FILM3D [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Welcome to the future!

FILM3D is a new way of bringing your photos to life with stunning 3D capture and beautiful, curated filters. We’ve taken the best of modern photo technology and combined it with new waves in the space of creative photography to place the full power of a 3D camera right in your pocket at a fraction of the cost.

Say goodbye to the Nishika N8000 and Nimslo vintage cameras and hello to FILM3D.

FILM3D gives you the ability to:
- Capture mesmerizing 3D photos using our Motion or Pro Capture
- Apply a range of effect packs curated by professional photographers which change as you use them - taking your 3D photos across different moods and eras
- Save your 3D masterpiece directly to your camera roll or share across different social channels (Instagram feed, Instagram story, TikTok, and more)
- Submit your 3D photos to MODU WORLD
- Truly immerse yourself in your photos with our new Gyro viewing mode
- Take your social feeds from 0 - 100 real quick

Designed and built with love by MODU Research Corporation based in Canada.

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FILM3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

General bug fixes and improvements including but not limited to: - Missing text during signup - MODU World submission bug - App launch speed Enjoy!

FILM3D Comments & Reviews

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- Great app

Pricey for the full app as theres in app purchases for things like removing watermark. What would make it 5stars is if you can upload photos from camera roll to make a 3D video. Or even have a portrait mode option for the new iphones. New updates are what makes apps great!🤷🏻‍♀️

- Stereoscopic

Most accurate app that emulates the stereoscope effect that vintage cameras like the Nishika would make. And the way how it perfectly executes right, is by taking advantage of using both lenses from my 8+ making it more smoother for the frame bounce. $12 is a bit up there to unlock everything but it's worth it since you do get for what you pay. Unlock fee aren't cheap but that also means the the features weren't cheaply made. There's yet still more room for improvement; such like making it a social platform 🤷🏽‍♂️. Solid app though. 10/10


This doesn’t work on my phone: iPhone 6 Plus. It still disappoints me till this day that I can’t find an app that gives me 3D pictures. I want to be able to take these cool pictures on an app that actually works. It takes the picture for me, it processes the picture perfectly but when it comes down to saving the 3D picture I spent time on taking, it closes down the app itself and doesn’t save. Rating this two stars therefore it does not get the job done like it claims.

- Unnecessary

So,I've been messing around with the app and i like it but when i finished my photo there’s y’all’s water print and its really annoying and i can’t do nothing about it bc i have to pay it and k don’t think it’s necessary at all

- Cool

Annoying noise needs to be removed $2 is worth removing water mark IG Filters are boof don’t buy I did there eehhhh Wish filter had more customization options

- Love the app

Love the app. Easy way to get this effect without the use of photoshop/Lightroom. Was wondering if there was going to be any iPhone 11 capabilities with the app. With the new wide angle capabilities with the iPhone 11 it would be cool to use it along with the app.

- Get rid of the beeping!

Pretty cool app. Still messing around with it to figure out how it works best. The beeping when it’s taking the picture needs to go away though. So loud, annoying, doesn’t have an option to turn off. Would give more stars if that was gone.

- Best 3D Stereoscopic App

Out of all the 3D Stereoscopic apps I have downloaded, this was the best one so far. There is also lots of room for improvement so I can’t wait to see what’s in store for future updates!

- 3D Magic

This changes the Picture game for those without an expensive camera! Or for a place where a camera might not be appropriate. 5 stars 🚀

- Pictures that wiggle

Needs a slow mo mode or to be able to control the speed of it before I consider purchasing the in app features. It just makes the photo jiggle back and forth. Basically a little better then a boomerang and exactly as annoying


This is the most garbage filter app I have ever seen on this whole entire App Store. EVERYTHING you want to do COSTS YOU MONEY. Want a front facing camera? Money. Want to have a different filter? Money. Want to get rid of the watermark? Money. Every single thing you do on here costs money, and it’s not cheap. 13 dollars to buy every thing and 2 dollars for one filter?! I’m 14, homie. I don’t have that money.

- expensive

To take an actual photo without a huge watermark in the middle of your photo you have to pay. As well as that you have to pay for the different filters and selfie mode if this app had less micro transactions I would consider this a 5 star app.


i was looking for an app to do 3D photography. and i came across this one and it blew my mind! it’s such a well built app and if i could give it more stars, i would!

- 3D Photos

App works amazing. After using so many apps, finally one that is easy to use and works fantastically!

- Focal Point

I hope there is an option to change the focal point.

- 😂 I guess the joke was on me

I was super excited to use this app; I thought oh wowwww I can really Up my game on everything. I should’ve read the reviews 1st. The app is decent and almost has you. Until you can’t save your photo😂😂😂😂 omgggg I’m laughing so I don’t get upset that I got scammed out of my money. Maybe one day they will fix it.... Maybe

- Loud beeps, unresponsive developers

The current release of this app plays a super loud beeping sound multiple times when you take a photo, and there’s no way to turn it off. It ignores the silent ring/volume settings. I emailed the developers (also there’s no contact or support info in the app) and they never replied.

