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Completely stop phone calls that look like they're coming from phone numbers similar to yours. We're all sick of getting these spam calls, and now you have a simple and easy way to do something about it!

No Neighbor is a call blocker that sends these scam calls, known as "neighbor spoofing" or "neighbor spam" directly to voicemail, so your phone never rings and the scammers get no satisfaction. Every call from a number with the same area code and prefix as your phone number will be blocked.

You may optionally allow calls from numbers that are in your contacts. Please note that if you don't use that feature, No Neighbor will send ALL calls with the same area code and prefix as your number to voicemail. This means that if you have legitimate friends or family with phone numbers like that, their calls too will go directly to voicemail.

No Neighbor works only with phone numbers from the US and Canada.

No Neighbor App Description & Overview

The applications No Neighbor was published in the category Utilities on 2018-08-08 and was developed by Sean Harding. The file size is 7.45 MB. The current version is 1.1 and works well on 11.3 and high ios versions.

Thank you for all of the great feedback on No Neighbor! This version adds:

• Contact whitelisting — optionally allow calls from people in your contacts, even if they match the blocked range of numbers
• Improved user interface
• Privacy policy
• Miscellaneous bug fixes

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No Neighbor Reviews


Absolutely worthless !  JohnnyMarco  1 star

My same area calls actually increased after installing this app. Pretty certain it’s a scam.

Who is my neighbor

Too limited  Who is my neighbor  2 star

So the app appears to work, but its scope is way too limited to do any good to really stop all the spam. Took it off my phone. Not worth the money


It’ll be great when ...  56784523351997  5 star

This works just as advertised. Unfortunately this results in valid calls that meet the profile also being blocked. In my case, that’s my wife and my daughter. When they fix the white-list problem this will be great. Until then, I’ve turned it off. Added: 5/18/19 - with the ability to whitelist numbers now, this app is the best tool I’ve found to combat the robo-calls. It’s probably knocked out 95% of them.


Cut Robocalls Down almost COMPLETELY  moc33  5 star

I’ve been subscribing to a robocall blocking service (Nomorobo) for awhile and it does a great job with blocking known robocall numbers. However, the “neighborhood spoofing” calls (those that share your number’s area code and first 3-digit prefix) would still get through. Since these use any number the call spammers want to use, these are legitimate numbers and should be outright blocked for everyone. No Neighbor takes care of this and sends all of these calls to voicemail. Love how it can allow calls from your Contacts book to go through the block, so family / friends that share your area code & prefix will still get through. I’d love to see the developer add more than one area code + prefix to the app to auto-block, as I have two phone numbers that both ring to the same phone. I got way more robocalls on one of the numbers so I chose that one, but for complete protection it would be nice to add more. Other than that, it’s simple, it’s free, and it WORKS! Great job!


Works great—except when it’s not....  L.Toons  1 star

This app just stops working at random times. When not working the “ on switch” in settings/blocked calls (to allow the app to block calls) can’t be turned on. It ties but the switch never turns gree


Exactly what I was looking for  Ringolas  5 star

Simple app that allows me to block the most common spam calls using Apple’s CallKit API without bloat and without forcing me to give up my privacy. Thank you!


Not Working  .Dan79.  1 star

It was working when I first got it. Now the switch in iPhone Settings won’t switch on. Just a spinning loading icon. I’ve turned phone on/off, doesn’t work.


No longer works  SusannaRi  2 star

I’m super frustrated...when I first started using the app last year it worked well. Now, nothing. It doesn’t work at all.


Doesn’t show up in Settings  ThisIsProgress?  1 star

Used to work fine, but now (Apr 2019) does not appear under Settings > Phone > Call Blocking and Identification (iOS 12.2). Delete & re-install...still no joy. App is now effectively useless. Looking forward to an update that fixes this.

Lara images

Is there a limit on the numbers?  Lara images  3 star

It stopped working on my six-number combo, and now spammers are back at it. I wonder if there is a limited amount of numbers it can block. Oh, well.


Won’t work  kdhdbr  1 star

This app is useless. Minutes after downloaded and set up I had two spam calls

Hush euro

Works as advertised.  Hush euro  5 star

Came here after the BGR review. Unsure what all the negatives are. It’s a simple program that works exactly as advertised.


Does not work  HCD3  1 star

There is no phone in settings so I can’t enter my phone number. I’ve looked everywhere in settings. I want my money back.


Doesn’t Work  TXNative  1 star

I paid for and installed the app. However, it doesn’t show up as an app on my “Call Blocking & Information” list. That makes the app not functional. Thankfully, I only wasted $.99.


Keep Improving  CnP2€  3 star

Once I get the chance to enter my own NPA NXX list, I will be very satisfied. I have NOA NXX’s that are not the same as my phone number but if I could block them I would kill a lot of calls. This could be a good solution if I can add those numbers myself. You’re on the right track.


Bug. Reinstall if block numbers used  Lynn007girl  3 star

Didn’t work as designed until I reinstalled the app because I had blocked numbers in my list. Very important to follow instructions if it doesn’t work as initially indicated.


Doesn’t appear in settings  Provost49  4 star

Update: turned phone off and then on and it showed up; turned app on - now we’ll see Not in settings so cannot turn it on. Waited several hours; deleted twice and downloaded again; nothing!!!!! At this point prefer to get 99 cents back


It just doesn’t work?  PJDuro  1 star

I just bought the app on an iPhone XS Max (12.1.2). I opened the app upon install and noted the “if No Neighbor doesn’t appear in settings, please check back in a minute or two”. It’s now been over 30 minutes, and I’m yet to see this appear in Settings | Phone | Call Blocking & Identification. I would rethink purchasing the current version of the app (22 Jan 2019) as it does absolutely nothing


Freezes  JCH Jr.  1 star

App freezes when opened.

David Malone

Not sure why I took a chance on this app  David Malone  1 star

I get robo calls all the time... I have Nomorobo and true caller already installed....they help..some but not completely. I addd this no neighbor because I was probably bored. I’ve had this phone number since 1990... don’t think I’ll be ever seen a call incoming with my first 6 digits..... i read the reviews and can’t help getting the feeling some are fake..... oh well we’ll see..... I will get iTunes to refund this purchase if I see no proof within the next week or two...

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