Dokk OS

Dokk OS [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

A functional and visually accurate manifestation of Dokk OS, a theoretical operating system featured in a popular video game. This app was developed by popular demand after wide success on other operating systems.

This app allows users to "page" (prompt an animation to play on receiving devices) nearby devices that also have the app open, safely simulating the function of Dokk OS for the purposes of: casual fun, competitive themed airsoft, cosplaying, making fan films, and any other similar activities.

Upon launch, the app automatically begins finding and connecting to nearby devices that also have the app open. These connections (if any) will be listed in the central area of the user interface. The user can highlight these devices to select them as recipients for paging.
When a user presses the "page" button (the tall one located on the righthand side), the highlighted devices will open and play an animation until the screen is tapped three times quickly. If the middle-top checkbox is checked, it will also play the animation on the sending user's device. The app will not connect to or communicate with other devices that do not also have the app installed and open.
Pressing the "cams" button (the other enabled button on the righthand side) will run another short animation only on that device.
The left and right switches along the top are only for visual accuracy and do not hold any relevance to the functionality of the app.

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Dokk OS Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Added table that displays currently connected devices -- table can be used to select specific devices to page - Added toggle switch to control whether animation plays on your own device - Updated switches to resemble in-game GUI - Conformed to notch safe zones on newer devices (iPhone X, iPhone 11)

Dokk OS Comments & Reviews

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- Great app but some problems

Overall it’s a super awesome app I love it but I don’t like the iOS version it needs more attention the buzzing isn’t consistent on iOS it only has 2 buzzes once when you initially click on the ring button and once when you click out of it and I think it would be cool if u could make the camera button actually view your camera I don’t know if that’s possible but it would be cool👍

- Disappointed but...

I am disappointed. I followed ur vids until u made it for IOS and I gave it a month for bug fixes then downloaded it. Graphics are sad and there is the swipe buttons ( like for turning on or off something like the airplane mode ) which is not in Dokk’s phone. The hack doesn’t even make any sound and u can’t prank with it because non of my friends want to buy it so they see a boring video with no audio which they could watch in YT. If you could just Bluetooth or at least there was a hack receive only free app it might have been way better. I mean the drones don’t work and it’s not even a cool cosmetic app because of the bad graphics and no sound. Disappointed l, but if u actually spent time on this version unlike the bloody Samsung one it could have been great. If I could, I would totally refund it. Not cuz I need a 1$ which is nothing, cuz I supported an app that is just disappointing. Pls fix it

- This is awesome!

This app is fantastic and super accurate! It would be cool though if the app was a spot on, pixel by pixel replica of Dokkaebi’s Dokk OS ingame though. This is still amazing though. However when watching the video about this, I notice that the phones vibrate until the animation is manually ended but that doesn’t happen with mine. Is this a bug or was it not included? If not included could you please do so? Also It would be awesome if this could work while the app is running in the background or bypass lock screens!

- Where are the irritating vibrations?

This app is incredible and a dream come true for a lot of Siege addicts, but after watching the videos on Samsung phones and comparing it to the iPhone, it’s a letdown. There’s only one vibration when the hack starts and the only other one happens when you triple tap the screen. I know it’s a lot of work for you to update this app, but I think I’m speaking for lots of people when I say this: the iPhone edition should get a little more attention, even if it’s just adding the constant vibrations. If you read this, thank you for taking your time to look at the reviews.

- Not as I expected

When I first got this app I realized that if I wanted to hack other peoples devices I would need to download the app on their phones and iPads for it to work so I would need to buy it again but on their things. I thought if I bought it on one device I could hack their devices through WiFi but it doesn’t work like that. If you do a new update or even see this please fix that so i don’t have to spend more money. I know it’s only a dollar but still it would be easier if I didn’t have to buy it on multiple devices thank you.

- I love this app but....

I would honestly want my dollar back you have to by it on all devices for it to actually work and if it’s on iPhone except a few bugs if you have the money get it but you’ll have to download it on your friends phone too so that’s 2 dollars and so on great concept but I feel scammed even though it was because I didn’t reread the fine print but don’t make my mistake

- Very cool app, but needs work

I honestly forget how I found out about this app but once I knew I was able to get it, I downloaded it right away. However when using it when you call yourself or other people at least on iPhone there is only a super short vibration and no noise. I do really enjoy this app but I feel like it needs improvements. Thank you.

