gaining trophies since they don’t win several in a row like lower level members would. Secondly, a great improvement would be to have a space where the highest ranking teams in the USA or country would be shown. Think of a Clash of Clans type setup. I feel this would be easy to do since every team has a league they’re in and every member has a phase of the story they’re in based on the level they’re in. Thank you to the creators and members who work hard to make this game amazing!

- Pay to play...

Yet another Zynga pay to play to win type of game. For those of you who don’t know much about Zynga, they are basically the EA of mobile gaming. Yup, greed factory. I got to level 53 and couldn’t advance any further, because, wouldn’t you know it, I used up all my lives. How convenient for a game of this sort to not only add number of moves but they wouldn’t stop there, they added very few lives so that you would send them real money to add coins and lives and whatever else they ask far too much money for to continue playing. If anyone is paying real money for a game like this, then Zynga has done it again and created mindless sheep as they drop in a quarter or twenty into the coin slot to continue to lose. The game is definitely fun and has sound bytes and music from the movie but Zynga ruined it by being their same greedy self and caused a great game and movie franchise to crash and burn. Thankfully, I’m not one of the mindless sheep pouring money into a bunch of 1’s and 0’s to make Zynga even more rich than they already are (9.6 billion dollar company to be precise) and will never pour money into games like these. Bye bye Harry Potter. Looks like Voldemort won this round. Queue the canned response from Zynga telling me how they are making the game better to play, yadda yadda yadda, and then tell me to have a great day. Just read their responses to other players for all the various canned response versions.

- Fix the Rewards Earned System

1st the bad...the rewards are disproportionally small for the effort. I know apps need to make money in order to provide great content, but (I’m guessing) because of the Harry Potter Franchise taking most of the developers money earned they are not giving away earned rewards at a better rate. The XP as a reward...worthless, nothing is earned from XP. The Magical Creatures cards ... I haven’t received a new card in 8 sets of 8 cards (64 cards). Anyway...I could go on but I think you see where I am going. 2nd...I love match 3 games. They are my jam, part of the fun is earning rewards, when that stops happening people stop playing! I do spend money on games that feel like they are worth it. I’m almost to the point of frustration with this one and *poof* no more money earned for Zynga! Lastly the Good...great concept, great game play, great graphics and color. A little challenging towards the end of a “Journey” and almost too hard (I don’t want to feel like I have to spend money to advance), but the beginning of the next journey being easier is a relief and a joy to build up your confidence and not feel burnt out! The addition of new tasks each journey is fun! Kudos to the developers on concept and design. Fix the rewards and get a 5 star from me!

- Amazing and absolutely zero Ads!!

This is definitely the best match 3 game I’ve ever played and on top of that, they don’t force ads down your throat. There are absolutely zero ads in this game and I commend the devs for this. The puzzles are unique and constantly changing, making it more fun as you progress. It follows the Harry Potter story line, with each stage being a certain scene from the book while the puzzles in each stage push the story along. You earn XP to level up your character, unlock cosmetics, card pack collectibles which unlock pets to help you in puzzles, and more. You can join wizard in’s clubs and work together to top the leaderboards and earn rewards. Would 100% recommend.

- Started me over

I originally downloaded this awesome game last night, only to have it start glitching. The background images started sticking as they moved (making an impression of the cards after winning a solitaire game.) THEN, after the game I was playing froze, I quit and started it back up again... only to find that I truly had to start over again. Get a new name.. pick a new house.. all my progress was gone. So, I quit for the night. Now today.. it looks like it’s saved my character from yesterday, but I’m still back to 1st level. And now the game isn’t explaining anything to me.. which is potentially fine since I’ve played these levels already... but what if it continues? So at this point I’m unsure if I should completely delete the game and truly start over. Ugh. Any ideas, developers?

- Great aesthetics, needs a bit more to do

I think the level designs are fun, vibrant, entertaining, and flavorful. I find the potions puzzles to be the most fun so far. I think the game could use perhaps a couple more flavorful things to do beyond the regular puzzle progression. The class-themed daily puzzles are a very cool and flavorful idea. Not sure if they only give spell upgrades or if some give power ups. I think it’s be cool if there was a variety of puzzles beyond match-3. Or perhaps a bit more theming like with the potion/cauldron/fire puzzles. I find some levels a bit too difficult without power ups, so a way to get a couple power ups every day would be nice. I’m not sure if this already exists. Wish I knew what daily puzzles gave out or how many different ones exist. I also hope the art style and vibrancy stay like this and don’t completely follow how grim and grey the movies become over time. I’d rather you put your own spin on some of the art rather than adhering to the films interpretation of the characters/world. I assume some monthly events will eventually occur like a Halloween event that provides another puzzle every day or something.

- Fun & Addicting!!

I love this game! I feel like it’s better than candy crush because it puts more of a spin on things. It makes things interesting by having to earn the cards and spells. The only thing I don’t like is that it only gives you about 25 moves. I’m almost to level 100, but the lack of moves makes it almost too difficult to continue. The last thing that I’ve been having issues with is that any time I swipe out of the app when I’m in the middle of a game, (responding to text, or opening other apps) it tends to restart the whole level. Which is kind of annoying when you’ve almost completed the level.

- Avatars are UGLY

I’ve had an amazing time playing this game. It’s creative in regards to the puzzles and connects with the story quite well. Plus, there is no ads which is beautiful in my opinion. BUT, the avatars are so ugly it’s hard to even look at it. I don’t know what it is (maybe the eyes or the shadows of the face I DONT KNOW) but it needs to be fixed. I would give this a 5 star but the avatar features and itself are horrendous! I am a female and I’ve tried to make myself look like feminine but all I see are male features on my avatar. Again, I love this game but it’s hard to keep looking at my avatar knowing it looks NOTHING like me. It looks like an alien in my opinion. If the avatars looked completely different I would be giving this app 5 stars but I can’t.

- Favorite game! But...

This is my favorite game over all. I love how addicting it is and how hard it is to be put down. I also really like how the puzzles get a little more challenging every time. The only bad part is my favorite character in Harry Potter is Luna Lovegood. I love her so much because I can totally relate with her wacky personality! But let’s cut to the chase- you have to pay five dollars just to get her glasses and a few more other things! But I would suggest having you being able to buy it, like with the coins you get when you complete the puzzles. But other than this small error, this game is the absolute best!!!

- Long & Short Review

Short: If you love Harry Potter it’s good, if you also love match 3 games, it’s better! Long: You can likely reach level 100 in a day. After that the game quickly loses it’s luster. Yes, it’s a good game visually, there are creative aspects to a match 3 game, and they managed to create an all around feel that will bring you back to Hogwarts. Unfortunately after level 100 this game feels like yet another pay to play game. If you’re familiar with match 3 games, you will know that many have boosts that you can earn and carry to the next level. These exist here, but good luck getting many of them. After level 100 or so the level difficulty skyrockets and the desire to bring along an extra boost or two only increases. Clearly the goal here is to make you purchase the hard to acquire boost. That would be fine if a pack of 3 boosts didn’t cost 4,500 gold in a game where you’re typically earning less than 100 gold per level cleared. If you love Harry Potter and want something new to play in line at the store, go for it! If you’re actually looking for a game to play frequently and not desire to throw your phone at a wall, maybe hold off until they tweak the game some more.

- Engaging and Challenging but...

I love match games and HP so I was glad to see this game was available. It’s fun, my avatar is adorable, and I’ve made it to level 242 so far. However, I have a few suggestions. 1. PLEASE PUT A STROBE LIGHT DISCLAIMER! There are so many unnecessary flashes of light, I started to get a headache. I understand it’s supposed to simulate the spell action but I’d prefer if it didn’t happen or you could opt-out of the effects. 2. Regenerate lives faster. I know the game has to make money but it takes forever to get back to five lives when the levels are really challenging. 3. Include ads to reduce the costs of power-ups. You can’t earn enough coins simply playing the game to afford the power-ups which you (almost) need the higher up you get.

- Money hungry

After playing this game for about a month, spending more money than necessary on coins to buy extra moves, and reaching game level 290, (player level 22) I’ve decided to stop playing for the following reasons: 1. Lives take entirely too long to regenerate. Once @ 15 minutes. It is now more than 20 minutes per life, most likely to urge players to spend money. 2. After level 100, the levels get extremely difficult, I have often used all 5 lives on a single level. What’s more, even the more difficult levels give you the same number of trophies as beginning levels. What this means is that a league with mostly new players will advance higher than a team of players who’ve been playing for a while. 3. As recently as last week, you would earn coins each level you beat. Now, I see no way to earn them except the daily coins allotted for logging in. It’s always a different amount, too. 4. J.k. Rowling has been extremely problematic in the news and most of us have a slight issue with patronizing her to begin with, but still have a love for HP, and the game WAS quite enjoyable, so we bought stuff anyway. Now that it’s basically no real way to advance without spending money, I’m done.

- Shameful.

