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Rise of Empires: Fire and War [Games] App Description & Overview

What is rise of empires: fire and war app? One World, One Server
-Real-Time Nation vs. Nation medieval strategy war game. Join now! Your Country needs you!

[Rise of Empires], also known as ROE, is a Massive Multi-Player, Real-Time strategy war game. The player will take on the role of a leader of a small town devastated by the invasion of the Eastern Dynasty. Build your empire once again from the ruins, train your troops, recruit legendary heroes and join your allies in the non-ending war. To befriend or to plunder, the choice is yours!

Unique Features

-World Wide War
Real-time combat against players across the world, lead your country to greatness

-Realistic Graphics
The Map, The World, Your City, The Units, The Heroes, Everything just seems, REAL

-Build Your Empire
Absolute Freedom in City Building, upgrade your facilities, research your technologies, train your troops and recruit powerful heroes to strengthen your empire!

-Hero System
Whether you like to engage your enemies at a distance, take them on at close quarters, or you enjoy developing your base at home, there are TONS of heroes that can help you with just that!

-Strategic Gameplay
One set of units just simply cannot dominate, Fighters, Shooters and Vehicles, You have to know your enemy and yourself to walk the battlefield of this world.

-Alliance Warfare
Whether it’s going against different servers or fighting for the title of the president at home, your alliance will always be backing you up, as long as you find the right people of course.

[Real Reviews]
“The game is really just a platform to meet people from all over the world.”
“Ever joined a group of Turks and waged war against entire Europe? I’m American!”
“Joined a Spanish alliance, learned how to speak Spanish, got raided by Germans, and Canadians came and helped us, 9/10 would play again.”

Lords with Castle level 4 or above can pick up a daily supply at the Benefit centre
--Subscription content: You will be subscribing to the in-game content: Imperium Supply, after subscribing, these awesome rewards can be claimed daily during its duration:
1 - Advanced Recruitment Ticket
2 - 50k Gold
3 - 100k Marble
4 - 48k Iron
--Subscription Duration: 1 Month (Monthly Subscription Product)
--Subscription Cost: $9.99/Month
--Payment: iTunes Account Payment after User Confirmation
--Cancelation: If Cancelation is required, you can cancel the subscription in your iTunes/Apple ID account settings 24 hours before the end of the subscription duration expiration.
--Subscription Continuance: The iTunes account will deduct the funds 24 hours before the duration, after the deduction, the subscription will be renewed for another cycle

-Check the privacy agreement details here:http://im30.net/privacy.html
-Auto Subscription Renewal Service Agreement: http://im30.net/subscriptions.html

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Find this site the customer service details of Rise of Empires: Fire and War. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1411917616/rise-of-empires-fire-and-war/contact

Rise of Empires: Fire and War Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Rise of Empires: Fire and War Version 1.250.25717 November 2022

Version 1.250.257 Out Now Strengthened some Heroes, making it possible for you to have more Hero combinations in battles! Optimized the display of some Hero skill desc. Optimized the Alliance Gift - treasures. The treasures can be opened altogether when you have more than 10 to open..

Rise of Empires: Fire and War Comments & Reviews 2022

- The game is fun but…

The game is fun and I am obsessed with it and can’t let it go. But it has many events to let you get some heroes, the good thing is those heroes are good, the bad thing is you can never get full copies of them no matter how hard you work, it needs you to pay and pay a lot. This does not meet the game purpose. The game is also for free players, for those who played hard should have same chance to get the things like those spenders. Otherwise those heroes are junk, or it is bait to let you pay. And even more the new heroes Alfred, if you drop it, it can’t exchange as many medals as other heroes and his heroes medals can’t be used by others. What a junk heroes for us free players or small spenders! Because we spend much time on him and get nothing…. I agree the game it has to have revenue, but this way it push everyone to pay isn’t good. Btw, I hope we can have chance to get some heroes copies in the event by working harder, like: cleopatras etc. only in this way, those old patrons will live and stay.

- Poor Customer Service

This game is fun to play, no question about that. It has the elements of planning, strategy, group commitment. But, when things go wrong within the game the game managers are not vert committed to resolving issues in a timely fashion. Be very cautious of submitting a claim if you believe there was a mistake in monies that are involved. These game managers will react abruptly as I they are taking vengeance on you. Without discussion or willingness to discuss the issue. They will shut you down and are unwilling to resolve mistakes. Just be careful….. Update on this issue ….. The customer service access in this game is hidden and clearly not designed for players to request help. I have been waiting several day now for some form of response. Apple sent me a message showing a game response to my above review and their response was to turn in a complaint to customer service. I thought that is what I frigging did. This is how they describe in their response to do contact customer service…. “(click next to th base-Game Help-Customer Service-fill in the corresponding questions). GIVE ME A FRIGGING BREAK. Do you guy really think this would help anyone? All I can say is your only hurting yourself because you won’t get another penny of my money if this issue isn’t resolved. Again very poor customer service.

- Money Pit

You do not want to download this game. Sure it’s a lot like the old 90’s computer game which is the reason I got it. But it’s nothing but a money pit. At first I made the mistake of paying for things and I regret it now. Unless you have $100’s and I mean $100’s you will be nothing but a castle that gets destroyed by players that have the money to invest. Which that’s all this game is about fighting castles. I’m not joking unless you have the money to invest you can’t make your castle powerful enough to compete with the ones that do. Don’t listen to the developers they say you have chances at no cost. Yes you have a .01% chance of obtaining heroes that will make you more powerful. Lol. Listen I don’t usually bash games I fall victim to playing phone games like everyone else and will spend some money too. But this is ridiculous. $100’s I mean it too $100’s if you don’t have the cash flow I would stop now. Or you will just be castle bait for the castles that do spend the money and that’s what the developers want. They update things In the game all the time that make you want ti spend money so you can be the most powerful castle. You could download this game drop a $1,000 and be more powerful than castles that have been playing it for years. Well that’s my spill I’ve invested enough that I can’t walk away just yet but regret it every second. Good luck ha now it won’t let me post this review of course

- No regulation

The game in general is good however, there is no restriction on how players act towards others. It feels as though the developers only care about the money coming in instead of the racist derogatory comments that are made by players. We have players making threats to families, racist remarks etc yet their accounts are still active. I would post pictures if if could but can’t in this review. Those accounts need to be banned permanently but because they spend money it’s “ok”. Once the developers get a grip on that it would be a much better experience Response from developer “ "Dear players: I'm very sorry to give you a bad experience. If you find any illegal remarks in the game, you can click the dialogue to report it, or contact us directly in the game (click the billboard next to the base, click customer service help), provide a detailed description of the problem, and related screenshots. We will verify the reported person, and once found to have violated the rules, we will impose penalties. Of course, our game rules are fair to every player. Thank you for your comment and have a nice game." The issue is that we (meaning numerous players) have reported such behavior yet it still goes without consequences. If I could post images of the hate and disgraceful messages we receive i would. If you do not address this then maybe we should goto Apple directly to remove the app all together

- Customer Service nightmare - DON'T play

The first thing you need to know is this is not age of empires the old PC game; not even close. This game was fun but long tech has completely ruined the game by trying to monitize even aspect. The game is no longer a strategy, skill and social game. It is simply buy everything. Every day is a new skin or decoration to purchase while the game play has not evolved in years. After 4 years of playing I can say don't even start. There is no platform or way to actually resolve an issue with long tech and there are many. They will say just contact our customer support but that goes no where. If they can't immediately close your ticket they will make up some random unrelated reason to say nothing is wrong. Also don't even consider contesting a charge. Anything they charge you is considered an authorized purchase no matter if you purchased it or not and not matter if you received it or not. Yes it happened multiple times. If you contest the charge and prove you did not receive it they will still deduct items including diamonds from your account in game for any and all refunds you receive. There really isn't a single exception is what they told me. Buyer be ware they will take advantage of you. Don't start playing this game unless you are prepared to accept the worst customer service and game management you have ever experienced.

- Pay to win much?

I understand a free game having some micro transactions... but this game goes well and beyond. You need heroes? Buy them, you need resources, buy them, you need speed ups, buy them, you need crafting equipment that takes months and months to acquire? Buy them, your stamina is gone on your troops? Buy some more. Your troops died? Buy a money only item that increases your weekly revive from 30% to 100%. You need courage medals for research? Buy them. Oh here is an event for rewards for how more money you spend. Did I mention you get gems with all purchases? Oh here’s more speed ups and resources. Oh base rewards? Well don’t plan on getting those because the people who are spending money will completely make you useless. What’s that you want a 50% building time buff.... buy that. Oh vip shop unlocks at castle 20.... but you need to have spend 100 just to unlock it, and 25 monthly to keep using it..... but you can build it though. Not only is this a copy of lss which is entirely just different names and pictures. But some countries have a different money currency. So what will cost you 1000s to do, will cost them hundreds instead. Don’t even bother. You want to be a boss and spend $10,000 on this game it’s for you. You want to spend $100 don’t even bother. You and all the free to play people will just be fed on and used to increase the money spenders.

