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What is wordscapes search app? Introducing the NEWEST free game in the Wordscapes family! Search your way through thousands of new word puzzles while traveling to beautiful, relaxing destinations.

Wordscapes Search is a modern twist on word search puzzles, combining the best features of word find, word line, anagrams, and crossword puzzles.

If you’re a fan of free, relaxing offline games, including crossword puzzles, trivia games, block puzzles, or even the classic casino card games like solitaire, blackjack, poker, spades, bingo, hearts, give Wordscapes Search a try!

► Escape and stimulate your mind by visiting the beautiful destinations of Wordscapes Search!
► Easy to play anytime, even without wifi!
► Challenge your brain and vocabulary!
► Over 6,000 free puzzles to challenge even the most dedicated word finder.
► Think you can beat these word search puzzles? They are easy at the start, but ramp up fast!

Wordscapes Search is the perfect fit for fans of classic crossword puzzles, word line, anagrams or block puzzle games. Or, if you enjoy relaxing offline casino-style card games like blackjack, poker, solitaire, spades, bingo, hearts, you will love Wordscapes Search, and our other free word puzzle games!

Wordscapes Search is a BRAND NEW word game from the makers of Wordscapes, Word Stacks, Word Chums, Word Flowers, Word Mocha, Wordscapes Uncrossed, and Spell Blitz.

Download Wordscapes Search and start your word puzzle adventure today!

Terms of service: https://www.peoplefun.com/terms

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App Name Wordscapes Search
Category Games
Updated 06 October 2023, Friday
File Size 388.28 MB

Wordscapes Search Comments & Reviews 2023

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Wordscapes -THANK YOU!. I have been using this game for sometime now. I love many features about it. The fact that it is untimed is wonderful! It is very visually pleasing! I love the colorful settings, the improved features of the circling color changing circles, the dictionary addition, and the format. One of the reasons for the low rating is the repeated use of the same words over and over again in the different puzzles. It would be very exciting to have different categories with different words. But the most disappointing thing that happens in this game is when it DOES NOT tally the points you have earned! That is really irritating and cheating your customer base. It makes me want to delete this game every time it happens!! Please fix these things and I will be your game’s best cheerleader! ........ ...... As you can see from the above review, I had some issues with your game. I am now on level 1105 with 6566 coins and I have seen that you have fixed the problems! THANK YOU!!! The game tallies the correct points now and there are more variety in categories and words! THANK YOU, THANK YOU ! I am now YOUR BEST CHEERLEADER!! 5 STARS! 456 Teapot

This word search is awesome. This app helps kids learn and it helps them develop their searching skills it is pretty hard to find them I’m eight now it’s in 37 and I’ve played it since I’m seven I’m on level 18 now it’s been an awesome experience and I think five stars is good it’s a really good app I love how is the word search because WordSearch is a fun for me I’m a just makes me so happy to try them because I like to find stuff really hard stuff I can wear searches if it’s too hard I might ask my friends but I really like word searches and I like fighting stuff I can hide and seek I like that that’s what I like to do because word searches are like finding someone in hide and seek for me or like you’re making your own research would be fine but I don’t know how to mix them up I’ll probably print one out but I didn’t yet and hats the pool this Saturday on June 4 my friend is coming over to our pool and we’re playing water hide and seek and I’m going to be it and I haven’t told her but we’re going to have a blast I don’t remember if hide and seek was on our list for crazy for party but we’re gonna do it anyway because everybody probably loves water hide and seek bye.

Filled the void perfectly. I once had another game similar to this that I adored on my iPad but when I upgraded my iPad the old game for some reason never fit correctly on my screen anymore even after redownloading… I was so incredibly sad.. until I found this one! This word search game is perfect. Unfortunately there are ads BUT the amount is little and the few there are are quick or at least quickly and easily skippable. Other than the ad issue, this game is amazing. It has such calming undertones in the background music. Satisfying color palette to the eyes. Easy enough but not underwhelming because if it. Satisfying in-game sounds when you tap things, find a word, etc. this game is just perfect. It filled the void in my heart the old game I loved left.

Word calm. Thanks for the invite to find more words then before I look up to see what the words that I am supposed to find! Then I find out that it is also a gift as you reward me for the words that are not up top! I will look before starting the word cross game that is so easy for now as I am sure you will step it up though I am losing my eye sight an I don’t have a IPad as I used to but people who steel , don’t realize that things that we have as I got for a gift though I had everything that was on my feet an all my life inside of my purse 👜 an all over a seizure waiting for the bus ! Oh well an yet I am having identity theft as well! Happy holidays to all an god bless you an the team 🌹L43 Smart 🦊 fox

Even the music is calming. One of the reasons I play games is to just relax and take my mind off of whatever is going on around me. For that reason relaxation is important and I like the quiet background music that I have a choice to listen to in Wordscapes Search. Another thing I like about it is that we can get extra points by finding words that are not part of the puzzle. I like that I can switch the whole puzzle around in a 1/4 turn, especially that it doesn’t cost me points or “game money.“ The ads are not obnoxious…Yet. And I like that I can earn extra points by watching a video or two. And once in a while they have sales on buying extra things such as blowing some of the letters off the board, which usually cost 100 points. But you can buy like 5x for $1.99 once in a while. That makes it more likely that I will spend a small amount of money. But I am not wealthy and I have only a part-time job so I’m not going spend a lot of money. Some games, not this one, I have quit and deleted simply because they wanted me to spend more money to advance in the game. After that it doesn’t become a game, it’s a gamble and the house always wins. This is not that kind of game. This is a friendly game that meets my needs, let me relax, and I love, LOVE the pictures!

Exceeded my Expectations 🥰. When I first saw the ads for this game, I thought it be would just be one of those cheap ones that have way too many ads, boy was I wrong! This game completely exceeded my expectations, just by looking at it and playing for a while, it doesn’t even seem like it was free! I seriously forgot that I didn’t have to pay anything, granted, it does offer in-app purchases and they’re optional, but this game does not seem like something that’s free! I got this game earlier today, and I’m already at like, level 19 or something. While, it is easy, it does have some challenging levels as well, like how it’ll start giving you “hidden words” where they only give you the first letter of the word, and if you can find it, you’ll get coins. Or how it’ll give you levels that are more difficult than others, cause the text gets smaller and there are more words to find. I really enjoy word games like this. They’re fun and easy, whilst still having challenges. And, there IS BARELY ANY ADS!! And I’m not complaining, however, I don’t know why you’d need to make an in-app purchase to get rid of ads, when there really isn’t any. There is absolutely nothing that I can think of to complain about this game. It’s so good, and if you’re interested, I would highly recommend you to get this!! There isn’t much to say, besides the fact that it’s just an amazing game. Good job, developers! 🙌🏻☺️

I’ve begun to wonder…. How fair this game is when the weekend contest is going on. I will complete 3-4 puzzles and no points go towards my contest points. All of my puzzles are “very hard”. I can be 800 points ahead of someone and they quickly catch-up to me because of this and I complete my puzzles fairly quickly despite the difficulty of the level. It truly makes me wonder if everyone has the same level of difficulty and if they are getting points on each puzzle because I’m not. I’m also going through ads after each puzzle which I don’t get during the week when there isn’t a competition. It’s just odd how others seem to gain points a lot faster and move up when I solve pretty quickly yet I don’t get points each time, sometimes very little, all puzzles are level “very hard” and I get ads after each puzzle having to wait to X out of them. It’s frustrating and I’m about done. Also, during the weekly collection games. Once you have collected all the items in a collection, why is it still open? Why would you not give me the ones I still need to get? Instead I spend 3 days of doing puzzles that aren’t getting me anything more than if I were playing regularly. There are major improvements that need to be done.

Love Is My WORD!. I love this game, that is what you call lt!! I am going blind right now, so I am trying to get all the enjoyment out of this word search that I can enjoy! I don’t know how long I have , but you have given me great joy and a lot of peace! If I could I would check this out all day long and would try for real to make money, too to help to pay for the surgery on my eyes and on my head where I was injured and this has been a real part to keep me going! Thanks for all the fun and the quiet, love and being able to do this ! This and my music really make me feel blessed even if I can’t see too well! I hope I get to do more! Thanks! Margaret L.A. Matthews

Rating. I'm not sure about a word search game specifically, but a good rating for any game would be based on how enjoyable and engaging it is. If you find a word search game that you really enjoy, you might rate it highly because it's fun and challenging. You might also appreciate the game's graphics, sound effects, or other features that make it more enjoyable to play. Additionally, a good rating might be based on how well the game is designed and how easy it is to navigate. For example, if the game has clear instructions and is easy to understand, you might be more likely to rate it highly. Finally, a good rating might be based on how responsive the game's developers are to user feedback. If the developers are quick to address bugs and make improvements based on user feedback, you might be more likely to give the game a good rating.

Ugh so good!!!. This game definitely exceeded and continues to exceed my expectations. I thought that when I downloaded this it would not be the game that was advertised, (which is becoming a bit of a problem with other games) I’d get bored and there’d be an excessive amount of ads to watch. Although after I started playing, I found that this game was so satisfying and a really good way to calm yourself because of the relaxing music. And it never even gets too easy because in each chapter the levels go from extremely easy to more difficult as the letters get smaller and the number of target words increase. Also there is one twenty-second ads, (most of which you can skip after like 5 seconds) per every four to five levels. Also when the challenges happen it makes the game more interesting and it gives you something more than satisfaction to play for. I have absolutely no problems with this game. To the developers: Bravo!

Not for those looking for a challenge. When I was younger, I would travel a lot and word searches were my go to when I wanted to pass time. Here are some observations I’ve made after 200+ puzzles: - I paid for no ads to make the game playable. It would be the same price for a book of word search puzzles so its not a bug deal. - The puzzles are easy: all follow a pattern, usually never uses a letter from another word, only one odd letter is generated (X,Q,Z) when a word appears with it. - Offers coins to use for hints (real $). If you are a veteran word search player or just someone who picks up patterns easily, you will never have to spend money. The game is about patience so I have no idea why its even a thing and would love to use my earned coins for something else. - Brilliance points would be great if we could use them on something like icons? Or anything. I wasn’t too impressed with the Valentine’s day event. If felt awfully shallow and only had one guy to “choose” from who was extremely self absorbed. Anyway, I’m sticking with this app since I am mentally exhausted at the end of the day due to work and this is a no brainer game that passes the time. If you’re in for the long run, buy the no ad upgrade; it’ll be your only purchase.

