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FanDuel Sportsbook is officially LIVE in Tennessee, Illinois, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana and Iowa! Head into the NFL and College football playoffs with a secure U.S. sportsbook and collect your winnings lightning fast! Plus with NBA and college basketball, there's no lack of action to get skin in the game on FanDuel Sportsbook. Don’t forget to check out latest offers to celebrate the football playoffs and the return of the NBA! In addition to sports like the MLB, NHL, UFC and PGA, users can take advantage of our in-game betting offers, same game parlay feature, and boosted event odds! Sign up to bet on all your favorite teams year-round, or try our casino games all within the FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino app. Register today for FREE to legally bet on all your favorite sports — including pro and college football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and more! Cashing out your winnings is lightning fast, and you’ll get the same convenience, safety, and security you’ve come to expect from FanDuel. You decide what to put your money on, including live in-game wagering, cross-sport parlays, futures, teasers, round robins, numerous prop bets, and more! With FanDuel Sportsbook, getting started and putting down a wager is quick and simple: 1. Download the app and create your account 2. Find the sport, game, and outcome you wish to bet on. 3. Submit your bet slip and look out for great live in-game opportunities in app as the match progresses! MORE WAYS TO WIN - NEW! Cash Out - Moneylines - Over-Unders - Spreads - Parlays - Round Robins - Futures - In-Game Betting - Teasers - Props - & More! BEST IN CLASS PROMOTIONS - Odds Boosters - Parlay Insurance - Big Win Bonuses - Local Locks - Risk-Free Bets - & More! WHAT TO EXPECT - The latest odds - Simple, secure deposits - Lightning fast payouts - World-class customer support AVAILABLE - NFL & College Football - NBA & College Basketball - Major League Baseball - National Hockey League - Soccer, including Champions League, La Liga, and the English Premier League - MMA - Tennis - & More! Download today for FREE and get in on the action today! If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800 GAMBLER. 21+ and present in NJ or PA. Eligibility Restrictions Apply. With FanDuel Sportsbook, getting started and putting down a wager is quick and simple: 1. Download the app and create your account 2. Find the sport, game, and outcome you wish to bet on. 3. Submit your bet slip and look out for great live in-game opportunities in app as the match progresses! MORE WAYS TO WIN - NEW! Cash Out - Moneylines - Over-Unders - Spreads - Parlays - Round Robins - Futures - In-Game Betting - Teasers - Props - & More! BEST IN CLASS PROMOTIONS - Odds Boosters - Parlay Insurance - Big Win Bonuses - Local Locks - Risk-Free Bets - & More! WHAT TO EXPECT - The latest odds - Simple, secure deposits - Lightning fast payouts - World-class customer support AVAILABLE - NFL & College Football - NBA & College Basketball - Major League Baseball - National Hockey League - Soccer, including Champions League, La Liga, and the English Premier League - MMA - Tennis - & More! Download today for FREE and get in on the action today! If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800 GAMBLER. 21+ and present in NJ or PA. Eligibility Restrictions Apply.

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FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We’re throwing the first pitch, blowing the opening whistle, and waving the green flag — because FanDuel Sportsbook is officially LIVE in Tennessee! You now have the same great sports betting experience in NJ, PA, IN, CO, WV, IA, IL, and TN with one app. With every new release, we squash bugs and make real improvements. So remember to always keep your app updated!

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- Suggestions

Overall, easiest betting app to use and to navigate in my opinion. Love the boosts, the promos, and how quick it updates/follows the game. One feature I wish this had (and wish most betting sites had) is that on the bets it would show the competing bets and the game score at the time it was placed. This would be beneficial since some sports can be so volatile. (Example: You Bet the Over 30 at -115. When expanded, it would show the alternative Under 30 odds and game score at the time the bet was placed to note what your odds were). Lastly, I have a bad habit of accidentally placing bets when messing with the odds and payouts, and I know I’m not alone (particularly on parlays). It would be a nice feature if when submitting a bet there was a settings option that would offer a required 4-digit code/password before any bet could be submitted. Extra security options is always a good thing when talking about money.

- Terrible app experience, even with chat help still can’t access account

2 months ago open an acct and funded it. Didn’t have time to bet since.. tried logging in last week on my iPhone 7 and later my ipad mini to find acct was locked/suspended. Chat help said prob was fixed but still couldn’t get in. I changed my password, still couldn’t. Asked for help via email, they said all was ok but I’m still unable to get logged in- says my info isn’t correct. Cleared cookies and started over, still can’t. I just got cut off while on live chat- they said my acct was active, that doesn’t mean I can access it. Total scam, forget it. Give me my money back, sick of this going round and round. Very unprofessional. I chose FanDuel because they seemed more professional than that *other company* but clearly haven’t smoothed their App bugs out. And it’s not only that I can’t access Fanduel app- if I can’t get in there I can’t access Betfair Casino either. That’s a double loss for you guys. I’ve been very patient repeatedly trying to access to my account and money but this going in endless circles is garbage. Waste of time and money, regret downloading the app. I never leave bad reviews unless deserved and will update it if problem is solved soon. Reading reviews see others experienced this too.

- Great app!!

Downloaded this app a little while ago due to the casinos being shut down. Basically only play the slots not really into the sports betting events even though that’s the main for this app. Haven’t had any issues while playing if I ever got kicked out of the game when I logged back in the game I had previously played loaded right back to where I was when it kicked me out if I was in the middle of a bonus round spin or not. Withdraw was a lot faster then I suspected as well! Chose to receive a check and received it in the mail less then 7 days later!! Only issue I ever have with it is while playing for a decent amount of time I just have to log back in but other then that i have no issues and would recommend this site to anyone who misses the slots! Maybe could have a few more selections Of slot games as well 🤪 also customer service gets back to you ASAP, have always answered my questions to where I am no longer confused or wondering, and it doesn’t Matter what time of day someone has always been available

- Love the app, Hate the recent update.

Love the app, Been using this app since a while now, never had any issues until the recent update. When using it on my iPhone X it has this new feature where I have to kinda double tap or double swipe the I guess you can call it home button to bring up my app switcher, Granted its to make sure you don’t mistakenly tap the home button when trying to make a wager but I’d rather see the sacrifice in app view and just completely separate the two or go back to the old way. Would also like to see a choose your order or upcoming favorites option as the home page or live plays when logged in being that I don’t wager on anything else besides nfl, ncaaf, nba and mlb all according to season of course, since time is so valuable making a wager a single second is the difference between a available team or locked during live plays or hurrying to make that final bet. I think the ability of swiping to go back would go a long way in saving time also.

- Most options and best customer service

By far best Sportsbook out there. The customer service is what truly sets FanDuel miles ahead of the competition. When servers are down or run slow, no need to complain about it because they already know. On top of that, they do you one better and own up to the issue and credit your account for the mishap. Who else does that? No one! That’s who because I know personally after dealing and fighting with many others over the same issue. If FanDuel isn't available in your state, just stand by because you’re in for a treat as soon as it is. Aside from customer service which should be the main objective of every company/business, most sports and options available. I also enjoy the boosts or sport specials. Hands down, best sports book!

- No reason to have the app

I live just across the border from Indiana in Kentucky, and the app is pointless to have because it always redirects me to the website if I want to see my bets. DraftKings allows me to see my bets from the app, regardless of which state I’m in. It’s annoying to have to log in to the app, only for it to redirect me to the website. Who cares if I’m not currently in the state that I placed the bet in? This is a huge disadvantage versus DraftKings, and I would recommend anyone on the fence to download DK instead as it is much more convenient. Until FanDuel is able to allow people to look at bets they have placed, regardless of which state they may currently be in at the time, I will recommend going with another option. Not to mention, it’s also a pain to sign up because even if you are in Indiana when you sign up, you have to log into the browser version so you can select Indiana the first time. Not sure why they have to be so particular and complicated about this issue, but I would assume this would be the same for anyone bordering any of the other states that their app is available in.