- Awesome concept but.

I really like the aesthetic of the app but every time I take a 3D photo their’s black borders on the photo, make’s it look super slim and un-postable.

- It’s decent

This app is cool and all , but the fact that you have to pay to even just remove the watermark really doesn’t satisfy me. Can you please fix that :/

- Scam!! Takes ur money

They literally take ur money and keep their ugly Logo on the photo like bro if u want free promo make ur logo dope and kids would be more inclined to use your app but ur logo looks like u let a 8 year old design it and i paid for it to go away and it stayed on every gif mp4 i saved. Dont waste ur money

- Make it for all types of camera plz

I have an iPhone se and want to use the filter that’s only for phones with portrait mode and I don’t have that. Can u make it for phones without portrait mode too?

- Great quality but very disappointed

Lots of cliches, closes out of the app and shuts down. Trying to upload to Instagram and takes very long too at times doesn’t at all

- Luv it

My new favorite app,a must have if You like different looks.

- 😕

Made several purchases and the watermark still away...please fix this

- Please

Let the app let us import pics from our camera roll!!

- Cool but Anmoying

I hate the water mark it really ruins the picture, and I purchased all the filters and it only gave me 1 filter.

- Anonymous

This app is pointless. When you open the app, you are only lead to a black screen..nothing more, nothing less. I’m very disappointed I wasted my time installing this.

- Restore my purchase

Is there any way to restore the purchase?

- pretty good

overall great app but i wish you could import photos from your camera roll to put in 3d

- don’t even bother....

Zoomed in for no reason, have to buy every filter and to remove the watermark, and they come out too pixelated. smh. good thing it was free just to download.


What’s the point of putting the app for free if nothing inside is free. Might as well charge us to download with money. Wouldn’t make a difference. And a filter is over 2$ lol.

- Pretty Bad

Hard to use and end product looks sloppy. Also the watermark is really annoying

- Gg

If I save to camera roll and try to post it on Instagram, it just shows up as a regular picture. Fix please.

- Did not state cost

Did not state cost for ‘open’ then charged me unstated amount without warning. Will warn off others.

- Too zoomed

3D camera is too zoomed in, kills the fun of it . It be nice if u fixed the problem


I paid for the watermark to be removed and it’s still there, also charged me twice for it!!!

- Cool app but

It’s a cool app but I wish there was a way to upload pre taken pics

- Idk

To zoomed in

- Re found

I want a re found

- Pointless

This app is pointless. Seriously bad.

- Steals money

This app is terrible and steals your money do not get this app!!

- bruh moment

man this garbo 😐 it ain’t even have my full face on there or it be gettin like a square of my face 😐😐. i don’t wanna get a nakisha cuz i don’t got photoshop or a macbook so i thought this app would work but nah 😠.

- HELP!?

When I open the app it closes out...

- You gotta pay for the watermark??

Bruh moment :((

- :(

I want my money back

- disappointing

the preview video makes it look good but it’s really not. don’t waste ur money on this

- I hate this app

I hate this app

- Don’t recommend


- Smh

Not it!!

- Joke

its not app its joke

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- Good app

Good app but I would suggest adding a timer feature so you can take photos of yourself. Thanks.

- I like the effect

I think this is a cool app! I just wished that there is a feature to edit the individual images (brightness, colour, contrast, etc.) before it gets compiled to the moving image.

- Fix this PLEASE?!

Hey so Ive been using this app for ages and its WAS great, it was simple and easy to use. However in this new V2 update you guys took away my filters (THAT I PAID FOR!) and regardless of how many times I press restore purchases, It does absolutely nothing, what the heck?! Thats not even the main problem, the main problem is that I can’t access any of the photos in my gallery that had those filters applied to them. It kicks me out of the app! I’d appreciate if the app developers could give me my filters back or at least allow me to save and download my pictures!

- What is this for?

I really don’t understand what this is for. You take a photo with this app and the result is that the photo then wobbles around a bit, which is actually quite annoying to look at.

- Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work on Mini IPad 4 or my IPhone x

- 🙅‍♀️🤷‍♀️

they couldn’t even provide a couple of filters for free but you have to pay for everything on the app?

- App not working anymore.

App not working anymore.

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- Must Have

Photos reimagined. You need to try this app. Unreal developer team too

- mo is the goat

wonderful app mo

- Images won’t export

Purchased the whole $17.99 package and went to export my image and app crashes every time. Tried to re-install and now my in app purchases are gone. Go to export an image again and it crashes. I’ve contact customer service 3 times with no response. Garbage 💩

- 3D Film

Takes too long to save image .. won’t upload to Instagram .. not worth the money

- Grab your Gravol!!