Why on earth am I playing a game that I have to make matches just to reveal the darkness, stop the gems from burning up, or make feathers fly away so i can play the actual board. When you get a board that is shrouded by something you HAVE to cast the spell to actually start winning and you have to waste your moves making arbitrary matches until they give you enough white gems to cast the spell to extinguish the board’s punishing factor. Literally just played a board where i counted the amount of white gems and unless I’m mistaken it was impossible to make the fires stop before I lost. How is that even fair? It’s like I have to throw every power up at it to “reveal the board” and let me start making matches that matter towards the four goals. Lame. If I wanted a game where the AI knows I’m going to lose before i even make my first match I’d play Candy Crush. Good luck this game is NOT for me.

- Great potential could have been a wonderful game!

Update: I am so very disappointed...this game only gets worse. I cannot believe the good reviews on here because the game is nothing like the reviews say. This game is so rigged that unless you’re willing to spend a lot of real money it’s a true waste of time. I thought this was going to be my number one favorite game until all of a sudden “something” changed and you can see that the game is being manipulated. It’s such a shame because it would be one of the top games and I would give it five stars plus! I know now they only want you to buy things so they manipulate the game to work so you cannot win most of the time. Especially if you get on A winning streak then you’ll really see things change. To the makers of this game please rethink your strategy because you have a winner here or you could have.


I started playing a few days ago and I’m obsessed as I’m a Potterhead ☺️ and Gryffindor 🦁❤️! I also read all the books and have a lot of merchandise. I love this app because it’s cool! You can name your character and play with a that character and everything. I was very ecstatic to get this app and now don’t regret getting this app. It’s sooooo fun! Ideas: I would like though if there was an app that you can be like Draco and feel like your in the story and fell like your in that place and in that point of view taht would be amazing 🤩! Other than Hogwarts mystery that I love 💕! Well that’s it for now good job creators!

- Great but there needs to be a bug fix

They caught some of the bug issues but I’m still having small problems that are affecting gameplay. Some of my moves I have noticed have not registered. For example there is a power up with the keys wear I use it but it will not do what it is supposed. I have used them and they go and take a gem or other interaction with the game and it will not happen. The gem will be there still, it’s causing me to waste entire moves. There has also been times when my game freezes while trying to perform one of the moves. Overall the game is fun and I enjoy the challenges, but the bugs need to be worked out because they do make it frustrating to play the game

- Crappy as it can get

If you’re looking for crappy a pay-to-win, match-three game, well look no further you’ve found it! Download away! I, like many others, just downloaded this game because I’m a Harry Potter fan and wished to catch a little whiff of the wizarding world, and to my surprise I encountered a game more crappy that I could have imagined (silly me). Match 3 games are supposed to be fun little games that people play while they are sitting on the toilet and this game craps out (pun intended). After a couple of dozen levels (in other words, after the tutorials and stuff) you constantly get stuck on levels. And to add insult to injury most of the time the gods of luck come to your aid when you have a couple of moves, but you won’t win the puzzle. No no! You just get close enough so that you want to pay the gold coins to get 5 more moves to end the level. And the whole thing starts again in the next level. For the love of god, don’t make free to play games if you’re going to screw them up this much to make money, fast. I would be more than happy to pay the full price for the game but have the privilege of actually playing the game, not trying to survive the maker’s marketing plan and/or trap!

- Love it

i personally LOVE it! it’s not too difficult where it looses it’s fun but it’s not so easy where you are bored of it. There are no bugs for me and the gameplay is super smooth and the graphics are so pretty and clear! Hagrid looks exactly how he looks in the movies! The game is an amazing game to use when you want to pass some time and listen to music while you play that’s what i do because for some reason there isn’t any sound which i prefer anyways so i can play my own music while playing. it’s a perfect casual game to play when you are bored or are looking for some fun Harry Potter content!

- Awesome job but could get really pricey

The game for me is one of the most brilliant match 3 games i have played but once you get to a certain point it becomes extremely difficult to get through levels without buying power ups to help. Or you get down to the last thing and have one left on the board and you can either purchase more moves which isn’t cheap at all or just have to keep repeating the same level over and over until you get lucky. I don’t mind a challenge but don’t like an impossibility. The graphics and animations are very well done. I will warn you ahead the game is addictive and hard to out down. I dislike games that limit lives, i just want to be able to play.

- Worst money grabber of all portkey games games

The storyline concept IS nice. However, this game is terrible for kids or anyone who does not want to spend hundreds, yes you heard correct, hundreds of dollars per week just so they can advance. It is nearly impossible to earn any NEW cards. Almost every card you win is a duplicate. It is VERY hard to earn gold or power ups, actually near impossible for both. There are tons of issues (bad gameplay design) with many aspects of the game. Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan who owns lots of merchandise, the books, audiobooks, wands, etc. but this game was made to be a money hog. My advice. If you like this type of match shapes game then go with Disney Blitz. You will have more fun and spend way less, if anything playing blitz. I am very very disappointed with portkey games.

- Literally The Best 3 Puzzle Match Game Ever!!!!

Omg when I saw this game on the Wizarding World I knew I had to get it soon behold I did. The puzzles really do make time fly I swear I looked at the clock it was 8:30 next thing I know it’s 9:10, I could stay on that app for hours. As a usual puzzle game the puzzles get harder as you progress you can create your own profile and make your own club. (Follow mine at RARAGRYFFINDOR) the collecting cards are so much fun y’all have to try it. This game is literally a blast I hope y’all like it as much as me. ⚡️🧙🏽‍♀️🧙🏽🧙🏽‍♂️(P.S y’all have to try the Wizarding World app and Hogwarts Mystery)

- I want this to be great.....

Started out really fun! I’m just over level 200 now and will sometimes be stuck on a single level for a couple of days before getting just the right combo of gems and am able to create a ton of power ups to clear the board. Every level is no way winnable without them and the coin prices they’re charging for power ups at the start of the game are way too much compared to the minimal amount of gold you can get for free each day. Really frustrating! I really wanted to love this game.... the graphics are amazing and I love that they use sound clips from the movies. It’s sad, really. I shouldn’t get so irritated by something that should be fun. :(

- Awesome!!!! Harry Potter fans I recommend

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, I highly recommend this to you!! Everything is so good, there’s events in there, you get to customize your character, although there isn’t a lot of options to customizing your chacracter the art is still beautiful. I really love this. This is the type of game that you love at the first start when you’re playing it, but you get bored of it, and some time later you’re bored So you come back to play it, and it’s really fun. But I really love this game, I have a lot of Harry Potter games so I might just play this some time.

- Best match 3 puzzler

By far the best I’ve played in a match 3 puzzler; excellent, extremely artistic animations in good faith of the potter franchise.. I found one bug that crashed the game after opening a chest, and thought you should know.. the device used was an iPhone XS.. some bugs are unique to devices so I mentioned it here.. excellent game.. any game that survives my need to create more space on my phone is quite notable.. thanks again, and keep up the great work.. to any reading this, I highly recommend their other offering in the genre, the wizard of oz..

- H P Spells and Puzzles

I downloaded the game! They asked me to sign in with Facebook which I did! I got a confirmation number in my email but no where to use it on the game! Then they asked if I would like to join a club which I did! I also had one friend from Facebook! I tried to make a purchase of coins! It failed! Then all of a sudden I didn’t belong to any club and I had no friends! Plus I keep getting a message that they are verifying my purchase and it may take a while! That was two days ago! I’m still getting the message and I have no club or friends! I turned off my phone but it’s still the same! I’m reluctant to delete the app bc I’m on puzzle 115! So as of right now I’m not real impressed! Plus if I delete the app there is a good chance I won’t download it again!

- Good game

I love this game. I’m a huge HP fan . Was very excited when this came out . It would be better if it was easier to get power up and coins . It’s impossible!!!!!!!! If you want a power up it’s like 4500 coins . But your not making coins or power ups . If you don’t want to spent real money. Then your just out of luck . It gets hard after puzzle 100 . You need those things to pass the hard levels . But you just can’t win them . You do get spells they help . But you don’t use them all the time . Please make it easier to win power ups and coins . You will have a fan for life . You can join groups that is fun . So you get to interact with the people in your group. But all we talk about is how hard it is to win things . At first we all had fun now it’s just a downer

- Glitchy, had to recover account

Game is extremely fun and addicting and far more balanced than most of the candy crush games. It doesn’t throw micro transactions in your face constantly and it has a clan system which I love. My only issue is the game is extremely Glitchy and will sometimes not recognize when you are making a move. Also I closed the game on the menu and reopened it and I had to go through the whole tutorial again and then recover my account. And my account was 8 levels less than where I was at. I was at level 108 but it recovered it at 100. Really disappointed as that progress did take some time. They need to fine tune the app better and fix all the glitches.

- Started Good But...