- If you appreciate your money and time read the bad reviews!

Truth be told I never leave bad reviews this I believe is my first review for an app. I had the same issue as other people with getting “verified,” even though I have had no problems with other sportsbook apps & even if I did experience one customer service actually helped and did not give some lame run around. First I was told it was b/c some had he same name as me then a few calls and chats later it was b/c they used a third party to get verification and there’s no way to get their information or help from them. Then eventually was told I have to keep trying which upon reading other reviews it seems the app still has it’s flaws even though it has a well known adversary company which we all know who I’m talking about I use different sports books apps b/c they vary in UI and what not but never got the runaround or lack of service. I’m pretty sure the developer response will say contact customer support but what’s the point if you guys can not/ will not do anything about it! Once again read the bad reviews and do not waste your time!!!

- Fix the logout issue!!

Overall this app is pretty solid and easy to use. The one thing that has consistently driven me crazy is how it will tell you your session has “timed out” anywhere within 1 min to 5 mins after you just logged in. I have had plenty of times where I was in the app and put several bets into my bet slip, but didn’t confirm just so I could quickly look at my action app. Then I’d go back to FDsportsbork and lo and behold, my session timed out and I have to go back in and find those picks I would’ve made. Even though I logged in no more than maybe 1 or 2 minutes prior. But other times it’ll keep you logged in for seemingly 15 mins. It’s very inconsistent and I wish you could change the log out time in the settings. It becomes very annoying when you’re live betting as well because it’ll look like you’re logged in when you’re making the bet, then as soon as you hit place, it’ll tell you you’re logged out

- Sports betting is FanDuel

This is the most put together sports book app. I wanted to only bet in-person so I would not claim winnings. But the long lines (and the first-ever bettors asking questions) took forever and I’d watch the odds change as I was waiting my turn. I was missing out of money and wasting my time. Fortunately, fanduel became available in my state. I don’t care about claiming my winnings because I can sit at home watching the game and make a bet in an instant. No more listening to the people in front of me wondering how parlays work and why the odds changed from this morning. With the app, I’m in front of the line every time. And the live chat customer service is as instant as the bets. 24/7 customer service. They take care of me right away. This is MY sportsbook. FanDuel is THE sportsbook app. And sports betting IS FanDuel.

- Sportsbook

I have found that fanduel is not a very good sports book. First they take extremely too long to credit your account once a bet has won. They take the money right away when a bet is placed it should be within a few minutes that your account is credited not half an hour or usually even longer. Second they dont offer same game teasers. Third they limit you to only a 2-game parlay no reason not to be able to do more than a 2- way parlay. Fourth it takes way too long to receive tour withdrawal. Fifth they NEVER respond to you when you send in a ticket concern or give you any response what ao ever. I am looking for a better book now I give fanduel a 2 out of 5 stars and a 2 only because they most of the times have .5 to 1 point better odds

- Don’t believe the Risk Free up to $200 for casino

It’s not really “risk free”. I play blackjack and first of all the blackjack experience is certainly not the best experience I have had in Pennsylvania apps. I’m not a big fan of heads up against the dealer. I like others playing like in a casino. I played through and lost my $200 in 45 minutes. No big deal though, it was “risk free”. When the money was refunded, my understanding was that you had to play it through one time and then you could withdraw. I kept track of my blackjack wagers and when I played my $200 I tried to withdraw the $170 I had left. I could only withdraw $40 of it. Why would I do that? I knew I was going to have to keep going, and I knew that it wouldn’t end well, and it did not. I feel deceived. I really wanted to give this a try, and if I didn’t like it pull my $ out. That’s exactly what I wanted to do, but it didn’t happen the way I thought it was supposed to so just be careful. What I can tell you is the app is deleted and my online business will go elsewhere.

- Casino games

Huge ripoff. I’m actually curious who is regulating the programming associated with these games. I played roulette for about an hour and the same number hit within the same 3-5 spins about 6 times. The same number hit back to back also. The odds of that are 1 in 1444. It was strange too. Anytime I put all of my money (above 1 dollar) on one color I’d never hit. But if i threw like 10 cents on a color I’d hit about 40-50% as you’d kinda expect. The game is clearly rigged. I was up about 2 dollars in 45 mins of playing but spent most of the time down. Very much felt like there was no probability at play, although there is a bit of statistical probability in real roulette. At one point while spreading about 10 dollars worth of chips across the table it hit 00 the 0. At that point I realized that I was just spending money to be frustrated. Deleted the app. Losing 150 bucks and learning a lesson is better than losing 1000 bucks over the course of a week or month or year. Get a better hobby guys. This is destructive and addictive. Bad stuff.

- Absolutely unacceptable

I deposited funds into the app in order to bet on upcoming weekend games. After the weekend and all bets had went through my account it showed an available balance. Mind you I didn’t get any promotional offers or free play money all my own deposits and earnings and I have submitted multiple tries to withdraw my money and it keeps coming back declined l. I have messaged the company with them only to say it only show this much for withdrawal available a very small amount of the amount I deposited and the rest is bonus funds which is a load. I can’t even speak to someone because the land line isn’t available. Once this issue is resolved I will never use this app again . Simple to deposit money but horrible at returning it.

- Better than the rest

My experience on this app, so far, has been enjoyable, fun, and somewhat successful. Fan Duel clearly has a focus on giving players, rollers, and spinners a good amount of options, and it makes your time spent here more exciting, and doesn’t have to be repetitive at any one game, especially with having the Sportsbook on the same app. It’s been pretty cool with changing up on the norm, of what teams, in other countries, we’ve been following and betting on, but nothing can ever replace the major sports here in the US. Good to see all the leagues coming to agreements on getting back to competing on the field/court/ice. I have no doubt that Fan Duel will be on top of their game, when each league begins their games. Very well done all around, Fan Duel.

- Good book just hope your wagers are graded properly.

One of the top books i have used. That being said their employees don’t know half of the rules and guidelines. In the past few months I have had 3 wagers misgraded. Getting them to rectify the situation is like pulling teeth. The customer service is dreadful with the exception of one person I have dealt with. My most recent issue with them took a day to resolve when I was never at fault. Their screwup cost me numerous wagers and action on their app. No compensation given, just rude responses from a “supervisor” named Bre. Would have been 5 stars from me, instead slow service and rude service gets a 2. And also, do NOT use the casino. Blackjack and roulette are absolutely rigged. Never saw the dealer get dealt 11 so many times to just always hit that face card to make 21 to beat your 20. Total shenanigans. Fix the customer service, when you do maybe I’ll be back, until then I’ll use Fox sportsbook.

- Double deposits taken??

I never ever leave reviews for anything but I’m very frustrated with FanDuel rn. I deposited a total of $105 through 6 deposits and when I checked my bank account from which i was funding my account deposits, my account was double charged. The charges that were accurate said FanDuel betfair. However, there were also charges for FanDuel jersey for additional deposits that I did not make and I don’t even live in jersey. I am a college student in bloomsburg pa, I set up the account in pa, and never have I been on the app in jersey so why is FanDuel jersey stealing my money?? I contacted support SEVERAL times and still have not heard back. If I never hear back and do not get my money back I will be telling everyone I know to not get this app which is a shame because up until this point I really liked FanDuel. If the issue is resolved I will delete this review but for the time being it stays up until support actually responds to me and gets me my money that was wrongfully stolen back.