- Amazing app

If your looking for a rainbow six siege app or just a cool app to mess around with,than get this!! This app is a very good pranking app! If you are doing an airsoft game or something,this would be great for that! This app allows you to send a (fake) hack that will make your phone or some of me else's phone buzz, it also allows you to look at your enemy's phone camera!! I recommend this app to everyone!!! ENJOY!!!

- Potential

This app has a lot of potential to it, I'm a big seige fan and would love to prank some of my friends online during a game. I have a few ideas to help out a little but I understand it's hard to program apps and stuff, best of luck ❤️ 1: maybe an English pop up 2: fake footage of maybe cams, drones, ext. 3: a little update for the iPhone version

- Idk

I mean this is a good app but me and my cuz just bout the game and we can’t connect I have a I phone he has a galaxy and I have done every thing I could but we still couldn’t connect and me an I phone user only have 1 thing I can do I can buzz myself and that’s it idk why but we really wanted to play this game and it wouldn’t let us idk plz help

- Kinda disappointing

At first it was cool, and i do have friends who want to get this app, but its useless to us considering the fact it needs to be on the same wifi network. If possible in a future update could you make it where the call is activated through the phone numbers, that way we cam use it for farther distance, not to mention that like the other reviews i too don't have any sound when the call is activated

- iPad Functionality : 5/10

I bought this on my iPad so I could make it seem realistic and wanted to test it out, and would decide to play a CQB airsoft game with this on their phones. Sadly it doesn’t work at all, you can’t scroll past the hack button and you can’t reach the settings. Which obviously annoys me. I would be glad to know if this could be fixed, thank you! FYI: No vibrations at all on iPad, as I know of. But keep working hard!

- Great but...

It’s a great app and it’s very realistic, but there’s no point in using it since none of my friends want to buy the app. There was one good idea though that someone suggested (I forget who) but you could make a free receiver app where they can’t trigger the logic bomb but they can only receive it. Overall this app is great and I hope there are more updates in the future.

- iPhone

As I’ve seen they’ve done a lot for Samsung but the iPhone is a little under developed. For example there is no constant vibration and it won’t automatically shut off. The Samsung has all of these features, but the iPhone doesn’t. If one of the developers are reading this then thanks for taking the time to read this but please make an update to develop the iPhone and just apple products in general.

- So cool

Such a cool app design. But I really wish that you could connect to anyone’s phone regardless if they have the app or not. It would be so cool to mess around with my friends. I really can’t do it to anyone except for me due to the simple fact that no one that I know actually has this app. But overall this is a super cool app and I hope that you can add more helpful updates in the future:)

- Great understandable app

I like this app but there is 2 flaws. I wish that you could not be on the app on the phones so you can logic bomb the phone without the phone on the app or the phone is off. I would settle for having the app in the back round when using another app but I just really would like to annoy my parents with this. Other than that it’s pretty cool

- Not as expected

I downloaded this app to have a harmless prank on my friends who were on my WiFi. But in order to do so they would need the app and would need it to be open which is disappointing. Graphics are almost exact but there’s no vibration sound either. This app would be a lot better if you could be able to “hack” people’s phones even if they don’t have the app. It would be a big improvement to maybe be able to use it on people on your WiFi or people who have airdrop on. Although this is just my opinion I feel I spent my money on an app with high expectations, but very low results. If you could add those features that would make the app a lot better in my opinion.

- I love it but a few problems

I love the app it works well I just got it at the moment of this but it works well the only problem is I’m still trying to figure out how to use it And I don’t speak Korean and sadly I can’t use the translation feature on it But other than that it’s perfect

- I love this app, but I need some help.

I love this app but I seem to have trouble getting other devices (that also have the app) to show up in order to call. I have made sure they are both connected via Bluetooth and both have the same internet connection. If any anyone has any advice it would be appreciated.

- I love the accuracy of this app

I love everything it has and is extremely well designed from the game I only wish other people don’t need to have the app open for the screen control to work and it would’ve been cool if the app wasn’t needed for screen control

- It’s pretty cool but..

This app could really use a bit of updating, it’s really dope but it’s useless. It should be able to work while the other person(s) have the app in the background or while their phones are off, it should be a longer vibration or people should have the option of changing it to a buzzing noise, and it should be able to choose certain phones to hack

- Menu not really compatible with my iPhone

The app is awesome, but the menu isn’t really compatible with my iPhone (iPhone 7). I can’t click on anything other than the call myself, and the camera. Also, there is no buzzing sound when I call myself. If you read this, please do fix this.

