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Completely stop phone calls that look like they're coming from phone numbers similar to yours. We're all sick of getting these spam calls, and now you have a simple and easy way to do something about it!

No Neighbor is a call blocker that sends these scam calls, known as "neighbor spoofing" or "neighbor spam" directly to voicemail, so your phone never rings and the scammers get no satisfaction. Every call from a number with the same area code and prefix as your phone number will be blocked.

You may optionally allow calls from numbers that are in your contacts. Please note that if you don't use that feature, No Neighbor will send ALL calls with the same area code and prefix as your number to voicemail. This means that if you have legitimate friends or family with phone numbers like that, their calls too will go directly to voicemail.

No Neighbor works only with phone numbers from the US and Canada.

No Neighbor App Description & Overview

The applications No Neighbor was published in the category Utilities on 2018-08-08 and was developed by Sean Harding. The file size is 7.45 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 11.3 and high ios versions.

Thank you for all of the great feedback on No Neighbor! This version adds:

• Contact whitelisting — optionally allow calls from people in your contacts, even if they match the blocked range of numbers
• Improved user interface
• Privacy policy
• Miscellaneous bug fixes

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Still getting neighborhood calls  OXF!  1 star

Nice try........ But still receiving calls and/or voice mail same as my ac/prefix


Blocks my wife  walker1127  3 star

This app is a great idea but my wife has the same prefix as I do so it blocks her too. If the developer could add an exception list it would be perfect.


Needs whitelist; needs 2+ numbers, not just 1  Vern&Son  4 star

My fingers are still crossed with this App. So far, so good. I’ll give it 4 stars. Meanwhile, here are two things this App desperately needs and which I would pay an additional fee for: 1) a white list. If I had people I speak with who have phone numbers with the same central office code as my own cell phone number, No Neighbor App would not help me. 2) being able to input 2 or 3 phone numbers. Those who have a dual SIM and two phone numbers would like to input two phone numbers instead of just the one that the Developer allows. Maybe the Developer would charge $1.00 for these “premier” features. I would happily pay that fee. ———————- Updated 1/14/19 ———————- I wrote to the Developer with the above ideas and he replied, saying the whitelist is in App Review. My phone is much quieter using No Neighbor as most of my daily calls were “neighbor spoofing.”


Worthless  Kimmied1224  1 star

This app is useless! Glad I didn’t pay for it. Still getting just as many robo/telemarketing calls as before the download. I now know why they are offering it at no cost, because it is a worthless app. Don’t waste your time, data or space.


Read the description people.  richwardca  5 star

This app works great for me. It blocks calls with matching area code AND prefix. I agree having whitelist would be a nice feature but I don’t need it at least not yet. I was lucky enough to get it free.


Worthless  larrymusic1  1 star

This app is totally worthless. I installed it to try to block robo calls coming from my area code. It has not blocked any!! Don’t waste your time or money on it!


Simple  wesmaniam  5 star

I haven’t gotten any calls from the same prefix as my number since I installed this.


Bummer  browneyedwolf  3 star

Kind of a good idea. Problem it my husbands number is similar to mine and if he calls it goes to my voicemail which is better than not getting through at all, but if I want to stop the calls I don’t want them in my voicemail either.


Blocks legitimate calls.  abrown1966  1 star

The app blocked legitimate calls that I need to receive. I’m not giving control of my phone to an app that will block legitimate calls from legitimate numbers! App is useless without the ability to customize it.


What about DIFFERENT 6 digits I know are spam?  CnP2€  1 star

What about DIFFERENT 6 digits I know are spam? Should allow me to block any 6 digits I want.










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