- Easy to use

Very easy to use and navigate, I never had sports betting experience before using FanDuel, and the app really made it easy to understand and use right away. Withdrawing money is easy using PayPal since my bank does not allow any gambling, I just use my paypal account. Lots of promotions and I have had truly a great experience. The only issue is, it’s mostly because of the pandemic, but if you have any issues getting them resolved will not be a pleasant experience because of the wait time for emails and their phone service is completely down. They are obviously aware of the situation and seem to be doing there best with the given times. Overall I definitely recommend using FanDuel Sportsbook.

- Love it! Minor improvements needed.

I absolutely love it, have used multiple sportsbooks and this is one of the best. Only suggestion is, I understand logging you out after the app has been closed for a few minutes, security, BUT please fix the Face ID so I don’t have to type in my password every time... I should open the app, click login, and that’s it! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this, because it does work sometimes but only 1 out of 100 (Yes I open the app about 100 times a day and have to relogin EVERY time) BESIDES that, amazing app, love it. Customer service was awesome too, had a little problem resolved within 20 minutes. Just please fix the login feature, it’d be greatly appreciated! I know y’all gonna read this!

- Love it

I’m an online casino person and I love this app! Win loss ratio is great and I have to say my by far favorite thing is that they work with PayPal and the withdrawal time is literally 12 hours! Other apps make you wait 2-3 business days (to the minute!) but I always get my withdrawal 12 hours after I make it it’s in my PayPal account and I love it. Only thing is lately it’s been telling me to update the app before I can play a game here and there but the app is already updated but all apps have their glitches from time to time. They make their money obviously because they are a casino and a business but I’ve had some amazing wins on this app I haven’t gotten anywhere else. My favorite so far 🤘🏼

- Login login login login login login login and then login

Love the app for betting, tons of options. But my sweet Lord...I have to log in EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I use it. I chose the ‘Remember Me’ option, I chose the ‘Touch ID’ option...doesn’t matter. The app decides when it will let me use Touch ID or when I have to type in my password, which is 90% of the time. I can check my bets, close the app, and then open it 5 seconds later and guess what?....Gotta log back in. Hey FanDuel.......let me stay logged in. If I get hacked by someone using my phone then oops my bad🤷🏻‍♂️. Just to reiterate, this app makes you log in every single time you use it so hope you like logging in because you’re going to log in every time. Lots of log ins. Log ins. Annoying how many times I said some iteration of log in? That’s what it feels like using this app. But again, great bets.

- FanDuel is fantastic

I love this app. I do have other sites I bet on. Sometimes I get better odds not often tho. FanDuel pays fast and some of the prop bets are cool. Oh, I almost forgot the in game betting is awesome as well. I have a system (lol). I don’t like when I do bet during the game and say the odds are -110 so I click it but when I get through on the app. It changes to say -114 or more, and this seems to happen often. I do know I have the option not to place the bet however I’m already pumped about the pick so I still take it with bad odds. I have been caught a couple times with that. Still a 5 the best app out there.

- Good betting site, Bad app!

The wagers are on par with the legal Sportsbooks, they offer up plenty of options to bet on and in all the standard type of wagers. The only bad thing is the app takes at least 45-60 seconds to load up and then some more time after you hit the login in button. This is a problem for a Sportsbook, those few seconds could mean lots of money lost not being able to get a bet in. The other problem with the site is the amount of time it takes to get a live person on chat, the lowest queue I have gotten was 7 and that was only once multiple times it was over 25 and once even 42. That is unexceptionable again especially for a Sportsbook, why, same answer lots of money can be lost by not being able to get a bet in. I Like the setup, so I hope you guys fix that bug.

- Great app!

This app is great and the layout is easy to navigate. Makes it easy to do whatever you want! My only down sides are that there should be a clock on the top header so you can see what time it is at all times while scrolling through different betting options. Have to keep exiting the app or scrolling all the way to the bottom to see the time. And would like to “slide” or long press the “place bet” button to make sure it’s not hit in error since you can cancel a bet after the counter is counting down to place the bet. A few times the keyboard has dropped out and I have hit place bet a few times without actually wanting to put in the bet at the moment or wanted to enter a different amount. Please look into these options

- Live Livin’

Website is always up to date and consistently configuring new live lines by the second. You can find everything under the sun on there, and they’ll give you a $500 credit on your first bet if you lose. Of course that first investment does have to be yours. I think the transfer from FanDuel to the bank account should be faster, but besides that I would rank near perfect. Between the previous statement and the fact that at times as you’re putting in a bet it cancels are the only reasons I would not give it a 5. At the end of the day you have to know this game is made for you to lose, don’t bet your livelihood on it, only bet if you can understand it’s for fun win or lose. Winning is definitely more fun though! Ha!

- False advertising horrible customer service

Never received my bonus from first day casino losses when asked was lied to multiple times they said it would be in, also they don’t answer emails have to go to chat which takes hour just to get someone who won’t be able to help just tell you your bonus will be coming horrible customer service rude will lie to you and say they will contact you they won’t they will ignore you and hope you forget about it I would’ve never played there scam casino games If I wasn’t promised bonus they will scam you don’t waste your money there a very cheap company who doesn’t care about their customers only making every cent they can update the gave me a bonus only for casino even know I was promised for sports book they know their casino rigged so you can win very deceitful deceptive company they don’t care about their customers one bit Don’t Waste your money

- Good app

Customer support was lacking during initial set up as the promo that lured me in was not to be found once I signed up and deposited money. However, after many attempts to get it straightened out (and a couple of straight up customer service fails) I got somebody through their support live chat to assure me they’d honor it. I lost the wager so I can’t say whether it would’ve actually been honored in the event i won, or how difficult it would’ve been to get it honored, however once the account was set up and I got through the issues with the app telling fanduel I wasn’t located in Tennessee and this couldn’t wager, it’s been smooth sailing. Lots of available plays, fun assortment of constantly updated “boosts” to bet..... I recommend


Fanduel sportsbook is very average, the real kicker is their trash BETFAIR casino tab. This part of the app is so broken it’s ridiculous. I lost money several times because I removed money from the wager but their system didn’t recognize that i removed the bet even though there is a chime signaling that the wager was removed and it says $0 is your current wager. Also spoke to customer service for over an hour and when i sent them screenshots proving the wager was in fact removed on my screen but i was still charged for it, they said i could’ve photoshopped the pictures. Mind you i was only asking to be refunded about $30 worth of lost wagers. If I photoshopped an image and was trying to scam them why would i only ask for 2 wagers ($30 total) to be refunded and not any of the 100 wagers or so that i places that day. Bottom line their BETFAIR app is a joke and customer service is even worse.

- No QA team?

This app is hot garbage. 9/10 times you do not get logged in the first attempt. Not a failed login, the app just fails to load your account and goes back to its homepage. Sometimes takes over a dozen tries. Once logged in, you can press betslip or all sports and it just keeps repopulating the home page. Now, I can’t even get logged in. It will just go back to my Apple home screen. Force closing the app doesn’t seem to make any differences. When it does work (2% of the time), it’s great. It’s like they didn’t even test this before publishing it. I am thoroughly surprised to see if rated anything above 2 stars. Poor delivery, can’t wait for DraftKings to release their paired app with Penn National. I anticipate it to be leaps better than this. Forgot to mention that since the update, it now says you need to download the Sportsbook app to make a sports wager...while in the Sportsbook app. Terrible app functionality.

- Very user friendly but odds always disappear.