- Pretty cool

This is really fun just to use and look at, and it’s pretty realistic compared to the game. Some things I would highly suggest to make the app more fun and realistic is the sounds they use in game for Dokk, also to have an option to put the average 5 operator phone buttons for extra effect, say if no devices are around you.

- Pls make it so I can do this to anyone

I want to do this to anyone at the end of the day all I want to do it to is my friends as a joke but I don’t want them to know and it’s not harmful it’s just a joke so it can’t hurt no one I’ve seen your last yt video and Ik u go add some more stuff but pls try to make this if u can’t make it that’s fine to

- Disappointed

I would really like it if you didn’t have to have the app open on the other devices for it to work, if you could make it so that it could affect the other devices without them having to be in the app, that would be great. Also, if it vibrated the whole time instead of just twice that would be great.

- Love it but why!?

It’s so pointless but I love it and I don’t know why! You should definitely make it where the phone vibrates when you are being hacked. Also if you can get it more fixed in the size of an iPhone X or 11 that would be great

- Amazing

I can’t wait till this app gets updated this has amazing potential. Those who don’t know, the creator has a lot of things happening and it quite busy but he is still doing his best to improve this app, the wait will be worth it :))

- 1 problem

In your video it showed that all phones were not on the app at the time and it just popped up but on iOS the person your using it on has to be on the app is this a bug. Or is this just cause your new to iOS. Good job tho!

- Ok but...

Is there a way that you can make it so that it pages even if the app is not open? Or make it longer range than just using Bluetooth? Or have it contact devices that don’t have the app? I think that would make it better.

- Function w/o the Fun

Just a personal opinion, and also my fault for not reading the description. A part of me thought this would work on devices not running with the App. I went head in thinking my iphone would be all i needed to terrorize friends and family.. Although maybe i could find a use for it..eventually. Maybe this could change? Still a great concept, so kudos to the developer.

- Love it!

I love the idea of this app and everything to do with it! The iOS version is a bit wonky but the creator is very good with keeping everyone updated on updates and new stuff coming soon in the discord. Thank you for bringing this awesome thought come to reality!

- Can’t Wait to Try It

Seems like a great app to play with, haven’t used it yet since my wife doesn’t have an iPhone. The one thing I’ve noticed is the picture seems slightly too big for my screen (iPhone XR), it’s cut off at the bottom.

- Real cool but disappointing

I thought that I would be able to see all the phones connected to my house WiFi and just ring them. Is there a way you can allow the hack to open on other phones that don’t own the app, that would be so amazing. Also it would be great if you worked on IPhone a lot more that would be great.

- Pay for All Devices

I was really excited to have fun and troll my friends and family. I tried it out but to actually hack each other’s phone you need to purchase the app on all devices. This app is a big let down and has to much hype to it. Do not buy unless planning on spending money on each device. Either way if you do manage to hack people for fun it didn’t vibrate or make a sound. Not only that you can’t change the taps and settings. VERY DISSAPOINTING

- Need to be through WiFi

You should be able to connect to someone’s phone once and then be able to do the hack if your close enough to their phone so you don’t have to buy it more than once but once that happens it also need to be in English and when those are done it would be great

- Not what was espected but there is hope

I was expecting to be able to prank my brother but then realized this app did not have blootooth calling. At this point i was a bit sad but still thought there was hope. The buttons are functional and i can call myself but some very, VERY nice touch would be blootooth hacking. That is all I want for this next update. Hope you can do that and have a good day.

- Language option

This app is great. However, I do have a suggestion for the language. Their would be a List on the top left of language from different countries. If this was added, it would be great.

- I love it in all but

I personally love this as I just started playing siege a few weeks ago. First I can’t scroll down to the settings also you can’t hear the noise or feel the vibration. FYI. I follow your videos and hope you can fix this glitch Btw. This glitch is only on iPad to my knowledge but good luck with building on this app.

- Bad

I got this app expecting to be able to hack my friends phones like dokkabei. I wasn’t expecting them to just be hacked I was expecting to have to be on the same wifi or something like that but it turns out it’s a lot harder to do. You have to download the app and then so does the person you want to hack and then they have to hav the app open. Overall I didn’t like it

- Awesome App!!!

