SnoreGym : Reduce Your Snoring App Reviews


SnoreGym : Reduce Your Snoring App Description & Overview

What is snoregym : reduce your snoring app? Reduce your snoring with SnoreGym, the workout app for quiet sleep from the creators of SnoreLab.

With this exercise app for snorers, get your snoring under control by working out your “snoring muscles”. You can also directly sync with the No.1 snoring tracking app - SnoreLab - to track your progress.

One of the main causes of snoring is weak muscles in the mouth area. SnoreGym is an exercise app which helps to tone your upper airway muscles to reduce snoring.

SnoreGym will guide you through a set of clinically-proven exercises for your tongue, soft palate, cheeks and jaw.

Features include:
- Exercises to reduce snoring
- Easy-to-follow animations
- Clear and detailed instructions
- Evidence-based workouts
- Progress tracking
- Sync to SnoreLab

Scientists have tested a set of mouth exercises which tone muscles in the tongue, soft palate, throat, cheeks and jaw. This research has shown that mouth exercises can reduce snoring, decrease the severity of sleep apnea, reduce disturbance of bed partners and produce better sleep and quality of life.

It is important to do these exercises regularly to reduce your snoring. We recommend at least 10 minutes a day for 8+ weeks.

Exercise now for quieter sleep!

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App Name SnoreGym : Reduce Your Snoring
Category Medical
Updated 16 January 2024, Tuesday
File Size 45.83 MB

SnoreGym : Reduce Your Snoring Comments & Reviews 2024

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sleeping so much better now.. this app is really a guide and a reminder to do proven exercises that can reduce snoring. i was worried about others putting up with my snoring however it has improved my sleep quality as will as reduced my snoring. so worth the price and the short effort. thanks to the makers!

Helpful. I wish I had found this app when my husband was alive Snore gym and snore lab is very helpful for me

LESS SNORING. It seems like there’s a progress since day one, hubby says that is not as loud, thanks for creating such a wonderful app!!

Worth $3. It sends a reminder every day if you want and has an animation doing the exercises with you as well as a timer and tips to remind you how to do it properly. I haven’t been good about doing them everyday. Also, I am not yet certain whether it works or even how I will measure the results as I use a prescription oral appliance and have been delving deeply into the research on getting better sleep. In fact, I just got off a video conference with my sleep do and forgot to ask him what he thinks of these exercises. Probably not much since he’s never mentioned it to me himself.

Did not help. I did the exercises three times a day for a month, did not improve my Snore Score at all. Waste of money.

Exercises fine, needs improvements. Would love optional sound to let you know when starting next exercise so you could do other things, or let you do anything on your phone without losing where you were and restarting the exercise, or let you shrink the screen (like streaming tv) so you could follow along while doing other things on your phone.

Helps with stop breathing while sleeping Worth doing helpful it’s easy yet effective. Worth doing helpful it’s easy yet effective! I didn’t do them all last week and noticed the difference, waking with nightmares /dreams attempting to wake me and I know I’m. It breathing. I should do these twice per day. Breath well and open throat chakra.

It’s a good reminding app. It starts you off with exercises built in that are actually free from an authority on snoring/sleep website, but this adds in-use cues and diagrams that are really helpful. I’m using SnoreLab too so it offers a tie-in w a diagnostic tool. My only gripe is that you are limited to only these exercises. There isn’t an area to add your own exercises w a timer, as there are a few more “yoga breathing” exercises I’d like to do in addition to these a few times a day. I don’t necessarily need diagrams for them- just a note of what they are and a timer. Thanks!

When using this app, I notice improvement. I'm using SnoreLab, so I'm able to track my snore score. In days I'm using SoreGym and doing 2 or 3 exercises, I can actually see improvement at the very same night. I have to keep working this way - it's working

AMAZING. This is one of the only reviews I have ever written, but I have to say something about this app. After just two days of exercises my SnoreLab snore score went from 23 to 6 last night!!!! This is absolutely AMAZING!!!! Thank you guys for making this app.

Marital Bliss Incoming. I’ve been telling my husband for years he snores. It has gotten so bad in recent years that we sleep many nights apart. I have always felt this impairs our relationship. Enter SnoreLab and SnoreGym He finally agreed to do some exercises with SnoreGym. I bought it and once money was involved, he committed to do the “silly exercises”. I even did them with him and he rolled his eyes and thought it was all very funny. I then urged him to try SnoreLab so he could see if the exercises made any difference. His first night of use he scored in the high 200s and was blown away. He went back and listened, surprised to hear how epic his own snoring is. I was exonerated from “crazy sensitive sleeper” status as he realized he is actually quite loud. A few weeks later with SnoreGym, his snore score is down to the 50s! We are able to sleep in the same room again! This is the fulfillment of the promise of technology improving our lives. Added bonus: I’ve also done the exercises and I think it helps me breathe better throughout the day. My nose seems to get stuffed up less often. Amazing apps, worth every penny.