As soon as future bets may change, they disappear. A real life example from yesterday is good to show. Last night the 49ers really beat the browns hard. So the bet for next week had the browns getting 2.5 points over the Seahawks. Well that bet just disappears for the rest of the night completely. So did the 49ers vs the rams. They just delist them. Only this morning do they come back. They clearly don’t set their own odds in house. Sure enough my other account at draft Kings still had all bets listed last night. They even change the spreads on their own. They may have some better odds here once in a while but when you want to bet on a change, they just take it off the board. That is fact.

- Sportsbook always down at key times, casino games flat out rigged.

Really this should be a 1 star review, but the app is decent when it’s actually working. It frequently goes down at key moments or before time slots of games. When it’s actually working, the sportsbook has a good interface. The casino, and their use of NetEnt’s “random” casino games should be avoided at all costs, unless you have a money printer. Even games with a minimal house edge such as blackjack will leave you scratching your head and punching the air. There is nothing random about the generation of cards as losing patterns become predictable. You will be calling the cards before they roll out in no time. NetEnt puts out a terrible product, and PA gaming has gobbled them up. Stay away if you value your money. Save the casino games for in person.

- Risk free bet is a sham

I put 200 on the chiefs spread for the super bowl. At the end of the game I was shocked to find I lost because fan duel says I bet the Niners instead. Now I have been using the bet rivers app for once and this has NEVER happened to me. It adds to my suspicion that I couldn’t access my account for over an hour after the game was over. I had no intention on betting the Niners so it wasn’t like I was going back and forth. I wanted chiefs all the way. I even checked mid way through the game and saw I could cash out for $140, and I didn’t notice anything wrong then. I’m not saying it’s impossible but I think I would have noticed. Again, I have been betting since it became legal in PA, probably have close to 100 wagers and this has NEVER EVER happened to me. I think it’s convenient it happened on my risk free bet. After I use the site credit I won’t be using fan duel again

- Live/Active Bets

App is nice and easy to navigate, but my only complaint is the live game feature. If I have stake in any sport/game, the live feed of those games should be the first thing that I see when I open the app. Currently you show feature games or games from other sports, which is fine. But on top of that, it should show the live feed every game that I currently have stake in. I should be able to open the app and at a glance, see how I am doing. Yes, you have the live tab, and even that doesn’t show me what I currently have stake in. I have to scroll through all the live games to find the ones I’m betting on. Other than that, app works great. TL;DR - Please add the live game feature to the homepage so I can follow the games that I am currently betting on with ease.

- Legit App

PRO: The Fanduel app is totally legit. I consistently hit on the slots. Some of the bonuses pay really well and if you use PayPal - deposits and withdrawals are completely hassle-free. CON: The app has a serious time-out issue. It doesn’t allow you to play any of the slots for longer than 20 min before it times out and has to reload. Sometimes, it won’t automatically reload and you have to get out of that slot altogether and go back in. I will say however, if it times out in the middle of a bonus, it reloads your bonus when you get back in. It’s just really frustrating and inconvenient to have to do that with every slot, every time. CON: The slot selection is lacking as there aren’t many games to pick from. One can only play the same couple of games for so long before it starts to get old. I’m hoping for new games soon. Player traffic would dramatically increase if they had more of a selection of slots. Overall, it’s a great and fair app. I would recommend it to anyone who can’t go to a real casino during these unprecedented times.

- 2 stars

So Sunday around 12:30 I tried to places wager on a teaser like a do every Sunday just so happed I couldn’t login after several tries when I did get logged in my funds were not appearing then after several more tries they did appear! problem every time I would try to place my wager it would log me out or would not let my wager go through after several tries again. so the games finally started I couldn’t place my wager on my teaser which would have hit instead I had to settle for a loosing live parlay after the site finally started to work correctly for me! It ended up being a 5k swing super salty about it but I never dealt with anything like this with this site before it’s always been good to me it! I think it might be time to switch to DraftKings

- Crashes

This app crashes nearly everytime I open it. It wouldn’t be so upsetting, besides the fact that you have to log in every time you open the app, and you have to wait 2 minutes for it to verify your location (which is already sketchy.) only for the app to crash. I live in southern Indiana, nearly 15 miles from the Kentucky border, and I get a location error nearly 100% of the time. It would be a great app if it actually remembered you on the device, and used your gps to confirm your location. With the amount of money they are making, you would think that they would have been more updates to fix these bugs. This app will do well until Barstool Sportsbook goes live. Once that happens, it will be the end of these daily fantasy sports books.

- Can’t count on promotions

Fun to play, good odds and boosts. Had issue with 2 promotions not working properly. Most recent the masters birdie spin. I got $5 then it tells me to spin again. I guess they didn’t want to honor their promotions I was contacted by the development team. And asked to contact via live chat. That is not an option. The only way to contact us to submit a ticket. And the response from the ticket is we’ve received an overwhelming amount of tickets and the review of your ticket will be Delayed, please do not submit extra tickets as this will only slow your process down. So I was forced to spend an additional time for the bonus money and of course did not get a five as I had received on the first spin.

- Best betting App on the Planet Cschwaggmeier

It doesn’t get any better than Fan Duel and Fan Duel sports book apps! These apps stay up to date and constantly give you free bets to keep people engaged! I am a sports junkie and love every sport there is in some way or another! I chose Fan Duel over Draft Kings 7 days a week and twice on Sunday lol Still waiting to hit my big payday and collect my on the spot money that only takes minutes to get transferred to your account! The customer service is second to no one bc they are just awesome at Fan Duel and it don’t matter what time of the day or night they got you covered!

- Website and app is faulty

The site is buggy to a fault. I constantly have to relog into the site from either my desktop or phone app and in every case it takes multiple attempts to make a single bet. It won’t take a bet a bet from my desktop. A white bar appears across my screen upon submitting a betting slip and nothing happens. I’m forced to use the phone app and this is a struggle as well. Extremely frustrating and won’t be staying a member for long. Need to make one last bet to cover a bonus win and then I’m out. The only reason you get the second star is due to the bonus bets and insurance bets offered, but have know doubt you will make it difficult for me to remove my funds after I have made my next bet (if the site will allow me to make it...)

- Lost wager

I had a bet recently that won but for some odd way my bet ticket disappeared like it never exist the ticket was a 5 game parlay mixed with MLB all 4 baseball had won, waiting for the raptors to win that game and they did won the championship now was waiting for the wager to clear but nothing happened, look through the ticket history but could not find it (wish took a screenshot) so the next day when customer service was available I called in, ask for help but they did not find my wager. So I do not trust this site anymore as they can easily delete or take your winnings if they want to. Still have some money left here but once I lose everything I would not deposit again. So beware to this site. You will remember me once this happens to you....

- I’ve been on fanduel for one year

I’ve definitely lost more than I bet but I’m not doing too bad. Even though I have lost, a good win is a good win and I get very lucky just when I really need it. In the end it’s entertainment, and I’m willing to pay for some in exchange for a chance to win more money than I started the day with. If you’re afraid to lose then don’t do it, but if you want to win, then by all means, play. I’ve never come across it, so maybe they have it, but I would recommend that they would add a tutorial section for things like over/under which I still don’t really understand, but hey, Jumanji and Guns n Roses are fun slots to play.

- UI App Design

The actual user interface/design of the app itself is amateur and not intended for use with modern iPhones with a camera notch and no home button. I have an iPhone 11 and the slide button at the bottom of the app to exit the app overlaps the buttons of the actual app, and you have to slide up multiple times to be able to exit the app. Also, while the app is open, you lose the time, battery and WiFi indicators that are typically still visible in the top corners of your screen. Face ID for logon is also very inconsistent and makes me enter in my password half the time even though I have selected Face ID. I enjoy FanDuel Sportsbook and the available bets they have for all the games, however the actual design/functioning of the app is extremely disappointing.