This is so freaking cool, as a fan of R6S this is great for cosplay in purposes. Obviously it would be better with some added features, but as it stands, it's really cool!!!!! Awesome job to the developer. For $1 it's not much and definitely worth it! Thanks for hooking it up for us iOS fans!! 😁😁😁💯💯😆😆

- Could we get a better vibration for the hack screen?

The app is great but it’s missing the whole point of the hack screen. It is supposed to make noise. Could we get a constant or on-and-off vibration? Or even better, could we get a ringtone if the device is not on silent and a vibration if it is on silent? Over all though, the app is great.

- Devices

Overall great app. But there is one thing that stands out and the fact that it doesn’t show devices on a list unless you include the things at the top. But it doesn’t show which device it is and who’s device. That’s it.

- Honest review

To start things off I love the effort put into this, but the problem is that if you want to go around annoying people you can’t. To make the hack work, the other phone has to have the app as well. It’s interesting all around but don’t think your gonna be a hacker boy a run around annoying people.

- Love it soooooo much but...

Could you please in future updates make it work while only running in the background. Also pls make it so you can chose the devices you want it to page. Thanks😀😀

- Needs fixed

I love this app but, there’s one problem it doesn’t let me see any other iOS devices or my own for some reason. I don’t know if this is only a problem with me or other people too. Well thanks if you read this

- Wow

It’s such a good app but I’m glad it’s only a $1 cause I thought it was able to hack any phone so after I realized you need another phone to have the app in order to hack a phone it was too late I just wasted $1 🙃

- Add more

Make it possible to lock their phone when they get logic bombed so they can’t use their phone until they turn it off. Also if it is possible to to activate it when the app isn’t open that would be amazing.

- Next update?

I freaking love this app, the guy is a man of genius and is a one man operator, of this entire app, if amazing, tho iOS got the short end of the stick but I have hope that this app will improve and become something

- Needs work

Would be better if you can hack people that don’t have the app via airdrop or WiFi as long as they either have airdrop or Bluetooth on. Also I think I speak for everyone by saying this app is cool, but it also needs that addition as well as maybe the correct vibrations.

- Grate game but needs some touches

I love the game it’s a super cool app but I understand you have school and work but if you have time can you make it so that you can hack your friends phone without them in the app please

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- Almost Complete

I saw this app and instantly brought it but I really really suggest that you let us hack people who don’t have the app/Don’t have it opened but limit it to for example a hack per every 5 minutes because then it’s not like we need to be near R6 players who brought this and instead we can do it to anyone as a one time thing. I can see why you don’t want us to hack anyone or you just can’t but I would love a hack per 5-10 minutes

- Great but needs just 1 thing

Ok ok this app is rlly good but I would like 1 feature I’ve read another review about the hacking without the app being installed and I understand why that wouldn’t work but I would like a feature where it can hack all people connected to the wifi with or without the app. Here’s my solution to a few problems that could be made by this 1. The person being hacked has to accept a little pop up like the notification one but it’s like for the phone call thing 2. Make it so you can change your setting for the hacks (the people being hacked) Like in settings under like wifi connections it will pop up and you can remove it as a connection if you don’t want it their I hope you read this thx

- Something extra

Love the app and as soon as I saw it I bought it. Only thing is it’s hard to use because in order for it to work both devices need the app to be open, If it were to only have to be installed but not open then I could find a way to use it but as is, it’s hard to use as a prank because of both devices needing to be open

- Great but some problems

This app is great but I i only am stating a problem, the problem is that my iPad can hack my phone but not the other way around. The second thing is that it will only work for me if both devices are in the app I don’t get that. But apart from that the app is great!

- Decent

I would really love he ability to hack people without the app and I know it may get out of control but you could then add a cool down time. I know it may be hard or impossible but if there’s a way please do it. When i first saw the app I got excited and thought you could hack people but I was wrong so I’m asking if you can please make it we can hack other people it’s all I want

- Amazing, must buy!

Absolutely love this app, legit so accurate to the game, if you are a fan of Rainbow Six: Siege, this is a must have. Especially for all Dokkaebi mains out there. Bought it in a heartbeat, definitely worth the money. Really fun and it actually works. Glad to have a dedicated and passionate developer behind this.