Great game. I love this game! However, there are some suggestions that I would like to make. Could this game have some more topics? New topics that I would like to see are other holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Hanukkah,Passover, Patriots day, Halloween, and other holidays or celebrations. Other topics include Countries, continents, cities, landmarks, cultures, International food and drinks, travel, book topics, book titles, movie titles from different genres, top 100s in different topics, languages, famous colleges and universities, names of games, famous people in History, science, mathematics, and other subjects, types of housing or housing styles, interior and exterior designs, outdoor adventures, international clothing, international jobs, animals from different countries, and other topics. I am starting to get a little tired of the same topics, but otherwise I am enjoying the game a lot. I cannot stop playing it and the game is fun and relaxing for me.

Calming. Whenever I’m stressed, I head for this game. I tried two other word search games, but because they both had some kind of timers involved, they actually caused a little more stress! With this game you can take as long as you need to finish each level, so no worries about interruptions. Finish it the next day if you want, And I love the different colors that appear when you find one of the listed words. I like to find other hidden words within each puzzle for extra coins, which I feel can help increase your vocabulary. Anyway, this game got me through weeks of chemo and radiation. Helped calm me and keep my spirits up, both important factors in cancer treatments. if you just want a quiet, calming, stress free game, this is it. Seriously, try it.

Increasingly addictive!. My son saw this game and asked me to download it on his iPad and I thought, hmm well it’s a word game so why not? I simply downloaded it for educational purposes.. but let me tell you, the game also downloaded onto my phone so I started playing. It’s been only fifteen minutes, and I’m already on level 18! It’s a great time passer and it’ll cause you to really look and think. I hardly ever leave reviews for games I normally just go about my day but I just had too. The only thing I’m not fond of is the ads. They aren’t excessive but it does get a little annoying. They do have a feature where you can pay $3.99 for ad/free play. Other than that it’s a great game, the music is very relaxing and it helps you think more but also enjoy the game. Super engaging and beautiful. I liked the message they have at the beginning of the game where they said they’ve put a lot of love into the game. That was adorable. We can tell! Well, I can tell! Great game, though how many levels are there? Cause I’d hate to finish and have to find another game haha.

So relaxing and calming 👍. I got this game yesterday and I am a busy person from time to time so I can’t play all the time. I’m only on level 4 and this game is calming. I’ve always loved cross words and I play this at restaurants when I’m waiting. It’s so fun! I recommend this game to you. I don’t have much games on my phone but I try to have a bunch of brain teasers to work my mind. This game is so nice and calm and there are no ads! I haven’t seen any ads at all! When I saw the ad for this game, I wanted to give it a try. Turns out, this game is one of my favorites on my phone. If you want more games from people fun, just look up their name in the App Store! I don’t have anything bad to say about this game and I don’t have anything else to say but to download this game of you like to challenge your mind and if you like word searches!

Freezes several times a game. Current review: No hope for this. It would be fun if it wasn't a frozen screen every few minutes. Only solution is to delete it now. Why would I want to purchase an upgrade/whatever it is, for a game that does not function? I'm not talking about ads. My complaint is that several times per game the screen freezes and there is no touch to select the words. If it's this nonfunctional as a "free" version when they are trying to get users to pay something - there's nothing that shows me it's going to work properly if I make a payment. Earlier review a few days ago: And these games are short. Very short. There's no way to refresh it in order to get page unfrozen. It's more of a "marketing app" to sell other games. Or maybe it's a popular app so there are lots of users on the app at once which causes it to remain frozen?

Literally obsessed!. I’m not usually one to write reviews, but this game has exceeded my expectations. There’s no catch you don’t have to wait for tickets in order to play. There aren’t really any side quest or anything it makes you do other than just solving the puzzle. you get coins but you don’t even need to use them because it’s literally a word search.😂 I love it so much. I downloaded it this morning and I’m already 200 levels in. There’s an ad after each level but honestly I don’t even mind it because how much I appreciate the game is not making me do stupid stuff. it’s such an easy game to pull out if you’re somewhere waiting or board or just for fun!

It’s great but….. Great addictive game three problems though: First off unlike Wordscapes the daily’s puzzle is easy an is a breeze to get through and would prefer if it were a bit harder so it is more intriguing, two it is a little difficult to highlight the words on phone on very hard levels so if there were some type of ability to make the puzzle larger or full screen then that would make it a lot easier to use, and finally it is very predictable on where the words cross, for example: most vertical and horizontal lines will not cross and you mostly cant use letters in already highlighted words and diagonal lines will cross cut lines that are parallel most have spaces in beside each word. Using all these factors you can typically guess where the words are half way through the level.

THANK YOU. Ok, I don’t usually write reviews for games—especially simpler games like this. However… I am so amazed with the ads for this game. I saw one ad on a different game I have, and I was simply in awe. Many games like this one use the concept of “brain age” in their ads, but literally every single ad I’ve seen that has used this concept has used it incorrectly. Every other game uses it backwards, saying that the lower your brain age, the better—which is entirely incorrect. If your brain age is “newborn,” you’ve got a problem.. that means it hasn’t advanced or learned whatsoever. In conclusion, the only reason I downloaded this incredible app is because their ads contain logical and correct information! Great job guys! Btw, the game itself is super fun and honestly so well done!

The Developers Cheat OR The Scoring is JACKED!!!!!!. I often take screenshots of the score throughout the weekend to ensure I’m on top of where I am. I know the scoring updates are wacky. I know you have to keep plying to see the accurate score. So, I always keep playing and always take screenshots I took a scene shot of the score and it said the person behind me hold 16,000 points. I check the score exactly 12 minutes later (screenshots are timestamped) and ALL OF A SUDDEN the person behind me has 17,600 points. Which is BULL! I hate cheaters. Cheaters never wins developers. Remember that!!I used to play all the time. Where are the games that offer real prizes like, fans, light bulbs, or coins?.. so now you play ALL week and all you get is duplicate ugly dinosaur stickers, or ugly cat statues? Why would any game developer keep “updating” a game to actually be worse than previous version is beyond me. Still not divers, still populating words that are Not in dictionary. Developer seriously needs to talk to users and fix issues! At this point you pretty much get nothing for playing up during the week. Zippo. So, I now I play from time to time. Representation matters. Diversity matters. Aesthetics matter. Logic matters. This game lacks all of it… They could do so much better.

Boring after awhile and always freezes. When I first downloaded this game it was a lot of fun but then I discovered that I could find all of the words in no time at all. That’s because all of the words become obvious after just finding a few of them. It would be great if they crossed each other in ways that didn’t stare you in the face. The biggest complaint I have is that it freezes up on you with some ads you aren’t able to just X out and when you are finally able to get back to the game it’s an entirely different game all together. It also freezes up when you are in the middle of a puzzle and you practically have to slam your finger on the screen several times to get it going again and then if that fails remove it and start all over and sometimes not the puzzle you were working on. Maybe it’s different on a computer but on a smart phone it’s really not worth downloading. I’ll still play it but that’s because I want to see what happens when I complete all the levels. In one week I have almost completed all of them so we’ll see what happens then!

Hope no longer. If you enjoy word searches, and have been dissatisfied with other mobile versions that have been available, then I can tell you in my opinion your search if finally over! This is a great mobile version, that at times can be challenging, however not so challenging you feel like your playing “Jeopardy” with a migraine. LOL. 🤣 This game features both a daily challenge and the option of level play. Puzzles seem to increase in difficulty as you progress through both and there are random puzzles where you are to not only find the words. but also need to figure out what the missing word is that is related to the puzzle. And Lastly, in my opinion, the best feature by far is the low level of ads that “no-purchase” players have to deal with! 🥇🎉#winningfeature As of this review, I have not finished all the available levels, but I’m hoping that I never do. If I could recommend anything to make this game better, I’d say maybe implement some or all 😍of these requests - 1) ability to play against friends or multiplayer challenges, 2) seasonal/holiday themes (perhaps offered for completing a set level or for limited time purchase), 3) better directions and game key definitions (for younger players or those who have never played)

I love this game 😇. I absolutely love this game 🥰I went from the other Wordscape to where you are given letters and you must figure out the words 🥰I still have it on my phone, but I love this game as well 🙏I was in my stolen car accident I slammed and cracked my front windshield then flew to the back windshield and did the same and dropped to the ground 🎚I was dead🙄After months of being dead and hospitals that were going to take the respirator out of my throat and seriously let me go I finally woke at my parents house like being born again, but the girl that stole my car was wearing her seat belt😇Praise the Lord for he rescued and saved me 😇

Game not loading properly. I have been playing this game for over a year and was enjoying it very much until today. There is currently a “challenge” going on in the game to move your way up and earn prizes. I enjoy this. I played until I got to position 1 and then figured I’d wait til someone challenged me and then play again to make it more fun. But now that I dropped to number 2 to play again, the game keeps freezing. It won’t do more than one word at a time and I have to keep closing and reloading to get it to do even that. Very frustrating. Not fun anymore. 😡 Having this same issue again the last few days! I really like this game and the challenges, but it is freezing again and then drops the screen completely. Really frustrating. I guess I will need to look for a new word search game.🙁

My Favorite game. It’s very relaxing. I leave the soothing music on sometimes on this one. The game never gets glitches, it’s smooth, easy to use. It doesn’t bombard you with pop up’s asking you to buy something. You get rewards often. There are always things you can participate in to gain trophy’s, frames, etc but none of it is annoying or always required. The game is clean, not too busy or distracting. The developers did a great job. Issues I’ve had: the extra words you can get brilliance points for finding, aren’t words at all such as: coho, mel, mon, dev, ret, rep, lev, dis, tao. Yet, real words like quart and ramp aren’t recognized as words. Some words have different spellings like omelet and omelette. Some words are misspelled like sherbet spelled as sherbert. Minor, but annoying. Some of the harder puzzles have such small letters it strains your eyes, fingers aren’t small enough, so is really hard to complete them if using mobile (which is my only option).