- Why did the ability to access to my own data change ?

Prior to Sep 6...I could access all data from my account whether I was in Pa...or not (to include data on wagers that had already been legally placed...Active Bets). As of 6 Sep... I can still Login to my account from outside Pa. I can see (and adjust my account balance. I can see the full menu of available events to wager on...but I can no longer see my Active Bets. Why not ? Did some “rule” change since yesterday ? The Geo Comply requirements are supposed to prevent “placing wagers” from outside of the legal this case Pa. It is not supposed to prevent a customer from accessing their account data...Or has that changed ?

- Love it! Now I’m broke!

Ever have that impulse that says “I know XYZ team is going to slaughter ABC team” from your couch? Then they win and you say to yourself “self, you should have put money on that! You’d be rich!” Well then this is the app for you. And let’s not minimize how fun it is to daydream when you put a 5$ bet on a 15 team parlay and you start figuring out what you’ll do with your 30 grand when it clears your account! Tuition!? Nah. Kids braces!?! Freaking Steelers lost to the Washington “football” team. But never mind all that, I’m sure YOU, yes YOU the couch quarterback and living room coach, you will strike it rich!!!

- Best Sports book App in comparison to competitors

I’ve used both fan duel and another well known sports book application to entertain my sports betting interest. Fan duel is #1 in comparison to the competing sports book applications. FDSB is very fast to locate me (when confirming I am in a state that allows sports betting) and rarely do I experience any unexpected termination of the application processing. Additionally, the support team is quick to respond and have addressed all issues I escalate very promptly. I rate this app as a 4/5 only because of the user interface, as it is too condensed at times, however this could be related to the device I use when placing wagers on FDSB. Overall a great application.

- Service

It is a great site except for the problems logging in immediately before kickoff. More than once, I received various error messages when trying to log in. I was on my desktop computer at the time. I also tried logging in from my cell phone with no success. Fortunately, I have another account with a different Sportsbook provider and placed my bet there (however with a different line....luckily it didn’t matter as Seattle covered the lines offered by all sportbooks). It would be nice to have piece of mind that I can log in at any time without problems. Otherwise, I am quite satisfied with the site and their service.

- Add$ a little excitement to the game...

I understand how people can get addicted to gambling now, so if you have an addictive personality you probably should NOT download this app. FanDuel has some cool props that Draft Kings do not offer - always check the promotions for offers, sometimes FanDuel offers a risk free bet - what’s better than that?! Fortunately I know my limits, 2 kids now so I can’t risk that much but it’s still fun winning a little here & there - trying to win enough to get a PS5 lol. Have fun out there guys & gals but KNOW your limits. Your money is preloaded so they don’t have to send their muscle to shake you down.

- App won’t open

I was initially drawn in for the risk free bet back in February. I don’t wager often but when I do I would like to know that I can easily login and place a bet. Since my initial bet all I’ve had is problems with the app and logging in. It’s almost like if I am not placing regular weekly bets my account is suspended. I’ve called and had the password reset several times. I deleted and downloaded the app again hoping it would help but doesn’t. When it’s working I have no issues but I can’t spend 45 mins trying to get into an app. I logged into the website with no issues but I can’t place wagers on the website only through the app. I’ve seen several similar reviews. You are losing the casual sports betting fan and it’s a shame because I love the DFS app and I think I will have to turn to a competitor for my bets.

- Best way to wager

I absolutely love making my Sunday sports viewing experience more interesting by being able to place a few dollars on a game. There is no more convenient way to place a bet than with the Fan Duel sports book. The user interface is very smooth and easy to navigate and depositing and withdrawing money is instant and super easy. I would recommend this app to all who are in a legal betting area and like to make sports more interesting while giving yourself a chance to make a little extra scratch while sitting on your couch or just going about your day.

- It’s a good start

The app is easy to navigate and you have a lot of betting options. Deposit and withdrawal are easy and you have multiple options. The withdraw options are better than draftkings which currently makes you go to a casino in Atlantic City to get your withdraw. I find the app can be slower than their competitors and I have had a locating my location issue a couple of times. They just had an update to the app that hopefully fixes these bugs. All in all it’s a good app to let you get in on the action and over time I expect improvement.

- OK but could be better

After using this app for a month, here’s things I think should be updated 1 it logs you out too quickly. It’s very annoying to have to log in almost every time you use it. I don’t know the timeframe but it feels like only about 15 minutes possibly less and you are logged out. 2 there needs to be more filter options within each sport, particularly college football where there are so many games. You should be able to filter for conference and for start time at least. 3 on the settled bets page, if I bet 20 and win, don’t tell me I won 40. The win should show 20. Or you can keep the Win amount as 40 then add another column called Profit/Loss that would show 20. 4 with promos that give back site credits, the amount available to bet could be much different than the amount of actual cash in the account. There should be separate entries and not lumped into one sum. Maybe columns for cash + credits = total 5 make app usable for a landscape orientation on iPads to take advantage of all that extra screen width.

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- Love the app!

Made sports betting easy and convenient. They have great odds. Love same game parlays. Can pretty much bet on anything. I specifically bet on basketball and football. Rarely bet on baseball. But all 3 have great bets. Only issue is customer support, takes awhile to get back to back to you ( remember we are in a pandemic) but when customer support did get back to me mike was very helpful and reimbursed the issues I had that the app made a mistake on. I have done the 50 dollar recommend a friend promotion with at least 5 of my friends. They all love the app too.

- DO NOT PLAY IN THE CASINO - Update to my review

While this may be a good app for the sports book – avoid the casino at all cost! The odds of winning in the casino are extremely low. And with the new update the games glitch, kick you out and do not load properly in many cases forcing you to get out and log in again. I have given the casino several chances and I have found the one consistent thing is that it will take your money very quickly without bonuses or even wins over your bet. If your idea of fun is watching your money drop straight down in a matter of minutes – then this casino is for you. But if you don’t-there are better apps out there where there are player programs, bonus offers and you at least get some entertainment for the money you’re spending.

- Great betting app overall, promotions don’t always return site credit...

Over all I love the app. Great for sports betting. Plenty of options. Same game parlay feature is really nice. However, my one issue is that I haven’t received my site credit back for multiple same game parlay promotions, in which you are supposed to get site credit back even if your parlay misses. I double checked that my bets met the requirements for the promo conditions, yet I still never received my site credit back for at least two or 3 of those. That is fairly frustrating, because I’d have not placed those bets in the first place had I known the promotions wouldn’t follow through....

- Their site crashed and I lost money because of it.

Ive never wrote a review in my life but this I couldn’t let go by without saying something. I’ve been using FanDuel Sportsbook for 2 weeks now. Twice I tried to place live bets and they kept timing out until after what I thought would happen, happened. Then I placed a bet and the second I went to cash out my bet while the game was still going on they had an unplanned maintenance and I couldn’t cash out let alone log in. Then what I thought would happen, happened and I wound up loosing $1000, $300 of which was my bet because their site crashed and I was told they don’t offer credit when there is an unplanned maintenance. I had to call back twice and they offered me $25 for the inconvenience of me having to call them.

- Best Sportsbook App Available

I am new to the Sportsbook world. I have tried several apps to become comfortable with the process. FanDuel is, by far, the best. It is exceptionally user friendly and most functions are intuitive. Since I am not in NJ but live close by, it is great to be able to check any bets I have made; regardless of my location (of course, you can only place a bet in N.J.). Other apps do NOT slow you to check your betting history unless you in NJ. Seems strange. Ultimately, if you are looking for a great, straightforward Sportsbook app, FanDuel is your choice.