- Confusing

The thing is really nice and neat but I do not know how to connect it and use it on other devices. It doesn’t pop up and I don’t know how to pair. If anyone knows, please tell me. The reason why this is 3 star is because I believe this would benefit with a tutorial :)

- Let Us hack anyone but have a cool down

I agree with one reviewer that we should be able to ‘hack’ anyone who does not have the app just make it whoever is on the same IP/Internet so then I can do this to friends, it still has potential though

- Awesome

This is awesome! Works great and looks fabulous. The only thing I would add is that the phones still ring even if the app isn’t open, but I don’t know if that’s even possible to do. Well done 👏

- Needs work

The app is really well designed and works as intended but only minimally. There is no sound or vibration on the hack and it also makes your phone get hacked. You there is also no tutorial on how to get rid of the hack once it is up. With a few updates this could be a great app.

- Not fully complete

Theirs only one vibration and no sound and even if you do hack someone they need to be on the app and it also hacks yourself 😂, this app just needs some things like sound and the in game vibration and try to make it so it can go threw the lock, other then that it works fine 🔥

- Try this

Can you make it so you dont need the app open what you can do is add a feature where it senses other devices when turned on. Also known as bluetooth (bluetooth isnt the greatest idea but an idea non the least). P.S. i made 1 star so you can see once satisfied with my request i will change to 5 even though i already want to.

- Great app but needs more functionality

I found Doki os to be a great app almost identical to the real thing from rainbow six siege. Although could do with some more functions otherwise 10/10 app

- Dear developer,

Your game is almost complete. I only have one complaint on iOS it does not make noise, This was all I wanted plz fix

- Cool

It would be cooler if it showed up on other peoples device without the app but ik its probs not possible with an app. But still get it i like it a lot

- Rainbow Six Players Must Have

So much fun with my friends, although they should add sound to the animation of the hack.


I would love it if this app lets us hack people without the app I understand that it could get out of control but add like a wait time like 10 mins before the next call. I would love this feature and I’m sure other people will do please add this

- Problem

There is no settings tab on this paid version for ios

- Help please

Now to begin with I have no intentions on saying that this app is bad from what I’ve seen it’s good but I got a few problems 1.the sound isn’t working 2.the vibration isn’t working 3.its not appearing as an app on settings(btw the only reason I know and are complaining about this is that I imagined that I could try to enable the sound and vibration but no) So in conclusion Help...Please help

- Amazing but I would like a tutorial on how to use it


- Nice

Cool concept, shame it only works for people with the app

- Can’t figure out how to work it

I’m a huge siege fan and I love this irl I just can figure out how to connect other devices

- Sound not working

I like this app and it’s really good for what I want to do with it. But with out the sound it’s useless.

- game

it’s alright but it advertises that I can hack others from the same internet but what they didn’t tell us is that they need to buy the app

- Yo

I love the idea bit I can't seem to find an English setting to see what I'm doing

- Yes

Please make it that you can hack anyone’s screen and not just people who own the app because that ruins the fun of it

- Great game except for a couple things....

I love the app and have subscribed to your YouTube channel. But one problem for me is I bought this app as soon as I saw it and i was hoping I could hack my iPad but it was only after purchasing the app that I had found out about the part where you need to have the app downloaded on the device your hacking to actually hack it. That’s a problem for me I am 12 years old and I love R6 but it was hard enough to get my parents to say yes for me to download it on my phone so it would be harder to ask for it again. And another problem for me is there are multiple buttons that you can turn on and off, its in Japanese I am learning the language but just started so it’s hard for me to understand what the buttons do (that’s if they do anything). And lastly it hacks your self when you try to hack something so that’s a problem! Overall it’s a great app and I really hope that you see this review and fix this issues. Thanks from your biggest fan.

- Needs fix

No vibration or sound on ios

- Very good

Very good

- Add this

There is no vibration or sound!

- Kinda Bad

Go to the free one to see my review.

- Still waiting for updates

This is a great app if you want to role play with friends. I know it is still incomplete but some aspects of the app like visuals on an iPad are still buggy. After seeing other reviews the app would be better understood if you would put a link to your YouTube in the description of the app in the AppStore (PrintedPropShop). I understand Apple's rules about apps but if you could project a blueprint of the map Tower after the camera/drone button finishes the loading effect then that button would have more of a purpose. Thanks for reading this!

- Can’t wait for new updates!

This app may be kinda boring at the moment but can’t wait for new updates, and btw the dev has a YouTube channel if you wanna see new updates. And he’s gone to college at the moment I think.