- Was fun but developers destroy what you work for

The game was extremely enjoyable and fun until this weekend. You’ll put in hours and hours of time building your castle and characters. You’ll even spend money in game. Then this weekend the developers decided it would be a good idea to put a “State Vs. State” game play which I was excited for. I spent a month building up my castle with what I thought was a strong alliance. The other state invaded and destroyed the state I was in in about 1 hour. No chance. Days of resources lost and 30 days of building solders gone. Here’s how. Apprantly, some people spend thousands of dollars on this game. I had a pretty powerful castle and power rank of nearly 2 million. Out of hundreds of players in my state, the top player had 15 million power. The the developers matched us with a state that had a dozen players with 32 million power. There is no chance to survive. They have dragons that knock down your shields and then they rob you of dozens of hours of work in resources and wipe out a month of armed forces that you built up. Clearly the developers threw us to the wolves and erased dozens of hours of hard work for 100s of players. After a month of fun and some money spent I’ll be uninstalling the game I came to enjoy. If you are a new player, avoid the game - you’ll just be disappointed in the end.

- They will take your money and delete your accounts..

I started playing in a state with several of my friends. I have spent more money than I care to admit and I and ready to call the credit company and demand a refund. Chinese markets pay a small fraction of the price for the same packages in their store, they have a huge advantage. The game has already taken over 2 dozen accounts from good friends of mine for “suspicion of using a bot” they are all real people I assure you, people that have now lost accounts. Some of which were paid for. I will not spend another dollar in this game. I will be looking into a refund. They promise a fair and balanced playin environment. It’s anything but that. If I can’t play on the map with my friends what is the point of my investment?? And I can’t move my account now? The developers need start with fixing the prices to make them equal for every country. They can also add the odds of getting certain items to their paid packages. They do not show odds and 9/10 you will not get the hero’s you paid for if you buy super recruit tickets. I would greatly appreciate a few hundred tickets and a couple hundred thousand gems. With the amount I have paid into this they could at least do that. They have already driven my friends out of the game. They are about to lose everyone in state 204z

- Oh what a feeling.

1st off, great game and will entertain you for hours. Being someone who plays theses games on regular basis… it needs some help. Your gonna work for diamonds as they are not freely given away for no reason. Your gonna work away diligently each week to come up with enough diamonds to buy a 3 day shield for the weekend war( which is basically cleaning out old castles or people who are not playing). If your patient you can build up a nice castle over some serious amount of time. Otherwise get out your money. Costs are about the same per item, just is gonna run you about 18% more on average to accomplish the same amount on ther games. Hopefully the developers are working on some exciting changes and inclusions for new challenges and more that will be released soon. Wink wink! Developers, contact me directly if you need more ideas. This could rock this area of gaming quickly. For players this is worth checking out. Until next time.. good gaming all. Be free! Dogbone69

- Problems

I've been playing the game for months now and every time I get on to play I can not bind, I have read everything on it. I don't know if this is what's causing the problems that I'm having with this game. I have bought packages to play in the game and not get a subscription so I know how to do that but I got a $4.99 package and it's made me subscribe to the game. It will not let me use any product I have in storage I don't have access to it. I got the military halfway figured out but it won't allow me to build forces and use them I can recruit all day long but it won't allow me to use the recruits even after I train and all that. When I started playing the game I wanted to learn how the game worked before I put any money into it by purchasing a package. so after a week I deleted the game and I restarted it,It's still did not let me bind but I continue playing anyway and the first thing I did was to buy a $24 package that was not a subscription and I bought other packages that was not a subscription then I bought the $4.99 package and it automatically signed me up for a subscription and now I got to figure out how to get out of the subscription. What I want to do is get out of the $4.99 package subscription and then restart the game and have someone help me find out how to bind so I can play the game correctly.

- This game is an absolute scam don’t do it

Apparently these developers don’t understand who pays their wages. The chat server is trash. Takes 10 minutes or more at times to join the server. I’m setting with full bars of 5g wide band and customer service suggestion is my connection is bad, or try joining over a vpn. It’s your problem fix it. Next day I have an issue with an in game feature. I let customer service know about it. Get a message about “off service hours and they will look into it asap.” 24 hours later still no response. If you play, don’t pay to play they do nothing to earn you support. You will be disappointed. Done paying You can spend your hard earned money on this game and the developers will take it away from you by deception in the effort to make you spend more. I understand offering something new to generate income. However these developers will just change game play without warning or communication to take advantage and take more money. They don’t even have enough initiative to change verbiage on their their event ads. If you try to submit a complaint you get nothing but platitudes and inaction. My recommendation is to stay away

- An ok base building game, but...

Although I have enjoy the game for the short time I had it. I do have some issues with the advertising for the game. I have seen advertisements claiming that “this game says no to pay to win” this is being used for those who want a relaxed gaming experience where everyone has a fair chance. But like most games in this genre you need to pay to get ahead of those your competing against. Not to mention the only preview image that’s accurate with the game play, in the App Store is the final image. The rest of the preview phots are trying make you believe your about to play Age of Empires. These issues are a major red flags for me. While I understand the need to make a profit from a free to download game like this, claiming to be above that while hiding the fact there are micro transactions concerns me. A minor issue I have with the game lack of freedom to do what you want when a chapter is completed, and have unlocked a new building it’s more annoying than anything because not many people want to be interrupted during game growth moments because the game wants you to do something.

- Pay to win

I’ve been playing this game for almost a year now. I have met some awesome people from all over the world and it has been a lot of fun playing with these people and it’s what has me still playing now. If it wasn’t for the community I would have stopped long ago. It is a good game if you find the right state to play in. I spent a little money as I like to support free games I like. But, it is very clear that the developers cater only to players who spend money. Dragon gear for instance will take me almost 6 months to make 1/6 pieces. But people can spend $1700 and get the full set just like that. T10 is only attainable by spending money and the best heroes are only useable if you spend money. I collected fragments to make a hero to only find that I am not able to use him because I don’t spend $25 a month for royal Privilege, which was really upsetting. If your looking to pay to be good this is the game for you! If your an old school gamer like me who likes to grind this is NOT the game for you because players with money will crush you like a bug.

- Fake and Scam, Don’t play it!

First of all this is not Age of Empires, it’s a ripoff and they should be sued for false advertisement. The ad makes you think that you are about to play the PC version of Age of Empires (there is a voice in the ad that says so!) but the game is completely different. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! Also, it’s a pay to win game. Sure, they start by giving you free buildings and free upgrades, later everything you want to do in the game costs real money. Do you want to build something? Money please! Do you want to upgrade something? Money please! Do you want troops? Money please! And read the reviews, a lot of people have bought in-game purchases and have been scammed and admins won’t reply to their tickets. Finally, people say that they are low level and are constantly being attacked by higher level players, which steal their resources, thus forcing you to pay money to get more resources in order to “get back on your feet”, but then guess what, you get attacked again and again and all that money you spent in recourses is technically gone and you repeat the cycle again. DONT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

- Big bug

The game can be fun and allow you make friends while you work to be the best. Those countless hours one puts into the game can be wiped out in matter of days as the developers allows players from the old world, (states in the 200 range) with years of experience and building time to migrate to a newer state, 777, so they can pick on and destroy those of us still learning and growing. Most of the 777 players are level 25 and above and can by themselves have more power than my team of 100 combined. To make it worse, 777 is overcrowded. They are like a plague. Members of 777 have commented that they will kill everyone if they don’t comply. A handful of 777 players can wipe out an entire state. It would be like Christmas Island being invaded by the entire population of China. The only way to compete is to spend thousands of dollars to catch up or hide and hope the ROC ends without being noticed. Either the developers planned this state or it is a bug. It needs fixed or you will loose a lot of players like me, castles between 20 to 25.

- Rise of Empire

Be careful with this game. It’s very misleading about charges of your credit card. They charge you without your consent and if you will get in a dispute transaction they do no have a live person to discuss with. You will have to leave a message and they will reply back in couple of days if you are lucky. Be aware. They do not cooperate at all after they are taking money from your card. Do not get this app!!!!!!!!! This app is special made to make you confused of their charges.!!!!! This is a real comment and I just want to warn all the people out there. In one day somehow they took around $700 unauthorized charges. I contacted them right away to refund the money. I stopped playing right away ones I have seen it in the apple account all the charges. They contacted me after couple of days and they were talking about everything else but my request of the refund. Ones they reply w a text they close the case. And you have to restart the case again until they will respond their own way and they close the case again. Be aware!!!!!!!!!!