Okay.. I was anxious to see this work... and it sort of does. It simply grabs a series of photos to add depth to the object of the photo being taken BUT the moving background is highly distracting!! Will be a fad for some I guess... The quickly moving background can also be disorienting for some folks. Keep the Gravol nearby! Friends will tire quickly ’of watching jittery photos. In the interim, I will continue to wait for that magic app that can take a 3-D image without a disorienting background. PS: I used my NEW iPhone Plus 64 and was prepared to purchase the app.

- Perfect ! When for Wide Angle ?

Worth the purchase !!! (even more when you know it’s young peoples behind it) ! Do you think it will be able in wide angle ? Could be awesome 😍 @diversithib 📸

- Love it

This app hit different

- Love this app!!

Was about to buy a camera that does this effect for $1000, this app mimics the effect perfectly!!! Saved me $1000 Thank you film 3D

- Film3d

Awesome app strong recommend downloading it for great photo effect

- thank you🎞👍🏽

thank you so much for making this app. Not a lot of us can get our hands on the 3d film camera and also developing to photos on photoshop. This is really a great help for beginner photographer to get film shots!! ☺️

- Great app

Love this app! Takes crazy cool pictures!

- Amazing Design

The app looks beautiful! Very easy to use and you get the results you want!

- Manual exposure better be the next update

Why do you think we dont want that? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Revolutionary!

I love this app! It truly is game-changing. I love the fact that it offers the option to snap both 2D and 3D photos, so you can ensure you capture a moment just in case you haven’t mastered the 3D photo technology and it doesn’t come out precisely as planned. I do wish there were more filters available free of charge, but beggars can’t be choosers, haha (perhaps in future updates? 😉). Keep up the amazing work guys!


So revolutionary! Out here changing the game! Can’t get enough of this app!

- 5 stars

Gang gang!!

- Lit

Awesome app made by even better dudes! Don’t sleep on this duo 🔥


such a great app! Really changes the game

- Waste of time

Why would anybody want an image that just vibrates?

- Not 3D

This app takes a sequence of photos, that is called “video”, not 3D. Disappointed.

- Best upcoming photography app

Don’t sleep on this app

- Best app

This is a dope app would definitely use this on concert gigs I do

- Supporting a great creation

Word of mouth gets around quick. Supporting local talent with great products🙏🏼 great app

- Revolutionary

Intuitive, groundbreaking, and just plain cool. My favourite photography app by far to date.

- Best app

Honestly best app ever, happy that a manz from Toronto made it styll


This app makes it so easy to create amazing 3D content! Its one of my favourite photography apps!

- Dope App!

Nicely Done

- R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N

Watch and observe, don’t get left in the dust cause this app will change the game

- Solid app,

Great app all around. Easy to use and a refreshing option when compared to what is already out there.

- 10/10

been waiting so long, I am so happy with this app

- Love it

Love it . This is genius !

- Amazing!!

Changing the game :)


This app is amazing!!

- The best app for photography

Love this apppp!!!

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- This is so fun to use

Me and my friends are having such a great time using this app!! Even though some things on the app y I have to buy, we’re having fun without them!!!! 100/10 😁😁😁😁😁😁

- Why you gotta pay tho

Umm the fact that Dazz cam doesn’t let iPhone’s that don’t have portrait mode not have the filter Nd here u have to pay for it sucks😑

- Bug Fix plz!

It keeps crashing :(

- The Hard Work Shows!

I’ve downloaded a handful of apps that have tried to emulate this feature & none of them do it as well as this one! I’ve had the app for a while now and thought it was cool...just listened to the creators/founders on The Justin Odisho Podcast (you all should check it out @justinodisho) and I was really impressed by their work ethic for creating this app. I can honestly say that podcast got me excited about using this app more and for the features that will be coming in the future! I work as a videographer at an advertising agency and when I’m not working on higher profile/higher paying video jobs I create small pieces of social media content for local businesses. This app is a great tool for that! Instead of always having to whip my camera out & then spend more time in post production, I can use FILM3D to quickly create interesting and impressive content that is ready to post instantly!

- Scam?

I got the app and I loved it so I bought the $12.99 deal to unlock everything and every time I tried using one of the things form the $12.99 deal the app would crash... so I re downloaded it but the problem is, is now it doesn’t download. It stops and doesn’t finish. Soooo scam?

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FILM3D 2.0.1 Screenshots & Images

FILM3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

FILM3D iphone images
FILM3D iphone images
FILM3D iphone images
FILM3D iphone images
FILM3D iphone images
FILM3D ipad images
FILM3D ipad images
FILM3D ipad images
FILM3D ipad images
FILM3D ipad images
FILM3D Photo & Video application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
FILM3D Photo & Video application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

FILM3D (Version 2.0.1) Install & Download

The applications FILM3D was published in the category Photo & Video on 2018-08-31 and was developed by MODU Research [Developer ID: 1420344039]. This application file size is 180.95 MB. FILM3D - Photo & Video posted on 2020-08-15 current version is 2.0.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.modu.film3dapp

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