Makes a difference. Two sessions a day for a couple of weeks and I have improved sleep. Give it a try! Losing weight helps too. Less anxiety as well. But I give a lot of credit to this app. Seems to help!

Actually works. It made a huge difference- I went from a snore score of over 60 in 3 in about a week.

As The Lack of Snoring Is Improving. As I am not sure when this snoring started. I do know this app is helping to minimize the extra sounds at night. That makes me and my husband happy! Now it’s his turn! Maybe he will get better sleep! Thank you Snore Gym!

It seems to work!. Quick routine that really works your tongue and mouth. My snore score dropped significantly with this and other recommended steps.

Amazing. Snore could affect your health and marriage . This app is amazingly a must for avoiding sleep apnea. In three days we saw results . Nobody talks about this natural remedy

Just started. So far so good. I just started a few days ago, so I really like the reminder feature. I typically never let apps send notifications, but in this case I have. I have a reminder set for morning late afternoon and evening. So I am doing the exercises 3 times a day. I will update the review at a later date to mention the effectiveness of the exercises, however, I also use a few other remedies for my snoring/sleep apnea including a wedge pillow, humidifier, and playing the didgeridoo. With the remedies listed I’ve gotten a snore score as low as 4. The wedge pillow has thus far made the biggest impact, bringing me down from scores from the 50s up to 104, but I really dislike the wedge pillow. I’d love to see what my numbers look like after some time with the exercises And without the wedge. As far as the app goes , the only glitch I’ve noticed is that the chewing exercise cuts off after 42 seconds instead of going the full 60. I just keep going and count the remaining 18 seconds in my head. Thanks for this app.

Log fixed; not it’s the reminders. The reminders feature has multiple issues. First, I get 4 reminders each day all at once. (One will do, thank you.) Second, it would appear you are able to select different alarms (ie. One time for weekdays and a different time for weekends.) but, using this feature is weird because in setup, Monday is the first day of the week; in review, Sunday is the first day of the week. (Pick one; I’m good either way.) Perhaps my struggle with the second issue has lead to me having the first issue.

App is great, stop bugging me to rate it and to download your other app. The app itself really is good - clear instructions, the animations are very helpful, I actually do the exercises, love that it tracks average time so it’s not like oh no you did it after midnight this day, you did nothing. Minus one star for the ad for the other app when I finish a workout, minus one star for bugging me to rate this when I finish a workout. Can’t even close those popups.

It’s working. I have been struggling with snoring. I don’t have sleep apnea and I was told there was not much I could do. I stumbled across this app and started it 3 days ago. Today I woke up with a snore score of 12 - which is very good. My normal score is in the high 30s

Overall good, but reminders don’t seem to do anything. Exercises seem to be helping. However, I set reminders for 2x per day in app settings and no reminders or notifications of any kind ever appear.

Recommended by my doc. Great pice of software, tracks and databases different habits against a snore score. My doc gave a list of remedies to test so we can review the results. My awareness of the causing of my snoring has been raised, for me stopping eating late and back sleeping has made a big difference. Slowly working my way through the remedy list and tracking the results. An add on snore gym gives one exercises to strengthen the important muscles and tracks progress. I am very happy, highly recommended

Improving!. After one week of snore gym exercises, lifestyle changes and efforts to decrease mouth breathing, I’ve cut my original snore score from 56 to 19. This app helped me gain awareness of the mouth/throat anatomy through strengthening exercises. I believe it’s contributing to my success.

SnoreGym cured my apnea!! 🥳🎉🎆. I have struggled with insomnia all my life, and have tried everything to improve it. Last year I had a sleep study and was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, with an AHI of 7. I tried CPAP but couldn’t tolerate it. Then I went to a dentist who specializes in sleep apnea. In the process of working with him, he introduced me to SnoreLab, and from there, I found SnoreGym. The dentist (who is a really wonderful, kind and helpful person) made me a dental appliance to correct the apnea (my brother got one and it totally changed his life). Unfortunately I was not able to tolerate the appliance any better than the CPAP. But then I started doing the SnoreGym exercises…. And within a couple months, when I recorded my breathing at night, I no longer heard snoring! I kept doing the exercises, and a month ago I was able to have another sleep study. When the report came back, it said I had an AHI of 1 ( which is considered normal) and I had NO apneas AT ALL… only hypopneas. So now it’s official: I no longer have sleep apnea!! Of course, this doesn’t mean that my insomnia is completely gone. I have PTSD, and am highly sensitive as well, and may always have some sleep challenges. But I do feel that my sleep is frequently better, that I sleep longer, most nights, without waking. And it’s a huge relief to know that I don’t have to worry about having my life shortened by sleep apnea. Thank you, SnoreLab and SnoreGym!! 🥰

Happy user. Excellent application

Malfunction on 2 sided excercises.. 2 sided excercises stop after the first side is finished.