- Loving the game - one single request PLEASE.

Every other game I play I can take a break from and then come back to whenever and it doesn’t fundamentally impact where I am in the progress of the game. I’m sitting with a level 21 castle, and I do go in a few times a day to load the tavern, set the builders up, and get the troops to mine….but honestly, if I have to continually go in every single day…if someone does attack and impact my castle, I’ll delete the app and go back to one of the other games that I put on hold for this one…those will still be exactly where I left them unlike this one which is basically a “oh you logged off for a long weekend…your empire and your hard word is all destroyed - have a good day.” The second that moment comes, “delete”.

- Better hero odds and customer support

The game is fun but there are a lot of issues. First the custom support is very poor. You get the same robot answer and no help what so ever. Second recruiting heroes odds are very poor. You save hundreds of tickets to try to recruit the newest heroes and you are luck to get 1 or 2. The only way to max the heroes is if you have near 2000 tickets and the only way to get that many tickets is to spend the thousands of dollars. Third you play a war season of what is called Eden which lasts 2 months and get rewards to try to get latest heroes and the rewards aren’t even guaranteed and more likely to get a hero that you already have maxed from serval seasons prior. After playing a season that long the tickets you get should guarantee you a hero that you could select. They respond back to my review with the same “cookie cutter” response they do in game and in French so I have to google translate it. This is the same poor customer service you get in game from the human side that they are talking about. Very poor customer service from this developer.

- Decent game but needs some issues fixed

It’s a good game. I’ve spent a fair amount of hours over the last few weeks playing it. I enjoy it fairly well for someone who loved Age of Empires as a kid and now adult. The cons: you get dropped in a “state” in the game with a bunch of people who don’t speak the same language as you so all the alliance messages are in another language and you have no idea what’s going on. You can move to another state if you’re under a level 6 but most of the time you don’t find out about that option until you’re already past that level. It would be super helpful to remove that level 6 rule. Let us move to whatever state or province we want, but maybe only allow it once or have to pay gems or $1.99 to do it, something! I play this game with my husband but we are in different states in the game and can’t rally or anything together. It would also be helpful to be able to have friends in this game, you could send gifts or supplies to.

- Heavy pay to win.

It’s possible to grow without paying money however if you don’t have hours every day to spend on the game, you grow at 1/10 of the rate of pay to win players. Another problem is heroes, you can get legendary heroes rarely without spending money however to make a hero really really good you need another hero medal for that hero meaning you need to recruit it again. I started playing the game 4 months ago and I haven’t gotten a single legendary hero medal for any of my 5 legendary heroes. There are some good things about this game though, one of which is that the graphics are phenomenal. There are also a lot of unique concepts that you won’t see in other games like this. So great job to the developers, if they would just make some changes to the pay to win aspects of the game, it would be absolutely amazing.

- Great at first…then comes the nonsense

When you first start playing the game you enjoy building your castle and collecting your resources. As you get settled in the game you will start getting attacked by kingdoms, most of which are significantly more powerful than yourself. They will repeatedly raid you kingdom, injure or kill your soldiers, and you end up spending all of your resources and stock just trying to stay afloat. The only way to compete against these other, much more powerful kingdoms is to spend 100’s of dollars and that is not an exaggeration. I was being attacked and raided every day by the same kingdoms and there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t collect enough resources to advance my kingdom or soldiers. There really needs to be restrictions on the level of Kingdoms you are allowed to attack and raid. There needs to be kingdom class score ranges, weight classes essentially, that prohibits extremely advanced kingdoms from harassing the weaker kingdoms. The game would actually be more fun if I knew I could actually defend myself from other kingdoms.

- Problem Resolution

It’s sad the developers can’t or won’t solve problems. The developers have a terrible reputation and are in fact accused of cheating or scamming people to gain more money from the players. Many are leaving because of this. My recommendation is to start solving problems. Second is to change your policy on the notion of “random” in recruiting and the unfairness in the “luck.” We have taken notes and shared information. No way 93 out of 100 cases, the “luck” issues a gold X level hero in the 900+ range. 1 out Of 1000 cases a hero is issued under 100 luck. This is 100% programmed. So the notion is a lie. We share your responses in line app and discord. Personally, I have had 0 problems solved in 2 years from the developers. Excuses and more diversions and lies is what you provide. I have many open cases and have provided information you’ve requested and in many cases, provided the information 3-5 times. ZERO results. Again, recommendations from Mr is for you to start getting results and no excuses. Your slow responses are another matter. We don’t want your excuses about delays in responses.

- Great Game

I’ve played this game over 14 months now and I truly love it, however in order to be competitive you will have to spend money. I hope the developers start to provide more options to simply earn some of the advantages others pay for to get them quicker. I’ve been involved in KE at all castles levels and as you are growing it will require more attention or larger castles will burn you. I am finally at a level where I can burn most others but it’s been a blast getting to here. The social aspect of the game is awesome as well. The only negative in my option is the overall cost to be successful. I understand the need to generate revenue, but I believe it could be incorporated better to allow more users to be successful without spending a lot before getting frustrated and leaving.

- Developer Rethink Events

I have played the for about a month now. I was willing to get through the long tutorial and even stayed once the game opened the throne event up. Even stayed once our “king” was crowned and we ended up with a tyrant/dictator (note, you may get lucky and get a ruler that wants to help the province and not just themselves). I even stayed once we had to start state vs state events. But the event that destroys the game and the game play is the Reign of Chaos event. Reign of Chaos has caused more people to quit the game then any other event. I get it developers much games to make money and I’ve spent a fair bit more on this game trying to compete but all that money, time and effort gets thrown out the window during reign of chaos. The game play completely changes and you have spend yet more money to even survive this event let alone thrive. Maybe next time when you develop a game don’t change everything on a player a month or two in. That way you can make more money by keeping players longer.

- Scam game

Do not play this game. The developers will not respond to you except in a standard reply for all problems in game. They never fix any problems that happens because of their updates or game glitches. If you ask Apple or Google for refunds due to the gaming company errors and faults, the developers take away items you paid for. They do not reconcile any issues unless you are of Chinese descent. They support players that bully and harass actual paying players. The events are never fair, recent events have had whole states locked from the events which everyone plays for to earn rewards, while the developer backed states continue to destroy any progress you may have made in said events. This has happened to me one the last 3 ROC events. The state I was in was not able to play and due to state 6, have lost huge rewards for playing events and never compensated by the developers when it is their fault. 200 players from different parts of the world can’t have the same network issue unless it is controlled by the servers for the developers.

- Many glitches non existent service

The concept of the game is quite good but there are so many glitches. When you try to get service and open a ticket first of all it takes them some time to reply. Second, they only look at half of the problem and don’t review the whole problem and just come back like oh we looked at it and you’re wrong. So they refuse to deal with any glitch or bug to make the game better. Then the ticket shows five stars and they ask for a view of their service, however you are only allowed to give them five stars. It will not allow you to give them less than five stars. And report that bug you have to start all over again so if you want to spend all of your time reporting bugs and getting frustrated instead of playing the game then this is a perfect game for you. But the company behind this game has no intention of dealing with the bugs or problems and for that reason it is a 100% waste of time. I would not recommend it to anyone

- Poor customer service

I Played this game for a year and a half. I can’t deny I had fun playing it, but my experience with customer service led me to abandon my accounts. I was a moderate spender with a top account in my state. The developers clearly don’t care about anyone or anything other than making a dollar today. They only are there to squeeze every penny they can out of you until you quit. After spending a lot of money on a purchase it failed to open due to what I could only assume was a glitch. Their customer service was useless. Do not download if you want to play for free, while you can get through most of the roc seasons without spending once eden starts and lofty and raider research opens (not to mention dragon gear) you won’t keep up at all. They can claim a free player can survive, but you can never be at the top and players like me will crush you, but don’t worry someone who spent many thousands of dollars will smash me just like I smashed you 🤣. Go play something else it’s what I did.

- Shout out to the Developers

Just wanted to start by saying that the developers did an amazing job when creating this game in terms of consideration and detailing. Most games are stingy and require you to buy in order to grow. This game actually does not require you to do that. You can have multiple builders for free, you can produce/receive rss without having to login and collect rss, and even the time limits on building, researching, and training are reasonable. I have been playing this game for about a week now and I have yet to have a single complaint about it. I have played well over 10 games of the same type as this one yet none have been developed with as much fairness and consideration towards the players. This game is not only great as is, but it offers future potential as well. Keep up the good work!