- Keep getting verify location and doesn’t except it

My husband and several other people who lives in Illinois keeps getting a message Verify location. They are all in Illinois but the app tells them they aren’t! When will you fix this bug? They have been frustrated. ( as for me mine has been working but I’m concerned it might stop like my husband’s did saying I don’t live in Illinois when we do) So I’m really unsure about adding funds that I won’t get back after depositing! Another friend has emailed several times but nothing has been done. I hope it gets fixed soon. Anyone else have this problem and if so how did you get it fixed??

- It’s not just who’s gonna win it’s who’s gonna show up

I haven’t cashed out yet but I have won. Fanduel offers a certain level of entertainment to my love for sports and determination to hit big one day and cash out thousands of dollars. I’ve been so close but thanks to a fumble here and there, a missed field goal, a horrible performance from the free throw line or just a “NEED TO BE FIRED” coach making some type of idiotic play call🤷‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️ I have yet to be able to light my cigar to celebrate any winnings whatsoever. You know how they say? IF IT WASNT FOR BAD LUCK ...........oh just forget it🤦‍♀️

- Works Really Well

Obviously due to the virus I have not been on the app in a long time so things may have changed but the only small issue with the app is that there is no way to deposit money directly into your bank account (like with venmo or other apps). I find my self having to wait for a check in the mail which can be a mild inconvenience at worst. Otherwise this app is great and works extremely well. Odds boosts keep things fun and interesting. Never used any of the competitors because I’ve never felt the need to.

- Great and Fast Betting

I was skeptical of sports betting on apps until i signed up for Fanduel. Their spreads are always updated quickly and they have the best in-game sports betting than any other app. They also have the scores of the games faster than even the games on TV, which i love. Plus if you deposit your money through PayPal, you will get the money to play immediately and any winnings you take out through PayPal you will receive your winnings within 24 hours. Absolutely love Fanduel and highly recommend it!

- Can not verify me.

Simple one of the worst apps I’ve ever downloaded i pass every requirement that they ask for but yet I my social cannot be verified this makes absolutely 0 sense and when I ask for help why no one has a single answer in customer service from speaking to zoreya on the phone to speaking with Rhonda W. in a live chat. I get answer like nothing can be done sir, I cannot help you. FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS! In all my life I’ve never gotten told anything like this from franchise customer support its terrible and needs to be fixed!

- Impressive Sportsbook

I will admit, when I heard FanDuel was going to go into the realm of sports betting I was skeptical, however, after placing small 0.5 and 0.25 unit bets over the last few weeks on their sport book app and site I was impressed with the odds as well as the wide variety of spots and types of bets you can place. They also have great customer support that can help with your issues almost instantly with the instant messaging option they have. Overall great experience so far. 10/10 would recommend.

- Finally, No more bookie

Online sports betting in certain states becoming legal has really made betting fun again. The app is easy to use and Fandual has the best lines, both live and pregame, of the apps/sites I have looked at. Depositing money can be difficult sometimes depending on your bank, but once you’re able to figure out a way to make a deposit the fun begins. No crazy rollover rules and there’s no guy you have to meet in a Wendy’s parking lot to pay. Payouts are quick and easy. Two thumbs up.

- They sell your data to 3rd parties without consent

Be warned, they immediately sell you data to 3rd parties once you’ve signed up for an account. This includes name, DOB, social and other information. When you sign up for FanDuel, expect to start being SPAMMED by other companies who they’ve shared your data with. In addition, they refuse to abide by any deletion or opt out requests. They will not delete your account and will not delete your data. In a world where companies are constantly breached and our data is at risk, companies like FanDuel are at the core of the problem. Lackluster security and compliance policies and a refusal to abide by data privacy standard is frightening when considering YOUR extremely sensitive data that FanDuel keeps, stores, and sells to 3rd parties.

- Great Sportsbook

Great Sportsbook with prompt withdrawals and deposits. Promotions are good, but it could be better and they could bring back the friend referral bonus! One suggestion though that i keep finding myself asking for is to update the app to allow for Face ID login or a faster way to login because it tends to get annoying to constantly have to retype my password if im switiching between ESPN and the Fanduel app in order to check scores and make my bets accordingly. If Face ID was added or a quicker login alternative was added, i would definitely give this sportsbook a 5 star review!

- Good but can be better!

Good Sportsbook but I can see that some things can be added to this site to help improve it dramatically.. Some examples are more soccer leagues to bet on especially the bigger ones! And also add a feature where you can see team stats throughout the year or at least recent team stats, kind of like draftkings has there’s set up (team records, etc). Also needs an update for the iPhone XS where the top of the screen on the main page is just white! Other than that I love FanDuel and how they approached this site so far !

- Fan Duel is my Fav Sports betting app

Tried Draft Kings and Parx (local casino). FanDuel app is better than both. Should out to the developers, app is super user friendly and navigation is smooth as can be. Wish there was more unique bets like different props for big events. Only issue is the app logs me out after 90 seconds or so of inactivity. I appreciate the security measure but it could be more like 5 minutes of inactivity before log out. Overall great app, send me free stuff for taking the time to leave this review!

- Betting

Customer service is horrible. No live chat and still waiting for a response. Also still waiting to be paid on a bet. Didn’t get paid for the entire game on a 1st quarter bet. Switching to DraftKings. Hopefully they’re better. We’ll see. And I called FanDuel’s customer service number and the number didn’t even ring. I called DraftKings and got through immediately. That says a lot. I regret choosing FanDuel over Draftkings. Adding to this review. A woman named Kelly sent back an email. She told me that my bet was made from 2018. I just joined the site a few weeks ago. How could I make a bet from 2 years ago. My bet slip literally has the date and the game on the bet slip. I even sent her a picture. Don’t join this site!

- Great app, amazing layout

Love the app, love the layout, very easy to use. They need to add more soccer countries and better options for overs and unders for 1St half and 2nd half for soccer. They need to figure out how to improve the locator, there are times that I'm driving or just somewhere within New Jersey and I won't be near any borders that would make it seem that I am out of state and the locator tells me I'm not in New Jersey and sometimes I can't make bets and I lose out on money, sometimes I just give up

- Do not trust this site with your credit card or banking information

BEWARE of putting your credit card or banking information on this site . They will deduct way more charges than what you authorize and there is absolutely no customer service to talk to . They do not answer phones or emails !! I had to cancel my banking card for them to stop withdrawing money that I never authorized in the first place !!! Update : I have emailed them Three times in the past 2 days and not one person has reached out or responded to my email . The worst customer service ever and they owe me $100 . Do not trust them with your credit card information. They will deduct more than you authorize and you have no way to prove otherwise.

- Recent update/ Free play games

Been a loyal customer as long as I can remember. Never going to DK but recently this app has gone downhill. Sluggish, no dark mode, and the fact that the scratch doesn’t seem to work. Never received free spins or dollar amount free bets. I understand these are hard times for companies like these but don’t deceive players to continue using your app. Highly considering using DK now since I’ve heard nothing tremendously wrong. Also withdrew $120 since I need the money during these hard times and still haven’t seen a penny. Come of FanDuel step up your game and keep your customers satisfied and wanting to support this company that has so much potential.

- Except I Got Jipt

So myself and five coworkers all bet in the same soccer game using the app. I was betting 25 to win a total of 250. Score showed we had all won. UNFORTUNATELY FOR ME ONLY! Every other person who I bet alongside spoke to customer service that day. Turns out the app didn’t show the correct score and thus they reimbursed their money. It took me longer to get through because the chat que and email weren’t immediate. Since everyone else had been reimbursed I didn’t rush to get through. Long story short. I got a customer service rep who said sorry I’m not reimbursing you. For that reason I will harbor resentment towards the unethical customer service practices FanDuel uses until its made right. Other then that it’s fun to use

- Decent, but buggy - Please fix log in persistence

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app a few times, but the “Keep me logged in” and “Use FaceID” features don’t seem to work. I have to log in every time I open the app which results in an email telling me I logged in. Very annoying. I tried chatting with support and was told by the agent that they weren’t even sure why those options were there and that they “may be upcoming features.” Screen switching can be slow and glitchy at times with things looking completely messed up and eventually refreshing to be correct.