This game was really fun in the beginning. It’s the classic match game but with great twists. However, after a certain point it gets nearly impossible to progress without spending real money. And even then, you really won’t be getting your money’s worth of coins/powerups etc. Plus having just 5 lives at maximum is ridiculous when the game gets that much difficult. It would be nice if the amount of max lives increases with the levels. Furthermore, the game should notify members that sending ‘lives’ in group chats doesn’t take away from the lives you have. People thinking this is probably why most don’t send lives

- A BRILLIANT twist to the average, “matching” game!👍🏼

This game is absolutely insane; there’s always something new to look forward to each day... It’s vibrant, fun filled, & edgy. Beware, it’s quite easy to get addicted to, without even realizing it.. It’ll have you glued to your screen for hours.. You just don’t get tired of playing it! So much fun, very well made game.. Graphics, dialogue, etc., very well put together.. Totes love the chat in the clubs.. I seriously have zero complaints.. You must go download, like right now, like right, right NOW!!🙃

- I have one pet peeve, and it’s on this game.

I love Harry Potter, huge fan. There are no adds so far either. I love this game, but I have one complaint: HARRY DOESN’T HAVE BLUE EYES! I’m very sorry, but it annoys me to death. Harry, as it says so clearly in the books, has GREEN eyes, NOT blue. I am very sorry, but it is very, very hard for me. I am almost done with the book series, and you can not watch the movies and think that’s how it goes. If you are going to create a Harry Potter game, it needs to be based off the books. Also, Hermione is on the train, and Harry and Ron don’t really become friends with her, untill later on in the story. This is why this game gets only 3/5 stars. I am sorry, but it’s just not there.

- I hate this game

This game is still awful with the lives they take way too long to refill it used to say 15 minutes until a refill and while that was already too long now it says 23 minutes until I get a life! It’s way too long to wait! Sometimes club members send me lives but I never receive anything because when I check on inbox, it stays at zero and I don’t get any lives at all. I reported this issue, and was told they were aware of the issue, but I reported it weeks ago and it seems nothing at all has been done to resolve this dumb glitch as I’m still experiencing not receiving any freaking lives at all despite my friends sending them. I’m about to completely delete this awful game it’s trash

- Love it and hate it

Update: I can’t claim cards. It’s been a week. Kinda getting sick of this game, and it’s a pity. Another huge issue is how rewards are given. You don’t get the refill in a fair way. When you close in on a new level you lose the rewards. This is a huge issue, and I can’t see myself playing this game long term. I also think it’s a rip off that if you open the game after midnight you have to play right away or lose unlimited lives. It should go into the inbox. I love Harry Potter, and I was looking forward to this game for months only to be extremely disappointed. I know it’s still in the early stages, but I’m done spending money. I only see another greedy developer. Please fix how lives are rewarded. It’s not fair, and more important fix your bugs. I’d like to claim my cards... It’s a great game. But you don’t get enough awards & as you level up. You find yourself wasting the given 5 lives just on one level. The recharge time shouldn’t take that long. At least offer free lives or free lives by watching an add...

- No support

This game has a lot of glitches. Usually the level pieces will actually become unresponsive so you can’t win a level. I reached out to customer support as I spent money on the game and received no response either. Currently I’m at level 806 which is the end of the game there is no way to continue playing once you hit that which means I can’t help my team and I am missing out on limited time event that require you to beat levels to participate in. The game design is cool visually but other than that it’s got so many problems it is just a cash grab. The support for the game is terrible I haven’t heard back from customer service in days and they never answer my questions fully only answering what they want

- Disappointed

I probably would have liked this game if it had let me actually play. But apparently you’re not allowed to play unless you have friends on Facebook which I don’t have because I don’t participate in social media of that type. So I guess this gaming company is not interested in those of us that prefer to socialize with real people instead of electronics. Plus I was forced to endure several agonizing minutes a very loud music that I could do nothing about because you can’t get into the settings until you get into the game and you can’t get into the game until you connect to Facebook. So I just deleted it. Too bad. I sam a big Harry Potter fan.

- Different objectives

I find this match 3 interesting. The graphics are great and the developer follows the Harry Potter story. BUT the best is your objectives are really different. Try to catch the stupid frogs, collecting spell stones and getting treasure after completing the level. All of the ideas are in a match 3 but the developer has used the themes from the books and put them to use as part of the objectives, the spells even extra stuff for the avatars. (Like Lunas glasses). The way everything is used makes it great fun for a Harry Potter fan.

- zayn made me do it and I’m so glad he did

I got this game after I saw Zayn post about it to support him and honestly it’s really fun . It’s like your standard candy crush but with all the classic HP characters and features that match up with the story . I’m so glad I saw Zayn on this app because i wouldnt have seen it otherwise and it’s so fun . You can even customize your own character pick your wand and your house . I’d say it’s really worth it and Zayn wasn’t lying when he said watch out for the chocolate frogs!!

- Battery drains to fast

Love this app but it drains my iPad battery really fast when I play it and I don’t know why so could you please fix the problem my iPad will go from 100 percent to like 30 present within 10 minutes and it shouldn’t be doing that so can you please fix this to where the battery won’t drain so fast it would be a big help please try to fix this soon I love Harry Potter and want to play this app without losing so much of my battery percentage

- Won’t sync

Update: after playing this for a few days, the ipad app freezes frequently, occasionally needing to be closed and restarted. Hoping this and the sync issue will be fixed in an update! This is a great and highly addicting game. It will not sync between my devices with or without a facebook login. When I try to sync the second device by using facebook, it wants to sync to my lowest level (2) rather than my highest, which is 31. Both devices are apple, and are up to date on the iOS. I tried to send a help request through the app but heard nothing back. Thanks

- Problem at Max Level

Overall I really enjoy the game! Some of the puzzles are difficult but it is possible to get through w/o spending money. There is a big problem though. Once you hit the max level, you can no longer play and contribute to your club! You do get around 30 new levels per week, but once you’re through with them, you just have to sit by and do nothing. I have club members that really want to contribute more, but can’t. Our rankings bracket is very competitive and we’re going to be demoted because we can’t compete with the clubs full of people who haven’t hit max level. Please add some way for max level players to continue to play and contribute as much as they want!

- Impossible levels and daily puzzles

Love the game, however, in certain levels and puzzles there are gem or other item requirements and at times those do not appear on the screen. Example: need 8 books on a level and some of them never appear. I understand that some of them drop down but there have been many times where I’ve cleared the puzzle and do not get the items required till four or five turns later. By that time I’m down to one or two moves. Items that are required to beat the puzzle should drop down more rapidly.

- Really just another match three game

Despite the developers’ claim that this so not just another match three game, it really is. The graphics are nice but there’s no story here to keep it interesting. The game just follows the Harry Potter books step by tedious step. I mean, 45 levels just on the staircases?? Boring!! The whole thing has already lost my interest. One nice thing about it: no ads. Of course it is just one big ad for the HP franchise. And the developers will make money off people stupid enough to buy the coins they need to get more moves on hard levels. In the end there’s not much to hold people who are not fanatics for HP and not much more for those who are.

- App force restarts too easily

I really enjoy this game and would give it five stars if it wasn’t for one frustrating thing - if you close the app for even a few seconds to check a text, change your music, or get a call (or even just accidentally hit the home button) you will lose the progress and the life for the puzzle you are working on. I wish that there was some sort of safeguard that would keep the app from force restarting as soon as you leave the screen.

- Hopeful?

Fun? Yep. Harry Potter characters and cool stuff? Yep. Very aesthetic! What I don’t like could turn this to 3 stars in a heartbeat, however. They don’t just let you play the game. Not at all. Pop up after pop up. Screen after screen where you have to slog through complications to what could be simple and fun. I just want to play the game. Anything with add on purchases to buy a better experience will never get full support from me. It could become pay to play very quickly as it gets harder. Fun for now!

- The negatives far outweigh the positives

This is a great game... at first. Easy to get into, easy to play. My kids (both under 10) ripped through early puzzles. Around level 80, it takes a sharp jump in difficulty. Pro: it’s colorful, it’s fun, it’s creative, the familiars are a cool addition, the graphics are good, and the weekly challenges are a nice touch. Con: the difficulty upswing, the continue cost, the frogs, the time for more lives, the familiars’ abilities take too long to charge for how useless they are, the frogs, and the difficulty in later stages makes it an obvious cash grab due to the price of abilities and extras. I’d love to spend money on this. I really would. Early on, my kids loved it, I loved it, we bonded... This just doesn’t make me feel like I NEED to continue playing, and honestly, because the bad parts are just SO BAD, I don’t particularly want to. I’m willing to check back in a few months and hopefully something will have changed for the better.

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- A Great Find!

To see a mobile game like this in 2020 is almost unheard of. Most mobile games are swimming in Ads and practically begging you to pay them non-stop, or annoying you in some kind of way but this game does nothing like that. It’s just so fun to play and relaxing when you just want to pass the time or are bored. There’s absolutely no Ads and even though most people have probably played a “Bejeweled-like game” at this point, the different levels that you experience in this game that frequently change up the gameplay and keep you thinking are a really welcome edition to the genre, as well as the different themed power-ups you get for matching bricks in various ways that end up giving you that exciting feeling of finishing a level when you thought you wouldn’t make it and ran out of moves but a ‘Winged Key’ you used got the last piece you needed. There’s also an element of competition and sportsmanship when it comes to the ‘Club’ aspect where you can form clubs and compete to be Promoted or Demoted each week depending on how many trophies your club earns, this allows for you and friends to help each other compete on a leaderboard and send each other lives if you are struggling on certain puzzles. All in all, I would highly recommend this game and I’m sure any Harry Potter fan will find something they like about it and enjoy moving up through the levels and through scenes of the story.