Okay game I guess just buy it. At first I wasn’t really getting the hang of it that well but after a while when you get better at it, it’s pretty fun! When you just started, you get pretty annoyed that you can’t find THE LAST WORD. BUT, after you get better, you start playing it everyday of the week! (Even Tuesday) you: Aww Mann I got school on Tuesday! You can play after school silly! Okay, okay, but really you should try it out it’s a...pretty... good game! Okay let me keep it simple really just get it it’s free!! ( I’m really just saying all this to make this review look long, because when your review it long it probably reasonable. But I’m gannna end RIGHT THERE.

Fun and addictive. This game is the best word search game I’ve ever seen. It gives you coins for finding bonus words, and it has easy and hard levels. I like how there’s almost always some sort of special event going on, whether it’s Atlantis or a tournament. My only suggestion is to add more special events. I don’t play them anymore, just because they got boring after a while. It would also be fun to have a feature to play with custom words, or to make your own word search. On wordscapes, you can friend people. I don’t know if they are going to add that, seeing that this is a side-game, but it would be fun to share levels with my friends. I also noticed that, if I’m in the middle of a level and have to go do something so I shut off my device, then come back, sometimes it says I did not get words I had already gotten. It’s not too large of a problem, probably a minor glitch. I hope you find this review helpful.

A Must-Have for Word Search Lovers. I’ve been doing word search puzzles ever since I was 8 years old. I’m so good that I can often find a word in half a second! I’ve downloaded numerous word search apps in the past but they either stopped being supported by the App Store, lost my interest to another app, or required a subscription in order to play. When I got into Wordscapes a few years ago and saw their different variations, I was hoping they would do a word search one and was extremely happy when they did. I love how you get bonus points for finding an extra word just like you do in the other Wordscapes apps. This game also has themed tournaments where you do “shorter puzzles” to unlock special avatar pictures and try to complete the sets. This game is so dangerously addictive and you won’t need to spend a single penny because it’s super easy to get boosters, but if you’re really good at word search puzzles, you won’t need to use any of them

What I’ve always wanted. In one sense this is a typical word search app. Normal rules apply-words can be found up,down,side-to-side, diagonal, and mirror/backwards. But finely! You know that moment when you find a word that isn’t part of the category or list of words? Now you can highlight those letters for bonus coins. This makes puzzles way more interesting and challenging. You can always choose to just do the puzzles. The app also notifies you of what difficulty level the puzzle is. It also has a daily puzzles section which I found fun and challenging. There are many great word search apps out there, but this one takes the cake! Enjoy!

Relaxing and addicting in a very good way!. I’ve been looking for games that I can relax with and I’m a natural with word puzzles, so this seemed right up my alley. The problem is, a lot of these games are geared toward bright colors, loud music, etc. I play them for a while and end up erasing them from my phone. I LOVE, love, love this! The words are easy enough to find that my brain immediately goes into “chill out” mode. The colors and music are just spot on. I usually end up turning off the music in all my games because it doesn’t do anything but annoy me. but in this case, it completely enhances the stress free atmosphere. No stress, no time limits, just a relaxing word find. If you want a challenge or something fast paced, this maybe isn’t the best game for you, but if you want the equivalent of a mental massage, download this game today. I even spent a little to get rid of the ads. It was a small price to pay (literally and figuratively) to have what I think of as “yoga for the brain” at my fingertips. Yes, you can actually enjoy a puzzle game without stressing out one bit. A big thank you to the creators. 💜

Freezes a lot and the challenges are unattainable. I really like this game. It’s a great time waster, has some fun challenges or extra puzzle plays and is enjoyable! BUT it freezes a lot! There are a lot of ads, and the challenge goals are unattainable or duplicates, so you get nowhere. The extra fun puzzles don’t last very long and unless you have time to sit and play all day, like 24 hrs… there is no way to reach the goals. It would be nice if the challenges gave you more points per puzzle to win a goal once in awhile. Not everyone can sit on there devices all day long. I would give more stars but honestly I only play a few puzzles because of the freezing and long ads. The timed puzzles in the beginning of the game were awesome. Wish there was more of those.

5-star reviews CANNOT be real!. Long read but I literally stopped mid-game to write this 🫠 I’m annoyed 🙃 CONS: There are ads after EVERY SINGLE PUZZLE and don’t put your phone down for more than 2 minutes because you’ll have to watch ANOTHER ad in the middle of your current word search. Yes, you remove ads by spending 6 bucks but you get none of the extras that are offered in their other bundle buys for the same amount! And who wants to spend $6 when other games offer to remove ads for much less. Trust me, I don’t mind spending money on games that I like. Searching for bonus words don’t include 2-letter words or some simple words that are clearly in the dictionary. Ok, the challenges that get you coins and move up the leaderboard… 1st place is 1K coins but 2nd-4th is all the same amount, 750…no matter the difference in scores. I scored 2K over 3rd place and that’s crazy. Lastly, I’ve found words during a mini game to collect pics to use as your in-game profile pic but the game will definitely say you missed it when you haven’t. It’s not a big deal but it will get you slightly irritated. PROS: It’s addictive and passes the time when you’re bored or have downtime. I’m a linguist so I enjoy word games…if you’re one in the same you’ll like it. The different colors once you’ve found words is cool visually. There’s no time clock so take all the time you need, no feeling of being rushed while relaxing.

I like it. The ads are frustrating. I have no idea if there’s a timer and if you get more points the faster you solve? I feel like I’m exceptionally fast at solving these and would hope that I could more quickly get to number one because of it. My average solve time is like 1minute. The “Very Hard,” needs to be harder…more lines. But people who are really good should go to the top faster. For all I know, Weston is a 6th grader whose parents give him this game, and all he does 24/7 is play it. The best should be at the top regardless of how many levels they complete. So give more points to the people who finish fastest, if that’s not already how it’s set up. You should also let me pick the difficulty of the word search so that one can get more points. Don’t give number one to the person who doesn’t do anything else other than play this game.

Literally Blew My Mind 🤯🤯. When I first opened the game I was greeted with an amazingly made intro and smooth graphics that keep up with the quality of the new phones and the quality and time it took for this game to look this game mustve taken uears because it really blew my mind because there is also no pop up add like other games and if there is an ad it would be at the bottom where it wont bother you but omg this game really gets my brain flowing and also if you don’t understand a word that it tells you to find them you can look into the built in dictionary for each word and it really excites me seeing these great apps making money and helping people to pass time and to learn and get mentally stronger at the same time, I really appreciate this game ❤️❤️

The best WordSearch game app I’ve played yet!. I love playing Word Search games, and I’ve tried quite a few. Some have too many ads (this one doesn’t) some aren’t challenging enough, this one is, or have too many overlapping words in different colors in small print which is ok but not my favorite. One of the things I like about this one is that it gives you credit for finding words that aren’t on the list! Also, I don’t have to pick a theme! I don’t go to my Word Searches to have to pick my own themes! I go to have some semi-mindless fun! This hits all of the things I look for, and I did choose to get rid of the ads, just because I didn’t want to get interrupted.

Keeping my brainmeats sharp!. As I am moving into middle age I am always in search of games and apps that can help me keep my brain working to head off dementia and Alzheimer’s. This app is brilliant for that! The puzzles randomly vary from easy to more challenging and the added game mechanic of locating words in the puzzle that are not in the word list makes your brain work that little bit harder but it never feels like work, only fun! I try to dedicate at least an hour total each day to this game and I can’t believe how quickly I’m moving through the puzzles. This game is a blast and if you’re someone who has older parents who are willing to embrace some technology get them a tablet (it may be too hard to see on a phone, even though I play it on my phone and my eyesight is shot) and download this game. It takes no time at all to learn how to play the game and I guarantee they will love this game!

It’s ok. This game is ok if you’re looking for a mindless game with no real reward to it other than icons and trophies. Not a make money game. The ads are annoying. Normally I would just pay to get rid of them, but $10 plus the tax the App Store will add on isn’t really worth it since the game does get boring at times. The puzzles are not difficult hence the “mindless” title I referred to. They are predictable and all the bonus words are just repeated in each level. The words you’re searching for are usually all either vertical or horizontal with a few being in a different direction. None of the words cross each other. Most of the games I’ve played not even looking at the actual list of words to find. I’ll play it for a little while longer, but like most games, I’ll end up getting too bored and deleting it moving on to something else.

Game needs A LOT of improvements!!!!. The word search game is good in general and it really does sharpen my mind but the word search game is starting to become pretty boring👎🏻 Why is that the case? Answer: the word search categories are ALWAYS the same things like: a walk in the park or synonyms for pretty and so on. They don’t bother to change it up by adding NEW categories that haven’t ever been added or thought of before say like: types of cats or medical procedures (or types of medical procedures) or maybe perhaps car models; to name a few ideas. And unless the company considers adding whole new categories, the word search game will continue to be boring or less interesting. **Update: The highlighters events are nice and show different highlighters that are very beautiful and appealing but the fact is that you have to earn 900 ink bottles total just to win a beautiful highlighter?! 900 ink bottles total is NOT worth it and you only get 2 ink bottles for each word search game you play!!👎🏻👎🏻😠😡 That’s way too slow for my taste and not everyone has the time of day to keep playing the games. There needs to be an adjustment to the number of ink bottles. I see 200 or even 270 ink bottles total as reasonable and make each game DURING the highlighters events where players collect MORE ink bottles. Say like 5 or 6 ink bottles for each word search game played/earned.**

Amazing job! Relaxing and beautiful!. I’ve played this game for months now and it’s so relaxing and fun for when I’m finished with all my work for the day and just get to sit down and chill. I downloaded this game when my family and I rented a house in Bayfield WI. I loved playing this game while looking at the beautiful view of Lake Superior. From the amazing backgrounds to the calming music, this game is amazing for anyone who has Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, ect. Or just for someone who wants a game that they can relax to and have fun with, THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU! I highly recommend this game to anyone! It is soo amazing to play before falling asleep or anything like that. I could go on and on about this game. But I’ll end it here. 6/5 stars!