- Playing little over a year and....

Game is really good. Will keep you entertained for hours. For real, since playing I've learned to read and write Korean, my math has gotten much better, and my memory has improved a lot. The strategies and game play can be a lot to learn, but really satisfying when you get it. It's a lot of critical thinking skills tied in with fun and challenging game play, and a great hero building aspect that's sure to please. The great thing is no matter when you start playing the game you will be grouped with players starting on that same day and you all get to grow together. Also later on you have the option to migrate to different states if you happen to meet cool people when at war or competition. I'd definitely suggest this game to anyone.

- Ideas + Great game

Dear, developers first off don’t get me wrong this is a great game I probably spend 5 to 6 hours on it a day. This game is (4.9 of 5)Great game great Contant, I’m even an R5 of an alliance in me and some other people had a few ideas that would make this game more enjoyable. One of the ideas is maybe that you could create your own little chat that was just the R4 could talk about something or just create a chat with those people that way you don’t have to individually email each one individually, this will make the gameplay so much easier that way you wouldn’t have to email either everyone in the group chat or the alliance chat but you can just email like three specific people I hope you read this thanks developers!

- True review! Please read!

To start off this game is fun, the player base is engaging and has very good mechanics. With that out of the way this game is a super spenders dream. Want to just max your castle in a month and leave every other player 1-2 years behind you? Easy sure go ahead. Ahh you want the newest best heroes? How about no? Save tickets for months and we’ll bundle up so many heroes together we will reduce your chances. This game is a pay to win and have only recently scaled up their spending events. As a small medium player you will never catch up to the big guys. Months of work are ruined by crappy rewards or unwanted/useless hero pulls with what ever few tickets you do win. It has so much potential but the developers are actively just trying to find ways to grow their pockets instead of fixing many issues the community as a collective have pointed out.

- Fun waste of time

I’ve spent $5 on this game since COVID broke out. First 2 weeks-1 month it requires a bit of attention to progress, after that checking in once or twice a day goes a long way. Some guys on here are total nerds and talk like their 1500’s knights or something, but it’s mostly chill, except ROC which I don’t understand and refuse to partake in much to the dismay of my teammates. You’ll never be able to touch the guys that spend real money on this game, some of these dorks invest an entire paycheck into this thing. I basically play to have an hour of enjoyment on Friday and Saturday by attacking unsuspecting geeks with their shields down. It makes me feel like a big man. When it happens to me, for some unexplained reason I get SOOOOO angry, so I try to dish that feeling out to as many others as I can. Cheers dorks.

- Not really what I was hoping

By all means I understand that this is a tablet/mobile game. The history of Age of Empires as a game, this version is not great. If you are used to the amazing style and game play of the earlier versions DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. It is nothing like it’s earlier versions. And yes of course games are updated and changed, but they took an amazing strategy game and turned it into an excessive tap tap game that you have to do what the “game” says, massive pressure pushed upon the player, if you aren’t fast enough the other players will WIPE you out, again if you do not comply with the “game” by joining an alliance you will fail and or will not get anywhere fast. They limit you extremely by not allowing you to build at your leisure, you are limited to 2 worker huts thus MASSIVELY STUNTING YOUR GROWTH. All in all a MASSIVELY HARD BACK HAND TO THE REAL GAME!!! If you have been part of the long wait for an amazing release of the Age of Empires game, THIS IS NOT IT

- Some serious bugs.

I’ve played this game for some hours now and I have had so many bugs. I have times where the screen freezes and wouldn’t respond to anything. I’d reopen the game and it would work for a while longer before repeating. UNTIL i got an even worse one to where it would auto lock everything even after reopening. After that I deleted and reinstalled it, the same freezes would pop up but now it is trying to run through the start of the game for an unknown reason. It thinks my base is a starter base and won’t let me skip. The director that leads you to a quest you need to finish will not actually lead you to it. The game will say there is a button you need to push in a certain spot but there won’t be a button there and it will soft lock the game and make you open the app again. I’m using the new IPhone 12 pro max with this and don’t know if anyone else is having bad issues like I am. Besides these bugs not a bad game.

- Good game but they will cheat you

I play rise of the empire and your game is fun to play but y’all ripping ppl off because I paid $20 dollars to get to level 25 easily but nope didn’t get nothing. I tried to reach customer service but it was in this language I don’t understand it was nothing but symbols. So I send the message anyways and I waited two weeks with no reply at all to it. So I ask apple to refund me my money cause I paid for the level 25 and never got it. So apple agreed to return me my money. Then a few days later they took away all my diamonds and minus me 120,000 diamonds and mind you I have a subscription that I paid for to get diamonds everyday. Plus they minus me a whole bunch of other stuff which lead me not to be able to protect myself in the game from attacks. Plus you know they took away the complaint thing where u can go and talk to customer service and I couldn’t even reply to their messages. So this game u have is a complete scam. Cordially yours, Leonard Cadet

- Disappointed

My friend sent me an ad for this game and in the add the main character glides across the ocean on his stomach and when he washes up one land he immediately vomits. My friend and I thought it was hilarious so I told her that I would get the game and if he didn’t do EXACTLY what he did in the ad I would delete the game. And guess what. HE DIDN’T DO IT. I was so disappointed that I was going to write this review and give this game a 1 star review but I thought to myself, “I’m so disappointed in this game that I doesn’t even DESERVE 1 star!” And if you are one of those people who saw that same exact ad then let me tell you, this game is NOTHING like the ad. I’m so mad that I spent 5 minutes of my life to search up the game, download it, and play 10 seconds of the game just to delete 5 seconds later. I would not recommend this game to anyone. P.S The only reason I’m giving this game a star is because it’s making me and I HAVE to let everyone know that this game isn’t worth it.

- Issue with recruiting hero’s.

I’ve been playing for sometime now and I love the game much better then some of the others I play! The only issue I’m having is not being able to recruit orange level hero’s. No matter how many time I get an advance ticket I still never get an orange level and I’ve asked around and most of my alliance says it’s just bad luck. But that seems unlikely for the fact that our new players who just started are getting orange hero’s left and right. Please let me know if there is something that can be done. I tried to contact through the app support but there doesn’t seem to be a link for rise of empire. ROG alliance jonny2thumbs player name. Thank you again for this amazing game. Hope there is a fix for this one issue. Other then that, this game is perfect.

- Very in depth

In all honesty, I love the game. I’ve been playing for more than a year. It is very addicting and has a great global community. There is far more to the game than I had ever believed it could be. However, if you are looking for a game where you can progress without spending cash, this game isn’t for you. I have spent more than $2,000 to get to my current level. Is it worth it, well, that is up to you to decide. I haven’t decided for myself if it is worth it, but I continue to spend money weekly. The game is well thought out. Of course there are bugs, like every game, but the developers do tend to fix them in a reasonable amount of time. If you are looking for a game that you can spend a lot of time on and if you are competitive, this game is for you. I love it. I just with I didn’t have to spend so much money on it. Having said that, kudos to the developers for making a great game that is so addictive that people are willing to spend some cash to play. I wish I had thought of it. I still spend less here than I would playing golf, picking up any other hobby. Everyone has their own preferences.

- Thought it would have been better😕

I got this game not too long ago and at first there was a lot of things to do and it was a ton of fun, but as I leveled up it got a little boring. It kept doing the same things over and over and over again. Plus in the advertisement, half of the things that the video showed to you, you can’t do! After only a day of playing it I deleted it, there wasn’t a lot to it. Another thing, it’s really hard to win battles. The only things that you can really do is build and upgrade, common things in a game. I also thought you’d be able to see the battles but the only thing that you can do is watch the March and it takes a long time to get to the point where they actually battle. In general this game is really good but I wish there was more to it.

- Scam/ Poor customer service

First of this isn’t age of empires nor is it even close. However it is kinda catchy. it’s a pay to play game otherwise fall behind and lose which I was fine with. Till I paid for something and got something completely different. Contacted customer service and their response is slower than dial up. In a game where time matters (which is why they sell speed ups) you can’t just sit back and wait days. When I complained to apple and they refund one of the many packages I bought. I went back into the game to use the refund for the right package they were suppose to give me. Just to find out my account was locked because I got a refund. They were fast to do that but couldn’t respond to me for almost a week. Issue still unresolved no one answers. Not sure if it’s a scam or poor customer service. Save your time and money unless you want to have the issues I’ve had.


A game that you don’t get farmed by others And is not pay to play You can earn so many free crystals that you don’t need to spend money. I have spent maybe $20 which is more than any other game I play. This one is worth it My only complaint- After you purchase the introductory packages the others are really pricey. I would like to see more sales. I don’t mind spending $10 or so. But 50 plus. Ain’t happening. After playing I really enjoy the game. The crystals are easy to get and amazingly farming is stopped pretty quick. Yes it takes time to build and upgrade but still so much other things to do while waiting. And the anniversary event is incredible!