- Fantastic, however more than a few hiccups...

The graphics and sound effects are brilliant. Smooth transitions, challenging and creative puzzles. Overall great game play. However, a few niggling things stop this game from being a solid five stars for me. As other players have observed, the levels available to play per week are a relatively small quantity... Waiting four days for *any* play is way too much time to wait to be continually invested, no play means to also miss out on the abundance of events and rewards. Team tier promotions are fun and collaborative, but not being to help your team when you’ve exhausted your levels is very disappointing as a player. It all seems like punishment for doing well. Some other games I know have you repeat levels so a player would still be able to play and participate. This game seems to just stop you at a grinding halt for days. Inconsistent clearing of gems/ices with bombs and bomb+lighting combo is irritating but tolerable. Couple of specific instances though, upon starting a new puzzle level, the board was up and suddenly the “Cannot load puzzle [number]” notification popped up, thus forcing me to return to the main screen and losing a life. Very, very frustrating.

- Awesome!

I love this game, I was obsessed as soon as I started. It’s unlike other match 3 games because it actually makes me feel like I’m reliving parts of the movies. Obviously I am up to date with the levels and its frustrating that only 30 new levels come out each week and I can’t contribute to helping my club move up the ranks, and I’ve also completed the potions segment of the puzzles and they are still to be replaced by another class. I’m super excited for what’s to come and I can see myself playing this game for years to come. Not to mention, no ADS!!!! How cool is that. It’s also not necessary to buy any in-app purchases to succeed. Some levels take ages but you just need perseverance. I think there needs to be more ways to earn power ups that can be used during the puzzle, as there’s almost no way to get them and they would be extremely helpful towards the end of some levels.

- Overall a fairly solid and fun game

As far as I can see so far it’s all free to play. I’ve only cleared first 9-10 levels and am character level 2, so not yet so far into it as to have unlocked all gameplay, yet still far enough to see that the basic level of gameplay is both free to play and ad free! It’s obviously a fair bit repetitive as are most of these types of games but it’s enjoyable broken up with new character interactions and pleasantly nostalgic cut scenes in between puzzle rounds. If I had to give it a score out of 10 I’d probably land around a 7.5/10 then add another point for being Harry Potter related, finishing on an 8.5/10 for ad free, wholesome, simple game that helps take your mind off things after a long day or when you’re too stressed to otherwise focus. Can’t wait to keep playing and see what’s next, so back to it.

- Love this game but could be better

This is the only game I can play each day for hours without feeling bored. Love the HP references and the graphics. I wish it included an option to play older levels, once you catch up with all the released levels there’s nothing to do really. Need to wait for Tuesday for the quill events to come back on, this means nothing on the weekends which is when I generally have lot of free time. No replays means no way to gain xp or get new star packs for new creatures. Another thing with star packs is after you get the brown rat and the ones with gold, it seems that you will only get duplicates. The only way to get a new one seems to be is to have a full duplicate album which is a lot of levels to clear. And once you catch up with all the levels, it’s really hard to get a full duplicate pack with just 20 levels each week. I do feel like there are very less boosters that we can get for free but I don’t really use them so that’s not a big concern. But I really wish there was a “confirm” option before you use 900 gold for extra moves or buying card packs. Sometimes you press it by mistake and that’s it, all your hard earned gold gone.

- Great, but......

I love this game and can’t wait for new levels to be released. The only thing I find VERY frustrating is that while I’m waiting for new levels I can’t do anything. I would love to go back and try to perhaps better my score or just re-play some levels so I can continue enjoying the game and possibly achieve some of the challenges to to us. It’s also annoying when one of the challenges is to reach a certain level and that level hasn’t been released yet. Please do something about this because I find the game a lot of fun.

- A minor downside

Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells is a great game, which is. A must-have for all Harry Potter fans. If I were to write this review yesterday, I would give it 5 stars, though that changed after its update. A negative attribute to the update, (which I doubt most people would care about) is that now you do not have the freedom of choosing your avatar exactly how you like it. One noticeable change is smiles, skin colour and hair. I am not going to get in-depth into everything that has changed in the avatar, but the worst has to be the smiles. Many smiles which were possible before have been removed. Other than that, it’s a great game without any advertisements and without the games constantly begging you to but in-app purchases.

- Good, when it actually lets you play

When you’re actually able to play the game, it’s very enjoyable, how ever long and drawn out wait times for new levels to be released means that you spend days without being able to complete challenges and make progress both in the game and the new leagues feature. Overall, they have made this largely unplayable now that I have progressed to higher levels. Not able to replay levels, even spending money in the game doesn’t stop the constant barrage of duplicate cards, and often times when trying to use the power ups that I have spent real world dollars on, the game simply takes them, without allowing them to be used. A game that started as a fun challenge has turned in to a waste of time and money. Super disappointing at the end of the day.

- Issues

I’m finding certain issues with this game unfortunately. Especially when you get to the levels that you are not able to pass because they are not present yet. There are no other opportunities to actually keep helping out your team members. There should be opportunities to either replay levels and still keep adding cups for your team. My team has been demoted due to not actually having the opportunity to move forward. It’s rather unfair. How can your team move more forward when there’s nothing to move forward to? Definitely something that should be addressed and looked at.


I LOVE THIS GAME! The graphic are to die for! I’ve only been playing this game for a little while and I’ve already obsessed with it! I’m pretty sure that whatever house you choose it effects the story line, I chose Ravenclaw and Hagrid at the start game me a BLUE box and said something like this: “Don’t ask me how to open it, but I’m sure you Ravenclaw can figure it out!”. Like I said I’ve been playing this game for not that long but I think that the developers have put a lot of time and effort into the storyline. They even added in Hagrid’s language!!!! The “puzzles” are also fun and easy, this game is quite original in my opinion In most pizzle/story games it’s always: complete the puzzle so you can choose a fountain! No! No! No, this app just gives you XP to lvl up and to get to the next part of the story. The characters look very similar to the actual characters in the movie. 120MILLION% SURE YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!

- This is a great game because

Well, firstly an important part of any game is how many ads they put in between every move. This game, I am very happy to say, has no ads. I can glide through the game and really enjoy playing it, and not having to stop and wait for each boring ad to finish with its complete nonsense. Another thing is, with most match games, you only match and that’s it. With this game, there are a range of things to do, which is really exciting. Although, maybe different types of puzzles like mystery or maybe find the object would do more than just top this game off. Thanks for reading!

- Harry Potter Master Peice

I think this game is quite enjoyable for all ages as well as having fun puzzles it has spells and magical creatures. Harry Potter books and movies are quite popular now so a Harry Potter game is quite creative, I read the books myself and I think they got everything right. I love how they let you choose your own house, wand and avatar, my point in general is that I enjoy this game and I am sure others will too. 😘

- This but more of it!

Need more new levels! I was totally hooked, until I ran out of levels to play. And again run out a day after they release the next 20. I wish they would scrap some of the extra stuff (eg the card collecting) at least until they have many more actual playable levels (the bit we’re here for). I didn’t pay any actual money, and wouldn’t agree with reviewers who say some levels aren’t playable without buying powerups. I would be happy to watch ads to earn lives or extra moves, but that’s not a feature of this game.

- Love this game but i found an issue with level 204

So I’ve been playing this game non stop and I really enjoy the game I have seen no problems until now, I’m currently on level 204 and I was almost finished with it when I stumbled upon a little bug with the rememball which prevented it from being damaged by ANYTHING I don’t know why this I’m sure it will only happen once but I’m sure you’ll get it fixed I just thought I would write a review to prevent this from happening to anyone else thanks.

- Great Game but no new levels

So I got really excited this morning when I saw there was an update that promised new and exciting levels to play etc. only to find there is no new levels at all. Was obviously really enjoying the game (progressed quickly through to level 385) but now I’m at a stand still for days on end. It will be a shame to lose interest while waiting, but really no choice but to look elsewhere for something to play at this stage.

- Best HP Game Yet

Love this game! Have been hooked for the last week or so - however have completed all I can and waiting for a new update and more levels! However would love the option to be able to still complete daily tasks with no new levels, maybe allow replay of passed levels? And also, more quills to do the classes please!!

- Time to quit

I gave it a shot. The animations are good and it gives that exploding gems rush. But it is buggy, and all I get from support is “sorry to hear that”. The people in my guild who have finished the levels say there’s nothing to do and it drops us in the rankings. And after logging in every day for a week to win an owl, it didn’t get awarded but still sits there on my screen mocking me. But of course the support team are right and I “must have” missed a day. What shall I waste my time with next?