Best word search game. My brother and mom were playing this amazing game in the car so I’m like what game is that my brother said it’s a fun word search game I ask my mom to play on her phone she Said ‘’ yea Here’’ and then I was playing until we got to dinner and I also played on the way back. Then at my house I was also watching them again so the my mom and dad said why don’t you download the game so you could play too and I said that’s a great Idea. This game also helps you learn some new words also it’s a amazing fun app and I like this game a lot even though I downloaded it yesterday and I am sick today I’m still play this game!

Actually love it. Exceeded my expectations. Hardly any adds, beautiful user interface, loads of levels. Love it! I highly recommend! I appreciate how relaxed the levels. Yet even without the pressure of a timer or constant comparison to leaderboards, I’m inspired to be competitive and eager. My favorite detail is that the game keeps track of the extra words you find in the puzzle, and finding multiple is rewarded. It adds a whole-nother level of challenge and competition, even though it’s entirely optional. I’m motivated to see how many words I can find outside the list provided. I went in search of a good word search app and downloaded quite a few, like, 5~7 I think. I wasn’t happy with the others I tired. I finally downloaded this one, not expecting much. But I haven’t downloaded another word search app since. And I doubt I will.

It’s a free word search game. If you like word searches you’ll like this game I like them when I unwind. Sure there’s adds every now and then but I mean it’s a free game what do you expect? You just want someone to make something and not try and profit off it? it hasn’t really bombarded me with adds or nothing like that like one every 2-3 levels or so. It kinda helps me calm down. And it can be pretty difficult I’m only on level 20 at the moment so idk how much more difficult it can get but all and all I’d give it 3 stars purely because of the fact that it legit isn’t anything special other than a word search I see people getting mad over adds or it being to hard but again it’s a FREE WORD SEARCH game can’t really get mad at it for being to hard or for having adds and if you do get mad at this stuff just DONT download it. Also I see the devs give responses and are trying to make the app better so at least theres that.

It’s good but…... This game is amazing but it has a few glitches with the game but the sad thing about this game is that you can’t play with your friends. The part that I love about this game is that it makes your mind function even more just learning more interesting words you never know before can be cool. As the higher your brilliance or level goes up the harder the puzzles get which is another thing I like about this game is that you think it is easy but when you don’t experience it yourself you will just say “I was wrong about this game it is hard as you go on” but that is the good part about that too the game lets your brain get ready for harder challenges.

Wonderful Game!. This game relaxes me after a couple of rounds. I play this with my cousin across the country on FaceTime and he has gotten less stupid since. I love the lack of ads. This game is so do-do water!!! 🦤 😘😝 (my son tells me this about my casserole and i think it means good. I love my silly bubba son shoutout to you Connor👩‍👦) I love this game like i love my mom! Shoutout to you momma 😘I think this game deserves more attention like my dog Popo! 👮‍♂️🐩 This game should be added to the station of the play or as most of you hooligans know it play station . Kids now in days are becoming more and more stupid every day. # FortknightRuinsLives #DoNotPurchaseFortknightBattlePass Yours Truly Charlene Munson 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Irritating ads!! And now Echoes of Atlantis just disappears before the time is up.. I really like this guys game but love the echoes of Atlantis and looked forward to the next one. But now i play one, there’s an ad then the game just disappears. The icon is still there, it just won’t load. I’ve tried force closing the app but that doesn’t work either. Please fix this!!! This would be a great game and I’d give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for all the ads. It’s bad enough that they’re so frequent. But they make you play the stupid games before the ad will go away. Sometimes multiple times! If I wanted to buy these games, I would. It’s the same ones over and over again. Adding insult to injury they want $8 to get rid of the ads. Most games I’ve seen only want $1 or $2. Needless to say I’ll be looking for another word game.

It was 5 stars until. This game was five stars in the beginning because it was so relaxing and took your mind off the daily stresses of life! Before I knew it I was on level 300! Then this app became 4 stars because after reaching level 625 I’m still having to find words such as hot, oil, fish, wood. It became less and less challenging. Furthermore there’s a support form with tons of requests submitted on the very topic of no more repeating of the same puzzles (or levels). After a certain level, the same puzzles start repeating over and over. And you close the app and when you go back to play again it’s gone back to three levels from before basically starting over three or four levels ago. Makes no sense and it’s becoming really frustrating that it doesn’t even serve its purpose anymore sad face. 3 stars for now 😞

Great game but…. I love this game. I play it at night to unwind and it’s also good for killing time. There are a LOT of ads…after every single game and if you need to put your phone down for minute when you come back you’ll have to watch another ad before you can continue your game. Recently they’ve had some ads for adult content games so beware if you have children downloading this to play. One thing I don’t understand is the point of winning challenges and earning coins. You can even buy extra coins but yet there’s nothing to do with all the coins you collect. They should make it where you can purchase new in game icons or something. I’d be prone to buy coins if I could buy holiday or themed icons. Right now it feels like a slap in the face to win a challenge and get 1500 coins that you can’t do anything with.

Download this game if you want to have fun, relax, and excessive your brain. Ok so this game definitely deserves a five star rating. I’m a kid, and if I love this, you know that your gonna love it too. I sometimes get bored of the two games I have and I want to play something else. If your in a place that your gonna be at for hours on end, like a hair or nail salon, this would be the best time to play it. You could also just play it at home and chill. I love the background music and how it plays notes that go up the scale when you are spelling out the word. I would give this game 6 stars if I could. Just download it already I’m telling you it’s the best.

Developer. Dear developer the game is really fun and I enjoy the events that you add but I just would like to a suggestion if you are ok with it. My suggestion was that if possible can add a update like a time limit game mode we’re you will have a certain time to complete the word search. Another one was that if you don’t mind can you please add more events in the game. If you accept my suggestions I feel like it will improve your game by adding different types of game modes. I would also like to say that you made a game that play almost every day and I enjoy playing your game. I hope that you accept my suggestion but it is really up to you if you want to do it. Sincerely: your player.

Annoyingly glitchy.. When I first downloaded it the app worked great. I’ll be honest, it is one of those apps that play ads constantly, but they were played in between levels and weren’t suffocating so I didn’t mind it until the ads began glitching out. Eventually I wouldn’t be able to exit out of the ad pop up even when the ad was done playing. No matter how many times I pressed the “X” button nothing happened and every time the only option to fix it was to swipe out of the app, close it completely and reopen. Saying that, it was annoying but I really didn’t mind exiting the app every ad pop up in order to continue to play. (Because I really did enjoy it!) The glitches advanced though, and now after every time I find a word the app freezes up. An ad wouldn’t even come up, it was genuinely the app just freezing after every word being found. At that point the glitches became excessive, and my annoyance levels exceeded my enjoyment.

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This is my favourite word app right now.. I love this app, it's beautiful. I wish there was a confirmation to use power ups though, I was saving up coins for the fun of it, but then I fumbled with my phone in my bed and spent like 700 coins and ruined the entire game. Not a big issue though, I love the game anyway and just kept going.

Great to fill in time. Is you have a few minutes and you need something to keep yourself entertained This is the app for you

Unhappy. When I downloaded this game at first I thought it was going to be great really relaxing , as I love doing word searches, unfortunately from level 10 on it seemed like the game was going to crash and then it took its time to go to the next level after that so unfortunately I had to delete the game as it was really annoying me , it’s a shame but cause I was enjoying it at the start , sorry to give this kind of feedback, I wish it could have been more positive

Fun and challenging. I’m enjoying the challenge of solving the word puzzle, a few less ads or maybe shorter would make this game more enjoyable. Overall it’s a great game experience.

Game. This game is absolutely amazing like I can’t get enough of it, I play it as I lay in bed and it slowly makes me tired and puts me to sleep but it’s addictive everyone. The down fall is you do two puzzles then you’ll get an add everytime but other then that I recommend this game to relax your mind and keep you stress free…

word search game my realistic review. the game is amazing, yes adds are annoying but the game has your brain working through each puzzle, and it’s just so satisfying, I find myself accomplishing levels so easy n fast, and my brain just wants to keep doing more n more! 10/10 would definitely recommend for any ages!

Wordscapes search. I look forward to doing this every day and it keeps my mind and brain active. Sometimes it is hard but I like it when it challenges me.

amazing app. i would like to start off and say that this is such a fun amazing app to play to clear my mind. i struggle with a chronic illness called fibromyalgia, which causes a struggle in every day to be difficult for me. i have nausea a lot because of this illness which causes me to be very scared every-time i feel the slightest bit sick but with this app i helps me calm myself down from thinking about the nausea and it helps me mind focus on the words i’m trying to find. i’ve never had any other app that helps me more than this one so i would like to say thank you because with this app it makes life for me a little easier at times :)

Relaxing Brain Workout. Great for those down times you need something to idle away some time. It’s not so taxing so as to be frustrating, but still takes a bit of concentration. I like that you are not being constantly forced to buy to move through the levels. It’s fun with plenty of tournaments and daily games to add interest.

Good Game. I love this game it is so calming and fun. Also word searches are very good for your eyes so I play it a lot, it is awesome how you earn money in the game to buy hints and other helpful stuff. I love the calming music and the majestic backgrounds I definitely recommend you get this game.

Fun but Glitchy. I got this game the other day and I enjoy it but it’s so glitchy for some reason. Sometimes the adds glitch and it ends up blacking out my screen and kicking me out. It’s also sometimes get really laggy and slow to where it’s just impossible to play.

This game WAS fun, but now…. There’s this dumb glitch where it showed me an ad and then just, like, froze. I tried updating it, but it still didn’t work. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, it still doesn’t work! It’s so stupid and I’m finding this happen with a lot of new games I’m downloading lately. Please do something about this, because I actually thought this game was fun. How stupid I was to think that. I am definitely going to delete this game if it doesn’t fix itself in a couple of days, and that’s a promise. I’m also going to tell EVERYONE not to download this app if you don’t fix this NOW. So there.

Amazing Game But Too Many Advertisements. Thanks for creating this game, I have become addicted to it. It’s been really helpful as a remedy for my stress and anxiety. The one and only negative to this game is, that there is an overwhelming amount of advertisements that sometimes makes the game unbearable. Please minimise the amount of advertisements, to increase the rating of this game to a 5 for me.

One of the best Word searches out there. Personally I really like this game. It’s fun, easy and really gets your brain working. I downloaded this yesterday and I have stopped playing it. It just a really good game.