- Just like the rest

I was hoping this game was different but it’s not. It ok if you want to join an Alliance, but if you just want to be by yourself, kill monsters and raise your castle you can’t. There are no rules about being attacked over and over just to kill your troops. I was attacked over 50 times over 30 days by the same person, also attacked by others but that was a once and done. One player would attack me 4 to 6 times over 30 minutes with only parts of his army because he was a lot higher then me, most time not getting any loot but just killing all my people. I spent money to move away from him and he would track me to keep attacking. I had trouble building because I used resources to heal/make my army and he would just kill them all. So if you want to join an alliance it good, but not for a solo person

- Not what I expected

They advertise to be like the original game but is very far from being true, this game is just another game of leveling up buildings, like thousands similar games there is, in the original game you create citizens that you manually order to chop wood, build, or harvest food, on this game you have limited builders (2) without paying extra, and the whole game is just waiting on your buildings to lvl up, in general, this game doesn’t have any special feature that makes it better than other games of its kind there are, also, is totally a pay to win, you will have pop up windows to spend money on almost half of the actions you attempt.

- Stay away!!! The worst customer service. They don’t care about you.

I am currently having an issue where after purchasing an in app purchase and after spending prob over $100 in a month, I had an issue with the purchase. Apparently you can’t have the same character/hero twice. However it only discloses this to you after you agree to redeem this character. You end up getting a message saying, only one hero, duplicates give you some other thing that’s relatively useless and not the same value. I feel cheered and also feel like they do not care that I’ve spent some serious cash on a stupid game that I only downloaded to kill time. It wnded up consuming me and I spent some serious money. Now they don’t care and according to their rules will threaten to ban me from the game if I ask for a refund. Frauds. The worst customer service I have ever encountered EVER. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP.

- Worst Customer and Dev support EVER!

This is Not an attempt at a game but an attempt to grab money. They make poor, glitchy games that will result in effected game play but they will NEVER refund you a dime, even if you lost money because of their neglect, poor development etc. they do care about quality of game or Customer service .. just money! Literally their game made a mistake and after I documented it they are still blaming me as a neglectful user of their glitchy game and they would not refund me an item that cost them nothing and then the game cost less than one dollar .. that is exactly how little they care about the game.. it’s also the first time ever that I’ve asked for any help in playing so they treat newcomers like dirt. Do you want some help before you play the game.. search their directions ..there are items in the game that you can find NO WHERE in the directions ..absolutely nowher!

- Not as advertised

I gave this game a bit over 6 months. Early on is fun although it is not anything like the ads. This game is NOT Age if Empires like or even close to it. After the first few level you realize it is a pay to win type of game, becomes tedious chores and basically you are a punching bag for pay-to-win players. What has made me delete the app is that is ripe with stolen intellectual property. Game is full of images, photos, icons and the likeness of actors, movies, tv shows and other video games. Like an insane amount. Sometimes they apply subtle changes to the imagery, other times it is a straight rip off. I mean, the latest update to the splash screen for the game has a the Targaryen’s dragon symbol from game of thrones, like straight up they just removed two of the three heads and called it a day. I just can’t support thieves.

- Glitches

Gameplay isn’t bad, the concept is good. But they have issues with different bindings, especially Facebook. Seems it always happens before the open killing event. Just recently, they had an issue with accounts tied to Facebook. My account was wiped off the map and I was given crumbs for their mistake. Then their response was that my account was also bound a different way so I could have logged in. As soon as I saw that I double checked, and it appears that was their excuse because it wasn’t true, and they closed the thread between myself and them. Now my account needs built back up because of their mistake. Don’t spend a dime with them, it’s not worth it. They will just end up having a glitch and you will lose half of it anyways. Play free and it won’t be as big of a deal. 🤷🏼‍♂️

- Late enemy attack notifications....

So after been playing so hard for so long and fighting against players out my league, if that is not enough! Now I have take down my throat that if a enemy is going to attack me and I’m not in the game because I do have a real life to live, the game notifies me not a few second, but almost five minutes later that a enemy is on my way to attack, I get online in just a second all the hard work getting resources was for nothing... or in this case for someone else... Shield was down for a few minutes and bam... magically out of a huge map, with hundreds of players and someone appears and gets everything... The first time I thought, well maybe a glitch in the game, second time, oh my internet was slow, but hello!!! This has happened more than 5 times, then is the game made like that and on purpose... Not fair... I’m out...

- Annoying popups

There are constant popups of other people making various achievements. They are VERY annoying. The popups block what I am trying to do. Unless I find a way to turn them off the games gets deleted. I might have spent $ on this. If I can turn them off then I will reevaluate. Final update: so annoying popups aside, I’m played the game enough to see it’s a very expensive free game to play. “Gems” is the fuel to make things go faster in the game. And you will needs to go faster to keep up with the pace of the game. You can get 20,000 gems for $100. How far will they go? Not far. It takes 1,000 gems to put a peace shield over your kingdom for 24 hours. It’s EASY to spend 100 gems to speed things up 50 times in an hour. I’d say this is a $200-$300 a month game. To rich for my blood.

- Very bad customer suport

They will take your money and lots of it .. but when it come to fix the issues it like talking to the wall . And there no other way to contact them.. No phone number for customer suport . For as much money they got from me . They would take better cares of the hands that feed them.. there a game glitch !! so migration tickets is not necessary !!That why you see other state people in the alliance that are not part of the state . They will not fix that issue . So there is a lot of unfair game playing going on .the game has got so bad to navigate threw . It more or less buy this buy that to get a head. ROE just expects you to keep playing and shut up . In hope for you to keep spending money and it a lot of time you will loose trying to keep up. Even having a week off will cause you to fall behind

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- Bug report

The Tabs on the left hand side for troops marching and gathering(return and speed up) migrates downward every time you go to castle and back to world map. In general if you do anything and go back to those tabs they move downwards and eventually disappears. Good game but this bug needs to be fix as I have to continuously have to log out and in again to return my troops.

- SHOCKING Developer Support. Definitely Pay-to-Win!

Unresolved Season Rewards issue after 4 cases & a month waiting. Have explained very clearly each time, support has not once come close to understanding the issue. Previous support attempts over 3 years have had the same outcomes. Definitely pay-to-win…many players spend tens of thousands…lazy with maxed everything. They monitor news for targets during Kill Events and jump every single hit within seconds…resulting in enormous & expensive losses even for very strong, non PTW castles. They also threaten and manipulate all other players to submit to their pre-determined rankings & rewards every Reign of Chaos season. This is standard & makes the extended season pointless, developers may as well just ask the controlling players for a rankings list so they can distribute rewards immediately and skip the abuse. Not suitable for children due to toxic & inappropriate players in chats, some states are much worse than others. Edit: I come from an old state & know this game very, very well…your ‘hints’ in action will NEVER measure up against the overwhelming PTW nature of this ‘free’ game. I have been both r5 & r4 many times and understand the politics so well I refuse the roles every time I am asked. And no, your in game support team responses are about as pre-written & useful as this one.

- Glitchy and Errors in game

Since a bought a pack and reign of choas started the game has become so glitchy and error ridden The game is now near enough impossible to play due to in game issues -Hero icons becoming question marks ? -When forging materials the icons becomes a blank square Items in my bag are half Question marks. U able to you COP boosts to get bigger chests (prizes) I thought the game had promise until i feel I’ve been ripped off since the game is now unplayable until a new update goes out for Apple users It not just one device or account I use. 4 accounts and 3 different devices - all Apple have the same issue I hope someone in the software team reads this! And corrects this quickly. This has continued into ROC2 !! Still issues with backpack icons on my iPad - all I see is question marks ! And now can not build for ROC2 ! I wish I could say you fixed the issue - well you did but then the other areas now have glitch’s ! - can not craft anymore - all I see is the download box across screen - can’t see items in my backpack - all I see if ? Icons !

- Pointless

I have played for 3 months and reached castle level 20, not spent a cent. Quite entertaining at the start though being in a strong alliance is a must otherwise your base gets repeatedly ransacked. This is poor game design in my view to allow newer players to be fodder in that way, and I didn’t like the fact that some of the attacks started to feel very personal - I was getting abusive messages from one guy who repeatedly attacked my base. Now I feel like I spend my game time just trying to save up resources for more upgrades, it’s become very boring and predictable. There is very little actual attacking in the game, the graphics are very amateurish, and overall I feel it is disappointing to invest so much time and energy only to find the game does not develop much.