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- Need help

When I click the hack button it rings myself and my friends have to have the app opened at all times to even be able to call them, so they shut their phone off and then I can’t call them anymore. Anyone know how to fix this problem?

- Sound

I dont know why but there isnt sound or vibration

- nice

altho ill never have friends to get this with, ill support ya bro


You should change it so that anyone that has this app and is on your wifi your able to call them even if they don’t have the app running. Just fix that and people will love it trust me. 👍👍

- Don’t buy it

Unless your friends have it don’t buy it it’s a waste of money the only thing f you can do is make their phones vibrate and the dokkabei hack pops up that’s it. Now obviously that’s all that happens anyways but why not make it free like your paying to vibrate your friends phone

- A brilliant idea

This app is absolutely amazing, but I feel that there should be a free version that your friends can download which would allow you to ring them but they can’t ring anyone unless they have the paid version. I think this would be a great feature to improve the experience of this app


It is good but it needs and updated but still awesome

- Please read if your the creator or a viewer

I have a way for you to improve your app. What if people with airdrop on receive it and hit accept once they hit accept they will have to click there way out and this will get more people to buy the app because they would want to get revenge. Please update it with this update

- $1

best $1 deal i ever got

- If you’re reading this developer please read this is an important review

When I was in the app and was about to ringtone my other phone there was no sound can you please fix this developer. Sincerely gobullet youtube.

- It’s cool

I didn’t get sound or vibration but it’s still cool

- Pretty Good

Even if u don’t have friends to do it with it’s still cool to act like dokkaebi but I wish you didn’t have to have the app opened to call someone

- Pretty good overall

But u should at sound

- Please please please update to what non apple users have

Please update

- It doesn’t tell u how to add phones


- Add sound a vibration


- Idea For Ringer Issue

You can make it play a sound instead to cause the “vibration”

- Update it so the sound is there, or I want a refund

Update it so there’s sound or I want a refund

- Bro pls

Please update bro i want the noise

- Just a lil restrictive

Just wish the app could work with people who didn’t have the app, even if you didn’t need to have the app open would be a bit better. Still a sweet app

- Idk why

It's so dumb but I somehow like it

- Ok

Its pretty cool, dont think its worth the price that it is but its cool

- Wth!!

It doesn’t work for me.Every time I try to use bluetooth it connects but doesn’t work but other than that its really cool👍

- Are you updating the iOS Dokk os anytime soon

I am subscribed to your YouTube channel and I was wondering if you will be updating the iOS version of dokk OS anytime soon bc I would like to see the wifi update on iOS

- Great

The only issue is that the sound and vibration don’t work, however, that’s not because of the app, but AppStore itself. It does not allow continuous vibration. Hopefully it becomes free so I can mess around with friends!

- Gang

Gang gang

- English

It’s great for cosplay but should be able to have a more advanced version where you could mess with others phones without having both devices with the app cause this is basically useless and the sounds don’t work you need those man

- I like the concept but needs to be better for iOS

I bought this with high hopes but you can only ring the other person if they have the app open which defeats the purpose it should be free if it is going too be buggy

- Dog doodoo

This app is complete dog shoot I want to Kermit sewerslide after buying this grey as app

- Scam

Bad app don't buy it it's crap but the one that's mobile even if your on Apple don't waste your money on it

- Logic bomb ringtone plus needs more vibrations

So far great app. It just needs the dokkabei logic bomb ringtone and it needs to vibrate way more, other than that great app!

- About the app

I think this app is very cool for the r6 fans and if anyone knows how to connect to other people tell me cause I dont know how

- Confused

Don’t know what it is but it looks cool so I bought

- I can’t ring anyone

It doesn’t show people’s devices

- It’s great and all but...

It’s need more vibrations for the logic bomb, it needs the sound when you hack cams and like the game when you hit the drones it should say no signal with static going around the no signal and maybe if it a cute 99 cent app this price is still too high

- Awsome

The app is cool however iam sad that it is paid making it difficult to convince my friends to get. However i saw your youtube vids and i support u

- I need steps by steps

I cant seem to work it i try it on my other phone but its not showing the name can you help me with the steps also amazing app cant wait to prank my family with it

- I cant read it:/

Yea I got no clue what it’s saying but I got it cause I love the game. So could u make it so we can change the language that would be amazing

- Gr8 m8

It’s a good app does a good job and is really like the in game version I say the vibration needs to go off more and you need to add the ringtone... if that’s a possibility, otherwise it’s still a five star app!