Bugs (repeating the same level over). So it’s been a really good app I love it but there is a bug and I’ve been playing the exactly the same level over and over again I’ve tried restarting but it won’t change and after I would finish is would add points and move up but then when I click it shows an add and when the add is finished it goes back to the same level I just did overall I think it’s a great game to play

Finally Found. Can’t believe it took me so long to find u, n u definitely stand out amongst others who try (n don’t succeed) woefully to keep up standards as u. Challenges that r finally worth doing, n not the ridiculous ball breaking n monotonous repetitive games. Keep it up Word Scapes, well done.

Peaceful!. This game is so peaceful and I always play it before bed. The music is super calming and I love that there’s no ‘timing’ on the game that makes you think you need to work fast. You can just relax and do it at your own pace! 😌😌

Best ever find a word I’ve come across. I find that this find a word game creates skill and being able to find words faster as each level goes on. I find the back drops to these find a words to be beautiful and based around itself. The ads are a bit much but it’s worth it to play :)

Excellent time passer. Keeps your mind active especially when you are grieving or Alone by yourself with passing away of your loved ones .But to keep yourself active always and brain storming .Very well Done to pass your dull time . Thanks

Fun And Relaxing. This is a great game to play when you’re bored and just want to relax. Not too many ads and best of all, NO TIMERS! You don’t have to spend money because if you’re really good, you don’t need hints. I might throw a little money their way just to get rid of the ads like I did with the original Word Scapes, but that’s it.

Useless Words fail me. 3x i have tried to to play this game but when it comes to the download it stops just short of the mark. So if you don’t want people to play your game, fine, good bye and fair well.I AM DELETING YOUR GAME.

It’s great!. Wordscapes searching really good. It finds ways that trick you and is so eye catching. It gets me hooked for ages and makes me want to play forever! The adds are a little annoying though but still, I really and truly recommend this app to everyone!

Wordscapes. Problem I have played this game for a long time Then I could not open the game for months but today it did but I still cannot play the game as it drops out

Amazing!. This game is probably the best word search game I’ve ever seen/ having been looking for. Not only does this game really sharpen your brain, it’s also fun to play. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is looking to warm up their brain. :)

Love it. 👌. This word game is the greatest game I have downloaded it stimulates your brain and I love it. Don’t worry about the ads it’s not so bad don’t know why people are complaining there quick and not may of them. Enjoy playing guys. No regrets 👍

AWESOME!!. Honestly, most games I play get deleted within the same day it’s installed. However, this game is so much fun and enjoyable, and I spend an unhealthy amount of time on it each day. The ads aren’t long, and they are distanced, so you’re not getting ads every 5 seconds. The levels perfectly range between easy and hard, but they’re not ridiculously impossible. Overall, this game is awesome! No compulsory in-app purchases, and no flaws that I can think of. A definite download!

Was enjoying, but has crashed. Was enjoying the game, but it has crashed. I get developer screen then a pretty background with nothing. Have uninstalled and reinstalled but no go. I did follow links on website to email but no response. I like that the game does not need internet (device is not always online). Please fix.

Simple and relaxing. Not particularly difficult so great way to wind down before bed or relax without much effort. Could do with a little bit more variety in play style and maybe harder difficulty levels occasionally. Overall a great game that doesn’t punish me for playing off-line or not spending money. The one I keep going back to when all others disappoint.

Super fun and relaxing. I really enjoy this game and it’s super fun, only one problem, (I got this game yesterday and I’m only on level 19 so that might be why) the levels don’t really seem to be getting any harder, I’m alright with it but it can be a bit boring sometimes, but you might like this so I think they should add an option if you want harder levels or if you want to keep going with the easy ones, again I got this game yesterday and I’m only on level 19, so they could still get harder later in the game, other than this I really enjoy this game and it’s super fun and relaxing, also if you’re reading this and you have anxiety or stress or you’re just really mad at something, definitely get this game and the creators did a great job. 👍

Constantly freezes. I play this game everyday and love it , BUT it freezes up and there is nothing to unfreeze it, so I either wait ages for it to come back or I have to come out of it play something else then try again. It wasn’t like it until I got a lot higher in the game. Please can you help with this. All in all, if you can put up with it going slow it is a very enjoyable game. BUT you MUST have a lot of patients.

Super fun. Look I’m had no problems with this game it’s best word search game just play it don’t know what others are on about. You get coin’s making bonus words it’s super easy I’m up to Level 400 so give it try don’t let other people ruin your day with 1 star comments because this game doesn’t repeat each one. Plus there’s events and perks. You can create your own avatar if u want participate. You have your own Daily puzzle I guess the levels are moderate to easy but I’m sure they will increase over time. Next update plz make harder Daily Puzzles and harder find a word puzzles would be nice of u to that. I’m had no glitches, freezes or bug issues so proves it’s an awesome game. Plus No ads

Word search. I have been doing word search a few weeks now and I’m at level 1700 , I have 7400 coins of which I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with them , they have not got any harder , I can do some in 30 seconds , any way it de stresses me and stops my thinking of everything else going on in the world today , Covid

word search. i only just download this game today and i’m already addicted to this game🤩 I highly recommend. 10/5 stars!! The music is extremely calming that i could fall asleep too 😴☺️

Not bad but some issues. It's a fun enough word game but you do have to wonder about the education level of the creators. Tonight's topic is Antarctica. Some of the words to search for are elk, evergreen, moose and walrus. Well, I've been to Antarctica 4 times and if I was looking for those 4 things I'd still be down there searching. Please. Some basic Encyclopaedia research when making word games would save you a lot of embarrassment. It's also way too Americanised with objects & spellings. Broaden to bring in an international audience. I do like that I can play an endless game. One enormous pet hate tho. Noisy ads. I accept that I get ads. But if I select the game to be mute - maybe because I'm playing late at night and don't want to over stimulate my senses, maybe because I'm laying next to someone I don't want to wake - then please respect my choice and also mute the ads.

It is Great education. It is a great game playing 10 mins on it really sharpens your Brain, plus there is not many adds and it isn’t one of those games where you have to collect money and buy thing but great hints and it’s super fun. I love this game, it has different themes and it has bonus words and also a flip so it’s really helps me when I am bored. I LOVE THIS GAME

Advertising and freezing. The adds on this game are constantly freezing. I have restarted it several times and it becomes extremely annoying. It’s on more than one add. The adds appear to run longer than usual on other games, sometimes taking up to 8 attempts to close them. I’m sure this can be rectified, it has been happening for the 3weeks I’ve been playing. Can you attend to the problems please?

Once was fun, now it just crashes. It’s hard to fathom how something that was a great source of fun, albeit with its flaws regarding acceptable and unacceptable words, can slide so quickly into the abyss of mediocre. These days, and more often than not, the app will not load up and when it does it crashes almost immediately after starting the word search. In the lead up to this latest development the game would freeze, and it would not select words (often taking several attempts to do so). My iPad is current and up to date, all other apps and services run without issue so I’m left to conclude that the faults are in the app itself, something that is reinforced by many other reviews addressing the same or similar issues.

FROZEN. I’ve completed the Twilight section but will not allow me to continue to FLOW. It keeps returning to the third last games in TWILIGHT. I love the game but am getting very frustrated having to play the same games over and over again hoping it just may actually allow me to continue. Please tell me what needs to be done.

App has issues. Great game but the app has so many issues now. Obviously not generating enough revenue to fix. It takes forever to load now and frequently won’t. It often freezes, if you’re lucky enough to get into a game. It’s not my technology or OS and I have the current version of the App. Please fix the issues! Clearly mine isn’t the only negative review due to these issues.

Soothing. Soothing background music, fewer ads than most other games and enjoyable if you like word search games, allows many levels of play and I haven’t been stopped yet for signing up or subscription or all those other annoying interruptions, just a nice meditative experience doing word-finding. Recommend!

Big time. Hi Melissa just got back from work today but I’m still working today and tomorrow at work so I’m hoping you have time tomorrow morning and then we can get together

Good for my old brain. At 82 years old I need to keep my brain active. I was stuck in a rut playing Super Solitaire which I love but I needed a new challenge. So I am working through Wordscapes Search. It is a bit slow so it will help me be more patient. Thanks for the free games. Valerieanne.

Easy as.. Never hard as each game is never random, but in some patterned arrangement. So once you’ve found one word, all the rest are usually far more easily found.

4 stars. Really love this game really enjoy it so much it gets me though and boring moment and I feel like it helps with my brain and makes me a little bit smarter which is always good cause I do struggle in school but I think there just should be a bit more of a game in it like more interesting instead of like different backgrounds as the next level like maybe make it a chest to open with like things to help u find a word if ur struggling or something else I can’t really think of it but the new update on the game helix jump is really good u could do something like that I hope that’s not too critical but I do really enjoy the game and I have got all my friends on to it xx

Great help with stroke recovery!. After suffering a stroke almost two months ago this and it sister game Wordscapes have been a great tool to have as it gets you thinking again in easy and controllable way. Figure out the words, have some fun and when you’re done just close the app! No pressure to keep on playing.

Great game. I think this a great game, I do wish it was a little harder but I am only on level 81 so hopefully! I live trying to find as many extra words as I can but one thing that confused me (and I’m not religious) was you could put mosque as a word but not Christ. Maybe it should be a little more inclusive that’s all 😊

Mind teaser. Good game little to easy. Should add an online version where you can vs friends or random players to see who can find all the words the fastest. First person to find all words wins then goes onto next level.

Brilliant but one problem. I love this game it is good for people who get depressed easily but the thing is the levels don’t get harder as they go up which means the difficulty stays the same so here’s what think the creators should do to make it better I think they should add an option so you can change the difficulty other than that I love this game I think the background of the word searches are really soothing and it is relaxing and if I’m bored or don’t know what to do I just play this game so I do recommend this app in my opinion I think it’s really relaxing that’s in my opinion your opinion might not be the same as mine but I do love this app and highly recommended it

Don’t know why. Don’t know why people are saying not that many ads, you get one pretty much after completing a level so pretty much every 1-2mins if it was after the whole section fine but it’s not... and then you have to pay to remove the ads if you want, if it wasn’t for that then this would be a pretty good game... but the contrast ads are annoying and not relaxing as other people have said... Which is to bad cause I honestly don’t want to constantly waste my time on the ads, that would be now 5 times I’ve mentioned ads, so now you see how annoying they are!!