- Error and Issues

Error: in tutorial/story you will need to kill a lv1 monster and if you have your army however collecting resources on the map, the system warns impossible to have two armies at the same time. Tried to recall my army in mission, but the system just stack because it doesn’t allow to do anything else rather than to tutorial even it is a necessary step to resolve conflicts. Issue 1: I don’t really think the characters there are original. They look like taken from famous movies and models with minor updates. Issue 2: uploading avatars requires topping up, fine, but there is even no embedded avatars for option, even no option for male or female. When I find I can’t change my avatar from a mis-gendered one, I delete the app immediately as this is so extremely disrespectful.

- Rise of empires

This WAS a good game to relieve the boredom during those long commutes. However, if you want to compete, expect to spend money - or at the very least, prepare to be married to your device 24/7 to gain ftp bonuses to upgrade your castles. Furthermore, if you want to remain ftp and upgrade to the newly added level 30 castles and buildings as well as the new dragon levels, then prepare to be committed to the game for the next 20 years as the exorbitant levels of resources needed to upgrade to these new levels will take you that long as ftp to accumulate those resources if you’re lucky. A good game ruined (as usual) by the greed of the developers. (Take me back to the good old days of buying a game and seeing it through). This is just robbery.

- All they want is your $$$

At early stages of the game it feels like the game is possible to play without spending any of your hard earned money. I’d say the whole thing changes once lvl 17 is reached.. from this level onwards to stay relevant and competitive one has to spend $$$. Don’t get me wrong you can still play the game, but it’s not to keep up with the people who are willing to spend the money. My province is at later stage of the game and it’s almost impossible to join a competitive alliance unless you can prove you are willing to spend the money. In my case I didn’t and I became a punching bag for all these high level (big spender) players. Do not waste your time with this. All the game does is takes and never gives anything in return.

- Game purchase bugged

The game was okay until one purchase it double charges me in one transaction within one minute, got charged for items never ordered or received. The in game support is virtually nonexistent. They seem to only care about taking your money and not to resolve problems people have with their in game purchase. Bad customer service and will warn others to be extremely careful with this game developer. The developer handle the game payment dispute, simply indebt your castle by putting it into negative 50,000 gems, literally killing your castle as you have no gems to shield yourself. Either you buy gem packages which will cost you over few hundred dollars in order to clear this gem debt they put on your castle or quit the game.

- Fantastic game and community

I’m not a typical game player…I have never played anything but scrabble or Cataan before, but this game absolutely amazes and enthralls me. I’ve made connections with members of my alliance (very important to get in a good, supportive one) from all around the world and enjoyed the beautiful graphics of the game. It is as time consuming as you let it be. Being somewhat on the adhd scale, I am on it frequently! Love it and have played now for about 2 years.

- Rip off

Could be a very good game but only if you have money . Shields cost gems which can be gathered but would take a month the get them or you have to buy the . It’s pay as you go and packs are too dear with very limited items in them after all it shouldn’t be that expensive. Also in your city there is a lot going on too many buildings , eg you have to build a lumber factory then lumber storage then charcoal factory then charcoal storage then you have to physically cart lumber to town to keep the town going ,didn’t realise they had electricity then. RIP OFF game but could be good . I’ll bet no one sees this

- Purchase scam

The game is fun but when you start moving towards a higher level and having to purchase items to help upgrade, the company just scams you. I purchased potions, did not receive them except for the gems. I contacted customer service through the game and asked for a refund and they took 3 days to reply with a sentance asking for the order number. I have already provided so many screens shots and bank statements of them not delivering the items I have purchased with still no response. What the game has done instead is put a negative 47k in diamonds against my account as I asked for a $1.49 refund on what I wasn’t delivered. It is ridiculous!

- Loyal player Burnt by the Devs.

I’ve played and invested heavily in 2.5 years of playing recently in a new state I had an issue with a refund of $1.49 (Aud) I didn’t want the refund just inquired about it, so I got the refund then I had 35,000 gems deducted (nearly $300 worth) when I questioned why I was deducted my account was permanently banned, I got told I could reverse this only bu buying a pack, I did. My account was unblocked but my gems were not reimbursed. Days later the issue still isn’t resolved and I’m being asked to buy yet another pack to solve the issue. I’d love for someone from im30 to get into contact with me in regards to this and help a loyal player get back what’s his.

- Reply to pointless

I fully understand you and like you I got ransacked so many times that I’ve lost count. The difference between you and I is that I spent a bit to get to the 20’s but you are right it makes no difference cause in the end people that spend gets all the decent stuff while it takes longer for newbies to succeed. There are a lot of idiots that are displaying bully tactics and in some cases they taunt you. I’ve had more fun with Valor than this game. I’m even thinking of throwing in the game as it’s time consuming and a waste of money. Glad I gave up spending in this game!

- Money Hungry Developers

I started playing this game and loved it.. you could earn points spend a bit - I’ve spend over $500 AUD so far in 3 months. But it was my choice. Then comes this new update. Getting rid of the trading house is just greedy. And they give you building you will never unlock unless you spend $160 AUD. It’s becoming wayyy to much. Take it easy you want to be billionaires overnight??? That’s just greed. I used to spend monthly 150 and over. I’m cancelling my subscriptions and will stop spending money until you improve this. I hope everyone else does the same.

- Not pay to win BUT

Whilst it is not pay to win, it most definitely is pay to be competitive, have played fully for 4 weeks and still only have one orange hero, no chance to be competitive when you run into folks who have 3 in each legion. And the idea of matching our province against a province that has been around months longer, talk about carpet bombed, last straw, no chance whatsoever, pro league versus kids, no fun to get everyone smashed with no one even getting a look in.

- $$$$$

Rise of Empires is gradually turning more and more into a pay-to-win game. Unless you have thousands of dollars to spend each month, you won’t be strong. Every week something new is required to be competitive. The developers’ greed is ruining the game for me and many other players who have supported the game for a long time. If the developers don't make changes to help the free to play or small spenders, the game will soon be dead. This is a warning for the developers: many players are quitting or will soon quit this game because of your greed.


I’ve been playing this game for about two months now an I’ve been very disgusted in some of the language and things that I’ve seen most of all how everyone can pick on a little kid I hope his okay then we’re making him feel like he should take his own life I think this game should be banned for one an two the person who created this game I’m very disgusted in you and how you didn’t use any profanity or any stopping of any aggressive language thank u but I’ll be removing your app as it is disgusting with what I’ve seen good day to u

- Very entertaining

It’s a very well presented game and keeps coming up stuff... it guides you through the initial steps telling you exactly what to do, I hope that it stops holding hands a bit as it feels like one is just a bystander pressing buttons when asked to... will keep going for a bit unless it gets too boring being told what to do...

- Ios bug again!!!

Second time I’ve been locked out of my account.... and this time just before Svs KE 😓😓 not only have I not been able too help my fellow state players I was also unable too shield.... I’m very disappointed in this bug that has happened before... please devs fix this ASAP as my fellow state players need me 😭😭 great game but things like this can’t be compensated.... it has affected the end result of the event....

- Money pit

Terrible ethics from developers, every component to game requires 10’s of thousands of $ to be somewhat competitive. Game has constant issues that we don’t get compensated for. Customer service has terrible responses. Some events actually impossible to complete if you don’t have prior items saved. Some equipment even takes 20+ years to make if you’re a free player. Complete non-sense. Today our season is ruined almost no one can join guilds for first 24 hours because game glitches…. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.

- Good game, but translations...

Game is fun and I love that it has a translation service that works so well... most of the time. I can’t translate Indonesian for some reason, and if I try to click on the translation feedback tab in settings, it is just a blank white screen.

- Costs

Great game, but maybe the more expensive of games such as these. Certain parts of the game, unable to buy stamina from the shop or alliance shop, not being able to assist fellow alliance members with resources, having challenges start with little or no information on how to compete. It’s ridiculous. Having items in your pack, and there is no information on what they do or how to use them. It’s like the blind leading the blind.

- Seemed good, lots of grief

I was quite enjoying this game. Had not spent a cent, but had put in a lot of time over 3 days. Thought I was advancing well, then over night got raided about 15 times and lost all my resources (one person raided me 4 times), all troops wounded, can’t heal them all or upgrade the tower because I’m out of coins. Is there even any point getting resources and waiting to upgrade defences if I can lose everything while I’m asleep. No idea what needs to be improved to be better defended.

- Unfortunately not worth the time

As a lover of resource management games, this one is infuriating unless you have paid to play. It seems the game is just run by a few people that attack new people to the community and like to rule everything. It is absolutely a pay-to-win game. The previews you see on this app download page and on fb ads are really misleading too. I will be looking for a game similar to waste my time on soon where it’s less about paying-to-play.