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- It could be better

I got this thinking I could mess with someone but if I wanted to I would need to buy the app on their phone which I’m not doing, a little disappointing but it would be cool if there was an update to fix that.

- I like the app but...

I like the app but could you put in a language option because there is only one language and I can’t even read it other than that it’s a great app

- Really cool

so i bought this app so that me and my friends can bugs each other but when i tested it on my own phone i noticed some thing. it doesn't continuously vibrate. it only vibrates for a second

- App

I love the app it is realy cool and fun if you could yous the hack wall the urethra phone was not on the app me and my friend have to be on the app for it to witch we tryed Bluetooth but that didn’t work but nice job creating the app just need some Work on it

- It needs an update for IPhone

I’ve seen videos on this app and I can’t find the settings button anywhere, I also would love to have the actual sounds it makes when Dokkeabi calls you and if it gets an update like that it’s an instant 5 stars from me

- Make it better

While the app has everything a Dokkaebi app should have, it could be a lot better. I would love to hear the noise/ringtone, I would like to hear the progress bar for the cams also. Maybe you can put like contacts on the app. Just for looks

- Good but not what I was expecting

I didn’t expect the other devices to need the app as well, but I suppose it makes sense that they do. Oh well. It was only 99 cent so I’m not really upset. I’m sure I’ll be able to get some sort of use out of this in public. It’d be a neat way to possibly make friends.


This is so cool! I immediately downloaded it when the video was uploaded. Thank you so much for porting it over! I hope to see some updates sometime soon!! Hopefully with sound. I absolutely love it

- Love it!

Even though other people are complaining about vibrations and what not for Apple devices I still like it none the less. It is a very cool app and think it’s a cool idea.

- Help

For some reason whenever i get on the app and have other devices on the wifi nothing pops up i dont know how to hack if the names of the devices dont come up sombody please help me with this issue

- Exactly what I wanted

I’ve been following the updates on your YT for the longest time and as soon as I woke up and saw that it came out for iOS I came on here and got it immediately Great job

- Fun app, needs sound

I know you can’t have continues vibrations due to apples rules and restrictions but maybe it could play audio the vibration audio from siege instead

- It’s ok but...

The app is alright, it’s realistic like in game of rainbow six siege but for iOS it’s annoying because you can’t call someone when the app is minimized on their phone making it not really a prank app unless you sneak it onto their phone. Please find a way to fix this.

- One Problem

The app is what it seems like. One thing that I wish would work with me is that I can’t find any devices even though multiple people are near me with the app open.

- Good

This app is really cool and good but I just wish that there are settings for stuff like how many times you would need to exit the screen.

- Great but I few bugs

I can’t hear the sound and the buzzing only happens 2 times after you activate it and you can’t see the device that you can hack

- It’s ok

The app looks very good like the in game version but when you try to hack someone’s phone they also have to be on the app and that’s very annoying could you please fix it also I’m on iOS

- Free to get but pay to hack

Because the app cost money I can’t use it properly. I think it would be much better if the app is free but if you want the feature to be able to hack you must pay. If this was a feature I would get way more use out of the app but for now I cannot use it

- Great but...

So it's great but the app should scan for people's phones near by and not for people that have the app open. What I mean is if someone is on your internet the phone should show up on the app. besides that it's awesome.

- It would be an easy 5 stars if

If it had sound and it vibrates more than once... also mine is Japanese it says Japanese where it should show where my phone is...

- Bro I love it and I’m posted bc ur yt

Ok so when I saw ur yt I was like oooh it’s on iOS and I saw ur updates and learned ur at mit still so I understand why u barely upload but so far good job and good luck at mit or collage

- Cool

Wish you could connect a Samsung and and iOS device and why does the Samsung have more features other than that it’s great

- Here’s the problem

So I love this app a lot but I think it need a bit more attention cause the Samsung edition gets a timer sound and controls so I’m kinda disappointed as well as soon as you make it even with the Samsung edition it will surely boost your ratings

- Please fix

This is completely useless on iPad. It defeats the whole point that you have to have the app open instead off like their on a different app then u do it to them and troll them. Please make it so it makes noise and vibrates, and you can use it when they are on different app

- Good

If you can somehow make the app work on phone number and update on the iPhone part it would get more people

- Great app!