BEST WORD SEARCH GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!. I have been spending all my extra time and playing this game is soooooo worth it. It has different types of words to look for(categories) and you can never get old of it. There is like a 1000 levels I think so that will keep you busy for sometime 😉

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Awesome. Great game

Word search. Very excellent

Awesome game. Lovely game. Me and my girlfriend love to play this game all the time together! <3

Good. Really good 👍😌

Not good. If I could, I would rate it 0 star because it tracks your other tablets when you said no, already please, fix this game, I want to come back to it one day…..

Challenging. Love this game keeps the brain sharp.

Good. Quick

Great. Fun for passing time. I enjoy the game.

It was good until..... So I got up to level 134 and I worked very hard on getting to that level... and now it says “children having fun 3:00” and it’s a blank screen... I have no idea if the game glitched out or if it’s a bug.. this happened to my boyfriend earlier today he downloaded the same game to try and beat my score but this happened at level 40 for him and he redownloaded the game. It ended up happening again so he had to delete it... such a shame we really loved this game 😤

Great game. Great game!

Wordscapes search. I love this game but had trouble with it since it was downloaded. I was pass 57,000 and it started closing on me so i delete it and Downloading again but it will not open. Please help.

kids game. dude why tf does it have “wet” “beg” and moan in the word search and as one of the words is balls? im too dirty minded for this💀💀 i just want to play a word search😭

Disappointed in the ads. I was happy with the game until raunchy ads started showing up. Deleted it to find a better app I can let my kid play without having to see all the garbage ads they allow.

Fun and relaxing. Most are fairly easy but a few make you look for a bit. Great for passing time or wind down after shift.

Calming. The background songs and word choices are so soothing.

This is an Ad app with occasional games. It seems like the developers of this particular game decided to create an app to deliver a continuous stream of ads interrupted by the occasional game. I understand the new for ads in these, but when you have more ads than games (literally), you’re misleading your users. This one is not worth the download.

Review. Love this game very much

Just as expected. This game is just like I thought it would be!

Words. Has a bad word and not appropriate for kids around 10-8.

Glitchy. Hi I play this game with my friend and whenever one of us reach a higher level the other friend (me) makes my other friend go to the level I’m at. Sometimes it also glitches me out of the game. I just updated this im gonna try it right now just please fix it.

Very nice. I love doing this while I listen to the tv! Keeps my mind occupied.

When it wants to work. I love this app when it actually works, 1 in 5 times it will. The rest of the time it freezes, lags, ads sit on a blank screen and you’re forced to exit the app. Most of the time it’s not worth it for these problems but the app is fantastic when it does work. Too many bugs so please fix this so everyone can enjoy!

Great!. Lots and lots of ads!!

Amazing game. Love it. The game is so amazing. Once you start playing this game, it’s really hard to switch to any other one!!

Newbie. The game looked interesting on the ads and I love Wordscapes and search and find so tbh why not give it a shot

Absolutely love this game! Passes time. I suggest downloading this game! It passes time in the commute to work

Predatory ads!. There is no close button on the ads. You have to go to the store then back to the gam before you can close the ad. Is this even legal? Not cool!

The best. The best educational game ever like I got 100%s in la like it help me with my words

Fun, challenging and entertaining. I love this game it has taught me to be observant and determined to win on my own without freebies.

Love this game. Ive been playing it for days and it’s my absolute favourite game to play. There are a lot of adds but the overall gameplay makes up for it. You should try it!

Good game. I bought the ad free, and I thinks it’s worth it. Usually I’ll play a set of games of a background. It’s just the right amount of games

Ads are gay. Ads are aids but you can just close the app and then run it again so then everyones happy :)

Staying focused. I enjoy the game because it keeps the mind focused and calm. With the way things are in the world it helps

Fun. Great way to waste time!

Was working until last update now will not start. Stuck on level 600. Unless you purchase ad free the ads go on for over a minute

Word search. This is fantastic for keeping the elderly mind working. I’m just about on level 400 now. Thanks for a great challenge

Nice. Nice 👍

Dislike latest update. I use to love this game cause the daily puzzles were a nice easy break. However, with this latest update they have removed the daily puzzles. Very disappointed.

I always do this. Night and day morning or afternoon

Rmdw. I am going to have to delete this game because the ad that has popped up won’t go away.

Too many ads!. It was good but WAY to many ads!! There were 2 ads between each game. It was not worth it so I deleted the app.

Very enjoyable. Very enjoyable

Wordscapes. Fun.

Michelle. Love the app, enjoy playing it

Favorite game. Fun game very good for your brain Super fun

To easy. Try putting different difficulty levels because it too easy

Good. I love this game one reason is for the chalenges when you don’t have enough coins you have the option to watch a video when you exit the shop .And the other reason is that you get rewords and I like that because to me it’s like the game is giving you a reword for all your hard work.But overall I really like you game

Fun. Game is fun to play with my young son

my honest rating.. fun to play and keep you focused. & there’s no ads :)

Word. Wonderfull!

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The issues 😡😡😤😟🥲. When I played this game it was so much fun but there was to much ads and you have to have bonus words and I didn't know what they are so I give it 4 out five please read this and do the improvements when there was in ad and the screen went black and then it just froze so I had leave the game . Also the game was easy so maybe make it a bit harder I also didn't like when you had to find words that weren't on the list and then when I find the word it doesn't let me click it so please read this and fix the big improvements

Addictive Game. I’ve always loved word searches since I was a kid. The only thing I don’t care for is having to watch 10 seconds of adds before I can work the next puzzle! (I can live with it)! That being said, this game is addictive & keeps my brain alert! It helps w/ my anxiety, & ADD! It improve my vocabulary & spelling! I also love the fact that I can find words that aren’t part of the puzzle & the challenge of finding a partial word of the puzzle! I try to find a silver lining in everything! The “Silver Lining” is, Who knows this game may keep me from getting Alzheimer’s/dementia! Thank you to everyone that contributed to creating this game!

Word search. Just found this game and downloaded it because I like word games. It’s really fun and pretty easy at the start. Imagine it will get harder soon. I buzzed through 17 levels/games in about twenty minutes. Instructions for playing are given as you go and Ilove that there are challenges given right away. I didn’t read the reviews before starting (just checked the rating of 4.9) because I want to make up my own mind. When I take a break I’ll read others and compare. Well, back to a fun game! I may revisit this review at a future time. So far I say again it’s really fun!

Very fun, but too easy to recognize patterns. It’s truly a great game, but it constantly feels like there are only ten or so layouts in which the words are located. Examples being: all answers are vertical and horizontal but don’t cross; some are vertical and horizontal but don’t cross and some are diagonal and cross; and all answers are diagonal and appear every other space while crossing each other. Of these three main patterns, there are a few specific layouts (“subpatterns”) within each one. I’m not even at level 300 and am already able to just breeze by because the patterns are just too predictable once I find the first couple of words.

More challenging than I thought. I very rarely played word search because I felt it was too easy for me and I would get bored. However, this version is harder than I thought. The challenge keeps me interested enough to play a game or two everyday. I don’t like complicated mystery games that go on forever. I like word games that you can solve in no more than 15 to 20 mins and the next level is not difficult to reach. I delete games immediately when I don’t like them,but I intend to keep the word search game app for a long time

love it and enjoy it!. i have and play wordscape where you unscramble the letters to make words for the crossword puzzle and i enjoyed it but i’ve always been a big fan of word searches. ive played other word searches but they were either boring or just weren’t challenging. Ive always wanted to not only find the words that i need to but also the words i discover on my own and in this game you can do exactly that! You get extra points for words that aren’t there that you find and i absolutely love that! i’m enjoying myself so much

Love the game. I love this game so much it the bust the music is calm finding the word not hard not easy daily changing and this is comeing from a 8 year old this is worth downloading there is nothing bad about this I’ve had good experience I’ve got my friend to love this this is my favorite game and every app as adds but this one dose not have a lot of them this is the best it donated cost money thank for reading this go get the game go head do it good did you not just read this get it now thank you for reading this hope helped have a good day bye

lisha harris❤️❤️❤️. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention, I love the music and the back ground! Very stunning!!🥰🥰🥰 me love “WORD SEARCH”✨🤷🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️ October.4,2023 Wednesday I forgot that I wrote a comment here and honestly I love this app word search it can be very challenging at times it’s worth a challenge I don’t mind I find the words anyway even though sometimes it takes 3 to 4 minutes to find a word if I can’t find the first word see if I can get the second word third and fourth word then work my way around it until I finish the word search 😘🖤

This is a great game to play when your bored.. It occupies you for a long time and it starts easy then slowly gets harder, which I love. It also walks you through everything. You even start out with money (the type you earn in games)! The one thing I don’t like, is that they don’t give you an option weather to use the free one when they’re showing you it (when they show you what different buttons mean). But out of everything, I don’t see that as something that is a big problem. Especially because they did so many other things that make the game better.

Best word search!. No need to buy coins in this game. Earn coins by finding extra words. Fill the extra word counter at the bottom of your screen for 25 coins and bonus points. Well worth the $3.99 to buy out of ads!! The ads cause a noticeable and annoying lag in marking words. That lag disappears with the ads gone. I love the easy to read board, and the forgiveness of my fat fingers when playing on the iPad. There is no timer in this game, so game play is relaxed and fun. I also love their regular Wordscapes game. If you love word games, look for that one, too. So glad I found this. I deleted all other word search games I had downloaded to try.

The best word game!!! (By PearlFlowerPup) 😊😊😊😊😊. This is an awesome, awesome game!! 👏🏻👏🏻 I though at first; Well, I don’t think this is a good game, but I’ll try it!! (I thought it was like Word Life which is a terrible game, basically copying other word games). But, instead it is a fantastic, fantastic game!! Their is some ads (which may be annoying), but it doesn’t really bother me because that’s how these producers make money!! This is a solid, solid 5 star game!!! (Addition; This is not a hard game, surprisingly because it sure looks hard to me!! My grandma plays it quite a bit and she says it’s not hard. Thank u for making this game!!!)