- Best sports book app, room for improvement

App consistently crashes during high traffic times, i.e. shortly before nfl playoff games or college championship game. Was recently issued a $50 site credit which is great but would prefer an app that works at high traffic times. App needs to push an update that allows Face ID login. You get logged out after a very short idle time and logging in over and over during a game for live betting ruins the experience. Definitely a better app than competitors once you get past these hurdles.

- One Huge Improvement

Unless I am doing something wrong , I would suggest that when you offer casino or horse betting on your menu that the customer would be able to use same account and password to log into those areas. The way it directs me to those sites I am then made to create another account and password. We have to many passwords in our life to keep track of. Find a way that the FanDuel account automatically makes you valid at any 2nd site we get directed too for wagering activities. Thank You

- It doesn’t work after games (Updated)

Since posting my review below, I heard back from the Fan Duel support team shortly after apologizing for the issues I experienced. It was refreshing to hear from them and it made me feel that they care about the issues we might experience and that to me is very valuable. Because of this and the fact that the app works most of the time without issues, I have changed my review to 4 Stars and I hope to be able to change it to 5 Stars very soon. Thank you, Fan Duel! ****************** The app for the most part does a decent job, but for the last few weeks, it simply won’t work after the NFL games end. It can take up to an hour for it to work again. I’m guessing their servers get overloaded with everyone trying to check in after the games end. Either way, it’s a big problem that should be solved.

- Won’t verify location

It doesn’t matter how far into New Jersey I go, this app refuses to recognize where I am. I have location services enabled and I have logged out completely and logged back in, just to get the same response. I can be in Phillipsburg or Newark or Clinton, but it doesn’t matter, it tells me that I am not a New Jersey. My phone knows exactly where I am, my other apps know exactly where I am, but I am unable to bet using this app. Congratulations, FanDuel, you have personally changed the location of New Jersey to somewhere over the rainbow. I have sought help through customer service just to have them tell me I need to have location enabled. OF COURSE I NEED THAT. I want my money back so I have requested a refund.

- Operational Success

FanDuel is an exceptional site for sports wagering. The service and products that FanDuel provide is far superior than their competitors. The expeditious and convenient easement of financial transactions is the epitome and envy of the gaming industry. The technologically advanced state of the art computer system that FanDuel implemented has allowed customers to participate in real time services such as Live game wagering. FanDuel keep up the excellent service, products, tools, and resources that will continue too keep your customer base satisfied.

- Good but can be better

Love the app! Please keep in mind that you now have a large percentage of new customers/ if you can find a way to simplify or make a info guide so we can understand what we are betting on! I’ve myself had made over thousands of dollars so yes this app is legit as they come but I’ve spent hours of research wondering why I’ve lost certain bets!! Your response time needs to be better as well! I’m still waiting on answers!! Other than that!! Love it!!

- Where are my Promos, App is slow, freezes A lot!

When you’re thinking about sports book apps you immediately think of fan duel and draft kings. I have used both and I must say draft kings is a better app. You are promised all of these promotions and free bets and I haven’t seen any of them while I have typed in at least 4 promo codes. The app freezes a lot and I have to close out and restart. When you’re live betting that can get extremely frustrating. They need to fix the bugs, make it a faster app, and figure out the promotions. I’m just telling you how I see it, fan duels main competitor draft kings is currently out doing them.

- Fun and Easy.

I live in New Jersey so this app makes it very easy to place my bets. When I first downloaded the app there were some issues with the app. Such as the screen going blank and needing to wait to sign in again and having to re-download the app because you couldn’t sign in. But those issues seem to have been fixed. As a beginner to sports betting I like being able to place micro bets , as low as $.10, this allows me to work on different betting systems and not lose much money if they don’t work out.

- Set up to lose in soccer

I had two moneyline soccer bets in for teams to win and the games went into extra time and both teams won, but fanduel said I lost because the games went into extra time. There is no way to bet on teams to win regardless of when they win and it is set up for you to fail. That’s like saying if a money line bet goes into OT in basketball or baseball that you lose because they didn’t win in normal time. Terrible. I’m taking my money to draft kings

- Good... when it works

I’ve had the fan duel book app for a few months now, and when it works it’s nice. However, I have found multiple times that the app will either stop working or in the latest instance went through planned maintenance right before kickoff of a NFL playoff game. This maintenance would then last the entire game. I got to sit back and watch my brother place his bets on a rival app while I frustratingly refreshed the app hoping this would be a brief outage. It was not. The only thing keeping Ike in this app is the ability to bet in PA as well, but that only helps if it’s working.

- I love FD

Hey guys just wanted to say I love your platform and I’ve rarely ever had a problem with anything.. bets.. promotions.. accounts.. you are doing a great job! I promote your platform to everyone that watches sports and try and get them to sign up with #fanduel. I love the refer a friend and other promotional things you offer from time to time!! Being said. If you had any type of credit or promotion free bet anything for me I would greatly appreciate it!! Keep up the great work FD! With love, J

- Missing Withdrawal

I have used the app since September of last year, had an issue with them not paying out a Promo Bonus during NFL season but wasn’t too worried. Two weeks ago I made a withdrawal and never received my money. I filed a claim with customer service and they referred me to a 3rd party “global pay” company to find my money. This company cannot by reached by phone - you have to spend 30 minutes on automated menus then they disconnect you when you can finally transfer to a person. It took me 2 hours yesterday and was never able to speak with someone. BEWARE they outsource your financial transactions and make it nearly impossible to find money when it goes missing.

- Amazing !!!! But

I think this is the most fun I have had watching sports in a long time !!! The only thing I can say is make sure you have your location on before placing an important bet I lost a bet I tried making twice cause I failed the location when I never left my house !!! Had to restart app and made me mad mad it was a great bet I tried and would have won !!!!! Other than that this app is everything !!!!

- Awesome app I appreciate you!

So my only serious complaint is the location check. Don’t get me wrong I understand why and I get it’s part of the legality of it but man y’all can do better. I’ve lost out on some good betting due to the glitchy-ness of the location check. I mean if your in the middle of Illinois, com on man I’m hours from any other state if could use some uncommon sense. Other than that I love the app and love the chance to be able to get some relief from the day and bet penny’s on sports it’s fun, thank you!

- Nothing but issues lately

Figured since they won’t get back to my emails maybe they’ll answer a precious review. Previous issue wouldn’t let me deposit money onto app. Now I sign in and it goes to home page and just keeps making me sign in. I get emails saying I successfully signed in but in fact it will not let me use app as if I was really signed in. My only options are to just keep signing in and verifying my location and that’s it. I can’t deposit anything or make any bets just keep signing in and that’s it lol. I use to like the fan duel app but I’m gonna try a different sportsbook. I don’t believe I should have to fight tooth and nail every other time I go to log into account.

- Terrible app, unable to open.

Opened an account with ease and then trying to log in app took over 20 minutes to finally open. After opening it froze and had to close app. Tried to open app again and continued to stay loading but never opened up even after another 10 minutes. Following day app opened fine but when I tried to log in, app stayed loading for 10 minutes and I have finally given up. Went online and was able to load $100 to my account but doesn’t let you place bets online, only using the app. So now it’s 2 weeks later and app stays loading when I try to log on. Either fix the problem or issue me a refund.