Love it for it’s accuracy and functionality! Also for the last review,he can’t do constant vibrating cus of apples strict rules on that, he is trying though.

- It’s good but it’s missing something

I like the app but I wish I didn’t have to get other people to download the app and could just buzz anyone on the WiFi or in the area

- No Vibrate on Hack

Whenever my device gets hacked by someone it almost never vibrates, and when it does, it’s only one quick vibration. I have vibration on. Is there a way to fix this?

- Apple don’t take this app download it’s based on a game

This app is so cool the fact that you could bring the in game actions to real life makes it fun cool to way to play hide and seek

- Basically a scam.

You have to buy the app on other devices to allow it to work. And I know it’s one dollar but I’m not gonna do that. Someone told me that people have to be connected to the same WiFi for it to work. Please do something else than instead of having to buy it on other people’s devices

- Make it better

The app is great but you should have it were anyone with Bluetooth on can get “Hacked” and fix it to were we have it like the Samsung one

- It’s good

Why is the done grayed out and can you add touchable fake numbers to call and can you add fake cameras that you can view? If you do thank you so much!


Being the ridiculous Rainbow Six Siege fan that I am, I am so exited that this is a thing. Me and my freinds have been waiting for the IOS release for forever and are so glad that it is here!!!

- blue tooth

its accurate but would be WAY BETTER if instead of only working to people with the app just make it work if its connected to bluetooth

- Disappointed

Come on pay money for this the one on Samsung is 100 times better and they put effort in it it doesn’t vibrate and you pay for it no one would download a 1 app that is broken fix your app make it better

- Its not the same

the anroid/Samsung has way more options then iPhone does. It only vibrates once, it will only vibrate when in the app, there's no sound, you can't do v the scroll choose; please, work on iPhone because I wasted $5 on this app and it doesn't do what you say it will do.

- Needs a free app

Make it so that there is an app that you don’t have to have this one to activate it on the phone that has the free one. People I know don’t want to buy this app just to use it for a while... other than that it’s really fun

- OP

This app is OP-Meta-Strat and I love using this app to mess with my video cameras in my house and move them around it so sick and also I like how u can call the cops and they won’t know

- Great app but needs update

Could you update a alarm function for the ios app too plz?

- Really good app

I just watched the video and realized that it is really good I can’t wait to be able to access cams

- Gooo but not great

I wasn’t expecting that my friends would have to purchase the app as well for it to work and buzz their phone. I thought I could start buzzing their phone during class

- How it works

I thought it worked on anything that had Bluetooth then I looked up how to use it I had to buy it again for another device to do it

- It's fun

I love it, what would be cool though is if you somehow made the drone button just pull up map images or something, but it's really great for cos play and messing with people

- Good but...

Needs more stuff. There aren’t any vibrations, there aren’t any settings, you just call others and call yourself, and there aren’t any labels that could tell you how to use the app

- Where are the vibrations and where is the ringtone

It’s amazing and to be honest sounded to good when I got it the unfortunate part is that I can’t hear the ringtone nor feel it please fix this

- One thing

Hi if h see this could you make it so if u hack cams u can see the other persons phone camera. Thanks, but otherwise love the app

- Ey pretty good

But maybe put in an option to have everything in English😅

- Not what I expected

I thought it was going to me an app where I could’ve been able to use it on other phone but apparently not

- I’ll annoy my friends with this

I love the app it’s creative, I can live without the sound though 😁

- Help

Hi I am one of the people who have purchased this application it is very cool but how do I get to settings how do I make my phone vibrate and how do I connect to other devices so I can hack them and I have an iPhone 7

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Dokk OS 1.1.0 Screenshots & Images

Dokk OS iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Dokk OS iphone images
Dokk OS iphone images
Dokk OS iphone images
Dokk OS iphone images
Dokk OS iphone images
Dokk OS iphone images
Dokk OS iphone images
Dokk OS iphone images

Dokk OS (Version 1.1.0) Install & Download

The applications Dokk OS was published in the category Entertainment on 2018-08-13 and was developed by David Desrochers [Developer ID: 1422924516]. This application file size is 86.42 MB. Dokk OS - Entertainment app posted on 2019-12-30 current version is 1.1.0 and works well on IOS 11.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: PrintedProps.Dokk-OS

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