Recommend for sure!. This game is super fun and easy if you are bored and ain’t got nothing else to do lol. Something that doesn’t really require brain cells if you don’t feel like thinking, you know? I play this game pretty much everytime I’m bored because I don’t really got to think, you feel me? Hope y’all enjoy the game as much as I do. Oh and also, my only dislike is the ads but like come on…. Every game has tons of ads, that’s how they get payed 😒 so I guess it’s somewhat beneficial. Anyways have a frat day I’m done ranting lol.

A Common Word Wasn’t Recognized. This is a great, relaxing game. My favorite part is finding all the extra words before solving the actual puzzle. My highest score with that is 97 words! But on Chapter 27, Level 282, the search was for items found in a purse. Of course one of the words was “quarter,” but before I chose it, I wanted to get the words “art” and “quart.” It didn’t recognize quart! I tried to select it several times, but it still didn’t recognize the word. It was disappointing because quart is such a common word. I still like the app.

Upset. I was really enjoying this game. Until puzzle 177 and I had to waste 250 coins for you to change the word. Because it was _ iction, after rotating the words 3 times. I took a screenshot and hit hint for 100 coins you gave me an S. I took another screenshot then hit the 150 help when the letters blew away. There was still no word. I would very much like to have my coins back. I didn’t spend them because I couldn’t solve the puzzle. You messed up- so it’s only fair that you return the coins I had worked for.

BEST GAME EVER!!!! ❤️ 🥳. So I was getting bored with those popular games like Roblox, and the baking games. One day when I was playing a game, an add popped up for this game and it looked super fun so I wanted to try it out. But I’ve had a lot of those situations where the ads lie and I thought this was one of them, but BOY was I wrong! When I went to settings yesterday this game was taking up ALL MY BATTERY 🔋! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I think it’s so cool that you search for different words, and they have different themes like baking and winter! This game also has calming backgrounds like the sky, the lake, I love ❤️ it!!! Tysm for making this game!! I love it and will never regret the decision of getting it!

Love this app - simple & fun. Been using this app for a couple of years & enjoy it very much. It’s simple & fun…I spend countless hours playing & it’s very relaxing & it’s keeping my mind sharp lol Please tell me how to unlock more adventures besides Atlantis & Dinosaurs? I finished these last year but can’t get to the Monsters or any other adventures. I don’t care abt Atlantis & Dinosaurs anymore. Yes, I can participate in the Highlighter & Butterfly events, but I want the locked adventures to open up to me. I’m at almost level 6000, have 60k in pts & 220k in Brilliance. Tell me how to unlock more adventures, please! 🤣👊👍🤗Thanks! Love the app!💗🔥

Getting older but, not dead!. The main thing we have to keep as we grow old is our brain. That’s not to imply that exercise, good nutrition, don’t matter. I it is just that as you age, you have to accept your image and be happy. Be able to recognize all family as you prepare to leave. This is common sense to some. Others are not prepared to see it. As one of the later, I’m a late learner. I am thankful for all the “brain games”, anagrams, mazes that help tune in before I lose them forever! Your games help me a lot. Thank you, Aileen Choate

Better than paper book puzzle!. Love the colors as you swipe for each word + can get extra points w/ words not even in list. Fun, easy, challenging as you progress. Everything + more than regular “circle/circle” puzzles. Ads aren’t too bad. Love it! UPDATE ~~ Tried the “Highlighters” game that’s on Wednesday & Thursday, but didn’t see the point of it, so TRIED to quit, but ALWAYS had me as “Paused”. So . . . decided to delete app in hopes of removing that off, & then reinstall it again. BUT, after getting the app again, it will NOT open. Have tried everything to no avail. Help, please! Thanks!

So delightfully made! 🤩. This game really is outstanding. The app is very well organized, and very simple to understand and control. But the best part of the game is how relaxing it is! It’s so easy and enjoyable to sit back and relax as I play to the relaxing music and nature backgrounds. But I think I did notice a bit of a bug. I am on level 147, and I was using a Sprint as the game mode. The timer didn’t seem to go down as I continued in every level. I hope this bug is fixed soon. But I applause the simple, relaxing, and very enjoyable game. I would recommend it to anyone!

Don’t find these games often. If you enjoy word search games, this is your new favorite! Ads are kept at a minimum and don’t interfere with game play. I’m impressed with the developers’ integrity. They aren’t showing endless ads, the ones I’ve gotten so far are the 5 second ones that let you skip the other 25 seconds or more. The game is colorful, gives credit for “extra” words you make, and gradually gets harder. But hasn’t gotten impossible yet. I really don’t think it will. I think we have here a great rarity - an ethically operated game app.

I love this game but!. I love this game & I play it nightly. My two notes are these: the highlighter game is entirely too hard. It basically wants you to play it constantly in order to actually win something by participating in that event. It’s unrealistic for someone who works / exists outside of their phone to actually get any additional highlighters by playing that. In addition, I wish you could use the brilliance points to buy stuff in game. I have so many of those points and they’re essentially useless. Otherwise, no other notes! Love the game and enjoy the challenge.

Why. Why remove adds adds may be boring like I mean really boring but if you want any games adds are so useful because it shows you top games that people play and it will show you a million better puzzle games then this This game always freezes like bro it’s so lame when it freezes because then I will have to wait so long until I can play again one time my screen frozen for 7 hours and 39 minutes I know that because I have a timer off to the side I always write the times down so pls fix this

What Dictionary Are They Using???. First of all, it’s a good game! It’s a great way to chill, decompress, it’s fun, and challenging. My only gripe about the game is that I’ve come across many words that are actual words, according to Merriam-Webster, that the game doesn’t recognize. Also, there are words that the game claims are words, that I can’t find in ANY dictionary on Earth. For example…FUP. What exactly is a FUP? It’s not in any American dictionary I have found, but it’s a word according to the game. Perhaps, list an email or in-game link that players can bring words the game doesn’t recognize, or questionable words, to your attention? Anyway, good game…just don’t base your vocabulary on it.

Best game developers ever!. Sounds stupid, but this gang of developers have made several games that have provided a healthy coping mechanism for my anxiety and panic attacks. Their design and music are so beautiful and calming, and the games themselves are fun and relaxing. Most “brain games” are challenging on a level that I’ll eventually get too frustrated with myself, and give up. But these games are in that perfect anti-anxiety sweet spot that’s challenging in a way that makes me proud of myself for getting it right. All I gotta do when I start getting twitchy, is pull up one of their games and I’m instantly and pleasantly distracted—so if y’all read your reviews—thank you!! You’re kinda my new heroes, lol!

Wow. This game will be your best friend for long car rides, road-trips, plane rides, or times when you just want to zone out. This game has helped me feel a ton smarter and definitely has helped my “detective skills”!! This game has little to no ads and plus, the adds are kinda fun, not going to lie to you. It requires no internet so that’s a life saver, am I right. Here’s a tip if you want no ads… turn off your Wi-Fi. My hand is getting tired so I’ll just be done by now. In conclusion but this game for a good relaxing time that will also help you with many different skills.

Wonderful Casual Game. I have been addicted to this game since I downloaded it. All of the other games I enjoy playing have some manner of energy-based playing system that really limits how much you can play without shelling out actual money. This game lets you play an entire word search (and some of them are fairly large) and then only pushes one add on you between levels/games (and many of them can skipped after a few seconds). If you’re looking for a casual game that you can play anytime and anywhere, you can’t find much that tops this.

Amazing!!!. Okay, when I first downloaded this app I thought it was gonna be like all those other word search games. I was thinking it was gonna be a waste of time to get, and all they levels would be to easy. But this game was perfect! The levels aren’t to hard, or to easy! I don’t get many ads, and even when the game itself is relaxing to play, the music is relaxing too! Honestly, I only have good things to say about this app! Best decision I made all day was to get this game! I highly recommend Search. Good job game developers!

Fun game! Read below!. This game would be 5 stars if there wasn’t so many ads, however the ads are never long and they are skipable! Other than that this game is top notch! I’ve been playing it for roughly 2 years, off and on and I find myself spending hours on this game, I mean literally hours, and it feels like I only started 20 minutes ago! It’s so fun! I really like finding the hidden words and getting the extra bonus from those! Honestly, I can’t say much more other than, if you’re looking for a time passer, this is definitely the game to get!

Addictive. I love this game. It is definitely a stress buster. I would love to give 5 stars however I have some suggestions. It seems to me that the same topics are recycled over and over again. I think you could expand your topics to keep your players interested. Since I’ve played so much I notice that I can easily predict where I’ll find the word and the direction it will go. I don’t understand why this would be if you are using a WordSearch app to make your puzzles. You could expand on the wordlists you use. I think I’ve noticed there may have been an upgrade in the last couple weeks. I hope so.

Love The New Rewards. I totally enjoyed playing Word Search and I found it relaxing and exciting at the same time. When I was just kicking back I went at a slower pace but when one of the rewards was offered I went into high gear. I especially love the new Highlighter reward. It’s really cool. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!!! One little complaint is I need to move on to fill up my Stickers but we continue to have the same one week after week. I hope someone really reads these. 🌻

Fun to play but . . .. I’ve played this game for a while. It’s pretty easy and fun and probably really good for your brain. I chose to play the free version. The ads are very annoying. You get one and it says the ad will be over in few seconds, then another pops up. The absolute most annoying thing is that the choices to use your points for help is positioned under the puzzle. I can’t tell you how many times I have accidentally touched those buttons and used points. I don’t need the help. It’s that simple. So my goal is just to build points fr the fun of it. It’s frustrating to have them used for no reason. The developers need to move those buttons to the top. I’ve decided to quit playing and find another game.