- Good game but glitched hard

Only started playing, was going along and realised it’s similar to a lot of others so sent troops to farm. But once I leveled up my castle it started a auto game learning thing to send troops out but I can’t send troops as I already have some out and I can’t recall them because it won’t allow anything else to happen so game now ruined (have tried closing and re opening app and it just demands I send troops) HELP DEVELOPERS

- Hard to follow, consistently crashes

Played this game for a little over a week. Found the tutorial to be pretty basic and doesn’t explain everything in the game. All based around very expensive micro transactions. Also found once I hit level 10 the game consistently crashed. I’d barely load the game and it would crash. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still crashed.

- Recent Update

It’s good to see the developer to make some changes with the game. However the castle seems to big in both ingame and world map does not really look compatible with other buildings.

- So far, very good

Been playing this a lot for a few days and it has been very good. I like that this is much more serious looking than the clash of clans or the other games like this

- Money scam

Devs play in the states with maxed season hero’s, making it impossible to compete. Constantly asking for money, jacking the prices to unattainable figures. Algorithms are trash and don’t play in your favour, ever, forcing you to spend money on scrolls for hero’s to be able to play and compete. The events are a joke and just another money grab. Their customer service is ignorant and arrogant. Automated responses showing little care for your concerns after waiting for what feels like an eternity for an answer.

- So many bugs - no real compensation

There are so many bugs in the game. No real compensation. A multiple times daily rewards and event rewards are lost due to these bugs. Awful.

- Bugs

Great game, really enjoyed the last few months since starting this game. Just over the last week though, the chat feature keeps going back to chat from a few days prior, and this makes it difficult and frustrating when at war or general communication with alliance. Also, tabs on left hand side for troops keeps moving down screen then eventually goes when switching between castle and state/world map, and you can’t recall troops unless you log out . Please fix. Otherwise great game. Cheers

- Needs improvement

Game preview images got nothing to do with the game and apparently they are inspired from age of empires. Game functionality needs improvement like applying shields are not cumulative as if you apply 5 24h the net effect is only for a day and not for 5 days. Claim all rewards button works only for one tab.

- Good game

I love the game but it needs more ways to get items than purchases. It’s dominated by big spenders. They are going some way towards fixing this. New content is always coming and it stays pretty fresh. Great game reminiscent of GOW.

- Bugs

Marching troops when out in the world keep dropping off the bottom of the screen and you have to close the game and open again to be able to return troops. Also an issue with alliance chat not showing messages after certain points and makes you miss content (Love this game)

- Lin

The customer services never reply about my problem, how can the king can put the begger title to me , because only I don’t surrender to them, I have right to play my game , no need to follow them, And I think this is insult, why the customer support never reply to me. They playing fake game, one person only can use 1 account, but their players uses 2 account to play, that’s why they can become strong , this is cheat , and no one reply to my complaint,

- Bug report can’t go to level 3 gem refining due to bug

I have to research effect mining level 3 which I’ve completed After I completed that bug was noticed I stayed on level 2 and unable to research it again. Also unable to research gem refining level 3 since it needs this thing that’s broken Please fix this bug

- So far so good, but App Store comments are bought

I only played 10 minutes, but it is quite enjoyable to play. Please be aware that players are rewarded for entering comments here. Not to rate 5 stars though, so that’s fair.

- Meh

I downloaded after seeing an ad and it looked really fun and interesting. Well after playing for a few minutes I realised that you have to do everything the game tells you. You can’t actually build on your own, create your own castle etc you do it how the game wants. Not what I thought, would have been a good game if I could have actually done it on my own!

- Orange hero

I just wish we get value for our money I wasted enough money buying hero scrolls 120 tickets to get just blue and green hero not even one orange as that fair people not buying anything gets better heroes than the one spending money here again 213 s3 hero tickets get 5 none of what I want than 35 s2 tickets and 0 hero the dev said better luck next time wow what a great response NEVER BUY ANYTHING THIS GAME JUST SCAM TO GET YOUR MONEY THEY GIVE BEST HERO FOR WHO DON’T BUY ANYTHING SO STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY GET THEM FREE 😡😡😡😡

- The photos are snatched from a different game

Do not let your eyes deceive you as the photos are truly snatched. I know this because I play the exact game every day. It’s called: Age Of Empires and is a great game unlike this one. Age Of Empires is a computer game that is far more entertaining than this. The concept is the same however better. I’ll let the other comments say the proof for you.

- The first time you have a chance at

The only way I could see the difference

- Garbage game, don’t play it

The whole game is about how to make money from players, running by a small Chinese firm, don’t even has a land line or any service number. You can never win if you don’t charge, many players had been mislead to charge thousands of dollars, ring apple about the frauds and get your money back if you had been deceived and never play it again.

- Addictive

Warning! Once you start you can stop playing this game it hooks you in!

- In app purchases are faulty support

I purchased an in app product where the purchase resulted in some sort of technical error and purchased product was not provided. No response from technical support and I was “ineligible” for a refund through Apple. Buyer beware! This app developer is breaching consumers laws. received a decline for refund from Apple and have submitted 3 claims with the developer from the app and the purchase of $159 produce no out come. Outrageous!

- Nice game but foul language by Russians

It would be quite a interesting game, but some people like (RUS) Hyila using foul language because someone retaliates to an incoming attack. U fortunately that is not a good omen for the game. Phsycopaths should not be tolerated, as children play this game! I have not found another way to mention this from inside the game.

- Rich players game

Customer service do not understand what your trying to explain to them so you just give up. It’s another game spend, spend, and keep spending. Unless you just farm and don’t mind if hit then no worries, if you want to grow and be competitive! Than you will spend thousands and thousands of dollars. Max shield is 3 days, so if your away with out internet than your screwed as you will be wiped out. The troop resurrection ( candles) waste of money and massive amount of resources! So brace yourself it’s pay to play! Save your money and go on a holiday it’s better value.

- Brought romance 😍

I looooove the game but got a down to side to it, its very addictive as you want to get bigger and stronger, also i found my true love on the game, so thanks Roe!!

- Interesting to pointless quickly

Start off very interesting as its nostalgic to old PC game. Just to build and expand is awesome but it becomes pointless very quickly. You spend all the time waiting for construction to be complete and you got no control over anything. Absolutely a waste of time.

- Ripping off Age of Empires

As someone in the video game industry myself, I find this “game” embarrassing. For those who haven’t heard of Age of Empires, please do some research and you will see exactly what I mean. This is an exact copy of AoE. Don’t release video games if you cannot come up with your own ideas and want to profit off other developers content.

- Rubbish

Totally up reliant on tactics or skill. You can NEVER beat a stronger opponent, meaning you must always have a shield up. Daily tasks are repetitive as hell, meaning it’s more a daily job than anything else. Rubbish. Don’t waste your time…and that comes from someone who has played for months and actually invested real cash money.

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- Game

Great game

- Misleading and underperforms

While all games are revenue based in some form,this underperforming spinoff is built around a solely monetized model,a rehashed platform and weak in its development for playability. Game grind is anemic,leaving the gamer feeling empty for time and money spent. I gave it a five star rating in that it is a perfect example of the lack of respect for consumers that the Apple Store and Google Play have in as long as a game has that window of generating cash who cares if it has no substance. This game sits squarely in the spinoff basement,tho I have never watched paint dry,after playing this ,it made me reconsider. Signed, Ned The Gamer.

- Misrepresentation

For those wondering about the advertisements for this app - IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AGE OF EMPIRES. They use the pictures from AOE, and make out as if this is the modern day version. It’s not. What a misrepresentation. This game is nothing more than a “pay to proceed” game where you have to collect gems and wait for days for things to “build”. Garbage new world games. Honestly, I’m surprised this is even allowed.

- What a bait and switch

How dare you use this video for another terrible game just make AOE you slimy people

- Misleading Advertisments

I saw an ad on YouTube for this game that was entirely different from what the game actually is.

- Threatening behaviour

It’s interesting how now the game changes how long people can keep things earned in game so that they steal these resources, and at the same time send threatening messages to players about asking for refunds.

- Introductory Tutorial

This is one of the longest and most pointless introductory tutorials I’ve ever seen. You can’t fast forward or skip. Every task takes super long to get through because of the animation. And you can do barely anything other than the task it’s trying to force you to do. I want to delete the game already and I haven’t even gotten to the point where I’ve started playing.

- Only way to compete is spend spend spend

This game is solely based on how deep your pockets are. It is a true pay to win game is all this is. Lots of glitches and freezing when Attacking. Poor explanations of updates and unfair costs to North America

- Not real ads

Stop faking the ads saying this is age of empires when it’s not even close to it seen on YouTube and Facebook. Pretty bad when you have to pretend to be another game just for people to download it #garbagecompany’s

- Update ruined the game

I can’t find a damn thing in my castle, everything is a complete disaster. They took a good game and pretty much destroyed it in the effort to upgrade, bravo.