I love this game so much It is the best if you can not work out a puzzle the game shows you what you need to do next on puzzle 60 you unlock Harry Potters Owl earn money easy I have 3,660 dollars on my first day and I started at 5:00 and hoped of at 5:30 so I recommend this game to anyone who loves puzzles, hard challenges or people who love Harry Potter

- How d’ya spell wand

Those winged keys remind me of the butterflies in another of Zynga’s games. TRAITORS. Make sure you lose the first game and then helped along in subsequent games to win. Each game followed by a full blown video ad of more time wasting rubbish I don’t want.I play these games to sharpen my brain. I think you want me to sharpen my knives. Zynga, you spend so much creativity on your music, graphics and action and then ruin it with those retarded winged keys. I don’t care anymore. I’ll wanda off for a spell.

- Suggestion

Event trunk and club rewards need to give an item of timed infinite lives instead of being applied immediately. I haven’t been able to use these benefits as I have no more levels to complete which is very frustrating. Also please release more levels more often as this will help clubs stay engaged and have opportunity to be promoted.

- Great!

Really fun and a simple concept game that needs sometimes a little bit of luck and thinking. Your favorite characters from the book/series may also pop up at times and say a few lines which is honestly one of my favorite parts of the game

- Marvellous graphics.

I now play this instead of candy crush. I only go back when I have run out of levels. You have defiantly made this an interesting game. And I especially like no adds. I would love to be able to go back and re try old levels though.

- Amazing game

This game was really good as you can complete fun puzzles, unlock new spells and even create your own profile. I’ve been playing this game for a week now and I can’t stop playing it. There are so many things to do and explore in this game and that is why I’ve rated it 5 stars.


I love the Harry Potter books for all their exciting adventures. This game allows you to go on those adventures through a Harry Potter themed Match 3 game! I love how you can travel through scenes and books. My favourite part is the card collecting at Hagrid’s hut! I love how you can get creatures that help you in the game! I LOVE EVERYTHING!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

- Why do we have to get an album full of duplicates just to get a new card?!?

I love this game and waste a lot of time playing it. New levels seem to be getting better with more being released at a time which I love, hating that we no longer get new cards unless we fill the duplicate album....sooo frustrating!!

- Good fun!

Really love this game. It’s really cool how you meander through the Potter story by completing levels. There’s also some side quests to do every day and some that appear weekly on certain days. Currently on level 200 and my only issue is that some levels get so hard that all 5 lives are gone in an instant. But that’s free to play for you!

- Lovely game

I really enjoy this game, but I am finding it frustrating that I, and my club, are penalized in the club competition every time I hit the lvl cap. Could you please consider implementing a random recycle of old lvls for those at the lvl cap? This would allow us to continue to contribute and continue to enjoy the game while waiting for new levels.

- Pretty standard 3 match

Plays well, it’s only glitched once BUT my last 3 or 4 card stacks have all been duplicates... which wouldn’t bother me if they were awarded more often than a star a level. Also, how do I change creature? On level 21 / puzzle 313 and still have a brown rat that I can’t seem to change any way?

- Avatar issues

So i’ve been playing this since release and love it. Haven’t any issues until now. After updating the other day, my avatar had been changed completely and now i only have access to 3 outfits, none of which i had previously used.

- Naming pets would be awesome

This is a really addictive game for me it’s really fun but to make it better you could let name the pets we earn like I just won hedwig for playing 7 days in a row and she called snowy white owl so that would be awesome if you could change that

- Fun but has problems

I’m enjoying the game a lot, it’s well made and looks good. But sneakily changing the positions of the “End Game” and “Extra Move” buttons when you fail a level is a dirty trick. New players be warned; there’s a level of artificial difficulty designed to make it pay to win. Not surprising, but still annoying. It’s possible to play, but some levels will take a lot more tries than others.

- 🤗 I’m so obsessed with this game especially..

now you can speed up your coins in the “shop / gold vault” section but still freezing with some levels even after recent update 😕

- It’s pretty good

I like this app a lot already however I do think you should put in more wand choices. The levels will probably get harder but for now they are way to easy

- Need more Levels

I love this game but I’m levelled out at the moment, have been for a few days now. I think they need to extend the time on the packs as I’ve completed all the levels and have only completed 2 packs (neither with an additional animal) they just gave duplicates cards.

- Enjoyable

A very enjoyable game with a lot to keep everyone entertained. Some of the puzzles can be very difficult at times which is good, but they seem to require a purchase of extra’s to complete so be aware of this if you don’t want to spend real money. It does appear to be designed to get money out of you.

- Avatars on the game

The game is fantastic but one thing is that the avatars just changed with a new update but with the hair there used to be a plait and now there isn’t but I had that I didn’t like any other hair style so please bring back the plait but other than that it’s a great game and so realistic

- Sometimes freezes

When it froze you’d lose that level and have to do it again, just need more levels. Especially when you spend coins and find out that you’ve got no more levels

- Boring game

Just another match 3 game. Not very generous with rewards and becomes boring very quickly because of this. Even spending money doesn’t speed up play or reaching achievements. The Harry Potter element is not really used. Just a decorative theme. Could use the HP universe to add excitement and interest but no. Takes so long to work thru chapters that the motivation never builds. Lots of more interesting match threes available.

- Ummm...

Mostly great and I really enjoy it, but the most recent update. You added new avatar stuff, but got rid of the original features. When I opened the game after updating, my avatar was completely different. What’s the point of completely changing all the avatar features? Why get rid of previous choices?

- Keep on trying

Sometimes easy, sometimes hard, just keep on trying, bonus moves help a lot.

- Ok but could be better

It was fun at the start then I got to level 57 and I can’t get off it it’s too hard no matter what extra items I can use plus I’ve already spent money on extras but it’s not enough I have already ran out of coins and I can’t do any extra challenges to get more.

- More levels and cards

It has been a week since I have been able to play. Instead of making us wait and lose interest, you need the option to replay levels and do daily tasks. Also sick of getting duplicate cards. It would be a good game with no adds but about to delete from my device.

- loving it so far!

great game! but PLEASE change the sound of the frogs, or stop it from going off after ever move 😭 it’s a very irritating sound. I turned off sounds for a bit but then it’s annoying that I can’t hear the gems. The frog noise has got to go!

- A clever rip off after level 58 it needs cash

Warner and Harry Potter company you should be ashamed of yourself I tested this for my daughter to see if your algo is set to a parameter to trigger $$ progress and sure enough it is set just right after level 58 and above - it needs cash investment Shameless direction and exploitation at kids and frankly typical of exploitation currently in the App Store by unscrupulous companies I have deleted the club we started and all 31 members will lose out - Majesticosia was the club name and also I deleted my daughters profile and the game Parents - this is a rip off pure and simple - gets your kids hooked and then needs weekly dollars Shame on these companies

- It’s better than that other Harry Potter game

Match 3 puzzling is fun and it’s cool to see the artwork to do with the various levels. However wait times are still ridiculous even with the ability to ask for lives and it really kills any momentum you’re having.

- Harry Potter candy crush

I gave I a five star rating because it is the best app I’ve ever played before. And I like lemgardem leviosa the spell I love you guys who made this game can you please write back to me my name is Illias. Thank you.

- Puzzle 550

Completed the puzzle and kept showing 1 calendar left were their was none so would not let me pass

- Great game

Only issue I have is my daily rewards, I got up to day 5 and it’s not changing to day 6 even though I log in everyday, plus How do I get the owl? I’m on level 390, it says to get to level 60 to get owl, Fantastic game otherwise

- Great game 😍

I enjoy playing this game and it has great HP aspects but more decoration than actually part of the game but the HP scenes are so fun and they worked real spells in to. I am totally addicted to it and it is free you have to get this app 🥰


This app is NEXT level. It has so many layers to the games. The graphics are soooo smooth. This is the best professional app and game I’ve ever seen. It’s such an improvement on the farmvilles etc. Download it.

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- Harry Potter 💟

Great for Harry Potter fans.

- Freezes

The app freezes often and needs to be coded and opened again. Very frustrating.

- Great game except the greedy in game purchases

I love the gave other than the hideous profiteering why can’t game developers offer a one time price and enjoy! Every game I play these days has in game purchases asking for 10’s to 100’s dollars to keep playing how hideously greedy! They should be ashamed!

- It’s good until....

You run out of levels! So, you’re doing well, join a club, gain trophies and get into emerald tier! Then you run out of levels and then game isn’t fun anymore. If your lucky they release levels every week... if you not the wait is worse. Sooo no point in trying to compete for tiers. If you play for fun, but the fun runs out...quickly. Word to the creators, you should have finished levels for at least the first two movies before releasing.

- Fun game,

One improvement in an update I would suggest is the ability to cast spells in any puzzle. You collect spells but can only use them in puzzles that require them, having the ability to collect silver balls and then choose to use any learned spell in any puzzle would be awesome. Choosing the right spell and knowing your spells could make really tough puzzles easier to pass.

- Fun ends abruptly

Very fun game, but once you reach the puzzle cap you might as well uninstall. Haven’t been able to play this game for weeks now. Why not let us replay scenes for 1 trophy instead of 3?

- Set up to make you pay!