- Need more ‘live’ wager options

Good app but cant make live bets on many college football games...unlike offshore books. Also wish that I didn’t get signed out automatically so quickly. I get quickly get kicked out switching between FD app and other apps and have to constantly sign back in. I understand this is most likely due to ensuring the user is in a location where sports gambling is legalized, but the auto logout is way too fast and then it takes a couple minutes to log back in. Lines move or games start in the time it takes to log in. Otherwise, app is easy to use and navigate around.

- Look elsewhere

I just watched the Rams-Cowboys game kickoff while watching my screen log on and off since the end of the Colts-Chiefs game. I just got in and the money I won on the chiefs game has not been posted. Not that I can do anything with it on the Rams game. Let’s see I was going to wager on the Rams -7. Last week I tried for the final 15 mins to bet Clemson to win the national championship. I waited to the final movement of the line and... same thing. Not able to log in, unexpected error. So tonight I was ready, I rushed to my PC and logged in... only to get the same errors. Garbage. Look elsewhere if you’re looking for an actual Sportsbook. Btw I LOVED the fantasy side.

- Just a couple suggestions But it’s legit

Good betting... legit app that allows you to come up if you know your stuff. Only problem I have is the wait for the payout because the deposit is instantly deducted VS waiting days for your pay out. Lastly this app will become much better when you increase the referral amount and give better odds sometimes. Loving it so far. Just want a little more work to it

- Terrible functionality

I started an account and waited for a game I wanted to bet on. The time finally came and I tried to log in. The app said my password was incorrect so I put forgot password. Then the forgot password screen said I don’t have an account. So after multiple tries I decided of i don’t have an account for some reason then I’ll start one even though I knew I had one. So I input all my info again and here comes the moment of truth..... and it says I already have an account. I kept trying and trying to no avail. I was so frustrated and to far from the casino so no betting for me. I will never encourage anybody to use this app from this terrible experience.

- Terrible App and Customer Service

I was trying to create an account and over multiple attempts to verify my identity a message kept saying it couldn’t be verified. All of my information was correct each time I submitted it to be verified, so I decided to contact customer support. They told me to make some changes if my address had changed or add my middle name if applicable. I did both of these, then contacted customer support again and after explaining what I had already done to the new support worker, I was told the exact same thing customer support told me in the beginning. Utterly useless app and customer support. Wasted 40 minutes of my life dealing with this piece of garbage app.

- Frustrating Customer Servive

I had a problem with my password and could not reset it. I contacted Customer Service via email and chat. (I was unable to speak to a live person, despite multiple attempts.) Multiple customer service reps were not able to email me the reset link. I did receive emails from them saying that they sent the link; so, I know they could email me and my email account was functioning problem. Eventually, I closed my account via Lice Chat because they could not provide me with any way to reconnect to my account. We’ll see how long it takes to get the check... Very disappointing, because I did like their interface.

- Read it all

I wouldn’t get this app if I could go back and never install it I would. Me and a few of my buddies use this app regularly for the casino aspect of it we live in pa, however we have wagered I’d say around the 20k probably more mark on this app and never one hit a significant win I find it hard to believe that we can wager that much and the highest bonus I’ve ever gotten was like 60 bucks on like a 3 dollar bet... played the tables once won maybe one hand of blackjack and I play blackjack regularly at the casino so I know how to play and normally leave the casino up on blackjack I won like one hand on this app so I’m not sure if this app for the casino aspect ever pays out.

- Easy to play

FanDuel Sportsbook is an easy way to place a bet, and collect. Don’t have to worry about anything, just upload money, place bet, and collect your winnings. If you lose, that’s okay, just place a bet on the next game, winning is easier than trying to play the lottery, and a lot more fun. I won $500 on my first bet, could have won $900, if I hadn’t chickened out and took the early payout. Best wishes and have fun!

- No issues...even when there were issues.

Awesome betting processing of stats and winnings. Customer service is even better. They ended up contacting me directly when I had inadvertently called another customer service at a completely different business (related to FanDuel). My issue was taken care of in a matter of minutes. Keep up the great work and service!!

- Good App , Not As Good As DraftKings

I place sports beta regularly and car back to FanDuel after a few years hoping all the bugs would be resolved. Honestly, most were. However, major ones were not. After placing a few bets, I saw my account was up $10 but I still don’t know why. I have no easy way to access exactly how I won or lost my money. It’s pretty ridiculous. I’m going back to DraftKings and suggest everyone reading this do the same for the attention to detail that they pay attention to vs FanDuel. Good Luck all!

- frustrating login issues, but very good otherwise

2020 NFL wild card weekend: users couldn't log in for about an hour after each game... rec'd a credit in my account without even complaining about the outage. Nice surprise that speaks volumes. and the lingering login issues alllll the time remain frustrating. you basically have to log back in every five minutes. seems excessive. the app itself seems to drain a lot of battery.

- Great content but...

I started using this app last week and while I like all of the possibilities and information there are a couple of things that I find frustrating. Sorry if this is being too particular but the startup before and after entering the password is longer than when we would wait for aol to welcome you to a modem dialup connection. Additionally, if there is some trick to use thumbprint sign-in, I have yet to find it - I guess turning on the switch for it isn’t enough. Thanks for your time.

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Scientific Games partners FanDuel for West Virginia sportsbook

FD Customer Support

@TTeLL3M Hello, we were experiencing some intermittent login issues with the Sportsbook and casino. These issues appear to be fixed now. If you are still experiencing some issues, please try deleting and reinstalling the app. Additionally, please try clearing cookies/cache.

Betting with Babies

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NETime Gambling

Good to get working right away. Bally's Atlantic City Hotel & Casino opens FanDuel Sportsbook

Betting with Babies

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Betting with Babies

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Betting with Babies

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FanDuel Sportsbook Opens At Bally's Atlantic City -

Diamond Jo Worth

Don’t forget tonight at 7 pm, watch #Iowa take on #Minnesota at @FDSportsbook! Who is going to have their holiday wish granted?

Bettors Insider

Bally’s Atlantic City opens FanDuel-branded sports-betting parlor. @chuckdarrow @BallysAC @FDSportsbook #sportsbook #sportsbetting #Ballys #FanDuel #AtlanticCity

Gambling News

Bally’s Corporation and daily fantasy and sports betting operator FanDuel opened up the FanDuel Sportsbook at Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel & Casino, to mark the first retail sports wagering operation for the Flutter-owned brand in Atlantic City:

FanDuel and Rush Street prepare West Virginia moves

Sports Betting Operator News

Bally's Atlantic City Hotel & Casino opens FanDuel Sportsbook. Read the full post -

Aleks Wise

Bally's Corporation and FanDuel Group have opened the FanDuel Sportsbook at Bally's Atlantic City Hotel & Casino. It’s a temporary sportsbook that utilises FanDuel's trading technology together with the IGT PlaySports platform.


@FanDuel @FDSportsbook just saw I got $25 in credit from St. Chuck but it is casino credit which I cannot use in IL. Was it supposed to be Sportsbook credit? @FanDuel_Support

FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino 1.16.1 Screenshots & Images

FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino iphone images
FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino iphone images
FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino iphone images
FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino iphone images
FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino iphone images
FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino iphone images

FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino (Version 1.16.1) Install & Download

The applications FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino was published in the category Sports on 2018-09-02 and was developed by FanDuel, Inc. [Developer ID: 599664829]. This application file size is 39.79 MB. FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino - Sports app posted on 2020-12-18 current version is 1.16.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.fanduel.sportsbook

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