- Not enough info

I played the game and 50% was guessing trial and error trying to figure out what to do And now I’m stuck I just rescued some princess and she wants to help redesign my layout but the button doesn’t work and I can’t go back change what I’m trying to do and when I restart the game I end up rescuing the princess again with same stalled result

- Big money

This is a pay to win game, simple. But, the amount you have to spend to win is insane. There are players with 500k into their accounts. Every month the game produces new, expensive pay to play items that are key to winning. If you don’t keep spending the ridiculous amounts down you go… sad state of affairs really.

- Pure P2W

This game already favours the huge spenders enough. However, today was the last straw. They came out with a 1 year anniversary event where a wings cosmetic which provides very powerful game buffs costs $10000 to unlock… ridiculous. Not to mention the other cash grabs like $1 for a avatar picture and $150 for VIP so you can unlock quality of life features.

- Not Age if Empires…

This isn’t what the game advertises. It’s pointless. I haven’t paid any money to buy gems but it seems like a cash cow for the developers.

- Misleading images

Most of the images aren’t real in the game and you never find those views.

- Would already have been bad in 2009…


- Sucks

If enjoy playing for others to benefit from your hard work or have lots of miney this is the game for you, other than has potential but i get the same high level ppl attacking me non-stop to point no chamce of doing anything else except support those that attack waste of time

- Review

The game is fun but I deleted it after a few hours of playing and not having free will to do as I please I understand a tutorial but this is just bad not building my own settlement if I have to place buildings and do missions at your rate and not mine

- Wish I never started to play

In one state a whole alliance has decided to take over get rid of rules and attack hard working players. Horrible game. The idiot behind it is a 19 year old collage kid with his daddies credit card and he’s ruined the entire game now for that state.

- Not AoE

It’s not remotely close to age of empire.

- Service is terrible

Great game but terrible service, a lot of false and misleading advertising, when you in game purchasing you feel ripped off.

- ⚠️Warning

This game stole money from my bank account without my permission, I contacted customer service and they did nothing! Their customer service is grossly lacking. They are crooks! 😡 A police investigation is underway and legal proceedings are beginning.

- Bad

Very bad experience.

- New update castle skin

What is this ? All castles are now lookalike…really confusing now. Used to be different from c19-c25 with gold towers now castles are way too similar it’s hard to recognize players now and it’s also aggressive for the eyes with this gameplay now. Please fix it bring back old castles appearance or change something because it make old players want to stop playing.

- Could be way better

Very confusing game, no real tutorials. It seems to always ask for cash.

- game won't even launch

don't waste your time, the game won't launch at all on my iphone 11

- So disappointed

They have the worst customer service I spent thousands of dollar in that game A bug occurs, making me lose lots of items, they don’t do anything about it and play dumb. They leave the chat and don’t solve anything. I’ll never buy any pack from them again and I don’t suggest to do it. They clearly don’t respect their clients

- It glitched out


- Stay Clear from this game!

Games like this use videos from better games (age of empires) to get you to click so that they can mine data from your phone to sell on, that’s how they make their money. No intention of making a decent game, they just wasn’t your name age and email so that they can sell your info to a marketing company. Many games are doing this now and it’s pathetic. Apple should be ashamed to let scam artists like this on their store.

- Scam

There is no way this game should be allowed for anyone under 18. You need to tie the account to a charge card and the chinese game company has designed its game to get you to spend money. Furthermore, NO adult should let there child play this game unless they want to go into debt. Apple should be ashamed of itself allowing this game to be promoted and not fulling looking into the unscrupulous practices. Not recommended: unless you think this is a great way to send $ to chinese communists.

- Misleading and waste of time

I played this game for about a month, and it was fairly enjoyable in the beginning. I wish now I had read the reviews earlier, I could have saved a month of my life. DO NOT waste your time. This is a true pay-to-win game. If you do not pay, you will be at a HUGE disadvantage, and will waste HOURS of your time trying to proceed at the higher levels. I can see how you buy something small at lower levels, and then get sucked in at higher levels as everything is that much more difficult so you end up spending even more money. So happy I stuck to my rule and quit before spending a dollar.

- Reporting system

The game has a reporting system for chat and convo. If your speaking in your province or state chat, a player can report your message and without review your banned from chat for min 24hrs. The translator is close but not perfect. Doesn’t allow curse words but still has a reporting system for convo. 2 stars for the brain cells that slammed together to program the chat

- Buggy

For the second time in a week I cannot login. There is no way to actually talk to developers. I have put money in to this game but will not again.

- :)

Just lovely but let’s be real I’m only writing a comment for the rewards

- Awesome

Great game, takes lots of strategy to be the best!

- Enjoyable free-to-play

while you can spend money to speed things up, this is one of the few games I’ve played, where that is not a key for success. if you can devote even 30 minutes a day, in even 5 minute increments, you will earn more than enough gems to play for free safely and successfully

- Greedy developers

They say its f2p and shows photos of age of empire. This game is just a scam to get your money. This game should be banned from all the stores.

- Fun game but hidden UI

Fun game so far, but can’t see the resources at the top with the camera in the way. Doesn’t work with modern interfaces of iPhone

- Wake up Devs!! Players

Players are getting very frustrated and disappointed, start listening players of meany years. Stop the annoying offerings on the screen, stop making that huge difference between players P2W and players F2P .

- Complete money grab

Simply put the game is a money grab. Massive money needed to be able to do anything at all!!

- Worst game ever

Do not download this cheating game it doesn’t have nothing with age of empires, they will only steal your money on a start of game you must pay more than 30bucks just to get 3th builder it’s a shame that such game exists I am sorry for stupid ppl who already bought something in this game I am deleting it right away

- Not as advertised.

They basically just took the graphics to an amazing game, and applied them to a washed out and clumsily designed variation of a city building survival game.

- pay pay pay

if your north american just pass this game up. the majority of the team members are eastern bloc or European. There is next to no verbal support for anyone from team members or off of the company’s FAQ option. Others say you can advance without paying big money but I cant and don't see how. Entertaining but frustrating.

- Disappointed and disgusted

Not happy with this game anymore. It has taken a turn and the corporate game developers greed has overshadowed the fun. It’s sickening. It’s bleeding us dry and in return the players are not being properly rewarded for spending the money we do. No more. 1 star just because.

- Qu’est-ce que je vous est fait?

Pourquoi m’empêcher vous de regarder des vidéos et de recevoir les récompenses dans les événements. QUES-CE QUE JE VOUS EST FAIT??🤬😡🤬

- Scam and money takers

Don’t spend money on this game. All things and packages are absurd expensive and just to make you spend more and more money. The game does not issue refunds on mistaken purchases, also customer service on this game is very bad, people take 24hours to reply to you and on a timezone when you are sleep. Their solutions to problems are simply reply that they cannot help you. Waste of time… Also let me say what happened here: on a competition for a prize, the game interface failed on last minute not allowing me to put the last batch of items and making me lose a position. I explained the situation to support and they simply ignore the problem and just trying to refund me the last batch as i never bought it. Simply DONT SPEND ANY MONEY HERE, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT SERIOUS ON MAKING YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE WORTH IT!!!! Nobody came and try to resolve it or tried to understand and we are not talking about 20 or 30 bucks, we are talking about $500 or $600 bucks! Dont waste money here…

- The game creators are liars

The images shown and the actual game is completely different. This is a money grabbing garbage. Stay away


The worst terrible service I have ever seen in my life!!

- Not as advertised

Game is using fake ads of old age of empire games, and game play is nothing like it.

- Extrême déçu

Aucun originalité et aucune nouveauté identiques aux autres jeux qui a sur le marcher

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Rise of Empires: Fire and War 1.250.257 Screenshots & Images

Rise of Empires: Fire and War iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Rise of Empires: Fire and War iphone images
Rise of Empires: Fire and War iphone images
Rise of Empires: Fire and War iphone images
Rise of Empires: Fire and War iphone images
Rise of Empires: Fire and War iphone images
Rise of Empires: Fire and War iphone images
Rise of Empires: Fire and War Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Rise of Empires: Fire and War (Version 1.250.257) Install & Download

The applications Rise of Empires: Fire and War was published in the category Games on 2018-10-20 and was developed by LONG TECH NETWORK LIMITED [Developer ID: 1040083066]. This application file size is 1.06 GB. Rise of Empires: Fire and War - Games app posted on 2022-11-17 current version is 1.250.257 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.im30.ROE