12 updates since I started playing listed on my version history. Personally keeps getting worse with updates. Set up to make you pay. Some teams have extra players which is unfair for promotions. Some teams have players that get to play beyond the levels released because they are team testers but their levels count for team stats. In my own house we have three players and the cost to purchase things is different for some of us. I’ve dealt with a lot of glitches. It is a fun and addictive game but honestly is a money racket.

- Limited play

This is a great game but once you reach the limit of levels to play (which doesn’t take long because it addictive) you are stuck waiting a week or Ionger for new levels to open up. You can join teams and earn bonuses so when you can’t play it is very frustrating because it brings your standings down and if there is 30 min unlimited lives, you can’t take advantage of it. Fun while it lasts.

- Alot of problem

This game could be really nice, there is way too many bug... The ranking system get you demoted if you win, promised prizes are remove from your inventory, half of your team located in a rank and the rest in another. You write to the company and they say that they will respond within 24 hours but in reality if you wait a month you are lucky, the lack of professionalism is almost awkward at this point, we speaking about a candy crush type game, imagine being a company that can’t run this kind of game, shame.

- Freezing

Please fix the freezing it’s really frustrating when you do so well in a puzzle and the game suddenly freezes - on top of that you lose a heart. Otherwise, it’s a good game and a great time waster.

- AWESOME!!!!!

This is the best game ever!!!!!

- Poor planning

The game has clubs you can join or make and if you are at the last puzzle available, you can’t help your club with points. The game won’t let you play old levels to help either so your kinda stuck getting very little points and never getting the club mvp. Plus you get tasks to complete to get coins but you can’t do them because you have no levels to play. Seriously broken when you get to this point.

- Another Zynga game

One of the worst developers for mobile games out there. As soon as I saw the Zynga pop up I deleted this game.

- I love it

I love it everything in it like it a good games

- Great game

Love the game but the new update on the gems hurts my eyes. The logos in the gems make them look blurry

- The best match3 game but...

Add more levels please!!!

- Harry Potter

Love ❤️ the game but get don't give nearly enough time to even try to finish a level I game been on level 102 I think it is fir like a week there is no way to get through it and I can't spend real money to do it I may have to leave the game 😦😢

- Too short

Fun but I ran out of levels already... bummer

- Awesome game

Awesome game but the developers can’t keep up with the players. They claim 30 new levels weekly, but there is only 10 new boards released each Tuesday. Highly addicting but frustrating due to the same generic answers of why I only get to play for 2 days out of each week. The animation is amazing. Love, love the game, regardless.

- More new levels

I love this game... it’s so addictive and I love my team... the only problem is that there are not enough new levels to get anywhere. I’m trying to get the Wizarding world works album complete and the key frenzy completed and only have the daily club puzzle to do until new puzzles come out... not gonna be able to collect anything

- Money Grab

When I first started this game it was fun, and I could actually complete quests. As the years go on they get harder and harder with 8 hr waits and timeframes. So unless you don’t have a life and can only play this it won’t work out for you. They also have quests and then in order to duel and pass you need a certain level in each attribute. The last three I had before deleting the game I needed over 4,000+ attribute points, to win. That takes over a month to get but they give you 4 days. It’s a joke.

- Glitch puzzle537

There is a glitch on puzzle 537 and it won’t let me pass the puzzle. Please fix Otherwise the game is good and I enjoy playing it.

- Awesome

This is a good game

- Just right to too hard

Puzzles are too hard north of 100. Same zynga issues, different game. Not fun.

- Love the game

I really enjoy playing the game but have noticed lately there have been alot of glitches. Board says its not cleared when i have cleared it all. Not getting lives when it says i received them etc. Members of my team have seen same things happening to them as well. And......the puzzle of the day timer needs to be more than three hours, should be an all day event. Not all club members are on within the three hours.

- Lots of fun

Great game. Not too hard, but just enough of a challenge to keep your interest.

- Nice but

Very annoying that whenever you are just about to finish a level the game freezes and you have to reboot it. Not impressed at all with that. It has happened with almost every level past 100. Not cool. Fix your bugs

- Great... up to a certain level

The game is based on the movies pretty much and brings up nice, sweet memories of back then. The theme, music, the environment make it a great game. However, just like other puzzle games, after a certain level, be ready to spend at least 30 minutes to beat one level, unless you pay money to buy spells to help you out. It can get annoying at certain times because there aren’t enough gems of a specific color or bubbles to cast a spell. All in all, it is a good game but makes the same mistakes of other puzzle games.

- Update issues

Since new update app opens but jams on loading player data and doesnt wanna open 😒

- ITS amazing

I watch Harry Potter a lot that’s why I love this game toooo

- Lots of great and not great things

This game is a lot of fun. I’ve enjoyed the puzzles and challenges and being part of a club. It hooks me for hours. BUT, it goes through these terrible glitches and the players get the short end of the stick. A few weeks ago, our club was in the promotion zone. Instead, it demoted us so we had to work one week to regain our position and another to get promoted. Then, today, as our club got promoted, it said I wasn’t in a club, but when I checked my club, there I was! If there were any prizes given out for being promoted, it means I’ve missed out! Also, I’m the only one in my club who’s maxed out on puzzles at #805. Most others maxed out at puzzle #785. It’s so popular that players play it all the time and the app developers aren’t giving us the puzzles fast enough. Same with challenges. So it’s a great game except for these not so great things happening.

- Quite fun

So far I am enjoying the game, not too many if any ads


Fantastic game, super addictive and super fun. I 100% recommend to people who love Harry Potter. This is my new favourite game, you have to download it. Awesome puzzles, and even though it is similar to other games of this type it has a certain charm that others don’t. :)))))

- Keeps crashing

The game is really fun and I quite enjoy it, but it won’t stop crashing for me. It sucks as it wastes my lives in-game and makes me replay the levels a lot.

- Way too difficult

It’s fun but get really difficult after level12. I don’t even feel to spend buy coins.

- Teamwork lost!

Demoted us from fire diamond to sapphire two. And the levels always feel rigged to make you lose a couple times first.

- Data collection...avoid this game

Any game that requires you to a agree to a privacy policy upfront that speaks to data collection is a dangerous app. This means your data will be collected and exploited for profit and/or other nefarious purposes. Apple should not allow garbage like this to be in the store.

- It’s all about the changes.

Game is fun but Zynga is constantly changing things (not for the better). They removed some hairstyles, changed the “plus 2 additional lives” at level 30 to 1 additional life, changed the trading cards so players like me, at level 35, still don’t have the basic animal upgrade like lower level players have, it used to cost $1900 game coins for a special deck (where duplicates still occurred) and now it’s $2900, the number of spells cast needed to trigger your animal was 25 and now it’s 80. They just really need to be consistent.

- Cristal Dawn

This game is so fun I love Harry Potter.

- Amazing 😉 game

I used to like it now I don’t,it’s not good it’s not bad it’s 😑,I hate it ,it is a good game

- Had to review for first time

Why do they always make garbage game with harry potter title? Using Harry Potter brand already gives so much attention yet they make this kind of old low budget game. I’m a huge fan of HP and this is Very disappointing. Never liked any mobile games that are associated with Harry Potter.

- BEST APP EVER!!!!!,!!!

Donlowad best app ever please please please please please please

- A tired take on match three

There is nothing special about this game. It is a shameless money grabber, full of flashing lights, and packed full of “tasks” designed to encourage you to spend more cash. It’s pretty telling that Warner Brothers and Rowling are trying to milk the HP license for all it’s worth. Save yourself the time and skip this one.

- J.K Rowling is trash!

I will never support this woman again! I didn’t even open the app, only downloaded to leave a review! This women is evil in its purest form!

- Decent game

Not forced to watch unsolicited ads and the game is a little bit different. Sure beats the heck out of some of the new age games that are one big ongoing ad. Recommended!

- Needs more levels!

Why is there a bonus for getting to level 787 or whatever and that level doesn’t exist yet? Dumb. My team is moving down the rankings because we can’t play anymore!

- Horrible customer service

Had so many problems with this game. Not getting rewards when earned.. then told by support that there’s nothing they can do! Fun game but it cheats. Beware!

- Game freeze

Downloaded the game today out of curiosity, and while I got through level 1 just fine, the game freezes completely when I hit play to access level 2. I’ve tried restarting several times but it’s always the same. Had to uninstall since it doesn’t work on my device... which is a shame, since the graphics looked pretty cute.


i’d do anything for that man 😁 anyways STREAM PILLOWTALK ON YOUTUBE WHILE WE WAIT FOR BETTER

- Cool Game


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- Love it!

I am a very hard core Potterhead and an EXTREME fangirl of the HP series and everything to do with it. Let me tell you now that if you download this app, you won’t be disappointed! The graphics are awesome, the sounds bring me waves of nostalgia, and the gameplay is amazing! You get to pick your wand, house, and character look. If you like matching puzzle games, I recommend downloading this app even if you aren’t a fan of Harry Potter. Great job to Zynga. This is a truly lovely app. Love it! ❤️💜

- Sound quality needs improvement but great start

I love the idea of this game and it has all the hallmarks of being a great addictive match game. Note to developers: the sound quality of the music and scenes is not great. Very low quality. I love hearing the music and words from the movies, so if that could be improved, I would increase to five stars. Also! Make avatar customization a bigger part of leveling up in the game. Making my character look better will keep me going for months on a game!