It works. I have been using the app e ver uses and my snore score decreased from 56% to 33% in 3 days. I hope I can reduce as much as possible continuing with the excercises

I like it. I have just downloaded the Snoregym yesterday and did my first exercise last night. My snore score dropped from 120 to 85. Not sure yet if because of this app or something else. However I do still like it, user friendly with clear and simple to follow instructions. I now plan to do 20 minutes a day and will measure in SnoreLab to see progress. Will update on a couple of weeks. I only gave 4 stars for now pending the results

Relief to have real data to seek relief. The first night I had epic snoring all night. I began monitoring and utilizing recommendations and within a week I’d reduced 80% of the intensity/amount of snoring & feel a new lease on life. Works perfectly and SO affordable it’s difficult to believe. Also downloaded twin site SnoreGym which is equally efficacious and equally affordable. These 2 apps are my “Best Buy” of the last 25 years!

They share with Facebook and Google. No! I don’t use either of these companies’ services, to the extent I can avoid them, thanks to their voracious data collection practices. I don’t have a FB account so there’s no reason for them to be collecting data about me. I know Google collects analytics for your use, but that’s just another method for them to collect more data. There are other analytics companies out there. So, sorry, but no.

Alternative Workouts More FAQ needed. The app itself works fine, but doesn’t take into account those who might experience trouble with the workouts. I found myself getting nausea after just a few of the exercises and there was nowhere to really find information or help on how to work out to those exercises or to deal with the side effects of conducting the exercises.

Exercises stop midway through. Some of these exercises stop and advance to the next exercise after only half way. Annoying and is not being fixed.

Cut off. I was doing the exercises. The last one was the chewing one. Switch sides at 30 seconds and it stopped and moved onto review or whatever it was.

Nice reminder and clear instructions. Very useful program to supplement SnoreLab. Straightforward and well designed practice sessions.

Good science. Thank you

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Amazing. I have spent thousands of dollars to try to stop my snoring Then a $4 app gives me better results in a week than any of these ! If you want to stop snoring try this before getting ripped off

I AM A SNORER. I have been using SnoreGym for a short time and it has worked. My snore levels have reduced. I am thrilled to bits. Snore lab is a great exercise and l am continuing my progress every single day. I look forward to the possibility of a peaceful sleep next to another human being in the near future.

Small issue. Have only been using it for a week, so will wait until I get consistent results before discussing properly. There is an issue with exercises that switch from left to right - the timer stops after few seconds after switching

It works!. I have to admit I was extremely sceptical at first but after a week of doing 10 - 15 mins of SnoreGym each day I’m already noticing a significant difference. I’ve gone from a score of 36 to 10. Epic snoring has stopped and sleep quality has vastly improved. Highly recommend giving it a go

Saving my marriage. Doing these exercises and a couple more I found on the internet has pretty much eliminated my snoring. I was so excited when I got my first snore score of 0!

Evidence-based exercises and well-done app design. Just wish there are even more exercises to the mix though. But overall a very good app! Definitely noticing the difference.

Absolutely fabulous. Wow!!! What an incredible app. The way the exercises are explained, shown abs the timer… make it so easy to follow and do the exercises. Excited to see the results in improving my snore score. Thanks to the developers

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No improvement. No improvement after using this app

Billed for some reason. I didn’t know there was a trial. Got billed and I can’t see the app in my subscriptions. I need to cancel this.

Doesn’t help. This is a well designed app, but the bottom line is that these exercises don’t help and will just make you feel like a fool for even trying them.

needs sync between ios devices. needs sync between ios devices

Helps significantly. I used the SnoreLab with different types of solutions for about 2 weeks but could not get my score under 100 before trying SnoreGym. It has made the biggest difference so far. I’ve been steadily bringing my score down about 10 points on average each night. Even if I only get to do the exercises once during the day, it still makes a difference.

flawed. The app skips forward unexpectedly when doing an exercise, annoying.

Good guidance. Si far the exercises has helped me a lot not only in the snoring but in my vocalization and face muscles

Literally the best $4 I have ever spent.. I was skeptical because I had tried all the exercises you can get for free on Youtube. This app’s exercises are different. The app is well made and the animations are very helpful. I didn’t even have a snoring problem but already after 1 week my sleep quality is so much better it feels like I am dreaming for hours instead of minutes. **** CPAP try this first!

Fantastic app. This app has helped me drastically reduce my snoring so that it is barely audible. I try to do it twice a day- they are so easy- and the results are fantastic. So pleased. Thank you.

Moderate sleep apnea. Trying to see if I do rogue exercises and possibly lose a few pounds I’d love to see if I can skip the sleep apnea machine . I can see my sleep score and hope I can figure out some ideas ! Thanks

It's all good. Decent App, great design and no subscription, very useful free tier. What else you could ask for?!?

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.3.1
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

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The application SnoreGym : Reduce Your Snoring was published in the category Medical on 04 February 2020, Tuesday and was developed by Reviva Softworks Ltd [Developer ID: 501132502]. This program file size is 45.83 MB. This app has been rated by 1,527 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. SnoreGym : Reduce Your Snoring - Medical app posted on 16 January 2024, Tuesday current version is 1.3.1 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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This version fixes a bug that added 4 extra reps to the exercises in the Standard workout

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