ADs After almost every completed level. When the games first started I was really enjoying it; however, after around level 20 I started getting more and more ads until I started getting them after almost every level. Game developers & marketers need to consider there are literally thousands of games to choose from, just as there are thousands of potential players. Except that you require us for revenue and we don’t need you except for entertainment. Harsh I know, but it is true. I have gotten to the point if the practice of ads after every level starts, I will uninstall and move on. I have played some games for years, and the common denominator is the respectful amount of ads. I hope you can take this to heart, and best wishes in future endeavors. Debi

Too easy, too many ads & doesn't recognize obvious words. The searches are super easy, you can earn coins but what do you use them for? There's no real incentive to get more coins let alone pay for them. You can earn more coins and "brilliance" by finding bonus words, ie words not included on the list to find, but they don't recognize obvious words like PINT or BAM as words for bonus points. However MAE is a word that I got bonus points for which makes no sense because names shouldn't be counted. I've recently done a "challenge" which was incredibly disappointing. The reward was more useless coins, hints which I don't need since these searches are MEGA easy and Halloween themed stickers(?). If you're an avid word searcher, I'd say pass on this one. Not mentally stimulating at all

Challenging word search. A very interesting word search I’d like the ones that you have to figure out what word they’re thinking of with only the first letter and the then the circles after it representing how many letters are in the word I enjoy you very much kiss me occupied and I hope it keeps my mind and brain strong and fight against the diseases that the brain runs into later on in life thank you for sharing this or church with me and I will probably continue doing it thank you and may you all have a happy new year and merry Christmas God loves us all amen

Good but with issues. I like word search puzzles. This app has a relaxing background music, although I wish they would vary it a little. After a while the same song gets less and less relaxing. The puzzles are ok but there are a couple of issues with them. It doesn’t always register the direction I am going with highlighting, for example if I’m trying to highlight “raw” the game would select war, also it often includes the next letter after the one I stop on, meaning I find a word I wasn’t trying to highlight, which has ended the game if it’s the last word, or it does accept it as a word when on other puzzles it has. The biggest issue is the lag I have been getting lately. The longer I play the worse it gets I’ve cleared unused apps from my tablet, cleaned the screen, closed all open apps, and shut off the music option but it hasn’t affected the lag at all. The lag and inconsistent sensitivity and direction issues drag the rating down a lot for me. If those were to get fixed I’d give it a 4 or 5 star rating.

I wish we did not have to pay for the ads to go away. This game is awesome you do not need Wi-Fi for it. But I do have a request can you make it so we don’t have to pay for the ads? Anyway I love this game but I don’t really think it’s coming. And can you make it so you don’t have to have as many coins for some of the things because I don’t like having to use my coins for the one that shows me with the starting letter is for the fan or for the firework rocket thingy. Please do it. Anyway I love this game and please I really hope you can make more. 🤓😃😇

Good time. I haven’t had this game for very long, and have only played for an hour or so, but they are not impossible to find and the background’s are gorgeous, it’s real relaxing too also the pastels of colors makes it less confusing than an ink pen ,with scribble markers for the ones you got wrong and tried to fix it with the ink pen, and it’s calming on the eyes. So far I recommend it to everyone, and so far no asking for money ( cross your fingers ) I’ll keep you updated if anything should change on that score. So I say play, it’s great. Sincerely Elaine

Best word search game. My brother and mom were playing this amazing game in the car so I’m like what game is that my brother said it’s a fun word search game I ask my mom to play on her phone she Said ‘’ yea Here’’ and then I was playing until we got to dinner and I also played on the way back. Then at my house I was also watching them again so the my mom and dad said why don’t you download the game so you could play too and I said that’s a great Idea. This game also helps you learn some new words also it’s a amazing fun app and I like this game a lot even though I downloaded it yesterday and I am sick today I’m still play this game!

So good! 🤩. It helps you learn new words and can challenge the mind. It is very fun and is age appropriate for anyone and any age. And it can help your spelling too. These are some reasons I rate this game 5 stars. I love it so much! And I also love the rocket button. It gives you hints and helps you become from a beginner to a pro once you are at a higher level. I played a little bit and now I am much better than I was about 1-2 years ago in other word games. I love this game SO much and I think a lot of people should play this game. It’s a little easy and a little hard. Kate. Age 8 1/2.

fun but not worth it. Honestly, I downloaded this game because I thought it was going to be fun and yes, IT WAS FUN. But while playing the game, my phone started to heat up and become slow. Even when i was out of the app, my phone continued to be slow. As I was gonna shut off my phone, it asked for permission to allow notifications. It did not allow me to click on anything or touch anything on my phone. I could turn my phone on or off but the “allow notifications” pop-up was still there. I was able to force restart my phone and it was gone. After deleting the game, my phone was no longer slow and overheating. Therefore, download at your own risk :)

Love This Game. By far one of the best word search games I’ve played! I am always trying games and finding myself deleting them pretty quickly, but not this one. I love the fact that there are bonus words in each puzzle, just highlight the word you find and it goes it goes in the bonus counter. I have found 36+ bonus words in one puzzle! It is for sure a keeper! However, it worked fine when I downloaded it now after the last bug fix it just crashes all the time 😭 Please Fix It!!!! Still giving a five star rating though because I love this game.

Amazing game, just one thing. I have loved this game so far! It’s has good challenges and keeps urging me too keep playing. This game would be even better if the ads slimmed down. For me, the normal levels are pretty easy, and I finish quickly and there’s and ad. And that keeps on going and going, until it gets to a hard level, -it will say- the game is much more enjoyable. I think the game could be so much better if every two challenges, there would be an ad. Overall, this game is in my top 5!

Frustrating. I really like word search puzzles and finding extra words, but at times it will not accept a word that I know is valid and it freezes. When that happens I have to shutdown my entire system to unfreeze also the games are repetitive, same topic, same words different locations in the puzzle. I like it but not worth paying to get rid of the adds. I am now getting an add saying I am eligible for $50,000 prize if I answer a few questions. NO I am not giving any personal information. It does not give me the option to opt out. I literally have to turn my phone off. It is frustrating.

Freezing? Crashed, too. I love this app, and it’s becoming one of my daily go-to’s at the end of a stressed-out day. Everyone else who’s reviewed this app here on the App Store really convinced me to play, and it truly is worth it. Recently however it’s been freezing while I play, even for only 2-3 minutes in. Especially while I’m charging my iPhone X and the phone starts warming up. I’m patient though, and I don’t really mind waiting for the app to get itself together. Usually just like 30-60 seconds for it to start over, but it just remains crashed and frozen for more than 2 minutes. This’s been happening more often. Can we get this bug fixed, please?

Pretty Good Game!. Being a word search game, this game stands out from the rest because of how smooth it is to play and how consistent it is. Other than search for the words in each puzzle, the Brilliance feature leads to a better experience as you can search for extra words to boost your Brilliance. The only problem I have with this game is the amount of ads and how they screw up the game. Ads are fine in my opinion as long as there aren’t too much of them, it can impact how fun a game is to play. In addition, in some cases, after an ad, the game’s performance can be impacted, causing lag.

So much fun. This game is so much fun, I am addicted. It has daily challenges that when you complete a certain amount of days you get a reward. I’m already on level 24 and it’s my first day and I love it so much. It actually gives you the words you need to find and if you find blank amount of bonus words you can get extra coins that you use for like hints. I had one game that gave me a category and you had to find the words, but this one is just like a cross word book on your phone. I love it ❤️.

Totally Astonishing. This is one of the best games I have ever downloaded! It shows very few adds and increases your vocabulary. This is a very useful game if you would like to learn more words. Wordscapes Search also includes different themes that the words go with. When you find a word you don’t know, the game provides you with the definition. That is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! If you think of yourself as a nerd( that is how I think of myself) this is the game for you! Even non nerds can enjoy a peaceful and quiet game like this.

Enjoy the game, but……. I was playing on 2 devices, and because I do not use Facebook you did not sync my coins. You synced everything else except my coins. So I rebooted my two devices expecting them to default to the highest number of coins, and I was wrong. You took over 4000 coins from my total and put me back to the lower number. You need to allow me to log in using Apple, so my details sync between devices. I had over 25,000 coins and now I have 21,000. AND………….. I find many words that your app does not recognize as official words. Words such as, “pint” “non” “reek” These are not new words, they have been part of our language for a very long time. You need a place where players can submit words that should be accepted.

UPDATE AND ADS IN THE MIDFLE OF GAME PLAY. FIRST OFF I HANE BEEM PLAYING TJIS FOR SEVERAL YEARS. Love the game and the developer until recently. I put up with the lagging and the crashing. I’m easy that way. Word choice needs to be more letters and more unique. But still was my go too. Now these developers have joined the greed ad freaks! In the middle of the game umpteen times? Are you kidding me. I checked the financials and they were and are banking bucks and quite huge profit margins. That’s cool. I get capitalism. But these games are not staples, or commodities. They are just..Games.!! Competition ? yep I get that too. They used to better than the rest. Not just like the rest. And …now on the same gorging train as the competition. Greed! Bigger better faster more more gotta have more more. Give me a break. Get this users. If we do not boycott and delete and not give honest reviews, well then we deserve the massive ads that interrupt our game play. many of these game apps have and are Losing their 4.9 and 4.6 and 4.7 ratings. Users are taking control and not putting up with it. I for one. I will be deleting .

I never thought there was a word search game so awesome🤩🤪. I never thought there was a game called which strip strip search it’s so fun how is my brain helps I meant I really like love this game I never found a game like this so fun so hard but fun in the same time trying to concentrate making your brain much more smart and telling him smarter writing words right getting the words straight it good getting your self smart from just a app so cool I know there’s a random games but this one’s the best one I have use ever it’s so fun try this game for yourself 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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Wordscapes Search 1.27.0 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Wordscapes Search app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with PeopleFun, Inc. and other users?

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Wordscapes Search 1.27.0 Games Screenshots & Images

Wordscapes Search iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.27.0
Play Store com.peoplefun.wordsearch
Compatibility iOS 12.5 or later

Wordscapes Search (Versiyon 1.27.0) Install & Download

The application Wordscapes Search was published in the category Games on 22 November 2019, Friday and was developed by PeopleFun, Inc. [Developer ID: 517840947]. This program file size is 388.28 MB. This app has been rated by 137,743 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Wordscapes Search - Games app posted on 06 October 2023, Friday current version is 1.27.0 and works well on iOS 12.5 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.peoplefun.wordsearch. Languages supported by the app:

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Wordscapes Search Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Improvements to user experience - Optimizations - Bug Fixes

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Find on this site the customer service details of Wordscapes Search. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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