- Thanks Zayn!

From one potterhead to another, shoutout to Zayn for putting me onto this! Watched him talk about the game yesterday and just had to try it for myself! I love the ability to choose your own house and wand. The fact that you start out “living” at Privet Drive and follow Harry’s journey through Hogwarts is absolutely amazing. Graphics are awesome and the game overall has become one of my top 5 to play! Can’t wait to progress further through the game!!!

- Could have been great.....

I have been playing these games for many years and believe this game is one of the best. The graphics are amazing, the game plays very well without being too boring or too challenging. I reach level 50 and have since dumped the game. Why? The game is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! I ended up having to buy coins for each and every level. In this time of great hardship we’re so many are out of work or unable to buy food these prices come off as completely greedy. It is sad because this could have been a very special game.

- Best Puzzle Game!!!

Okay now that I’ve had plently of time to get use to it and get most of the spells and magic stuff! With plently of hours under my best I say I’ve put about 3 good hours and just hit level 100 and only having to use power ups once! Yes one time power ups through 100 levels! This game is fantastic it’s super easy to play and just to relax! This game gets a perfect 10/10 for me 5 star rating! Wonderful game to play!

- Add more features

I agree with other people you should be able to customize the eyes more to look like a girl if your a girl. There should also be more ways to add friends. Yeah I understand that most kids have Facebook and Snapchat and stuff like that but what about the ones who don’t? How are they supposed to add friends? Otherwise it’s a great game you just need to add more features. Also people need to stop hating Harry Potter books and games (which are great by the way) because of JK Rowling

- Awesome game!!!

To anyone who says this game isn’t worth it to get, your trash! Sorry it this game is so cool!! I’m not a big fan of candy crush but this game is so much better!! It’s so addicting and so cool to show off to your friends I’m telling you to try it!! HP fans like myself will be amazed with hw realistic the drawings are and how you feel like your in the wizard world. And to anyone who’s not, this is such a good puzzle game too!! So what are you doing?!? Get it get it GET IT!!!!

- Love this game! One problem though

This game is so much fun! I thought it was going to be like all matching gem games, but this has me hooked. The only issue is that sometimes when there is a supposed to be a fanged plant, it doesn’t show up on the screen so you can’t beat the level. It’s not a huge deal to lose a life, but this happened a few times so far. At one point, I lost a 28 game winning streak and the power ups that the winning streaks give you because of the glitch.

- Goes down hill quickly

I got the game right away, I liked it to start. But it quickly becomes impossible to beat levels without spending tons of money on bonus features. The game is also glitchy where I’ve beaten levels with nothing left to clear and it thinks I still have more to do. Never heard back from game support on these glitches. I think if they had a free play mode where you can earn bonuses to beat the levels it might be more enjoyable. But being stuck on an impossible level is just boring and makes me not want to play.

- A Must Play for any Harry Potter Fan

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first heard this game was coming out, but let me tell you it did not disappoint! The developers took time to put so much detail into this game and it really shows! The voices of the characters are well done, and I love that you walk through the story based off the books and movies as you complete levels. So excited to keep playing!

- Good Company, Great Game!

When I discovered that the same company that made the Wizard of Oz Match 3 game made this one, I knew I was in good hands. As always, the levels and all of the little mechanics give great nods to both the movies and the books. The gameplay may seem like every other match-3, but this company brings an extra charm and beauty in graphics and sound design in all its games that makes it really stand out.

- Game turns into Pay to Win

Once you get to around puzzle 100 the game is almost impossible to get through a puzzle without spending coins. I haven’t spent any money on this game and I don’t intend to if they literally make you pay to win. Your always stuck with one missing requirement and it gives you the option to spend coins to stay in the game also. Overall, the game design is awesome and the levels are creative but I’m not going to continue playing if I’m forced to pay to somewhat get through puzzles around the first try

- Beautiful Graphics

The beautiful graphics and character voices take you back to the wonderful world of Harry Potter. A new twist on a common gem match game has me deleting all my other match 3 games. The levels are challenging but not so impossible that you want to quit and you get a creature helper that you can upgrade and change. I would definitely recommend giving this game a try!

- Love but the new update....

Love the game.!!! Me & my fam is obsessed.!! But I don’t like the new update on the jewels. Everyone iknow as well. Im very disappointed. I hope they fix it back to how it was... the other jewels looked more vibrant, more beautiful & made playing fun. Now it’s looking like toon blast. :( the colors even changed. Iknow it’s a simple change. But as a Harry Potter lover they should of just left it the way it was. Other than that, the game is the best game I ever played on my iPhone.

- Solid game, no purchase necessary

It’s a super fun game, takes everything I don’t like about the matching games and fixes it to make it enjoyable such as how special powers on the board can be moved and activated compared to similar games, doesn’t feel predatory in its micro transactions and absolutely doesn’t make me feel like I need to spend any money to do well. Solid game 10/10

- Interesting Game and Fun to Play

I like the game so far... there doesn’t seem to be a tutorial or help function to fully cover how to play and use the various functions of the game inside the game... most of the game’s functions are self explanatory however some are not... I did find a help/tutorial under the FAQ’s for the App in the App Store info for the game... other than than this I like the game, and could easily see myself spending several hours playing it...

- Love the game bust some glitches need to be fixed.

I run a club based off of an FB group. Some of my members have been trying to join but when I click accept or reject nothing happens, I have to completely exit the app and come back into it before I see it and even then I don’t see it most of the time. Several members are complaining that they didn’t get lives an the other members are saying they never saw a request. We also can’t go back and see chats which is sad. I also don’t see requests for hours to days. Other than that I’m loving the actual game play. Some of the levels are challenging but I wouldn’t want them all to be super easy. I also get way too many duplicate cards and not enough cards in return for them. So mostly Just fix the club issues and it would be 5 stars!

- Don’t bother.

It’s Harry Potter-themed Gardenscapes. Same bombs, same row/column clearers, even the paper airplanes are just re-skinned to be winged keys. Exact same recipe to make them and everything. If you came here to see a new and innovative take on the match-3 genre like the Apple story hyped it up to be, you’ll be sorely, sorely disappointed. The only reason why this game isn’t a one-star is because the graphics and animations are pretty good, all things considered. Other than that, it’s pretty much a cash-grab. You’re better off playing a game made by people who actually care.

- Very Fun

I really love this game. One suggestion would be to allow the club MVP or any other higher ranking member to start the daily puzzle. Our club officer is no where to be found, so active members can’t take part in that activity. If you could please update that setting it would be great. I really enjoy playing this game otherwise. 😊

- I DID love it..

I really loved this game when I downloaded it yesterday. Then this morning I tried to play it and it auto logged me out. So when the app opened it forced me to create a new character to even get to the setting, but then I would have had to sit through the tutorial. I tried deleting the app and redownloading and same thing happened. It automatically takes you to the name creation without giving you the option to log in as your previous character. I was level 23 too... so stupid. Don’t waste your time.

- Relies too much on luck/money

This game makes a good first impression with its lack of ads and flashy graphics, but around the 90th level or so it becomes clear that it relies on the same deceptive mechanics that force you to either pray for a good gem seed or pay real money for powerups. It becomes almost impossible to complete levels without spending real money on powerups unless you enjoy spending days on a single level. Ultimately this is just yet another game that preys on people with poor impulse control and children who don't know any better.

- Very disappointed

First I bought two different bundles and I never actually got the stuff. It kept giving me a message saying be patient it is pending but it took my money each time and it has been over a week and no one will respond to my emails. Then the last few days it gives me a message saying it is trying to sync and to wait. Well I’ve tried many times waiting for 10-20 minutes each time and still nothing. So I deleted it and tried to sync up my last game but it won’t and I was past level 135 and now it wants me to start over

- Great Game

I really love Harry Potter and I love these types of games, but having to wait so long for lives takes away some of the fun for me. I’m 150 levels in and stuck on a level because the lives take so long to refresh. Most of these kinds of games are 5, 10, or 15 minutes to refresh, but this one is twice that! I get that the game wants you to spend real money to play, but I just find that frustrating.

- Wrong colors and mascot

I think this is a wonderful app other than the fact that all the depictions of Ravenclaw are wrong. Ravenclaw’s mascot is supposed to be an eagle not a raven, please don’t base every thing off the movies. They changed our color and mascot. The colors are blue and bronze or yellow not silver/black. If you fix the colors and the mascot then I will make this a 5 star rating because otherwise I love this app but I can’t stand the wrong colors and mascot.

- Am I missing something?

Why can I play only female characters? Do I have to try to figure out what combination of profile parts looks masculine? Also, nice game, but why waste time with all of the end-of-round matching fireworks? You don’t receive any points for it. I could understand if you got a higher score for after-round matches, like in Candy Crush, but here it’s meaningless. Yes, I know that I can press the screen to bypass all of it, but it just seems pointless.

- Glitches

I absolutely love this game and the team we’ve formed. I’m now in the 300 levels and I’m finding glitches. When requesting lives from fellow teammates as I hit the button it comes up showing 2 of my teammates has already given me lives but in actuality they didn’t, leaving me to only get 1 life and not all 3. Also, bombs are leaving behind gems. Hopefully you can work these out!

- Lots of fun

I normally don’t leave reviews, but I felt like I wanted to about this game. I get board eventually with these type of games. This one is so different that every puzzle I play is fun and unique. I play this game a lot it is challenging at times but I am going to keep playing. It has kept my interest and I can’t wait to pass more levels.

- Love the graphics and concept

I love the graphics in the concept of the game, it is actually a lot of fun to play. Except when you are trying to move some of the gems and the game does not respond as quickly as it should. I feel like I’m constantly waiting for something else to finish or kick in while wasting time and not being able to move gems.

- Great game

Really like the graphics and the gameplay. The story fits perfectly. Would be better if lives filled up faster to give more play time. Otherwise, I would highly recommend. A suggestion would be to add something that your puzzles can be put towards something bigger, like building hogwarts.

- Yeah, It’s Addicting... :/

As of right now, I am at puzzle 90, and I play this game in my spare time. However, the main aspects of this game aren’t original. This game is like many other puzzle matching games, with the same things like the amount of lives you have, the clubs you can join if you play for a good amount of time, it’s just awfully similar to the game Toon Blast. I am also a Harry Potter fan, and sadly, this is probably the closest we’ll ever get to an actual Harry Potter mobile game.

- Almost perfect

This is a match-3 type game much like Candy Crush but it’s enhancements are over the top entertaining. It starts out easy enough to beat but becomes very difficult as you pass level 100. So much to look at, my only complain, the reason I couldn’t give it 5 stars, is that they chose to include the music, from John Williams no less, in MONO? Really? Who does that anymore?

- Why Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells is AMAZING

When I found out this app was finally out, I FLIPPED OUT. I had forgotten about downloading it (sadly wasted time not playing this amazing game) My friends and I love it and play it every day! I love that you can personalize your character and chose specific things like your house and wand. Thank you for making this app! It’s very stress reliving and joyous.

- Fun but too much animation

This game is as fun as the next gem game but can be very frustrating with all the animation happening during the game. There is so much happening at times that it interferes with game play. You can’t move until it’s all done. But you never know when it’s done and before you know it you’re out of time. Hargrid taking up the screen during a game is just obnoxious.

- Phenomenal Beginning

Zynga & Portkey Games have done an amazing job with this one (I can tell already). Only a day in and I already love the art style, interface, gameplay and customization aspects. This is a really neat take on a puzzle game that not only challenges the player, but that’s visually appealing as well as easy to navigate. Wonderful start to my experience!!

- Amazing

This game is really good. The characters and everything is so realistic. I have a good time playing this game it is so fun to play. I like that you have your own house, wand, and character most games like this don’t have that option. The only suggestion is maybe more hair options but other than that it’s an amazing game.

- Great for Non-Harry Potter Fans

As a match game, this is as good as the top rated match games. Cool art. Great music. It offers nothing you won’t find in other games. As a match game goes I give it 4 stars. The art and music are cool. As a Harry potter fan 5 stars! Cool art. I’d hang them up in my office. The music takes you back to the movies. Harry Potter theme is the best for any game if done right. This is done amazingly!

- Love it.

Basically a Harry Potter version of Candy Crush with remembrals, lanterns, Berty Bots every flavor beans and chocolate frogs (to name a few) to knock out as well as loads of spells to cast which help you complete the puzzles. There are also cards to collect for animals that give you powers. The character design is well done and the animations are great. If you love the Harry Potter franchise, then you will love this game.

- Teasing Kids to make a buck

As if this franchise didn’t make enough money they make a game for kids where they miss clearing a board by one or two tiles and if you can’t do it with a certain number of lives they won’t let you play for 10-20 min. Unless you buy stuff you will just get frustrated. My kid is bustin my balls to buy tokens. It is strategically designed to exploit kids frustration so they spend money to clear a board. For an adult game Ok whatever. But for a kid game, seriously. Billions and billions made and now they have to schnor a buck by designing an app that teases kids.

- Best game app everrrr

I literally never write reviews for apps but I had to do it for this one! The developers must be huge fans of Harry Potter, it has so much details and even has very similar voices of the movie characters. If you like Bejeweled game AND Harry Potter, it's impossible noyt to enjoy this game. I'm loving every second playing! Feels like you're at the Universal Studio Harry Potter park.

- I love it

This game is great. It makes me want to watch the movies all over again. It did glitch and freeze some on me yesterday but it’s all good, games will do that sometimes as long as it don’t do it all the time. It takes a long time to get lives and nobody has joined my club yet. Harry Potter Addicts. Overall great game..Thanks for creating it.

- Kinda boring

I just downloaded the game and have been playing it every day but I’m getting bored of it. It’s just puzzles over and over again, I was wondering if the developers could add plot or make your character walk up to each class and then you do a puzzle. This might ruin the aspect of the game though. Imo players just need something to hook them into the game.

- Watch Out!!

I find this game fun and challenging. However, I am VERY disappointed that I’ve been sitting at the same level for 4 days because my “player’s journey has ended” in the middle of a chapter with 39 more puzzles to play. With a company as large as Zynga running the platform, I am surprised at this. Watch out! It gets REALLY expensive FAST if you decide to got to the store. This game is WAY too costly for an extra turn or power ups.

- Gets Pay-to-Win quickly

Like many other games of this type, it starts out really fun, and I spent some money early on when it seemed reasonable. Now, though, I'm far enough along that the puzzles are nearly impossible to solve without spending money on additional turns. I've ground to a halt on a puzzle I've tried a couple dozen times, running out of "lives" but it just got too expensive to continue. It's a shame... If it wasn't such a money grab I'd give it five stars.

- Love this game

I love this game!! So addicting! The graphics are great and cute! And the audio clips from the movie is amazing :) takes you right into the HP universe. The only change I would make is make it so once you have used your last move, any special powers (keys, bombs, spells) that are left on the board go off and that counts towards the goal.

- Must Play for Harry Potter Fans

Who doesn’t love to be immersed into the Hogwarts world? I don’t think there’s a Portkey Harry Potter game that I’ve played that I haven’t loved and this one doesn’t disappoint. The graphics are incredibly detailed and I love that the game is set up like the book. So far each chapter has a medium difficultly and I can’t wait to get to the end.

- Don’t connect to FB

Loved the game, made it to puzzle 116 and decided to connect the app to Facebook for the 500 coin bonus. As soon as I connected it, I lost all of my progress and was started back at choosing my name/house/wand and puzzle 1. It was fun while it lasted, but I’m not starting back over from scratch. Learn from me and don’t connect to Facebook! I’m so bitter about it because I loved the game.

- Stinkin’ addictive!

I’m a huge fan of HP and I love this game! I haven’t been able to stop playing these last few days! It’s kinda like Candy Crush but much more interactive and not as difficult. You get to do spells, have pets, and create your own character! The slight downside is that the first year is 700 levels! I feel like I’ll never get to the year 2. But still a great game!

- Terrible issues

While this game was fun in theory, they have so many connective issues with facebook syncing of your progress. I connected my account and it would randomly log me out of Facebook. I’d log back in and my progress would be restarted back down to level 2/3. This happened twice to me when I had already progressed beyond level 100. Not wasting any more of my time replaying the same crap over again just to have my progress lost again. Would not recommend if you actually want to progress.

- Awesome Harry Potter graphics!

Edit: when you level up but still have full lives, the extra 5 should go to your mail!! Great game, but why are Harry’s eyes blue? LOVE the character voices, especially Snape (RIP Alan Rickman). The game itself is a simple match game with unique tricks through spells and items. Love the animations through the Philosopher’s Stone and the amount of detail!

- Somewhat disappointed

I started playing this game not long ago. It started out Rather fun but quickly went downhill. The only way you can earn coins is by participating in mini games and you ask way too much for five additional lives. 900 coins for the first five and then double it every time you have to add. Also, you pack too many tasks into a single level. For example; 5 chocolate frogs, 12 remebrals, and 50 blue shapes. It’s at this point I quit and deleted the game. Not to mention getting into a club was practically impossible. I think I tried at least 9 and got the I think it was considering message. The characters popping up in the beginning was almost charming but it got old fast. Thank you for your time and I hope this helps you with the game.

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Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells⚡️

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells 23.0.592 Screenshots & Images

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells iphone images
Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells iphone images
Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells iphone images
Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells iphone images

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells (Version 23.0.592) Install & Download

The applications Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells was published in the category Games on 2020-09-22 and was developed by Zynga Inc. [Developer ID: 295913422]. This application file size is 244.6 MB. Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells - Games app posted on 2020-10-22 current version is 23.0.592 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.zynga.pottermatch

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